DebolazTime to try installing alpha-2. Anything I should be aware of? Explosions or bigger explosions? :)00:02
Z_GodDebolaz: well, as you saw above, multiarch isn't fully working yet ;)00:03
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blairboth the alternate and desktop amd64 installers fail to install a fresh OS, the GUI one crashed the the text UI couldn't satisfy dependencies01:10
blairthe daily that is01:11
logdid you install all updates?01:13
blairthis is a fresh ISO, just rsynced 30 minutes ago01:15
jbichablair: a new ubiquity was pushed this evening so maybe give it another try tomorrow?01:22
blairjbicha, ok, i'll do that01:22
blairthe text UI installer is having an issue with unmet dependencies: libwebkitgtk-1.0-0 depends on -common but its not installable01:28
blairsame with libwebkitgtk-3.0-001:29
logsounds like the repo just needs to be updated01:29
logit'll probably work tomorrow01:29
jbichaoh, the webkit thing, it takes a while to build02:04
irfanhi guys02:42
irfani'm facing problem in ubuntu 12.0402:42
irfaneverything not working fine02:42
irfancan i get any help please ?02:42
irfanin simple mood its not showing anything02:43
irfanrunning on 2d mood02:43
irfanisn't it a full version yet ?02:46
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edgyHi, after the latest updates I can't access my bios with Esc as usual03:35
urlin2uedgy, usually the bios prompt is pre-os03:40
urlin2uyou can get it without a OS even on the computer, do you mean a boot from menu? edgy03:43
edgyurlin2u: yes, i know, but may be ubuntu somehow wiped the the space where the bios is located03:54
pangolinedgy: nope03:56
pangolinUbuntu doesn't touch bios, ever.03:56
urlin2upangolin, my point.03:58
urlin2upangolin, I wasn't sure on uefi setups though03:59
pangolinunless I am wrong there is no need for any OS to ever modify your bios04:00
urlin2upangolin, that's what I thought as well, but I'm not a knowledgeable here or many places really.04:01
DanaGActually, with UEFI...04:12
DanaGUbuntu does touch the efibootmgr list of bootable operating systems.04:13
DanaGBut it still shouldn't affect the hotkeys.  Try hammering other function keys.04:13
pangolinDanaG: I did not know that04:14
edgyI really don't know but I am telling you what happened in my PC, how can I troubleshoot this?04:16
edgyDanaG: I used to enter bios with Esc and it's the hotkey in my HP dv604:18
edgyI tried it 20 times now ;)04:18
urlin2uedgy, try f1004:19
edgyurlin2u: ok let me reboot and try04:20
DanaG1another thing for the HP user to try: remove battery and AC, then press and hold power button for like 15 seconds.05:05
urlin2uDanaG1, must of got in, on a new computer I just play the f keys like a mallet dragged across a xylophone, lol05:07
aBoundHey I don't know if this is the right place to ask this but here goes. I'm curious about what code Ubuntu's bugs are written in I can't seem to find any relevant information on the subject.05:44
bjsnideryou mean launchpad?05:46
aBoundbjsnider, Somewhat if somebody wanted to fix Ubuntu bugs I'd figure it was written in some form of C eh?05:46
bjsnideri'm still not getting it05:47
aBoundbjsnider, There are ways to contribute to fixing bugs for Ubuntu but I'm trying to find information on the aspects of if someone perhaps me or somebody else. Wanted to know what the source code was written in to go about trying to fix a bug for Ubuntu. Better?05:48
bjsniderthere are a lot of differnet languages05:49
bjsnidereverything you can imagine i guess05:49
pangolinaBound: #ubuntu-bugs should be able to guide you a little better05:50
aBoundLike this for example: http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/fixing-a-bug.html it tells you to grab the source code but primarily it doesn't given any statement of the package's source code. Be it written in C, C++, Python etc...05:51
aBoundI gotcha never knew a channel like that existed.05:51
aBoundBlah, seems that channel never gave an answer. Oh well.05:59
mortal  06:21
alkisgUsing gnome-shell, I don't have an option to shutdown my computer, I need to logoff first. Is it a problem with lightdm/gnome-session integration?07:26
zniavrethere is a extension shutdown button  for gnome-shell07:31
