XartaoXattempting first compile01:31
XartaoXfingers crossed01:31
XartaoXcrap. fail.01:40
XartaoXand i've no idea how to fix it01:40
XartaoXoh well01:41
cfhowlettMods: Hey mods: first line of the ubotto description reads "UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation." US has always seemed heavily tilted toward musicians as shown by this statement. How about a description a bit more inclusive of 2d/3d and DTP creative types?06:30
astraljavaThanks, cfhowlett. I'm raising the issue with the proper personnel.07:00
cfhowlettastraljava: cool!07:00
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stochasticI'd agree entirely cfhowlett.  What should it read in your opinion?07:53
cfhowlettstochastic: let me think about it?  I'll post something up tomorrow or /msg you direct?07:53
stochasticThere are a few around here that can change it, I'll try to get to it as soon as I can.  I forget if I have the clearance/remember commands/etc.. or not.07:57
cfhowlettno problem.  It's late and I'm not at my most eloquent and articulate...07:58
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ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message20:36
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Guest23541i search to install all package for music all effects all rack, is there a trick or a .sh,20:59
cfhowlettGuest23541: change your nick to something easier plz.20:59
Guest23541nick/ zx8120:59
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cfhowlettastraljava: holstein: mods: my suggestion for the ubotto #ubuntustudio description: Ubuntu Studio is a collection of multimedia creation tools for musicians, writers, film-makers, desktop-publishers, designers and other digital artists.21:00
cfhowlettarno_____: are you talking about in audacity or what??21:01
arno_____-qjack - bistrol- calf - rackkarack - guitarix - frestige - etc21:02
arno_____all the package mao21:02
arno_____compatible with  3.0.0-12-generic #20-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 7 14:56:25 UTC 2011 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:03
cfhowlettarno_____: sudo apt-get install package-names21:03
arno_____wich "package-names"21:04
cfhowlettarno_____: every ubuntu package has a name.21:05
cfhowlettarno_____: what ubuntu are you using?21:06
cfhowlettarno_____: no problem21:09
arno_____i try to mix 12.04 +mao21:09
ubottuarno_: Precise Pangolin is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+121:09
Guest22654Hi, could someone help talk me through setting up JACK?21:30
cfhowlettGuest22654: also try #openmusicians21:30
Guest22654ok, thanks, but i probably shouldn't cross-post21:30
cfhowlettor  ##linuxaudio21:34
cfhowlettdescribe the jack issue plz21:34
Guest22654I looked at that but was just mystified. I tried a lot of things, but it still stubbornly won't start.21:35
Guest22654Ardour can't start it with the default setttings, and qjackctl21:36
cfhowlettGuest22654: change nick to easier name plz21:36
cfhowlettjack needs the RT kernel to run...21:37
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easiernameHmm, I thought it didn't.21:37
cfhowletteasiername: OK...LOL.21:37
easiernameI read somewhere it would work fine without it21:37
cfhowletteasiername: wait one...21:37
cfhowletteasiername: http://jackaudio.org/realtime_vs_realtime_kernel21:38
cfhowletteasiername: appears you may be right but if you're using ardour, I'd really go with the RT kernel.21:38
cfhowletteasiername: http://ardour.org/a3_features_jack_session_support21:39
easiernameWell, I don't really need anything that fancy, just enough for some simple production/mixing/synth stuff.21:40
cfhowlettmay I ask what you're recording?  album/song/podcast...21:40
easiernameAlbums and songs.21:40
cfhowlettwith instrument inputs?21:40
easiernameBasically I'm looking for GarageBand (yes it's evil) on Linux, and Ardour looked like a good option.21:41
cfhowletteasiername: have you tried audacity?21:41
easiernameI have, but it doesn't do nearly as much as I want in the way of effects and such. (Admittedly I haven't worked with it a lot, but oh well.)21:42
