apacheloggerafiestas: didn't you have a patch for bug 89839000:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 898390 in KDE Base Workspace "krandr-tray doesn't restore monitor arrangement on startup" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89839000:25
apachelogger"Follow feature freeze"00:41
apacheloggerI think I need to write you people a 101 on how to write work items :P00:41
Kurdistanhi channel00:42
apachelogger[kubuntu-members] Make sure https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting is up to date and easily found from kubuntu.org: TODO00:43
apachelogger[kubuntu-members] Document on above wiki page which packages are kubuntu specific: TODO00:43
apacheloggerthat is wrong00:43
apacheloggerthe reporting stuff should not be on the wiki to begin with00:43
Kurdistangnumdk is netrunner repo?00:43
KurdistanI think so00:43
Kurdistanapachelogger, https://launchpad.net/~gnumdk/+archive/ppa00:44
yofelapachelogger: where should it be?00:44
Kurdistanapachelogger, it was dicsussion about gnumdk.00:45
Kurdistanand I think he have some to do with kubuntu based netrunner00:45
yofelah, you mean ejat00:45
Kurdistanyofel, exactly.00:45
yofelyeah, looks like it was the package from there00:45
apacheloggeryofel: help.ubuntu00:46
yofelapachelogger: well, *that* links to our page00:46
apacheloggerwiki = contributors00:46
apacheloggerhelp = users00:46
yofelah wait00:46
KurdistanI will be much more in kubuntu channel then before00:46
Kurdistanthats what I can give right now and easy packing00:47
* yofel hugs Kurdistan00:47
Kurdistanonly problem is uni :)00:47
Kurdistanbut when I have time I will be here 00:47
Kurdistanyofel, thats least I can do.00:48
Kurdistankubuntu and kde is growing inside me 00:48
KurdistanI got loved with kde in 4.6.500:48
Kurdistanif we can fix smal issue with kubuntu, it will på top of the top.00:49
afiestasapachelogger: mope01:12
apacheloggerafiestas: go fix it then :P01:13
apacheloggerI mean, it worked before 4.8 (at least for markey) so the regression cannot that big01:13
apacheloggerthough rather annoying impact01:13
afiestasI didn't broke it :p01:13
Kurdistanwhat is the regression?01:15
yofelscreen resolution getting reset on every login01:16
Kurdistanyofel, hmm. is it "kubuntu" specific or upstream?01:18
yofelupstream from what I know01:19
Kurdistanyofel, oki.01:26
Kurdistanhmm it seems one http://i.imgur.com/2u5qd.jpg is affected of this bug01:26
Kurdistanand this person does not use nvidia beta drivers01:26
Kurdistanlatest stable nvidia with kde 4.8.001:26
Kurdistanstarting to think it can be kde/kubuntu bug01:27
Kurdistanproblem accure when log in and log out01:28
yofelKurdistan: hm, thinking of it, I've seen a black background issue in gtk apps sometimes, but it's like totally random and usually fixed by rebooting01:44
yofelit doesn't affetc Qt though01:44
Kurdistanyofel, yes it fixes with reboot01:47
Kurdistanor restarting x01:47
Kurdistanyofel, will try tomorrow if it effects qt01:48
Kurdistanbye channel. sleep.02:44
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Kurdistanyofel, you hade right my friend this bug only effects gtk application.10:53
yofeleven ubuntu's software center agrees that KDE apps are supreme :D10:53
Kurdistanyofel, is there any bug-report about this?10:54
yofelno idea, I haven't filed one because I couldn't figure any way out how to reliably reproduce that10:54
Kurdistanyofel, I have just reproduce it.10:55
Kurdistanis seems 3 person include me are all nvidia users also10:55
yofelwell, same for me10:55
Kurdistanyofel, can you log in/out let say 3 time?10:55
Kurdistanthis will happen then10:56
yofelhm, ok10:57
yofeloh fun, happened on first logout10:59
yofelnow what to file a bug against.....10:59
Kurdistanyofel, then this is a kde bug and not nvidia10:59
yofelwell, file it against oxygen-gtk, maybe they'll know where to look10:59
yofelexcept that this isn't theme specific at all11:00
yofelcould be a bug in gtk as well11:00
yofelbut then it would be gtk2 and gtk311:01
* yofel is clueless11:01
Kurdistanyofel, same here. 11:01
Kurdistanyofel, only fix is restart computer or restarting x.11:02
* yofel kills kdm11:02
Kurdistanyofel, you think it can be kdm related?11:02
yofelas I said, I don't know. It could be anything that's related to gtk rendering11:03
Kurdistancan some one with other gaphical card test it?11:05
Kurdistanlet se if it is nvidia only11:05
