bazhangheads up on bartley ; circumcision nut06:07
pangolinspammed that in ##physics, and reportedly in #medicine06:23
bazhang<Igramul> Hi, because of a file system inconsistency, I lost parts of /var/lib/dpkg. Is there a way to rebuild that directory?07:02
bazhangthat sounds bad07:02
bazhangjetole, thanks for joining07:15
jetolebazhang: you called07:15
jetoleno prob07:15
jetolehow're you doing?07:15
bazhangwell here better than #ubuntu07:15
bazhangcouple of points, If I may07:15
jetoleyeah it seems more on-topic here but I didn't know07:16
bazhangif you need to **** it then better not to type it, or find a friendlier way to express it07:16
jetolebazhang: while I can certainly appreciate not typing what may be behind the asterisks, isn't it a little too much to say you can't type the asterisks them selves, especially when it's not said in a unfriendly manner07:17
jetoleby the way, I'm here to discuss and debate it but regardless, if your final answer says no then I'll abide because I don't wish to be kicked07:18
bazhangjetole, thats been the channel policy since #ubuntu channels have existed07:18
bazhanggot to be nearly 7 or 8 years now07:19
jetolewell, in that case, it's not mentioned in the guidelines at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines and it's certainly not a social action to keep a policy out of a published guideline07:19
jetoleunless it is there and I somehow read past it/through it without noticing07:19
bazhangthere are tons of factoids around, addressing that.07:19
jetolebazhang: I did find it out of context when I used a **** word in a friendly context after spending 2 hours helping someone else07:20
jetolediuneigh by the way who just piped up and said his problem was resolved07:20
elkyjetole, read the "language and subject" section.07:20
bazhangthey may not say the precise word "obfuscate" but thats what it comes down to07:20
jetolebazhang: by factoids you mean aspects of the guide page I just posted?07:20
ubottuAcronyms or statements like noob, jfgi, stfu, or rtfm are not welcome in this channel. Period.07:20
elkybazhang, it's clear he hasn't read them.07:20
bazhangelky, or just tired07:21
jetoleelky: I did and commented on it in #ubuntu. Censoring ones self is not an obfuscation. An ofuscation involves using the word in a manner where it's clearly depicted but by using a non standard spelling like say replacing a letter with a number or a local slang (i.e. in miami, fl, where I live, you often hear bee-otch)07:21
jetolethe acronyms was targetted at me?07:22
* jetole scrolls up to see which acronym I just used 07:22
jetolenever mind07:22
elkyaround here, *s are obfuscation.07:22
bazhangjust an example factoid07:22
jetoleI see07:22
bazhangso just keep it clean (think Disney clean) and everything's good07:23
jetolethe guidelines should be clarified because around here where X rule applies, while easily interpreted by an op, it's still pretty much foreign language to the rest of us and I spent quite some time reading that guideline when pangolin told me I was in violation of it and I wanted to know why so I would not be kicked or banned07:24
jetolesince I really don't want to be kicked or banned07:24
jetolehmmmm. but I prefer Fox TV07:24
bazhangwell we would hardly just do that out of the blue07:24
bazhangthanks for stopping by to clarify things07:24
jetolehey the thing is I actually came to #ubuntu from #ubuntu-server because diuneigh asked an off-topic question in #ubuntu-server and while I thought I could help him it had nothing to do with servers07:25
jetoleso I'll abide if I have to but I still feel like the application in which it was used was basically applying the rules in a manner where no attempt at interpretation of the meaning of the context was used and at that point, it's hard to argue that it's not cold07:27
bazhangwe all have to.07:27
jetoleI had a cop not give me a ticket a month ago when I knew why he pulled me over and I told him I knew why, I was sorry, I was in a rush home from the office to pick up my girlfriend so I could take her to school but it's not an excuse so while I am sorry I accept the ticket07:28
jetoleI mean if they can do it, well.... whatever. I now know the rules so good enough07:28
