scienceNinjaBobaren't there drivers for mouse and touch-pad that can be reinstalled?00:00
hydrox24scienceNinjaBob: no, the "drivers" are kinda generic/inbuilt00:00
hydrox24scienceNinjaBob: I think....00:00
damo22scienceNinjaBob: i dont see how they are related , what is the actual problem you are experiencing00:00
cfhowlettscienceNinjaBob: there are some drivers for specific make/model = just depends.00:00
waglewhat subsystem in 10.04 mounts disks?  i want to see the scripts, and i'm not finding them00:01
scienceNinjaBobthe problem is when i touch my touchpad or move my mouse my screen flickers a few times and i'm back at the login screen00:01
OerHeks!fstab | wagle00:02
ubottuwagle: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions00:02
urlin2uwagle, fstab, gksudo gedit /etc/fstab if I understand you here.00:02
schurlhydrox24: thanks man it worked00:02
hydrox24schurl: cool!00:02
schurlhydrox24: even after a restart00:02
damo22scienceNinjaBob: someone found a problem with vga16fb using this sis card00:03
schurlhydrox24: do i have to do a automount00:03
damo22scienceNinjaBob: im not sure if this is the solution00:03
schurlhydrox24: or is it automaticaly mounted?00:03
urlin2uwagle, that makes it read and write backup the one that works before you do anything00:03
damo22scienceNinjaBob: do you want to know what they did00:03
hydrox24schurl: I dunno, is this like an external drive, because my USB drives auto-mount when hot-plugged (pugged in while the laptop is running)00:03
scienceNinjaBobyes sure anything that mite help00:03
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schurlhydrox24: no its an internal wd-green 1tb drive00:04
damo22scienceNinjaBob: sudo su00:04
hydrox24schurl: OK, and you know anything about how it's formateed (windows/NTFS or mac/HFS+)???00:05
nemoSooo, why is it that after I installed chrome, merely for testing purposes, links from update manager open in it?00:05
schurlhydrox24: its ntfs00:05
nemoI most definitely did not set it as my default browser00:05
scienceNinjaBobyeah i'm root now00:05
damo22echo "blacklist vga16fb" > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-vga16fb.conf00:05
damo22scienceNinjaBob: ^^00:05
Gentoo64nemo, because the update manager knows chrome loads faster00:06
nemoGentoo64: complete nonsense00:06
nemoI presume stupid package sets a higher weight00:06
urlin2uGentoo64, not even close to helpful.00:06
nemooh well00:06
nemoI'll figure it out myself00:06
waglei meant external disk00:06
scienceNinjaBobthat's it? let me try to use the touch pad.00:06
hydrox24schurl: ahh, well... I wanna go have my morning coffee now, can I come back in 10-20 mins. alterntively, look up (google) "mount ntfs fstab ubuntu 11.10"00:06
damo22scienceNinjaBob: then do this:   update-initramfs -u00:06
urlin2unemo, you can set the deault browser.00:07
schurlhydrox24: good morning, its 1 in the morning here in vienna :)00:07
nemourlin2u: tried that in firefox. said it already was default.  So I assume it got set somewhere else00:07
scienceNinjaBobk he's doing something00:07
Wargasmnemo: or you can just get rid of chrome :)00:07
schurlhydrox24: enjoy and thx00:07
nemoWargasm: yeah, that's probably a good idea, although occasionally I do need to try and figure out why it is screwing up a site layout00:07
Gentoo64nemo, try in the system settings menu00:07
Gentoo64nemo, there should be some default browser setting there somewhere00:08
wunnlehey, i'm trying to pair my bluetooth device with my ubuntu. I'm following a guide, which told me to run "hcitool scan".  I did, but i get this error > "Device is not available: No such device". What's the problem?00:08
scienceNinjaBobupdated initramfs00:08
damo22scienceNinjaBob: reboot00:08
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...00:08
stx1wow did not get pinged... I miss the scripts00:08
nemohm. changing it from "Debian sensible browser" to Firefox in prefered apps appears to have fixed...00:08
nemoI guess "Debian sensible" is one that gets overridden by whatever package has a higher weight... or something like that.00:09
nemoanyway. all better. Thanks for the genuinely useful suggestion in the end, Gentoo64 :)00:09
urlin2unemo, no not really go to Settings->System Info->Default Applications tp pick the default you want00:09
nemourlin2u: riiight. I did something like that, except in the xfce4 path ;)00:09
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shellcodei only get 1300x by something on my ubuntu 11.1000:11
shellcodei want it to have 1900x1080 as this my hd tv resolution00:11
cfhowlettshellcode: wholly depends on what your graphics card can handle00:11
waglerepeat with important rewording: what subsystem in 10.04 mounts EXTERNAL disks when i plug them in? i want to see the scripts, and i'm not finding them00:12
shellcodeit could handle 2000x something max00:12
shellcodei have geoforce 21000:12
damo22scienceNinjaBob: so how did it go00:13
scienceNinjaBobok the good news is that the comp still work bad news x still crashes00:14
almoxarifeshellcode: did you install nvidia-current ?00:15
scienceNinjaBobyes I know…00:15
damo22scienceNinjaBob: is this a laptop?00:15
shellcodewhat u mean nvidia-currentr00:15
scienceNinjaBobyes a siemens esprimo v-553500:16
almoxarifeshellcode: did you install nvidia-current ? i mean the driver for your card, that which makes your card work00:16
damo22scienceNinjaBob: hope someone can help i gtg00:16
scienceNinjaBobok thanks for trying00:17
shellcodebut it only goes to00:17
schurldoes anyone know a script that does the same? http://www.thehtpc.net/htpc/file-to-folder-script/00:17
shellcodein windows i could push up to 1900x108000:18
almoxarifeshellcode: have you configured the card with the app that was installed ? forget windows unless you want to run windows, i get it, it works fine in windows00:19
skippurI'm looking for some help installing NVIDIA driver on ubuntu 11.10... suggested channels?00:20
almoxarifeskippur: install 'nividia-current'00:20
shellcodei configure that00:20
shellcodewith nvidia server x00:20
skippurok i'm brand new to linux so if you don't mind me clarifying00:21
skippur# apt-get nvidia-current00:22
skippurlike that?00:22
totesmuhgoatsskippur: yes00:23
almoxarifeskippur: its a two step thing, yes, apt-get install nvidia-current00:23
skippuryes, thanks for your patience00:23
totesmuhgoatsskippur: you might need to issue 'sudo apt-get install nvidia current'00:23
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)00:23
totesmuhgoatser nvidia-current00:23
levitskymorning guiiiies00:23
almoxarifeskippur: once its installed there will be a configuration app/gui/program that allows you to change settings to meet your needs00:24
almoxarife!info synaptic00:24
ubottusynaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.75.2ubuntu8 (oneiric), package size 2099 kB, installed size 6980 kB00:24
ISOcratesWhen does the next major release of Ubuntu come out?00:25
levitskyIt's arleady on the ftp IS0crates.00:25
almoxarifesynaptic is the smart easy way of adding and deleting apps and anything else00:25
ISOcratesOh word00:25
scienceNinjaBobmoving my mouse or touching my touch pad makes the x server crash and sets me back to the log in screen my xserv.log http://pastebin.com/t2YxJVui00:25
cfhowlettISOcrates: 12.04 april00:25
ubottuisocrates: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)00:26
almoxarifei noticed one of the ppas i have had the new 3.2 kernel avail for install, so i did, on 11.10, i want to say things seem faster, nothing is broke, anyone else try it?00:27
mut3cityWhat's the reason behind the .04 and. 10 versioning?00:27
almoxarifemut3city: there is a big difference between .04 and .10 also00:28
levitskyIS0crates http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/00:28
mut3citySo always two major releases a year?00:29
cfhowlettmut3city: yes - and no.  2 interim releases every year.  Long Term Support release every two years.  Interim releases are more bleeding edge and experimental compared to LTS releases00:30
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logcfhowlett: I wouldn't call them "bleeding edge and experimental."00:31
logThey're stable releases.00:31
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ISOcratesOk thanks00:32
BlouBloucfhowlett: normal and LTS versions are equal, they just difference in how much time they're supported.00:33
BlouBloufor how much00:33
cfhowlettBlouBlou: TY00:33
AlexMakoEyezhey peeps i need osm einfo00:33
skippuralmoxarife:  when opening the gui ('NVIDIA X server settings') it says it's not using NVIDIA X driver. Edit X configuration file.... and restart X server00:33
log!ask | AlexMakoEyez00:33
ubottuAlexMakoEyez: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience00:33
BlouBlou!caps | Alexia_Death00:34
ubottuAlexia_Death: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:34
log!caps | AlexMakoEyez00:34
ubottuAlexMakoEyez: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:34
BlouBlouyeah, that00:34
logBlouBlou: heh00:34
almoxarifeskippur: did you restart?00:34
ubottualexmakoeyez: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:34
urlin2uAlexMakoEyez, you still have a windows install?00:34
AlexMakoEyezNO I DONT ULRIN200:35
skippurdoing so now almoxarife00:35
hayerI got a disk that fdisk -l says "system: linux" - how can i make it NTFS? mkfs.ntfs -q /dev/sdb1 dosnt seem to work - it just hangs00:35
almoxarifeskippur: cool00:35
AlexMakoEyezim new to linux and was wondering how to run the wine after installing and extracting00:35
urlin2uAlexMakoEyez, well okay then you can tab complete nics so that we are actually notified of your answer. :)00:35
superdave321!wine | AlexMakoEyez00:36
ubottuAlexMakoEyez: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu00:36
scienceNinjaBobwhy do I have 5 different Xorg logs anyway?00:36
logAlexMakoEyez: /join #winehq00:37
superdave321AlexMakoEyes: basically, once you have wine installed, just run a windows program00:37
almoxarifeAlexMakoEyez: with wine installed you will be able to execute some but not all windows apps, good luck00:37
superdave321speaking of wine... anyone else have any problems running Spotify under wine? I keep crashing...00:37
almoxarifescienceNinjaBob: the current and the oldest00:38
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+100:38
AlexMakoEyezerrr no one in #winehq is responding00:38
logsuperdave321: #winehq for application problems under Wine00:38
levitskyguiieez where's the precise changelog? can't find it00:38
scienceNinjaBobis xorg.0.log the current one? because the all say 2011 at the top00:38
superdave321log: ehh. ok.00:38
AlexMakoEyezjust please explain how to run wine after extracting...what file to i click to launch wine?00:39
levitskyomg lulz00:39
cfhowlettAlexMakoEyez: wine is for running windows programs.  You have to have a windows program in mind for wine to do anything.  What windows program are your trying to run00:40
ubuntuaddictedpulseaudio question. when I boot up my 10.04.3 desktop the volume is at 140%. I have to open vol manger and turn it down, anyone help weith that?00:41
superdave321AlexMakoEyes: wine is just a compatibility layer. you don't have to launch wine to make it work. as long as it is properly installed, you should be able to run most windows apps00:41
ubuntuaddictedim sure it's a config somewhere but just not sure which config file00:41
superdave321AlexMakoEyez: wine is just a compatibility layer. you don't have to launch wine to make it work. as long as it is properly installed, you should be able to run most windows apps00:41
shellcodei updated the driver00:42
shellcoderesolution still the same00:43
ubuntuaddictedanyone know pulseaudio config file location? for amplified gain on output vol?00:43
ubuntuaddictedit's version 1:0.9.22~0.9.21+stable-queue-32-g8478-0ubuntu14.100:43
cfhowlettubuntuaddicted: /home/.pulse00:44
ubuntuaddictedcfhowlett, is it the default.pa?00:44
ubuntuaddictedcfhowlett, it might even be equalizerrc I support.00:45
cfhowlettubuntuaddicted: unknown - I think it's user specific setting in that file.00:45
lewis1711how do I set the system time based on the hardware clock? Not the other way around. I foolishly adjusted the time and want to set it to an accurate time again00:45
cfhowlettlewis1711: System>Administration>Time&Date00:46
ubuntuaddictedcfhowlett, ok, thanks for pointing me in the right direction00:46
ubuntuaddictedi can't wait for 12.04!00:46
cfhowlettubuntuaddicted: good luck00:46
ubuntuaddictedcfhowlett, thanks, I can't wait to go to the next stable LTS release.00:46
cfhowlettubuntuaddicted: co-sign00:46
lewis1711cfhowlett: not using the gnome desktop, what's the binary name?00:47
cfhowlettlewis1711: wait one...00:47
devpunkany know if exist file inittab on ubuntu?00:48
cfhowlettlewis1711: http://www.tutorialarena.com/blog/get-or-set-current-system-time-ubuntu-linux.php00:48
OerHekslewis1711, set it in your bios first.00:48
lewis1711OerHeks: it is set in my bios. I changed the system time for a stupid reason. want to reset it based on my bios hardware time00:49
devpunkany ?00:49
HodappHas anyone made two-finger drag work on Ubuntu 11.10 on Macbooks? Right now, I basically can't drag at all.00:49
Hodappand every solution I look for is outdated, wrong, or somehow otherwise useless.00:50
superdave321how does one take a screenshot?00:50
cfhowlettsuperdave321: applications>accessories>screenshot00:50
superdave321cfhowlett: Thanks.00:51
cfhowlettsuperdave321: ALT printscrn00:51
levitskyHodapp: Ubuntu is arleady there for macs00:52
levitskyHodapp: i386 version00:52
Hodapplevitsky: This is not what I asked.00:53
cfc__ahhh finaly00:53
levitskyHodapp: you mean touchpad support for ubuntu on macs?00:53
cfc__took me forever to get this set up lol00:53
Hodapplevitsky: Two-finger drag.00:54
Hodapplevitsky: Right now, I really cannot drag the cursor.00:54
cfc__how do i update drivers in ubuntu server???00:55
OerHeksHodapp, did you look at mactel pages & mactel ppa ?00:55
logHodapp: Which MacBook do you have?00:55
ubottucfc_: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server00:55
Hodapplog: 5,100:55
OerHekshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam https://launchpad.net/~mactel-support/+archive/ppa00:55
HodappOerHeks: Just what am I looking for here?00:56
cfc__i had to install the server on a laptop since the desctop refused to start the installation'00:57
scienceNinjaBobmoving my mouse or touching my touch pad makes the x server crash and sets me back to the log in screen my xserv.log http://pastebin.com/t2YxJVui00:57
logHodapp: Are you using Unity?00:57
OerHeksHodapp, they made a synaptic driver, maybe it improves, and in the pages you can find your model & all installation info00:57
Hodapplog: No, Unity annoyed me greatly so I am presently in fluxbox.00:57
Hodappsynclient has solved a lot of the trackpad issues but I still cannot drag.00:57
logHodapp: Unity provides a lot of dragging gestures.00:57
Hodapplog: Unity did not provide any dragging gestures I was interested in using.00:58
scienceNinjaBobhey oerheks don't you have a magic spell to fiks my laptop?00:58
OerHeksHodapp, else try #Ubuntu-touch00:58
cfhowlettscienceNinjaBob: I've got you covered   http://imagebin.org/19665800:59
HodappOerHeks: I'm using the synaptics driver presently.00:59
ubuntuaddictedcfhowlett, co-sign?00:59
HodappOerHeks: Some sources indicate that I need the mtrack driver instead, and that the synaptics driver simply does not support dragging on this hardware.01:00
cfhowlettubuntuaddicted: OK01:00
ubuntuaddictedcfhowlett, i am asking what you meant by "co-sign" ? lol01:00
cfhowlettubuntuaddicted: "I agree completely with this statement"01:00
ubuntuaddictedcfhowlett, lol, nice.01:01
HodappIt looks like I'm not the only one who has this issue on Macbooks.01:01
ubuntuaddictedcfhowlett, you see that ubuntu has a business remix?01:01
OerHeksscienceNinjaBob, i am sorry, i only have bad experience with SIS/ali chipsets01:01
ubuntuaddictedi also can't wait for UbuntuTV01:01
cfhowlettubuntuaddicted: already got it in virtualbox.  Looks great.01:01
ubuntuaddictedcfhowlett, yeap01:01
ubuntuaddictedcfhowlett, i run Vbox with the business remix01:02
scienceNinjaBoblol so do i...01:02
ubuntuaddictedthere was a great write up here: http://blog.canonical.com/2012/02/10/introducing-the-ubuntu-business-desktop-remix-by-canonical/01:02
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HodappI suppose I could just not use my touchpad...01:04
Hodapphm, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/86170001:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 861700 in Ubuntu "Click and drag does not work properly on Macbook installations of Ubuntu 11.10" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:04
hydrox24ubuntuaddicted: I think ubunru TV will be awesome, hopefully it'll make better use of unity too.01:06
Hodapphttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/367399 . . . and apparently they've not made any progress in 3 years01:06
ubottuUbuntu bug 367399 in xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (Ubuntu) "Dragging with touchpad on MacBook does not work" [Undecided,Confirmed]01:07
ubuntuaddictedhydrox24, yes sir01:07
OerHeksHodapp, i found this > http://askubuntu.com/questions/9460/is-it-possible-to-get-dragging-working-on-a-macbook-multi-touch-touch-pad01:09
scienceNinjaBobmoving my mouse or touching my touch pad makes the x server crash and sets me back to the log in screen my xserv.log http://pastebin.com/t2YxJVui01:09
OerHeksHodapp, && touchegg http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2011/10/ubuntu-1110-in-macbook-pro.html01:10
visual1ceubuntu just logs me out every now and then - all my apps close too01:10
regeyabeen using linux since '01:10
regeyawell that was random01:11
visual1ceit goes to that black screen like when its shutting down then back to login screen01:11
visual1cehow do i find out what is going on?01:11
HodappOerHeks: I do not see any evidence whatsoever that that second link addresses the issue of dragging.01:11
cfc__seems to me ther server support is very inactive01:14
HodappOerHeks: though I think the multitouch driver fixed things... thanks01:15
OerHeksHodapp, have fun01:15
courtneyim transfering files over a gigabit network over ssh. Why am I only transfering at 1mb/s01:16
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo01:19
Hodappcourtney: what is the CPU load at at each end?01:19
dingdangdonganybody using gyache here? how can I set a proxy here? can't find the 'setting' menu. :-/01:19
levitskywhat was the command to disable sudo and enable root account? sudo .. ?01:20
itaylor57levitsky, not suppored here01:21
meerkatsshould I expect problems due to the different numbers for drivers and the other 2 lines? !!ALSA Version01:21
meerkatsDriver version:     1.0.2501:21
meerkatsLibrary version:
meerkatsUtilities version:
FloodBot1meerkats: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:21
meerkatsok, can anyone answer?01:21
levitskyitaylor57 instead of just saying not supported you could help or not say anything at all.01:21
tktkbHi - in 11.10, Unity, if i start typing with juts the desktop visible, a text entry box appears in the bottom-right of the screen. What is this thing?01:21
courtneyprocessor is 4%01:22
courtneyis that what you needed?01:22
Hodappon both sides it's 4%?01:22
scienceNinjaBobmoving my mouse or touching my touch pad makes the x server crash and sets me back to the log in screen my xserv.log http://pastebin.com/t2YxJVui01:22
courtneyone is 4 and other is 1001:23
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courtneyits a 32gb file, so I would like to increase the speed01:24
janderson91zcould someone help me with a xubuntu related issue?01:24
cfhowlettjanderson91z: i'll try01:26
tktkbHi - in 11.10, Unity, if i start typing with juts the desktop visible, a text entry box appears in the bottom-right of the screen. What is this thing?01:27
gogetatktkb: a search/launcher01:27
janderson91zthank you. i install 11.10 and i activated the ati proprietary drivers in jockey. I have two monitors and it's just mirroring. when i click to open the ati control panel with administrator privileges it doesn't open01:28
tktkbgogeta: is doesn't appear to do anything once I type stuff in / hit enter - how does it work / what's it called?01:28
courtneydoes ssh have a limit of 1mb/s?01:29
janderson91zi have to open the ati control panel with root privileges in order to change the display settings to extend onto my second monitor but i can't01:29
gogetatktkb: unity isnt my thing i cant relly say how to use it fully i just knoe its a search box01:29
janderson91zi've tried "sudo amdcccle" in the terminal and that will open it but when i hit apply to apply the settings, it just closes out and nothing has changed01:30
pangolinwallflower: try asking your question in the channel, the bot can't help you.01:38
kraz3dWhat's the bash shell command to change window managers?01:40
ryandenzerkingI have some folders shared on my desktop, but when I try to access them from my laptop, it takes forever for larger folders to open.  Have I set up the network incorrectly?01:40
urlin2ukraz3d, form what to what?01:41
kraz3durlin2u: testing out e17 on 11.1001:41
urlin2ukraz3d, choose it from the login I think.01:41
hydrox24pangolin: Not sure, but to do it maually you can log out, select your username, choose the WM and then enter your pass and login.01:42
urlin2ue17 is a desktop kraz3d01:42
pangolinhydrox24: i think you sent that to me by mistake01:42
w0_best crypto software?01:44
urlin2u!best > w0_01:44
ubottuw0_, please see my private message01:44
w0_that bot didn't help =P01:44
w0_I forget what it's called ..01:45
w0_looking to encrypt home folder and usb thumbdrive01:45
urlin2uw0_, truecrypt?01:45
w0_I dono .. it's been so long01:45
kraz3durlin2u: e17 is a desktop, but enlightment is a desktop environment that is honestly very ugly.01:45
urlin2ukraz3d, check out bodhi linux.01:46
kraz3dyeah, I know. I wanted to try it out without a reinstall or liveCD though, just wanted to check out enlightment01:46
courtneyCan you resume a scp transfer?01:46
courtneyI dont see any option with --help01:47
w0_ya .. truecrypt =) I didn't sense the inflection when you asked01:47
camieman10Does anyone want to take a few minutes and answer a few questions about Linux in general for a report I'm writing?01:47
urlin2uw0_, we posted at the same time, jinx. :)01:48
w0_cam: give it a shot01:48
ubottucamieman: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:48
w0_urlin2u: haha =)01:48
D34D-S0lD13rdoes any one know of any good music editing software on ubuntu?01:48
cfhowlettD34D-S0lD13r: audacity01:48
camieman10ty ubottu =P01:48
Absortohello! So I installed ubuntustudio, but now I also need to use kbibtex which is nowhere to be found, at least not via apt-cache search. Can I add standard ubuntu repositories to my /etc/apt/sources.list? what shall I do?01:49
AbsortoD34D-S0lD13r: ardour01:49
D34D-S0lD13rcfhowlett: no i need something slightly more complex01:49
cfhowlettAbsorto: #ubuntustudio01:49
AbsortoD34D-S0lD13r: check out ubuntustudio01:49
cfhowlettD34D-S0lD13r: ardour01:49
D34D-S0lD13rAbsorto: thank you!01:49
D34D-S0lD13rcfhowlett: thank you!01:49
D34D-S0lD13rill be lurking for a bit.01:49
cfhowlettAbsorto: you should be able to install the .deb01:50
urlin2ucamieman10, I don't think I would use the IRC as a source, to be honest.01:50
Absortocfhowlett: should I get the .deb from a ubuntu repo?01:50
craigbass1976how do I see a list of all installed applications in Unity?01:51
pitopianyone have a min to help linux newb?01:51
urlin2upitopi, not unless you ask your question. :)01:52
pitopihah k01:52
pitopii just built a new pc and installed ubuntu on it. it has two problems that i don't know how to fix. first, the screen is flickering. second, it has no wireless networking functionality. i can connect it via ethernet cable but can't detect local networks wirelessly...01:54
urlin2upitopi, if you name the graphic and wireless chips/cards you will be closer01:56
pitopik 1 sec01:57
Canadian1296What is the best firewall to use on Ubuntu 11.10? I want to allow all connections from the machine to the net, but only ssh from the net to the machine. It should drop all other requests and let them time out, not say they were denied. uwf is already installed, so if it will work, how do I use it.01:57
ubottucanadian1296: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.01:57
=== nisstyre is now known as Nisstyre