Kurdistanyofel, you are also running kde 4.8.0?11:05
yofel4.8 precise11:06
yofelah wait, I've an intel card in my eeePC11:06
Kurdistanyofel, okey, this can be kde 4.8.0 bug11:07
yofelI don't think so11:07
* yofel throws the nvidia driver off his system11:07
Kurdistanyofel, I am chatting with slackware user now. let see if he have the same issue.11:08
Kurdistanyofel, this bug did not effect your eeePC with intel?11:10
yofelnow let's see if I can reproduce this with nouveau without locking my GPU up...11:13
Kurdistanyofel, hehe good luck.11:14
* yofel files a bug against nvidia11:20
Kurdistanyofel, so this was nvidia specific?11:21
Kurdistanyou are a angel11:21
yofelintel: unreproducable, nouveau: unreproducable, nvidia 290: breaks after 1 or 2 tries11:22
Kurdistanyofel, remenber to mention11:22
Kurdistanalso latest nvidia beta driver 295.17 breaks it11:22
yofelnow I need a working browser that I can file this with...11:23
yofelkonqueror to the rescue :D11:24
Kurdistanyofel, hehe11:25
Kurdistanyofel, same problem with konqueror?11:27
yofelno, but some Qt applications are affected after all11:28
yofelksnapshot looks broken here11:28
Kurdistanyofel, hmm. that was intressting.11:29
yofelbut I can't find a patter there. ksnapshot is rendered like dolphin from your snaphot, but everything else seems fine11:30
* yofel digs throug nvnews11:30
Kurdistanyofel, can not find anything useful from nvnews11:33
yofelhm, why am I getting an nspluginviewer crash when I don't even have the wrapper installed o.O11:33
yofelah, that's part of konqueror-nsplugins11:34
Kurdistanyofel, did you write bug-report for this to nvidia (nvnews)?11:38
yofelsry, filed a bug about nspluginviewer firt11:40
Kurdistanyofel, take your time.11:43
KurdistanI wonder if this is nvidia+kde 4.8.0 specific or not.11:44
yofelIIRC I've seen that with 4.7 too, so I rather thing it's an issue with the recent nvidia blobs11:45
yofeltrying an older one might work, but X in precise is too new for that I think11:46
yofelon oneiric you could have a chance11:46
yofelKurdistan: I've given up on nvnews. I'm horrible with captchas, add what you want on bug 93061411:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930614 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "Background in gtk applications is rendered wrong after logging out in KDE" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93061411:46
Kurdistanyofel, thx like I mention also 295.17 (beta) drivers are effected11:48
yofelsure, and set the bug to confirmed while you're at it11:48
Kurdistanyofel, will do. lets se my password for launchpad.11:49
Kurdistanyofel, so fixed my password. now I will confirmed.12:01
Kurdistanyofel, done.12:07
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shadeslayerQuintasan: I'm moving the telepathy kde packages into the team ppa12:46
yofelnow... what did I want to do again when I woke up...12:48
BluesKajHey folks13:19
Kurdistanhi BluesKaj 13:19
BluesKajhey Kurdistan13:19
KurdistanBluesKaj, you had nvidia card?13:19
ubottuUbuntu bug 930614 in nvidia-graphics-drivers (Ubuntu) "Application rendering broken after logging out in KDE" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:19
BluesKajI haven't had any problems Kurdistan , and I have nvidia on 2 pcs runnining 12.0413:22
KurdistanBluesKaj, have you tried login out/in13:24
Kurdistan? 2-3 times in road13:24
BluesKaji did yesterday13:24
KurdistanBluesKaj, okey intressting. 13:29
Kurdistanit affects me, yofel and some user in swedish loco.13:29
Kurdistanwe all have kde 4.8.0 and nvidia cards13:30
yofelBluesKaj: used any GTK stuff after that?13:30
yofelas this mostly affects gtk13:30
BluesKajyofel,  yes , synaptic, it doesn't accept text in the qquick search box , so one has to use the seperate search , but otherwise I haven't noticed anyhing13:33
Tm_Tafiestas hmmm13:33
BluesKajI can try relogging in 13:34
schnelleKurdistan, yofel: I am using opensorce ati drivers and I don't have that problems.13:34
BluesKajschnelle,  this is nvidia13:34
schnellebut for me logout on opensorce ati drivers doesn't work by default13:34
yofelschnelle: yeah, seems to be nvidia blob only13:34
Kurdistanschnelle, it seems not effecting intel and ati then.13:34
Kurdistanonly blob so far13:34
Tm_Tafieastas' appmenu-"hud" thingy doesn't seem to work here /:13:35
BluesKajok ,brb I hope13:35
schnelleyes, but i want to say, by default logout doesn't work for me since... mmm ever. I have to edit kdmrc file and uncomment "TerminateServer=true" line13:35
