bdmurraybryceh: hmm, not too many it looks like00:01
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broderslangasek: looks like there are a handful of packages that have popped up on <http://lintian.ubuntuwire.org/tags/preinst-uses-dpkg-maintscript-helper-without-predepends.html>. any chance i can pawn those off on you to follow up on?07:02
broderanybody on ~ubuntu-branches around? looks like https://code.launchpad.net/~evfool/ubuntu/oneiric/brasero/fixlp848340/+merge/85782 should be marked as merged (http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/brasero/oneiric-proposed/revision/91)07:20
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AlanBellhi all, anyone know who is involved in the new sound theme project?11:37
cjwatsonbroder: dpkg-maintscript-helper> fair number of false positives in there since it doesn't understand things being guarded with 'supports' checks14:12
cjwatsonthough arguably it's better to just pre-dep these days14:13
cjwatsonbroder: marked that MP as merged, thanks14:24
rhorstkoetterhi. I hope this an appropriate channel for my question ;) I'm wondering how to use casper-rw persistent overlay ext2/3/4 partition for live-usb with the new hybrid iso that ships with oneiric+X15:58
rhorstkoetterso far, we used f32 and ext2/3/4 partition labeled casper-rw with syslinux as a workaround15:58
rhorstkoetterproblem is that the hybrid iso dumped to usb doesn't actually recognize the casper-rw ext2/3/4 partition appended to the end of the stick15:59
rhorstkoetteris there any conf option I'm missing, i.e telling grub to actually use that partition as an overlay?15:59
rhorstkoetterthanks in advance for your help15:59
rhorstkoettersidemark: I actually tried asking in #ubuntu but they doesn't seem to understand my actual problem, thus I decided to ask here. I hope this is sufficient16:01
kklimondarhorstkoetter: does hybrid iso actually have a partition table? I was wondering that myself lately16:06
rhorstkoetterkklimonda: um, I'm actually not sure16:06
rhorstkoettergood question )16:07
rhorstkoetterI know though that something similar is possible with the opensuse hybrid isos, where the ubuntu tech is (most likely) adopted from16:07
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rhorstkoetterbut suse even does the persistence step automatically on first boot16:08
kklimondayeah, that's what I've done myself before hybrid image16:09
rhorstkoetterI actually never had any issues with the f32 plus casper-rw approach/syslinux workaround, but you may have hit the nail .. the partition table16:09
kklimondaI have a small initrd script that creates additional partitions and mount them16:09
kklimonda(but it obviously depends on an existing partition table)16:10
kklimondaI'd be interested how to do that with the new hybrid image myself16:10
rhorstkoetterkklimonda: we're two then16:11
rhorstkoetterI think I'll ask some people I know at suse and if they know what to do, maybe a feature request would help?16:12
rhorstkoetteri.e. to adopt the rest of the suse automatism?16:12
rhorstkoetterbtw, before the hybrid iso, I mean with ubuntu, there isn't even a initrd script needed16:14
rhorstkoetteryou just need to create the live usb, add a second partition labeled casper-rw (ext2/3/4 formatted), plug in and you're set16:15
rhorstkoetterkklimonda: not sure though if I misunderstand something about your initrd approach16:15
kklimondayes, but I don't want make users create partitions themselves16:16
rhorstkoetterkklimonda: oh man, you just put in one sentence why I like ubuntu that much more compared to suse. they understand user-convenience16:17
rhorstkoetteri.e. they know what that actually means ;)16:17
rhorstkoetteranyway, this is another topic16:17
kklimondait's a great question, and it would be a good idea to check how SUSE does that16:26
kklimondaI'd come back this monday when more of the foundation developers are here and talk with them about it16:26
rhorstkoetterthey're usually here all weekdays?16:27
rhorstkoetterit may be difficult to get an answer over the weekend. but I can certainly contact some people to find out and then get back to you guys16:28
kklimondayes, most (if not all) of them work for Canonical16:28
kklimondaso they are here during the week, and don't work on weekends :)16:28
rhorstkoetterI'll get back once I know better16:28
rhorstkoettersure, I understand16:28
rhorstkoetterwell deserved spare time (as is with suse devs)16:28
rhorstkoetterok, thx so far. see you16:29
rhorstkoetterhave a good weekend16:29
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jbichawebkit i386 build ran out of memory again :(17:38
tumbleweedsome of the i386 builders have more ram than others17:40
AmpelbeinWasn't webkit supposed to build on a more powerful builder?17:42
AmpelbeinOh, it did but failed due to -c1 instead of -c0.17:44
tumbleweedwe have a way of pointing apckages at buildds?17:46
AmpelbeinYeah, I guess a buildd admin just sets the other buildds to manual17:48
tumbleweedoh, that way :P17:48
stgrabertumbleweed, jbicha: so does the new webkit (-ubuntu3) need some magic to use the right builder for i386?18:07
* stgraber prepares to do buildd magic if that's the case18:09
tumbleweedstgraber: dunno, I don't know the webkit package18:09
tumbleweedbut I have had trouble with an i386 bulider not having as much memory as I'd like, before18:09
stgraberk, I'll force it to build on roseapple and see if that helps18:09
jbichastgraber: thanks18:09
Ampelbeinstgraber: roseapple should help, see the -ubuntu2 build.18:10
AmpelbeinThat one failed only due to symbols mismatch.18:10
stgraberok, roseapple is the only buildd still in auto mode and I bumped the score of webkit, so whenever roseapple is done with the current build, it should start building on it18:11
stgraberbuilding now18:11
stgraberand moved the rest back to auto mode, hopefully that'll work18:11