Canadian1296cfhowlett: So I should use ufw?01:58
cfhowlettCanadian1296: go to the link show by ubotto01:58
cfhowlettCanadian1296: go to the link showN by ubotto01:58
Canadian1296cfhowlett: I just did, and it looks like it has all the info I need. Thanks for your help :)01:59
cfhowlettCanadian1296: good luck01:59
pitopiLAN chip: Realtek RTL8111E, Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 1g ddr5 pcie01:59
ryandenzerkingcraigbass1976: dash home --> more apps --> see more results (next to installed)01:59
urlin2upitopi, I can't really help here but having that info helps others .02:01
diuneighCould I get the assistance of an experienced Ubuntu user? To make a long story short Ubuntu crashed and now I cannot access my encrypted drive. Thank you.02:03
OsmodivsHello. Can someone tell me how to fix this issue? I opened my OS and then opened a .mp3 file with VLC, I tried to equalize the sound with the built in equilazer in VLC and BAM! there was no more sound, this is what I have with the ALSA script: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=330266ec56a0f3bbd369e9a90db1410a4bca8400 Any idea on what happened?02:05
=== richard is now known as Guest22212
ubottuosmodivs: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org02:06
cfhowlettOsmodivs: Might want to try a reboot to see if alsa or pulseaudio resets02:07
Osmodivscfhowlett: I already rebooted, I do not know what's wrong.02:07
Osmodivscfhowlett: By the way, Mint and Ubuntu are the same, so why not helping me here?02:07
OsmodivsFor some reason I can't get in to spotchat02:08
cfhowlettOsmodivs: they're not the same ...02:08
stevecamhow do i reload the gnome desktop without logging in and out02:08
urlin2ustevecam, gnome 2 or 3?02:09
tannerstestevecam, press Alt+F2, and then type "r"02:09
stevecamtannerste, nothing02:10
diuneighCould I get the assistance of an experienced Ubuntu user? To make a long story short Ubuntu crashed and now I cannot access my encrypted drive. Thank you.02:10
tannerstestevecam, from pressing Alt+F2 or the "r"02:10
cfhowlettdiuneigh: you might want to see if you can get help in forums and check with the encryption packing team02:10
stevecamI press Alt+F2 and then R, i tried holding them all down, nothing02:10
stevecamim not using unity02:11
diuneigh•cfhowlett• I have been doing that and that is why my problems keeps getting worse and worse... I am hoping someone can walk me through..02:12
OerHeksdiuneigh, all i know, what could work, is recover it with a live-cd >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory#Recovering_Your_Data_Manually02:12
tannerstestevecam, check to make sure you shortcut is setup for "show the command run prompt" = "Alt+F2" in settings02:12
tannerstefor some reason I don't think it sets that up by default02:13
zingarois holstein here?02:13
diuneigh•OerHeks• Let me take a look at that... I have tried several sites already...02:14
zingarocan anyone help me?02:14
zingarowhen i turn on my computer gump doesnt pop up???02:14
zingaroall that pops up is a resolution error thing from my screen02:14
diuneigh•Oerheks• I followed those instructions and it didn't work for me... I got to the last step and it wouldn't mount.. do you have any ideas?02:15
OerHeksdiuneigh, howecome your ubuntu so damaged ?02:15
w0_I remember the ubuntu install asking me if I wanted to encrypt my home folders .. I chose not to .. can anyone help me find a good link that would teach me how this works?  mch thx02:16
zingaroCAN anyone help me????????02:16
zingaroall i want is windows back02:16
w0_why kind of crypto etc02:16
shellcodewhats the problem02:16
zingaronoone is going to help????02:16
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/02:17
shellcodewhats the problem02:17
shellcodeinstall windows02:17
zingaroi have windows!02:17
cfhowlettzingaro: stop.02:17
shellcodethan why u saying i want windows back02:17
zingarobut crapy ubuntu wont let me get on it and it loads straight into ubuntu02:17
zingaroand wont load the grum menu or whatever it is02:18
cfhowlettzingaro: maybe when you've finished ranting???02:18
diuneigh•Oerheks• long story...1) installed playonlinux 2) it crashed while trying to get a game to work 3)when I rebooted it would not login and just loop back to the login screen. 4) I googled some solutions and tried them with a console Alt-f2 mode 5) after attempting to fix that problem I was unable to access my encrypted home dir. that is where I am now.. any ideas?02:18
zingarook sence noone here is helping me and your all getting mad when i ask ill just go buy another 3000 dollar fucking computer??? and pay 500 for windows AGAIN02:18
SpitfireWPSounds like a plan02:19
cfhowlettzingaro: no one is mad but you're not communicating clearly...02:19
tannerstezingaro, it's Grub you are looking for02:19
=== Canadian1296_ is now known as Canadian1296
cfhowletttannerste: he's gone ...02:20
urlin2uzingaro is gone02:20
tannerstecfhowlett, good02:20
OerHeksdiuneigh, not really, a crashed encrypted home is hard to recover, i don't know how (*except remounting)02:20
cfhowlettdiuneigh: also check with the server irc and forum02:20
diuneigh•OerHeks• oddly when I login at the console screen Alt-F2.. I used to see my home dir.. but now I cannot ... Is the passphrase working?02:21
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
diuneigh•cfhowlett• where is the server IRC? I thought this was it..02:21
ubottudiuneigh: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server02:21
diuneigh•cfhowlett• I'll try them too. thanks.02:22
cfhowlettdiuneigh: sorry I couldn't help more.  good luck02:23
diuneighI have googled many solutions but none work exactly...02:23
dwlockshi. On ubuntu 11.04, I found a mismatch between dpkg the package and dpkg the executable.02:23
dwlocks*version mismatch02:23
cfhowlettdiuneigh: the "comforting" thing is that your data is still there - somewhere.02:23
dwlocksthe package thinks it's 1.16.0, while the executable thinks it's 1.15.8.  any idea why?02:24
diuneigh•cfHowlett• yes.. I agree..that's why I haven't freaked out yet... I figure it is a matter of time..02:25
cfhowlettdwlocks: many bug reports on various packages.  What package are you working with02:25
diuneighIf you don't mind.. I will continue asking in this channel and hopefully some new enters who may be of help.02:25
cfhowlettdiuneigh: keep the faith!  it'll work out.02:25
urlin2udiuneigh, in the future have a backup of your stuff.02:25
diuneigh•urlin2u• yes I agree.. :)02:26
jetolediuneigh: are you... yes you're there02:26
jetoleyou were saying02:26
dwlockscfhowlett: dpkg 1.16.0-ubuntu7 contains executables that say 1.15.802:26
urlin2udiuneigh, bummer though I hope you get it fixed. :)02:26
diuneigh•jetole• I am having trouble accessing my encrypted drive..02:27
* jetole asked diuneigh to come back to #ubuntu even though some turd asked him to ask a desktop question in #ubuntu-server despite it was clearly off-topic02:27
Rurd2diwonder if 12 will go back to gnome02:27
Rurd2dii hope so02:27
Rurd2dianybody know?02:28
jetolediuneigh: now you're whole drive isn't encrypted I assume since you mentioned you get a GUI login screen02:28
logRurd2di: Unity is based on Gnome.02:28
urlin2uRurd2di, gnome 2 is not supported.02:28
diuneigh•jetole• After attemping to fix one problem... more problems came up...02:28
log!ubuntu+1 | Rurd2di02:28
ubottuRurd2di: Precise Pangolin is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+102:28
diuneigh•jetole• long story...1) installed playonlinux 2) it crashed while trying to get a game to work 3)when I rebooted it would not login and just loop back to the login screen. 4) I googled some solutions and tried them with a console Alt-f2 mode 5) after attempting to fix that problem I was unable to access my encrypted home dir. that is where I am now.. any ideas?02:28
jetolediuneigh: well let's start with whatever problem you're having. You said you get a login screen so I assume it's not your whole drive that's encrypted but instead your home partition02:28
diuneigh•jetole• yes.. home partition..02:29
jetolediuneigh: change to tty1 (ctrl+alt+f1 you can change back to Xorg but pressing alt+f7 or alt+f8) and try logging in there. Tell me what it says after you do02:30
diuneigh•jetole• I cannot log in with GUI but instead do an alt-f2 console log in.. I used to be able to see my home dir.. but now I cannot...perhaps the passphrase is not working?02:30
pnormanI'm wondering how I stop my display from going to sleep on my ubuntu box. No GUI installed.02:30
tannersteRurd2di, you're not the only one that feels that way. Check out Gnome 3 on Ubuntu02:30
jetolediuneigh: so you can log in fine under ttyX but once you do, there is nothing in your home dir?02:30
diuneigh•jetole• yes I can log in by using tty102:31
tannersteRurd2di, the Gnome 3 "Classic" look is similar to Gnome 202:31
jetolediuneigh: and yes your home dir is empty?02:31
diuneighjetrole: only two files. access-your-private-data and readme.txt02:31
pitopiwoot fixed my flashing screen02:31
dlentzRurd2di, gnome 2 is gone, get over it (or run something like mate or cinnamon)02:31
jetolediuneigh: what does readme say?02:32
cfhowlettpitopi: http://imagebin.org/19626902:32
diuneigh•jetole• ????/usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecryptfs-mount-private.txt02:32
jetolediuneigh: you can run "less readme.txt" to see the contents02:32
diuneigh•jetole• that's what I see through windows...02:32
jetolediuneigh: what does readme.txt say?02:33
diuneigh•jetole• ????/usr/share/ecryptfs-utils/ecryptfs-mount-private.txt when I read the doc through windows...02:33
jetolediuneigh: I don't use an encryped home dir so I'm trying to help but figuring this out as I do as well02:33
diuneigh•jetole• thank you.. I appreciate that..02:33
pitopicfhowlett: says image has been removed02:33
cfhowlettpitopi: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7001421/Gifs/success.jpg02:33
jetolediuneigh: login through tty1 or any tty and run "less readme.txt" (without the quotes)02:34
urlin2ucfhowlett, that is between spam and trolling.02:34
pitopihah nice02:34
jetoleI don't know what "read the doc through windows means" since you said you can't login via the gui02:34
cfhowletturlin2u: sorry02:34
jetole@ diuneigh02:34
jetolediuneigh: wait02:34
jetolecan you login as root via the gui02:34
jetole@ diuneigh02:34
Mish-I'm trying to install Ubuntu 11.10 on a Dell R710 with a PERC 6/i RAID controller.  Ubuntu installed, then shows the splash screen, then sits with a blinking cursor... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.02:34
diuneigh•jetole• I am using windows right now because I cannot use ubuntu.. I have used a live USB to access a desktop..however, I cannot use a chat with the live USB do you have a suggestion for me to use a chat while I am running the live USB?02:34
diuneigh•jetole• I cannot run those commands now.. I will need to reboot into ubuntu each time.. do you have a way I can run a chat with a live USB?02:35
jetolediuneigh: well you can install apps from a live CD/USB. I don't know how you do it on a desktop since even on my own desktop I use apt-get/aptitude and I think you should have the system live to help debug. diuneigh can you login as the root user?02:36
urlin2udiuneigh, firefox has a plugin02:36
diuneigh•jetole• I do not know how to login as root at the GUI..02:36
jetolediuneigh: aptitude install xchat && nohup xchat &> /dev/null02:36
diuneigh•urlin2u• what is it?02:36
urlin2udiuneigh, chatzilla02:36
urlin2udiuneigh, took a minutelol.02:36
jetolediuneigh: aptitude install xchat && nohup xchat &> /dev/null &02:36
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: greetings02:36
jetolediuneigh: that will bring up a irc client02:37
BlogaiGerasI seem to be having problems running the ubuntu cd... it doesn't start the installation process, just says "no emulation system <smth> 00"02:37
BlogaiGerasDoes anybody have any idea about that?02:37
quiescensfreenode probably has a web based chat thingy which will save having to install anything02:37
diuneigh•jetole• I will reboot into the live CD.. please give me a moment.. thank you for your help.. I'll be back..02:37
urlin2udiuneigh, the live cd has xchat to I believe.02:37
jetoleBlogaiGeras: you PSUCDT is incompatible02:37
WalkFarIf anyone has the time, I'm having an issue with getting Banshee to recognize my android phone so that I can add my music to it...02:37
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: it boots into live session but will not install?02:37
jetoleBlogaiGeras: just kidding, I made up the term PSUCDT02:37
diuneigh•quiescens• what is the web based chat?02:38
jetolediuneigh: let me know when done02:38
carlosatgsiehi all. having a bit of trouble with macvlans using ip link. when the server is rebooted i loose the macvlan interfaces i've created. any way to save them so they are recreated at boot time?02:38
BlogaiGerasit doesn't boot up into live session02:38
quiescensdiuneigh: if your browser works on your livecd or whatever, just go to http://webchat.freenode.net/02:38
BlogaiGerasjust the cd doesn't boot up at all02:38
BlogaiGerasI'm trying to use it as a bootable cd...02:38
jetolediuneigh: just run what I said: aptitude install xchat && nohup xchat &> /dev/null &02:38
diuneigh•Jetole• will do..02:39
ubottublogaigeras: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows02:39
WalkFarIf anyone has the time, I'm having an issue with getting Banshee to recognize my android phone so that I can add my music to it02:39
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: did you checksum the iso before booting?02:39
irfani'm facing problem in 12.0402:39
BlogaiGerasNaaah I didn't hmm02:39
jetolecfhowlett: wow that's the wrong help message for !md5sum02:39
urlin2uBlogaiGeras, have you checked th md5sum02:39
irfani upgraded it yesterday and it's seems not working fine02:40
BlogaiGerasSo I should try checksum?02:40
ubottuirfan: Precise Pangolin is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+102:40
urlin2uirfan, #ubuntu+1 is your channel02:40
urlin2uBlogaiGeras, at the least02:40
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: please do.02:41
BlogaiGerasI'll try02:41
irfanok thnx02:41
BlogaiGerasit's md5sum -c <isofile> ?02:41
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: if it checks out please come back02:41
urlin2uBlogaiGeras, look at te\he bots message to you above.02:41
jetolecfhowlett: while I don't know what your level of auth is on the channel since I'm never in here, while I agree there should be a help message on how to check the authenticity of a CD, md5sum is used for much much more and the help message makes no mention of any of it02:41
BlogaiGerasOK, I'll try02:42
lawltoadhi, when i suspend and resume, my sound dosnet work anymore02:42
jetolelawltoad: then don't suspend02:42
jetolelawltoad: maybe look into hybernation or shutdown02:43
Wargasmjetole: wow that was helpful02:43
lawltoadlol, theres no way to debug this issue? nothing to look into?02:43
dlentzlol jetole: doctor, it hurts when i do this02:43
dlentzdoctor: don't do that02:43
jetolelawltoad: though I have to ask, does your sound appear as a pci device (run: sudo lspci) and if so, does it still appear after a resume02:43
urlin2uWargasm, my thoughts to worse then me. :)02:43
BlogaiGerasJust: Put it in your windows/system32 or /windows/command folder. (In XP it's C:/Windows/system32)02:44
BlogaiGeras  <--- But i'm on my old ubuntu right now?02:44
jetoleWargasm: I try to be as helpful as all the manufacturers are helpful by providing drivers for Linux :-\02:44
lawltoadif i lsof | grep snd  and kill the pids some things will start to play sound again02:44
jetoledlentz: exactly02:44
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: wait, what?02:44
lawltoadso i don't think its a matter of thawing out my piccard02:44
Wargasmjetole: I hear that about the linux drivers02:44
urlin2uHelp I've fallen and I can't get up  jetole Well don't get up.02:44
jetolelawltoad: sounds like you have a solution already02:45
BlogaiGerasabout md5sum02:45
lawltoadits not consistant02:45
jetoleurlin2u: actually I recomended not to fall02:45
BlogaiGerasit's an exe in the link you guys gave me.02:45
lawltoadit'll get flash sound running02:45
lawltoadbut not system sound02:45
Wargasmmy computer takes too long to boot, don't turn it on02:45
carlosatgsiehi all. having a bit of trouble with macvlans using ip link. when the server is rebooted i loose the macvlan interfaces i've created. any way to save them so they are recreated at boot time?02:45
jetoleurlin2u: if you feel prone perhaps look at a wheel chair02:45
jetoleWargasm: good advice02:45
dlentzlawltoad, sounds like pulseaudio problem, start a verbose pulse log, then suspend/resume, then stop the logging02:46
=== log is now known as Logan_
lawltoadkk wll do02:47
jetoleWargasm and lawltoad: doctor! help! I don't notice comments to me in IRC if people don't say my name by using common net ettiquete or netiquette. Doctor: don't talk to those people02:47
dingdangdonghow can I set a proxy for Gyachi?02:48
jetoledoctor! help! I don't know how to spell etiquette. Doctor: :-\02:48
BlogaiGerasOK, my hash code is b11301dc298d4b16850cee2a421e3567, shouldnt it be 62fb5d750c30a27a26d01c5f3d8df459 for my ubuntu 11.10 64 bit desktop?02:49
jetoledingdangdong: is there a proxy option in preferences or under any of the menus or dialoges they return?02:49
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: check that against the 11.10 md5sum02:49
dingdangdongjetole: the thing is they actually have removed the menu it used to have :O02:49
shellcodei have nvidia driver but is not pushing 1900x108002:49
BlogaiGerasWell look02:50
shellcodeim only getting 1300x76802:50
BlogaiGerashttp://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/MD5SUMS here?02:50
BlogaiGerasIt's different from mine? Or am I doing something wrong?02:50
jerichowasahoaxI recently changed my Apache2 <VirtualHost> tag to read my.domain.here:80 instead of *:80. Now whenever Apache2 reads the config I get this warning: [Fri Feb 10 21:47:55 2012] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:80 has no VirtualHosts02:50
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: no you're at teh right place02:50
jerichowasahoaxThe webserver still *works* but I'd like to figure out where this is in the default configs so I don't have to look at it :-)02:50
jetoledingdangdong: Don't know what to say. I don't use gyachi. Maybe try reading the docs (especially since I doubt they've removed that feature) and if that doesn't help then see if anyone else has a answer02:51
jerichowasahoaxand by "figure out" I mean "ask other people while putting minimal effort into finding it", heh02:51
=== Logan_ is now known as log
BlogaiGerasSo It really is corrupt?02:51
carlosatgsiejerichowasahoax, edit /etc/apache2/ports.conf to read NameVirtualHost my.domain.here:8002:51
BlogaiGerasShould I redownload?02:51
CallMeDshellcode: is it the nouveau driver or the real nvidia proprietary driver02:51
BlogaiGerasDoesn't seem to be the same?02:51
BlogaiGerasarturas@Universe:~$ /usr/bin/md5sum /media/Elements/Downloads/Linux/os\ images/ubuntu-11.10-desktop-amd64.iso02:51
SquarismHi... in 11.10 i have link /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.6.1/libstdc++.so -> ../../../x86_64-linux-gnu/libstdc++.so.6 ... but the target doesnt exist?02:51
Halexander9000Does anyone have some advice on how to Optimize Ubuntu for an ASUS EEE PC 904HD?02:51
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: you mean download the iso again?  only if it doesn't match up correctly...02:51
urlin2ujerichowasahoax, the channel guidelines specifically ask you not to due that. :)02:52
BlogaiGerasWell maybe i'm misunderstanding something, but the hash in the file is not the same as my hash i pasted here?02:52
jetoleBlogaiGeras: sounds like you didn't get the whole/complete download02:52
Squarismo it does exist02:52
BlogaiGerasAlright, I'll redownload it then.02:52
dingdangdongjetole: no idea, couldn't find anything . not yet :-/ , thx anyway :)02:52
BlogaiGerasFor the quick help.02:53
BlogaiGerasAnd try then.02:53
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: might have been incomplete or scrambled .  it happens.  and toda you learned something.02:53
shellcodecallmed: what u mean02:53
jetoleBlogaiGeras: assuming you're pasting the correct hash and referring to the proper hash for the correct file then it appears your download is corrupt02:53
jetoledingdangdong: np02:53
BlogaiGerasThat's rather strange, I never realised that something can get corrupt and be burned flawlessly without any errors?02:53
bandit22Is there a really simple standalone address book for 10.04? (No email, Ubuntu One, etc)02:53
jetoleBlogaiGeras: download a new copy and check the hash before you burn it02:53
WalkFarIf anyone has the time, I'm having an issue with getting Banshee to recognize my android phone so that I can add my music to it02:53
diuneigh•Jetole• I'm sorry ... the live USB is corrupt.. I need to recreate it...02:53
urlin2uBlogaiGeras, when you burn a image it burns they image02:54
diuneigh•Jetole• is there a way to chat through the tty1 login?02:54
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: gigabytes of data that have to be perfectly transmitted?  worldwide?02:54
jetoleBlogaiGeras: it can but I'm betting it flawlessly burned the incorrect ISO to begin with but both are possible02:54
jetolediuneigh: yes but it's not something I would say is easy for someone who has never used it02:54
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: as jetole said.  Old computer phrase: "garbage in, garbage out"02:54
jerichowasahoaxurlin2u: Does it? I can't find it02:55
BlogaiGeras;D Alright.02:55
diuneigh•jetole• ok.. the live USB is almost done..02:55
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: good luck02:55
BlogaiGerasThanks, guys.02:55
jetolediuneigh: I use the irssi client which is console only and I connect to it by ssh'ing to one of my servers in the data center but it's not as easy as say xchat02:55
jetolediuneigh: brb. gotta piss02:55
BlogaiGeras2 mins till new iso is down, gotta piss too. ;D02:55
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: TMI02:56
urlin2ujerichowasahoax, I don't have a link to it without kicking the bot but thats the idea, and to be honest it is rather irritating for so many reasons. :)02:56
diuneigh•jetole• live USB is done.. rebooting now..02:58
BlogaiGerasThe new hash matches, I'm burning the CD.03:00
jetoleBlogaiGeras: when done, run another hash check on the CD03:00
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: great!  to be supersure, you need to check teh burn as well03:00
BlogaiGerasOh, OK, thanks, good idea.03:01
dlentzpeople still burn CD's?03:01
jetoleBlogaiGeras: if the hash check on the CD fails then burn again, if it fails yet again then look into replacing your cdrom03:01
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: you should be burning the cd at slow speed to reduce errors03:01
BlogaiGerasobviously you don't want to reserve a usb stick for having an ubuntu bootable cd...03:01
jetoleBlogaiGeras: A CD should always have the same hash as the ISO which created it03:01
BlogaiGerasAlright, thanks I'll check it03:02
urlin2ujerichowasahoax, kind of hard to find but here it is see Do some research before asking a question http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html03:02
jetoleBlogaiGeras: why not? usb sticks are cheap these days anyways and you can still use them for storage03:02
diuneighjetole: I am using the live USB now... I couldn't use your command.. the aptitude package is not installed on the live USB..using the web freenode.net03:02
BlogaiGerasI wouldn't say it's much of a storage if it's already a bootable...03:02
jetoleBlogaiGeras: the bootable usb creation program formats the stick as vfat by default making it usable in just about any OS as a normal USB stick as long as you don't remove or corrupt the ubuntu files it installs03:03
urlin2ujerichowasahoax, or lol don't admit you haven't. :)03:03
Squarismg++ is a c++ compiler right?03:04
jetolediuneigh: actually my command should have been: apt-get update && apt-get install xchat && nohup xchat &> /dev/null &03:04
jetolediuneigh: but either way, here you are03:04
diuneighjetole:  should I try it again?03:04
BlogaiGerasWell true, but it's a mess inside the stick, I assume?'03:04
* jetole has the bad habbit of using apt-get still even though aptitude is safer03:04
