hallynstgraber: ido, but can't right now.  will try it later tonight or tomorrow00:04
stgraberhallyn: ok, thanks00:05
hallyn(if you want to push now, i won't mind...)  thanks, ttyl00:05
josephoenixHello all00:09
josephoenixI'm running a bunch of per-user PHP5-FPM pools and for some reason they're dying at irregular intervals.00:10
josephoenixI don't see anything around that time in syslog00:10
josephoenixAny ideas? :\00:10
SpamapSjosephoenix: what release of Ubuntu / PHP5 ?00:10
josephoenixphp5-fpm is 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.500:13
josephoenixUbuntu 11.1000:13
josephoenixHmmm it was at 6:30 am and there's a cron job running around then.. gonna look into that.00:16
josephoenixNope, the user crons are only @reboot and @monthly00:18
SpamapSjosephoenix: perhaps there is a bug in php5-fpm .. I'd start logging stderr/stdout.00:19
SpamapSjosephoenix: also if you haven't disabled core files, try to see if there are any core files from segfaults00:19
josephoenixIt's about 20 different instances of php5-fpm with a worker or two each that all disappeared around the same time00:19
josephoenixIf core files are enabled by default, I should be able to get to them. Where do they live, again?00:21
josephoenix(Nothing in the php5-fpm log, though there might have been something written to stderr I don't know about)00:23
hayerI got a disk that fdisk -l says "system: linux" - how can i make it NTFS? mkfs.ntfs -q /dev/sdb1 dosnt seem to work - it just hangs00:34
cfc__ohh cool00:59
cfc__there is a server support00:59
WinstonSmithls -al01:01
WinstonSmithah sry01:01
cfc__hello all i need help with updateing drivers for my Ethernet card but do not know the command to do this why this is, its cuz i have installed the server on my laptop then transferd it to my desctop since my desktop was unable to load the instalation01:01
cfc__thats how you update l?s-al01:11
cfc__is here ppl or is this chat dead???01:13
DavieyPushing to ~ubuntu-server-dev/nova/essex/ without review, as it's blocking CI01:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #929127 in nova "linux_net.ensure_metadata_ip() fails on precise" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92912701:21
cfc__hello all i need help with updateing drivers for my Ethernet card but do not know the command to do this why this is, its cuz i have installed the server on my laptop then transferd it to my desctop since my desktop was unable to load the instalation01:23
exvitoLooking for help on unexpected soft RAID behaviour after replacing failed disk in RAID1 device.01:32
exvito1. Disk failed. 2. Power down. 3. Replace disk. 4. Power up with degraded array. 5. fdisk. 6. mdadm -add. 7. Array syncs. 8 /proc/mdstat looks good. 9. Reboot. 10. Back to degraded array!!01:34
exvito...any hint? :)01:34
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jetole_Hey guys, this isn't ubuntu specific but this seemed like a good place to ask. I'm a systems engineer in a growing firm and I wanted to know, whats the best way to handle passwords more then one person should have where you can't have seperate passwords like, for example, most our machines use openLDAP for single sign on but then there is a the root password which, as we're expanding I feel I now need to share01:49
jetole_like I imagine there is some software someone wants to recommend as a central web based password store or well, I'm jumping to conclusions but I'm sure there is some best practices industry accepted method of doing this01:50
jetole_btw, I mention root in the event a machine doesn't connect to the net and someone needs to go to the data center and manually configure it01:51
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cwillu_at_workjetole, well, given physical access you typically have root anyway01:53
jetolecwillu_at_work: so bob the admin I work with needs to go the data center and log in to server42 to find out why it's not connecting to the net and needs the root password. How does he get that root password and where is it stored?01:54
cwillu_at_workhe has physical access?01:55
jetolebob and server42 are hypothetical but I'm trying to find a methodology to apply to our real world situation01:56
cwillu_at_work(sorry, sec)01:56
jetolemaybe he needs access to switch12 which doesn't support radius or multiple users01:56
cwillu_at_workjetole, how do you secure physical access?01:56
cwillu_at_work(i.e., why can't they just reboot, and bring up the recovery console?)01:57
jetolecwillu_at_work: well the data center which is one of the largest in the world takes care of that. Our cabinet is locked and the keys never leave the site. We provide ACL's to the data center of whom has access to what01:57
cwillu_at_workjetole, then why not just let that be your local auth?01:58
cwillu_at_worki.e., console user has root privileges01:58
jetolecwillu_at_work: well in most cases they can though I think ubuntu 10.04 which is our primary OS has password issues with boot into single user more (I think, not positive) but then what about switch12 for example01:58
cwillu_at_worksingle user mode will permit a root login without password, it's just a config option01:58
jetolecwillu_at_work: I'm sure there has to be lots of other circumstances I can't think of at the moment to make this a legitimate question. no?01:59
cwillu_at_workswitch12 is another matter, but I fail to see how this really relates to that :p01:59
jetolecwillu_at_work: well the question is how do I store passwords where it's not an individual users password01:59
jetoleI guess I just feel, and maybe I'm mistaken but, I feel, some things need to be shared but I need to implement some form of ACL as to who has access to those things02:02