jetolethough, seriously, can someone add to or make a clarification in the guidelines. It's annoying to read the rules and then still have to ask how you broke them without anyone making a clear point to where it says that you did07:29
pangolinjetole: The thing is if we allow some cursing in certain context then we end up having debates about why in X context it is ok and in Y context it isn't. To avoid that we ban the usage of completely and avoid any issues.07:29
bazhangjetole, you know them. lets move on please07:29
pangolinusage of it*07:30
jetoleI was kind of expecting to find a bullet or a sentance that clearly stated I was wrong and while I believe it mentioned it's ultimately up to the better judgement of the ops, the more clarity, the more transparancy07:30
jetolepangolin: well... yeah. ok. I still don't agree entirelee but I understand enough to accept07:30
pangolinjetole: seriously, we don't need to make this a big issue. You appear to be an intelligent person and capable of discussing without using and curse words.07:31
jetoleI've been a ubuntu geek since 6.06 so I'm not willing to forfeit my entry into the room07:31
pangolinalright, well I am glad we all understand each other07:31
pangolinthanks for stopping in.07:32
jetolepangolin: most the time and I will try to contain myself. I'm a systems engineer using ubuntu on servers at a rather successful e-commerce firm but me and the CEO shoot the... stuff from time to time using swear words07:32
jetolewell one last thing...07:32
jetoleI will try and I will make an honest effort but I might let one slip once in a while without meaning to, please don't kick me for the odd occurance07:33
pangolinI can't promise that. try really hard please.07:33
jetolewho I am, how I was raised and how I speak, it's more common to me then may be accepted and, well, I will try07:33
jetolethanks for taking the time to have an honest and fair chat about it07:34
jetolemay I ask an off-topic question ?07:34
pangolinyou just did07:34
jetoleok. here is another. Does anyone in here work for canonical?07:34
jetolepangolin: you do or someone else?07:35
pangolinnot me, no.07:35
jetoleI have shuttleworth on my rss feed and yeah we use the server on our servers where I work07:35
jetole10.04 + kvm is our main VM interface plus we have a lot of other instances where it runs as a VM07:36
jetoleplus it does run our windows instances as VM's quite well and we've used ESXi and Xen in the past and forwarded the migration away from both because bottlenecks were found where the new solution didn't have them and KVM ultimately came out on top07:37
jetoleok. well. enough with my off-topic07:37
* jetole goes back to #ubuntu07:37
pangolinjetole: I don't mean to be rude but I really want to get back to watching this movie. #ubuntu-offtopic is a good place to chat and usually intelligent conversation attracts some smart folks. You are most welcome to join.07:38
jetoleactually, quickly, before you do07:38
jetoleand I hope it's ok to quote myself07:39
jetolein #ubuntu, I said "I was just ****ing with him" meaning screwing around, kidding, etc. Is it cool to say "I was just screwing with him"?07:39
elkythat or messing would be fine07:40
elkywhereas what you've said looks like you're using one of carlin's seven.07:40
jetoleshould I google carlins'... oh... george carlin07:41
elkyand once we introduce those, they inevitably escalate07:41
jetoleyeah he was cool in the movie Dogma but I get you're point07:41
elkysome kids seem to take those words as an invitation to all out wankery07:42
jetoleI still strongly feel that the context of the conversation should outweigh a printed rule but I'm a guest in #ubuntu-ops meaning I'm not an op and don't make the rules so while I disagree, you all have kindly made your point that I must abide by07:42
jetoleall out wankery. heh. ok. that's actually a good way to put it. I mean not the quote to all out wankery. I just thought the choice of words was funny there but saying as how if I use a word, even censored in a fair context without insult or harassment, how someone else can view it as an ok to use that same word in a more demeaning aspect07:43
jetoleelky: I like that answer07:44