jetoleBlogaiGeras: not that bad. Some files. Some folders. I'd just create a new folder for storing everything else I need03:05
jetolediuneigh: have you mounted your drive yet?03:05
jetolediuneigh: no don't try it again03:06
jetolediuneigh: you're in chat. good enough03:06
diuneighjetole: let me do that..03:06
Squarismdoes anyone know if its bad to upgrade the g++ compiler on 11.10?03:06
jayhawk08Squarism: yes, you can compile c++ with gcc, but if you like with the standard libraries libraries you want to use g++03:06
jetolediuneigh: stop!03:06
cfhowlettSquarism: don't see why it would be "bad"...?03:06
jetolediuneigh: and say when03:06
diuneighjetole: but I be in root?03:07
jetolediuneigh: do you have a root terminal up right now?03:07
Squarismcfhowlett, i thought it might be part of the "system files" so to speak... dependent on other stuff in the os03:07
diuneighjetole: no.. can I do a sudo -s at the command line?03:07
diuneighjetole: how to do a root terminal?03:07
jetoleI forget what -s does. You can do sudo -i03:07
jayhawk08Squarism: g++ only gets used when you're compiling programs, so if you don't do that it shouldn't matter03:08
jetole@ diuneigh03:08
cfhowlettSquarism: regular update should address all dependencies and what not.  I'd say you're safe - but what do I know?03:08
Squarismjayhawk08, i do plan to recompile stuff..03:08
diuneighJetole: done.. mounted to /home/bob03:09
BlogaiGerasOK, how do I used checksum for cd? arturas@Universe:/media/Ubuntu 11.10 amd64/boot$ sudo /usr/bin/md5sum /media/Ubuntu\ 11.10\ amd64/03:09
BlogaiGeras/usr/bin/md5sum: /media/Ubuntu 11.10 amd64/: Is a directory03:09
BlogaiGerasarturas@Universe:/media/Ubuntu 11.10 amd64/boot$ sudo /usr/bin/md5sum -c /media/Ubuntu\ 11.10\ amd64/03:09
BlogaiGeras/usr/bin/md5sum: /media/Ubuntu 11.10 amd64/: read error03:09
BlogaiGerasarturas@Universe:/media/Ubuntu 11.10 amd64/boot$03:09
jetolediuneigh: cool. Unmount it03:09
jetolediuneigh: then run: fdisk -l03:09
jayhawk08Squarism: ive never had an update break a compile but i only do realllly simple programs03:09
diuneighJetole: how to unmount?03:09
jetolediuneigh: then paste it online and send me the url ( pastebin.com works )03:09
jetolediuneigh: umount /directory/to/where/I/mounted/it03:10
jetolediuneigh: umount /dev/device/that/I/mounted03:10
jetolediuneigh: either one03:10
cfhowlettBlogaiGeras: see "Check the CD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM03:10
jetolediuneigh: brb. Grabbing a beer03:11
diuneighJetole: can I type unmount /home/bob     ??03:11
jayhawk08Squarism: and really there shouldnt be any problems03:11
diuneighJetole: no command unmount03:12
jetolediuneigh: back03:12
jayhawk08Squarism: if you want to be really paranoid about it you could always test the update in a VM03:12
jetolediuneigh: umount03:12
jetolediuneigh: not unmount03:12
diuneighjetole: do you want all of my drives from fdisk or just my home partition?03:13
jetolediuneigh: fdisk -l and paste everything please03:14
diuneighJetole: in the pastbin... Jetole is the title03:15
diuneighJetole: sdb6 is the encrypted partition..03:16
jetolediuneigh: there is nothing sensitive there that could in any way compromise your security. I'm ok taking this to a private chat but basic etiquette says not to since me helping you out may in some way or another help out someone else with a similar problem. It's ok if you don't trust me because you don't know me but if I ask you to paste some sensitive information in one way or another then there is a high probability that at least one person in the ...03:16
jetole... room will chirp up in one way or another and say "no don't do that. It will let jetole hack your machine and pwn3d your shit man"03:16
jetolediuneigh: what is the url?03:16
syscDon't suppose anyones gotten swtor to run on ubuntu + wine yet ? ;)03:17
jc_45does anyone esle have issues when they upgrade ubuntu versions?  every time I try to do it through update manager my machine never starts....03:17
jc_45I always have to reinstall03:17
diuneighJetole: http://pastebin.com/W0EA697C03:17
cfhowlettsysc: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=2502203:17
syscYea 29168 is the show stopper03:18
jetolediuneigh: btw, as a follow up to my security bit, I'm a senior systems engineer who specializes in running VM machines on ubuntu 10.04 (LTS) servers. Though it's safe to assume I'm a 12 year old kid lying about having some big job but if you'd like to take my word for it then I can assure you I don't care to hack your machine for any reason what so ever. Living in my home outside of a jail cell is honestly quite comforting03:18
jetolediuneigh: thanks.03:18
* jetole looks03:18
cfhowlettsysc: http://www.swtor.com/fr/community/showthread.php?t=4115303:18
Yabdenspeaking of system admin jobs03:19
jetolediuneigh: is it safe to assume that sdb1 is your /boot partition and and sdb6 is your / partition03:19
jc_45ughh.. shop talk03:19
YabdenI have an interview for a graduate linux system admin job on tuesday, anyone have any advice as to what I should expect?03:19
diuneighjetole: yes.. I allocated 14 gb for root and 40 gb for home03:20
cfhowlettYabden: http://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2012/02/10/linux-popularity-sparks-salary-jump/03:20
jc_45usually when I interview admins I ask about experience, change management, problem management03:20
urlin2uyabai, yeah no answers from ubuntu support try #ubuntu-offtopic03:20
jc_45then a few technical questions.03:20
jc_45scripting, basic admin, and let you describe your hardest problem03:21
Yabdenthat article is good news for me!03:21
Yabdenwhat do you mean by hardest problem, and what level of scripting would you expect for a graduate job?03:21
BlogaiGerasOK, i'm getting this when running md5sum on cd md5sum: /dev/cdrom: Input/output error03:21
jc_45pretty low level of scripting.03:21
bazhang!ot | Yabden jc_4503:22
ubottuYabden jc_45: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:22
jetolediuneigh: I don't see a partition that would be /home on this list. sda and sdc look like windows partition and sdb shows a 2 normal linux partitions and 1 swap partition where one of the linux partitions and the swap parition are extended partitions on sdb. If I read that correctly, where is your /home partition?03:22
jc_45just decent knowledge of awk/sed etc...03:22
Woobyethey men, can someone recommend me a good java introduction for programmers, I'm a programmer and i just need some kind of manual that goes quickly to advanced concepts and techniques. thank you.03:22
Yabdenahh, sorry it is a bit off topic03:22
jetolediuneigh: and you said one of those normal linux partitions is /boot and one is /home03:22
BlogaiGerasgoogle oracle java tutorial ?03:22
diuneighJetole: sdb6 is the encrypted home dir03:22
bazhangWoobyet, try a java channel? ##java perhaps03:22
Yabdenjc_45 may I message you?03:22
cfhowlettWhat is the preferred broadcom wifi driver?  Additional hardware via ubuntu, downloaded STA driver from broadcom or what?03:22
jetolediuneigh: er you said one is /boot and one is /03:22
jc_45I'd ask what your hardest unix related issue you had solved03:23
jc_45hmm.. ok03:23
urlin2u!broeadcom > cfhowlett03:23
cfhowlettVelgin: greetings03:23
diuneighJetole: sdb1 is root and sdb6 is home03:23
urlin2u!broadcom > cfhowlett03:23
ubottucfhowlett, please see my private message03:23
VelginWoah, there are more people here than it is listing03:23
jetolediuneigh: ah ok03:23
jetolediuneigh: I was halfway through typing out a command for you to run but you changed your answer03:24
Woobyetbazhang: ok, i'll try. BlogaiGeras: i can only find tutorials for beginners or extensive stuff.03:24
VelginAnyone familiar with Pidgin's IRC support?03:24
jetolediuneigh: one sec while I type something new out03:24
bazhangVelgin, #pidgin03:24
ilovedasimpshaha ass crackers03:26
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ilovedasimpsi love porn and burgers and having sex with burgers03:26
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pangolin!guidelines > ilovedasimps03:27
ubottuilovedasimps, please see my private message03:27
=== mharris is now known as Guest75081
canurabuscan anyone please tell me how to add the 12.04 repos to my 11.10 install?03:27
pangolincanurabus: you don't.03:28
urlin2ucanurabus, why?03:28
BlogaiGerasWoobyet, well I believe the tutorial is pretty good to go advanced too http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/index.html just find the topics you need there. For the beginning if you've used other languages like c++, then google "java differences c++". Well I had some book, but haven't read it and not sure where it is.03:28
bazhangcanurabus, thats something you should never do03:28
canurabuspangolin, urlin2u I need a package03:28
canurabusthe 11.10 package has a severe bug03:28
urlin2ucanurabus, read the other responses.03:28
canurabuswhat other responses?03:28
bazhangBlogaiGeras, lets stay on ubuntu support here please03:28
bazhangcanurabus, it's not supported03:29
BlogaiGerasOK, sorry, lol03:29
BlogaiGerasDidn't mean to help anyone, lol.03:29
jetolediuneigh: mkdir -p /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb6 /media/sdb1/home && cd /dev/sdb1 && for x in dev sys proc var/run var/lock; do mount --bind /${x} ${x}; done && chroot . /bin/bash03:29
urlin2ucanurabus, the ones directed right at you.03:29
WoobyetBlogaiGeras: hmm. it seems a little bit too much extensive, but i think i can simply skip some steps. thank you :)03:29
jetolediuneigh: let me know after you ran that command and if there are any errors03:29
=== cul_away is now known as Culiforge
canurabusbazhang, so how do you upgrade a package? if 11.10 has a broken package, you're just expected to live with it?03:29
diuneighjetole: thanks.. what does that do?03:29
bazhangcanurabus, what package03:29
canurabusbazhang, openscenegraph03:30
diuneighjetole: can I put that all on one line?03:30
jetolediuneigh: if it's long enough then put it in pastebin03:31
jetolediuneigh: in fact03:31
bazhangcanurabus, got a bug report? filed one if not?03:31
jetolediuneigh: if it's more then one line, put it in pastebin03:31
jetolediuneigh: or any other site that offers pasting services03:31
jetolediuneigh: wait were you asking if you can put my command one one line?03:31
jetolediuneigh: the answer is yes, copy and paste what I just typed03:31
diuneighJetole: root@ubuntu:~# mkdir -p /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb6 /media/sdb1/home && cd /dev/sdb1 && for x in dev sys proc var/run var/lock; do mount --bind /${x} ${x}; done && chroot . /bin/bash -bash: cd: /dev/sdb1: Not a directory03:32
jetolediuneigh: thats not right. run: ls -l /dev/sd*03:32
jetolediuneigh: then put in pastebin03:32
jetolediuneigh: and send me the link03:33
cishe tried to "cd /dev/sdb1"03:33
cis&& cd /dev/sdb103:33
jetolecis: ah thanks03:33
jetolemy mistake03:33
jetolediuneigh: one sec03:33
jetolediuneigh: mkdir -p /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb6 /media/sdb1/home && cd /media/sdb1 && for x in dev sys proc var/run var/lock; do mount --bind /${x} ${x}; done && chroot . /bin/bash03:33
jetolecis: thanks. caught something there I didn't see03:34
diuneighJetole:  mkdir -p /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb6 /media/sdb1/home && cd /media/sdb1 && for x in dev sys proc var/run var/lock; do mount --bind /${x} ${x}; done && chroot . /bin/bash mount: /dev/sdb1 already mounted or /media/sdb1 busy mount: according to mtab, /dev/sdb1 is already mounted on /media/sdb103:35
jetolediuneigh: 1 sec03:35
canurabusbazhang, I don't see any  bug reports on it. Here's the relevant fix in openscenegraph though http://www.openscenegraph.org/projects/osg/changeset/12807/OpenSceneGraph/trunk/src/osgQt/GraphicsWindowQt.cpp , and the precise pangolin repos use the version with that fix03:35
ciswon't some of those mkdir's fail now?03:36
cisahh, haha, and a few other things03:36
jetolecis: yes03:36
jetolediuneigh: if grep -q '\/media\/sdb1'; then umount /media/sdb1; fi; if -d '\/media\/sdb1'; then rm -r /media/sdb1; fi;  mkdir -p /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb6 /media/sdb1/home && cd /media/sdb1 && for x in dev sys proc var/run var/lock; do mount --bind /${x} ${x}; done && chroot . /bin/bash03:37
jetolecis: look good?03:37
jetolecis: nevermind03:37
jetolediuneigh: don't run that03:37
cistoo much to sort through..i've have just changed && to ; and let it fail03:37
cisfail through*03:38
diuneighJetole: oops.. already did.03:38
jetolediuneigh: if grep -qw '\/media\/sdb1'; then umount /media/sdb1; fi; if [[ -f '/media/sdb1' ]]; then rm -r /media/sdb1; fi;  mkdir -p /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb6 /media/sdb1/home && cd /media/sdb1 && for x in dev sys proc var/run var/lock; do mount --bind /${x} ${x}; done && chroot . /bin/bash03:38
diuneighjetole: appears hung..03:38
jetolediuneigh: it didn't work. did it?03:38
jetolediuneigh: ctrl+c03:38
jetolediuneigh: then03:38
jetolediuneigh: if grep -qw '\/media\/sdb1'; then umount /media/sdb1; fi; if [[ -f '/media/sdb1' ]]; then rm -r /media/sdb1; fi;  mkdir -p /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1 && mount /dev/sdb6 /media/sdb1/home && cd /media/sdb1 && for x in dev sys proc var/run var/lock; do mount --bind /${x} ${x}; done && chroot . /bin/bash03:38
diuneighJetole: should it take long?03:39
jetole2 - 5 seconds03:39
jetoleif that03:39
diuneighJetole: hung then.03:39
jetolediuneigh: let me put this in a editor real quick and make sure it's sorted03:39
diuneighJetole: ok.. thanks..03:39
jetolediuneigh: 1 sec03:45
jetolediuneigh: btw, do you know how to use vim or any other editor from the root console?03:46
diuneighJetole: nope.. I'm a notive with ubuntu..03:46
diuneighjetole:  been a long day today! :P03:47
urlin2ufi;  mkdir jetole double space?03:48
jetolediuneigh: though I was initially against the whole PM concept, I have something to ask you that may be security sensitive. Can I PM you?03:48
jetoleurlin2u: a double space doesn't make a difference there03:49
diuneighJetole: sure..03:49
jetoleurlin2u: that was my own typo but changes nothing03:49
urlin2ujetole, never mind my bad. :)03:49
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=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
jonathonCan someone help me install a .run file?04:00
jetolediuneigh: back04:01
diuneighJetole: by the way....do you want me to open that readme.txt file?04:01
jetoleat the moment, no04:01
jetolediuneigh: actually sure, see if it says anything different04:01
jetolediuneigh: and paste it regardless04:01
diuneighwhat was the command to open?04:01
jetolediuneigh: if more then two lines then paste it to pastebin04:02
Viral_Weaponrylearn to fix your computer! download the app now! https://market.android.com/details?id=appinventor.ai_inartaly.PC_Fixr_Guide&feature=search_result04:02
diuneighJetole: what is the commond to open the txt file?04:02
jetolediuneigh: less file.txt04:03
jetolediuneigh: replace file.txt with the path of the file and use q to quit04:03
jetoleor I think esc works too04:03
jonathonSomeone here know how I install a .run file?04:04
diuneighjetole: http://pastebin.com/s5FM9nM004:04
jetolediuneigh: San Antonio. Thats the name of the city I was trying to remember. I think I flew into Austin but not sure as this was 5+ years ago04:04
* jetole looks04:04
jetolediuneigh: type...04:05
jetolediuneigh: cd04:05
jetolediuneigh: vim mount.sh04:05
Frijolenborganybody here believe that niggers are human?04:05
jetolediuneigh: when inside vim, type: :set paste04:05
urlin2ujonathaN, not sure but look here.  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingRunPackage04:06
jetole(: is part of the command of :set paste)04:06
jetoletype: i04:06
jetolediuneigh: copy and paste the contents from: http://pastebin.com/JckGZ9Cs04:06
diuneighJetole: how to close less file.txt in terminal04:06
jetolediuneigh: q04:06
jetolediuneigh: esc04:06
jetoleI always use q but I think esc works04:06
jetolelet me know where you've left off04:06
jetole@ diuneigh04:07
diuneighJetole: when I typed less file.txt it displayed the contents in terminal but now I do not have a command prompt..04:07
jetolediuneigh: ok...04:07
diuneighjetole: done.. hold on.04:07
jetolediuneigh: at the command prompt04:07
jetolediuneigh: ok. say when04:07
diuneighJetole: vim didn't work.   http://pastebin.com/JjDW6gXY04:08
jetolediuneigh: apt-get update && apt-get install vim04:09
diuneighJetole: install vim or run the command from that pastbin link you gave me?04:09
jetolediuneigh: run: apt-get update && apt-get install vim04:09
jetoleand let me know when done04:10
jetoledon't run any other commands after that command is finished04:10
diuneighjetole: working.04:11
jetoleok, run: touch /root/live04:11
diuneighjetole: did you go to school to learn all of this?04:11
=== Two__Dogs is now known as almoxarife
jetolediuneigh: I have been managing linux servers for a long time and am very used to bash since we ssh into all servers that have no gui04:12
jetolediuneigh: rememeber you found me in the #ubuntu-server room and ubuntu server doesn't have a gui04:12
diuneighjetole: done.04:12
diuneighJetole: impressive...04:12
jetolediuneigh: run: cd04:12
diuneighJetole: run cd?  I was alread at the root@ubuntu04:13
jetole diuwanted to make sure04:13
jetoleoops, meant diuneigh04:13
diuneighJetole.. ok. got it..04:13
jetolevim mount.sh04:14
jetolediuneigh: run: vim mount.sh04:14
diuneighJetole:  I think it will be quite some time before I tackle ubuntu server.. :)04:14
jetolediuneigh: ok04:14
jetolediuneigh: let me know when vim is running04:14
diuneighJetole: done.. weird screen came up..04:14
jetolediuneigh: type: :set paste04:14
jetolethat's ":set paste"04:15
diuneighJetole: done04:15
jetolediuneigh: type: i04:15
jetolejust: i <enter>04:15
diuneighJetole done but nothing happened...04:15
jetolediuneigh: it should say "insert" on the bottom now04:16
diuneighJetole: yes.04:16
jetolediuneigh: does it say that04:16
jetolediuneigh: pull this up: http://pastebin.com/JjDW6gXY04:16
jetoleand copy and paste that into the vim / terminal window04:16
jetolediuneigh: oops04:16
diuneighI know.04:16
jetolediuneigh: wrong window04:16
jetolediuneigh: thats the window http://pastebin.com/JckGZ9Cs04:17
diuneighJetole: start at the # or awk?04:17
hannsswb tannerste04:17
jetolediuneigh: first line should be: #!/bin/bash04:17
diuneighJetole: copy and paste into vim?04:17
benhelpsHey all. Was getting tips earlier to getting wifi working on my laptop. Closer to solved now (lspci sees wifi hw) but still not in ifconfig04:18
jetolediuneigh: *** first line MUST BE #!/bin/bash04:18
=== syn-ack is now known as Guest7189
jetolebenhelps: ifconfig -a04:18
diuneighJetole: done04:18
hydrox24I am interested in what you guys are doing?04:18
jetolediuneigh: press: esc04:18
hydrox24benhelps: try ifconfig -a04:18
jetolediuneigh: type: :x04:18
jetolediuneigh: type: <enter>04:18
hydrox24benhelps: that shows all of the network interfaces, even disabled ones.04:19
jetolediuneigh: let me know when back at the bash prompt04:19
benhelpsIf config doesn't show it04:19
hydrox24benhelps: even with the -a option?04:19
diuneighJetole: nothing.. still showing that script you gave04:19
hannsswhat kind of wireless card?04:19
benhelpsIt's one of those stupid fn f2 to activate jobs.04:19
jetolediuneigh: press: esc04:19
jetolediuneigh: type: :x04:19
benhelpsThink Broadcom 431104:20
jetolediuneigh: type: <enter>04:20
diuneighJetole: done04:20
jetolediuneigh: that's ":x <enter>04:20
hannsswhat kind of lappy?04:20
jetolediuneigh: so you're back at the bash prompt?04:20
diuneighJetole: yes04:20
benhelpsInspiron 1501, Ubuntu server 10.04 without x04:20
jetolediuneigh: type: chmod +x ~/mount.sh <enter>04:20
diuneighJetole: done04:21
hydrox24benhelps: you been here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/Broadcom_BCM4311_rev_01_(ndiswrapper) yet?04:21
hannssbenhelps, did you look around here yet? http://www.ubuntu1501.com/04:21
jetolediuneigh: type: ~/mount.sh04:21
jetolediuneigh: <enter>04:21
benhelpsChecked second link, not sure first, will check04:21
hydrox24benhelps: that uses a windows driver in ndiswrapper, but it should work if your prepared to be a little hacky04:21
hannsshacky hacky joy joy04:22
diuneighJetole: http://pastebin.com/UaasrA7D04:22
jetolebenhelps and hydrox24: while I wish benhelps luck, I hate ndiswrapper but it's a nessecary evil in some circumstances04:22
hydrox24benhelps: can you give the output of "lspci -vvnn | grep 14e4"04:22
jetolediuneigh: k. let me look04:22
urlin2uhannss, how are you ren. :)04:23
hydrox24jetole: agreed, looks like there is a native driver though (yay!)04:23
jetolediuneigh: one sec04:23
hannssoi, benhelps, see this yet? http://askubuntu.com/questions/36905/no-wireless-with-dell-inspiron-150104:24
travisHAZEanyway to trick netflix into playing on ubuntu?04:25
benhelpsHydrox24 it lists both wired and wireless Broadcom cards04:25
hydrox24jetole: one of your find commands was missing "\;"04:25
travisHAZEcause silverlight is annoying04:25
hydrox24benhelps: great04:25
hydrox24benhelps: does the correct broadcom driver appear in "additional drivers" (under system settings pane)04:26
benhelpsYeah seen that last page. Tried it, no dice04:26
jetolediuneigh: copy and paste the following into the terminal as one line and then run it: while read pid; do kill -9 ${pid}; done < <(lsof -n | awk '{print $2, $9}' | grep /media/sdb | awk '{print $1}'); sleep04:26
benhelpsHydrox24 no x windows04:26
hydrox24benhelps: oh, ok then04:26
jetolehydrox24: you're right and missing the ;04:26
jetolehydrox24: missing \;04:26
hydrox24jetole: yeh04:26
jetolediuneigh: let me know when done with that command04:26
hydrox24benhelps: when you said that youd already seen it, did you mean the link I sent you?04:27
=== digitalfreedom64 is now known as dgf64-nb
benhelpsHydrox Hannss link yeah04:27
diuneighJetole: it said something and the it scolled off the screen. with this.. lsof: no pwd entry for UID 999 lsof: no pwd entry for UID 999 sleep: missing operand Try `sleep --help' for more information.04:27
jetolediuneigh: run: umount /media/sdb104:28
jetolediuneigh: also, anything where I say "run: xyz -123 blahblahblah", just assume I mean to press enter after that04:28
hydrox24benhelps: ok04:28
diuneighJetole: root@ubuntu:/# umount /media/sdb1 umount: /media/sdb1: not found04:28
hydrox24benhelps: so try this: "sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source"04:28
hydrox24benhelps: scratch that, that won't work04:29
benhelpsHeh yeh did opposite that04:29
samlockhey, anyone know why my x121e is giving me OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND after a bios reset?04:29
jetolediuneigh: run: vim ~/mount.sh04:30
benhelpsLsmod doesn't list much that sounds like its for wifi04:30
Rurd2disamlock: go into bios04:30
Rurd2diand check boot order04:30
Rurd2dihave u done that?04:30
samlockboot order has HDD first04:30
jetolebenhelps: lsmod lists all drivers and a driver isn't named "I am for wifi"04:30
samlockbtw.. its an SSD with EFI or something similar04:30
diuneighJetole: it says I need to install vim again..04:30
samlockGUID partition table.. i THINK04:30
benhelpsJerome no but oft there's something there that gives a hint04:30
Rurd2diu tried booting of live cd04:31
samlockyes it runs fine04:31
Rurd2dito see if ur pc can see it?04:31
jetolediuneigh: that's not right. diuneigh: run ls ~/live04:31
benhelpsDang auto correct04:31
hydrox24benhelps: on second thought... run that command04:31
samlockand i cna mount the HDD04:31
samlockit is there.04:31
jetolediuneigh: for clarify: run: ls ~/live04:31
benhelpsK will try04:31
samlocki was running ubuntu on it before just fine, its just after this bios reset, it really messed up04:31
diuneighJetole: ls: cannot access /root/live: No such file or directory04:31
diuneighJetole: same error..04:31
jetolediuneigh: then you did the successful chroot04:32
jetolediuneigh: ls /home04:32
Rurd2diso its not mounting on boot04:32
benhelpsAlready latest version04:32
hydrox24benhelps: tell me when you've done that04:32
hydrox24benhelps: ok04:32
diuneighJetole: see two folders from home04:32
hydrox24benhelps: now run: "sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl"04:33
samlocki have an EFI boot parition also, but idk what could have changed after the bios reset04:33
jetolediuneigh: which two? Do you see your home dir?04:33
diuneighJetole: yes04:33
Rurd2disamlock: EFI?04:33
