kklimondahey, I have a weird issue with precise under virtualbox - when I use mouse scroll to scroll down sometimes it emits scroll up - I can see  in xev that button 4  is pressed/released (but I obviously don't scroll up myself). Any idea what may be causing it?00:18
kklimondahmm, maybe it's because it is being detected as a tablet.. hmm00:19
brycehkklimonda, yeah a few people have mentioned seeing that issue00:19
brycehthere's a bug filed about it, but I don't know if a workaround is identified yet00:19
kklimondaah, great00:20
cndbryceh, Sarvatt: fyi, I just pushed new x11proto-input, libxi, and xorg-server patches into precise00:48
cndI'm about to update evdev and synaptics00:48
Sarvattcnd: so about clickpad, do you plan on enabling it via dmi quirks?00:48
Sarvattthats going to be a massive quirk list i bet00:48
cndSarvatt, the kernel drivers should tell us00:48
cndemphasis on "should"00:48
Sarvattfor actual synaptics clickpads only?00:49
cndthe magic trackpad and macbook trackpad drivers don't yet00:49
cndno, for all "buttonpads" in the kernel terms00:49
cndI need to update the apple trackpad drivers so they do00:49
cndwe may need to dmi quirk a few synaptics models here and there00:50
Sarvattgood thing the kernel freezes waaaaay later than userspace :)00:50
brycehwonder if/when we get the 2 new X guys if it'd be worth holding a X-team sprint?00:50
Sarvattbryceh: same time as desktop sprint?00:50
Sarvattimagine theres going to be individual team sprints, was assuming tjaalton and me would just go out to the desktop one00:50
brycehah, didn't know we were having a desktop sprint00:51
Sarvattme neither00:51
brycehyeah that'd make sense00:51
Sarvatttalking out of my rear00:51
brycehwell, if we don't still might make sense for us to do orientation for the new guy(s)00:51
Sarvattworst case though yeah we totally have enough people to do an x team sprint now00:51
Sarvattwith 2 new people00:52
Sarvattportland sounds good :)00:52
brycehgood point, saves at least 2 people's air fare00:52
Sarvattwell, DC, italy, tasmania, portland, portland, finland, insert 2 new people here00:53
cndSarvatt, bryceh: portland would be awesome00:53
cndthen I could come :)00:53
cndhang out at least00:54
cndwhat's our naming scheme when we need to upload something based on the latest stuff in git?00:54
Sarvattwhat package?00:54
cndevdev and synaptics00:55
cndSarvatt, what's the definition of europeandate?00:55
brycehshouldn't it be +git ?00:55
cndyeah, seems like it should be +git00:56
cndoh, no timestamp00:56
cndyeah, that would get annoying00:56
Sarvattoh version+giteuropeandate-fooubuntubarX it looks like, just use whatever it used before :)00:57
cndoh yeah, it should be obvious in the changelog00:58
* cnd slaps himself00:58
Sarvattyou're doing all the stuff there, use whats most obvious for you :)00:59
cndI just want to be sure I don't do anything stipid00:59
cndlike put the git version in front of the date00:59
Sarvattwell if you update the git revision past debian use 0ubuntu instead of 1ubuntu00:59
cndhmmm... looks like they've done that in the past00:59
brycehyeah only use 1ubuntu when debian made the snapshot.  0ubuntu when we make it01:00
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brycehhum.  I have no idea what my son did but my control key no longer seems to work20:19
brycehxev doesn't even see it20:19
kklimondabryceh: maybe he's spilled something?20:21
brycehno evidence of that20:22
kklimondamaybe he's cleaned it afterwards ;)20:22
bryceh(although he did do that to a laptop keyboard once)20:22
brycehheh, if I press both ctrl keys simultaneously it gives me a ctrl20:30
brycehwell now that was fun20:38
JanCbryceh: either ctrl doesn't give anything, but both combined does?21:02
brycehJanC, right21:04
brycehafter messing with it a while I lost all keyboard input, so had to reboot anyway21:05
brycehthink it might have been a window manager bug, although it affected the console too.  I'll see if it happens again.21:06
brycehJanC, yeah if I held the L ctrl and typed R ctrl, xev showed CTRL_R clicked, and vice versa.  interesting bug.21:07
JanCif it works right after reboot, it sounds like its a software bug indeed, but still sounds weird  ☺21:07
JanClaptop keyboard or USB ?21:08
JanCin case of USB, you can try to unplug/replug?21:08
brycehI did try unplugging/replugging a few times, but no effect21:08
JanCthen it's even weirder ☺21:09
JanCas I suppose some of the software stuff gets reset then21:09
JanCbryceh: and if the console has the same bug, that might indicate a kernel bug  :P21:10
brycehyeah, nothing was in dmesg though21:13
brycehrestarting the window manager had a weird effect.  It made it seem like ctrl was always depressed.  or something.21:15
brycehafter restarting it once or twice more I lost keyboard entirely21:15
jschallCan anyone help me with this problem? My touchpad is too sensitive after an update: http://pastebin.com/QfJkDKif23:36

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