* jetole nods 07:44
jetoleelky: if you don't mind me asking, are you from the UK?07:44
jetoledo these same rules apply and if so, do they apply as strictly to a *-offtopic room?07:46
elkyjetole, the language rules apply to the offtopic room, yes.07:55
jetolethanks again07:56
topylijetole: anything else we can help you with? idling is not exactly allowed here in -ops (see the /topic)08:28
jetoletopyli: I think I'm ok and I often prefer to idle in a room but didn't know so I off I go (in a minute once I see there are no replies)08:52
bazhangjetole and lmgtfy.com links09:11
jetoleI didn't know that was a rule and he was being kinda rude09:13
jetoleagain, I didn't know and I won't do it again09:13
bazhangthats never a reason to do that09:13
bazhangjetole, please dont idle here09:13
bioterrorit doesnt make yourself any better to act like that :(09:14
bazhangbioterror, pardon?09:14
bioterrorI mean pasting lmgtfy urls to others09:14
bazhangjetole was the one who posted it bioterror , it's very insulting to do so09:15
bioterrorI just put diaper on my son, it teared it off and peed on a floor09:17
bioterrorI'm feeling now a little frustrated09:17
topylisounds like he likes freedom09:18
bioterrorsounds like09:19
jussibioterror: least he didnt piss in your face :D09:24
bazhangmernilio is on his very last warning09:27
Tm_TI miss diapers /:09:37
bazhangyour own?09:37
Tm_Tbazhang: I cannot miss something that I have currently, can I?09:38
jussibazhang: epic!09:38
bazhangTm_T, well played sir09:38
Tm_Tor hmm, am I that senile now too09:38
jussiTm_T: now? you always were :P09:50
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=== juss01 is now known as jussi01
Tm_Tjussi: I don't remember, thus it didn't happen09:53
Tm_Twhat was this about anyway, I need coffee09:54
Tm_TGuest36384: how can we help you? (:09:55
jussi01whoops, it worked :D10:00
oCeanthemonitor: hi there10:00
oCeanwho is spamming?10:00
oCeanthemonitor: he is removed from the network10:02
bazhang@mark #ubuntu jetole warned repeatedly about being offtopic10:03
ubottuThe operation succeeded.10:03
oCeanhi paraxxo10:49
paraxxooCean: hi10:49
oCeanwhat can we do for you?10:50
paraxxoidk im trying to get help on #lubuntu but its kinda dead channel10:50
oCeanthere are not as many users as in #ubuntu, true10:51
oCeanso why you came here?10:51
paraxxono idea10:51
oCeanparaxxo: since there is a no-idling policy here, I like you to ask to /part10:52
oCean feel free to return if you need assistance10:52
paraxxooCean: maybe im in ban11:01
paraxxono1 can see my chats11:01
paraxxoin #ubuntu11:01
oCeanhm, let me check11:01
Myrttisomeone has responded to you?11:02
oCeanparaxxo: do you know why there would be a ban?11:02
Myrttiyou've replied them?11:02
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:02
paraxxomaybe u guys know how to make my screen resolution 1024x600 16:9 ??11:03
oCeanparaxxo: you are definitely speaking in #ubuntu, I can see it11:03
oCeanparaxxo: this is not the support channel11:03
oCeantbh, had enough of jetole, next time would warrant a time-out11:24
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bazhangwhat happened to linux MINT support? seems like every MINT user is coming to #ubuntu12:56
Tm_Tuh, do mint enable root by default?13:01
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from expertarun)13:04
bazhang<expertarun> how to go in linuxmint help13:05
bazhanghe installed ubuntu in less than five minutes13:05
oCean@mark #ubuntu mernilio again being offtopic, been warned/kicked before19:28
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:28
ubottuikonia called the ops in #ubuntu-server (tasty please remove the troll)20:23
ubottuies4linux has no aliases - added by elkbuntu on 2007-03-29 15:19:5720:32
pangolinubottu: !ie4linux is <alias> ies4linux20:32
ubottuI'll remember that, pangolin20:32
ubottuies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!20:32
knome-"Use Firefox!"20:32
pangolin!no ies4linux is <reply> is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use !browsers !20:34
ubottuI'll remember that pangolin20:34
ubottuBrowsers in Ubuntu's repositories: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Chromium (Webkit), Konqueror (Qt, KHTML), Epiphany (GTK+, Webkit), Arora (Qt, Webkit), Midori (GTK+, Webkit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based)20:34