valdur55Hello. Radiotray is outdated08:52
popeylibwebkit still broken huh09:24
jtaylorvaldur55: have you tried if the version in debian works in precise?09:26
valdur55jtaylor, sid or stable version?09:27
valdur55Oh damn.. there is 0.7.1 new version is 0.7.209:31
crizzyyeah :/09:31
crizzyi want my software centre back!!09:32
crizzyok.. not really.. but still broken deps = :(09:32
jtaylorvaldur55: if you can check if 7.1 works at all in precise I can sync it, 7.2 we can get also after feature freeze as its a bugfix release09:34
jtaylorinteresting radiotray 7.2 removes the mpri2 interface without it being documented09:34
crizzyand libwebkit removes software center + ubuntu-desktop metapackage altogether..09:36
valdur55jtaylor, interesting... but what about 7.1 ?09:37
jtaylorwe can get that09:37
jtaylorits still 5 days to feature freeze09:37
jtaylorbut only if its not completly broken09:38
jtaylormy precise installation is broken so I can't test it09:38
valdur55ok. i will search my USB and then check it... What tests i need to do?09:38
jtaylorjust some general use tests09:39
jtayloralso test the appindicator09:39
valdur55Oh... i have tested it in oneiric... oh.. it's nice to have better config file.09:40
valdur55Appindicator themeing= true . In 7.2 is appindicator-themeing allways true09:40
crizzypfffh, so there's no way to install ubuntu-desktop metapackage atm?09:43
crizzymeeh, can't even install empathy back :P09:46
valdur55python-gst is needed.09:48
valdur55Damn... i opened multible gdebi installers09:49
valdur55Damn.. can't fetch python-gst-0.1009:51
valdur55so...  need make update :)09:52
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jtaylorit appears to work in my VM09:58
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valdur55:) nice10:04
valdur55same here. I use lubuntu10:04
jtaylork I'll sync it10:05
valdur55jtaylor, btw, radiotray should use indicator by default10:14
valdur55and there is config file line for this.10:15
valdur55replace chooser with appindicator10:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 850270 in radiotray (Ubuntu) "Radiotray asks whether to use the notification area or an app indicator, on first run and when passed a command line parameter" [Undecided,In progress]10:17
jtaylorisn't the indicator area still there for gnome3?10:17
valdur55yea, there is indicator support.10:18
jtaylornotification I mean10:18
valdur55Indicator on notification10:18
valdur55jtaylor, is it ok to put indicator support by default? It makes fallback to systray when indicator fails10:24
jtaylorwould probably make sense10:24
jtaylorcan you make a patch?10:24
valdur55I will try :)10:24
yofelhm, does anyone use testdrive for running ubuntu precise?10:39
yofelusing kvm I don't have a mouse in the VM10:39
valdur55yofel, click on your vm window10:40
yofelnope, the OS pointer just vanishes when I go on the window as mouse-grab is on. And the pointer inside the VM doesn't move10:40
alkisgyofel: I have the same problem in virtualbox precise vms10:45
alkisgI disabled the "[ ] Enable absolute pointing device" option, and then it worked10:46
yofelok, throwing -usbdevice tablet out of the kvm parameters fixed it10:48
valdur55jtaylor, http://paste.ubuntu.com/837636/11:07
jtaylorthat always uses appindicator? won't that break gnome3?11:08
jtayloralso thats not patch to the package11:09
valdur55Oh sorry :P. It doesn't broke gnome3. I have used indicator applet with gnome3 .11:10
valdur55jtaylor, better patch : http://paste.ubuntu.com/837675/11:53
BluesKajHey folks13:19
BluesKajhi,  penguin4213:23
DebolazI notice two small bugs in 12.04: In the top title bar, theres always added a few extra pixels to the left, colored and positioned according to the current text there. And if I close all windows, the title of the last application active is still shown.14:52
penguin42Debolaz: Best to submit bugs for them14:52
head_victimI'm wondering if a bug I've found exists in Ubuntu or in VirtualBox. Has anyone else had issues with mouse scrolling for a while now in precise?14:53
penguin42head_victim: Yeh, it's a known bug14:54