schnelleso you can try to uncomment that line, reboot for change to take effect, and then logout/login to see does this tweak helps13:36
yofelthat'll help13:36
yofelas we know that killing X helps13:36
schnelleyofel: why kubuntu doesn't ship this line uncommented by default? 13:37
schnellefor many ati opensource users (and intel) logout doesn't work by default13:37
schnelleuntill TerminateServer=true is uncommented13:38
yofelrephrase that: why does KDE ship that with false as default13:38
Kurdistanis there a fix for this?13:38
yofelKurdistan: well, see what schnelle just said, and tell that the other person that's affected13:38
Kurdistanyofel, will try that. 13:38
schnelleKUrdistan: you have to reboot after uncommeting the "TerminateServer=true" line13:39
BluesKajall seems fine here , but I don't use much GTK , so I guess I'm not much help :)13:40
yofelapachelogger: what happened to your plymouth stuff?13:42
Kurdistanschnelle, thx will do.13:42
schnellewill precise use kdm or lightdm?13:44
yofelkdm I guess13:45
yofelI have no idea what the progress on lightdm is13:45
Kurdistanit this will fix the issue should we have this from start in 12.04?13:45
Kurdistan*if this13:46
yofelwell, I would have to talk to the kdm devs why this is false in the first place, then see if we can consider that13:46
schnellein my experience, with ati and nvidia proprietary drivers, logout works, with opensource drivers i have to uncomment that line to make logout work13:48
yofelworks fine with nouveau and intel13:48
Kurdistanschnelle, my uncomment you mean remove # and were is kdmrc?13:48
yofelkdmrc is /etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc13:48
KurdistanI can not find it in .kde13:48
KurdistanI see wrong dire... :)13:49
Kurdistanschnelle, I do not even have TerminateServer=true in kdmrc13:50
schnellevery strange13:51
yofelKurdistan: can you pastebin your kdmrc?13:51
schnellei have it on all my installations13:51
Kurdistanyofel, I will do.13:51
Kurdistanyofel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/837832/13:53
yofelKurdistan: add the setting to the [X-:*-Core] section13:55
Riddellideas and mentors needed for KDE..13:56
Riddell13:36 < Teo`> Everyone, GSoC 2012 ideas time! If you have an idea that you want to see implemented by a student during GSoC, don't keep it to  yourself :D Please add it to the Ideas page http://community.kde.org/GSoC/2012/Ideas13:56
Kurdistanyofel, why does not I have this but schnelle ?13:56
yofelKurdistan: no idea, your file doesn't have much to do with the default one13:57
yofelKurdistan: see mine: http://paste.kde.org/27867813:57
Kurdistanyofel, damn that was real different13:57
shadeslayerI added one13:58
Kurdistanyofel, http://paste.ubuntu.com/837840/13:59
Kurdistanit should like this?13:59
schnelleKurdistan, yofel: yes mine looks line yofel's too13:59
yofelI think yes13:59
Kurdistanthats wierd yours like different from mine13:59
Kurdistanbrb rebooting14:03
Kurdistanand testing :)14:03
BluesKajyofel,  your looks like a conf file 14:06
Kurdistanit worked14:11
Kurdistanlike a charm14:11
Kurdistan:) log out/login several time. np anymore.14:12
Kurdistanschnelle, :) you fixed it.14:12
schnellefor me this is "must do" for years ;)14:12
Kurdistanschnelle, hehe okey.14:12
schnellei hope someone ( yofel :)  ) get in touch with kdm devs, and if they say that "it is safe", kubuntu could ship this as default14:14
schnellethere is no kdm channel on freenode14:15
schnelleit seems...14:15
Kurdistanschnelle, that would be wonderful if thats happens.14:18
Kurdistanit seems to work perfect here14:18
Kurdistanand I thought first it was nvidia driver bug14:18
Kurdistan:P was hard against nvidia in there channel14:18
schnelleKurdistan: well, kdm + opensorce ati driver = logout never worked by default14:20
schnellegdm + ati driver = always worked14:20
schnelleso i think it is kdm issue14:20
Kurdistanschmidtm, okey. i think you have right. 14:20
Kurdistanit most be kdm issue14:20
schnellebut i am totally noob about this, so i am just guessing... :)14:20
PaulW2UHi all, I think you're describing launchpad bug #651294 which is marked as fix released.14:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 651294 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Maverick) "X crash on KDM logout (still - yes, really)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65129414:21
