jaddi27sagaci, Did you get the python script last night?04:31
sagaciyeah, I was about to say thanks but you'd gone offline by then05:39
jaddi27sorry about that - i was really tired last night, and couldn't stay awake any longer05:58
head_victimmmmm forum spam08:34
sagacihead_victim: thought you would have been an admin08:42
head_victimNope, ikt and phlosten were appointed. 08:42
head_victimYou're only allowed 2 per sub forum and I'm not a forum regular.08:42
head_victimHeh nice name08:43
sagacihas phlosten been around much, I've only seen him here once since LCA201108:44
head_victimYeah it's been a while08:44
head_victimWe don't have heaps of activity there actually. I was hoping it would take off a bit more08:45
sagaciirc for quick help, mailing list if you have heaps of time available08:46
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ikthead_victim: eh?13:04
iktforum spam?13:04
head_victimikt: I reported it and the user so it's all been fixed :)13:05
head_victimI'm subbed to the entire au forum I think13:05
iktme to :D13:05
iktI didn't get a msg though13:05
iktsometimes spam is reported+deleted faster than the email server sends a msg13:06
iktI caught one msg but the spambot had spammed again shortly after13:06
head_victimYeah the user had only signed up that day and had 12 posts identical spam in multiple random threads.13:06
iktbut the mods are really fast13:06
iktand yeah bit sad about pholston stopping his involvement13:07
head_victimFingers crossed he is healthy and well.13:07
head_victimI meant to see if anyone bumped into him at LCA13:07
iktI was expecting it to be quite slow tbh13:08
iktI was expecting more of a place where we can sort of monitor things13:09
iktlike a thread on wiki updating, a thread on different projects13:09
iktbut as the mailing list is still heavily used it's not taken off so much, but that's fine, I'm just happy the forum is there13:09
head_victimYeah, I'm hoping we can try to get more real world events across the country to increase general participation. People converse more when they know others.13:11
head_victimI'd be all for splitting up the loco into state based ones like the US and BR if we actually had activity in most of them, unfortunately that's a fair way off currently.13:12
iktyeah true :(13:15
iktthe layout of australia works against us13:15
iktyou have a lot of really small countries with tight communities13:15
head_victimAnd the lack of population density ;)13:15
iktand massive countries with massive populations13:15
iktlittle australia with tiny population and massive country13:15
head_victimBut yeah, we're working in Brisbane to get 3 monthly meets alternating between social and workshop type events.13:15
head_victimI think that's an achievable goal for other locations as well.13:16
head_victimEven if it's closely tied with other lugs.13:16
sagacihead_victim: release, release, jam, open day13:19
head_victimsagaci: yeah, we've discussed up here that we'd like to minimally conduct release party, workshop, release party, workshop, etc.13:20
head_victimThe installfest really wasn't a huge success but judging on feedback that's because a lot of people weren't looking to ahve it installed but wanted some help with something or other.13:20
sagacitbh, I can't wait until 12.04 is done... I've handed out cd's before but this release will be awesome13:21
sagaciwell it was your first one13:21
sagacithen just do a help day13:21
head_victimYeah but we're going to brand it differently, something like "open day" or "workshop" rather than "installfest"13:22
head_victimStill do a very similar event though13:22
head_victimWe've learnt lessons on the first one as well about the location so that will help13:22
sagaciwhat was wrong with the location?13:23
head_victimwe thought the CBD would be good as it's central but it meant users weren't able to bring in anything but laptops to work on13:23
head_victimSo easy parking is just as important as public transport.13:24
head_victimSo probably more like a shopping centre library next time.13:24
sagaciwhat's a shopping centre library13:28
head_victimWell the Brisbane City Council has libraries dotted around the place. We were using the one that was in their main library right in the middle of town. Next time we'll be looking for one that's co-located with a major shopping centre as it will have parking for people as well as close to public transport.13:29
sagaciah ok13:30
head_victimAnd now we have the banners and tablecloths I'm willing to post around to other people running events as well (just need to work out how to afford it all, I'd probably pay one way as long as the recipient paid the return)13:33
sagacicost a bit for postage13:36
head_victimNah 10 bucks either way 13:53
head_victimI just can't afford to be dumped with it all.13:53
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