AfdalCan anyone tell me how to access /grub/menu.lst from a Live setup?00:09
AfdalI already have xubuntu installed00:09
urlin2uAfdal, menu.list is grub legacy is that what your using.00:10
Afdaloh, no00:10
AfdalI believe it's grub200:10
urlin2uAfdal, was the XP a raid to begin with?00:11
AfdalWhat do I need to access to edit grub2's boot then?00:11
AfdalThis is a hardware RAID setup00:11
urlin2uAfdal, you might try the ##linux channel they are pretty savvy there.00:11
Afdalall right, thanks00:11
AfdalBaaah, I gotta register my nick there :/00:12
urlin2uAfdal, it is freenode that needs the registration.00:12
ubot2To setup your nick so that you can be given a cloak, please follow the instructions here: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup00:13
urlin2uAfdal, your actually more exsposed with your IP address exposed then you would be registered and with a cloak.00:14
AfdalIt's not sending the confirmation thing to my e-mail00:15
AfdalDoes that usually take a while?00:15
urlin2uhappened pretty quick for me, but a few vaibles here to really answer.00:16
Unit193Remember to check spam.00:16
AfdalAll my files are being held hostage until I get this resolved :(00:16
bioterrorit's grub.cfg00:16
bioterrorand it's located in your hard drive00:16
bioterrormount it to /mnt/ or what ever00:16
AfdalHow can I navigate to that with the terminal?00:17
bioterrorsudo mount /dev/your-xubuntu-drive /mnt00:17
AfdalI'm very bad at terminal commands00:17
ubot2The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:17
Afdalcd /mnt/boot/grub ?00:18
bioterrorafter you have mounted it, yes00:19
AfdalNow how do I edit that?00:19
bioterrorwith nano, for example00:21
bioterrormy favourite would be vim00:21
urlin2ubioterror, that will stop them in their tracks lol. :)00:21
AfdalWhat are those things and how do I use them :>00:21
AfdalHow do I even look at grub.cfg for starters00:23
bioterrorless /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg00:23
urlin2uAfdal, it is not that what you want is so hard as you have suggested it is most likely hardly anybody has the patience to walk you through the whole thing.:)00:23
AfdalI thought this channel was for beginners :(00:24
urlin2uAfdal, sure but we are not paid it is free help.00:24
AfdalWell it's awful hard when the documentation for my problem is so scattered00:25
AfdalAnd nobody's willing to help00:25
urlin2uAfdal, try thr invite00:25
urlin2utry the00:25
urlin2uYou have been invited to #ubuntu-beginners-team by bioterror (wolfe.freenode.net)00:26
AfdalI'm not skilled enough to help other beginners D:>00:26
urlin2uAfdal, I think it is to help you, or talkabout your sistuation.00:27
Unit193urlin2u: Nope00:27
urlin2uUnit193, okay00:27
AfdalWell I'm trying to run grub.cfg with the command "/mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg"00:28
AfdalAnd I'm getting "Permission denied"00:28
AfdalI tried "sudo /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg"00:28
AfdalBut instead it gives "command not found"00:28
AfdalI did a directory listing for /mnt/booth/grub00:29
AfdalAnd grub.cfg is definitely there00:29
bioterroruse the sudo00:29
Unit193Use the nano.00:29
Afdal"nano /mnt/boot/grub/grub.cfg"?00:30
bioterroruse nano with the sudo00:30
bioterrorsudo nano00:30
Afdalaha \:3/00:30
AfdalWhat does the nano command do anyway?00:30
bioterrorI hope you understand grub more than i do00:30
ubot2Text Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code00:31
AfdalWell I'm reading a guide00:31
AfdalHopefully I can figure out how to edit it right now00:31
bioterrorhave something changed in your configuration?00:31
Afdalnano is a text editor?00:31
bioterrorand that's the reason why your computer doesnt boot?00:31
AfdalI don't know what the problem is.  I thought I had it grub installed properly now, after some trouble00:32
AfdalBut now when I select Ubuntu from grub00:32
AfdalIt just loads this BusyBox built-in shell thing00:32
bioterrordoes it say anything else?00:32
AfdalI don't think so...00:32
AfdalIt just dumps me into that command line00:32
Afdal"grub.cfg is the file most closely resembling GRUB's /boot/grub/menu.lst. This file contains the GRUB 2 menu information but unlike GRUB's menu.lst the grub.cfg file is not meant to be edited. "00:35
AfdalAww nuts00:35
bioterrorit is ment :D00:36
bioterrorthat's the place where's all the kernel lines00:36
AfdalApparently etc/default/grub is what I want to edit00:48
AfdalI'm about ready to just remove grub entirely01:50
Afdaland try this whole Linux-partition-on-a-hardware-RAID thing some other time01:50
AfdalOf course, that would entail knowing how to remove it...01:51
AfdalNot having access to my files right now is terrifying01:52