penguin42bug 92578514:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925785 in X.Org X server "Starting to scroll is erratic with edge scrolling on touchpad or mouse scrollwheels" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92578514:54
head_victimAh my google foo failed me on this occasion. Thanks for the heads up14:55
penguin42no prob - it's really annoying bug!14:55
penguin42it looks like it got fixed last night, not sure if it's hit the mirrors yet14:55
head_victimNah not here, but I'm using a local AU one14:55
penguin42hmm looks like I got it on the update I just did on that ---> machine14:56
penguin42(UK mirror)14:56
head_victimMy local is unmetered data and usually pretty well kept up to date so I'll just assume it's on it's way ;)14:57
head_victimThis release has been scarily stable for me. Hardly anything to need fixing :/14:58
penguin42yeh that scroll bug has been the most annoying one for me14:59
head_victimI had one that when I used virtualbox dual screens I'd get shadows across the title bar in firefox windows.15:00
head_victimBut when I went back to one window it went away so assuming it's a VB issue as dual screens is pretty new.15:00
glosoliHey, i got one problem, have no idea, after updates and dist upgrade sofware-center is gone, probably of dependencies, but that's not a big deal. Big thing is that some items when checking indicator menus ar blured and can't be used15:25
Debolazhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/930515 <- This is the pixel bug I mentioned above.15:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 930515 in Ubuntu "title bar text glitch offset shadow" [Undecided,New]15:25
glosoliDebolaz: That's for me ?15:25
DebolazNo. :)15:26
glosoliAh I happen to have problem that I can'nt use items in panel menus laike pressing Wifi icon i see blured items like: Wired network; disconnected; Wireless Network; and a lot of other things in different menus.15:26
valdur55Hello.. is there any lubuntu+1 chats?15:43
bazhangits here15:43
valdur55ok. firefox-locales are installed by default15:44
valdur55dpkg --get-selections | grep firefox15:44
glosoliHow to fix "The following packages have been kept back:15:44
glosoli" ?15:44
holsteinglosoli: fix? ... why have they been kept back? what packages...15:47
glosolilibjavascriptcoregtk-1.0-0 libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0 libwebkitgtk-1.0-015:48
glosoli  libwebkitgtk-3.0-015:48
glosolidunno why, there isn't any info showed for me, as I know after that some of menu items became blured and unsuable15:48
holsteini typically dont upgrade the testing versions unless i come here and read the topic, and maybe the chatter for a few hours at least15:48
glosoliholstein: hmm is Alpha 2 out already ?15:49
holsteinnot sure.. i installed a while ago.. and have just been testing live images and upgrading that install occasionally15:49
holsteini think wednesday is a 'landmark'15:50
glosoliholstein: Hmm, probably you're right I shouldn't upgrade, because before everything was perfect, what kernel version exactly uses alpha 2 ?15:51
robin0800glosoli: yes its out see the heading of this channel15:51
holsteinglosoli: im nost saying dont upgrade, im just saying dont upgrade expecting all to be well.. where im running 12.04, i wouldnt lose any sleep if the machine actually caught fire ;)15:52
glosoliholstein: I am using it as a primary os, so I might be idiot :DDD15:53
holsteinim using it as the primary OS on that machine, which is a testing machine15:53
holsteinto use it as main production OS right now might be a bit risky15:53
glosoliI am doing that because Oneiric is more buggy for me, most of the time, and Precise performance kicks compared..15:54
penguin42and once this mouse scroll issue goes away it wil lbe OK15:56
glosoligonna try formating and installing from Alpha 2 maybe would fix my problems15:56
elijahHey guys, I am doing a fresh install of Ubuntu mainly because my Kubuntu got messed up (freezing during an upgrade) and because Kubuntu is not going to be supported anymore. My question is: Is 12.04 Alpha 2 stable enough for me to go right to that and deal with a few bugs here and there until April or would I be better off sticking with 11.10 and upgrading then?15:57
holsteinelijah: it'll be stable and released in april.. otherwise its up to you15:59
