Noldorin_hi folks00:34
Noldorin_jelmer, :-)00:34
jelmerhi Noldorin_00:49
Noldorin_how's things?00:50
jelmeralright, how are you?00:51
Noldorin_good ta00:51
Noldorin_busy, so not been working in my bzr projects lately :-(00:52
Noldorin_all hg :O00:52
Noldorin_i know, shock horror00:52
Noldorin_hg at work00:52
Noldorin_no git at all fortunately...00:53
Noldorin_speaking of which, bzr-git progressing nicely?00:53
jelmerNoldorin_: haven't really had time for it recently, mostly hacking on Samba in my spare time atm01:23
Noldorin_ah okay01:24
Noldorin_Linux Samba eh?01:24
Noldorin_jelmer, i'm still scared of python, else i would have fixed my bug long ago ;P01:33
Noldorin_not a fan of the language01:33
jelmerNoldorin_: not Linux-specific, anything POSIX01:43
Noldorin_jelmer, whenever someone says POSIX we all know they're really targeting Linux ;-)01:44
Noldorin_or MAYBE bsd01:44
Noldorin_just maybe01:44
jelmerNoldorin_: no, it's really POSIX in general. Lots of AIX/Solaris too.01:44
Noldorin_but do you care about that stuff or are you really interested in Linux support ? :-P01:45
jelmerNoldorin_: me personally, I'm mostly interested in Linux. But that's not the same across the rest of the team.01:46
Noldorin_jelmer, ok so i WAS right about you ;-)01:47
Noldorin_although i take your point01:47
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