Fudgemetasansana  i got vmplayer working again so have aa vm up00:02
metasansanaFudge: did you see my replies earlier?00:03
metasansanaI was not aware I wen offline00:03
Fudgei did too for an hour when i went00:05
Fudgethink i missed them00:05
metasansanaoh ok00:06
Fudgenot in logs under your nick, did you have an alt one?00:06
metasansanaI could not use any of the accessibility options00:06
metasansanaI couldn't click the buttons on the top right of the login screen either00:07
Fudgemaybe i will ahve to try installing xubuntu-desktop on here and running startx with .xinitrc etc on a ubuntu see if having the gnome stuff helps00:07
Fudgethanx for trying00:08
Fudgecharlie` usually knows all these things but i havnt seen him round00:08
Fudgeguess i shoudl stop zsyncing daily images of xubuntu :( sniff sniff00:10
metasansanawell if your not testing, looking for bugs etc00:10
metasansanaare you running the vms on a remote machine?00:11
Fudgenah this one im on now00:15
Fudgewell my irssi is on my server in screen but i have an am3 8150 i recently built00:15
Fudgenice to be able to assign half your resources 8 gig ram 4 cpu cores00:15
metasansanathe 64bit life00:17
MrNazhow often does the cron daemon refresh the crontab file?01:21
TVasEyesMrNaz: never.  the crontab is read once every minute by defualt.01:47
MrNazevery minute hey01:49
MrNazso me rebooting every time i change the cron tab to ensure it is being read is a tad unnecessary hehe01:49
TVasEyescorect. :)01:49
MrNazi am having difficulty getting my cron job to work01:49
MrNazrunning xubuntu 10.1001:50
TVasEyessheesh can't type tonight...01:50
TVasEyesrecommend you read cron(8) and crontab(5)01:50
MrNazthe line i have is:     49 12 * * 5 /home/ymatv/khutba &> /home/ymatv/log01:50
MrNazits friday, and 12:49 came and went and i dont have either the expected output file from the script, or a log file01:51
MrNazi've read quite a few manpages and forum posts on cron... i'm sure i'm missing something simple, but i dont know what it could be01:51
MrNazi need to run this script with root privs, as it contains a sudo command, so i ran    sudo crontab -e01:52
MrNazand then added that line to the end, and completed the file with an empty line01:52
MrNazbut still no cheese01:52
TVasEyesI'd write   49 12 * * 5 /home/ymatv/khutba > /home/ymatv/log 2>&101:52
MrNazi want the log appended, not clobbered, so >>01:53
MrNazbut yea01:53
MrNazwould that be the reason its not running?01:53
TVasEyesoff the top of my head, I struggle with &>  but will have a look in man bash now. :)01:54
MrNaznever mind ive switched to your syntax01:54
MrNazset for 12:55 lets see if it runs01:54
* MrNaz waits...01:54
MrNazno go01:55
TVasEyesah, ok, apparently &> is different idiom for 2>&101:55
MrNazok well neither seem to work01:56
MrNazive set it for 3 minutes ahead... lets see01:56
TVasEyesin that case,   49 12 * * 5 /home/ymatv/khutba >> /home/ymatv/log    to append. just checked, (and oops) my crontab doesn't actually redirect stderr01:58
TVasEyeshm,  s/crontab/crontab entry/01:59
MrNazmine does01:59
MrNazit *seems* to be working01:59
MrNazexcept that the file that the khutba script is supposed to generate doesn't appear02:00
MrNazif i run     sudo crontab -e     as the command to edit the crontab, the scripts get run as root, right?02:00
TVasEyesnot necessarily.02:00
TVasEyesevery user, including user root, has theirt own crontab02:01
TVasEyesand cron daemon collects them02:01
TVasEyes-e will invoke EDITOR/VISUAL02:01
TVasEyesie your preferred editor02:01
MrNazok, so how do i ensure that the command gets added to the root's crontab?02:02
TVasEyeslog in as root (no, that's frowned upon here)...  sudo cron -e  ?02:02
MrNazi dont even know how to log in as root...02:02
MrNazi was thinking of adding a line to /etc/crontab ... that file seems to specify the user as well02:03
TVasEyesbut you can run sudo  command?02:03
MrNazi can run sudo command02:03
MrNazhowever, if the sudo is part of a cron job, won't it fail due to not supplying the password?02:03
TVasEyesthis is about you being able to edit the respective file, once the crontab contains the entry it's just another job.02:04
MrNazisnt that a security hole?02:05
MrNazif a normal user can add a sudo command to their crontab and have it run, doesn't that give them a vector for priv escalation?02:05
TVasEyesI'm fairly new to xubuntu myself though and my slackware does not have the /etc/crontab file.02:06
MrNazi was thinking of just putting debian on this box and sidestepping all this no root access nonsense02:07
TVasEyesyou can just run cron -e and have a crontab for YOU, if your script does not need privileges.02:08
MrNazbut it does02:09
MrNazthe script grabs input from /dev/fw0 and that needs root02:10