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philipballewCan I change the number of tty shells that is the default easily?03:40
TK_hey everyone04:03
JoseeAntonioRTK_ Hi!04:04
stlsaintTK_: hey04:05
* stlsaint = matt04:05
benonsoftwareHello stlsaint04:05
stlsaintbenonsoftware: hey man whats up04:05
benonsoftwareSorry meant TK_ :P04:05
* stlsaint takes back hey to benonsoftware 04:05
benonsoftwareHiya stlsaint :P04:06
TK_ok matt. Im booting up my ubuntu now on my other laptop. Im ready to learn more linux04:06
stlsainttoo late04:06
TK_good to meet everybody in the chat04:06
stlsaintTK_: there are many others, they are just sleeping04:06
TK_o ok, Yea I see all the names on the right side04:07
stlsaintTK_: ok, now granted i dont know much about unity aside from i hate it but ubuntu in general i hope i can help with04:07
TK_yes. The job just is a hardware testing position with linux, so they know I know lil about linux, but I need to know commands from what I hear04:08
TK_I done used the terminal and used a couple things like less,rm cp,and touch04:08
stlsaintTK_: ima gonan compile a program for ya called clicompanion04:09
stlsaintima gonan04:09
TK_lol, ok04:09
stlsaintgonna be a min i just reinstalled new os04:09
TK_ok, Im using my laptop now with microsoft. Do i need to get on my other laptop, the one im using linux on04:10
TK_yes.I will use that one04:10
stlsaintha sweet no build needed...gotta love nightlies04:12
TK_ok im back04:12
TK_what are the other differences in microsoft and linux04:13
stlsaintTK_: alot man04:13
TK_I see linux is fast04:13
TK_I got 4 gigs on my HP04:14
stlsaintTK_: you see private message window on screen?04:15
stlsainthrm, something strange with webchat maybe04:16
stlsaintalright well where are you wanting to start?04:16
stlsaintactually go here on ubuntu and download the _all.deb under the dropdown arrow in the source section of the precise release: https://launchpad.net/~clicompanion-devs/+archive/clicompanion-nightlies/+packages04:17
TK_the interview said i must understand linux, and understand linux command lines,troubleshooting,testing,and installing linux for these positions04:17
stlsaintsounds like a sweet job...sit around installing and testing linux on hardware all day04:17
stlsaintyour gonna want some basic scripts to do some repeat tasking04:18
TK_yes it do. but I only know 10 command lines so far04:18
TK_i been playing with them a little bit. I watched some youtube videos earlier on command lines04:18
urlin2usudo and gksudo04:26
Perduthi, is there an indicator plugin to adjust monitor brightness in 11.10 unity?04:27
davkbod-ldAnyone around?04:43
urlin2unope ;)04:44
davkbod-ldgood, glad to know I'm talking to myself...<grin>04:45
stlsaintdavkbod-ld: need help?04:46
davkbod-ldback in radio days, we'd call out for a radio heck, and everyone would reply, "I got mine!!!"..04:47
davkbod-ldYeah, I'm drowning in Server commands...04:48
stlsaintdavkbod-ld: what commands?04:49
stlsaintservers are fun...no need to stress ;)04:49
davkbod-ldI just set up two boxes, one as server and other Wkstn, Ubuntu 11.10, and have other Win PC' s on network I want to share. -m-04:50
davkbod-ld(gotta crappy keyboard with bouts of amnesia and Kkkkeeeyybounce..)04:51
davkbod-ldbut I played around with Unix and C and Xenix and Informix, and was always "almost there", then the resource went away..04:52
davkbod-ldnow I'm remembering bits and peices, and encountering new stuff, and it's hard to see how it hangs together -m-04:53
davkbod-ldMy initial problem with "C" was not with the language its self, but the practicality of a compiler and library matching the library specified in the books never matched, and left me more befuddled than before...04:56
davkbod-ldI've been reading up on Samba, and found one article. when I tried printing it, the edges of the pager cut off. (I believe this was off the Linux workstation..aggrivating!04:59
davkbod-ldany how...greetings... I am in New Hampshire, USA..04:59
TK_im back05:34
hobgoblinhello sinux06:39
sinuxhobgoblin, hi06:42
stlsainthobgoblin: sup06:45
hobgoblinstlsaint: hey there - just waking up06:45
mysteriousdarrengoodmorning from my part of the world07:45
urlin2umysteriousdarren, where you at Transylvania. :)07:49
mysteriousdarrenno the states07:50
urlin2umust be east coast midnight here in the pacific NW07:50
urlin2unot trying to phish yah just saying good morning as well..:)07:52
mysteriousdarrenyes, central time zone. I work early today, gotta do some traveling.07:53
