Kilosmorning all06:39
Kilosshame , no one helped poor philip on the lists, dunno if i gave him all thats needed, maybe he didnt have data on the modem06:46
Kiloshiya superfly 07:09
superflymorning Kilos!07:09
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 07:28
Kiloslo nuvolari 07:28
nuvolarihow're you oom?07:29
Kilosok dankie seun en jy?07:29
nuvolarigaan goed dankie oom07:42
nuvolarigaan nou nou kiekies neem07:42
Kiloslol van wat07:43
Kilosmeisies op die strand?07:43
Kilosnuvolari, ^^07:44
Kiloslo zeref 07:48
Kiloswow that mail of philips came from facebook07:49
=== confluency_ is now known as confluence
=== confluence is now known as confluency
rossouwaphi guys, off-topic. does anyone have experience with Pastel Evolution? Particularly pricing?08:54
kbmonkeyhi all09:12
kbmonkeyhi nuvolari09:14
kbmonkeyhi nlsthzn how is the weekend09:48
nlsthznbecame a lot more awesome with a new gfx card :) and yours?09:51
kbmonkeysuper :) what did you get?09:52
kbmonkeyim discovering sup-mail, a CLI mail agent with gmail like features09:53
kbmonkeythis wireless is so bad, keeps dropping. so the gmail interface doesnt even load. lol09:53
nlsthzngot a radeon hd6850...09:54
nlsthznGame on!!09:54
* nlsthzn has to work now, play games and study for LPIC :p09:56
kbmonkeylater you may want to check out live.linux-gamers.net 09:56
kbmonkeyback to work... :D09:56
nlsthzn:) - Gaming on Windows for now... waiting for 12.04 to drop before I go dual boot09:57
magespawnHi all10:11
magespawnkbmonkey  you here?10:11
magespawnmaaz tell kbmonkey handcrafted.it programming website concentrating on html, CSS and javascript10:14
Maazmagespawn: Okay, I'll tell kbmonkey on freenode10:14
kbmonkeyhi magespawn 10:15
Maazkbmonkey: By the way, magespawn on freenode told me "tell kbmonkey handcrafted.it programming website concentrating on html, CSS and javascript" 5 seconds ago10:15
kbmonkeythanks Maaz 10:15
magespawnHi kbmonkey10:15
kbmonkeyhi magespawn :) did you also see codecademy.com?10:15
magespawnYup busy with the program.10:16
kbmonkeyThanks, will have a looksey!10:17
magespawnLater all.10:20
superflyMaaz: announce Ubuntu Hour today at Lyra's in Rondebosch, Cape Town, 2-3pm10:38
MaazHear ye, hear ye! Ubuntu Hour today at Lyra's in Rondebosch, Cape Town, 2-3pm10:38
* tumbleweed waves, but hopefully they ubuntu hour is offline12:47
superflytumbleweed: it was - I was the only one with a computer, and the place neglected to give me a voucher to get onto their "free" wifi15:34
superflyMezenir: was good to see you today.15:34
tumbleweedsuperfly: :)15:36
Mezenirhey man15:38
Mezenirlikewise :)15:38
Mezeniroh yeah we forgot about using the wifi15:39
Mezenirdidnt miss it thou15:39
tumbleweedthat's a good sign15:39
nlsthznso I take it the ubuntu hour went well? :)15:48
hjoubertit was fun15:54
superflynlsthzn: indeed15:58
superflyit would have been nice to have some newer users and have been able to chat with them about Ubuntu, etc, but we had a nice bunch of folk :-)16:01
Kilosevening all17:28
Kiloshi hjoubert 17:28
Kiloswhew such a busy channel19:31
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 19:51
nuvolariwhich channel?19:51
Kilosnaand nuvolari 19:52
Kilosthis one19:52
nuvolarioh ya19:52
nuvolariextremely busy19:52
nuvolarican hear a pin drop19:52
Kilosalmal het die motto "stil bek is heel bek"19:52
nuvolarija nee oom, of hulle vlug van die hitte19:53
Kiloswatter hitte?19:53
nuvolaridis warm vanaand19:53
KilosMaaz, weather in capetown south africa19:53
MaazKilos: City not found19:53
KilosMaaz, weather in pretoria south africa19:54
MaazKilos: That didn't go down very well. Burp.19:54
Kilosdie bot is siek lyk my19:55
KilosMaaz, weather in cape town south africa19:55
MaazKilos: In Cape Town, South Africa at 9:00 PM SAST on February 11, 2012: 18°C; Humidity: 73%; Wind: SW at 6 km/h; Conditions: Partly Cloudy; Sunrise/set: 6:16 AM SAST/7:42 PM SAST; Moonrise/set: 9:41 PM SAST/10:00 AM SAST19:55
Kilosdis koud by die vlieg hulle19:58
KilosMaaz, weather in durban south africa19:58
MaazKilos: In La Mercy, South Africa at 9:49 PM SAST on February 11, 2012: 20°C; Humidity: 94%; Wind: SW at 17 km/h; Conditions: Light Rain; Sunrise/set: 5:32 AM SAST/6:47 PM SAST; Moonrise/set: 8:54 PM SAST/9:06 AM SAST19:58
nuvolaridis deel van die huis20:04
nuvolariook Kilos, ek gaan duik20:04
nuvolari lekker slaap oom20:04
Kilosok seun jy okk20:04
Kilosook ok20:04
Kilossien jou more20:04
Kilosnight all you lurkers, see ya morrow20:06
Kilossleep tight20:06

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