TVasEyesI was just going to ask. :)02:10
MrNazthis seems to much harder than it needs to be...02:10
TVasEyesanyway, /etc/crontab does look like the correct file for xubuntu.02:11
TVasEyesif you need root02:11
MrNazis there anything wrong with just adding a line to /etc/crontab specifying the root user?02:11
MrNazok cool02:11
MrNazhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto   <-- this article lead me to believe that simply running    sudo crontab -e    would add it to the root user's crontab... that didn't seem right, but the internet doesn't lie...02:12
TVasEyesoh, my bad. <TVasEyes> ...  sudo cron -e  ?    yes, should have been sudo crontab -e    sorry.02:14
MrNazyep i picked up on that already... i never did cron -e02:14
MrNazok ive added it to /etc/crontab02:15
MrNazif it doesnt work now i'm going to cry02:15
MrNazcommand will execute in t minus 2 minutes...02:16
MrNazi feel like im in one of those sci fi movies where the space station is going to self destruct02:17
MrNazsort of02:19
MrNazthe log file appears02:19
MrNazbut no DV file02:19
MrNazi'll go try it with the camera connected02:19
MrNaz(without the cam it should still spit a 0 byte file)02:19
MrNazeither way02:20
MrNazi have to go now02:20
MrNazthank you very much for your assistance, you've been most helpful02:20
MrNazi shall remember you in my memoirs02:20
TVasEyeslol  good luck with your camera.02:20
AfdalNot sure if this is the best channel for Xubuntu install help04:39
holsteini doubt you find a better one... whats up?04:39
AfdalOkay :304:39
AfdalWell basically, Gparted is being retarded04:40
AfdalI'm on a live install right now04:40
AfdalTrying to sort this out04:40
AfdalAnyway, I have a RAID0 setup with Windows XP on one partition04:41
AfdalAnd I'm trying to specify my own partition size for a concurrent Xubuntu partition04:42
AfdalBut I keep getting this infuriating error04:42
holsteinAfdal: looks like you just need to specify the partition types04:43
holsteinyou can also just make some space and let the installer use the empty space04:43
AfdalBut they are specified04:43
AfdalAren't they?04:43
holsteinAfdal: not for the installer though04:44
holsteinor thats what im assuming04:44
AfdalI don't get it04:44
holsteinunder "mount point"04:44
AfdalWhat should I put under mount point?04:44
holsteinyou need / and you want swap04:44
Afdal /swap or just swap?04:44
holsteinnot following04:45
holsteini think its a selection thing though04:45
holsteini dont think you need to manually specify04:45
holsteinyou just click on the "swap" or whatever04:45
AfdalActually you can't specify the mount point for the swap partition04:45
holsteinAfdal: fine04:45
AfdalDid you see that screenshot I posted?04:45
holsteinhopefully it'll just use it then04:46
holsteinand it should04:46
AfdalSo what do I change ext4 to then?04:46
holsteinAfdal: yup04:46
holsteinAfdal: thats /04:46
Afdalthe mount point, that is04:46
holsteinyou need to have that at least04:46
Afdal / or /root/ ?04:46
Afdalokay, lemme try that real quick04:46
holstein /04:46
AfdalHopefully that's all there was to it04:48
AfdalWhen I tried the automatic installer earlier though04:48
AfdalI ran into this error where it couldn't install the boot loader at the end of it04:49
AfdalHopefully that doesn't happen again04:49
holsteinjust let it finish if it does, and troubleshoot from there04:49
AfdalWhile I'm waiting04:54
AfdalDo you know if there's anything like Microsoft Intellitype for Linux?04:55
holsteinwhats it do?04:55
AfdalI have this Microsoft keyboard that needs it for a few features04:55
AfdalLike macros and modes04:55
AfdalOh and my media keys don't work without it04:56
AfdalNo wait I take that back04:56
Afdaljust the macros and modes04:56
holsteini mean, ideally... just purchase things from now on that work with linux... but you can get that working04:59
AfdalBut I love this keyboard :304:59
AfdalYep, ran into the error again05:01
AfdalLet me screencap it this time05:01
holsteinthe error?05:01
holsteinthe grub error?05:01
holsteinyou can try #ubuntu as well for that05:01
holsteinyou can also try other boot loaders05:01
holsteinim not sure what of your raid will need to be worked around05:01
AfdalExecuting 'grub-install /dev/sda' failed.05:02
AfdalFatal error05:02
AfdalI think the problem is it's defaulting to that /dev/sda partition for the boot loader05:03
AfdalBut that doesn't exist05:03
AfdalI want to boot loader on the same RAID partition my Xubuntu install is on05:04
holsteinAfdal: dont sweat it.. you can do it from a live CD05:04
holsteinor use another boot loader05:04
holsteinplop... GAG..  whatever05:05
AfdalWhat do those have over GRUB?05:05
holsteinthey will likey be easy for you to use, and work05:06