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CuliforgeOK, so I WAS running 10.04 and tried to install nvidia drivers for my 8400gs. It completely borked my install. Now I have a fresh 11.10 install and would like to get this card active, what can I do to get it running and safeguard my new install in case 11.10 hacks up a furball again?11:59
hobgoblinfirst I would say do you NEED the restricted driver Culiforge :)12:09
hobgoblinCuliforge: but as long as there is nothing wrong with the hardware I can't see it causing problems12:10
Ninad_MacHi ! just had to ask is it possible to dual boot Linux[ubuntu] + Linux[BT 4]12:11
Ninad_Machave Mac OS already :)12:11
Culiforgehobgoblin: indeed, when I installed the restricted driver before and did the required restart.. that's when my 10.04 died. I remember working with you as well as a half dozen others to fix the problem. We threw the kitchen sink at it. I'm wondering what i might do to "protect" myself in the event it happens again...12:12
hobgoblintriple boot Ninad_Mac - should be no problem, though I've never had to fiddle with a mac12:12
hobgoblinCuliforge: I know ...12:13
Ninad_Macoh thanks !!!!!12:13
hobgoblinCuliforge: if you get issues following a reboot then do the nomodeset thing at boot - if that fails then in a root session in recovery mode mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.bak and reboot12:15
Culiforgehobgoblin: there's no xorg to backup with a new install and it seems that over the course of it all, my grub has been scattered to the four corners of my hard drives.. (but that's a problem for later)12:15
hobgoblinCuliforge: but you shouldn't have any issues ... works fine here12:15
hobgoblinCuliforge: there won't be a xorg until you install the nvidia12:15
raju;seen zuke12:16
hobgoblinCuliforge: when you boot do you see the grub menu - as long as that's there then you can do stuff without having to deal with grub as well12:16
hobgoblinraju: pardon?12:16
hobgoblinCuliforge: if you don't see grub menu shall we make sure you can before you go further12:17
Culiforgehobgoblin:  on the previous issue I got the grub menu as well.. but couldn't boot to std. recovery, or command line.. I'm just very wary of having to spend all that time all over again.12:18
raju hobgoblin last night a person named zuke pinged me , but i didnt replied him because of AFK . so i wanna tell him that12:18
Culiforgehobgoblin: I'll give it a go. I was just wondering if there was some sort of failsafe to implement before I began the process again12:18
hobgoblinCuliforge: let's make sure you can actually get where you can deal with issues if necessary shall we :) reboot and go to the recovery menu - make sure it lets you mount drives/root shell is there and then resume12:19
hobgoblinmake sure you can see the boot menu12:19
hobgoblinthen we at least know what you can get at if necessary lol12:20
CuliforgeI do want to say again, I really appreciate everyone's help and assistance and *patience* through all this12:21
hobgoblinwelcome - we'd not be here if we didn't want to help :)12:21
hobgoblinCuliforge: patience works both ways as well - you're being patient trying to get it working :)12:21
Culiforgehobgoblin: so, in my restr. drivers dialog... it shows nvidia ver. 173 (as well as same with post-release updates) and version current [recommended] and same with post-release updates...12:22
Ninad_MacQ: Some of my pen-friends over net spoke abt ettercap , when i searched it over net i just came to know that it is used for somw man in middle attacks, just curious does  any one knows what is it ?12:23
hobgoblinhave you ensured grub and recovery work Culiforge ?12:23
Ninad_Maci just know that it needs BT !12:23
hobgoblinCuliforge: use the one called current12:23
hobgoblinNinad_Mac: I've no idea - sorry - not my thing ...12:24
Culiforgehobgoblin: I have rebooted this sytem through grub, but not recovery.. shall I run through that first to make sure?12:24
hobgoblinCuliforge: I would if you had problems previously :)12:24
Culiforgeok then.. going down for reboot then, bbiafew12:24
hobgoblintime for me to make a tea then12:25
Ninad_MacBye :)12:31
hobgoblinCuliforge: not working?12:34
Culiforgehobgoblin:  srry, went and got a coffee, going out now12:35
hobgoblinok - got a bit concerned - almost had to log out so I wasn't here when you got back :D12:36
Culiforgehobgoblin: that went ok...12:43
Culiforgehobgoblin: I'm just in ugly mode now that's all :)12:43
Culiforgehobgoblin: ahhh, you did run away didnt' you...12:44
hobgoblinlol Culiforge - reboot properly and install the driver - remember to use the one labelled current12:44
hobgoblinno - disconnected and came back :)12:44
hobgoblinfat fingers and no mouse control ...12:44
Culiforgeright-o, i'm on it12:45
Culiforgeok, back in "not so ugly" mode12:48