wxl…or qtractor21:42
easiernamewxl: that looks interesting. It still needs JACK though…21:42
wxljack is good for your health ;)21:42
easiernamebe nice if I could make it start though…21:43
wxloh hm sorry didn't read scrollback21:43
cfhowlettI don't use jack, so any insight you can offer wxl...21:44
easiernameWhen I try I get: JackAudioDriver::ProcessAsync: read error, alsa_driver_xrun_recovery, and get stuck in an endless loop while qjackctl keeps trying to start it and I can't make it stop.21:44
wxlafter installing jack, have you ensured that you're a member of the audio group and that you've logged out/back in (or exec su -l $USER)?21:45
easiernameAlso, when I try to start it it mutes everything else, which is kind of obnoxious.21:45
wxlalso have you made sure to set up realtime? if not dpkg-reconfigure jackd2 or whatever should do the trick21:45
cfhowletteasiername: jack controls audio processing priority - it's designed to mute everything else21:45
wxlit WILL mute everything else21:45
wxlif you run pulseaudio you can set up the pulseaudio-jack source/sink but it's a little bit of a pain in the butt21:45
easiernameuhm, ok. Weel, I still want to be able to hear other things when I'm working in Ardour, duh! :-P21:46
easiernameWell, what if I have a piece in Banshee that I want to add to my ardour project, and then edit it, then export it back to banshee? I don't want to have to restart jack every time.21:47
wxlwhy not just play it in ardour?21:47
easiernameUm, i chose to not enable realtime, because it says it will casue a complete system crash. I don't want that.21:47
easiernameWell, I like and know Banshee. I like things to all work together.21:48
wxli've never had such a problem21:48
easiernameWith it locking up?21:48
wxlbut you're adding more work for yourself21:48
wxli use jack all the time21:48
cfhowletteasiername: no reason rt should crash the system if set up right...21:48
wxli run all sorts of crap into it simultaneously21:48
easiernameOk, I'll go with it then21:48
wxlno problems with rt at all21:48
cfhowletteasiername: but if it did you could still boot the non-rt21:48
easiernamereconfigured now.21:48
easiernamewell, this wasn't the realtime kernel, this is just haveing Jack use ealtim.21:49
easiernameum, *realtime*.21:49
wxli don't use a unique realtime kernel21:49
wxlmaybe i should but i've been fine so far so haven't bothered21:49
easiernameArdour still can't start jack.21:49
wxldid you just install it?21:50
easiernameNo, I juts ran dpkg-reconfigure jackd2 and seleted the realtime option.21:50
wxlrun "groups"21:51
easiernameIs there a graphics card usage monitor that will tell me what's using all my graphics processing power?21:51
easiername(sorry, totally random question)21:52
easiernamekyan adm dialout fax cdrom floppy tape audio dip video plugdev fuse lpadmin admin sambashare21:52
wxlok you are part of audio21:52
wxlso that's good21:52
easiernameI'm pretty sure I am21:52
wxlwhat is /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf contain?21:54
easiernamewxl: http://pastebin.com/aT9JiyQm21:55
wxllooks right21:56
wxlcan you just load up qjackctl?21:56
easiernamesomethin' aint.21:56
easiernameOn starting JACK through qjackctl, I get: Could not connect to JACK server as client.21:57
easiername- Overall operation failed.21:57
easiername- Unable to connect to server.21:57
easiernamePlease check the messages window for more info.21:57
easiernameAnd in the messages window: http://pastebin.com/GbWvNiQY21:57
wxleasiername: try closing any browsers or a/v players21:59
easiernameNow I'm geting millions of: JackAudioDriver::ProcessAsync: read error, skip cycle22:02
wxlshooting in the dark: try a reboot22:04
cfhowletteasiername: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation22:08
easiernamewxl: Well, I've done that several times since I last got that message a few weeks ago when I tried to start JACK, so I think it'd be good by now. Do you still think I should?22:09
wxleasiername: yep22:13
easiernamebe right back then :-)22:15
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