jetolediuneigh: ok good. The chroot was successful. It worked04:33
diuneighJetole: ok.04:34
jetolediuneigh: whatever your username is, run: sudo -i -u <user>04:34
samlockUEFI bios04:34
benhelpsFatal module sub is in use04:34
diuneighJetole: sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu To run a command as administrator (user "root"), use "sudo <command>". See "man sudo_root" for details.04:34
hydrox24benhelps: that's OK, now run this: sudo modprobe wl"04:35
jetolediuneigh: 1 sec04:35
diuneighJetole: oh ok.. it worked..04:35
diuneighJetole: now I am diuneigh@ubuntu04:35
diuneighJetole: still cannot open the encrypted home dir04:35
Rurd2disamlock: hmmm04:35
jetolediuneigh: run: ecryptfs-mount-private04:35
benhelpsDone. No output04:36
hannssany luck benhelps04:36
Rurd2disamlock: im unsure then, your bios has seemed to have fucked ur install04:36
hydrox24benhelps: nwo try ifconfig04:36
hydrox24benhelps: nwo try ifconfig -a04:36
diuneighJetole: is the passphrase the long on when I installed ubuntu or my login password?04:36
samlockin disk utility, none of the partitions have bootable or anything... idk if that is because of how EFI works or idk.04:36
Rurd2disorry samlock04:36
samlockthat is okay, thanks for the help though04:36
=== Guest7189 is now known as syn-ack
benhelpsSTill not there04:37
Rurd2disamlock: so they have no bootable ext4 partion04:37
samlockno, no falgs04:37
Rurd2didamn, thats screwy04:37
samlockbut i cant see how a bios reset could have unflagged the partitions04:37
jetolediuneigh: try any of the three and when that doesn't work try it again with one of the other ones and if that doesn't work try it again with all three to make sure and if that doesn't work then let me know04:37
Rurd2diit shouldnt have touched the os04:37
diuneighJetole: three?  login password, passphrase, what's the other?04:38
Rurd2dishould of just reset bios and not touched drive04:38
samlockis there a way i can reinstall the bootloaders?04:38
hydrox24benhelps: what is the name of your laptop?04:38
=== adnap_ is now known as adnap
hydrox24samlock: you can change partition flags using gparted (GUI program for linux)04:39
jetolediuneigh: my mistake, two, try all that you know and if they all fail try again just to make sure04:39
diuneighJetole: with the passphrase:  diuneigh@ubuntu:~$ ecryptfs-mount-private Enter your login passphrase: Error: Unwrapping passphrase and inserting into the user session keyring failed [-5] Info: Check the system log for more information from libecryptfs ERROR: Your passphrase is incorrect Enter your login passphrase:04:39
CoilDomainis there a deb or ppa with the 3.2.5 kernel? i seem to be making no headway with google04:39
soiconsamlock: yes, you can, reinstall grub2 for example04:39
benhelpsMachine name? Ubuntu04:39
jetolediuneigh: be back in a second. My uncle in Toronto just text messaged me and I'd like to say hi. be back in a second04:39
soiconsamlock: as hydrox24 said, try set the bootable flag first04:39
CoilDomainoh nevermind, found it04:40
hydrox24benhelps: can you switch to my private message?04:40
samlockwhich parittion do i want to set as bootable?04:40
diuneighJetole: with logiin password:  Enter your login passphrase: Inserted auth tok with sig [127b955a22f53de4] into the user session keyring open: No such file or directory Error locking counterdiuneigh@ubuntu:~$04:40
samlockthe efi boot part or ubuntu part?04:40
otter_Hello all04:42
soiconsamlock: how did you partition your hrad drive ?04:42
ddddIs it not possible to install ndiswrapper on 11.10?04:42
diuneighJetole: nothing works..04:43
jetolediuneigh: I'm back. Hold on a second04:43
diuneighJetole: this is where I got previously when I was trying to fix it.. asks for the passphrase and get an error.04:43
diuneighJetole: take your time.. np..04:44
jetolediuneigh: understood. I'm looking into some docs04:44
samlocksoicon: i have a 200mb efi boot partition, 30gb part ext4 for ubuntu and 100gb ext4 for home04:44
samlockplus 12gb swap04:44
soiconsamlock: the 200mb04:44
samlockand btw checked the flags for efi boot partition, it has BOOT and HIDDEN flags.04:44
soiconsamlock: /boot is located on the 200mb one? rite?04:45
supernodei'm an absolute beginner. i have installed netbeans ide 7.1 but when i click on the icon nothing happens04:45
supernodesomeone help?04:45
samlockthat is right soicon04:45
jetolediuneigh: cd to your home directory, run: ls -A04:45
jetolediuneigh: and pastebin the result04:45
jetolediuneigh: actually04:45
jetolediuneigh: run: ls -Al04:46
jetolediuneigh: and pastebin the result04:46
diuneighJetole: actually when i was trying to fix it previously... I forgor the site but it told me to jot down a key.. (different from the passphrase and my login password) to be used later for encrypted files... not sure if this makes sense or helps..04:46
jetolediuneigh: it might but please run "ls -Al" from your home dir and pastebin the result please and thank you04:46
diuneighJetole: diuneigh@ubuntu:~$ ls -A Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop  .bash_history  .cache  .ecryptfs  .Private  README.txt04:47
diuneighjetole: hold on.04:47
samlocksoicon: is it an issue that the efi boot partition is not the first partition on the disk?04:47
jetolediuneigh: k. sit tight. let me read some more docs on this04:48
soiconsamlock: no, it is not04:48
supernodei installed eclipse and netbeans but i cant open it, does anyone have an idea?04:48
soiconsamlock: does ubuntu fstab have a entry for mounting your 200mb to /boot?04:49
jetolediuneigh: please run: cat ~/Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop04:49
diuneighJetole: http://pastebin.com/Ym5gu7qg04:49
jetolediuneigh: and please pastebin as I know it will be multiline04:49
samlocklet me check04:49
jetolediuneigh: stop04:49
jetolediuneigh: nevermind. go ahead. Please cat that file and pastebin it04:49
jetolediuneigh: nevermind again04:50
quiescensits just going to be um04:50
jetolediuneigh: I can install that file04:50
quiescensa launcher that tells it to run the ecrypt mount thingy04:50
samlocksoicon: yes it mounts it to boot/efi04:50
diuneighJetole: what file?04:50
diuneighJetole: http://pastebin.com/0gyDgDMJ04:50
soiconsamlock: well, so try reinstalling the grubs.04:51
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jetolediuneigh: cool. Sit tight for 504:54
samlocksoicon: how do i go about reinstalling grub?04:54
diuneighJetole: no worries.. thanks..04:54
ehsanHi since yesterday software center doesn't run at all.what can I do?anything to reset it?04:54
ehsanany answer to my question?04:58
samlocksoicon: does it matter that /boot/efi is empty?05:00
JoseeAntonioRHello! Does anyone here knows if Banshee has a bug when playing .aiff music files?05:00
jetolediuneigh: just as a heads up, I'm still here and still looking into this05:01
AfdalHello all05:02
AfdalI'm installing Xubuntu on a hardware RAID0 partition alongside Windows XP05:03
AfdalAnd in order to make sure it uses the exact partition and size I specify, i'm doing the custom installation05:03
jetoleAfdal: what's your question?05:04
AfdalCan anyone explain to me what is meant by the various options for partition mount points?05:04
AfdalThere's / and /boot and others05:04
AfdalWhich one do I choose, and why?05:04
diuneighJetole: np.05:04
bruenigsup mofuckas05:05
AfdalWhat I want to do is setup grub but NOT on the MBR05:05
AfdalAnd then choose from Windows or GRUB from Window's boot.ini05:05
jetoleAfdal: unlike windows each partition doesn't have a drive letter but instead they are all a directory under / for example I can make a partition mount to /var and another partition mount to /usr/local and another one mount to /dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4 but for the most part you should be ok with one single partition mounted to /05:05
FrijolensteinAre you tired of niggers?05:06
FrijolensteinI am!05:06
AfdalSo it doesn't matter at all?05:06
FrijolensteinThat is why I joined Chimpout Forum!05:06
jetoleAfdal: then you will have to set your current boot loader to chain link to the partition grub is installed on05:06
AfdalThey're just arbitrary names?05:06
AfdalYeah I'm fine with that part05:06
jetoleAfdal: you need a / partition for sure and beyond that there are best practices for other partitions but on a typical desktop you don't have to worry about more then /05:07
AfdalAll right, I'll use / for the Mount point then05:07
samlockokay, is there a way i can convert the GPT to MBR?05:07
jetoleAfdal: you may be warned about not having a swap partition which is good best practice to have but for your first install you can ignore that warning05:07
AfdalI made the swap partition too05:07
* jetole goes back to reading docs regarding the problem of diuneigh 05:07
AfdalNow how can I make sure Grub doesn't get put on the MBR?05:08
samlockthis is my exact problem: http://superuser.com/questions/352546/thinkpad-x121e-bios-uefi-legacy-ubuntu-installation-doent-start05:08
AfdalIs it just a matter of selecting the Linux boot partition and NOT the whole drive?05:08
jetoleAfdal: it will ask you05:08
jetoleAfdal: yes05:09
Afdalokay, thanks05:09
AfdalLet's see if this works this time...05:09
jetoleAfdal: it should all work fine but if something gets fucked up, boot off your windows disk into the console and run: fdisk /mbr05:10
jetoleAfdal: and that will fix your mbr05:10
AfdalYeah I already had to do that one :(05:10
* jetole goes back diuneigh's problem 05:10
jetoleAfdal: then you know what to do if you **** it up again05:10
AfdalI just ran into an error actually05:11
Afdal[errno 5] Input/output error05:11
AfdalInstallation failed05:11
* jetole doesn't care anymore. I promised diuneigh help hours before you entered the room05:11
AfdalThe installer encountered an error copying files to the hard disk05:11
jetolemaybe someone else will help05:11
Afdalokay :305:11
jetolediuneigh: still there?05:12
NerdyIs anyone here familiar with Nautilus actions configuration05:13
diuneighJetole: yep.05:13
jetolediuneigh: which version of ubuntu are you using05:13
diuneighJetole: 11.1005:13
jetolediuneigh: ok. This shouldn't make a difference anyways but run: apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade05:14
waggysaxI'm looking for a timer application that I can set to go off every few minutes, but none of the apps I've found have that feature. Does anyone know of one?05:14
jetolediuneigh: that's more of a just in case but probably doesn't matter05:14
diuneighJetole: ok.. but prior to doing this.. I got a message saying only 9. mb left on my drive..   currently running a live USB 2 GB05:15
jetolediuneigh: the USB shouldn't matter: run: mount05:16
jetoleand pastebin it05:16
jetolejust to make sure05:16
diuneighJetole: type mount only?05:16
hilarieokay... so I just got access to a ubuntu 11.04 server from my buddy, he added me to his sudoers list... but the shell when I ssh in only ever shows up as $ how can I get it to show my current path05:16
jetolediuneigh: yep05:16
waggysaxI'm looking for a timer application that I can set to go off every few minutes, but none of the apps I've found have that feature. Does anyone here know of one?05:16
jetolediuneigh: or: cat /proc/mount05:17
urlin2uwaggysax, http://www.google.com/products/catalog?hl=en&q=kitchen+timer&gbv=2&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=8172910151825609542&sa=X&ei=r_k1T8-3HIioiAK9nfzrCg&ved=0CKcBEPMCMAM05:17
jetolediuneigh: either one05:17
diuneighJetole: still do the upgrade?05:17
waggysaxurlin2u, funny05:17
waggysaxI'm looking for an APPLICATION05:17
diuneighJetole: http://pastebin.com/a50uw10v05:17
jetoledo the mount command and paste it first05:17
urlin2uwaggysax, I play the sax it's a musicians thang. :)05:17
jetolediuneigh: run: df -hP05:18
jetolediuneigh: and paste05:18
jetolediuneigh: gotta piss. brb05:18
waggysaxI'm looking for a timer application that I can set to go off every few minutes, but none of the apps I've found have that feature. Does anyone here know of one?05:18
=== milosz__ is now known as milosz
diuneighJetole: invalid option05:18
diuneighJetole: diuneigh@ubuntu:~$ df -hP Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sdb1              14G  7.3G  5.9G  56% / udev                  1.5G  4.0K  1.5G   1% /dev devpts                1.5G  4.0K  1.5G   1% /dev/pts df: `/run/shm': No such file or directory diuneigh@ubuntu:~$05:19
jetolediuneigh: can you please pastebin that05:20
jetolediuneigh: df -HP05:20
jetolediuneigh: some things are just odd to read when it's a multiline output concatenated on one line05:20
urlin2uwaggysax, I see a timer applet in 11.10 synaptic05:20
jetolediuneigh: P.S.: concatenated is what the cat command is short for. May come in handy some day05:21
hydrox24waggysax: if you know a command that you want to run from the command line every few minutes then "cron" is your guy05:21
diuneighJetole: http://pastebin.com/4WMmruyB05:21
hilarieanyone know what would cause this http://paste.ubuntu.com/837433/ instead of showing the directory and whatnot as normal in shell05:21
hydrox24waggysax: cron is a system program-running daemon05:21
waggysaxthat seems pretty complicated hydrox24 -- I'm an idiot05:22
hydrox24hilarie: what does "ls -la" do?05:22
quiescenshilarie: home directory is set wrong or a cd command in one of your login scripts?05:22
hydrox24waggysax: that's OK it is kinda advanced, admittedly the geekiest way to do what you want.05:22
* jetole looks05:22
jetole@ diuneigh05:22
hilariequiscens I don't have a login script?05:23
hilariehydrox24, $ ls -la total 2405:23
* jetole doesn't look at diuneigh... that kinda sounds perverse but me looks at the paste that diuneigh posted and " @ diuneigh " is letting diuneigh know... just for clarities sake05:23
diuneighJetole: it's good to have a sense of humor while troubleshooting...05:23
jetolediuneigh: df -hP /home/ | tail -105:23
hydrox24hilarie: yeh, is that the output?05:23
hilariehydrox24, http://paste.ubuntu.com/837435/05:24
jetolediuneigh: and you can paste that in the room05:24
jetolediuneigh: and I always have a sense of humor05:24
diuneighJetole: -                      38G   36G     0 100% /home05:24
robshello, i have a real stupid question. can i install ubuntu in my windows 7 computer?05:24
robssome sort of dual install?05:24
jetolediuneigh: except Sun - Fri 6 PM05:24
hilarierobs yes05:24
robsokay cool. thank you05:25
hilariebobs https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot05:25
hilarierobs* https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot05:25
jetolediuneigh: you're /home directory is what the warning about free space was regarding05:25
hydrox24robs: absolutely05:25
hilariehydrox24 any theories on that paste?05:25
diuneighJetole: oh ok.. not the usb?  I know the home on the sdb6 was getting full..05:25
jetolediuneigh: it's saying your /home directory is about out of space but that's actually ok since you have a flat file there that get's mounted back as a loopback05:26
hydrox24hilarie: looks like your current dir is owned by root... are you in /home/ and not /home/$USER/05:26
urlin2urobs, make sure you understand partition types and the limits of how many.05:26
hilariehydrox24 I'm a sudoer... any way to take it back?05:26
=== syn-ack is now known as Guest72956
jetolediuneigh: for sure not the usb. the chroot command I asked you to run earlier has basically but you in the computers / directory and it doesn't know about the usb live boot running on top of it too much05:26
hydrox24just sudo -i to log in as root?05:26
diuneighJetole: that makes sense..05:27
hilariehydrox24 useradd -d /home/hilarie -m hilarie05:27
jetolediuneigh: if you want to know about the usb free space, start a new terminal (ctrl+shift+t) and then run df -hP and that will be run from outside the chroot05:27
hydrox24not sure, but if you type ls as root do you get the contents of /home or your /home/$USER/ ?05:27
=== rickytaylor26 is now known as ricky26
hilariewierd with the sudo -i it doesn't show my user05:28
hydrox24hilarie: it should log you in as root05:28
diuneighJetole: got it..05:29
jetolediuneigh: in the window inside your chroot, not the new tab I mentioned opening, run:apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade05:29
wenninghello ever05:29
hilariegot a fair and got to go (cab driver)05:30
diuneighJetole: http://pastebin.com/v9MVYQub05:30
jetolediuneigh: press; ctrl+d05:31
jetolediuneigh: then run: apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade05:31
diuneighJetole: many errors.. failed to fetch .....05:32
jetolediuneigh: run: ping google.com05:33
diuneighJetole: so many I can't scroll to the top.  want a pastbin?05:33
jetolediuneigh: and then tell me it fails05:33
diuneighJetole: unknown host google.com05:33
jetolediuneigh: are you on wifi?05:33
diuneighJetole: no... wired05:33
CidI need help please... I can't seem to download from getdeb.net... http://pastebin.com/yMbBPEf805:34
jetolediuneigh: do you have to manually assign a IP to your nic05:34
waggysaxurlin2u, I installed that app, but I don't know how to write a command line for a beep05:34
diuneighJetole: I don't believe so...  not sure..05:34
urlin2uwaggysax, isn't it a panel app mine wouldn't install05:34
waggysaxpanel app?05:34
urlin2uwaggysax, not sure what you installed.05:35
jetolediuneigh: run: tail -n +4 /proc/net/dev | sed -e 's/^[[:blank:]]\+//' | cut -d ':' -f105:35
jetolediuneigh: tell me if you see a eth0 device on that list05:35
waggysaxit had a countdown, and runs a specified command when the countdown terminates05:36
diuneighJetole: eth0 and a wlan005:36
waggysaxand then starts over05:36
jetolediuneigh: run: dhclient eth005:36
urlin2uwaggysax, to many kde dependencies for me to install it and figure it out.05:36
jetolediuneigh: if dhclient finishes with success then run: ping google.com05:36
jetolediuneigh: let me know if it works now05:37
diuneighJetole: RTNETLINK answers: File exists05:37
waggysaxall I need is a command that would make a beep, urlin2u, I have the rest figured out05:37
quiescenstheir internet is working or they wouldn't be here o.o05:37
urlin2uwaggysax, not sure really.05:37
jetolediuneigh: run and paste: ip -4 -o addr ls scope global05:37
diuneighJetole: yes.. still pinging..why google?05:37
sindilemenus in my secondary monitor are floating, any idea why this is happening. in my primary monitor this is no happening05:37
jetolediuneigh: cause it works normally. I know you're net is down if you can't ping google05:38
waggysaxis there anyone in here who can write a command that would make a beep come out of my speakers?05:38
=== muneeb is now known as Guest49309
diuneighJetole: did a ctrl-c to stop ping05:38
jetolediuneigh: in fact. don't worry about it anymore. yeah, ctrl+c is fine05:38
hydrox24waggysax: if your happy to do this, just download a beep.wav file and run it with mplayer beep.wav05:39
jetolediuneigh: the upgrade was a fail safe just in case but really shouldn't be nessecary05:39
diuneighJetole: that's my internal IP address..05:39
hydrox24waggysax: or do you want the motherboard beep kind05:39
escottwaggysax, you can echo the ascii bell or install the beep command05:39
jetolediuneigh: what is? I don't see anything?05:39
waggysaxtjamls hydrox2405:39
diuneighJetole: after running ip -4 -o addr ls scope global05:40
waggysaxthat's all I needed, hydrox2405:40
escottwaggysax, if you have a gui and want an alert in the gui from a shell script use the "alert" command05:40
jetolediuneigh: ok05:40
bb05What would be the benefit of using ubuntu in an elementary enviornment over a windows one?05:41
jetolediuneigh: actually run this: printf 'nameserver\nnameserver\n' > /etc/resolv.conf05:41
jetolediuneigh: after that you can probably ping google. If you can't doesn't matter too much anyways05:41
diuneighJetole: yes.. pings google again..05:41
jetolediuneigh: then as a just in case, run: apt-get update && apt-get -y upgrade05:42
bb05I also do volunteer work at my local YMCA, what would be the best way to filter 'bad' searches on the linux machines there?05:42
diuneighJetole: lots to upgrade... computer has been down for a while..05:43
escottbb05, you want a web filter?05:43
jetolebb05: there isn't a best way to filter bad searches as far as I know but you can filter people to accessing bad sites by using a transparent proxy (see squid) and one of the modules / add-ins that helps block content you don't want users accessing05:43
jetolediuneigh: just out of curiousity do you see anything on that list relating to crypt05:43
bb05well.. essentially looking to limit the users themselves (with a single login) and keep them from breaking it.05:44
diuneighJetole: not yet... got one error though.. Can not write log, openpty() failed (/dev/pts not mounted?)05:44
escottbb05, you mean you have guest users and you want to prevent privilege escalation?05:44
jetolediuneigh: actually I have a better question I should have asked hours ago. Do you care if you lose anything on your encrypted home dir?05:44
diuneighJetole: done..05:44
bb05escott: yes & combined with squid05:45
diuneighJetole: yes...I do.... otherwise I would have just reinstalled ubuntu..05:45
jetolediuneigh: k05:45
=== aaron is now known as Guest27971
CidGuess nobody knows what I'm asking05:46
escottbb05, well the squid proxy should be placed at the router and any http traffic should be directed through squid. so thats fairly easy. the privilege escalation is harder to deal with. you want to be careful to limit them to only those programs that are appropriate. beyond that its a good idea to see if you can get the hardware to boot off the lan. that way you can consider the physical terminal compromised, and know that a reboot will fi05:46
escottx it05:46
bb05escott: thanks for the info, off 2 google =)05:48
jetolediuneigh: everything I am reading keeps saying you needed that string that was given to you when you setup your home dir which you told me you didn't write down05:48
jetolediuneigh: you may be fucked at this point05:48
diuneighJetole: I have it... I got it from unwrapping the passphrase..05:48
jetolediuneigh: come again?05:48
quiescensi have gotten lost from trying to understand why your conversation seems so complicated05:49
jetolequiescens: talking to me?05:49
escottbb05, the thing to keep in the back of your mind is that "physical access is root access" so buy some locks for the case, and password protect the bios.05:50
diuneighJetole: I didn't write down the passphrase when I installed ubuntu... however, I read that I could find it by enter ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase /home/username/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase05:50
quiescensi thought it started with trying to access an encrypted home, and then seems to have ended up changing name servers to install updates so i forget what the problem was05:50
jetolediuneigh: so you now know your passphrase?05:50
diuneighJetole: yes at least the one I got from unwrapping it..05:50
jetolequiescens: the ubuntu wiki page for this mentions making sure you have the latest version of the software and diuneigh is booting off of a live usb which I walked him through doing a chroot to his computers drives05:51
jetolequiescens: answer all your questions?05:51
bb05as we are currently setup, there will always be a way for 'live' booting, but we monitor them while in the room this is more of a fail-safe if we miss something.05:51
=== root is now known as Guest79840
jetolediuneigh: well I'm too tired to carry on. First off write that down and stick it in your wallet or somewhere safe and then have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory05:52
bb05the kids are aged from 7-12 so they are techy savvy, but hopefully not 'that' savvy05:52
diuneighJetole: yes.. I have used that site already...05:53
=== Guest72956 is now known as syn-ack
diuneighJetole:  I thank you for your time..05:53
escottbb05, you dont have to be that savvy. you shove a usb live cd into the slot. press and hold the power button and then press f1 to change the bios boot order (unless the usb is already first)05:53
jetolebb05: escott is right. physical access is root access. Lock your box in a safe and burry it under 20 feet of concrete05:53
Kyle123I disagree escott05:54
jetolediuneigh: k. I'd say np except I'm wondering why I bothered to be so helpful tonight since that's quite unlike me but glad it helped05:54
Kyle123how many 7 year olds know about live booting off USB drives05:54
diuneighJetole: btw how can I log back into my drive?  before I typed ctrl-d?05:54
