wgrantlifeless: Doesn't work even unconfined as a proper package installed (in a VM) :/00:02
wgrantCan you Skype?00:02
lifelessthough I can't alt-tab to it under precise. NO idea why00:03
rick_hlifeless: what's up?00:54
* rick_h looks to make sure I haven't broken anything 00:55
lifelessrick_h: no, I wanted to sanity check my brain w/js00:56
lifelessrick_h: I nabbed wgrant as another js-head for that :>00:56
rick_hah, okie then00:56
wgrantUnfortunately I just made the problem worse :)00:56
lifelessrick_h: getting my head around handlebars, and it has some really uhm crazy stuff00:56
rick_hheh, any example? I'm curious00:57
lifelessblock helpers are called with a function which has had attributes on it - so options.fn === fn, for instance.00:57
wgrantoptions.fn === options00:57
lifeless'tasteless' is one way to describe that00:58
lifelessalso two typos in two answers, so I'm clearly not awake enough yet to be programming.01:02
lifelessI'm going to go fly some spaceships01:02
rick_hhmm, looking at handlebars, but not seeing it. In base.js I see it registering helpers, which have a second arg options and it can have a fn in it01:10
rick_hif you guys have a link/line # handy be curious about the 'tasteless' bits01:10
rick_hhmm, fly spaceships. I should get started on the book club book tonight. Hope they didn't pick a dud01:11
wgrantrick_h: populateParams in compiler.js01:12
rick_hah, thanks01:12
wgrantIt sets tmp1 to the function, then conditionally adds various unrelated bits of data to it.01:13
rick_hgeeze, could they leave out any more comments01:14
wgrantBasically it looks like they initially specified block helpers to take a function, but then realised they needed more so they decided to add unrelated attributes to the function.01:14
wgrantDoes that file have even a single comment line?01:14
rick_hwgrant: yea, makes sense01:14
wgrantOh, it does have a couple.01:14
rick_hyea, // HELPERS01:14
rick_hwoot, I feel aided by the comment01:14
rick_hah, interesting. Makes sense I guess. Means they don't have to maintain/change code elsewhere. Normally you'd just move that data up in scope.01:17
rick_hor deal with various arguments length checking stuff01:18
lifelessrick_h: doing it one way or the other would be fine01:24
lifelessrick_h: they do *both*01:24
lifelessrick_h: -> fugly01:24
StevenKlifeless: I didn't want the convoy tests module installed in the deb package, and I didn't want to wield rm in the build step.03:47
lifelessStevenK: I'd do what bzr does then, generate two packages08:03
StevenKlifeless: I'll make a note to have a quick look on Monday10:01
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lifelessok, so after all the fuss about 'classic twitter/new twitter' they go and change it (roughly) back. grah22:34
lifelessyou don't have a new layout ?22:42
wgrantDoesn't look radically different from before, AFAICT.22:43
lifelessclick on a tweet22:43
lifelessand click on the tweeters name22:44
nigelbsome changes are good.22:55
nigelblike, now its easiser to find if someone follows you.22:55
nigelbalso, conversations are win!22:56
wgrantAre they as good as identi.ca's yet?22:56
lifelessI wasn't saying good/bad23:02
lifelessjust that they spent /how long/ socialising the other change, letting folk opt in then opt out before finally forcing it23:02
lifelessand this, they just do.23:02
lifelessit is interesting23:02
nigelbYou mean the first new twtter?23:10
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