pbuckleybtw, those on pandaboards and having trouble with quiet or muted audio, open alsamixer and goto DL1 Media and adjust the volume. You're welcome.00:02
GrueMasterpbuckley: I've uploaded the ucm fixes and our kernel guy was supposed to spin up a new kernel with the patches.  Should have a working system ootb next week.00:18
GrueMasterAt least for audio out.  Haven't tested audio in yet.00:18
pbuckleynice, thats great news. Audio is a lot like oxygen, don't realize how much you use it till it's gone00:20
pbuckleyalso took your advice and attached a hard drive to my pandadesktop board00:21
pbuckleyhuge difference (duh)00:21
AlexLeehello all , i encode h264 by using gstreamer in ubuntu 11.10 , but00:47
AlexLeecan't  encode h264, is that miss some h264enc codec ?00:47
AlexLeealso i have updated all the  PPA , the kernel is 3.100:47
krosswindzGrueMaster: I got a third pl2303 cable and it worked01:45
krosswindzGrueMaster: third time is the charm01:45
krosswindzGrueMaster: interesting it reports the same details when I run set serial, I am unable to set baud_base01:46
krosswindzGrueMaster: but it works01:46
GrueMasterVery odd.01:46
krosswindzyes really odd01:47
krosswindznot sure what the issue is with those cables01:47
krosswindzI guess that company just makes unusable cables01:49
GrueMasterPersonally, I have had so many problems with them, mainly not being able to enumerate in a sane manner.  I have an old Atom system that I use as a serial console, and I ended up buying an 8-port pci serial card.  Of course, now I have 13 system consoles to monitor...01:50
GrueMasterNot really.  My desk looks like a snake pit.01:51
krosswindztoo many cables01:51
krosswindzwish there were wireless usb serial devices right :p01:51
GrueMasterAnd I just ran out of network ports on my 16 port switch.01:51
krosswindzyou need a 96 port switch :p01:52
krosswindzjust left scathing review for those broke cables01:52
GrueMasterheh.  I'd probably fill it next cycle (I bout this one last cycle when I only needed 9 ports).01:52
krosswindzI need to get a switch to I guess01:53
krosswindzI have been using three routers, two of them bridging01:53
GrueMasterI've never had a failing cable from Trendnet.  Just no way to differentiate between the 4 that I have.  And the 4 port usb-serial cable is just a cable with an integrated hub & 4 pl2303 chips.01:54
krosswindzThats good01:54
krosswindzthe last time comcast tech support came to my home he was counting the number computers I had01:54
GrueMasterAll of my switches are 1Gb "dumb" switches (no programming of vlans, etc).01:54
krosswindzhe is like you can only have 5 computers connected01:54
GrueMasterYet another reason I don't do comcast.01:55
krosswindzi said dont worry 5 of them dont talk to the internet so its fine... he was like ooh ok01:55
krosswindzwell my apartment gets either comcast or 128 kbps dial up01:55
krosswindzor whatever01:55
krosswindzits either comcast or dialup01:56
krosswindzno dsl01:56
GrueMasterI have 15 in my office alone, plus 2 in the study (wife & kids), a PS3, a Wii, an XBox, and two chumbies.01:56
GrueMasterI'm on DSL.01:56
krosswindzin my town they decided that cable was utility so every apartment complex can just have one hence monopoly01:57
GrueMasterDedicated IP (only changed once since 1999).  No hassles.  They even alert me if they are seeing oddities on my link.01:57
krosswindzthats nice01:57
krosswindzwho is your provider?01:57
GrueMasterYea, they have done that all over the place.01:57
GrueMasterMy phone line is Qwest/Century Link.  My ISP is dsl-only.net.01:58
krosswindzqwest is sitll alive ;)01:58
GrueMasterI only have 3 choices for internet (I don't count dialup/satelite).  Comcast, Centurylink (they bought up Qwest apparently), and one local ISP that uses 802.11b.01:59
GrueMasterWhen I moved here in 2003, I already had dsl & dish network.  I called comcast and asked them to remove their cable from my house.  They said that it was illegal for me to not be connected.02:00