jetolediuneigh: try to run: login05:54
urlin2uKyle123, that info is all over the web.05:55
BoomBoxescott / bb05 / Kyle123: if the >12 yo can boot a live CD, then they deserve to use it -.-05:55
diuneighJetole: better yet... what can I type next time I boot up so I can access that drive?05:55
jetolediuneigh: your username and password?05:55
BoomBox<12  *05:56
diuneighJetole: yes from the live USB after I reboot.05:56
Anonymau5hello i had a few questions about swappiness and hdd usage05:56
chroothi, how to use xwd in ubuntu?05:56
urlin2uAnonymau5, what might it be?05:56
jetolediuneigh: that's a pain in the ass if you don't already know how to do it but the bash script I whipped up is still posted at http://pastebin.com/JckGZ9Cs05:57
Anonymau5well i have been playing around with vm.swappiness in sysctl .conf to try and reduce the read/write delays i am having when i open too much at once05:58
diuneighJetole: I read the README.txt again and it says From the graphical desktop, click on:  "Access Your Private Data"  how can I do that?05:58
diuneighJetole: haha.. ok.. so basically don't reboot the computer then?05:58
merniliohi all! :-)05:58
escottKyle123, at 12 we all knew how to get around blackice on windows. you hit f1. clicked around until the first hyperlink you could see and voila you had IE. you are either concerned that this will happen or you aren't. bb05 asked so he is presumably concerned -- besides a live usb seems much more likely than a privilige escalation from a non-priviledged user05:58
Oregon`hi. I was given a 40 gig external harddrive today.  I want to format it...opened gparted, and see two partitions...one is ntfs, and the other is only 7.84Mgs, unallocated.   Should I format both partitions, or should I leave the unallocated partion? THANKS05:59
Kyle123escott from people who don't know much about compuers05:59
jetolediuneigh: I did that on the spot but the methodology is basically this, mount your root partition to a mount point, mount any other partitions to the proper sub dir of where you mounted your root parition (don't worry about swap) and then do a mount --bind (which just mounts an existing directory to another directory) to the proper points under where you mounted your root paritition and then root "chroot DIR /bin/bash" where DIR is where you mounted ...05:59
Kyle123remember you said that05:59
jetole... your root partition05:59
mernilioi said hi all!!05:59
jribOregon`: do you care about the data?05:59
Anonymau5and the problem having is ill open a tab in chrome or firefox ect and ill have the pc almost lock up due to the the ram getting dumped to swap some of my delays i have timed over 5 minutes05:59
mernilioCid: hi06:00
Oregon`jrib: No it was given to me and I dont want to be a snoop06:00
jetolediuneigh: I don't know how to access your private data. That's what I have been trying to learn but I don't encrypt my /home/user directory06:00
urlin2uOregon`, unallocated is no partition.06:00
merniliodont dismiss me! :-)06:00
diuneighJetole:  I'll keep plugging away at trying to open this encryped home directory...06:00
CidCan I get help please06:00
Oregon`urlin2u:  SO then I should just leave it be?06:00
jribOregon`: I would just repartition and use all the space06:00
diuneighJetole: I really appreciate your time and patience...06:00
jetolediuneigh: being the only user of my workstations I encrypt / which can only be done if you download the ubuntu alternate installer CD06:00
mernilioCid: sure!06:00
urlin2uOregon`, there is nothing there.06:00
jetolediuneigh: you're welcome06:00
Oregon`jrib: gparted is the right tool for this?06:00
diuneighJetole: I'll look you up again if I get it figured out..06:01
jribOregon`: sure06:01
mernilioHelp is my second name!06:01
jetolediuneigh: how long did you have this setup before you got locked out06:01
CidI need help please... I can't seem to download from getdeb.net... http://pastebin.com/yMbBPEf806:01
bazhangmernilio, stop please06:01
merniliobazhang: oki06:01
jetolediuneigh: also with my systems and the encrypted / dir if I lose the password or the drive becomes corrupt I am still shit out of luck hence why I use raid 1 on the workstations06:01
Oregon`jrib: Would just formating the NTFS be okay to do?  the unallocated is only 7.84mgs so I could care less about it06:01
urlin2uOregon`, really you might screenshot gparted looking at andimagebin it so we know exactly what your looking at.06:01
jribOregon`: if that's what you want, sure06:02
Oregon`jrib:  THANKS JRIB and urlin2u06:02
diuneighJetole: only a few days ago...I intalled playonlinux to configure a game and it crashed... then I couldn't log it.. after typing in the login password it would cycle back.. tried to google an answer and made it worse... I couldn't access my home dir anymore... so here I am..06:02
CidDid anybody open my pastebin link ?06:02
jetolediuneigh: I'll still be here for a bit but I can't really concentrate on this anymore either. I've had a couple glasses of coke && rum and a couple beers and a week from hell at the office and was up till 4 AM last night helping a co-worker reverse a LDAP change he made which locked us out of all systems and I am about at the point where I feel I have aleady passed out and my subconscious is typing away on it's own06:03
sindileany idea why this is happening on my secondary monitor - http://www.imagebanana.com/view/5jgq8zqj/IMG2012021100322.jpg06:03
sindilemenu items seem to be floating06:04
urlin2uCid, sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys "key here"06:04
jetolediuneigh: if it's only been a few days then how come you are adverse to a re-install?06:04
Oregon`urlin2u: and jrib: Gparted wont seem to let me touch the unallocated anyway. Thanks for your help.06:04
urlin2uOregon`, give us a screenshot.06:04
jribOregon`: delete the existing partition and create a new one that occupies the whole space06:04
jetolesindile: it looks like a known bug with the ocdcrt.so driver06:04
urlin2uOregon`, sounds like encypted partitio0n.06:05
Oregon`urlin2u: I'm using 10.04 at the moment (have way too many problems with multiple programs and devices on the new linux kernels)  Could you tell me the command for a screen shot again?  I know how to upload pictures06:05
diuneighJetole: oh.. I've been using ubuntu for a few months... just recently the problem started.06:05
jetolediuneigh: if I were you I would re-install anyways and this time choose not to encrypt your /home dir06:05
cryptodirawhen running update manager on 10.10 amd/64 ..... in the description of update section, it always returns: 'Failed to download the list of changes... it always returns: Please check your Internet connection.... How can i fix this?06:05
Oregon`jrib: K I'll try that thanks06:05
urlin2uOregon`, in the menu and the prtsc button06:05
jetolediuneigh: unless you live with the gestapo or plan on hacking the fbi or something06:06
CidGuess not06:06
urlin2uOregon`, in the menu screeshot06:06
jetolesindile: just kidding. I don't know why and made up the word ocdcrt.so06:06
urlin2ucid I answered you.06:06
=== muneeb is now known as Guest41409
urlin2uCid,  ^^^06:06
diuneighJetole: yes.. but I will lose my data... actually I read that I could create a new user and access the data that way..06:06
jetoleCid: 01:04 < urlin2u> Cid, sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys "key here"06:06
jetolediuneigh: I don't think you can06:07
diuneighJetole: not sure if that is true or not..06:07
jetolediuneigh: I doubt it a lot06:07
jetolediuneigh: I'd be very worried if it is true but you should try it anyways just in case06:07
escottsindile, are they showing up aligned with the top of the primary monitor perhaps?06:08
cryptodirabeing unable to d/l the release notes/changes... also farkles the auto upgrade to 11.04.... is there a solution?06:08
stacks`with iptables if i wanted to block the ranges 166.(128-255).*.* would i use or how would it go? like i know iptables -A input -s (IP) -d 0/0 -j DROP etc..06:08
jetolesindile: escott's last comment actually sounds like something I've seen with nvidia twinview and two different sized monitors06:08
mintuxI have two INTERNET connection that they are come from wired network (two modem connect to switch and come to my computer lan with different ip) so I switch between them.is it possible to use two internet connection at same time ? or connection 1 come to my browser and connection 2 come to my download manager ?06:09
jetolecryptodira: what package is farkles installed in06:09
jetolestacks`: first off 0/0 is a bad idea in iptables06:09
sindileescott: they appear okay with the primary monitor06:09
Oregon`urlin2u:  THe site with the screen shot is http://eugenecomputergeeks.com/Screenshot1.png06:09
jetolestacks`: secondly, yes it accept CIDR ranges06:09
=== Mike___ is now known as Mike__
jetolestacks`: under what circumstances do you use 0/006:10
cryptodirajetole; trying to use the auto upgrade from 10.10 to 11.04 returns: 'could not download the release notes'... this stops the process (farkles it)06:10
urlin2uOregon`, the unallocated is just the limitations of whatever partitioner had in using the whole space nothing there now.06:10
wisniawho knows how to change fonts in gnome?06:11
jetolecryptodira: I can't find the farkles package. did you install that from a 3rd party repo or even a 4th party repo?06:11
jetolelast Oregon`06:12
jetoleoops. ignore that06:12
urlin2ujetole, I think it is slang. :)06:12
cryptodirajtole, farkles is a slang term for SNAFU... it is NOT a program or part of a package.06:12
Oregon`urlin2u:  So deleting the NTFS parition will let me delete the unallocated space?06:12
jetoleurlin2u: I know. I'm ****ing with him but thanks for the heads up06:13
urlin2uOregon`, the unallocated has nothing there06:13
jonathonIs it possible to permanantly Decrypt my home folder?06:13
pangolinjetole: Please stop swearing and yes using *** is still swearing.06:13
urlin2ujetole, ;)06:13
jetoleOregon`: unallocated space isn't allocated to anything so nothing you delete can remove it06:13
cryptodirajetole, now that you have had your fun.... do you have a solution to the problem with upgrading?06:13
=== coca_zero_ is now known as coca_zero
jetolepangolin: **** might be swaering. The truth is you can only guess what I said when I censored myself ;-)06:14
akpkHow to clear DNS Cache ??06:14
jetolecryptodira: nope. sorry06:14
jetolecryptodira: someone else might though06:14
pangolinjetole: I'm only going to ask nice, next time I need to guess I will assume the worst and ban you. :)06:14
escottsindile, if you have two monitors with different sizes its possible that the window manager is confused about the geometry on the secondary because it is basing it off the primary06:14
Oregon`urlin2u:  and jetole: okay thanks. So I just deleted the ntfs and now its letting me create a new one looks good.  I create is at a "Primary Partiton" right? Sorry for such newb questions I just dont want to screw it up.06:14
jetolepangolin: sorry. Just trying to have a sense of humor is all06:15
jetolepangolin: so I can't even swear if I censor it?06:15
diuneighJetole: I can see files in my home dir.. but they all say they are encrypted.. is that progress or not?06:15
jetolepangolin: and if that's the case, isn't that a bit much?06:15
pangolinjetole: humour is all well and good but it is not helpful. stick to support in here and you are welcome to join #ubuntu-offtopic for fun.06:15
Oregon`urlin2u:  Also should I create a label for the drive? or just leave it blank?06:15
escottdiuneigh, no06:15
jonathonIs it possible to permanantly Decrypt my home folder?06:15
pangolinjetole: correct, no swearing.06:15
Oregon`jonathon: yes. I like the program encfs for that06:15
akpkHow to clear DNS cache ???06:16
jetolepangolin: by the way, not that this should matter but I've spent the last many hours here working on fixing diuneigh problem and it seems much to get kickbanned for censoring my swearing06:16
urlin2uOregon`, what do you want to do with the drive and do you want a windows OS to access it?06:16
jonathonOregon' Alright, thanks06:16
* jetole sighs 06:16
sindileescott: the two monitors are different sizes, but this happens with certain applications - for example libreoffice, firefox displays fine06:16
jetolepangolin: ok06:16
Ho^OhHow can I know if my server is capable of HARDWARE RAID0 ?06:16
Oregon`urlin2u: I need to use it for multiple computers...linux and windows...I constantly have to back up files for people.06:16
escottsindile, does libreoffice have windows on both screens when this is happening?06:16
pangolinjetole: #ubuntu doesn't have a karma system, you don't get extra points for good work that you can spend on breaking rules.06:16
urlin2uOregon`, then make another NTFS]06:16
jetolediuneigh: I honestly don't know and I'm pretty much too tired to look into it now but maybe check some docs06:16
jetolepangolin: well that explains why I said "not that it should matter"06:17
escottsindile, sounds like a bug in the libreoffice toolkit. you might try reporting it06:17
Oregon`k thanks06:17
urlin2uOregon`, no problem .06:17
jetolepangolin: #ubuntu also doesn't seem to have a "social rationalization" system either but I don't want to get ban'd so I'll try my best to bite my tounge06:18
sindileescott: libreoffice has no problem on the secondary monitor06:18
cryptodirapretty busy in here, so i will try again: 10.10 amd/64... trying to auto upgrade to 11.04... update manager says it is available but fails with: "could not download release notes"   how can this be fixed so that the upgrade will proceed?06:18
diuneighJetole: np..06:18
pangolinjetole: I appreciate your understanding06:18
Ho^OhROFL @ pangolin.06:19
urlin2ucryptodira, you completely updated?06:19
jetolediuneigh: I hope you get it set up but seriously, week from hell at work, I've had a few drinks and it's been a long day at the office and I'm about at my ends with this issue and while I know encryption, I don't use encrypted /home dirs06:19
jetolepangolin: btw, is hell a sensitive word?06:19
jetolepangolin: like I just said "week from hell at the office". Is that ok?06:20
pangolinjetole: :) see /msg ubottu !guidelines06:20
jetolepangolin: sure. Thanks06:20
cryptodiraurlin2u, yes... completely updated06:20
* jetole looks06:20
twallsTisk tisk. Lol.06:20
jonathonOregon', Might you know the command I need to Decrypt?06:20
escottsindile, misread though you were saying libre was buggy. in any case its a toolkit issue with the toolkit that application is using06:21
urlin2ucryptodira, not sure then.06:21
mesodermHey -- how do I make it where a particular user isn't listed as an option in the graphical login screen?06:22
mesodermi.e. I have two user accounts on my system, and only want one to be visible through gdm06:22
cryptodiraurlin2u, i have been getting a failure to d/l the "list of changes" for the incremental updates... tho they will actually d/l and install.... the big update from 10.10 to 11.04 fails.06:22
jetolemesoderm: userdel06:23
jetolemesoderm: deluser06:23
jetolemesoderm: either or06:23
mesodermjetole, I don't want to remove the user. I just don't want the account to appear as an option on the login screen.06:23
kraz3dCan anyone run me through setting up sftp and opening port 22?06:24
kraz3dI already set myself as DMZ06:24
urlin2ucryptodira, personally I never upgrade distros, I have everything on external HD's so I fresh install faster and cleaner06:24
jetolemesoderm: there used to be a way in the GUI. Now there is still a way but not sure anymore how. I'm using 10.04 and I click "start" -> system -> administration -> login system : and I don't see the option there anymore06:25
urlin2ucomputer only has OS's06:25
escottmesoderm, gdm or lightdm?06:25
jetolemesoderm: ubuntu has become surprisingly complex in its attempts to become simple06:25
mesodermAnyone here know what Canonical was thinking when they removed the ability to do pretty much everything through the System Settings dialog?06:25
jetolecryptodira: oh I have done the upgrade on some server systems which works well and the same process applies to desktops06:26
jetolecryptodira: let me see if I can find the url06:26
cryptodiraurlin2u, that is a handy way to do it for sure, however, i live off-grid and have no snail mail service, so instead of waiting until summer and getting a live cd, i thought i would try the upgrade route... bummer it is failing.06:26
mesodermescott -- Sorry lightdm -- I just looked that up, and realized that's what 11.10 uses by default. My bad.06:27
BoomBoxjetole: the developers think that whatever they think is easy to use for them is easy to use for normal people06:27
BoomBoxwhich just isnt the cas06:27
jetolecryptodira: which version of ubuntu are you using06:27
jetoleBoomBox: can you please say that again in english?06:27
escottmesoderm, so don't bother with the config files in /etc/lightdm as lightdm ignores its own config files06:27
BoomBoxdevelopers aernt good designers06:27
cryptodirajetole, currently 10.10 fully patched06:27
BoomBoxwhats easy for them is not easy for normal users06:27
bazhang!ot | BoomBox06:27
ubottuBoomBox: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:27
cryptodirajetole, amd/64 10.1006:28
jetoleBoomBox: thank you for the philisophical lesson06:28
Ho^Ohmesoderm: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10331548&postcount=1006:28
escottmesoderm, you have to do some unspecified undocumented thing to the accounts-services daemon. but don't worry lightdm has fewer LOC than gdm so that makes it better06:28
BoomBoxjust pointing out facts...06:28
rodhash_Hello guys, I'm facing little trouble with audio (Ubuntu 11.10)...06:28
rodhash_mplayer runs fine but the sound suddenly stops, why is this happening?06:28
jetolecryptodira: I know the versions say something different then what you have but try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades#Network_Upgrade_for_Ubuntu_Servers_.28Recommended.2906:28
rodhash_Anyone, any idea?06:29
jetoleBoomBox: check out IRC netiquette where it mentions saying a users name when you address them in a channel so that the comment is hilighted and more easily visible06:29
cryptodirajetole, Thanks!   i will give that a try.06:29
sindileescott: i think you are right - my primary maximum monitor resolution is 1366x768 (16:9) and secondary is 1920x1080 (16:9), if i change the secondary to 1280x720 there is no problem and any resolution higher than that the problem occurs06:30
Ho^Ohmesoderm: Actually, edit /etc/lightdm/users.conf                        sudo /etc/lightdm/users.conf06:30
Ho^Ohmesoderm: Then follow the guide in the forum.06:30
jetolerodhash_: try with different audio output. You can see a list of it by running: mplayer -ao help06:30
jetolecryptodira: hope it helps06:30
kraz3dIs there any FTP server clients with a decent GUI so I don't have to use sftp?06:32
rodhash_jetole, Here it's... there's something very odd, I'm using Skype and just started to watch a video on youtube, when it started.... the youtube player runs fine, mplayer runs fine too.... but the sound stops after just few seconds...06:32
jetoleoh so I was gonna read the guidelines url that pangolin referred me to a bot which just listed the url but then I got distracted helping people. I'll read it now06:32
escottHo^Oh, those don't work i tried it with 11.10a2 reported a bug and they added the helpful comment at the top # NOTE: If you have AccountsService installed on your system, then LightDM will # use this instead and these settings will be ignored06:32
jetolerodhash_: did you try what I said?06:32
jetolerodhash_: try running mplayer -ao alsa06:32
rodhash_jetole, Yes I tried, but my point is: it was working fine for a long time...06:33
Ho^OhBoomBox: Actually, the new changes here is nice, surrounding Unity. I'm able to work with less distractions now.06:33
jetolerodhash_: if -ao alsa works then edit (or create) ~/.mplayer/config and add the line "ao=alsa"06:33
jetolerodhash_: that way you don't need to add it on each line06:33
cryptodirajetole, that link was no different than what i have already been doing...after clicking to upgrade, we get no further instructions because the system is NOT downloading the release notes.... it hangs at that error.06:34
jetolerodhash_: I don't care. *********** in the USA was working fine for a long time till some smart people got together and decided it was a bad idea and had it abolished... ok that was actually a really poor way to make my point and probably pretty insulting to some people so I am going to censor that but my point being is that I care about the here and now and not the yesterday and the day before06:35
jetolecryptodira: if you had to click to upgrade then you didn't follow the directions on the link I gave you06:35
jetolecryptodira: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades#Network_Upgrade_for_Ubuntu_Servers_.28Recommended.2906:36
sinuxhi any one here can help me with a online video file issue06:36
jetolerodhash_: upgrades and changes can change many things that may cause something to stop working as it once did06:37
rodhash_man you're stress...  don't worry about such thing, it's just a stupic issue lol06:37
cfhowlettsinux: what's the issue?06:37
jetolerodhash_: thats really any software on any OS so let's not worry about what was what acting like what back when and figure out whats wrong or how to overcome it now06:37
rodhash_yes... it can be, there was a recent upgrade06:37
bazhangsinux, ask your question to the channel please06:37
jetolerodhash_: so try: mplayer -ao alsa06:38
jetolerodhash_: if that works then add the line "ao=alsa" (without the quotes) to ~/.mplayer/config06:38
bazhangcasasa, hi06:38
Ho^Ohsinux: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:38
rodhash_jetole, wow... amaing !06:38
sinuxI have a to download a stream video file which is streamed using RTMP I tried RTMDump and other but i cant down load it06:39
jetolerodhash_: amazing that it works or amazing in the sarcastic sense that even though I am going out of my way to help you that you don't appreciate the effort due to my lack of concern?06:39
rodhash_jetole, No, hehehe... it worked, that what I meant!! hehe06:40
jetolerodhash_: ok. cool06:40
urlin2ujetole, golly wally we are just not worthy. :)06:40
jetoleurlin2u: I know. It's ok. That's why I'm helping (P.S.: I mistakingly thought he was being sarcastic which was my mistake)06:41
Ho^Ohsinux: Did any error message popped up?06:41
urlin2ujetole, just ribbing you. :)06:41
rodhash_jetole, don't be so stressed man... it doesn't worth... btw, thanks for that great help :)06:41
jetolerodhash_: if it helps, pulse audio which is the new default to replace alsa is still kinda new and from time to time it fails06:41
sinuxIn RTMPDump it saide can't connect to sever06:41
jetolerodhash_: I'm not stressed but glad it worked06:41
jetoleurlin2u: I'm not worried06:42
jetoleurlin2u: it's been...06:42
* jetole counts06:42
jetoleurlin2u: 14 years I've been using IRC. I don't get stressed over anything on here06:42
=== whoever is now known as Guest79007
jetolejesus! 14 years06:42
jetoledamn I'm old06:42
Ho^OhThat's many folds over the time I've used IRC.06:43
jetoleHo^Oh: thanks for the kind words :-P06:43
bazhangsinux, whats the link06:43
jetoleah I'm still young. It's just that I started out when I was a kid06:43
sinuxbazhang, http://www.swarnavahini.lk/autoweekend/player.php?videoid=10000028&partid=206:43
cryptodirajetole, you were correct!   i failed to do the server route.... This appears to be working.... Thank YOU for your time and effort!!06:43
sinuxthats the player link on the web06:44
jetolecryptodira: no worries. glad it worked06:44
sindileescott: i just pressed Windows-Key + P and the problem has dissapeared and the resolutions of the primary and secondary are different. This after reading this post - http://design.canonical.com/2011/12/improving-the-multi-monitor-experience-in-ubuntu/06:44
sinuxbazhang, I got this after looking in to the HTML of the page rtmp://
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
rodhash_jetole, So.. recently there was an upgrade, what may have caused this issue... is there any way to roll back those upgrades ??06:46
escottsinux, have you tried just swapping an http or https in for the rtmp06:46
sinuxescott, nope06:46
jetolerodhash_: the answer is yes and I don't know how. sorry but I know it can be done06:46
escottsinux, its serving out of port 80 its worth a try06:47
sinuxin RTMPDump is it06:47