cwillu_at_workone approach would be to have a audited and secure database of server root passwords02:02
cwillu_at_workindex cards in envelops in a vault, for instance :p02:02
jetolecwillu_at_work: I considered that and was part of the conclusion I jumped to but if so, I hope someone has already designed a package to manage this02:02
cwillu_at_workyou could also do that plus an otp system02:03
jetolea little too 18th century for my taste at index cards in vault02:03
cwillu_at_workeither a pregenerated list which have to be used in order (thereby making it obvious from an audit standpoint), or any number of more sophisticated approaches02:03
cwillu_at_workthe list approach has the benefit of being quite practical with index cards02:04
jetolehmmm. Don't know how I would do that. I know ssh has a mechanism for that but don't know how that would be applied to a physical system or then again other objects like I know we have a few switches this would apply to02:04
cwillu_at_work(and don't scoff at that, index cards still work when the password server blows up02:04
jetolehmmm. good point at list and auditing02:04
jetolewell another big project is we're eliminating all single points of failure02:04
jetoleHA throughout the house02:05
jetolebut I like it as far as auditing is concerned02:05
cwillu_at_workjust remember that physical access == root access02:05
jetolealso, can you think of another good room for me to ask about this in?02:05
cwillu_at_workthe most you can do is encrypt the data such that one _has_ to be there with a password to unlock it02:06
jetolecwillu_at_work: yeah I know. It's not all nessecarily physical access. Last night I had to give another engineer the windows admin password so he could log into a system that wasn't playing well with active directory and fix that and the system was actually a VM02:06
cwillu_at_worknot off-hand; lots of random technical channels' -offtopic channels have knowledgeable people though02:06
jetolecwillu_at_work: nah. That level of access isn't really a concern of mine at the moment02:07
cwillu_at_workjetole, in which case, access to the host is root to the vm :p02:07
jetolecwillu_at_work: I'd still like to find a means to manage these passwords if I can02:07
jetoleI shouldn't be the only guy where I work to know the root and windows admin passwords02:08
jetolethough it would be a nice level of job security02:08
cwillu_at_workso don't be the only guy02:08
cwillu_at_workgive the boss an sealed envelop with the root password in it02:08
jetolecwillu_at_work: thats the point02:08
cwillu_at_workdon't make it complicated02:08
jetolecwillu_at_work: and if I choose to use a different root password on every host and we have a new host about twice a month?02:09
cwillu_at_workjetole, I'll leave that as an exercise... :/02:09
jetolehehe. Thanks02:09
cwillu_at_work(hint:  stationary is cheap)02:09
jetolewell you have been helpful because you put auditing in a new light02:10
jetoleI probably use paper more then anyone I work with but it is cumbersome in many applications02:10
jetoleon another note02:10
jetoleand speaking of auditing...02:10
cwillu_at_workI live and die by my index cards :p02:11
cwillu_at_work4x6 <302:11
jetolewhat are some good means to audit actions on Linux servers? I was thinking perhaps prohibit shells through sudo (which is a one step configuration since we use sudo through LDAP) and have ldap email all commands02:11
cwillu_at_workhmm, I should actually get some printed up as a business card come to think of it02:11
cwillu_at_workjetole, that's a tough game to win02:12
* jetole has a 6x8 notepad in front of him now and pretty much at all times when sitting at a desk02:12
jetolecwillu_at_work: yeah I figured at tough game to win02:12
cwillu_at_worklogging of all privilege-related stuff to a remote box is a start02:12
jetoleI looked at, I think the package is auditd but it's a nightmare to decipher and still prone to manipulation02:13
cfc__hello all i need help with updateing drivers for my Ethernet card but do not know the command to do this why this is, its cuz i have installed the server on my laptop then transferd it to my desctop since my desktop was unable to load the instalation02:13
cwillu_at_workand then providing sufficient infrastructure that people don't feel the need to circumvent the rules to get work done02:13
jetolecwillu_at_work: logging to remote box how?02:13
cwillu_at_work(if people use the hole they found every day because it's the only way to do foo, you've lost)02:13
jetolecwillu_at_work: well let's assume I trust everyone I work with. What are your thoughts on how to log this?02:14
cwillu_at_workjetole, rsyslog and company can all write to remote daemons02:14
jetolefor every command as the command is run?02:14
cwillu_at_workno, but that's not really the point02:14
cwillu_at_work(I'm gonna have to run momentarily)02:14
jetolecwillu_at_work: thanks for the help02:14
cwillu_at_workhave you looked at what gets logged to /var/log/auth.log in the default config?02:15
* jetole takes a look now02:15
cwillu_at_workyou should probably have a good look :p02:15
jetolecwillu_at_work: not much02:15
cwillu_at_workthe important thing is that somebody doing something nefarious or illadvised can't do it without making at least one noteworthy log entry02:16
jetolecwillu_at_work: on my home 10.04 desktop I see a log of pam session opened stuff, some RSA stuff involving ssh(d)02:16
cwillu_at_workgotta run02:16
jetolehave fun02:16
jetolethanks again02:16
cwillu_at_workgonna have to understand that stuff if you want a hope of implementing this :p02:16
