brouschwow, nginx is hella fast http://clusterbleep.dyndns.org:800001:04
rick_hwhy it's used a lot as a proxy01:06
brouschhm, now static files are gone again01:06
brouschsheesh, there, finally figured out nginx i think01:21
brouschi thought i had to go to the static dir, but i really had to go 1 level above it01:23
rick_hbrousch: huh?02:41
tjagodaSteam was compromised03:14
tjagodaWhy is everybody failing at security these days?!03:15
Blazeixtjagoda: a new hack?03:17
Blazeixnot just the one a few months ago?03:17
tjagodamight be the same one, I just haven't noticed it in the news03:17
tjagodasays they lost a bunch of encrypted CC information from 2004-200803:18
greg-ghello hello16:21
snap-lI want to make whomever makes a useful tax prep software for Linux to become extremely wealthy.19:26
brouschbeen using it since 2005 on linux19:31
snap-lI've been using TaxAct for the past few years, but now it's acting like shit because they use IE for their rendering engine19:36
snap-lso now I'm running in a VM19:36
snap-lI'm almost afraid to keep this thing running for any lenght of time before it suddenly gets infected by God knows what. :)19:38
Blazeixyou need to be careful with a windows machine, otherwise you might accidentally install silverlight19:43
snap-lAnd that's bad why?19:45
Blazeixi dislike silverlight, so i was implying it was malware19:59
jrwrenso flash is OK, but silverlight is bad? I hope you vomit from cognitive disonance :p21:04
Blazeixhey, i'm not a fan of flash either, but i've only developed silverlight.21:06
Blazeixa little bit of actionscript here and there, but not enough to really grok it21:06
rick_hThere's a special level of hell for idiots that ring the doorbell during nap time and wake the boy up...it not I'll invent it21:14
jrwrenrick_h: lol.21:19
_stink_yeah, that's horrible.21:34
rick_h_stink_: yea, 40min nap means fussy boy21:36
rick_h_stink_: how's your weekend looking next week?21:37
rick_hgoing to call the caribou about getting the room either 18th or 25th21:38
rick_hbah, and of course they don't pick up the phone21:43
_stink_right, lemme check21:48
_stink_rick_h: not sure it matters between the two of those dates21:49
_stink_next weekend is slightly less busy so might be marginally better21:49
_stink_but either one i think21:49
_stink_when wife wakes up i'll double check with her21:49
_stink_we have not had a doorbell ring, so i'm the only one awake here. :P21:49

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