rodhash_Anyone, any idea?? How to roll back an upgrade ??06:47
pcalguien que sepa español e ingles06:47
escott!es | pc06:47
ubottupc: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.06:47
jetolerodhash_: but... probably not worth it anyhow, a lot of other programs rely on that certain programs which they depend on is at least version X.Y and it may lead to future upgrade problems. Best probably just to edit the mplayer config file06:47
bazhangrodhash_, why would you think of trying that? whats the issue06:48
mac_osxHi all, anyone offer a little / LOT of advice? Serious problem.06:48
Ho^Ohrodhash_: Ubuntu isn't Windows, you don't downgrade generally, but if you feel like working hard, there is a way. It depends on how exactly you upgraded in the first place.06:48
sinuxAnd the media sever is Wowza Media Server Pro Unlimited 1.7.2 build1210706:48
bazhangmac_osx, related to ubuntu? go ahead06:48
ubottumac_osx: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:48
Ho^Ohmac_osx: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:48
jetolerodhash_: the servers I admin, I had to install a custom compiled libldap and place a hold on it so that it would not be upgraded and this lead to a future issue which required future debugging06:49
mac_osxbazhang I've been badly hacked06:49
rodhash_bazhang, Because it sound stopped again, and even specifying "-ao alsa" it's not working any longer... also the compiz become unstable, it keeps re-starting too frequently... :(06:49
* Ho^Oh wonders if mac_osx is trolling. Or paranoid. :S06:49
bazhangmac_osx, what makes you think that; what version of ubuntu are you on, what evidence do you have for that06:49
mac_osxI can't access the root, my Ubuntu CD drive is gone, Windows CD drive is gone, and bios cd drive is gone06:49
jetolerodhash_: ah I didn't know the sound stopped again06:49
sinuxThe only app that worked with this is a windows only shareware app called replay media catcher thats the only thing that worked but only 1/2 th file is get able06:49
mac_osxI'm on 11.1006:49
rodhash_jetole, It just happened .. :(06:50
cfhowlettmac_osx: on a mac?06:50
mac_osxNo Ubuntu, the profile is mac_lookalike06:50
omacmac_osx:  use your 11.10 live CD and boot from your CD drive for starters.  Then mount your hard drive.06:50
pci need help to translate inglish to spanish06:50
mac_osxCan no longer use CDs06:50
jetolerodhash_: when the sound stops, click on the volume icon in the tray and select "sound preferences...." then click on the applications tab and see if you can see what is doing what06:50
bazhangmac_osx, what do you mean you "can't access the root"  <---- what are you trying to achieve06:50
omacif you can't mount your hard drive partitions, then I'll believe you've been hacked.06:50
jetolerodhash_: which version of ubuntu06:50
cfhowlettpc: what do you mean?06:51
mac_osxI had three profiles on my Ubuntu partition, Now there are five06:51
Ho^OhI thought getting hacked these days are impossible.06:51
omacmac_osx: do you have a burned live DVD of UBUNTU?06:51
jetoleomac: there are a dozen+ reasons why you can't mount a partition06:51
mac_osxI no longer have root privilages06:51
bazhangpc : translate.google.com ?06:51
=== Gskellig|away is now known as gskellig|mobile
bazhangmac_osx, you never did06:51
cfhowlettmac_osx: omac gave you a suggestion to start with...06:51
pchuman translate06:51
pcgoogle is bad06:51
jetolerodhash_: well aside from what I mentioned with the tray and volume icon I don't know what else to suggest.06:52
mac_osxYes I have the CD, but my computer no longer acknowledges CDs06:52
jetolerodhash_: I've been deaf for 5 years06:52
bazhangpc for what? is this something related to ubuntu ?06:52
omacdo you have a usb port?  could you attach an external DVD-DRIVE to your computer and boot from that via a usb-boot06:52
mac_osxI can't even boot from the CD drive anymore06:52
jetolerodhash_: plus I use 10.0406:52
cfhowlettpc: where do you live?  maybe there's a support group nearby...06:53
Ho^Ohmac_osx: On linux, there is no suchthing as "an admin" account.                                   It's about different levels of file and directory(folder) access.          And then there is just that generic root account that can magically do anything.06:53
pcsee you later06:53
jetolerodhash_: my ~/.mplayer/config file has a line that reads: nosound=106:53
omacmac_osx?  what do you mean? is your dvd/cd drive not working because it's old? Or do you mean the hack disabled it?06:53
mac_osxI tried to mount the root through the terminal using commands, but it said I don't have privilages06:53
jetolehow long have you been using freenode to have registered the name pc?06:53
mac_osxYes, the hacker disabled it, I presume so that I couldn't get him out06:54
jetolepc: how long have you been using freenode to have registered the name pc?06:54
pcpc is any computer any os ? you know06:54
bazhangjetole, lets stick to ubuntu support please06:54
Ho^Ohmac_osx: I do not believe you're hacked.            Type in the word: sudo         before any command you do to perform administrative tasks.06:54
cfhowlettpc where do you live?06:54
mac_osxI did06:54
pci want to stay anon06:55
omacok then, just reboot the computer with a live DVD and then use the special key for booting from the DVD.06:55
cfhowlettnot address city, country06:55
jetolebazhang: I've been pretty helpful. I can't ask a user about his name?06:55
Ho^OhIt's the same password as your regular user account.06:55
mac_osxI got the help from a link Ubuntu forums sent me to because they don't give root advice06:55
Ho^Ohmac_osx: What's the exact command you typed, and the exact error message?06:55
omacmacOSX: what kind of hardware?  An apple intel-based pc? or a ppc?06:55
bazhangmac_osx, the root account is disabled by default. it's not something hackers did06:56
mac_osxHo OhAthalon06:56
omacok so you should be able to boot from your dvd.06:56
mac_osxThe bios only offers the hard drive as a bootable option06:56
omacmac_osx: Now do you know what key brings you into your bios setup and what key brings you into the boot menu?06:57
FrijolensteinI fucking hat eniggers!06:57
Ho^OhDo not try to login as root, it's impossible to do in Ubuntu. (Unless you go through a guide that will discourage you from trying to make it possible to login as root, but it's possible).06:57
Ho^Oh!language | Frijolenstein06:57
ubottuFrijolenstein: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.06:57
omacho^oh it is not impossible:  just do a "sudo bash" and you will be in root.06:57
mac_osxwhen starting up, I hit Del to get into the bios and change the boot order, but it says only the Hard drive is bootable, it shows no CD drive06:58
omacthe same can be achieved as "su -l root" in Debian.06:58
bazhangit's not supported here. and it's disabled by default06:58
damo2222mac_osx: what kind of pc is it06:58
Ho^Ohomac: I know that. My preferred method is sudo su (Switch user).06:58
xgt001hello, is there a backport for unity 5.2 for oneiric?06:58
Ho^OhBut it's not something I would want to teach ;)06:58
bazhangxgt001, good question, there is more than likely to be a PPA before a backport06:59
IgramulHi, because of a file system inconsistency, I lost parts of /var/lib/dpkg. Is there a way to rebuild that directory?06:59
mac_osxOK sorry, I'm in as root06:59
AfdalHey all06:59
xgt001bazhang, so right now there are no ppa's to i guess? coz the unity-staging ppa wont work in oneiric06:59
omacmac_osx, there is a special way of adding a boot device in the bios.  look for it and you will have  menu that shows that you have a DVD/CD drive.  The proof is that when you boot, the BIOS detects and displays the kinds of devices i.e. (name of DVD/CD device) that you have.06:59
mac_osxdamo, it's a Dell06:59
AfdalDoes anyone know the mount point name for a floppy in ubuntu?06:59
damo2222Afdal: /dev/fd007:00
bazhangxgt001, I dont directly know of one, just pointing that out07:00
jetoleHo^Oh: if your a room admin then run /last Frijolenstein and then kick ban the user07:00
omacmac_osx: once you add the device to the boot list, then you can change the boot order to the cd/DVD device first, before the hard drive.07:00
AfdalI'm trying to make a grub booter from a floppy and it keeps telling me /media/floppy does not exist07:00
jetoleHo^Oh: he wasn't referring to engineers as I initially thought07:00
bazhangjetole, he's long gone07:00
Ho^OhThanks to bazhang :D07:00
jetolebazhang: I know but just wanted to make sure he stays gone. Thanks07:00
Afdaldamo2222: So it should be "mount /dev/fd0 /media/floppy" right?07:00
mac_osxomac, can you tell me why I have another user and can't access the CD drive anymore? Is it the hack?07:01
damo2222Afdal: actually you probably need something like /dev/fd0u144007:01
Afdal"mount: mount point /media/floppy does not exist"07:01
IgramulAfdal, You'll need the dirctory /media/floppy as mount point.07:01
cfhowlettmac_osx: I JUST received my replacement dvd drive today.  Here's what to do: boot and go into the bios.  From there run diagnostics.  If you get an error on your dvd test self-test 0147, remove and reseat the drive.  test again.  If it fails again, replace the drive.  or so the web informs me.07:01
mac_osxomac, I'll do as you say. Thanks07:01
IgramulAfdal, "sudo mkdir /media/floppy"07:01
escottmac_osx, sounds like you messed up your groups. what groups are you a member of? did you perhaps run usermod -G without -a?07:01
AfdalYou have to make the directory before you mount it?07:01
Ho^OhAfdal: mount /media/fd007:01
Ho^OhAnd yes you have to if you want it to be at a specific directory07:02
Ho^OhOtherwise, do nto use the second parameter.07:02
mac_osxescott, I don't think so, but I pissed off someone who is a hacker07:02
Afdalthanks, that seems to have worked07:02
mac_osxHo Oh, omac, escott thank you all07:03
Afdal"mount: mount point /media/floppy does not exist07:03
Ho^Ohmac_osx: You're on linux for goodness sakes, I can not imagine you ever getting hacked, Desktop version, you cant even ssh to it without installing an ssh daemon07:04
Afdalroot@ubuntu:/boot/grub# cp stage1 stage2 /media/floppy/boot/grub07:04
Afdalcp: cannot stat `stage1': No such file or directory07:04
Afdalcp: cannot stat `stage2': No such file or directory07:04
AfdalWhat am I doing wrong here?07:04
AfdalI'm on Xubuntu Live right now07:04
mac_osxI hope I'm wrong07:04
omacAfdal: are you still there?07:04
TheAncientGoatHo^Oh: Not really a safe stance to take "I'm safe because I'm on Linux"07:05
Ho^OhTheAncientGoat: I know.07:05
Ho^OhBut darn, behind a router and such...07:05
omaccreate a directory:  /mnt/floppy....mkdir -p /mnt/floppy07:05
escottAfdal, don't think you can just copy grub stages to a floppy and expect it to be bootable. are you following instructions from somewhere?07:05
Ho^OhYou have to be doing something extremely weird to be hackable.07:05
AfdalYeah, I think this guide might be outdated, for GRUB 107:05
TheAncientGoatHo^Oh: Most routers are uselessly insecure07:05
TheAncientGoatdefault passwords etc07:05
omacAfdal:  then do a mount:   mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy07:05
omacthat should do the trick.07:06
Ho^OhOr if a person has physical "In person"  access to your computer.07:06
Afdalyeah I got it mounted omac07:06
AfdalI can't seem to figure out out to actually get the bootloader onto the floppy now07:06
TheAncientGoatYeah, then you pretty much can't do anything other than encrypt your hd, but then you have to look at keyloggers etc07:06
Ho^OhTheAncientGoat: But darn, people should've been set those up (Good point though, so many passwordless routers in my neighborhood. xD)07:06
AfdalI'm following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy, but I think that might not apply for GRUB207:06
TheAncientGoatI'm paranoid, so I can think up all these bizzare hacking scenarios, but I'm too lazy to do anything about it :P07:07
escottAfdal, it doesn't work for grub207:07
AndrewMac_whats the default sound system that comes with ubuntu? alsa? pulse audio?07:07
=== chaos_ is now known as chaos_h
AfdalCan anyone help me with making this for grub2 then?07:07
bazhangAndrewMac_, pulse07:07
diuneighJetole: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got it..07:07
AfdalI can't find any guides for that07:07
omacAfdal: what is your last successful step?07:08
=== whoever is now known as Guest22139
Rurd2dii killed samba service,07:08
Rurd2dihow to i start it again?07:08
Rurd2diwhats the command?07:08
escottAfdal, i would try grub-install --allow-floppy /dev/fd0 --boot-directory /media/floppy07:08
AfdalI have the floppy mounted and I'm in its /media/floppy/boot/grub directory I made07:08
omacservice samba restart07:09
escottAfdal, and thats assuming you have a kernel in /media/floppy07:09
Ho^OhOr service samba start07:09
jetolepangolin: so I finially finished reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. When you say not to use asterisks to censor myself, are you referring to off-topic or was it the context I used it in where you felt that I might be harassing or inciting harassment because I got the impression from that I shouldn't swear at all even if I am censoring myself in doing so and making sure that my obscenity isn't seen by anyone but I didn't see any mention of ...07:09
jetole... this on the page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines that lead me to believe I shouldn't do so. I saw that I shouldn't obfuscate obscene words but self censoring is very different from obfuscation where it can be said to be obfuscation if I use a swear word but I replace a letter with a similar number or if I use some local slang to say a swear word but spell it in a manner that is not the normal spelling but censoring myself seems rather ...07:09
escottAfdal, where is your kernel going to reside?07:09
urlin2udiuneigh, you get in with your saved key?07:09
jetole... different and it's something I even see common TV stations with shows rated for all audiences doing so long story short, I'm not sure which part of the guidelines I was in violation of and I want to make sure I know so I don't do it again and wind up getting kicked out of the room07:09
jetolediuneigh: glad it worked out. could you elaborate so I know what happened?07:09
bazhangjetole, augh07:09
AfdalMy kernal is on a dmraid partition07:09
Rurd2dicheers Ho^Oh07:10
AndrewMac_bazhang: something i randomly (like a baws) apt-gett'd trying to work with a sound lib has destroyed my sound, whats the best way to reconfigure pulse?07:10
=== acrocity_ is now known as acrocity
AfdalI just need a boot floppy so I can get in and install GRUB natively07:10
escottAfdal, and you need the boot floopy because the dmraid is messing up the mbr07:10
bazhangjetole, #ubuntu-ops to discuss please rather than pasting here07:10
AfdalBecause grub really hates raid D:<07:10
jetolebazhang: well he asked me to read the guidelines when he assumed I used a swear word but replaced it with asterisks so now I don't know what I did wrong after reading the guidelines07:10
=== sagarchalise is now known as Guest11846
omacAfdal...you aren't supposed to be in the boot grub directory that you made.07:10
diuneighUrlin2U not exactly... my login password..07:10
jetolebazhang: will be there in a minute. Want to chat with diuneigh first who I was helping out earlier07:11
omacAfdal, you are supposed to be on your hard drive.07:11
diuneighJetole:  I kept googling for answers... stumbled on to http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2011/04/introducing-ecryptfs-recover-private.html07:11
omaccd /boot/grub07:11
Ho^Ohomac: Raid setup messed Afdal apparently.07:11
diuneighJetole: just kept playing around with it....07:11
AfdalI'm having a lot of trouble getting grub to install on that07:11
escottAfdal, you may find more expertise in #grub, but i would think that you would want some variant of grub-install --allow-floppy --boot-directory=/media/floppy /dev/fd007:11
omacthen...copy files to your floppy directories.07:11
jetolediuneigh: will read now but what did you do?07:11
AfdalSo for now I'm just trying to get grub up somewhere so I can actually boot07:11
omaccp stage1 stage2 /media/floppy/boot/grub07:11
AfdalI'm tired of tinkering around on a Live OS07:11
bazhangAndrewMac_, no idea what you installed? what about pavucontrol to configure it07:11
diuneighJetole: that website worked for me...  now I will mount my other drive and copy the files..07:12
AndrewMac_bazhang: not at this stage, it was a while back and i just restarted the pc :/07:12
diuneighJetole:  you got me in the right direction.07:12
AndrewMac_(so something that takes effect only after a restart)07:12
urlin2uAfdal, you tried supergrub or reloading the grub bootloader to the mbr07:12
bazhangAndrewMac_, first off, before you install or remove anything is check in alsamixer and see that nothing is muted07:12
escottomac, those files won't exist if Afdal is using grub2 (which is the case if he has a new ubuntu install)07:13
AndrewMac_pavucontrol gives me connection failed07:13
jetolediuneigh: yeah I just read that. It's pretty informative while brief but I didn't see that on the ubuntu wiki page I was reading earlier and it probably should be07:13
AndrewMac_alsamixer gives me "cannot open mixer: No such file or directory"07:13
omacthen afdal shouldn't be following that recipe then.07:13
diuneighJetole: I typed sudo ecryptfs-recover-private and followed the prompt.. entered my login password and it worked..07:13
jetolediuneigh: my advice still stands. Unless you live with the gestapo or live in china or plan on hacking the cia/fbi/dod/etc then, if I were you, I would remove the enctypted /home dir07:13
AfdalYeah I'm on Xubuntu 11.1007:14
urlin2uAfdal, http://www.supergrubdisk.org/07:14
diuneighjetole: after I get my files back.. I will reinstall ubuntu...07:14
jetolediuneigh: I'll be back in a bit. Gonna join #ubuntu-ops so PM me if you need anything07:14
jetolediuneigh: cool07:14
jetolediuneigh: again, glad it all worked out07:15
diuneighJetole: will do.. thanks again!!!07:15
AfdalWhat do I do with this supergrubdisk iso urlin2u?07:15
xharx__is there a way to avoid tearing in ubuntu ? http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tearing07:16
omacgrub-install /dev/fd007:16
escottAfdal, you are going to have a hard time getting grub to boot off a floppy. grub2 base module set is 4.3MB. use something like the iso and a cd or usb07:17
urlin2uAfdal, it boots a OS that is broken, small download worth a try. YOU can also reload the grub bootloader to the mbr, we also have a script you can run that will tell what is where in the OS07:17
AfdalI don't want grub on the MBR though07:17
AfdalBecause I'm doing a dual linux windows boot07:17
Afdaland I want to be able to select GRUB at Window's boot.ini07:17
urlin2uAfdal, you can't boot windows then, you can use esaybcd to boot ubuntu from the windows boot.07:18
urlin2uAfdal, use easybcd07:18
AndrewMac_bazhang: here is the output of alsa-info.sh -> http://pastebin.com/AzqtRAr107:19
AfdalWhat is easybcd?07:19
omacdd if=GRUB2.img of=/dev/fd007:19
omacafdal:  did you try that one?07:19
Afdal"dd if=GRUB2.img of=/dev/fd0"?07:20
urlin2uAfdal, it is a app that willboot other OS's from the windows boot menu.  http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/07:20
omacafdal: yes.07:20
urlin2uAfdal, to be honest the floppy is a waste of time easybcd will do what you want.07:20
AfdalSomeone said grub2 is too large for a floppy anyway omac07:20
ChipzzzAndrewMac_: "sudo apt-get install alsa-base"07:21
omacthere are reports of grub2 on floppy being successful.07:21
omacnote the url mentioned above.07:21
urlin2uAfdal, here is the free one07:21
escottAfdal, also since you are using dmraid you presumably have some kind of fakeraid/biosraid going on. have you confirmed that this will be bootable?07:21
Afdalurlin2u, FIRST, I need to deal with this error I'm getting when trying to install grub on this raid partition07:21
AfdalI don't know how I would confirm that :(07:21
urlin2uAfdal, I didn't pick up the raid never mind.07:22
AndrewMac_Chipzzz: already installed07:22
AfdalAnd to do that I'm following this guide, which says I apparently first need to get into my linux natively07:22
JiggyBlkMnI fucking hate niggers!07:23
escottAfdal, determine what version of fakeraid you have and do some googling. but you will have issues if you are stripping because the bootloader needs to understand the raid well enough to reconstruct the kernel and initrd, and the kernel needs to have the dmraid drivers in the initrd so it can find the root fs07:23
AfdalI'm on the Live OS right now07:23
JiggyBlkMnThat is why I joined Chimpout Forum!07:23
JiggyBlkMnNiggers are the scum of the earth!07:23
JiggyBlkMnAverage Human IQ 19907:23
FloodBot1JiggyBlkMn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:23
JiggyBlkMnI mean07:23
AfdalI'm using raid007:23
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ubuntuaddictedJiggyBlkMn,  !spam07:23
ubuntuaddictedJiggyBlkMn, !spam07:23
ChipzzzAndrewMac_: evidently, from your pastebin, something got uninstalled or misconfigured. I'd just reinstall, but it's up to you.07:23
omacafdal:  there are versions of dd for windows and other os's if that's your obstacle.07:23
JiggyBlkMnAverage nigger iq 8507:23
escottAfdal, in that case your chances are much better that this could work07:24
ubuntuaddictedcan we get this racial slurring guy out of here please07:24
JiggyBlkMnNiggers lack the neanderthal dna that everybody else has07:24
escottAfdal, don't worry about dd. just use easybcd07:24
JiggyBlkMnthey aren't human07:24
JiggyBlkMnJoin Chimpout Forum today!07:24
FloodBot1JiggyBlkMn: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:24
omacafdal what os are you running to create your image.07:24
JiggyBlkMnThe best niggerhating forum on the internet07:24
Afdalokay X.X07:24
escottAfdal, or try and install grub onto a usb stick07:24
ubuntuaddictedseriously, there's no mod in here?07:24
AfdalI don't wanna use my only usb stick for that07:24
Ho^Ohubuntuaddicted: They are here.07:24
AfdalIf I can't make this floppy I'll just burn a CD07:24
urlin2uubuntuaddicted, there are two that I know of.07:25
Ho^OhHi Slicks.07:25
Slickshow are you.07:25
AndrewMac_Chipzzz: you'd reinstall everything?07:26
ChipzzzAndrewMac_: sure, why not?07:26
urlin2uAfdal, In rember talking to you in ubuntu-beginners you have randomly spread grub files across your set might you share that with people helping you.07:27
SlicksThis is fucked.07:28
escottAfdal, also what is your goal? is there any reason you cant do what you need to do from inside a chroot?07:28
Slicksgoogle owns youtube.07:28
FloodBot1Slicks: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:28
Slicksowns google.07:28
bazhangSlicks, watch the language, stay on topic07:28
SlicksWhats the topic lol.07:28
bazhangSlicks, ubuntu support07:28
AfdalSo I'm trying grub-mkrescue --overlay=/boot/grub --image-type=floppy GRUB2.img07:28
SlicksAnd does shit and others count as swears?07:28
Slicksor just the F word.07:28
bazhangSlicks, yes07:28
urlin2uescott, can I PM you?07:29
escotturlin2u, sure07:29
bazhangSlicks, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please07:29
AfdalAnd it says "output file must be given07:29
pangolinSlicks: they do, please don't.07:29
AndrewMac_Chipzzz: cause i have a bunch of things setup on this machine :/ and i was hoping there was just a way to get the sound driver back07:29
diuneighhow to copy directores in terminal?07:29
Ben64cp -R07:29
escottAfdal, -o GRUB2.img07:29
AfdalSame error07:30
diuneighBen64: does it matter if R or r?07:30
escottdiuneigh, no07:30
Ben64diuneigh: not for cp, other programs it does matter, i suggest you look at the manual pages for more information. like this "man cp"07:31
diuneighescott: can I copy read only files?  I ask because I tried and it said cp cannot open07:31
AfdalTried "grub-mkrescue --overlay=/boot/grub --image-type=floppy --output=GRUB2.img" too07:31
AfdalWhat else do I need here?07:31
diuneighBen64 and escott: ok.. thanks.07:31
escottdiuneigh, you can only copy files that you can access07:31
Ben64diuneigh: if you don't have permission to read you cannot copy07:31
escottAfdal, grub-mkrescue is not something im familiar with, that looks like a valid command based on a cursory glance at the man page. i would suggest that what you are trying to do is probably not necessary07:32
diuneighescott: if I can see them does that mean I can access them?  the encryption program put them in a temp dir as read only.07:33
