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Seeker`any idea why the 0.25 package didn't build last night? As far as I can tell, it hasn't even tried yet10:42
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tgm4883Seeker`, it would appear this "github.com[0:]: errno=Connection timed out"16:35
Zinn[] GitHub - Social Coding16:35
Seeker`tgm4883: ah, fun16:36
Seeker`github has been yoyoing a bit recently16:36
superm1Seeker`: yeah first thing to do if a build isn't showing up is to check smithers' build log at http://smithers.mythbuntu.org/~autobuild/weekly_mythtv.txt17:33
Zinn[smithers.mythbuntu.org] N/A17:33
Seeker`superm1: didn't know about that, will bookmark it17:34
Seeker`I'm hoping the next build works so I can have BD/VIDEO_TS playback back17:34
tgm4883Seeker`, I just kicked off another build, so hopefully that will complete successfully and you'll have a build in the next hour20:08
karl370I'm running mythbuntu 11.04.   I noticed that mythtv 0.24.2 has been released, but when I check the version in system status, it shows version 0.24.  I've done the normal updates within this version, but in Update Manager, there's an upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10.  What is the path that I should take to get the latest version of Mythtv?22:03
tgm4883karl370, http://www.mythbuntu.org/repos22:03
Zinn[www.mythbuntu.org] Mythbuntu Repositories | Mythbuntu22:03
ZinnThe Mythbuntu team provides updates for MythTV and Mythbuntu package using the Mythbuntu Repos http://mythbuntu.org/repos22:04
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karl370thanks guys.  Installing the mythbuntu-repos ended up installing some more apps.  In system status it shows "mythfrontend version: 0.24 (v0.24.2-9-g892628e)".  Is this actually myth version 24.1 (which it shows on the mythbuntu website) or 24.2?22:21
tgm4883karl370, did you read the page?22:22
karl370yes, but it was unclear to me22:22
tgm4883how so?22:22
karl370it says that it will install all updates within 24.x, which would make me believe it would get 24.2.  But, also on that same page, it says that 0.24.1 has been released, with no mention of 24.222:23
tgm4883so point releases (eg. 0.24.1, 0.24.2) are just snapshots of the 0.24 mythtv branch.22:24
tgm4883technically speaking, if you run 0.24.x from the mythbuntu repos, you are not running 0.24.2, you are running something better than 0.24.2 (because it contains 0.24.2 + every fix committed to the 0.24.2 branch since release)22:26
tgm4883The only reason there is a 0.24.2 release, is because the MythTV folks didn't want to go so long without there being a release (being that they have committed so many fixes to the 0.24.2 branch)22:26
tgm4883*0.24 branch22:26
tgm4883I didn't make a blog post on the 0.24.2 release, because honestly it wasn't that big of a deal (it's not a 0.25 release) and I had forgotten that I had previously done a 0.24.1 post22:27
tgm4883Does that clear it up?22:27
karl370Yes, that clears it up. Thank you.22:29
karl370Given that .25 has not been released yet, would you recommend doing the .25 or sticking with .24?22:30
tgm4883stick with 0.2422:30
tgm48830.25 should release in the next few months. I myself am using the 0.25 branch, and I've accepted the issues I'm dealing with22:31
karl370Great, that's what I'll do then.  I keep checking the mythtv.org site & it's so long between updates & I've never heard anything definitive about when .25 will be released.22:32
tgm4883karl370, it was on their mailing list shortly ago, feature freeze for 0.25 should be this coming week22:33
karl370very cool. I'm excited, b/c of what I've read about it.22:34
karl370How about doing the dist upgrade? Personally I hate Unity. Would that screw up Myth?22:35
tgm4883are you using mythbuntu or ubuntu+mythtv?22:37
tgm4883you shouldn't get unity in a mythbuntu upgrade, but check the topic for known issues22:37
karl370I had tried using ubuntu+mythtv.  Perhaps it was because of my lack of knowledge, but certain things didn't work as well, like making the video images full screen without the top or bottom bars.22:39
karl370so I wiped it out & installed mythbuntu.  It worked pretty seamlessly.22:39
tgm4883karl370, yea it works pretty well22:39
Seeker`tgm4883: thanks, that build works23:00
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