Culiforgehobgoblin: OT just wanna mention.. I really don't like this dash thing in 11.10.... i'm just sayin'12:49
hobgoblininstall xfce :)12:49
Culiforgehobgoblin: isnt' it like unity or somethin' can't i just uninstall that and go back to gnome...12:50
hobgoblinI don't either so don't use ubuntu - lets get the driver installed and working then we can look at other things if you want, be aware that the unity being sorted for release in april is somewhat different thab 11.1012:50
Culiforgeno biggie, I'm just complainin.. you're right, one thing at a time..12:51
* nlsthzn covers Unity's ears... she doesn't need to hear all this again... :p12:51
hobgoblinCuliforge: lets get the driver done and then we can deal with desktop environments :)12:51
Culiforgehobgoblin: hrmm, says install failed.. look at var/log/jockey.log.. going there now..12:55
hobgoblinpastebin it12:55
hobgoblinCuliforge: are you completely updated?12:56
Culiforgehobgoblin: far as i know..12:56
Culiforgegobbledygook for me, you wanna see the last 10 min of jockey.log in pastbin?13:00
hobgoblinpastebin it yea13:01
hobgoblinbut do the whole thing13:01
Culiforgeentire log? ok13:01
Culiforgehobgoblin: afk a sec, coffee refill13:05
Culiforgehobgoblin: back13:09
HarmoniumHello. I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 on fallback mode, and since the update, the "move window" key changed back from meta to alt. How can I modify it? I don't see the "Window" options anymore.13:10
hobgoblinCuliforge: brb13:10
Culiforgehobgoblin: K13:10
hobgoblinCuliforge: not sure - go back to restricted drivers and disable it - then try the 17313:14
Culiforgehobgoblin: ok13:14
Culiforgehobgoblin: again.. failed13:20
Culiforgehobgoblin: at least that.. it's failing to install so it's not going to break my system that way... :)13:21
Culiforgethere's always an up-side13:21
hobgoblinmmm - make sure it's disabled in restricted drivers13:21
hobgoblinthen tell me when you done that13:21
hobgoblinthough if it failed to install it shouldn't need it13:21
Culiforgehmm? disabled.. it never activated.. I don't quite follow you13:22
hobgoblinthen open a terminal and do    ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:22
hobgoblinyea - half asleep here ;)13:22
hobgoblinshould be no output from that command - or a fail13:23
Culiforgehobgoblin: no such file or dir13:23
hobgoblink - now do the dash thing - try software sources - see if that appears13:23
hobgoblinif not you'll have to go to the software centre and preferences or settings - then software sources13:24
hobgoblinonce you got that open ping me13:24
Culiforgemultiverse is ticked if that's what you mean..13:25
Culiforgeahh, none in the 'other software' tab was ticked13:26
hobgoblinnot quite what I meant - use my nick and I'll get notified lol13:28
hobgoblinbut nvm - do a reload and update if necessary13:28
Culiforgehobgoblin: don't quite have the hang of all the irc shortcuts..13:28
hobgoblin:) just using my nick will show me a notification :) I've got xchat in a different window13:29
hobgoblinwhen you've made sure there are no updates - then have one more go at restricted drivers13:30
Culiforgehobgoblin: ok, it wants to upgrade linux-image to 2.6.38-1313:31
hobgoblinI thought you said you were in 11.10 ?13:31
HarmoniumAny idea how can I change the move window key from alt to meta? Ubuntu Tweak doesn't seem to have a way to do it either.13:31
Culiforgehobgoblin: from the grub menu, it says 2.6.38-13... so I don't know qute what that means... maybe an update for that kernel?13:32
Culiforgehobgoblin: yup, system info says 11.1013:33
hobgoblinCuliforge: mmmm - that's odd my 11.10 is up to 3.0.0-1513:33
hobgoblinCuliforge: can you do uname -a in a terminal please13:34
Culiforgehobgoblin: Linux ubuntu11 2.6.38-13-generic #54-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jan 3 13:44:52 UTC 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux13:35
Culiforgehobgoblin: afk a min brb13:35
Culiforgehobgoblin: ok, sry back now13:40
hobgoblinthat is not the right kernel - do cat /boot/grub/grub.cfg then pastebin it for me please13:41
hobgoblinCuliforge: is this a clean install of 11.10 ?13:42
Culiforgehobgoblin: 11.04 > 11.10. couldn't get 11.10 to do it by itself13:43
hobgoblink - do me the pastebin please13:43
Culiforgehobgoblin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837817/13:43
hobgoblinCuliforge: reboot and actually pick the first one - that is showing as Ubuntu, with Linux 3.0.0-15-generic13:45
hobgoblinyou are actually using 11.04 not 11.10 I would say13:45
Culiforgehobgoblin: ok, bbiab with that13:45
Culiforgehobgoblin: not good... no boot system stops, no response from keyboard.. had to hard reboot14:06