Kurdistanschnelle, :P not so noob if you could solve this.14:22
PaulW2UBut I have to make the kdm modification each time I installed Kubuntu. :o(14:22
KurdistanPaulW2U, mine problem is not really that x crashers.14:22
schnellepaulW2U: me too14:22
Kurdistanit is problem with rendering issue after login for gtk mainly and some qt14:22
PaulW2UNo I don't see a crash either but if you look at the duplicate reports ...14:22
schnelleyes but the solution is the same: uncomment "TerminateServer=true" line14:23
KurdistanPaulW2U, will read.14:23
KurdistanPaulW2U, it is more a kdm bug then xorg-server I think.14:24
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Kurdistan:( boring now I have only one bug left on my system.14:28
Kurdistanthat is application that are closed there icon still shows up. not always.14:28
Kurdistan:( what should I do if that fixes also.14:28
Kurdistan*panel bug14:29
yofelgo install precise in a VM, although that works resonable well here....14:33
BluesKajKurdistan,  that panel bug has been around since 11.04 on my pc14:33
KurdistanBluesKaj, yeah I know. :(14:33
schnelleKurdistan: it is Qt bug. There is a ppa with patched Qt: ppa:hrvojes/qt14:34
schnelleupgrade qt from this ppa and panel bugs go away! :)14:34
KurdistanBluesKaj, it seems not effect ati user. my parents computer did not have that problem if I remenber right.14:34
Kurdistanschnelle, does it work for you?14:35
Kurdistanthen we should apply that patch.14:36
schnellei wrote last night to kubuntu-devel last night and asked kubuntu-devs to include patches in precise14:36
schnelleKurdistan: it works perfect14:36
Kurdistanschnelle, what was the response?14:36
schnelleit should be in for precise14:37
schnelleso, i am using patched qt from ppa:hrvojes/qt, and all panel bugs are gone14:38
Kurdistanschmidtm, were is the patch?14:40
Kurdistankubuntu 12.04 will be bugg free for me. :)14:41
schnelleread my message from kubuntu-devel (link above), i explained everything about patches there :)14:43
Kurdistanschnelle, will read.14:44
KurdistanI am trying the patch14:44
BluesKajKurdistan,  ok, I have 2 pcs with nvidia , so didn't know it had to do with the nvidia module14:46
schnellewhen you  upgrade qt from ppa:hrvojes/qt, you have to reboot14:46
Kurdistanschnelle, will do. :) will only add ppa14:47
tsimpsonreboot?! I'm tempted to throw !language at you..14:48
Kurdistanschnelle, will restart the laptop :). lets hope it fix the problem for me.14:51
shadeslayerRiddell: oh awesome, I'll check it out on rekonq master ( re kde bug 238303)14:57
ubottuKDE bug 238303 in http "gzip encoded files show encoded" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=23830314:57
Kurdistanschnelle, it works great.14:58
schnelleKurdistan: yay! :) for me only veromix plasmoid was broken after upgrade. so i removed it and then i reinstalled it. 14:59
schnelleno more panel bugs! :)15:00
Kurdistanschnelle, thx again.15:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: I believe that is by design15:00
shadeslayer( re rekonq making the back button available only after the page loads )15:00
shadeslayerwhee deadlock in rekonq15:01
shadeslayerand book15:02
kubotushadeslayer meant: "and boom"15:02
apacheloggeryofel: oh, right, I should upload that15:05
apacheloggershadeslayer: then the design is broken15:05
apacheloggerpage loading can take looong15:05
shadeslayerapachelogger: then please tell that to the rekonq mailing list :)15:05
shadeslayerlemme find the exact commit for you15:05
shadeslayerhmm ... can't seem to find it, but I remember this was discussed somewhere15:09
BluesKajso where's the patch ?, all I get is links to other related bugs15:09
KurdistanBluesKaj, do you mean panel bugg?15:10
Kurdistanyou have the patches here: https://launchpad.net/~hrvojes/+archive/qt15:11
BluesKajKurdistan,  yes15:11
BluesKaj sometimes launchpad is the most annoying page 15:11
KurdistanBluesKaj, +115:12
Kurdistanit fixed the problem for me. now even application launches faster15:12
BluesKajKurdistan, good , updgrading now15:18
KurdistanBluesKaj, restart your computer after.15:19
yofellogging out is probably enough...15:20
KurdistanI hope every thing went good for blueskaj15:28
KurdistanBluesKaj, wb.15:34
Kurdistandid the patch work you? it worked here.15:35
BluesKajyes , Kurdistan , schnelle ..works geat , thanks :)15:36
BluesKajgreat 15:37
KurdistanBluesKaj, is only for me, or does application now open crazy fast? :)15:37