holsteinthats a +05:06
holsteinother than that, nothing05:06
AfdalNope, that wasn't the problem05:06
AfdalIt gives an option to choose another partition to put the boot loader on05:07
AfdalAnd I select my xubuntu boot partition and get the same fatal error05:07
holstein/dev/mapper or whatever05:07
holsteinthat wont work?05:07
holsteinim just not sure how the raid is going to work05:07
holsteinyou can try #ubuntu05:07
holsteinsay "im trying to install grub to my raid" and take that screenie05:08
AfdalI can't put it on any of my partitions actually05:08
AfdalIncluding my NTSF and FAT32 partitions on my non-RAID storage drive05:08
AfdalSame error for all of them05:08
holsteinAfdal: yeah, its just a raid thing though05:09
AfdalAll right, lemme ask #ubuntu05:09
AfdalI'm not doing software RAID05:09
AfdalThis is a hardware RAID05:09
holsteini assumed it was hardware05:10
holsteinand i also still thing that is the issue05:10
AfdalCan you access GRUB loader installer from Xubuntu Live?05:11
holsteinAfdal: sure... you can install grub from a live CD05:11
AfdalMaybe I can do it outside of the OS installer utility05:11
holstein!grub2 | Afdal05:11
ubottuAfdal: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:11
holsteini always refernce that... the bit about the live CD or whatever it is05:11
holsteinAfdal: im about to sleep.. you could put it on a USB or something05:24
holsteinanyways.. good luck... you can always just have a little grub partition outside the array05:24
Afdalthe GRUB Loader on a USB drive?05:25
Afdalwell thanks for your help05:25
Afdalyou can always just have a little grub partition outside the array05:25
AfdalI dunno about this05:25
AfdalLike I said, I've tried all of my drive partitions, including non-RAID ones05:25
holsteinAfdal: if you have a drive that is not in the RAID05:25
holsteinhmmm... interesting05:25
holsteinim sure its something fiddly that you'll sort out in a bit :)05:26
holsteinno grub channel05:26
holsteinyou can try #ubuntu-beginners ...not that your a beginner05:26
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cYmen_Okay, so as I expected, my keybindings are gone after a reboot.09:18
cYmen_They are still in .config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml but just don't work.09:19
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paraxxowhich ubuntu disto is for weak computers kubuntu or xubuntu i got confused13:59
paraxxoi mean lubuntu or xubuntu14:00
knomelubuntu is lighter of those two, but it isn't as mature and always easy-to-use as xubuntu14:04
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JosssseHello guys. I'm trying to configure keyboard shortcuts for xubuntu. Does anyone know the commands for volume controlling?15:05
JosssseLike, for master volume.15:06
laiteJosssse: I've done that with amixer, e.g. amixer set 'Master Front' 10%+15:26
laiteidentifier for master may be something different, just launching amixer without arguments should show available option15:27
mithrophi here15:40
mithropI made a little mistake and delete the sound management in my top panel... I put one other back, but now I didn't have the "sexy" slider I had before :(15:44
mithropsomebody know how to get it back ?15:44
holsteinmithrop: not sure what you are missing... you can try adding other ones til you get what you want... you can make a new user, login, and see what is there by default... you can boot up the live CD and look as well without changing you system at all :)15:49
mithropholstein: ok. I'll try the new user idea :p15:49
mithropbrb in 2 minutes :p15:50
GridCubeholstein, he had closed the volume manager from the indicator plugin, it doesnt respan, thats a bug, he just had to reset it from >panel >add item >indicator plugin15:59
holsteinGridCube: thats what i was thinking could be learned from a new user account... what to add back16:01
GridCubehe just had to restore the indicator plugin16:03
GridCubeno new user needed16:03
nikolamI booted from alternate cd, since my root is on software Raid1  and because I misconfigured grub2 so I can not boot, neither choose at the boot prompt. I am at 10.04 64bit16:34
nikolamIt was so easy with grub1. Just menu.lst edit and voila!. And now?...16:34
nikolamI mounted and chrooted to system's root. Now what16:35
nikolamI have only grubinstall command in shell16:47
nikolamproblem in that on startup, everytime is started memory test instead of booting linux16:50
nikolamand I do not see any boot menu and also do not know how to change that16:50
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XartaoXhai ... ... today i am fighting with my usb digi-cam not popping up when i plug it in19:59