jetolecwillu_at_work: well yeah. I was asking what it is I need to understand02:16
cwillu_at_workjetole, rsyslog and related is a start ;p02:17
jetolecfc__: drivers are all kernel modules. You can view them with lsmod, remove them with rmmod, load them with modprobe and install a specific one that has the same name as a known modprobe one but in a different directory by using insmod02:18
jetolecwillu_at_work: again, thanks again02:18
jetolecfc__: also have a look at /etc/modprobe.d02:18
diuneighCould I get the assistance of an experienced Ubuntu user? To make a long story short Ubuntu crashed and now I cannot access my encrypted drive. Thank you.02:22
jetolediuneigh: why and how?02:23
jetoleerrors? console messages? etc?02:23
diuneigh•jetole• long story...1) installed playonlinux 2) it crashed while trying to get a game to work 3)when I rebooted it would not login and just loop back to the login screen. 4) I googled some solutions and tried them with a console Alt-f2 mode 5) after attempting to fix that problem I was unable to access my encrypted home dir. that is where I am now.. any ideas?02:23
jetolediuneigh: this is #ubuntu-server. Try joining the room #ubuntu02:24
diuneighI already did. they suggested I try you as well.02:24
jetolediuneigh: your question sound very, very off-topic02:24
jetolediuneigh: then they were wrong02:24
jetolediuneigh: as the name of the room suggests, this is a room about ubuntu running on a server02:24
jetolediuneigh: I'm going to join #ubuntu now and see if I can help you there so let's follow up in that room but don't ask questions in the wrong room even if someone suggests you do02:25
* jetole will continue this conversation in #ubuntu 02:25
diuneigh•jetole• thanks...02:25
diuneigh•jetole• I am already in that room..02:26
hallynstgraber: d'oh, lxc-delete should delete any symlink in /etc/lxc/auto/02:47
stgraberhallyn: it should indeed...02:48
hallyni'm just gonna file that as a low prio bug right now02:50
mgwsmoser: ping02:51
hallynstgraber: ruh roh - useradd: group 'admin' does not exist02:56
hallyn(creating an oneiric container)02:56
stgraberoh, that's interesting ...02:56
stgraberwhat's creating the admin group on oneiric then?02:56
mgwanybody know why http://x.x.x.x/cblr/svc/op/nopxe/system/foo would be failing to disable pxe boot on system foo?02:57
mgwwhen I wget that url (with my cobbler IP) I get back the content 'false' and netboot is still enabled02:57
hallynstgraber: no idea :)02:58
stgraberhallyn: ok, will add a groupadd --system admin || true to the template03:01
hallynsoudns good03:06
hallynstgraber: oh.  so, you don't set root:root pwd at all any more?03:07
hallyndidn't expect that :)  probably for the best, though03:07
stgraberthe ubuntu way, one account with sudo rights03:08
stgraberI guess that's what the cloud images do too03:08
stgraberhallyn: empty lxc.devttydir != missing lxc.devttydir :(03:09
stgraberhallyn: so the Oneiric container fails with: lxc-start: File exists - failed to create symlink for console03:09
hallynstgraber: all right then i'll need to update the patch.  that's not for tonight03:10
hallyni'm trying to get the kernel patch out the door03:10
stgraberhallyn: I have a patched template that will work with the current patch though (simply commenting the line)03:12
stgraberhallyn: ok, the patched template works fine. I'll just try and make the default login/password more visible or I'm sure we'll get bug reports03:15
hallynso you'd want to push the package as is and send the patch fix later?03:15
hallynreally it should be a one-line fix03:15
hallynstgraber: no wait,03:17
hallynstgraber: apparently we just need to use group 'sudo' everywehre?03:17
stgraberI'm not completely sure how far back that worked and I know command-not-found and some others only started looking for 'sudo' in Precise03:18
stgraberso we really should be using sudo only from Precise and use admin for previous releases03:18
hallynbut admin doesn't exist in previous releases03:19
hallynso i end up with a lucid container where i can't sudo03:20
stgraberno, the template I currently have will create the group if it doesn't exist03:20
hallynoh.  sorry.  misunderstood03:21
hallynall right, kernel patch away.  SO isn't here glaring at me yet so lemme try see about fixing the patch fixed too for empty lxc.devttydir.  if id isappear, i'll send it monday03:21
hallynstgraber: http://people.canonical.com/~serge/0040-consoles-into-devlxc.patch  you just need the two new lines in confile.c from that patch03:28
hallyn(though it also adds DEP3 (or is it DEP5?) tags)03:28
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837376/03:29
hallynlooks good03:30
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837379/03:32
stgraberhallyn: anything else or should I do a test build of that, confirm it works for oneiric and precise and then upload?03:32
hallynstgraber: unless you want to add the removng of /etc/lxc/auto/ symlinks on delete, i say push03:33
hallyn(maybe test a lucid container too...)03:34
hallynbtw the symlink removing could get murky...  depending on how admins behave03:34
stgraberhallyn: right, I guess it's not too bad in most cases because a devtmpfs is usually mounted on /dev, so even if they move their container back on a physical machine it should still work (or the case where you boot your VM in a container, then boot it back in kvm)03:39
stgraberthough it might be worth trying to cleanup on shutdown (but ignoring any error as we don't really know what the user does in the container)03:39