escottAfdal, assuming you are in a livecd almost any grub issue can be fixed via chroot. and if that can't fix it then it might just be that this dmraid setup is not bootable07:33
AfdalWhat is chroot?07:33
Ben64!info chroot07:34
ubottuPackage chroot does not exist in oneiric07:34
escott!grub | Afdal this tutorial (used to have?) has chroot instructions for restoring grub07:34
ubottuAfdal this tutorial (used to have?) has chroot instructions for restoring grub: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)07:34
diuneighescott: INFO: Success!  Private data mounted read-only at [/tmp/ecryptfs.6XroXADI].07:34
ChipzzzAndrewMac_: install doesn't upset your configuration unless you use the --reinstall option, so "sudo apt-get install alsa-base" is safe for your purposes07:35
escottdiuneigh, ok what are the permissions on that folder?07:35
escottAfdal, and of course it doesn't because removing documentation is always a good idea. i'll see if i can find instructions online07:35
diuneighescott: don't know.. how to check?07:35
AfdalThat guide says nothing about chroot07:35
escottAfdal, so this is a bit terse but it has all the parts that are needed http://zeldor.biz/2010/12/install-grub-from-chroot/07:36
escottAfdal, the only changes you might make to that are that you evidently want to be installing to the pbr instead of the mbr so you would say /dev/sda# where # is your ubuntu partition. grub will likely complain so you would have to force it07:37
AfdalOkay, I'll try that now escott07:37
Ho^OhHow can I know if my server is capable of HARDWARE RAID 0?07:37
AfdalNo, not sd#07:37
AfdalRAID partitions are read as dev/mapper/blahblah07:37
escottAfdal, and you probably need to mkdir /mnt since it won't exist on your livecd and of course adjust /dev/sda1 to reference your ubuntu partition as well07:37
* jetole goes back to #ubuntu07:38
jetoleoops. wrong chan07:38
escottAfdal, right... for the mount command its going to be /dev/mapper for the grub install i have no idea07:38
AfdalOkay, I'll try that now escott07:38
escottdiuneigh, ls -l /tmp/ecrypt[TAB]07:38
Ho^Ohjetole: Hehe, had fun?07:38
Afdalubuntu@ubuntu:~$ /mkdir /mnt07:40
Afdalbash: /mkdir: No such file or directory07:40
escottAfdal, and if you do setup a pbr boot you have to manually adjust the windows boot.ini if it fails to boot with a correct boot.ini then chances are that the dmraid is not bootable, and your life gets much harder07:40
AfdalI am very bad at BASH if you can't tell >.>07:40
AfdalYeah I know about that bit escott07:40
escottAfdal, "sudo -i" first then "mkdir /mnt" then the commands in that tutorial07:40
Oregon`does usb-creator-gtk in ubuntu allow me to add NON linux OS's on a usb? Such as a windows Live disc using the Bart method?07:41
Afdalubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo -i07:41
Afdalroot@ubuntu:~# mkdir /mnt07:41
Afdalmkdir: cannot create directory `/mnt': File exists07:41
urlin2uOregon`, no which windows release is it?07:41
Oregon`urlin2u:  windows xp07:41
escottAfdal, cool then just keep going07:41
szalescott: that's assuming the Windows installation even has a boot.ini (which Win versions from Vista onward don't any more) ;)07:41
escottszal, shrug... the only boot i care about with windows is sending it out the window so...07:42
diuneighEscott:  drwxr-xr-x  does that mean I can copy them?07:42
Oregon`szal: What about if I took my Xp disc and used usv-creator-gtk?07:42
Oregon`szal:  not a windows xp live disc but just regular xp?07:42
escottdiuneigh, you should be able to read them which should be enough to copy them. what is the full command you are running07:42
Oregon`szal: I'd do it from windows but dont want to install it..07:42
urlin2uOregon`, you have access to a windows machine admin I believe?07:43
Afdalroot@ubuntu:~# mount /dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb207:43
Afdalmount: can't find /dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb2 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab07:43
Oregon`urlin2u:  I don't I only have ubuntu, the xp is for someone else07:43
Afdal/dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb2 is the name of my raid linux boot partition07:43
escottAfdal, its not in fstab so you have to specify device and mountpoint "mount /dev/....     /mnt"07:43
Afdaloh silly me >.>07:43
urlin2uOregon`, cool I have a app that loads a XP to a usb real easy in windows.07:44
diuneighescott:  cp -r /path of files /path to copy  does that make sense?07:44
escottdiuneigh, again the exact command please. I want to know if there is something funky in this (like a space or special character)07:44
diuneighescott:  this may sound better    cp -r /source /destination07:45
Oregon`urlin2u: maybe I can just install xp in virtual box and then create the usb?07:45
escottdiuneigh, and double check you have write permissions on the destination ls -ld /destination07:45
diuneighescott: cp -r /tmp/ecryptfs.6XroXADI /media/win/temp/diuneigh/Test07:45
urlin2uOregon`, if needed, this will only load a legit XP disc just saying. http://wintoflash.com/home/en/07:45
Oregon`urlin2u:  nevermind look what i found... http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html07:45
diuneighescott:  I made a dir on my NTFS drive..07:46
Oregon`urlin2u:  believe it or not it actually is a legit cd07:46
escottdiuneigh, are you writing to an ntfs partition? can you confirm it is mounted rw?07:46
Afdalroot@ubuntu:/# /usr/sbin/grub-install --recheck --no-floppy /dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb207:46
Afdal/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Attempting to install GRUB to a partitionless disk or to a partition.  This is a BAD idea..07:46
Afdal/usr/sbin/grub-setup: warn: Embedding is not possible.  GRUB can only be installed in this setup by using blocklists.  However, blocklists are UNRELIABLE and their use is discouraged..07:46
Afdal/usr/sbin/grub-setup: error: will not proceed with blocklists.07:46
AfdalSorry for the spam07:47
* Ho^Oh thinks it's a good idea for Afdal to use pastebin.org07:47
urlin2uOregon`, windows 7 is different then XP, does not hurt to try I know about that you can do it without unetbootin by just exstracting a W7 disc to a ntfs with a boot flag, does not work with XP though07:47
escottAfdal, as i said earlier. grub will complain. you have been warned, but if you want to force it you can07:47
diuneighescott: destination folder drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 48 2012-02-11 00:43 /media/win/temp/diuneigh/Test07:47
AfdalHow can I force it?07:47
escottAfdal, see "man grub" look for "force"07:47
Oregon`urlin2u:  THANKS I assumed it would work with xp, you saved me some time07:48
AfdalI'm confused07:48
urlin2uOregon`, never worked for me I guess would be better syntax, the app I posted worked every time with XP though.07:48
Afdalman grub?07:48
escott!man | Afdal, in this case "man grub-install"07:48
AfdalIs that a terminal command?07:48
ubottuAfdal, in this case "man grub-install": The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/07:48
Afdalah okay07:48
diuneighescott: does that look ok?07:49
escottdiuneigh, the destination folder is root owned. you should chown it to yourself07:50
szalthat'll be a hard task to do on NTFS07:50
llutz_you cannot chown on ntfs, you need mount options (uid/gid) for that07:50
AfdalOkay so what I gather from that...   "/usr/sbin/grub-install --recheck --no-floppy /dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb2 --force" is the right command?07:50
escottszal, llutz thanks07:50
AfdalNo wait, "/usr/sbin/grub-install --recheck --no-floppy --force /dev/mapper/nvidia_aeedagcb2"?07:51
escottdiuneigh, just see if you can "touch /destination/test" first07:51
escottAfdal, yep07:51
diuneighescott: what does that mean it is root owned?  what is chown?07:51
AfdalInstallation finished. No error reported.07:51
AfdalI hope that worked...07:51
escottdiuneigh, its a red herring in this case i forgot i was dealing with windows ntfs07:52
escott!permissions | diuneigh07:52
ubottudiuneigh: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:52
AfdalOkay can anyone tell me if this guide won't work with grub2?  http://www.geocities.com/epark/linux/grub-w2k-HOWTO.html07:53
escottAfdal, at this point grub is installed to the pbr07:53
escottAfdal, test it and see if it boots. nothing else to do07:53
AfdalIt shouldn't boot07:54
Afdalright...  ?07:54
AfdalThe goal is to go to Windows' NT loader first07:54
Afdaland then select GRUB from that07:54
AfdalIf it boots I have a big problem07:54
AfdalBecause I won't be able to get back into Windows to setup its boot.ini07:55
Ho^OhHow can I set up RAID 0, via, commandline?07:55
escottAfdal, right. i mean try and get windows to chainload the ubuntu partition07:55
escott!mdadm | Ho^Oh07:55
Ho^OhI'm debootstrap installing ubuntu remotely.07:55
AfdalI need something else from Linux first07:55
Afdalbefore I go back to Windows and fiddle with boot.ini07:56
escottHo^Oh, http://en.gentoo-wiki.com/wiki/Migrate_to_RAID07:56
=== kish_ is now known as kish
AfdalNow I need to make a copy of linux's boot sector07:57
escottHo^Oh, you'll have to replace the various emerge commands with apt-get installs but its pretty straightforward07:57
AfdalAww crap07:59
diuneighescott: still working... will get back to you..08:01
mcurranAnyone know if there is a nvflash that works in ubuntu (i.e. i586)08:01
diuneighhow can I view hidden in nautilus on a live USB?  11.10?08:02
Ho^Ohescott: I do not know when in point of install to use these commands, would it be after I add a kernel to my system?08:02
AfdalHow do I get root access in the File Manager?08:03
escott!gksudo | Afdal program name is nautilus08:03
ubottuAfdal program name is nautilus: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)08:03
Ho^OhAfdal: gksudo nautilus08:03
Ho^OhAssuming you're in gnome.08:03
urlin2udiuneigh, crtl-h08:03
escottHo^Oh, im not familiar enough with debbootstrap and is your root partition going to be raided?08:03
Ho^Ohescott: Yes.08:04
AfdalI don't think Xubuntu's file manager is called Nautilus...08:04
rymate1234i think its thumar08:04
Ho^OhAfdal: Then it's gksudo thunar08:04
rymate1234something likke that08:04
Afdal(gksudo:15827): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display: :0.008:04
Ho^OhOr pcfileman08:04
escottHo^Oh, so my guess and its only a guess. is that you install the kernel as usual, then install mdadm, then make sure mdadm is a loaded module on boot and update-initramfs08:05
AfdalNope, not that either08:05
Ho^OhAfdal: Try: sudo pcfileman &                         <------- With ampersand.08:05
Ho^OhForget gksudo08:05
Afdalsudo: pcfileman: command not found08:05
Afdal[1]+  Exit 1                  sudo pcfileman08:05
piliakishello guys. Can someone try and help with a weird Unity glitch?08:05
AfdalOh well forget08:06
urlin2upiliakis, maybe shre .08:06
Ho^OhAfdal: Then try the other file manager.08:06
piliakishello guys. Can someone try and help with a weird Unity glitch?08:06
urlin2upiliakis, ask the question and we will all know. :)08:06
bullgard4'~$ gedit /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.32/kernel/power/poweroff.c; /* * When the user hits Sys-Rq o to power down the machine this is the * callback we use. */ .'  --  What is hier meant by »callback«?08:06
piliakisWhenever I run a fullscreen game in WINE, most icons in notification area appear blurry and are unclickable08:06
bentkus_how the fuck did you past          so many spaces08:07
bentkus_o there i go08:07
FloodBot1bentkus_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:07
bentkus_and sorry for the lang08:07
bullgard4!language | bentikus_08:07
ubottubentikus_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:07
piliakishere is a screenshot of the bug http://i44.tinypic.com/2lcl01w.jpg08:07
piliakisalso all new programs that run afterwards appear like that in notification area08:08
piliakisonly way to fix is restart session08:08
=== sherif is now known as Guest38762
escottbullgard4, callbacks are (generally) function pointers called by an event handler to "callback" to the code that bound to the event08:09
llutz_bullgard4: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callback_(computer_programming)08:10
escottbullgard4, in this case poweroff.c is binding to a sysrq event which is handled by a kernel input event handler, and is giving it a function pointer that i is requesting be called when that key combination is pressed08:10
AfdalAll right, I -think- that did it08:10
rodhash_Guys .. I just downloaded the chromium browser but I can't upgrade the flash plugin... how can I do that?08:10
AfdalI'm going to (hopefully) boot back into Windows to finish this up now.  Thanks for all the help everyone.08:10
bullgard4escott: I need a bit time to fully understand your explanation. --  Thank you for your explanation and help.08:10
urlin2uAfdal, good luck hope you up and running.08:11
AfdalWish I could save these Firefox tabs from this Live session08:11
diuneighurlin2u: thanks.08:11
AfdalOkay so08:12
AfdalSuper Grub Disk 208:12
AfdalAnd EasyBCD08:12
urlin2uAfdal, you can save the urls to leafpad and put them on a thumb08:12
AfdalOh good idea08:12
=== enchilad1 is now known as enchilado
zyracksisThe only solution I can think of is to run EVE in a window, that never affects my desktop08:14
rodhash_anyone?? knows how to upgrade flash plugin on chrome?08:14
urlin2upiliakis, not a lot of wine users so it takes a bit longer.08:14
AfdalAll right thanks and goodbye all08:22
themonitoryeah, don't whine ;)08:22
=== szal_ is now known as szal
themonitorrodhash_: isn't flash built in? I don't think you can update it. It gets updated with chrome08:22
zyracksispiliakis: Is there some reason you can't run EVE in a window?08:22
=== themill_ is now known as themill
rodhash_themonitor, Really?? But I just downloaded the chromium, and when I went to youtube it said the flash plugin needs to be updated08:23
themonitorrodhash_: Maybe it's not the case for chromium08:23
auronandacerodhash_: you said chrome earlier, chromium is different from chrome, chrome has flash builtin08:23
arpitgoyali am connected or not08:23
auronandacearpitgoyal: yes you are08:23
arpitgoyalthanks auronandace08:23
themonitorrodhash_: I obviously don't know what I"m talking about.08:24
arpitgoyali have a interest in image processing , and i am quite new to this08:24
themonitorrodhash_: You'll have to uninstall flash from the repos. Then, download flash from flash.com and install it manually.08:26
piliakiszyracksis, I'm on laptop so desktop size is an issue08:27
szalarpitgoyal: do you have an actual question?08:27
=== szal_ is now known as szal
zyracksispiliakis: It's probably an issue with wine not telling unity that the program has closed properly. If you get wine to emulate a virtual desktop, then run eve fullscreen in that, you shouldn't lose that much desktop space. Not much more I can help with, sorry08:28
auronandacepiliakis: wine has issues with compiz08:29
bullgard4llutz_: Thank you for providing me this link. I need some time and research to comprehend.08:30
hp__hello am i connected08:30
themonitorhp__: yes08:30
hp__i wanted to ask u regarding using bittorrent using proxy server08:30
piliakiszyracksis, I tried the virtual desktop, same result... :(08:31
hp__how can i configure my bittorrent or i need to use other software08:31
themonitorhp__: if you're asking me personally. I rarely use BT08:31
piliakisis there any way to restart the notification area without logging out then?08:31
hp__ok then what should i use _the monitor08:32
themonitorhp__: What exactly are you trying to do?08:32
piliakisif I could restart compiz without restarting session that would be a descent workaround until wine patches these problems up08:33
hp__i am student in a college and there is proxy server .. and i want to download torrents08:33
hp__how can i do so08:33
auronandacepiliakis: are you sure the problems are with wine and not compiz?08:33
themonitorhp__: I don't think this is the channel for that. I'm sure your college wouldn't appreciate that.08:33
llutz_bullgard4: i just wonder, why you keep asking this for 24+ hrs here. "searchsite of your choice" would have given you the answer within 10 secs08:33
piliakisauronandace, yes, it only happens after fullscreen wine games08:34
Damn3dhp__, it's probably http-only anyway08:34
AfdalWell, evidently I'm not done yet.  I can now load GRUB from my Windows NT loader, but the GRUB I get08:34
Damn3dso there's no an easy way to do that08:34
hp__no my college allows torrnts download08:34
hp__else on which channel can i know about it08:34
auronandacepiliakis: and what makes you think wine is causing that instead of compiz?08:34
AfdalIs this simply command line with no options called GNU GRUB version 1.99-12ubuntu5, and I can't figure out how to boot from that08:34
themonitorhp__: Then why do you need a proxy?08:35
AfdalSo first off, is that GRUB2?08:35
piliakisafdal if you want to repair/reinstall grub the way i use is a flash stick boot of ubuntu and then run boot-repair08:35
Damn3dso he can connect through it08:35
hp__hmm i mean what configuration i must keep08:35
hp__in torrent software08:35
Damn3dwhy would I know? I didn't set up their network08:35
auronandacehp__: please stop asking, we don't help people bypass proxies08:36
its_jeremy_Herpa is a spamming twat. please ban this ass08:36
hp__ok sorry08:36
szal!language | its_jeremy_08:36
ubottuits_jeremy_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.08:36
piliakisauronandace, i dont know... from what I understand the icons get detached from the bar and end up behind it08:36
its_jeremy_then ban his spamming "butt"08:36
auronandacepiliakis: wine isn't incharge of your icons, compiz is08:37
piliakisand I can see them due to transparency of bar I've set in unity plugin settings from compiz config manager08:37
=== tdmackey_ is now known as tdmackey
piliakisauronandace, so is there a way to "reboot" compiz without restarting my session?08:37
auronandacepiliakis: replace it with another wm08:38
=== Herpa is now known as notherpaderp
AfdalCan anyone tell me the simple commands to boot from GRUB when I don't have OS options displayed?08:39
piliakisauronandace, i was hoping to avoid that...08:39
auronandacepiliakis: wine and compiz never mix with fullscreen games, its been an issue for years08:39
jetoleAfdal: I'd look to booting off of a live CD to fix that08:40
AfdalI can't do that right now08:40
AfdalNot with my setup08:40
AfdalI'm doing a fakeraid Linux and XP dual boot with GRUB accessed by Windows' NT loader08:40
zyracksispiliakis: you can use the terminal command "setsid unity" to reset unity. That might help08:42
=== zyracksis is now known as Zyracksis
bullgard4llutz_: This is an area where I have litte prvious knowledge. A person with a certain previous knowledge in this area can easily obtain the answer within 10 s. --  Please note also that this term has more meanings than only one.08:42
auronandacebullgard4: i'm curious, what are you looking to find out?08:43
=== ulio_ is now known as ulio
llutz_bullgard4: well, you asked about "callbacks" in "software" context....  not that hard, independend  of previous knowledge. http://catb.org/esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#before08:44
Mish-RARGH! - Right, I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 and have "/home, /var and /usr" inside a volume group (vg0), on boot it looks like it can't see them so won't boot.08:45
Mish-^^ Any ideas?08:45
diuneighafter typing in a password for the login screen.. it cycles back to the login screen.  I cann't log in.. how to fix that?08:46
rodhash_Guys... I'm not managing to play videos on youtube, it tries to use HTML5 even with such option disabled on Youtube preferences...08:46
rodhash_any help pls?08:46
themonitordiuneigh: try choosing non 3D unity08:47
themonitorrodhash_: have flash installed?08:47
rodhash_themonitor, How? I tried but I couldn't upgrade it08:48
themonitorrodhash_: How'd you go about upgrading?08:48
valdur55Hello. There is new radiotray version out. And precise uses old version08:48
themonitorrodhash_: Did you find the folder chrome uses for plugins and put the flash plugin there?08:50
themonitorrodhash_: Why do you want to upgrade flash anyway?08:50
auronandace!precise | valdur5508:50
ubottuvaldur55: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+108:50
jetoleperhaps off topic though I don't know which room I should ask in but does anyone know where I can download the 12.04 devl releases08:51
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
bazhangjetole, #ubuntu+108:51
auronandacejetole: look above at what ubottu posted08:51
jetolebazhang and auronandace: thanks08:52
mac_osxHello again; still hooped08:54
jetolegot the ISO from the topic in #ubuntu+1. Thanks bazhang08:54
jetoleby the way, does anyone know what this is for: ftp://ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/project/trace/ ? It appears to be files with timestamps08:55
mac_osxCan anyone tell me how to find users who are hidden on your computer? (ie; the names of their accounts don't match real user accounts08:55
jetoleI mean each file contains a time stamp08:55
rodhash_themonitor, Why? Because when I try to play a youtube's video it says my flash plugin is out to date08:55
valdur55I had problem with Samsung 1670 Laser Printer, 1660 driver is reccoemended and printer prints error page08:56
jetoleHello, World!08:56
jetole...and ingen08:56
mac_osxCould someone help with a hack?08:56
=== Secondary is now known as Guest97594
mac_osxI mean I've been hacked08:57
jetolerodhash_: is your flash play out of date? I'm using version which I installed a few weeks to a month ago08:57
jetolemac_osx: yes. The FBI can.08:57
auronandacemac_osx: what makes you think that?08:57
jetolemac_osx: assuming you live in the USA then the FBI can08:58
mac_osxI have 2 users on my computer I can't delete08:58
auronandace!behelpful | jetole08:58
ubottujetole: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.08:58
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
mac_osxI have deleted an account which I created08:58
Guest97594Hello, why is my DNS address being set to a local IP? Using another computer here.08:58
jetoleauronandace: there isn't a more helpful answer. Anything otherwise results in contamination of evidence08:58
mac_osxbut not their's08:58
themonitorrodhash_: Did you have flash installed  from the repos?08:59
jetoleGuest97594: I'm guessing probably from a misconfigured DHCP server. Log in to your router/access point and see how that's setup08:59
auronandacemac_osx: what is the ouput of uname -a09:00
mac_osxI was trying to find their real names in the terminal09:00
mac_osxone second I'll try09:00
Guest97594My router has been acting crazy lately. Looks like I'll have to reset it again.09:00
Guest97594Thanks and bye while I try to get it working.09:01
mac_osxIt shows only the other user I created09:01
auronandacemac_osx: what is the ouput of uname -a09:01
mac_osxbut I have been into one of the other accounts. The one with no password09:01
mac_osxLinux charles-TA780G-M2 3.0.0-15-generic #26-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 20 15:59:53 UTC 2012 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux09:02
jetolemac_osx: If a real name for a login has been set then it will be the 5th field in /etc/passwd. Try running: grep -w LOGIN_NAME_GOES_HERE | cut -d ':' -f509:02
jetoleif it comes back blank then no real name has been specified for that user09:02
themonitorrodhash_: I'm sorry I'm not more helpful.09:03
jetolemac_osx: by the way, if you have been hacked then you should immediately power off the computer and call the FBI or if you live outside the USA then the similar authority who handles these types of cases09:03
jetolemac_osx: if you have been hacked and choose not to call the authorities then power off the machine and create a image of the hard drive as well as a md5 and sha1 sum of the hard drive. verify the sums of both to the image and store the sums with the image09:04
mac_osxNo such file or directory09:04
jetolemac_osx: or at least you should do one of the two if you have been hacked09:04
jetolemac_osx: oops at the command I posted, it should be: grep -w LOGIN_NAME_GOES_HERE /etc/passwd | cut -d ':' -f509:04
jetolemac_osx: obviouly you want to replace LOGIN_NAME_GOES_HERE with the login name you want the real name for09:06
paraxxotheadmin: u here ?09:06
