bburhansAlanBell, dax, et al: I'm actually looking to close #ubuntu-lgbt, as it's fallen into disuse since Jussi formed it and set me to moderate it.02:01
bburhansWhere should I forward it to, if anywhere, etc.02:01
pleia2bkerensa: you can forward to #ubuntu-for-all02:36
pleia2it's quiet too, but technically -lgbt is one of the projects which falls within the -for-all umbrella02:37
bburhanspleia2: I assume that was intended for me? :)02:45
pleia2oh, sorry02:45
pleia2tab fail :)02:45
pleia2yes, bburhans02:45
bburhansno worries. I'll do that.02:46
pleia2I didn't even notice, same length of names too!02:46
bburhansI can't forward there without ops there or similar. Somebody with access to the Council account will have to get it, I guess.02:47
bburhansOr you can set -for-all +F.02:47
pleia2I'd nudge AlanBell, he has access on both channels (IRC Council and founder of -for-all)02:48
bburhansFair enough.02:48
bkerensapleia2: Hmm?02:49
pleia2bkerensa: sorry, I fail at tabbing :)02:49
bkerensapleia2: Its ok...02:56
pangolinbburhans: join the channel and I'll give you +o03:33
bburhanspangolin: to mlock it, ops doesn't matter; flags does.03:33
bburhansit's far easier to set it +F for a few minutes.03:33
bburhansor give staff flags there. w/e03:34
bburhansoh, they do. how odd.03:34
bburhansapparently I'd need it explicitly.03:34
pangolinhmm, wait for AlanBell to fix it :)03:34
bburhanspangolin: if you can give me +o then you can also set cmode +F03:35
pangolinI can give you +o in -for-all03:35
bburhansdoesn't matter to me. It only has to be for a moment. That's probably easiest and least noisy.03:35
pangolinok +f set03:36
bburhansdone, go ahead and remove it at your leisure.03:36
pangolinall done03:36
pangolinbtw I'm guessing this is all good since pleia2 ok'ed it sorta kinda :)03:38
pangolinbburhans: you know you could have done it, staff are on the access list :P03:40
bburhanstrue that. I didn't realize that the "ops" check for flags when attempting to mlock +f didn't take hostmask flags into consideration03:49
bburhanse.g. if *!*@* had +o people still couldn't have mlocked +f to it, evidently.03:50
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EgyParadoxWhere can I request for a member cloak?13:05
AlanBellwhat is your launchpad account?13:05
AlanBellthat all looks to be in order13:07
AlanBellstaff can we have an /ubuntu/member/egyparadox cloak for EgyParadox please13:08
nikocongrats, EgyParadox13:14
AlanBellthanks niko13:22

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