uvirtbotNew bug: #930525 in lxc (universe) "lxc-destroy should remove symlink from /etc/lxc/auto/ if it exists" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93052503:46
roaksoaxsmoser ?03:47
roaksoaxsmoser what was the issue with thqt half installed package03:47
hallynstgraber: oh, sorry, i meant just the removing of the /etc/lxc/auto symlinks.  though yeah, the /dev/console symlink might bite us one day03:54
stgraberhallyn: oh right, different symlink ;)03:55
stgraberhallyn: uploading lxc now04:17
stgraberhallyn: confirmed to work fine on Oneiric, can't test precise as debootstrap fails (worked fine with an existing container)04:17
stgraberhallyn: uploaded04:28
uvirtbotNew bug: #930551 in quota (main) "System with quota enabled hangs after upgrade to 11.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93055107:36
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clearwoodHello I want to ask if anyone kan help me set up my apache server so that it connects to the dir public_html.  Have tried to read a few guides but it does not seem to work.11:37
dns53so a per user share or is it just you?11:49
dns53have you tried a2enmod mod_userdir ?11:53
dns53that should be   sudo a2enmod userdir11:58
clearwoodyes as a per user share.  Have tried that. I am now looking up the file that I used.11:58
dns53well first you need the apache module enabled, then put  the following in   /etc/apache2/sites-avalable/default   :-    UserDir public_html12:01
clearwoodis it correct with the following to enable the module,12:06
clearwoodI edit this file: /etc/apache2/apache2.conf12:08
clearwoodI add the following lines,12:09
clearwood # Turn on userdirs12:09
clearwood  <IfModule mod_userdir.c>12:09
clearwood    UserDir public_html12:09
clearwood    <Directory /home/*/public_html>12:09
clearwood      Order allow,deny12:09
clearwood      Allow from all12:09
clearwood    </Directory>12:10
clearwood  </IfModule>12:10
clearwoodis that correct?12:11
clearwoodare u there?12:24
dns53sorry i was distracted12:25
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:25
dns53 so if the module is enabled use that rule, is the module enabled?   use a2enmod userdir    is the "debian way"12:26
RoyKclearwood: debian/ubuntu uses a set of symlinks in /etc/apache2/mods-enabled to enable/configure mods - the way you use here, is the hard core apache way, which isn't the 'normal' debuntu way12:27
dns53normally you would put that in a vhost config   ie /etc/apache2/sites-avalable/default (or  another file in that dir)  which you have also run a2ensite filename12:27
RoyKdns53: erm - no12:28
RoyKdns53: the userdir is normally global12:28
RoyKit might be good to use it under a vhost, though, but that's a choice to make12:28
dns53RoyK ok, i have not used it myself but i know it can be done12:29
clearwoodwhere do I use a2enmod userdir in the file apache2.conf ?12:29
RoyKI use userdir a bit...12:29
RoyKclearwood: a2enmod is a command12:29
RoyKnot a configuration setting12:29
RoyKa2enmod creates a symlink under /etc/apache2/mods-enabled pointing to the module and its config under /etc/apache2/mods-available12:30
RoyKcreating the symlink manually does the same thing12:30
clearwoodbut then I have to type it every time I turn the server on dont I12:30
RoyKlast I checked, symlinks were persistent ;)12:30
clearwoodok Ill try it thanks12:31
RoyKremember to restart/reload apache after that12:31
RoyKapache2ctl restart/graceful/something12:31
clearwoodI use this : sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart12:32
RoyKthat works too12:32
clearwoodI then get this response: Module userdir already enabled12:34
clearwoodso my problem must be that the directory public_html is not connected12:35
clearwoodI allso put the following in /etc/apache2/sites-avalable/default UserDir public_html12:36
clearwoodand rstarted12:36
clearwoodupon restart I get ... waiting apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName12:37
clearwoodwhen I try to access through firefox with12:38
clearwoodhttp://  I get12:38
clearwoodIt works!12:39
clearwoodThis is the default web page for this server.12:39
clearwoodThe web server software is running but no content has been added, yet.12:39
clearwoodand I know that theres something in my public_html directory12:39
clearwoodbut it does not show up??12:39
dns53so user directories would be
clearwoodThen I get the following:12:40
clearwoodYou don't have permission to access /~rub on this server.12:40
clearwoodls -l|grep public_html12:41
clearwoodgives me:12:42
clearwooddrwxrwxr-x  3 rub  rub     4096 2012-01-28 09:59 public_html12:42
clearwoodis that by the way to unsecure?12:42
dns53you need write on a directory to be able to look inside12:44
dns53unless another user is in the "rub" user group you should be fine12:44
dns53have you created a .htacces file and included a config line that denied access to the directory?12:45
dns53could you try removing your own config from your apache2 config, i wonder if it is using the /etc/apache2/mods-available/userdir.conf file as well as your own config12:49
clearwoodI lost my connection I am back13:28
clearwoodwhere do I find the former comments are they lost forever?13:29
clearwoodfighting with tryin to set up public_html to my apache server13:31
clearwoodused a2enmod userdir13:32
clearwoodbut no connection to the directory with firefox to
clearwooddoes anyone know how to set up acces?13:34
clearwoodplease :)13:34
clearwoodis any one there?13:37
albert23clearwood: former comments are at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/02/11/%23ubuntu-server.html13:40
hayerWhy does my whole '/' seem to be read-only?13:53
