bkerensahello all21:49
c_smith_bkerensa, I might be able to attend tomorrow night's meeting, I say might because the net here is a bit iffy (I'm at Gold Beach)21:51
c_smith_so even if I make it, I might cut in and out.21:51
bkerensac_smith_: Okie dokie21:52
bkerensac_smith_: How is the small coastal town of gold beach? Are you on vacation?21:52
bkerensaThey have a good pancake restaurant in gold beach btw21:52
c_smith_bkerensa, o.n a vacation until monday21:52
c_smith_how the heck did the first period get there?21:53
c_smith_anywho, I got a nice custom PC given to me by one of Jim's friends (I'm not talking about JVLB)21:53
bkerensac_smith_: You should go to Brookings21:54
bkerensaor Crescent City21:54
c_smith_been through Brookings to the Redwood park in CA.21:54
c_smith_just today in fact.21:54
bkerensac_smith_: Which redwood park? Redwood National Park in Crescent City? There are like 15 parks there21:57
bkerensaJed Smith Park?21:57
c_smith_bkerensa, Jedediah Smith Redwood Park, yep21:57
bkerensac_smith_: Cool :) I used to swim there every summer21:58
bkerensaI went to High School in Crescent City :)21:58
c_smith_I have a few Pics near there on my tablet.21:58
bkerensa:) I was down there for Christmas21:58
bkerensaProbably will go again in the Spring sometime21:58
c_smith_awesome, I went to school in several different states throughout my school life.21:58
c_smith_wonder if I should take a pic of the PC tower I was given.21:59
c_smith_would you be interested in seeing the tower I was given if I uploaded a pic?22:03

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