hobgoblindid you try a recovery mode boot?14:06
hobgoblinfrom memory you have a fairly good system - is that right - plenty of ram not a really old processor14:07
Culiforgehobgoblin: recovery mode does same halts at [0.258946] ACPI: Power Button [PWRF]14:07
hobgoblintried acpi=off ?14:08
Culiforgehobgoblin: kinda low on mem.. 3.2ghz celeron, intel board14:08
hobgoblinhow much ram is it?14:08
Culiforgehobgoblin: I didn't but I can..14:08
Culiforgehobgoblin: 512M atm14:09
hobgoblinthat'll not help and I think it'll be dog slow with 11.10 ubuntu14:09
Culiforgehobgoblin: ordered 2G got wrong stuff so wifes laptop got mem upgrade instead14:09
hobgoblinha ha ha14:09
hobgoblinas you appear to not like unity - how about looking at xubuntu or lubuntu14:10
hobgoblinI moved to xubuntu myself14:10
Culiforgehobgoblin: 11.10/11.04 'franken-buntu' runs ok, little slower than the 10.04 that got botched14:10
hobgoblindo you actually need the 3d drivers? if not stay wioth nouveau14:11
hobgoblinI'm running 12.04 xubuntu here without the proprietary driver14:11
Culiforgehobgoblin: still plan on maxing ram when I get back around to it..14:12
hobgoblintry with acpi=off - you know how to edit kernel line at boot?14:12
Culiforgehobgoblin: so let me reboot and give that a go.. see how that goes.. I think so.. at grub press 'e' and add acpi=off at end of line right?14:13
hobgoblinyep - the line that has quiet splash etc14:13
Culiforgehobgoblin:  for the 3.0.foo kernel right?14:14
Culiforgehobgoblin: ok, once more into the breech!14:14
Culiforge1hobgoblin: ok, noacpi worked a charm...14:21
hobgoblinright - now try restricted drivers14:22
Culiforge1hobgoblin: you're right... system is slower now though14:22
hobgoblinbut I think that unity is going to be like working with treacle with 512Mb RAM14:22
hobgoblinId' have a go at installing xfce and trying that d/e14:22
Unit193512 on Unity? I'd  go with your other recommendation.14:23
Culiforge1hobgoblin: d/e?14:23
hobgoblinthought you might14:23
hobgoblinCuliforge1: desktop environment14:23
Culiforge1hobgoblin: ok then, rest. drivers or should I pop in xfce first so I can get this done in a timely fashion14:24
hobgoblin2 secs14:25
Unit193I hear Xfce is closer to Gnome2 than anything else you'll find, but I wasn't fond of Gnome2 personally.  There are other options too if you'd like though.14:25
Culiforge1Unit193: indeed, thanx14:26
hobgoblinCuliforge1: install xfce4 - that should be enough to get the desktop then you can play about and make it look nice14:27
bioterrorI heard mate is even close to gnome2 than xfce4 is14:28
hobgoblinif you decide you like it install xubuntu instead of ubuntu14:28
Culiforge1hobgoblin: what was that command to view current kernel... I think it's still using the 2.~something one14:29
hobgoblinbut tbh unless you have a pressing need for it I find nouveau to be more than adequate instead of nvidia14:29
hobgoblinuname -a14:29
Culiforge1hobgoblin: nope, 3.0,  but update manager wants to install 2.638-13...???14:30
hobgoblinwell don't update it :)14:31
Culiforge1hobgoblin: right14:31
Culiforge1hobgoblin: ok, I gotta run for now.. I'll look into a lighter d/e and be back later -before- I break anything :)14:32
Culiforge1tc all and thanks again14:33
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Culiforgehobgoblin: hey there, I'm back.. do you have time?17:30
hobgoblinlittle bit17:30
Culiforgehobgoblin: ok, cool.. what do I need to do to get the acpi=off permanent in grub.. or is that just a sign of an underlying problem?17:31
hobgoblinno real idea if it is indicative of anthing but easy to make it permanent17:32
hobgoblinyou all booted and in 11.10 ?17:32
Culiforgehobgoblin: yup17:32
hobgoblingui or happy to edit in a terminal17:32
Culiforgehobgoblin: ok with term, not confident fully but if it's easier for you to give directions...17:33
hobgoblinmeh = gui if you prefer - run gksudo gedit /etc/default/grub from a terminal17:34
Culiforgehobgoblin: I can copy/past with the best of em!17:34
hobgoblinthen find the line with "quiet splash" make it "quiet splash acpi=off"17:34
hobgoblinsave file then run sudo update-grub17:34
Culiforgehobgoblin: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"?17:35
hobgoblinyep that line17:35
Culiforgehobgoblin: save and exit?17:35
hobgoblinyep then run the update command in a terminal17:36
Culiforgehobgoblin: done17:37
hobgoblinno errors17:37
Culiforgehobgoblin: no errors17:37
hobgoblincool that's that done then :)17:37
Culiforgehobgoblin: ok, not restricted drivers yes?17:37
hobgoblinno - not done that yet lol17:38
hobgoblinreboot it make sure all's well17:38