Kurdistanmost be the bug that made application load slower to pop up15:38
Kurdistan:) it is so fast it feels to run lxde :P15:39
BarkingFishafternoon guys. Anyone about?  I think we have some problems on the latest set of updates.15:40
BluesKajyes Kurdistan , seems quite bit faster , especially system settings that used to take quite a while15:41
BarkingFishI have 27 updates to put through, but apper is screaming about Unsigned packages, which I go to confirm that I want to download and install, I click yes - and it takes me back to the start of the install process and asks me the same question repeatedly, until i click no.15:41
KurdistanBluesKaj, exactly. even firefox loads crazy fast.15:42
yofelcould be that the ppa has some preload stuff on too15:42
BarkingFishThis is what I get: "You are about to install unsigned packages that can compromise your system, as it is impossible to verify if the software came from a trusted source.  Are you sure you want to proceed with the installation?"15:42
BarkingFishif it's in our repositories, surely it's been put together with a signature, right?15:43
BluesKajBarkingFish,  well, if you're on 12.04 , unsigned packages is probly the norm ...using a package manager with a dev OS is bound to give the package manager apps fits :)15:43
BarkingFishI'm not though, I'm on 11.1015:43
BarkingFishI'm not upgrading till 12.04 is released15:43
yofelusually you shouldn't get unsigned warnings15:43
BarkingFishI guess I need to install the remaining updates one by one, and find which one is unsigned...15:44
yofelfile a bug againt apper somewhere and then check with apt-get update if you're missing some key15:44
KurdistanBarkingFish, have you upgrade to kde 4.8.0?15:45
BarkingFishno, still on 4.7.415:45
BarkingFishI don't see any updates to 4.8.015:46
KurdistanBarkingFish, does this help: sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* 2. sudo apt-get update 3. sudo apt-get upgrade15:47
BarkingFishI'll tell you in a sec :)15:47
KurdistanBarkingFish, yppa manager is a good tool. it fixes a lot of stuff with repo and errors.15:50
KurdistanBarkingFish, https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/y-ppa-manager15:51
Kurdistanit works great with kubuntu15:51
BarkingFishlet me see how this goes first :D15:51
yofeljust btw., this is the -dev channel, support is still in #kubuntu15:52
* yofel is gone for a while15:52
Kurdistanyofel, thats true.15:52
BarkingFishI'm gonna go make some coffee, this is taking a while :)15:52
KurdistanBarkingFish, we can take it #kubuntu15:52
BarkingFishI'll keep it here for now, thanks Kurdistan - if it does turn out to be an unsigned package, these guys will need to know which one 15:54
KurdistanBarkingFish, okey. did it help anything?15:54
BarkingFishIt still wants to upgrade the remaining packages I didn't do in the one by one, so I have 23 to come down now15:55
BarkingFishI'll see if doing the upgrade in a terminal flags anything up15:55
BarkingFishI didn't realise the kernel had been updated too :)15:57
BarkingFishthis is gonna take some time. 15:57
Kurdistanwill log out. take care all.16:00
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shadeslayerapachelogger: poke16:09
BarkingFishhi again guys, sorry about the long break.16:36
BarkingFishRight, everything went through in the terminal upgrade, and it was only the same packages that apper was trying to work on.16:37
BarkingFishSo what I'm going to do is file a bug against apper, as suggested, and make sure that the KDE guys are aware that it's being a PITA.16:37
BarkingFishoh this is fun.  KDE's bug reporter won't submit my bug :)16:45
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BarkingFishRight, I've had to pass the bug to one of KDE's team to file, as the bugzilla won't submit my bug for some reason, I think the browser might be busted.16:56
BarkingFishrindolf is going to try and file, and once he does, I'll paste the bug number in here16:56
BarkingFishOk guys, for the record - the apper bug is filed at KDE 29384817:13
ubottuKDE bug 293848 in general "Apper mistakenly flagging unsigned packages - won't allow installation" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29384817:13
EagleScreenanyone know who is upstream of libreoffice-kde? where to send feedback about that package?17:16
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BarkingFishright guys, I'm gonna scoot for a bit. See you all later.17:31
