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Kurdistandies_irae, hi.01:07
periclesWill Someone here participate?01:07
pericleson challenge24?01:07
dies_iraesorry my connection sux0rz01:08
dies_iraepericles: what about it?01:08
dies_iraeI spoted a critical bug in Kubuntu LiveCD01:08
dies_iraeanyone wanna hear about it?01:08
periclesit's an engennering contest01:09
periclesa 24 hour contest =)01:09
Kurdistandies_irae, whats the bug?01:10
Kurdistanis it 12.04?01:10
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Guest5569whadup peeps02:31
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terrygIs there a good way to tell which disk is which in a non-bootable raid 1 software raid?03:34
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fayazhi, my krunner seems to be missing the spell checker feature, and this article says it has one http://maketecheasier.com/10-awesome-features-of-krunner-in-kde-4/2009/06/2908:51
fayazhow can i get it?08:51
jemandHi all, since KDE 4.8 Kontact eats mails, filters unpredictialy into wrong folders, produces lots of mails with unknown topic, sender recipient and date. Is ther or will ther be a solution?08:51
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treyssatvincent 09:32
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mysteriousdarrenjemand: I switched after it started doing that:( I missed to much and couldn't find a fix10:40
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jemand:-(    I'll take the same exit.10:47
jemandIt's such a pity10:47
mysteriousdarrentrue, did u post a bug report?10:53
jemandI postet at least 7 bug reports on different issues10:54
jemandIt seems it#s geetting even worse with every update10:55
mysteriousdarrenwell deal with it or change, sorry10:57
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MycroAnybody awake?11:40
peaceMycro: what?11:43
MycroNothing specific.11:43
MycroBut I only just got myself kubuntu.11:43
MycroSo I was looking for some pointers.11:43
KurdistanMycro, welcome to kubuntu-family. :)11:44
MycroThanks ^^11:44
MycroTbh, first time using Linux at all.12:01
MycroDon't judge me.12:01
szalMycro: pointers for what?12:07
MycroGetting started.12:07
szaljust play w/ it & figure things out, if any question arises, pose it12:08
Mycroszal: thanks12:08
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MycroHere we go: question.12:18
MycroMuon Package manager is being weird.12:18
yofelMycro: define weird12:25
peaceyofel: upgrade fail ?12:28
Mycroyofel: I downloaded the ubuntu-restricted-extras12:29
yofelwould be the most likely issue, true12:29
MycroSomeone told me to.12:29
MycroIt locked at 45%, it's waiting for something. Muon tells me it's "committing changes".12:30
yofelcan you open Konsole, and pastebint the output of this please: tail /var/log/apt/term.log12:31
Mycroyofel:  http://pastebin.com/5iTi547V12:34
yofelthat looks like flashplugin-installer is just downloading flash12:34
MycroSupposed to take that long, then?12:35
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yofeldepends, if it's not done in 2 minutes something is wrong12:35
Mycrothis has been going on for 25 minutes12:35
yofelcheck the output again in a bit, if it hasn't changed, it's stuck12:35
yofeldid your internet connection drop?12:35
MycroNope, full strength.12:35
MycroPerhaps there was a drop.12:36
MycroAny way to interrupt the process?12:37
yofelkilling muon and qaptworker should do it, after that run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a'12:37
MycroMuon is refusing to die. Pretend for a second I have no experience with the konsole, what's the command?12:37
yofeltry: killall muon; sudo killall qaptworker;12:38
Mycrodpkg status database is locked by another process12:39
MycroTheeeere we go.12:40
peaceMycro: if you are interested you could test my little job http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/aptk?content=10808712:41
Mycropeace: I'm afraid most of it doesn't make sense to me yet. I'm only just starting Linux.12:42
peaceMycro: ok keep the standard stuff12:43
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MycroI'll wait with testing for a while, if you don't mind, until I get the hang of the whole interface.12:45
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BluesKajHey folks13:19
AlanBellanyone know if the pressed CDs of kubuntu for loco teams will continue after 12.04 (I assume 12.04 is already committed to)13:57
BluesKajAlanBell,  I imagine they will continue since kubuntu 12.04 is LTS14:01
AlanBellnot sure that follows14:02
BluesKajoh so you mean the next OS release like 12.1014:02
AlanBellI am sure we will get 12.04 in the packs for the next shipment, but will there be 12.10?14:03
BluesKajvery good question , Jonathan Riddell thinks so if the kubuntu devel volunteer team keeps going , but IMO they need an official project leader to give Kubuntu a direction and consoldation ...so who knows14:05
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BluesKajhi jenna14:24
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Rasta420NICK Rasta42015:27
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rorkhi rosenberger16:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:47
rosenbergeri am Hungary, sorry ... ;-16:48
rorkNo worries rosenberger everybody has been new once and not everybody has english as a native language ;) There's an hungarian channel if you're interested:16:50
ubottuMagyar nyelvű segítséget az #ubuntu-hu csatornán talál16:50
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Colin969I just opened the Comic Strip Widget, but when I install a comic, nothing appears in the Comics list, any suggestions?17:09
Colin969Nobody? =/17:12
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juacom99hi, i mgot one question. I'm trying to copy a file froma ntfs partition to a external disk and when i use cp it said File too big. I try to compress the file but i got the same error. is a 8G file i got to copy :S18:52
juacom99is there any way i can copy the file?18:53
juacom99phoenix_firebrd:  hi there18:55
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: what is the filesystem type of the external disk?18:55
juacom99ntfs too18:55
juacom99phoenix_firebrd: is ther any way i can compress the file in parts and then reunite them in the external disk?18:56