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uvirtbotNew bug: #930652 in lxc (universe) "lxc & swapoff: Not superuser" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93065214:21
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oratedHello! I need some help with NFS configuration. I'm not able to access filesystem on server from client with the following settings - http://paste.ubuntu.com/837967/ Is the config right? How can I fix it?16:15
patdk-lapda what?16:19
patdk-lapyou can't export disks16:19
patdk-lapyou have to export folders16:19
oratedIts filesystem what matters isn't it?16:20
oratedWell in the end of the paste, you can see the config which worked before16:20
patdk-lapthat doesn't invole stuff in /dev16:20
patdk-lapnfs can't handle filesystems16:21
patdk-lapit doesn't work on block level devices16:21
patdk-lapuse nbd if you want that16:21
patdk-lapor the ataoe16:21
oratedAlright. Is there any command to run after changing exports file on server?16:22
patdk-lapbeen too long, don't remember16:22
oratedrestart nfsd and portmap process?16:22
oratedWhat do you use for such purpose?16:24
jacobworated: to restart services?16:43
jacobwservice foo restart|start|status16:44
oratedsudo /etc/init.d/portmap restart and same for restarting  nfs-kernel worked16:45
jacobwinit.d scripts are the pre-upstart method of running services, some things still provide init.d scripts but most common services now use upstart scripts16:53
jacobwanyhow, init.d scripts or upstarts scripts will work.16:53
jacobwgiven the security issues of NFS, its bad a idea to export your root directory to NFS16:54
oratedah.. yes. Thanks :) BTW I was trying to edit exports. /,no_root_squash,async) and /home,no_root_squash,async)  in exports on server and then /mnt/ nfs rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,intr 0 0 & /mnt/home nfs rsize=8192,wsize=8192,timeo=14,intr 0 0 in fstab on client gives - mount.nfs: Stale NFS file handle error twice16:57
jacobwmake use previous mount attempts have been umount'd and try to mount to somewhere else17:02
jacobw/mnt/nfs1 for example17:03
oratedYes, tried that - umount.nfs: /mnt: device is busy17:03
jacobwforce with `umount -f`17:04
oratedI got same error with - umount2: Device or resource busy17:05
jacobwhmm, perhaps try `umount -l` for 'lazy umount'17:08
jacobwunilateral umount is more accurate description imo17:08
jacobwlol, i've just realised i'm #ubuntu-server not #ubuntu-uk17:10
Tixoshi,i am trying to find out why my page speeds are so slow,   10.53761 seconds  the server speed is very fast using this online tool  http://www.serverscores.com/speedtest17:17
Tixosdefault vhost on apache17:17
jacobwwhat test gives you 10.5 seconds?17:18
jacobwi'd guess that 'server speed' is ping and page speed is to receive the http url17:22
Tixoswhy would it be so slow17:22
jacobwdoes your page depend on any database queues?17:22
Tixosits default apache,17:23
Tixos'It works' page17:23
Tixosi would like to say its DNS, but thats from server IP17:24
jacobwslow upstream?17:24
Tixosthe server is lightning17:24
jacobwDNS is common to ping and http retreive and would be cached anyway.17:25
Tixosget 30mb/s from it17:25
Tixoswhat can effect page load?17:26
Tixosi mean, its defautl apache2 vhost, what about PHP settings? they are also default17:26
jacobwthe php5 module isn't enabled by default in ubuntu server17:27
Tixosobviously i have installed it..17:27
jacobwanyhow, the 'it works' page doesn't invoke the php interpretter17:27
Tixosneither is apache217:27
Tixosok good point.17:28
Tixoshow else can i test this?17:28
Tixoslocally ?17:28
jacobwthat's true, but one might expect the apache2 package to include and enable php517:28
jacobwyou need to find out where it is slow from, i.e. at point between you and the server does it become slow?17:28
Tixoshow can i test page speed load locally?17:29
Tixoseverything else seems fine17:29
Tixosi will PM you the IP to show how slow it is?17:30
oratedjacobw: I tried unmounting and remounting to reset NFS.. What used to mount before doesn't mount now and vice-versa17:30
jacobwTixos: try httperf17:31
Tixosok, can you load the page for me and report what its like ?17:32
jacobwTixos: how long ago was this server brought online?17:32
Tixos3days 30minutes17:33
Tixosis this a bad result?   >  Reply time [ms]: response 9328.6 transfer 0.017:35
jacobwfrom what?17:35
Tixosnot sure how to read this output (httpref)17:35
Tixosshould i pastebin ?17:35
jacobwTixos: i doubt this is a problem with apache17:37
Tixosdo those results look normal? why would you conclude that ?17:38
jacobwTixos: there's most likely nothing wrong unless can you prove a slow connection to upstream17:41
Tixosyou mean like this?17:42
Tixoshttperf --server=www.google.com17:42
TixosRequest rate: 4.1 req/s (244.0 ms/req)17:42
Tixosmy server17:42
TixosRequest rate: 0.1 req/s (18697.6 ms/req)17:42
jacobwTixos: how is your server provided?17:43
Tixoshow do you mean ? its a dedi17:43
jacobworated: stop nfs on the server and try to umount those points again17:45
oratedjacobw: Yes, on it17:45
jacobwTixos: how much bandwidth should you have?17:46
Tixosjacob, these results dont indicate something wrong with http?17:47
jacobwthey indicate that http to your server is slow from where you are right now17:48
Tixoscan you help me debug man :(17:48
Tixosim putting my traffic onto another server for the minute, to see if it effects the server17:49
Tixosealier before i swtiched to this server, it was so fast17:49
jacobwfast http?17:49
oratedjacobw: / and /home access from client works good. But not the /media..17:49
Tixosnever used httperf, but yes load time view browser was less than 1 second17:49
Tixosi have no firewall etc, i cant think of anything else!17:50