XartaoXthunar-volman is configured to do so, and lsusb shows the camera correctly recognized19:59
XartaoXi have done some web research, but no solution as yet19:59
XartaoXi do NOT have auto-run programs... or auto-run files... turned on .. nor auto-download pictures20:00
XartaoXi have scoured my filesystem, but don't see the camera anywhere20:01
XartaoXi'd be fine with a simple command-line to mount it properly .. if that's the issue20:01
XartaoXerr ... ok. i enabled all those options i had unchecked ... this time it at least notified me that the camera was recognized .. but nothing pops up20:04
augustlseems xubuntu (or any other linux) fails to detect the trackpoint on my thinkpad.. Anyone know where I should look for a possible fix?20:34
augustlwhat does device detection in linux? Is it udev? Or something else?20:50
augustlthe trackpoint works if I disable the touchpad in bios settings. So I was thinking that perhaps I can "hardcode" the detected settings for the trackpoint20:50
mongyIm using the Faenza icons and no matter which variant I choose the battery icon on my panel background (which is dark) stands out with a light colour, where most/all other panel icons and indicators are fine.  any ideas?20:59
mongyaugustl, tried synclient TouchpadOff=1 to disable touchpad?21:00
lordjjI just ran update-grub2. I don't have experience with grub, could someone please take a look and tell me if my 3 OS's Windows, Mint, and Arch look like they should boot fine -before I reboot. http://paste.ubuntu.com/837061/21:03
mongylooks ok from what I can see.21:06
lordjjThanks. Appreciate it.21:06
mongyyou can always use a livecd to rescue, if the unthinkable happens21:06
lordjjYeah, I just wanna try and make sure it's ok before I have to do that.21:07
BrilLittle problem here and i can use some help. I have Ubuntu, but I have also a old laptop with Xubuntu. Not all the buttons work anymore.21:39
BrilI am not at fast internet so i can't download the iso for a reinstall21:39
BrilI cant find a menu where i can choose what kind of keys I want. I think it is not the hardware because the 2 works, but the @ dont. Also the N and the R dont work.21:41
BrilSo no numpad problem21:41
mentaaalhas anyone had any problems with the default keyboard bindings in xubuntu? I can change desktops with <ctrl><alt><direction> keys but I cannot move a window to another desktop with the <ctrl><alt><shift><direction> keys despite being the default shortcut for this action. Any thoughts anyone?22:15
* mongy is lazy and uses compiz22:19
mentaaali think i'll do that as well22:23
mongynot saying what you should do, just 'sayin'22:24
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vjacobhi all. can anyone give me a few points on what the best method is to take a file that has a package name on each line as well as the word 'installed and then: remove the 'install' word, delete line shifts and separate package names by a space only and save it to a new file?23:23
artaoyo. wondering. looking at Synaptic right now. WHICH option for Wine do I pick to simply install a full Wine w/ GUI all in one go?23:30
artaoi mean. there's Wine. Wine 1.2. Wine 1.3 ...23:31
artaolet me guess ... #wine ...23:32
knomeyou should pick the newest23:32
knomejust pick "Wine"23:32
artaowell ... 'wine' --no version-- is labled 'meta package' .. wine 1.2 and 1.3 are labled 'binary emulator and library'23:33
knomemeta package will pull the latest23:33
artao.. and there is, apparently, no #wine .. ;]23:33
knomeat least it will pull *some* version23:33
artaoautochooses 1.3 .. yep23:34
artaoohhhhh sure!! XFCE!!! auto-open a dvd when i put it in, but NOT my digi-cam ... FINE!! :P23:35
artaowhellp .. here comes Wine ... was kinda hoping to avoid this, but oh well23:36
artaocertain apps i rather want23:36
artaojust gotta 'member: WORKSTATION IS NOT FOR GAMESEZ!! lolZ23:36
CXIVartao "Remember , never use warezed software to make money"23:38
CXIVIts not to you :D23:39
CXIVIts just a quote23:39
artaoi try to go fully OSS for my digital studio .. but i'm fine with 'free' as well23:41
artaoalthoooooo ... if i had the $$$ i'd certainly buy photoshop23:41
knomeartao, CXIV... we have a channel for offtopic chatter: #xubuntu-offtopic :)23:42
CXIVI know one professional photographer , who use basicly only Picasa :D23:42
artaoi spose i could be reading some 'beginner manuals' for wine whilst it installs23:42
CXIVIts because of ubuntu-pl :D23:42
artaofair nuf. PS has things I need. HDR images. many useful kinda 'hidden' features23:43
CXIVI go , on offtopic.23:43
artaohell !! I'd be fine with PS 7 .. last version i used23:43
dima-simferCan anybody help me with global proxy settings&23:43
dima-simferin xubuntu&23:44

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