Culiforgehobgoblin: righto.. umm.. I do have nvidia x server settings in my system menu now.. (running xfce now)17:39
hobgoblinoh you installed xfce then :)17:39
Culiforgehobgoblin: yep.. mighty peppy now!17:39
hobgoblinshould be faster lol17:39
Culiforgehobgoblin: kinda like it was when I ditched my windows system...17:40
hobgoblink - you still got a terminal open ? run gksudo nvidia-settings - should give you an error if there's no nvidia installed17:40
Culiforgehobgoblin: nvidia x server settings came up17:41
hobgoblinthen you must be using nvidia17:41
Culiforgehobgoblin: so why is it automatic with xfce and so much trouble with gnome or unity?17:42
hobgoblinopen restricted drivers17:42
Culiforgehobgoblin: cause I didn't do anything but install xfce17:42
hobgoblinthere was/maybe is  a bug where restricted drivers said it needed to be installed/activated but actaully was17:42
hobgoblinopen it up and have a look17:42
hobgoblinlast time you installed nvidia and it said it failed it might not have done17:43
Culiforgehobgoblin: hmm... not seeing restricted drivers in the xfce menu..17:43
hobgoblinmenu - settings - additional drivers17:44
Culiforgehobgoblin: ahh, was looking too low.. looking for restricted like in unity gnome17:44
Culiforgever. 173 active and in use17:45
hobgoblinthere you go then  - all done :)17:45
hobgoblinshould be there in ubuntu too - though it will be slow with low ram17:46
Culiforgesweet! I'm gonna drop a brick if the acpi fixed my other install too17:46
hobgoblinpersonally I'd get used to xfce and if you like then eventually reinstall with xubuntu17:46
Culiforgehobgoblin: thanks so much.. I'm so much happier now :)17:46
hobgoblinif you need xfce help #xubuntu is a very good channel17:47
hobgoblinCuliforge: you're welcome :) time for food now - cya about17:47
Culiforgehobgoblin:  so what's actually the difference between just ubuntu with xfce and xubuntu?17:47
hobgoblinwell xubuntu has a different set of default apps17:47
Culiforgehobgoblin: ahh, ok enjoy food.. see ya around17:48
hobgoblinleafpad instead of gedit/ thunar instead of nautilus/ others17:48
hobgoblinbut all in all I'm happy with it Culiforge - I used ubuntu for 3 or 4 years then moved17:55
Culiforgehobgoblin: it reminds me very much of nimblex (I was using that as my live cd. I could load it completely into ram... faaaaaassst)17:56
hobgoblinnever heard of it, sounds like bread they sell here made of clouds17:57
Culiforgehobgoblin: made for quick boots with all the rebooting I was doing17:57
hobgoblinanyway - glad you are sorted - off now :)17:57
=== Culiforge is now known as cul_away
ubot2`ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions21:10
Hans_ok so i moved to the correct place i hope...21:11
Hans_short recap:21:11
Hans_i have a usb drive (wd mybook, ntfs) which is working perfectly fine21:12
Hans_now i just added a user in ubuntu (11.1)21:12
Hans_but i cant access the drive from his account21:12
Hans_i checked the 'access external storage devices autom" box21:13
Hans_i tried the sudo chmod 770 -R "/media/My Book" command21:13
Hans_but that doesn't change the permission settings21:14
Hans_they stay drwx------21:14
Hans_oh and for the record: i'm new as can be to linux, so it's still 'an adventure' :-)21:15
Hans_and the user seems to be assigned to the correct groups21:25
Hans_any help would be greatly appreciated21:25
bioterroradd that drive to /etc/fstab21:28
bioterrorwith correct parameters21:28
bioterrorabove you have guidance21:28
ubot2`ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions21:29
Hans_bioterror: can i just edit directly in that file?21:31
holsteinHans_: you *could* run nautilus as root temprorarily21:31
Hans_holstein: euh?21:32
bioterrorholstein, that does not fix the problem21:32
holsteinbioterror: helps troubleshoot though maybe21:33
MrChrisDruifIn terminal do "gksudo nautilus" to run it as root...21:33
bioterrorit works for other users21:33
holsteinbioterror: thats what im wondering21:33
bioterroras he stated21:33
bioterrorwhy would running it as "root" solve the problem21:33
holsteinif it works as the other users, and you give the new user rights, and log out and back in to make sure those changes take effect, and it still doesnt work... then i would like to see the drive read and written to as root, just to be sure21:34
Hans_log out is that the same as switch user? i switched but did not log out21:35
bioterrorlog out21:36
bioterrorbecouse console-kit requires it21:36
Hans_well just logged the user out and back in, but it doesn't change anything.21:37
Hans_i just ran it with the gksudo nautilus command21:41
Hans_and i can copy files to and from it21:42
