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* popey tickles cking14:28
popeywho isnt here, bump14:28
* popey tickles apm instead14:28
popeyor apw ☺14:28
popeyI am sat at a LUG meeting with someone who wants to install 12.04 on his Thinkpad X40 laptop. Seems a reasonable thing to want to do.14:29
popeySadly 12.04 now doesn't "do" non-pae CPUs, and his laptop is a Pentium M class device - 1.6GHz, and I can't get past the installer. 14:29
popeyI have seen https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-November/034399.html this thread, and wondered if 'orphaned' is really the response for him?14:30
JanCpopey: according to that mail only old Pentium M (400 MHz) should be affected?14:34
popeywell I'm looking at the boot screen of ubuntu 12.04 i386 ISO and it says unable to boot and cites pae as the reason14:35
JanCpopey: BIOS setting?14:35
jwibug 93044714:35
ubot2`Launchpad bug 930447 in linux "Unable to Install Ubuntu 12.04 on Pentium M x86 Laptop due to PAE kernel" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93044714:35
JanCI guess I should try precise on our event box hardware one of these days14:37
JanCwhich is mostly IBM thinkpads with Pentium M's...14:37
mjg59JanC: 400MHz FSB14:39
mjg59JanC: Which includes the 1.6GHz ones in the X4014:39
JanCah, so that mail was not really good at describing what would be affected14:40
popeysoooo, should i file a bug that this machine doesn't boot, is it expected to?14:41
popeyor tell the guy 'tough'14:41
JanCwe have R51 laptops mostly, I think14:41
popeyoh, so from what mjg59 says this is expected to fail?14:42
mjg59popey: The CPU doesn't support PAE and the kernel in Precise has deliberately be changed to require PAE14:42
* popey reluctantly puts mint on a USB stick14:43
popeythanks chaps14:43
mjg59It's really unclear why Intel didn't implement PAE on those14:44
popeythose linked bug reports do kinda give the impression that we're losing non-PAE in 12.10 not 12.0414:44
popeyspecifically the cut/paste from the techboard meeting in december14:44
mjg59/Looks/ like precise still builds generic and generic-pae packages14:49
popeybut the iso has only got pae on it14:49
popeymay be able to install off mini iso14:49
popeyor upgrade from 11.1014:49
mjg59And git implies that the generic config still disables pae14:49
mjg59So sounds like the iso's been built with pae, but the kernel still supports non-pae14:50
popeythanks for looking14:50
JanCpopey: should be possible to make a non-PAE remix too14:50
JanC(although maybe not useful immediately at the LUG meeting ;) )14:52
JanCseems like there Thinkpad R51 have a non-PAE Pentium M too...  :-/15:08
apwpopey, we are supporting non-pae on 12.04, but defaulting to -pae on 32bit, including the cds17:36
apwpopey, but if more cpus than we had been told are affected the cd default may be wrong17:37
popeyapw: i was kinda surprised a mainstream device like a thinkpad would be 'broken'17:47
apwpopey, indeed.  you should get a bug filed with teh machine spec, to add to the decision for the cd default17:50
apwpopey, what is annoying is that if you support pae, then a pae kernel saves power17:53
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