elijahholstein: K, I guess I will try it out16:00
elijahWhen stable comes in April I can easily upgrade to stable right?16:01
Ampelbeinglosoli: The webkit issue is bug 930037, will be fixed in some hours.16:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930037 in webkit (Ubuntu) "lucid desktop amd64 failed to upgrade: libwebkitgtk-3.0-0:amd64 Depends on libwebkitgtk-3.0-common [ amd64 ] < none -> 1.7.4-0ubuntu1 > ( libs ) (>= 1.7.5) can't be satisfied!" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93003716:01
holsteinelijah: i dont.. i usually test just to test and report... though i find a fresh install easier and faster16:01
Ampelbein(Don't be fooled by the bug title)16:02
elijahholstein: Very good to know!16:02
edgyHi, ubuntu-desktop : Depends: software-center but it is not going to be installed16:03
edgy                  Recommends: nautilus-share but it is not going to be installed16:03
edgydo you all face this problem when you try apt-get install ubuntu-desktop16:04
elijahedgy: I joined late, but may I ask what you are referring to?16:04
Ampelbeinedgy: This is also fallout from the webkit not being built on i386. A fix has already been uploaded and is currently building.16:06
glosoliAmpelbein: Can thsi cause indicator menu items being unusable ?16:06
jbichaglosoli: just wait a bit longer, webkit takes a long time to build16:07
edgyelijah: I cannot install ubuntudesktop because of a missing dependency16:07
glosolijbicha: I understand, but is there any possibility that it's the cause of the problem for me :) ?16:07
jbichaedgy: that's because of webkit16:08
edgyAmpelbein: I am on amd64 not i38616:08
glosoliand once again why skype isn't in repos ?16:09
Ampelbeinedgy: Yes, on i386 you wouldn't encounter the problem. The issue is that there are arch-all packages in webkit, which are ONLY built on i386. So when the i386 build fails, the amd64 binarys can't install those arch-indep packages and fail your upgrade.16:09
holsteinglosoli: ? a better question is why would it be? its not "ours"... its not open, or FOSS16:09
Ampelbeinglosoli: Because skype is closed source only?16:09
edgyAmpelbein: ah! and when is it expected to finish building?16:10
glosoliI mean in Partner repos16:10
Ampelbeinedgy: You can check the status at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/webkit/1.7.5-0ubuntu316:10
glosoliPartner repos are empty16:10
Ampelbeinglosoli: partner is populated shortly before release as far as I remember.16:11
jbichaglosoli: you could try using the oneiric partner repos, some packages might work, some wouldn't16:11
edgyAmpelbein: how can I check the state in that page, please?16:14
Ampelbeinedgy: On the right, under the "Build" header.16:15
edgyAmpelbein: Umm! so I wait till the i386 icon change to a check mark, right?16:15
Ampelbeinedgy: Yes.16:16
edgyAmpelbein: thanks, but now I noticed webkit is not even installed on the system, then how come it was working before16:17
Ampelbeinedgy: software-center now depends on gir1.2-webkit-3.016:19
valdur55How hard is to include Samsung 1670 support to 12.04 ?16:20
Ampelbeinedgy: You should have got a removal hint when you did 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'16:20
penguin42valdur55: Doesn't it just work?16:20
edgyAmpelbein: ok thanks for the clear explanation16:20
penguin42valdur55: I've got the 1640 and it just works16:21
scar3crowquestion: how to populate /usr/share/backgrounds/ with other pictures and have them show up in the default "change desktop background" app?16:22
valdur55penguin42: Samsung 1670 is detected and 1660 driver is recommended, but printer prints error paper16:23
penguin42valdur55: Have you got the bug reported into lp?  If not please do so, what does the error page print?16:23
* penguin42 is fairly sure his 1640 is too dumb to be able to print it's own error page16:25
valdur55penguin42: great idea!16:26
valdur55ok. i have another problem : http://paste.ubuntu.com/837996/ wile sudo apt-get something16:27
valdur55Oh. dialog pakcage is missing: http://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,502,50216:28
penguin42yeh I get that as well on my oldest machine - been upgraded a long way16:31
valdur55And you got now a solution for this :)16:32