yofelEagleScreen: libreoffice17:57
yofelEagleScreen: what's the feedback btw.?17:57
EagleScreendropdown menus are ugly in KDE, they have no border17:58
yofelah, true17:58
shadeslayerRiddell: yup, that commit fixed the buildlog bug18:01
Riddelljust needs rekonq packaged now :)18:06
yofelmight as well do that, I'm done with gtk18:07
yofelor rather stuck on 2 mirs18:07
Riddellyofel: pinged the mir team?18:07
yofelthere are bugs filed and ubuntu-mir subscribed, anything else to do?18:08
yofelI doubt they'll do much on a weekend18:08
apacheloggershadeslayer: huh?18:10
shadeslayerapachelogger: I was wondering how one disables Werror in CMake18:10
shadeslayerapachelogger: but then cmake-qt-gui to the rescue18:11
shadeslayeryofel: if you're there, can you check if the Telepathy Integration Module is running for you in kded?18:12
* yofel adds telepathy back to the panel18:12
yofelI have an Instant Messaging Approver running, but no TIM18:14
* BluesKaj waits patiently for rekonq flash crash fix :)18:14
yofelshadeslayer: if that's supposed to be in 'kde-telepathy-integration-module', that package is empty18:15
shadeslayeryofel: fixing18:15
* shadeslayer does not know how that slipped past18:15
yofeladd proper long install files to the packages18:16
yofelotherwise that happens really easy18:16
shadeslayerfffuuuuuu 18:17
shadeslayeryofel: yeah, install file was not renamed18:17
apacheloggerI lol'd18:17
apacheloggershadeslayer: why rename though?18:17
shadeslayerapachelogger: telepathy-kde-foo to kde-telepathy-foo18:17
shadeslayerapachelogger: following upstream changes18:18
apacheloggerwhy does it have a name prefix though?18:18
shadeslayername prefix?18:18
apacheloggerisn't telepathy using atomic tarballs?18:18
shadeslayerI don't follow18:18
apacheloggerfoo.install rather than install18:18
shadeslayeras in, why does it have the install file?18:19
apacheloggerwhy does the install file have a prefix18:19
shadeslayerapachelogger: I *really* don't understand what you're asking18:22
apacheloggerperhaps you should RTFM then18:22
apacheloggerthen you will know what I mean18:22
* shadeslayer brings up the new maintainers guide18:23
yofelI think you'll find that faster in the policy18:23
apacheloggerthe new maintainers guide is not the  manual for debian/install :P18:23
apacheloggerMamarok: is there going to be dinner or am I to raid the fridge for booty?18:24
shadeslayerI've never seen a debian/install file tbh18:24
* apachelogger finds that hard to believe18:24
shadeslayerapachelogger: I've always seen files like foo.install18:25
yofelwell, you usually have more than one binary package, and if you just install everything you theoretically need none18:26
yofelso it's a rare case18:26
apacheloggeryofel: rare with kde because you people insist on manually doing dbg packages18:26
yofelwell, we dropped those on the debian merge anyway18:27
yofelI'll try to hack pkgbinarymangler for 4.9 beta18:27
apacheloggerso it should be fairly common :P18:27
yofelthen we won't need them in the first place18:27
apacheloggerthat hardly belongs in there IMHO18:27
shadeslayerI still can't find it, but I'm guessing the debian/install file just specifies where to install stuff when you have a single binary package18:27
apacheloggeryofel: pkg-kde-tools seems the more logical place18:28
yofelapachelogger: beta packages without debug symbols are useless, no matter how unlikely a bug is18:28
=== yuriy_ is now known as yuriy
yofelah, you meant that18:28
yofelI'll look at that18:28
apacheloggerdbg package generation is not really mangling as the symbols are stripped either way18:28
apacheloggerwith a dbg package they just do not get thrown away :)18:29
apachelogger!man dh_install18:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about man dh_install18:29
yofelwell, more like I need to take a closer look at pkg-create-dbgsym 18:29
apacheloggerubottu: u mad?18:29
ubottuapachelogger: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:29
apacheloggershadeslayer: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/en/man1/dh_install.1.html18:30
shadeslayer<3 krunner18:30
apacheloggerone would think you know which component processes the install files so you can look at the manual when apachelogger instructs you to rtfm :P18:30
shadeslayerapachelogger: man page lists debian/package.install under Files18:31
shadeslayernothing about debian/install18:31