Tixosother server is centos, and has no issues, is there any default ubuntu apache2 configs that could cause this if the server receives alot of traffic?17:50
jacobwthe apache configurations should be similar, both should use virtual hosts by default17:51
Tixosyes, what about client limit ? i read somewhere17:52
Tixosim out of ideas, so i came ehre :(17:52
Tixosjust moved traffic to backup server17:52
jacobwwhere is the other server in relation the ubuntu server?17:52
Tixosso i will give it 5minutes, and check again with httperf, like i said this morning it was very quick17:52
Tixossame country17:52
jacobwsame network?17:53
Tixosnot sure, do you think it could be beyond the dedi then ?17:53
Tixoslike a global IDS for the rack or something?17:53
jacobwping is fast enough17:54
Tixosyea i know17:55
jacobwhttperf tells us that http is slow17:55
Tixosso why would it be?17:55
Tixosgot slower17:56
jacobwif the centos host is on the same network, compare apache configurations, if not use iperf to test tcp speed from your location to the ubuntu server17:56
TixosRequest rate: 0.1 req/s (9849.8 ms/req)17:56
jacobwif the centos and ubuntu servers are on the same network, you can test between them to rule out the ubuntu server as the cause17:59
Tixosthey are not17:59
jacobwok, use iperf to test tcp speed between you and the server, if that's good then you know its the http server, otherwise contact the provider and ask for a test nearer the server, i.e. from before upstream18:01
Tixoshow to use iperf?   >$ iperf -s IP ?18:04
oratedhey jacobw! Its working fine now after restarting almost everything18:10
oratedBut I think I can have problems with NFS. Could you tell me how NBD does the same job is a better manner?18:12
jacobwit doesn't really18:12
jacobwactually, i'm not so sure, it might work well if your on a fast LAN18:14
Tixosnothing i can do with the speed, it seems fine on old server18:14
jacobwso you ran iperf -s on your ubuntu server and connected with iperf -c <ip> from your machine?18:15
Tixoswhat do i do lol18:16
Tixosi see18:16
Tixos[  3]  0.0-11.1 sec  2.12 MBytes  1.61 Mbits/sec18:16
Tixosseems fine?18:16
Tixosnow im really getting annoyed? is it my provider or my configuration man ?18:17
Tixosnot an issue with the port?18:18
Tixoscan i run iperf on a port?18:18
Tixosi mean, could their router be monitoring port 80 ?18:18
jacobwits possible18:18
Tixoscan i use iperf to rule it out?18:19
jacobwiperf -s -p 80 / iperf -c <ip> -p 8018:19
Tixosbind failed: Permission denied18:19
Tixosneed to sudo for this?18:19
Tixosbind failed: Address already in use18:19
jacobwyeah, it might do, stop apache and try again.18:19
Tixos[  3]  0.0-10.0 sec  0.00 � ��s  14746021652466558976 Bytes/sec18:20
jacobwyou tested from your machine where you are?18:22
Tixoswtf? lol18:22
Tixosyes i ran that from my machine18:22
Tixostry yourself18:22
jacobwtry running it again on port 44318:22
Tixos[  3]  0.0-11.1 sec  2.00 MBytes  1.50 Mbits/sec18:23
Tixosso it is ???18:23
Tixosbtw i apprecaite you time man18:24
jacobwhow did you stop apache?18:25
jacobwusing `service apache2 stop`?18:25
jacobwcheck if its still running, `ps -e | grep apache2` and see what's listening, `netstat -nultp`18:26
Tixosok sec18:26
jacobwnow you know that 443 which is the port for HTTPS works ok, so if you can prove that nothing on the your server is wrong, you can assume that port 80 is being proxied or otherwise mangled by the provider18:27
Tixoswhile i look, if i view 'top' many apache instance are there, this is wrong?18:27
jacobwkillall apache218:27
jacobwps -e | grep apache218:27
jacobwto confirm all instances are dead18:28
* jacobw → chinese food18:29
Tixosok pal, ill update and wait :)18:30
Tixosman im getting like 20 PIDs for apache, once i start it.... there is nothing when i stop, but when i start there are LOADS18:32
Tixosi think its normal18:34
Tixosmy other server has the same18:34
mdeslaurroaksoax: FYI, I'm going to merge virtinst... (you TIL)18:46
Tixoswould KeepAlive effect things?18:52
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jacobwrun httperf on the ubuntu server itself19:01
Tixosif i run localhost its fast, if i run the IP its 15,000ms19:02
Tixoslet me PM you ip again, its loading very fast for me via browser now, not sure if its a cache thing19:03
Tixoshow fastis it for you ?19:04
jacobwit's not a cache thing19:04
Tixosthen run httperf on it, how fast is this for you ?19:04
Tixosi am comparing 3 servers i have, and there is not much diff in the httpd confs, only keepalive, and prefork19:04
jacobwhow is prefork different?19:05
Tixosserver start  = 819:05
jacobwfor testing, i'd want to have a single apache process19:05
jacobwchange it to 119:05
Tixosfew other higher values, but the other ubuntu server i have is the same as thus one19:05
Tixosand httperf results are fine19:05
Tixosi didnt want to edit too many things19:06
Tixosbefore testing 1 thing at a time?19:06
jacobwwhat files?19:06
jacobwyou should test one thing at time19:06
Tixosjust httpd conf19:06
Tixosyes, so keepalive wont effect?19:06
jacobwtest, disable it and try again19:07
Tixosso i should only use httperf? because browser seems fine now19:08
jacobwhttperf elimates caching, but you can clear the browser cache19:09
Tixosso httpd is still 13-20,000ms19:09
Tixosper request19:09
Tixosi cant see how it can be config issues if another ubuntu sever i have is fine?19:10
Tixosback soon :S19:11
jacobwtest your other server with httperf19:11
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Tixosjacobw: i did, and its fine :P19:37
jacobwTixos: you know that traffic to port 80 on your problem server doesn't proceed as expected19:42