penguin42valdur55: It didn't seem to cause a problem16:32
valdur55It seems clear enough to me -- you have neither whiptail nor dialog installed. Which is not a bug in debconf. - http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=27053216:33
ubottuDebian bug 270532 in debconf "upgrade of debconf breaks dialog interface" [Normal,Open]16:33
Ampelbeinvaldur55: whiptail binary was moved in ubuntu to /bin, so debconf should look there.16:45
Ampelbeinvaldur55: You shouldn't have to install dialog/whiptail by hand.16:46
AmpelbeinAnd looking at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debconf/1.5.41ubuntu2 this should be fixed already.16:47
valdur55ok my dailly build is outdated :)16:48
valdur55OK. but there is problem with xdg-open http://  - file not found issue17:02
valdur55It's also debconf issue?17:02
valdur55ok.. todays tests are nonsense for me :P17:41
edgyAmpelbein: webkit finish building but failed for the i386 :(17:41
Ampelbeinedgy: Yeah, out-of-memory again17:42
edgyany idea when fglrx 12.1 would find its way to precise?17:42
edgyAmpelbein: what's the issue? the server is out of memory?17:42
Ampelbeinedgy: Yeah, webkit needs upwards of 2GiB of RAM to link.17:43
edgyAmpelbein: where do you see the out of memory error? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/92616910/buildlog_ubuntu-precise-i386.webkit_1.7.5-0ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz doesn't show that17:44
Ampelbeinedgy: From that log: /usr/bin/ld: failed to set dynamic section sizes: Memory exhausted17:44
penguin42well I guess on 386 not so much out of RAM as out of VM space in the linker process17:46
edgyAmpelbein: it's not the first time it's build, so why is it coming now? an operator stole the RAM for the server?17:46
Ampelbeinedgy: different builders have different specs.17:47
edgyAmpelbein: and the builder is chosen randomly17:48
Ampelbeinedgy: yes, normally. A buildd admin can manually adjust things IIRC17:48
jrgiffordedgy, I think fglrx 12.1 is dependent on AMD.17:49
Ampelbeinedgy: The previous build (-0ubuntu2) was pointed at the "most powerful" i386 builder manually, but unfortunately it failed due to symbol mismatch.17:49
edgyjrgifford: what do you mean? AMD already made it available17:50
jrgiffordedgy, iirc, AMD has to make the .deb's available.17:51
rolandixorhi all17:51
edgyjrgifford: I think amd make the .sh file available and debian/ubuntu would run a command to build it, I guess it's already there at debain at http://packages.debian.org/sid/fglrx-driver, no?17:54
jrgiffordedgy, thats in sid. last i checked, precise is pulling in from wheezy.17:55
jrgiffordinteresting, its 12.1 in wheezy as well17:55
jrgiffordguess it just hasn't been uploaded yet? /me shrugs17:55
edgyjrgifford: can I just install the .deb from debian?17:56
edgyjrgifford: I heard it solves the hybrid graphics issue17:57
jrgiffordedgy, probably not "safely". you could make it yourself following these instructions though - http://askubuntu.com/questions/74171/is-my-ati-graphics-card-supported-in-ubuntu17:57
jrgifford(changing 'oneiric' to 'precise' where needed)17:58
edgyjrgifford: thanks I will test it  on a live flash disk, before I apply it to my laptop ;)18:03
valdur55Why provide printer settings when cups isn't installed18:03
jrgiffordedgy, you're welcome. :)18:05
jrgiffordi haven't had any issues lately, you just have to be careful anytime an xorg update comes around.18:06
valdur55Printer settings recommends 1651N drivers for 167018:13
AmpelbeinWebkit retried on roseapple builder, hopefully will be all good now. Will know in ~5 hours.18:13
valdur55And i don't have printout ... colored crashed18:19
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valdur55Damn.. can't preview my cam: guvcview guvcview 1.5.0 Fatal:g_thread NOT supported18:33
trismvaldur55: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/guvcview/+bug/90114218:38
ubottuUbuntu bug 901142 in guvcview (Ubuntu) "unable to open guvcview. fatal error" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:38
AlanBellhere is a little thing I have been playing with http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/sanity.py18:57