shadeslayerand yeah, I know about dh_install, but thought the debian policy would probably give me better details about this file18:32
apacheloggerlet's bring the thougth a step further18:34
yofelI thought so, but it seems it doesn't, as the install files are specific to debhelper18:34
apacheloggerif you have only one package18:34
apacheloggerdo you need an install file18:34
shadeslayernot really I guess18:34
yofelwell, undocumented feature it seems18:38
yofelnow where was I..18:39
yofelah, rekonq18:39
shadeslayergo go yofel18:40
* shadeslayer needs to finish off this test18:40
apacheloggeryofel: oh, btw, I am reasonable certain the maintainer guide would explain debian/install18:40
Kurdistan:) this channel is to active to be a dev channel. :P18:40
Kurdistan(its good)18:40
apacheloggerIIRC that guide has a fairly complete list of all common files one can find in debian/18:40
apacheloggereven the not so common ones (emacs anyone? S:)18:41
yofelKurdistan: well, this is -dev, -dev-discuss, -dev-OT, -dev-look-out-of-the-window-to-see-blue-ponies, ...18:41
shadeslayerdon't forget -dev-apachelogger-loves-nakid-pics18:41
Kurdistanyofel, I am impresed. thats why I comment.18:42
Kurdistanother dev channel people are sleeping18:42
yofelwell, we're less than a week before feature freeze. The channel has it's quiet times too18:42
Kurdistanyofel, how is it going 12.04?18:43
yofelso far, nice18:43
apacheloggeryofel: yeah quite times between 6 and 10 utc :P18:43
Kurdistanis it important that we need to follow 6 month release cycle?18:48
Kurdistancan we not release a version when the team feels it is good enough18:48
shadeslayerKurdistan: now that we are a community supported distro we can18:52
shadeslayerbut it's always better to follow the Ubuntu cycle18:52
Kurdistanshadeslayer, thats good. 18:52
shadeslayeriirc edubuntu has it's own cycle18:52
Kurdistanshadeslayer, I mean to release when its ready.18:52
Kurdistanshadeslayer, I do not care much about ubuntu cycle.18:53
KurdistanI think even 1 week later can be positive for stable for our users18:53
KurdistanI normally recommend people to install new buntu release 1 month after the release18:54
yofelwhy, just why are we running KDE 4.8.00? (what's up with the double-0?)19:00
yofelprobably the reason why it looks broken on the about page too19:01
shadeslayertypo :P19:01
yofelah well, 4.8.1 is in sight, so nvm19:02
yofelnow, let's see if rekonq got any less broken19:03
yofelnope, although that's qtwebkit's fault19:04
Kurdistanyofel, it is still time to 4.8.119:08
rbelemshadeslayer, Kurdistan, but to release at any time some packages would not go to the repos19:08
Kurdistanor am I wrong?19:08
rbelemwould we use ppa?19:08
yofelwell, 2 weeks IIRC, near enough19:08
Kurdistanrbelem, which package?19:08
rbelemKurdistan, any package maintained by kubuntu19:08
shadeslayerrbelem: huh? I mean, you can easily get stuff into universe right?19:09
yofelrekonq up19:09
Kurdistanyofel, we will have it in backports when?19:10
rbelemshadeslayer, but not following the ubuntu release cycle we could not upload apcakges to the respos after some time, right?19:11
yofelKurdistan: realase date or shortly after that19:11
yofelwell, probably19:11
yofelwell, I believe rbelem's right, so I don't think it's worth the hassle19:11
shadeslayerrbelem: not sure, I mean, we can surely release a couple of days later in order to fix critical bugs19:11
yofelexcept maybe delay release for a week if we need to fix stuff19:11
Kurdistanyofel, thats fast.19:12
shadeslayerI think what Kurdistan is trying to say is that we can now delay the release by a couple of days if we see show stopper bugs19:12
yofelKurdistan: there's not much to do, just build and Q/A19:12
Kurdistanshadeslayer, exactly.19:13
yofelwell, it's easy if you know what you do19:13
* shadeslayer hates g_thread_new19:13
* yofel hates any kind of object oriented naming in C19:13
Kurdistanit feels sometime ubuntu and other in buntu family hurry up to finish thing to release date19:14
yofelKurdistan: we have more testing time for the LTS, but usually you're right19:14
yofelI remember being overworked in the days before oneiric final freeze19:14
KurdistanI hope Kubuntu decided to release Kubuntu when critical bugs are fixed19:15
Kurdistaneven if ubuntu have released19:15
yofelwell, until now, we didn't have a choice19:16
Kurdistanthat gives more time to all of kubuntu-dev19:16
Kurdistanyofel, yeah I know, but we can do that now. right?19:16
