popeybkerensa: dude!00:37
popeybkerensa: _please_ use the new logo in your omg articles ☺00:37
bkerensapopey: Y U make do so much work :P00:37
* bkerensa goes to fix00:37
popeydude! it's tattooed on your freaking arm!00:38
bkerensaI know00:38
bkerensapopey: The post has been brought into branding compliance :)00:41
popeyThank you for your compliance!00:42
nigelb"Ex-Ubuntu council member movies from shutting down lists to fixing branding!" \cc popey04:21
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jussihello mr johnston18:40
cjohnstonjussi! hows being a dad?18:45
jussitiring... :D18:45
cjohnstonAnyone know if there is a way to move email from one gmail address to another gmail address? without forwarding or something along those lines of course18:51
pleia2seems highly unlikely18:52
cjohnstonthey have importing from other services, so you would think they would from one to another18:52
pleia2there are several tools for uploading old mboxes and stuff, but I'm pretty sure they all use some kind of forwarding18:54
cjohnstonthat sucks18:54
cjohnstonI guess I gotta figure out what I really need in the new box, vs what I can archive in the other18:55
popeygmail has an imap importer18:55
popeyor you could use offlineimap18:55
popeyofflineimap syncs bidirectionally18:55
MrChrisDruifI was also thinking about imap18:55
popeybut its full sync18:55
MrChrisDruifYou want the email in both addresses?18:55
pleia2ah, there you go :)18:55
cjohnstonMrChrisDruif: no.. I'd like to move the stuff related to the new email over to the new one.. i dont need/want/nor care if its in the old one18:57
cjohnstonpopey: I'm not seeing anything about an imap importer.. .although I am on google apps, so maybe thats why19:00
popeyi used it on google apps19:00
JanCcjohnston: offlineimap should allow syncing one IMAP account to your local PC, then syncing it back to another online IMAP account20:19
JanCand so do some other imap sync tools20:20
cjohnstonthanks JanC20:20
JanC"""OfflineImap synchronizes emails between two repositories, so that you can read the same mailbox from multiple computers. It supports IMAP as REMOTE repository and Maildir/IMAP as LOCAL repository."""20:21
JanCcjohnston: if you don't need continuus syncing, another solution is to use a GUI mail client and just move all that mail from one IMAP account to the other IMAP account manually  ;)20:24
cjohnstonty JanC20:27
JanCthe manual thing might take long though20:55
JanCI did it once because I didn't have time to investigate better solutions and the mail client running all night didn't take any of my time  :P20:57
jo-erlendlisten. I added myself to be considered as a member a couple of weeks ago. The meeting was last Tuesday, but I was so ill, I forgot the whole thing in my self-pity. :)21:27
jo-erlendare there any rules for that? Can I just add myself again and be considered at the next meeting, or..?21:27
pangolinjo-erlend: yes21:27
jo-erlendthat is a slightly ambiguous confirmation. :)21:28
jo-erlendbut that's good to know. I'm not really in a hurry anyway. I just think it's a little important that it happens before the release.21:29
pangolinjo-erlend: you can re-apply at any time you are ready :)21:36
pangolinjust don't get sick again21:37
MrChrisDruifIndeed! ;-)21:37
jo-erlendyes, in the effort to become a member in order to better represent the community, I'll try to keep my body from going nuts on me. :)21:39
jo-erlendbut I thought the meeting was every Tuesday in the Europe region?21:41
Pendulumjo-erlend: it's once a month for each board21:42
Pendulumyou can add yourself to any of the board's meetings if one of the others would be a better time for you, though21:42
MrChrisDruifI'm Europe based, but would seriously consider the Americas meeting, seeing more people from USA know me already and the time suits me better21:43
MrChrisDruifWoops.. jo-erlend ^21:44
JanCjo-erlend: you have an application web page?  ☺21:44
jo-erlendtime isn't all that important to me, as long as I know in advance. I only sleep once a blue moon anyway, so. :)21:45
jo-erlendJanC, only my wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JoErlendSchinstad21:45
MrChrisDruifjo-erlend; well, I have orchestra rehearsal every Tuesday, which end at 10PM CET, which is the starting time of the EMAE (?) meeting21:47
bkerensaHello all21:49
JanCMrChrisDruif: EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Asia)21:49
MrChrisDruifAlmost got it right ^_^21:49
JanCeh, right  :P21:49
JanCmakes more sense too21:49
MrChrisDruifAsia is with Oceanic meeting?21:49
JanCyes, Asia-PAcific21:50
MrChrisDruifAnyhow, you get my point ;-)21:50
JanCEMEA being mostly in the same range of time zones21:51
jo-erlendwhat exactly is it that goes on in those meetings that can't be done via email? Because I'm not going to drink human blood or be buried in a coffin or anything like that. :)21:51
jussijo-erlend: they dont know that ;)21:56
jo-erlendthat'a also slightly ambiguous; do you mean the people here doesn't know what goes on in the meetings, or that the people in the meetings doesn't know that I don't drink human blood? :)21:58
jussithe latter :P21:58
jo-erlendI prefer beer, thank you. :)21:58
jussijo-erlend: you realise you can go to other meetings if this one doesnt suit your time.21:59
jussiany of the other boards can approve you21:59
jussi(or decline you :P )21:59
jussiyou could even go to an irc council meeting ;)22:00
JanCjussi: only if he's an IRC op, I suppose?22:01
jussiJanC: definately not.22:01
JanCor at least contributed to the IRC community a lot22:01
jussiif he has contributed to the irc community he can go to the ircc22:02
jo-erlendIt doesn't really matter that much to me if I'm a member or not. It won't change anything to me personally. It's mostly about the email address. I think it'll look better when I issue press releases if it comes from ubuntu.com instead of gmail.com or schinstad.no.22:03
JanCjussi: so almost everybody in here could go that way, theoretically?  :P22:03
jussiJanC: yes.22:03
jussiand Id encourage them to, as the ircc give membership to ubuntu irc memebrs, which has some additional benefits for those active on irc22:04
JanCjo-erlend: I just use janc@ubuntu-be.org if I want it to look somewhat more official  ;)22:04
jo-erlendI could probably get jo-erlend@ubuntu.no if I wanted to, but that's not the point. Perhaps membership actually means a little more than I care to admit. :)22:05
jo-erlendhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xkz_hpU8yi4 <-- Nellie McKay sings her "The in-crowd". Worth listening to.22:09
MrChrisDruifSleep well everyone22:11
jo-erlendI still have a bucket of beer and an equal amount of bugs to file.22:12
paultagjcastro: are you in, champ?22:32
paultagjcastro: I'm back and willing to negotiate22:40
czajkowskijo-erlend: you were down for the last EMEA but didn't show, if you cant make the meeting perhaps try the A/O or Americas boards22:42
jo-erlendczajkowski, right. Thanks.22:45
JanCnext EMEA might be fine too (if he doesn't get sick again ;) )22:48
czajkowskior drop the board a mail if you miss a meeting so they know22:49
JanCwell, I know last Thursday evening I wouldn't have thought about emailing anyone after I got sick...  ;)22:51
czajkowskifair enough, but folks do22:51
czajkowskianways xbox and then sleep22:51
akgranercjohnston, are you home yet?23:07

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