AlanBellif you download that and run it with python, then the launcher will grow quicklists for the windows of running applications18:57
AlanBelland when you select them it raises and focusses that window, moving workspaces if required18:58
AlanBellI would be interested in opinions on it, whether it should be packaged up properly, or rewritten in unity propper in c++ or vala or whatever18:58
trismAlanBell: nice idea, might make it easier when searching for specific windows without having to zoom out or cycle through them with alt+`19:29
AlanBellyeah, I find it much easier to focus the window I actually want without raising a heap of other stuff I don't want right now19:30
g0bl1njust installed Epiphany browser on Ubuntu 12.04. How can one see the settings ?19:46
logg0bl1n: just installed it; it appears to be broken20:34
logglobal menu integration seems to be borked20:35
logoh, there's a gear icon20:35
logbut there isn't a "settings/preferences" option20:35
g0bl1nlog yep :)20:39
logmight want to file a bug20:39
logif that option existed in 11.1020:39
logg0bl1n: do you know if it did?/20:40
logI've never used Epiphany before20:40
g0bl1nlog I used Epiphany until final 2010. I've been a Chromium happy user since then. But testing 12.04 in this netbook installed Epiphany and it stalls when I answer No, on Password storing20:41
g0bl1nmust try it in my other 11.10 Ubuntu20:42
logyeah, see if it's a regression20:42
g0bl1nmain machine20:42
logI'm using 12.04 alpha 2 as my main machine :320:42
logwell, dual booting with W720:43
g0bl1nlog, I can'r afford that risk :) 11.10 is damn stable. But launcher icons resize in 12.04 made my day :)20:43
logheh, definitely a nice feature20:43
g0bl1nand runs pretty well in this little netbook20:44
logit's very snappy compared to Oneiric, imo20:44
logthey did something right20:44
blairit appears that python-4suite-xml isn't in 12.04 while it is in 11.10, how do i request that it be added to precise?20:44
logblair: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+source/python-4suite/1.0.2-7.2build120:45
log"(From Debian) RoQA, unmaintained, dead-upstream, better alternatives exist; Debian bug #637334"20:45
ubottuDebian bug 637334 in ftp.debian.org "RM: python-4suite -- RoQA, unmaintained, dead-upstream, better alternatives exist" [Normal,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/63733420:45
logit was removed from Debian as well20:46
blairthanks, we have code that depends on that package, so i may just add it back to a ppa20:46
g0bl1nlog, I have a Mac but my brain is too adapted to Ubuntu (gnome) to make that Mac the main machine. Its a secondary one, and for what I see in 12.04 it will continue to be my main work horse20:46
logand there's nothing wrong with that ;)20:47
g0bl1nOnly problem I had with 11.10 is dual monitor support. Problematic with Unity20:47
g0bl1nhope 12.04 has better support for it. Its my daily professional work environment20:48
logonly one way to find out20:48
log(other than asking other people, that is :P )20:48
logblair: doesn't look like it's currently in any PPAs, unfortunately20:49
logso, yeah, adding it to your own PPA should solve your problem20:50
logdoesn't look like it will ever be added back due to its lack of development20:50
blairlog, i'll tell the guys at work, if they ask when we move to the new os, if they need it or can port to its replacement21:04
logcool :)21:04
logcompengi had some serious connection issues right there :P21:52
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haledhow do I get HUD running in 12.04 alpha?22:22
jo-erlendafter todays upgrade, I can't get sound preferences dialog. It just closes. No question of bug report. Is this known? Can someone try and see if it's general?22:26
g0bl1njo-erlend, works here22:45
jo-erlendg0bl1n, upgraded today?22:46
g0bl1ninstalled today. dowloaded yesterday night22:47
trismlooks like gnome-control-center 1:3.2.2-2ubuntu8 failed to build on amd64, may have something to do with it22:52
jakkoany ideas how to get shift+Fn back ?  somehow these keys go to VT's now, like Alt-Ctrl-Fn have done for almost 20 years...23:35
blairwill 12.04 be updated to the latest php? 5.3.10?23:44

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