yofelprobably, I'll tell you in half a year :P19:16
Kurdistanyofel, :( forgott thats after 12.04.19:17
yofelnah, for 12.04 the testing time is long enough 19:20
yofelso I think we'll have enough time19:20
shadeslayeryofel: I just got your IM request19:25
schnelleguys, plasma-nm still have broken buttons, this bug is fixed upstream. https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=29096419:25
ubottuKDE bug 290964 in Plasma Widget "Buttons out of place in plasma nm widget (KDE 4 8rc2)" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]19:25
shadeslayerIt was probably because of the daemon thing which was not there in the packages19:25
schnelledon't forget to update it ;)19:25
* yofel can't say he's ever seen those artifacts19:27
schnelleyofel: i see it in oneiric with kde 4.8 and also in precise19:28
yofelprobably theme specific, I use produkt19:28
* yofel fires up a VM19:28
schnelleyofel: i see it with default theme, so it can't be a good thing ;)19:29
schnelleyofel: is it possible to update plasma-nm after fature freeze? 19:30
yofelbug fixes are allowed till final freeze19:31
yofeljust no new features19:31
yofel(without good reason)19:31
schnellei can poke lamarque to ask him when he will realese new version of plasma-nm19:31
schnellehe is online now19:31
yofelah, confirmed19:31
schnelleyofel: bug is not present in kde 4.719:32
yofelI'll cherry pick that in case he doesn't make it19:32
schnelleonly in 4.819:32
yofelwell, we ship an new pnm with 4.8 too19:32
schnelleyofel: if we want new (next) release of pnm in precise, can we update it after feature freeze (sorry i don't understand feture freeze very well)19:36
yofelsure, if it has only bugfixes19:36
schnelle<schnelle> hi lamarque. are you planing to release new version of plasma-nm soon? 19:42
schnelle<lamarque> no. I am busy at work and trying to fix some crashes before the release.19:42
Kurdistanschnelle, are you responsible for plasma-nm package?19:43
schnelleno :)19:43
schnelleyofel: he'll probably doesn't make it. don't forget to cherry pick that (now i am going to google what "cherry picking" exacly means :)19:45
schnelle*he probably won't make it19:46
yofelwell, really just: pick one commit out of a bowl full of commits19:46
apacheloggerhalp, I had too much too eat21:28
apachelogger[kubuntu-members] ditch kaccessible: TODO21:29
apacheloggersomeone plz explain21:29
apacheloggerrbelem: is active foo in the archive yet?21:29
yofelapachelogger: so, what's the status of dragon3?21:36
DaskreechThere be dragons?21:38
jussiDaskreech: no... Here be dragons...22:00
Daskreechjussi: Umm I forgot umm my lunch ... 22:03
Daskreechbrb <_<22:03
rbelemapachelogger, i'm testing it currently22:05
rbelemapachelogger, i think i will upload it tomorrow22:05
OffToHadeslemme just check, can anyone actually see me this time?22:28
Riddelloh well22:40
Kurdistanupdate of network manager (backport)22:46
Kurdistanwhat is the fix?22:46
yofelthe buttons that schnelle talked about22:46
Kurdistanyofel, have you the log?22:47
yofelKurdistan: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/02/11/%23kubuntu-devel.html#t19:2522:48
Kurdistanyofel, thx.22:52
Kurdistanyofel, you are a angel.22:52
yofelwell, it *did* look bad22:52
RiddellSubject: [kde-packager] KDevelop 4.3 Beta 2 ready to be packaged 23:43
BarkingFishyofel: By the way, did you manage to ever fix xsettings-kde?23:56
yofelme not, but the fedora folks fixed it themselves, I just didn't noticed that hey had fixed it -.-23:56
BarkingFish evening all :) sorry, wrong way round!23:56
BarkingFishany indication as to what was wrong?23:56
Kurdistanyofel, what did they ix?23:57
yofelBarkingFish: http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=xsettings-kde.git;a=summary - last commit is fixing the patch23:57
Kurdistanyofel, is the xsetting fixed?23:58
yofelit is23:58
BarkingFishah :)  I'll have a peek when I can get on the net, connection is so slow that if I go to the web, i'll ping out on IRC :)23:58
Kurdistanyofel, nice. kde-gtk-config :) is not needed then?23:58
BarkingFishthe snow here is playing hell with wifi. I'm picking up signals from 2 streets away, but can't get a decent connection to a beacon 10 metres from my front door :P23:59
yofelKurdistan: not for now, we'll probably get it from debian next release. xsettings is a bit friendlier to other desktop envs23:59

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