knomebetter :)20:34
MyrttiI didn't know it still worked21:14
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downbeamhow do i run programs?23:09
bioterrordownbeam, we will tell when you learn to behave23:14
downbeamsorry no one will help me23:15
bioterrorhave you looked how you act23:15
bioterrormaybe that's the issue23:15
downbeamdo you know how to run programs?23:17
bioterrorexplain more23:17
bioterrorfrom the application menu, ofcourse23:18
bioterroror from terminal23:18
downbeami downloaded a game called eternal lands (linux) version and i dont know how to run it23:19
bioterroror from alt+f223:19
bioterrorextract that game and it should have a README file with it23:19
bioterrorif it's not just a binary file23:19
downbeamthen what?23:19
bioterrorbut usually they are distributed as .zip or .tar.gz23:19
bioterrorand they have this README file23:19
bioterrorwhich should explain how to run it23:19
downbeamok thanks23:20
downbeamthere is no README file23:26
downbeami just dont know how to exicute it23:27
bioterrorwhat there is then?23:29
downbeamthere is two bin files?23:31
bioterrorin terminal: ./binfile23:31
bioterrorwhen you are in the same folder23:31
downbeamwould you download it? it would only take a sec23:33
downbeamit says to make it exicuteabel but i dont know what file to make exicuteable23:35
AlanBellright click on it, go to properties, permissions, and check the allow executing as a program checkbox23:40
downbeamon what though23:40
AlanBellthe file, in nautilus23:40
AlanBellnautilus is the file manager23:41
downbeamon what file though?23:41
AlanBellanyhow, you see how much easier supporting you is getting, now that you are providing information rather than just question marks?23:41
AlanBellok, you downloaded a .bin file somewhere right?23:41
AlanBellright click on the .bin file23:42
downbeamok when i double click the .bin file it disapears23:42
AlanBellanyhow, this isn't a support channel, but hopefully you are now in a position to have a productive support conversation somewhere23:43
AlanBellhave you been banned from one of our channels to end up here?23:43
AlanBellwhich one?23:43
AlanBellok, so it is lubuntu you are using right?23:45
AlanBellthe filemanager might be a bit different in that, I was describing the gnome ubuntu file manager23:45
downbeamo it's a called (file manager)23:46
AlanBellhttp://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/01/27/%23lubuntu.html#t16:22 that kind of thing will get you kicked out of a channel23:46
downbeamo sorry23:47
AlanBellso when you are asking for support, do not repeat yourself, be patient, and do not randomly fill the channel with loads of question marks23:47
AlanBellpeople will not help you more if you irritate them23:47
downbeamdo you know how i can get back in lubuntu?23:47
downbeamlike change my name or someting?23:47
AlanBellbe patient, and if you want to expand on the question and provide more information, do that. Dont' repeat the question over and over23:47
AlanBellno, don't change your name23:48
downbeamso i have it donloaded and extracted but when i double click the .bin file it dissapears23:50
downbeamand i just want to play with my bro23:50
AlanBellI would try right clicking it, but I don't know lubuntu23:51
downbeamand open it?23:51
downbeamare you supposed to be able to run .bin files?23:51
AlanBellanything relating to properties or permissions?23:52
AlanBellnot if they are not set to be executeable23:52
AlanBellwindows just randomly runs files you download, Ubuntu isn't like that, you have to explicitly give things permission to run23:52
downbeamo can i run it from the terminal?23:53
bioterrordownbeam, did you take properties of the file and tapped that "make it executable"?23:54
bioterror"Make the file executable" under the  "permissions" tab23:54
AlanBellanyhow, this isn't a support channel, it is a ban resolution channel23:54
AlanBelldownbeam: what we want in this channel is to establish that you understand how to participate in our support channels so we can let you back in to them23:58

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