jacobwTixos: this is could be caused by HTTP proxying by the provider19:42
jacobwTixos: try running apache on port 443 which tested good to isolate the problem with port 8019:43
jacobwTixos: just enable sites-available/default-ssl and reload apache19:44
jacobwTixos: generate your own ssl certificate first and specify the key and certificate in default-ssl19:44
Tixosive got an ssl vhost there19:45
Tixosits fine on 44319:51
Tixos / request sorry19:53
jacobwnow there's two possibilities19:58
jacobwits already disproved, httperf was ok running locally on your ubuntu server20:02
jacobwif there was some problem with apache it wouldn't have worked20:03
Tixosok i wil speak with them, but they are useless :(20:05
Tixosis there a temp fix20:06
Tixosto redirect all traffic to 80 to 443, or is it too late once its listened and received on 80 ?20:06
tastyHi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this looks correct: http://pastie.org/3362703 or if something is wrong.20:07
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tastyeveryone dead?20:12
=== JMatthewman is now known as MoleMan
tastywas told to come here20:16
ikoniafor what ?20:16
StrangeCharmI've just created a new user account for running a program that has special permission needs. How do I give this user write access to / ?20:16
tastyfor help20:17
ikoniatasty: with what20:17
TixosStrangeCharm: why do you want full write access over / ?20:17
ikoniaStrangeCharm: you've just asked this in #ubuntu - please don't cross-post20:17
ikoniaStrangeCharm: I've just answered you in #ubuntu20:17
tastyikonia, with apache220:17
ikoniatasty: you need to actually state the problem if you want help20:17
tastyikonia, does this look wonky? : http://pastie.org/336270320:18
Tixostasty: he said post the problem20:18
tastyTixos, that's the problem20:19
ikoniatasty: in what way "wonky"20:19
tasty: http://pastie.org/336270320:19
Tixosdont be a moron :P20:19
qman___a configuration file isn't a problem20:19
Tixosleave him settle20:19
Tixoshe will get the message20:20
ikoniaTixos: no need for name calling, but I don't see the issue20:20
tastyshould it work?20:20
ikoniain what way ?20:20
qman___that depends on what 'work' is20:20
qman___can't read your mind, bro20:20
ikoniaactually - I don't care, I'm not pulling information from people20:20
ikoniaif you want help - ask a question / state a problem20:20
ikoniaI shouldn't have to beg for information, good luck20:20
tastythis is how trolls become trolls20:20
Tixosikonia: scroll back 2 hours and feel free to give your opinion on my issue :)20:21
tastyI don't know how to ask the question20:21
ikoniaTixos: I see lots of discussion, quick summary please20:21
Tixoshttperf on port 80 to my server returns great request time/s20:22
ikoniaTixos: (just high level overview)20:22
Tixossorry, it doesnt20:22
Tixosbut to port 443 it does20:22
tastyI'm having an issue and I need to make sure this : http://pastie.org/3362703 looks right20:22
ikoniawow, that's back to front20:22
Tixosgetting 13 second page load times on 8020:22
ikoniaTixos: I'd have expected 443 to be slow (due to the handshake) and 80 to be quicker20:22
Tixosgoogle = 200ms/request   port443 = 300   port80 = 18,00020:22
qman___tasty, it's syntactically valid; beyond that we can't help unless you describe what it is you're trying to do, and give details on what the problem is, exactly20:22
ikoniaTixos: curious, if you telnet $server 80 and just do a "get" on it, what happens ?20:23
tastyqman___ that is ALL I FUCKING WANTED TO KNOW20:23
tastythanks dicks20:23
ikonia!ops | tasty please remove the troll20:23
ubottutasty please remove the troll: Help! Channel emergency! soren, lamont, mathiaz, Pici, Daviey, Tm_T or pmatulis20:23
Tixos<title>400 Bad Request</title>20:24
Tixosi just typed 'get' though lol20:24
ikoniaTixos: that's ok, is it "quick" to get the bad request ?20:24
Tixoslemme try on 443?20:24
ikoniaTixos: slow, wow20:25
Tixos443 doesnt give nothing back20:25
ikoniaTixos: if you do a google there is a good document on how to do a correctly formatted http get over telnet20:25
Tixosill pm you IP, compare the 2 ports on httperf for me? :P20:25
ikoniaTixos: be interested in trying that on port 80 - see if you get any info20:26
ikoniaTixos: sure, I'll telnet in20:26
jacobw443 wouldn't give anything back to plain request because it expects ssl20:28
ikoniayeah, I just wanted a connection test20:30
ikoniaI think I see the issue20:30
tastyikonia, quit kicking me20:32
ikoniatasty: stop the attitude and offensive language20:32
tastyI will voodoo you20:32
tastygood thankyou20:35
pangolintasty: threatening anybody in Ubuntu channels is a bad idea and I recommend you check your attitude and adjust it accordingly20:35
pangolinPlease :)20:35
tastypangolin, they were very rude to me20:36
pangolinthey were not.20:36
pangolini didn't see them swearing or calling names20:36
tastya huge barrage, and then them telling me they wouldn't help20:36
pangolinPlease just relax a little and try to understand that the nature of IRC means people are not always around to help20:36
pangolinWhen they asked for more details you didn't provide any20:37
pangolinWere they supposed to guess?20:37
tastyI asked a very specific question.20:37
pangolinand they asked for more info20:38
tastyqman___ answered iot20:38
pangolini'm glad he was able to help you. then you replied with calling everybody in here dicks and morons20:38
pangolingreat way to show appreciation20:38
tastyno. I called everyone in here morons from #ubuntu20:39
pangolinyou're not helping yourself20:39
pangolinanyway, it is over now. back to helping people :)20:39