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: hjsplit?18:56
juacom99is that in the repository?18:57
casperuntuTRwhenever i login to facebook from any browser on ubuntu it appears "wrong password" why it is so? any idea? i use dualbot with win7 and no problem on it18:57
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: why cant you use dolphin to copy and paste?18:57
KurdistancasperuntuTR, are you using right keyboard setting for your lang.?18:57
juacom99it get stuck on 4G18:58
phoenix_firebrdcasperuntuTR: check for caps lock18:58
casperuntuTRyes that is qwert turkish18:58
juacom99phoenix_firebrd: i like the console better too :p18:58
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: 4g?18:58
casperuntuTRand i can login facebook on win718:58
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: are you using wireless network?18:59
Kurdistanit sounds wierd. why should it not work with browser in linux18:59
casperuntuTRbut can not login on ubuntu very interesting18:59
phoenix_firebrdcasperuntuTR: is ssl installed?18:59
phoenix_firebrdcasperuntuTR: sorry wrong question19:00
juacom99phoenix_firebrd: i got the external disk mount on the PC, i don't use any network19:00
casperuntuTRhoenix_firebrd, i have no idea about ssl?19:00
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: what do you mean by 4G?19:00
juacom994 gigabytes19:01
juacom99it copy 4 gigas of info and then it get stuck19:01
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: do you get any error messages?19:01
juacom99in dolphine no19:01
KurdistancasperuntuTR, have you tried to use facebook from pidgin19:01
Kurdistanand install the facebook plugin19:01
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: no while using the cp command19:01
juacom99using the cp i get  file too big19:01
juacom99if i only could split the compress file in many smaller  files and then copy it to the external disk it may works19:05
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: install lxsplit19:05
juacom99ok i'll try thanks19:06
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: 1 sec19:06
juacom99phoenix_firebrd: yes?19:07
MooBud_hidey ho19:07
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99:  can you post the output of the command "ulimit -a" here using paste.kde.org19:07
juacom99phoenix_firebrd: yes but o don't think i eneble quotas19:08
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: i cant understand you19:09
juacom99phoenix_firebrd: http://paste.kde.org/311732/19:10
juacom99sorry my english is not good :(19:10
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: the file size is set to unlimited, so no problem there19:10
juacom99a bug maybe?19:11
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: no19:11
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: i think its a filesystem error19:12
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: do you have windows?19:12
juacom99maybe when i make the mkfs i give ain invalid parameter?? :S19:12
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: ya may be19:13
juacom99i use to, i have the partition but i don't use it any6more19:13
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: format the external drive again , this time carefully and try again19:13
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juacom99phoenix_firebrd: sorry but tha's not possible the external driver is not mine, an it got importants buckups19:14
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: then install lxsplit and split the file. Copy the splited file to the disk19:15
juacom99thanks, i'll do than19:16
juacom99phoenix_firebrd: thanks you (Y)19:16
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: yw19:16
juacom99phoenix_firebrd: +119:16
phoenix_firebrdjuacom99: :)19:16
juacom99no karma bot here :(19:16
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penguin42does anyone know the plan for KDE builds/debs post 12.04?  I'm not so much worried about the lack of dev on kubuntu itself, I'm more worried about having recent KDE packaged20:15
yofelpenguin42: we'll be in the same position as we were for oneiric, so about that20:17
penguin42yofel: Remind me, what was the position there?20:18
yofeljonathan left us for the bazaar team, so it was a community-only team too20:18
penguin42hmm ok20:19
yofeland we managed, worst case the packages might be ready a day or two after release20:20
penguin42which is great work20:20
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jschallhow do i get power management to be inhibited by flash videos?20:56
Kurdistanjschall, kde 4.7.* or 4.8.0?20:57
jschallKurdistan: 4.8.020:57
jschallKurdistan: i was looking in the window options for an "inhibit power management" thing, but there isn't one... maybe there should be?20:58
jschallKurdistan: the "special window settings"20:58
Kurdistanjschall, http://blip.tv/drf/episode-561223820:59
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jschallKurdistan: shouldn't have to use a checkbox, i think there should be an option in the window rules to turn off power management21:16
Kurdistanjschall, yes there is.21:17
jschallKurdistan: didn't see it...21:18
jschallKurdistan: i see block compositing, i don't see block power management21:18
Kurdistanjschall, I normally uncheck stop temp. session21:19
jschallKurdistan: what?21:19
Kurdistanand powermanagment of the monitor/screen21:19
jschallKurdistan: i'm trying to get flash to inhibit power management, not axe power management entirely21:20
Kurdistanjschall, I do not really know what flash to power management21:21
KurdistanI thought you mean watching flash related things21:21
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tapisroulant33anyone online?22:14
pat3132join #snort22:15
tapisroulant33qualcuno sa dirmi come accedere a qualche canale italiano?22:42
tapisroulant33italian channel?22:44
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)22:49
Avihaytapisroulant33: what ubottu said22:50
tapisroulant33ok, grazie mille22:50
tapisroulant33he give me information to join italian channnel22:50
calamarihi. I am trying out kde, from lubuntu. I would like to adjust my mixer settings, so I installed kmix, but it only shows a single mixer control for playback, recording etc.. I'm assuming this is due to pulseaudio?23:07

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