Hans_is it important with which user i run the gksudo thing? i'm doing all this from the admin account21:43
Hans_not from the 'problem' account21:43
MrChrisDruifHans_; if the "problem" account also is in the sudo group (it can use sudo/gksudo to preform administrative tasks like installing software) it should also be able to run nautilus as root21:45
Hans_do i need to try that? the 'problem' account ("matteo") is not in the sudo group. does it have to be in order to access the mybook?21:47
MrChrisDruif!NTFS-3g | Hans_21:48
ubot2`Hans_: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions21:48
Hans_ntfs 3g is installed21:50
Hans_bioterror: about adding it to fstab: can i just edit that file or do i have the use some kind of interface/command for that?21:52
bioterroryes, you just add stuff there21:52
Hans_can i use /media/My Book as mount point? that's it's current path21:57
bioterroryou have to create a folder with that name21:57
bioterrorthen you can use it21:57
bioterrorwhen you umount that drive21:58
bioterrorthen you can create My Book21:58
bioterrorbut I would not use spaces21:58
bioterrorI'm using words like "storage" "dump" "work" and so on under /media/21:58
Hans_so first i need to unmount the 'my book' then21:59
Hans_create a folder with a name without spaces f.ex. 'MyBook'21:59
bioterrorthat's what I would do21:59
Hans_then use /media/MyBook as mount point in the fstab thing22:00
bioterrorand remember to use UUID instead of device22:00
bioterroryou get drives UUID from command: sudo blkid22:00
bioterrorit's that UUID=126402e5-6988-4efa-8bb9-87b768c7a0e8 kind of thingie22:00
Hans_i guess i need to reboot after i change fstab?22:00
bioterroryou can if you want22:00
bioterroror you can say  "sudo mount -a"22:01
escottbioterror, Hans_ you don't need sudo for things in fstab22:01
bioterrorescott, what+22:01
escottbioterror, if it is listed in fstab you do not need to sudo mount it22:02
Hans_will al this affect the fact that this mybook has shared folders on it (used f.ex. by my ethernet dvd drive)?22:02
escottbioterror, you can just mount without sudo22:02
bioterrorlast time I checked, mount -a required root priviledge22:03
escottbioterror, yeah -a does but if he is just testing one mountpoint he should just mount /media/MyBook22:03
Hans_i'll add sudo just to be sure :-)22:03
Hans_coming back to earlier question: will al this affect the fact that this mybook has shared folders on it (used f.ex. by my ethernet dvd drive)?22:04
Hans_other question:22:06
Hans_can i first mount it as MyBook (so then i have the drive mounted twice) and then unmount it as 'My Book' it's current path?22:07
bioterrorI think not :D22:07
Hans_too bad. i don't understand why adding the drive in fstab will solve the permission issue?22:08
escottHans_, best to umount the 'My Book' and then mount MyBook22:09
Hans_ok, but why do you think that will solve the permission issues?22:10
bioterrorbecouse there's user parameter in the options which will allow users to mount it22:11
bioterrorand so the users should also have correct rights to that drive22:11
Hans_aha, is that the 'user' option?22:11
escottHans_, it means that the user who asks for the partition to be mounted will be granted ownership of the files (necessary because windows doesnt understand unix permissions)22:14
Hans_so i would use this in fstab:  UUID=486E622C6E62134C /media/MyBook ntfs auto,user 0 022:14
Hans_so does this look OK in fstab to you guys: UUID=486E622C6E62134C /media/MyBook ntfs auto,user 0 022:15
escottHans_, i think so. do sudo umount "/path/to/My Book"; and then mount /media/MyBook (without sudo) and then see if you can create a file in /media/MyBook22:16
bioterrorHans_, ntfs-3g22:17
bioterrornot auto,user22:18
bioterrorotherwise it looks quite good22:18
Hans_ok will use defaults,user.22:21
Hans_euh, fstab is a read-only file22:22
bioterroruse the sudo or gksudo22:22
escottHans_, gksudo gedit /etc/fstab22:22
bioterrorcut & paste from that crippled priviledges editor to the proper one ;)22:22
Hans_well, not there yet22:24
Hans_this error message appears22:24
Hans_Unprivileged user can not mount NTFS block devices using the external FUSE library. Either mount the volume as root, or rebuild NTFS-3G with integrated FUSE support and make it setuid root.22:24
Hans_chinese to me. any suggestions?22:27
escottHans_, i guess try it with sudo... it shouldnt be necessary but maybe something is weird with fuse22:27
Hans_escott, try what? sudo gedit instead of gksudo gedit?22:29
escottno sudo mount /media/MyBook22:30
bioterrornever use sudo with graphical applications22:31
bioterroronly gksudo when in need to run gui stuff22:31
Hans_wait a minute22:32