tastywell, don't be so rude20:39
tastyqman___ isn't a moron20:40
tastyis there some place where I can ask questions and not have so much trouble?20:41
tastyhow about not on IRC, some place where the majority are not rapidfire autists20:43
jacobwthis is the internet ;)20:44
qman___you get what you give20:44
qman___nobody to blame but yourself on this one20:44
tastyI asked a pretty specific question20:44
ikoniatasty: enough - stop now20:44
tastyyou were the only one that could answer it20:45
qman___you were not specific about it - "is it right?" is very open ended and generic20:45
qman___you could have stated you wanted a syntax check20:45
ikoniatasty: STOP.20:45
qman___syntactically valid doesn't always mean right, or usful20:45
tastyikonia, qman__ and I are trying to have a conversation20:46
ikoniatasty: this channel is not for that sort of conversation20:46
ikoniatasty: people will help you with ubuntu server issues, if you ask clear questions20:46
ikoniatasty: please try to just ask clear questions and people will help20:46
tastydo you have a list of commands ikonia?20:46
ikoniatasty: a list of commands to do what ?20:46
tastyikojnia --help20:47
tastyikonia --help20:47
ikoniatasty: please don't be silly in here, I'm trying to help you get actual help20:47
tastyikonia I'm being serious, how do I ask questions the way you need them to be asked?20:47
ikoniatasty: really simple (using the example problem you had)20:48
ikoniatasty: "Hi, I'm trying to create an apache2 config so that everytime someone does $myurl/poker it does a pass through and forwards to port 300120:48
ikoniaI'm havine a problem as it's giving a 404 rather than the pass through, here is my config"20:48
ikoniatasty: or "I've created this config file - can you see any obvious syntax problems with it $pastebin_url"20:49
tasty...if I knew how to ask the question why would I even come here!20:49
ikoniatasty: asking a question and the answer are two different things20:50
ikoniatasty: if you knew the answer, I can see no value you in you coming here, but being able to ask a question will get you the help you want20:50
tastyif I already knew how to ask the question, I wouldn't need to come here though20:51
tastyI could simply google it20:51
ikoniatasty: then I'm sorry you won't be able to get help without the issues you've faced today. Best of luck going forward20:52
tastyso next time I will ask you guys what question I should ask.20:52
ikoniatasty: please don't be silly, you knew you wanted a config check on apache, just ask for that20:52
qman___it's fine to not ask the perfect question, but when people ask for details, the correct response is to provide them, not harass the people trying to help you20:52
pangolinclearly you are intent on arguing no matter how wrong you are.20:52
ikoniaI can't be bothered any more, I'm off to do other things20:52
tastywhy do you guys keep doing that?20:52
tastythat is what pissed me off to begin with!20:53
tastyputting words in my mouth and then being rude again20:53
pangolinG.I. Joe was right, Knowing IS half the battle. I know when to give up.20:54
tastyinstead of saying, "oh well i don't care, I can't be bothered talking to you", just go...20:54
pmatulisis everything ok here?20:57
tastyDoes it make you happy if I say I am wrong?20:57
tastywhen I came here to get help and all I am here for is to "get help"20:57
tastynow this is cleared up. I will speak no more of it20:58
tastyis this okay with everyone?20:58
Tixosjog on20:58
Tixossuch a waste of life man, either get your business done here and get on with other things, or just leave and continue your life. its quite sad20:59
tastyTixos, you are a waster21:00
tastywhat port is that listening on?21:00
jacobwtasty: what is it supposed to do?21:00
zastaphdoes ubuntu server install /usr/sbin/named by default? even if dont choose DNS server in the software selection during install?21:01
jacobwtasty: port 8021:01
Tixosno zastaph21:01
zastaphcan't find out how it got there then21:01
qman___probably got installed as a recommend21:01
qman___the base install does not include a DNS server21:01
jacobwtasty: yeah21:02
tastyjacobw, thanks man21:02
zastaphok found the source, bind9 was hidden in a long apt-get guide I followed :p21:02
ikoniatasty: also be aware of #httpd channel for apache questions21:02
jacobwtasty: typically, you'd have a 'DocumentRoot' directive21:03
jacobwtasty: i.e. 'DocumentRoot /var/www'21:03
tastyikonia: thank-you21:03
tastyjacobw, thank-you21:04
tastynow I know the issue lies in my perl kit or python21:04
* tasty slowly removes himself from the room21:05
tastydon't get any funny ideas, I'm watching you guys. XD21:06
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tastyHi, I just wanted to let you guys know, you helped me decide to quit linux21:59
qman___good, we're better off without that kind of attitude22:04
popeyapw: filed bug 930778 if you have any info you think should be added I'd appreciate knowing. have mailed my friend to let him know I filed it22:20
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 930778 in linux "Thinkpad X40 doesn't support PAE, so unable to install 12.04" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93077822:20
aarcanecan ubuntu kvm-quem + guests be configured such that when an OOM Killer event has to happen, that first an attempt is made to reclaim memory from the baloon dynamically ?23:21
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josephoe1ixHmm. How can I make sure my php5-fpm processes restart when a php update is installed by automatic updates?23:47
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