ingwaI searched for a unity channel but found none.  Is this the right place for unity questions?18:34
jussiingwa: for normal tech support type questions, I would say #ubuntu18:35
jussiingwa: what sort of question do you have?18:35
ingwaI have a general question: are applicaitons for unity going to be developed with a certain look&feel?  Perhaps using a certain toolkit?18:36
jussiingwa: ahh, I would say #ubuntu-unity for that18:36
ingwajussi: that sounds like a good tip.18:37
ingwaBut it would be even better if it could be found on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList :)18:37
ingwajussi: that channel seems well populated so thanks18:37
jussiingwa: Ill zap them to update that - its a fairly new channel replacing #ayatana18:38
ingwajussi: excellent18:38
ingwaand thanks again18:38
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brodercjwatson: a supports guard isn't actually sufficient, is it? it prevents the maintainer script from erroring out, but doesn't actually handle the conffile mv/rm/etc, no?18:55
cjwatsonbroder: yeah, that's what I thought after my initial comment19:18
cjwatsonbroder: I've changed a few packages already on the grounds that a pre-dep creates more reliable behaviour19:19
cjwatsonpretty sure pcmciautils had a latent upgrade bug due to this, since update-rc.d would've failed if the old conffile hadn't been removed, for instance19:19
brodercjwatson: https://code.launchpad.net/~l3on/ubuntu/oneiric/gdevilspie/fix-for-783568/+merge/89718 should also be marked as merged, if you've got a sec19:21
cjwatsonbroder: done19:27
PjotrHello, I have a question about a Ubiquity bug that I reported on Launchpad:19:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 930676 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity quits when starting migration-assistent" [Undecided,New]19:35
PjotrMy question is: should I file a bug report against migration-assistant as well?19:36
Pjotr@cjwatson: maybe you know?19:37
udevbotError: "cjwatson:" is not a valid command.19:37
Pjotrcjwatson: maybe you know?19:38
Pjotrev: if I'm correct, you're the maintainer of migration-assistant. Should I file this Ubiquity bug, against migration-assistant as well?19:45
PjotrWell, I suppose a separate bug report against migration-assistant is best. So I just filed it:19:55
ubottuError: Could not gather data from Ubuntu for bug #930754 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/930754). The error has been logged19:55
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haledhow do I get HUD running in 12.04 alpha?22:28
lamontdo we think webkit is going to successfully build on zirconium?23:08
stgraberlamont: I moved it to roseapple earlier but the build was killed and the builder disabled for some reason23:14
stgraberlamont: we need a builder with a lot of RAM for it to build (AFAIK, I'm not webkit expert)23:15
stgraberlamont: so if the current builder doesn't have plenty of RAM, we should kill the build and move it back to another builder like roseapple23:15
elmorequiring > 3Gb to link isn't reasonable or sane23:16
elmoand is either a webkit or binutils regression23:16
elmomoving this package around buildds is not a sane long term strategy23:16
elmoand eventually you're going to run into limits you simply can't get round - this is 32-bit after all23:16
stgraberelmo: as I said, no webkit expert here, I just want to be able to install an amd64 system ;)23:16
stgraberelmo: I definitely agree that requiring >3Gb to link is insane ;)23:16
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lamontstgraber: who's owning fixing it to not need >3GB to link?23:27
stgraberlamont: desktop team I guess?23:30
stgraberwell, ultimately upstream I'd think but desktop team should be responsible of nagging them to do so ;)23:31
cjwatsonelmo: we know23:32
cjwatsonelmo: but it's breaking all amd64 image builds so we're trying short-term as well as long-term solutions23:32
lamontrestarting/ed on roseapple.  This should be fixed before it's uploaded again23:32
stgraberlamont: thanks23:32
cjwatsonI already suggested a couple of ld options to seb128 that might help23:32
lamontcjwatson: do you have a name for me to point people at if someone uploads ubuntu4 without it fixed?23:33
cjwatsonbut it takes six hours for him to build it locally so it does take a while to fix this kind of stuff23:33
cjwatsonlamont: seb128 was the last person I was aware of who was working on it23:33
lamontI'll go with that then23:34
cjwatsonhow actively that was, I don't know23:34
lamontI'll poke him on monday23:34
* lamont files the bug against webkit, just for completeness23:35
lamontbug 93080523:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930805 in webkit (Ubuntu) "FTBFS: i386 build requires more virtual memory than 32-bit kernels provide" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93080523:37
lamontand marked critical23:38
lamontstgraber: cjwatson: any time we decide to jockey a build to a particular builder, there needs to be a bug filed, since there clearly is one somehow (or an RT if it's truly something that needs to be fixed on the builder, in which case the builder should be disabled)23:39
lamontI wonder... is this going to break my upgrade to precise that I'm doing now?23:40
cjwatsonquite possibly, if you're on amd6423:40
lamonttoo late to stop now, though23:40
cjwatsonwhich is why we've been trying to fix this for two or three days now ...23:41
lamontI wish I had a "go faster" button on roseapple that I could push23:41
cjwatsonwe know it got past the link on roseapple before, but then ran into a later failure23:41
cjwatsonso it should manage it again if only it keeps building23:41
lamontroseapple is the only 64-bit kernel i386 builder23:42
lamontah, so ubuntu3 is the fix for the later failur?23:42
cjwatsonlamont: yes23:48
lamontwell, as long as precise works with webkit 1.4.3... this does not fill me with hope.23:53

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