GrueMasterI ended up cutting the cable and leaving it in a pile next to the pole across the street, then called up and reported a down cable.  They removed it very quickly.02:00
krosswindznice job02:01
krosswindzcomcast only sucks blood02:01
krosswindzthey charge me $70 for a pathetic 8/2 connection02:01
GrueMasterOn my street, 7 out of 8 houses have switched to dish or ditect tv in the last 6 months.02:01
krosswindzOn a good day I get like 3-4 Mbps down02:01
krosswindzI wish I had a choice02:02
GrueMasterBetter than I get, but I'm in the sticks.02:02
GrueMasterMy line is rated at 7.5/1.5, but even after rewiring my house with cat5e, I still can't seem to get better than 5.5/768.02:03
GrueMasterI think it is the pipe between our town and Portland.02:03
krosswindzwell at least you get 5.5 on an average02:03
krosswindzmost days if get like 2-2.502:04
krosswindzI dont care much for upload02:04
GrueMasterAnd I sometimes need it.  I mirror ports.ubuntu.com every 2 hours, and cdimage.ubuntu.com every 6 hours (only for arm stuff).02:04
GrueMasterI bought a cheap rack cabinet ($150) for the basement.  It has 2 1U rack systems (mirror & firewall), plus a few older boxes and a test platform running remotely.02:06
GrueMasterBetween running my own computer consulting business for 6 years in the 90's and working in validation labs at Intel, I kind of got used to having a lot of equipment.02:08
GrueMasterWife thinks I'm nuts.  I call it "Terminal Insanity".02:09
krosswindzhaving lot of computers is never wife approved :p02:10
GrueMasterWho said anything about asking permission?02:10
krosswindzits friday night02:13
krosswindztime to head out to the water hole :p02:13
GrueMasterIt is????   Time flies when you don't know what you are doing.02:14
krosswindzhave fun ;)02:14
GrueMasterYou too.02:14
krosswindzI am trying to build mainline kernel05:21
krosswindzI was wondeirng if I have to pass anything specific to build armhf kernel05:21
krosswindzi am running precise05:21
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krosswindznever mind i figured what needs to be done :p07:26
micadeyeyeGrueMaster, none of the 11.10 releases (server and desktop) worked for me.07:40
micadeyeyeMy PB hangs here:07:41
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TonyWatertownHi.  I need some help cross-compiling ubuntu-arm (the 12.04 omap3 hard-float variant).  make CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabi- ARCH=arm hiccuped at the Bulding modules stage.14:54
TonyWatertownClarification: I want to cross-compile the ubuntu-arm source.14:57
marvin24_DTTonyWatertown: what's the error?14:58
TonyWatertownmarvin24_DT:   MODPOST 2285 modules14:59
TonyWatertownERROR: "__sync_fetch_and_and_4" [drivers/staging/line6/line6usb.ko] undefined!14:59
TonyWatertownERROR: "__sync_fetch_and_or_4" [drivers/staging/line6/line6usb.ko] undefined!14:59
TonyWatertownWARNING: modpost: Found 4 section mismatch(es).14:59
TonyWatertownTo see full details build your kernel with:14:59
TonyWatertown'make CONFIG_DEBUG_SECTION_MISMATCH=y'14:59
TonyWatertownmake[1]: *** [__modpost] Error 114:59
TonyWatertownmake: *** [modules] Error 214:59
marvin24_DTwell, the mismatches should be non critical15:00
marvin24_DTthe undefined symbol ...15:00
marvin24_DTyou can try mrproper or disable the module15:00
marvin24_DTit is from staging anyway15:01
TonyWatertownmarvin24_DT: how can i disable the module?  sorry for the newb q.15:02
marvin24_DTTonyWatertown: run  "make menuconfig" and find the driver in drivers staging15:03
TonyWatertownmarvin24_DT:  Ok.  I'll go give it a shot.  Thanks for your help!15:03
duga3I know this is probably not the right channel, but does anybody know a channel with people experienced with ARM NEON developing?16:26
TonyWatertownmarvin24_DT: Thanks for the help.  I was able to get the kernel cross-compiled.16:57
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