Hans_i forgot to creat the /media/mybook folder before editing fstab22:33
bioterroryou can create after22:33
bioterrorbut before mounting22:33
Hans_so that was not the reason for the error message?22:33
escottHans_, no its something weird with FUSE filesystems like ntfs-3g. they don't follow normal permission rules wrt things in /etc/fstab22:34
escottHans_, but it means you will have to use sudo to mount this fstab entry in the future. but if udisks is not working for you thats really the only option22:35
Hans_doesn't work22:42
Hans_when sudo mounting mybook it actually mounts the My Book again22:43
Hans_strange, because in fstab its mybook22:43
Hans_and i create the folder /media/mybook22:43
escottHans_, verify that there is no other entry related to the mybook in your fstab22:44
Hans_i did and there isn't22:44
Hans_should i 'safely remove drive' in nautilus as well?22:45
escottHans_, yes make sure its completely unmounted before you try to mount anything22:45
Hans_so umount alone isn't enough?22:46
escottHans_, you can run "mount" without sudo and no options to list anything that is mounted22:46
escottHans_, it won't always umount if someone has the folder open22:46
Hans_with mount i see this:22:47
escott!paste | Hans_22:48
ubot2`Hans_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:48
Hans_ok so no paste22:49
Hans_this:  /dev/sdb1 on /media/mybook22:50
escottHans_, it should say "type fuse (rw,user)" after that22:51
Hans_it says: type fuseblk22:51
escottHans_, good22:52
Hans_to be complete22:52
escottHans_, so check if you can create/modify files in /media/mybook22:52
Hans_yes but i do not understand22:53
Hans_in nautilus it's labeled as My Book22:53
Hans_not mybook22:53
Hans_and i reverted to the original situation22:54
Hans_also in fstab22:54
escottHans_, because thats the volume label. as long as it is mounted only once you are fine. so the "My Book" folder should be empty22:54
Hans_magically  the My Book folder is gone22:55
Hans_only mybook remains22:55
Hans_and i can read/write22:55
escottHans_, yeah udisks removes folders when they are unmounted22:55
Hans_i'll log in as 'matteo' (problem user) again to try if i can mount the drive there22:56
Hans_it works22:57
Hans_should i keep that specific line in fstab or not?22:58
Hans_i guess not since the drive is mounted for both users now23:00
escottHans_, if it is doing what you want I guess so. Its a little odd that you would need to make any modifications for something like this, but...23:00
Hans_ok thanks escott, you were a great help!!! and bioterror and ChrisDruif too of course:-)23:02
Hans_going to reboot to see if it stays working ;-) bye and thanks again23:04
bioterrorshould stay23:05
bioterrorand it will be automatically mounted23:05
bioterroras it is in the fstab23:05
bioterrorand that's read on boot23:05
lukjadAnyone here have experience with the Wacom Bamboo Capture? http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B005HGBEZ2/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&m=A3DWYIK6Y9EEQB23:19
escottlukjad, have you seen this https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CCsQFjAA&url=https%3A%2F%2Fhelp.ubuntu.com%2Fcommunity%2FWacom&ei=VPg2T6GeBdS62gWjoYD3AQ&usg=AFQjCNGTICZ6Mw87FacAh_En6LXNX0vYbg&sig2=0Ac38FOkfEVxxco7CPWRYw&cad=rja23:23
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lukjadescott I hadn't, thanks. :)23:24
Guest44728Hi all. Got a question on partitioning. Got one drive in my netbook. I'd like to know if my / and /home partitions should be primary or logical and if they should be at the beginning or at the end of the disk... Thanks :-)23:26
escottGuest44728, doesn't matter23:27
Guest44728None of it?23:28
escottGuest44728, you are free to have one partition or two, and you can have them be logical or primary (although there isn't much reason to having them be logical unless you reach the 4 partition limit) and beginning end is meaningless with modern disks23:29
Guest44728Alright. Should I choose ext3 or ext4 for / and /home?23:30
escottGuest44728, ext4 is the default these days23:30
Guest44728So you say it wouldn't hurt to have swap, / and /home at the beginning of the disk?23:32
Guest44728Just to be 100% :D23:32
escottGuest44728, position beginning vs end doesn't matter in 99% of cases these days. a few older bioses wouldn't like booting a sector that was late in the disk, but you are unlikely to be affected by that23:33
stlsaintbtrfs FTW!23:34
Guest44728That one's new right?23:34
Guest44728Thanks escott!23:34
avi_how do i download a cpu frequency scaling monitor applet23:41
escottavi_, for unity?23:43
avi_hi, thanks, for lucid23:43

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