mr_pouitknome: it is (in xubuntu-icon-theme)00:05
Unit193knome: Right, I speak in here. Did a few tests today, alt only working.00:05
ochosimr_pouit: you still there?00:50
Unit193Hmmm... Not AFAIK https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/897786/comments/903:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 897786 in linux (Ubuntu Q-series) "Kernel is dropping non-PAE flavour" [Undecided,In progress]03:18
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mrpouitochosi_: yeah, I'm here09:38
astralja1aHi there Lionel.09:38
mrpouitis that a problem for ubuntustudio if the icon theme is in the xubuntu-icon-theme package? (it's already a dedicated binary package, it won't pull the complete xubuntu-artwork)09:51
mrpouitI can move it to shimmer-themes if the 'xubuntu' in the package name bothers you :p09:52
astralja1aWell, not me personally, but I would have to double-check from Scott.09:53
astralja1aUnfortunately due to the DOS attack, he seems to have dropped off the face of the Earth^Wfreenode, so I don't know when he's around again.09:54
ochosi_mrpouit: i know we've talked this over before, but i didn't take notes last time :( which were the missing category items?11:35
* knome kicks ochosi_ in the ankle11:36
knomeaccessories, games, graphics, office11:38
knomeat least11:38
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ochosimr_pouit: are those already the icon-names?13:11
ochosior is it something like "xfce-accessories"?13:11
ochosi(i'll add them now, so you won't have to tell me again ;) )13:12
ochosimr_pouit: btw, why didn't you upload the icon-theme named "elementary-xfce" (instead of xubuntu-icon-theme)?13:17
mr_pouitbecause the xubuntu-icon-theme package was already in the archive13:35
mr_pouitI can move the icons to shimmer-themes when it's accepted into the archive13:36
ochosihmm, not sure, i wouldn't necessarily put icons and gtk-theme into one package13:42
mr_pouitno, I meant: source package13:53
mr_pouitthe shimmer-themes source package creates two binary packages: shimmer-themes and shimmer-wallpapers13:53
mr_pouitso I can add a new binary package: shimmer-icon-themes13:53
ochosiah ok13:53
ochosilet's wait what u-studio guys reply, i don't wanna bother you with unessential stuff13:54
mr_pouitit'll be exactly like xubuntu-icon-theme, that's why I'm waiting on the reply yeah ;-)13:54
ochosihm, so what are the needed icon-names for the categories again?13:54
ochosixfce-* or applications-* ?13:54
mr_pouitoh right, applications-* apparently13:55
ochosiit's kinda confusing, gnome-icon-theme contains icons named "xfce-utilities" etc13:55
ochosii guess those aren't even used at all13:55
ochosiok, i guess then i can commit and push what i've already added13:57
ochosiso i added applications-games,-graphics,-office and -utilities13:59
ochosimr_pouit: that should be it, right? ^13:59
ochosihumm, the icons-package doesn't yet contain a LICENSE file14:00
ochosiit does contain an AUTHORS file though14:01
ochosi(which already states something about the license of gnome-icons, so i guess it's unproblematic to add those four icons without further mention)14:01
mr_pouit(yeah, please add a LICENSE file if possible -- it will be needed if/when I move the icons to shimmer-themes)14:02
mr_pouit(but that can wait for now)14:02
mr_pouitand no, I can't find any .desktop using 'xfce-*' as icon in the default install14:02
mr_pouitah, some planel plugins do14:04
ochosiyes, but that's not in the categories folder14:04
ochosiit's in the panel/ folder14:04
ochosii added those as symlinks in elementary-xfce anyway14:04
knomeach so14:05
ochosiwoot, are we talking german now?!14:06
ochosimr_pouit: ok, i just pushed the new icons plus license-files14:07
ochosiso if i'm not mistaken the icon-stuff should be sorted for precise with that14:07
mr_pouitdomo arigato14:08
ochosino problem, mr. roboto14:08
knomenp: Kraftwerk / The Robots14:10
mr_pouitochosi: ln -s applications-utilities applications-accessories =)14:37
mr_pouitGNOME and Xfce don't use the same name :<14:37
ochosithat's why i asked before pushing ...14:38
mr_pouit14:09  mr_pouit: applications-{accessories,games,graphics,office}14:38
ochosiwe should submit a bug in xfce about that14:38
ochosiok, i see :)14:38
ochosimea cupla14:38
ochosimea cupla14:38
mr_pouityeah, I wrote it, and I didn't check that you read it :P14:38
ochosi(damn, can't type today)14:38
mr_pouitbut otherwise it works fine :)14:39
ochosioh, in fact gnome have both icons14:39
ochosiaccessories and utilities14:39
ochosithey're different14:39
ochosii think i prefer the swiss-knife to the scissors and ruler14:40
ochosimr_pouit: ok, done14:41
mr_pouit(from orage, globaltime.desktop)14:42
ochosiyou mean that one is missing?14:42
mr_pouitno, it's provided by orage ^_^14:42
ochosibut does it look ok?14:43
mr_pouitI'd prefer if it was missing (:14:43
ochosiok, i can replace it with a generic clock-icon from elementary if you like14:43
ochosiit's just a matter of adding symlink14:43
mr_pouitI have no idea what the current icon represents :]14:43
ochositbh in the menu it seems to be just a clock in oneiric14:44
mr_pouitomg, there's some text on it, that's why I couldn't get it14:45
mr_pouitochosi: sorry, Icon=applications-education is missing too (I'm trying to display all categories to check them)14:49
ochosiuargh, orage_globaltime's icon is fugly as hell14:49
ochosimr_pouit: there's no such icon in the gnome-icon theme ;)14:50
mr_pouitapplications-science maybe?14:52
ochosiok, why not14:52
mr_pouitI don't really know why, but there are a few naming differences14:52
ochosimr_pouit: -education done.14:55
mr_pouit(accessories vs. utilities, etc.)14:55
knomesee you14:56
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