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jbermudesIs anyone here in the MOTU team? epikvision came to our Pasadena Ubuntu Hour yesterday wanting to learn how to contribute back to Ubuntu and expressed interest in MOTU03:49
jbermudesHe's a really cool guy who wants to help out in any way he can with Ubuntu, so be nice :)03:50
pleia2broder is core dev, but he's been very busy lately03:57
pleia2http://daniel.holba.ch/blog/2012/02/new-ubuntu-developers-in-the-making/ is a nice post from today about getting involved with dev :)03:58
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broderhuh what?05:05
broderah. hey epikvision05:06
broderyeah, i've always felt that our answers for "what to work on" have been rather lackluster05:06
broderbut i think the "scratch your own itch" approach is definitely the best05:06
brodercan you think of any bugs that are affecting you personally?05:07
epikvisionHow do we identify them?05:07
epikvisionAt the moment, not much.05:07
broderok. well, if you think of anything, that's almost always the most rewarding thing to work on05:10
akkI'm not sure just picking any random bug is the right approach. You need something where active maintainers are interested in getting patches.05:10
broderthat certainly helps, but i think that an active ubuntu community can mediate that some, and being able to directly see the effects of your contribution is powerful05:11
akkLast time I submitted a patch it took 18 months to get anyone to look at it05:12
epikvisionIm slightly confused.05:12
akkand then only because a friend took pity on me and wrote a script to turn it into the right kind of debdiff05:12
epikvisionWow. That is a pain.05:12
broderturn it into the right kind of debdiff> that's a different class of problem05:13
akkIt turned out to be needed to get anyone to consider the patch.05:13
akkAnd there were 3 different types of debdiff and it wasn't obvious which one -- I wasted a full day on one only to be told it was the wrong type.05:14
broderwell, it sounds like you took the long way around. the shorter way, which i believe all of our documentation covers, is to subscribe the ubuntu-sponsors team05:15
akk(I did a bzr-based thing that the packaging guide implied was the right thing to do)05:15
akkI was told in the bug "a debdiff is necessary if you want a sponsor"05:16
epikvisionSo broder, where can i find more info in being a help to developers like yourself?05:16
broderakk: then you got a crappy sponsor. i sponsor non-debdiffs from the sponsor queue05:17
epikvisionI wanted to start as newbie packager.05:17
akkThings may have improved since then. That was a bit over 2 years ago.05:17
broderi think they generally have05:17
akkpatch piloting and such are a great step forward -- there wasn't anything like that then05:18
broderepikvision: well, definitely stop by #ubuntu-motu and see what other people recommend05:19
broderdaniel's big project has been harvest.ubuntu.com, which collects lists of bugs that meet certain criteria05:20
broderlet's see...some of them are better than others05:20
broderbitesize is supposed to be the sort of thing you're looking for, but it can be hit or miss05:20
epikvisionAlright, ill get started.  Thank you sir!05:21
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MarkDudeAkk was saying the cali channel is set to invite only18:01
akkWhen I tried to join about 10 min ago, I got kicked off with a message, "invite-only channel".18:03
MarkDudeHelp join the Open Source revolution, ONLY if you are invited tho :)18:04
pleia2did you try to join #ubuntu-california rather than #ubuntu-us-ca18:08
akkChecking my xchat settings ...18:09
pleia2if you join them both  you'll get an invite error on -california18:09
pleia2hmm, #ubuntu-california forward seems to work ok though18:09
akkYes! xchat was still set to -california18:10
akkthough I didn't try to join both, only -california (and that works, most days)18:10
akkbut now I've changed it to -us-ca18:10
pleia2maybe the server was just being wonky18:10
pleia2seems to work ok now18:10
akkI've seen it once before, a few months ago. And that time it persisted for an hour or two.18:10
akkBut this time, I retried in 10 min and got in.18:10
akkI guess freenode has some weirdness with the name redirect.18:11
cjohnstonGreetings.. now from LA18:38
akkgreetings, cjohnston18:40
philipballewla, thats a nice place18:50
cjohnstonI have family and friends down here that I'm visiting18:52
philipballewI was there 3 weeks ago. Good area19:17
MarkDudeWell minus the smog19:17
* MarkDude was just there for Scale. Would like to move to Venice Beach19:18
philipballewthankfully the smog had not invaded the Hilton19:18
MarkDudeYes it did :D19:18
MarkDudeWe were not only in smog, we have airport next door for extra fumes - lol19:18
* MarkDude likes *visiting* LA19:19
akkI like LA, but not the area around LAX.19:29
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