hmhQuick question: how to correct a misplaced upstream link on a Debian package?  Someone caused autotools-dev to have some unknown package called "OMG" listed as its upstream, instead of "config main series".00:57
hmhautotools-dev is maintained in Debian, and automigrated to Ubuntu main.00:58
hmh(the breakage is in launchpad, not in Debian)00:59
wgranthmh: I've removed them.01:00
hmhwgrant: thank you01:00
hmhwgrant: can you point me to the "you're a debian developer and suddenly you need to pay attention to Ubuntu lauchpad" primer?01:00
lifeless https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Debian/ForUbuntuDevelopers?01:01
hmhthank you01:01
wgrantlifeless: Yours is the wrong way :)01:01
lifelessyes,that one01:01
* hmh notices he somehow tripped some sort of undead landmine. I thought these things only happened in Debian...01:02
hmhwell I am off to learn how to properly interact with lauchpad, so as to not bother anyone needlessly.01:02
hmhthank you for the help.01:03
wgrantIf you have any questions feel free to ask here.01:03
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bjsniderwhy can't the ppa system install hardening-includes?17:58
m4n1shtraceroute shows till --- eth0.chenet.canonical.com (  291.070 ms  291.720 ms  293.131 ms20:02
lifelessconfirmed, escalating20:04
Wellarkbzr branches are also down :/20:04
Wellarkoh, no my push went through20:04
Wellarkmaybe it was just slow20:04
m4n1shits back20:04
m4n1shlifeless: works now20:04
andi3_woks here ass well :)20:04
m4n1shandi3_: as*20:04
lifelessapparently external connectivity20:04
lifelessis back now, being investigated20:04
m4n1shthat was pretty fast20:05
lifelessperhaps; we don't know what went on yet20:05
andi3_m4n1sh: sorry, all down to keyboard20:06
m4n1shandi3_: I was just kidding. Just for fun :)20:06
blairone of my ppa builds has been stuck on "Unpacking replacement libc6-dev ..." for maybe 10-15 minutes?  should i kill it or let it hopefully finish?20:34
blairthe job has been running for 44 minutes20:35
andi3_what is a best way to verify package build dependency when building on local machine?20:35
lifelessblair: one sec20:39
Ampelbeinandi3_: test with pbuilder or sbuild20:41
andi3_Ampelbein: thanks, I'm following https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto20:49
lifelessblair: it may be fallout from the issue we had just before, I've queried with the sysadmins, will know more in a bit20:49
lifelessblair: please leave it alone for now (don't cancel it)20:49
blairlifeless, will do20:49
blairlifeless, if i wanted to redo a build, is there a way to do it without doing a 'dch -i'?20:50
lifelessEach upload to an archive requires a unique version number20:52
blairlifeless, right, but if the upload is ok and if the build dies, and i want to force a rebuild, can i do that without pushing a new release using dput?20:53
lifelessthere will usually be a rettry option :)20:53
blairok, just haven't seen it on the site (i've done test builds locally and when i know they work, push the build to launchpad)20:54
lifelessI suspect our buildd master isn't talking to the slave properly - nothjing to do with your build20:55
lifelessfor now, please wait.20:55
lifelessI have to pop away for a bit, but the sysadmins know, though they have a few things to look into right now, so it may take a little time20:56
blairlifeless, that's fine, just curious20:56
blairsafe to submit other jobs though?20:58
lifelessthey will either work, or queue up20:58
lifelessso yes, should be fine20:58
* lifeless goes for a bit20:58
blairlifeless, all the builds completed successfully, thanks22:44
popeyI have a friend who is experiencing bug 930778 but he doesn't have a launchpad account. I filed the bug for him and suggested he subscribe to the bug. This was the result. http://paste.ubuntu.com/838443/23:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 930778 in linux (Ubuntu) "Thinkpad X40 doesn't support PAE, so unable to install 12.04" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93077823:21
popeyhe's far from clueless, yet this simple 'sign up to the bug' process seemed to throw him.23:21
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lifelesspopey: patches appreciated!23:44
lifelessmore seriously, they went off the deep end there, and knowing why might provide a good point to improve23:51
lifelessthe actual needed bits are: ubuntu.com signup, click on LP, do the SSO dance to get authenticasted to LP, done.23:51
bjsniderlifeless, should the "hardening-includes" package be available through the ppa system?23:52
lifelesswhat do you mean?23:52
bjsniderwell, i asked for it and it failed to find it23:56
bjsniderworks in pbuilder23:56
bjsnidermaybe the syntax is wrong23:56
popeylifeless: thanks, will try to get him to go through it again23:57
lifelessbjsnider: if its in universe etc you need to enable that dependency23:58

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