theadminparaxxo: Yes, why?09:06
mac_osxNo such file or directory09:06
jetolemac_osx: or for a less concise command (more info returned), just run: grep -w LOGIN_NAME_GOES_HERE /etc/passwd09:06
paraxxotheadmin: i been here yesterday and im the one that installed Lubuntu on my netbook09:06
jetolemac_osx: you don't have a file /etc/passwd ?09:06
mac_osxI replaced it09:06
jetolemac_osx: if you don't have /etc/passwd then your system is broken09:06
theadminparaxxo: Well, and?09:07
paraxxotheadmin: and i have a problem : the screen resulution doesnt match my screen i have to make the lubuntu-panel Auto-Hide09:07
jetolemac_osx: every Linux and probably 99% of all other unix have /etc/passwd. It's a vital, crucial, nessecary file09:07
theadminparaxxo: Ah, uh... Sounds like you need the graphic drivers09:07
mac_osxNo such file or directory09:07
jetoleparaxxo: which one is Lubuntu?09:08
paraxxojetole: what u mean09:08
jetolemac_osx: do you speak english very well?09:08
auronandacejetole: lxde09:08
jetoleparaxxo: what is Lubuntu09:08
jetoleauronandace: thanks09:08
mac_osxIt says Guest Session in the main log-in page, but guest-EuNLOX inside the user account09:08
paraxxojetole: Google Lubuntu09:08
jetoleparaxxo: why?09:08
paraxxou asked what is it09:08
mac_osxjetole, I suck at typing09:08
paraxxotheadmin: idk whats graphic drivers .. kinda new to linux at all09:09
jetoleparaxxo: yes I did and now I know what it is thanks to the helpful and friendly comment from auronandace09:09
paraxxojetole: sorry my english is not too good to explain stuff09:09
paraxxojetole: dont take it personal09:09
theadminparaxxo: Well -- install and open jockey, it'll get them for you09:09
jetoleparaxxo: no worries09:10
theadminparaxxo: sudo apt-get install jockey-gtk && jockey-gtk09:10
jetolemac_osx: if you don't have a /etc/passwd file on your ubuntu system then your ubuntu system is severely broken09:10
jetoleparaxxo: http://goo.gl/GTcdQ09:10
mac_osxjetole, I have the file but it has an X on it, it wont let me open it09:10
bazhangjetole, dont lmgtfy.com here, ever09:11
jetolemac_osx: chmod 0644 /etc/passwd09:11
jetolebazhang: ok09:11
paraxxojetole: haha :P09:11
mac_osxOperation not permitted09:11
jetolebazhang: I thought it was cute but I do understand and it won't happen again09:11
jetolemac_osx: sudo chmod 0644 /etc/passwd09:12
mac_osxThey disabled my CD Rom drive09:12
paraxxotheadmin: its the same thing09:12
jetolemac_osx: if your system was really hacked then shut it off now and either call the FBI or at least image the hard drive and create hashes of it09:12
paraxxotheadmin: jockey-gtk ^^ jockey-gtk09:12
mac_osxSomething changed09:13
theadminparaxxo: Uh, no, it's not. The first command installs it, the second one opens :/09:13
paraxxooh kk09:13
paraxxotheadmin: k09:14
jetolemac_osx: I've told you the two most important things which you should do one of the two of and you haven't so you're making it difficult to want to keep helping you09:14
mac_osxSorry jetole, it just takes me some time to try the things you've said09:15
jetolemac_osx: the first thing to do is poweroff the computer09:15
jetolemac_osx: the second thing is to either image the drive or call the FBI09:15
merniliomy friens dad was going away last day. and im so sorry on his behalf.09:16
mac_osxThanks jetole09:16
jetolemac_osx: if you live outside the US then call whoever does a similar job to investigating hacks in your country09:16
jetolemac_osx: if all else fails, try 91109:16
mac_osxThankyou, I will09:16
paraxxoit output errors09:16
* jetole nods at mac_osx 09:16
mac_osxI'm out09:16
=== Dread is now known as mrtnz
sree'll anybody help me solve problem with atheros ar948509:17
merniliothanks jetole ?09:17
jetoletoying around with a hacked computer immediately after a hack is one of the worst things to do09:17
jetolebelieve me I've wanted to do that just after a hacking incident but I had to call the feds09:17
merniliothat sree go ahead my friend!09:18
themonitorsree: try asking a specific question.09:18
head_victimsree: did you try the information at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1857808&page=7 ?09:18
paraxxotheadmin: it output errors09:18
jetolebut even if someone doesn't want to call the feds or even if you do, after the feds leave, image the drive and create hashes of the imaged drive09:18
jetolemernilio: you don't think he should have said thanks?09:19
paraxxowhat is xrandr09:19
merniliowhy do people came in this channel wheh i go away?09:19
* jetole shrugs09:20
merniliojetole: no.. forgiv that -P09:20
jetolemernilio: oh ok09:20
whiskers75How do you get a Creative webcam working on ubuntu 10.10?09:20
merniliowe dont giva aways here :-)09:20
jetolewhiskers75: see if the webcam is detected by running: ls -l /dev/video*09:21
whiskers75jetole: it is detected by lsusb09:21
whiskers75jetole: it is a usb webcam.09:21
jetolewhiskers75: neat. thanks for informing me.09:21
jetolewhiskers75: see if the webcam is detected by running: ls -l /dev/video*09:21
merniliobut now i think i must say thaks to you.. i coulndt ever spell right!09:21
whiskers75jetole: OK.09:21
jetolemernilio: are you talking to me?09:22
whiskers75jetole: is this it? crw-rw----+ 1 root video 81, 0 2012-02-11 09:22 /dev/video009:22
merniliojetole: im not!09:23
jetolemernilio: ah ok09:23
mernilioim a happy camper ;-)09:23
jetolewhiskers75: probably but not sure. whiskers75 unplug the cam, wait 10 seconds and then run that command again and see if it's still there09:23
llutz_!ot | mernilio09:23
ubottumernilio: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:23
whiskers75jetole: ok.09:23
mernilioubottu: sorry! :-)09:23
=== NickHu_ is now known as NickHu
bazhangmernilio, stop it09:24
=== AfterDeath is now known as Athanasius
jetolemernilio: you realize ubottu is a bot?09:24
whiskers75jetole: then this happens: ls: cannot access /dev/video*: No such file or directory09:24
=== benvei2 is now known as benvei
jetolewhiskers75: good. That means it is your webcam as /dev/video009:25
=== massimo is now known as Guest25416
merniliojetole: i was only trying to be funny,09:25
jetolewhiskers75: go ahead and plug it back in09:25
whiskers75jetole: it is plugged in but the light isnt on09:25
jetolemernilio: I wasn't laughing but perhaps I have a different sense of humor09:25
jetolewhiskers75: with most webcams the light only comes on when it's viewing something09:25
jetolewhiskers75: hold 1 sec and let me see something on my cam to help test09:26
whiskers75jetole: ok09:26
jetolewhiskers75: which version of ubuntu?09:26
mernilio jetole we dont like your way of homour! ;-P09:26
mernilioit dispitefull actually!09:27
whiskers75jetole: 10.10 running on a Toshiba Portege 4000- very old so I don't upgrade it!09:27
pangolinmernilio: This is not a chat channel, you have been told this many times before. Please stop the off topic chatter in here.09:27
whiskers75jetole: I already had to fix the screen resolution09:27
jetolewhiskers75: run: mplayer tv://09:27
phibxrAfter installing Xubuntu-desktop, is there any way to go back to the default plymouth splash during boot again?09:27
whiskers75jetole: ok.09:28
whiskers75jetole: should I install mplayer using apt-get? I don't have it.09:28
jetolewhiskers75: run: sudo apt-get install mplayer-nogui09:29
whiskers75jetole: why no gui?09:29
satnosuninstall smplayer later09:29
jetolewhiskers75: oh I don't care if you want it but I don't need the gui for the test I'm asking you to perform but if you would like mplayer with the gui that is fine09:29
rostayobMy laptop monitor's brightness changes by itself09:29
whiskers75jetole: installing now...09:30
rostayobwas some kind of automatic brightness regulation added to ubuntu?09:30
jetolewhiskers75: mplayer with the gui is just a point and click interface. I have the -nogui version installed and watch movies all the time on mine but if you would like the gui then that's ok09:30
jetolewhiskers75: the gui install also includes the command line version09:30
whiskers75jetole: ok. I am installing mplayer with a gui right now.09:31
phnomrostayob: It dims the screen when idle, but that is old stuff.09:31
jetolewhiskers75: k09:31
whiskers75jetole: done. Now what?09:31
rostayobphnom: no, not that09:31
jetolewhiskers75: mplayer tv://09:31
whiskers75jetole: ok09:31
paraxxotheadmin: when i try to install jockey it output error , can u guide me to use xrandr09:32
m0ron5i have installed ubuntu onto a pen drive... however the boot process is very slooow. how can i diagnose the problem?09:32
whiskers75jetole: now it works great, just the brightness is too low. Can I change that?09:32
jetolem0ron5: how slow?09:32
jetolewhiskers75: probably and probably again through mplayer. if you want to change it mplayer, though there is probably no point in doing so but, if you want to, then read: man mplayer09:33
jetolewhiskers75: all I know now is your webcam works so when you said it didn't work then I have to ask, which app didn't it work with?09:34
jetolewhiskers75: we've now helped isolate and narrow down the cause of the problem09:34
whiskers75jetole: thanks a lot for your help. 'bye! ps. I just didn't know how to actually USE it.09:34
m0ron5jetole, its a 8 gig pen drive, with a 3 gig partition for / partition... takes over 5 minutes..09:34
m0ron5jetole, maybe even more than that09:34
jetolem0ron5: thats actually pretty normal for a pen drive as far as I know. Also Ubuntu doesn't yet support USB 2.0 speed which is often a problem09:35
* fulmalvax slaps [Necris]Akasha around a bit with a large trout09:35
* fulmalvax slaps [Necris]Akasha around a bit with a large trout09:35
spacebug-how can I easily list and save all my PPA:s in the form that I added them (that is "add-apt-repository ppa:/some/thing"). I know they all are in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ but using that would not add the keys also would it?09:35
* fulmalvax slaps [Necris]Akasha around a bit with a large trout09:35
FloodBot1fulmalvax: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:35
* fulmalvax slaps [Necris]Akasha around a bit with a large trout09:35
jetolem0ron5: and when I say as far I know, I have booted off a pen drive many times but I haven't timed it and I'm no pro in the arena09:35
* fulmalvax slaps [Necris]Akasha around a bit with a large trout09:35
* fulmalvax slaps _Pinch around a bit with a large trout09:36
* fulmalvax slaps _bb around a bit with a large trout09:36
charles_____Hi! I'm trying to get my Huawei E160E mobile broadband modem connected to Ubuntu 10.04 x64. Can anyone help?09:37
jetolespacebug-: good question. looking into this now and I _WILL_ have an answer for you if you give me 5 minutes09:37
spacebug-jetole: thanks and yes I'll wait09:37
jetolecharles_____: assuming your running network manager the phone is a usb connected android then it should be automatic but if not then check the network manager icon09:37
scarleom0ron5, USB2? try adding pci=routeirq to boot options09:38
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
charles_____i don't know how to set it up and connect it09:38
jetolescarleo: as far as I know that doesn't help and I've looked into the USB 2.0 speed issue quite extensively. In fact, if I recall correctly, it's a kernel issue that hasn't yet been corrected09:39
scarleojetole, It doesn't work fully for me either but sure got better09:40
jetolescarleo: but I am addressing this from memory when I looked at it 2 months ago and I may now be mistaken09:40
jetolescarleo: what speed do you get?09:40
jetolespacebug-: don't mind my chatter. Still putting the solution together for you09:40
scarleojetole, don't remember and right now I have no usb stick09:41
spacebug-it's ok09:41
jetolescarleo: I don't recall what speed I got either but I'd probably know if you said something that I knew was well above mine09:41
scarleojetole, I know I saw some improvement though, but I also read it will vary from hardware to hardware09:41
scarleojetole, definitely not solved :)09:42
jetolescarleo: I do remember endless ubuntu forum threads and launchpad bug reports though that were all unanswered or said there is no current solution09:42
scarleojetole, I'll google it a bit09:42
jetolescarleo: yeah I was kind of pissed. I hate it when windows can do something simple with a common piece of commodity hardware and there is no Linux solution to do the same. A little depressed at that too09:43
jetolescarleo: well it's not my stick or question at the moment09:43
scarleojetole, we can do so many things better than win anyway so we are still way ahead, but I know the feeling ;)09:44
=== skilz is now known as Guest47083
Guest28570hey, how do I install flash for firefox09:45
themonitorsudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin09:46
jetolespacebug-: sed -e '/deb http:\/\/ppa\.launchpad\.net/!d;s/.*\.net\/\(.*\)\/ubuntu[[:blank:]].*/\1/;s/^/ppa:/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | sort -u09:46
saju_mhow create .vimrc if not exist in ~/09:46
oCeanGuest28570: I usually do that by installing tthe flash-aid addon for firefox09:47
Guest28570wow that was too easy lol09:47
Guest28570thanks themonitor09:47
jetolesaju_m: touch ~/.vimrc09:47
themonitorGuest28570: you're welcome09:47
spacebug-thanks jetole !09:47
saju_mwhat about default data in that file09:47
jetolespacebug-: you're welcome09:47
jetolesaju_m: there is no default data to put in that file09:47
themonitorGuest28570: ubuntu-restricted-extras gives you lots of stuff as well as flash.09:48
themonitoroh...  I guess he left.09:48
jetolesaju_m: if there was default data to put in that file it would already be there. There is default data for your system but it's not stored in ~/.vimrc and if you specify anything in ~/.vimrc that's already specified for the system then ~/.vimrc takes precedence09:49
jetolethemonitor: yeah but if I had to throw in my two cents you can get a much newer version of flash from the adobe web site but I didn't feel like walking anyone through that right now09:50
themonitorjetole: yeah, keep it easy for the newbies09:50
jetolewell that and I just don't feel like walking anyone through anything09:51
jetoleafaik some sites won't let you use flash with the version that comes with the latest stable ubuntu09:51
jetole@ themonitor09:51
=== Guest59628 is now known as juss01
jetolethemonitor: but, I'm tired and it's been a long day and I extensively walked someone through a very long process earlier and now it's either simple answers or something I can script on the side and paste one liners like what I just gave to spacebug-09:52
=== juss01 is now known as jussi01
themonitorjetole: lol09:53
* jetole shrugs09:53
* sattu94 says Hi!09:54
themonitorjetole: I've only been using Linux for a few months, so I'm still a noob, but I like to help with simple things.09:54
jetoleand oddly enough I'm finding myself surprisingly helpful tonight when I'm usually otherwise too busy to do so. I'm often helpful but not often in a channel long enough to answer more then 1 or 2 questions that come up while I'm asking my own question09:54
oCeanjetole, themonitor please use -offtopic channel for chat09:55
jetolethemonitor: good for you09:55
LinSkyrateirssi users: how do you close a MSG channel that is open?09:55
jetoleLinSkyrate: first off you should ask in #irssi09:55
themonitor /window close09:55
jetoleLinSkyrate: Secondly /wc09:55
=== iqpi_ is now known as iqpi
LinSkyratejetole: i know, but this is also an linux tool channel :)09:56
themonitorsorry oCean09:56
jetoleI guess /window close works too but /wc is a quicker alias09:56
LinSkyratethemonitor: thnx :)09:56
jetoleLinSkyrate: oh I don't get a thanks? I gave you a quicker command to do the same thing09:56
* jetole pouts09:56
LinSkyratejetole: thnx to you too :)09:57
* jetole jumps around and giggles then does his happy dance 09:57
oCeanjetole: please don't09:57
LinSkyratejetole: you got it before i read your line :) i was just out closing windows.. lol09:57
jetoleoCean: lol. ok09:57
LinSkyratewe all love help.. so a thank you are just a litle of it :) this is the learning way .. and you guys are great09:58
themonitorIs there a way to stop PM spam?09:58
jetolethemonitor: /wc09:59
oCeanthemonitor: please report in in -ops09:59
oCean/join #ubuntu-ops that is09:59
jetolethemonitor: are you getting it from someone in this chan?09:59
oCeanjetole: please move on and let the ops handle it09:59
jetoleoCean: sure. I was just curious10:00
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
jetolethemonitor: can I PM you?10:00
LinSkyratespam everywhere.. argh... hope you get them themonitor..10:00
=== iwoj_ is now known as iwoj
themonitorjetole: I don't have enough to talk about.10:02
=== Earl_ is now known as Guest11726
jetolethemonitor: I just wanted to ask you a quick question that is off topic but if you prefer not then that's ok10:03
scarleojetole, I measured speed now, dstat gives ~4800 k, dd statistics says  5,8 MB/s that is without the boot option though :)10:04
themonitorjetole: ok10:04
jetolescarleo: cool10:04
scarleojetole, will reboot later and test it with10:04
jetolescarleo: ~5 MBps sounds about like what I think I was getting too10:05
paraxxoi want to change the screen resulution on my lubuntu , because its on my netbook so it doesnt match so i tried to use that xrandr tutorial but i cant find the files it tells me to edit, etc/gdm/Init/Default doesnt exists10:06
* Mish- asks again.10:08
Mish-Has anyone had any experience installing Ubuntu and putting "/home", "/usr" or "/var" in an LVM? (VG), I've done this on two servers and neither finishing booting as neither can see those partitions.10:09
jetoleMish-: I've done that dozens and dozens of times10:12
pnormanMish-: I use LVM on top of my raid array, but I didn't have to do anything special10:12
jetoleMish-: what problem are you having10:12
tay__Anyone know why I can't access my router config?10:12
jetoleMish-: I do this with pretty much all the servers I install. LVM is a much better way to handle disk allocation10:12
oCeantay__: please explain how that is an ubuntu issue?10:12
jetoletay__: ... nevermind, oCean beat me to what I was about to say10:13
tay__Actually I'm having several issues.10:13
jetoleMish-: are you getting an error or anything?10:13
dns53Mish- it should be fine as long as the lvm2 package is installed an the initrd built correctly to include lvm10:13
jetoletay__: please explain the ubuntu ones10:13
soulravenanyone know how to remove a icon from envelope menu from unity?10:13
tay__The resolv.conf is going to a local IP.10:14
jetoletay__: which IP?10:14
soulraveni have remove xchat, but the icon from envelope menu remains10:14
jetoletay__: I mean which part of resolv.conf10:14
soulravenand i want to remove that icon10:14
tay__name server I think10:14
ubuntufuck of10:14
jetoletay__: that's probably being set by your DHCP server but if you want to over ride it, edit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf and add the line: supersede domain-name-servers NEW_NAMESERVER10:16
robin0800soulraven: its an indicator-xchat or something like that10:16
jetoletay__: replace NEW_NAMESERVER with the name server you want to replace it with10:16
nickkissimoCIAO A TUTTI10:16
jetoletay__: if you want to add a new name server and keep the others but have the new name server as the first server on your list, add the line prepend domain-name-servers NEW_NAMESERVER10:16
jetoletay__: after you add that line, if say eth0 is the nic connected to the network, run: dhclient -r eth0 && dhclient eth010:17
jetoletay__: or just /etc/init.d/networking restart10:18
pnormanI installed some software from source using checkinstall. A new version has been released and I want to build and upgrade to it - what's the procedure for that using checkinstall?10:18
* jetole wonders what checkinstall is10:18
llutz_!checkinstall | jetole10:18
ubottujetole: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!10:18
llutz_pnorman: just build the new version and install the resulting deb10:19
jpdsjetole: Yes, it is filled with timestamps (re: trace).10:19
jetolejpds: my question is what is it used for?10:19
=== companion is now known as Companion
pnormanllutz_: I never explicitly made a deb - do you mean just do the normal ./configure && make && checkinstall process?10:19
quiescensto install something from source as though it was a deb package10:20
quiescensso that you can remove it later if you want10:20
llutz_pnorman: yes, checkinstall will install it then automatically10:20
jpdsjetole: Seeing when a mirror last synced?10:20
jetolejpds: ah I see. Thanks10:20
pnormanllutz_: And it'll correctly handle everything with replacing the existing version?10:20
Stelpai, uhm, seem to have screwed things up :S10:20
tay__I've been having issues with another computer too so I think it may be time for a new router.10:21
llutz_pnorman: its supposed to10:21
oCeanStelpa: you have to give the channel some details...10:21
Stelpaanyone willing to help me right this screw up; there is a catch, which is, i do not recall at all what i did to make this happen....10:21
oCeanStelpa: start describing your issue in the channel, all in one line10:21
pnormanOf course, ./configure is a vast simplification of what I actually have to do before compiling, hence the building from source and not using a ppa. :)10:21
=== charles_____ is now known as charles256
Stelpabut, uhm, yeah; in my file browser (in my screenshot, looking for an album to play) it lists "sdb1" along with 2, 3, and 4 as file systems / storage... i have no idea what this means. When i try to click on one, an error message pops up about it being unable to mount.10:22
Stelpascreenshot: http://i.imgur.com/pC3TI.png10:22
Stelpait's bizarre, i must have done this long ago and not noticed until recently...10:22
Stelpabtw, wendy is a harddrive named after wendy carlos :-)10:23
=== fasad is now known as sisar
jetoleStelpa: just select Wendy from the left menu10:23
Stelpajetole: i did, that isn't the issue; these objects on the menu (sdb1 through 4) are useless and bugged...10:24
jetoleStelpa: sdbX are partitions of your hard drive but should not be accessed in that manner10:24
oCeanStelpa: the sdX devices are disk partitions10:24
Stelpathey are?10:24
Stelpawell, they aren't supposed to be there, i dont think :s10:24
jetoleStelpa: open nautilus, the program you use to browse files and remove them from the window in there10:24
jetoleStelpa: I mean remove them from the left tab that shows your bookmarked locations10:24
Stelpajetole: i have tried this; both options (remove and rename) are "grayed out" and unclickable (i will screenshot if you need to see)10:25
jetoleStelpa: yeah please do10:25
Stelpaty for helping me btw :)10:25
Stelpaokey, screenshot:10:27
jetoleStelpa: one sec10:27
kdmurrayIs this the right channel to ask about issues setting up samba on ubuntu?10:28
jetoleStelpa: what happens if you go to View -> Reset View To Defaults10:28
Stelpajetole: there are no menu items at the top...10:29
jetolekdmurray: while you can ask, you'd probably be better off asking in #samba and more likely to get a response more quickly. If you want to ask in a ubuntu channel though I would ask in #ubuntu-server but, again, #samba is probably the best spot10:29
jetoleStelpa: slick on your "start" menu, click places and click your home dir10:30
kdmurrayjetole: thanks! I'll try there.10:30
jetoleStelpa: there should be menu items when that open up10:30
Stelpajetole: ok, i did that; nothing seems to have changed :(10:30
jetoleStelpa: which version of ubuntu?10:31
Stelpauhm, this is linux mint... their help channel is currently busy/incapable of helping, so i hope you wont mind that i tried going here because of the similarity of the two...10:31
jetoleStelpa: good luck10:31
mivulfwhere i must put symlinks to firefox?10:32
oCeanStelpa: nope, mint is one of the derivatives we cannot support here10:32
mivulfi forgot adresses10:32
jetolemivulf: anywhere you like10:32
Stelpathey are very similar; could you at least tell me what you'd have me do if this were ubuntu?10:32
sda1986I have a new laptop, with 11.10 basic kernel wifi works but touchpad don't, so i compiled 3.2 kernel and now touchpad work but wifi not. So what can be my mistake??? thanks!10:32
jetoleStelpa: absolutely. I would ask you which version of ubuntu you were using10:32
Stelpai see10:33
jetoleStelpa: this is not a mint help channel10:33
mivulfjetole: no, i mean, where i must put it to open firefox as default10:33
Stelpai only came here because mint's channel didn't know what to do, and it wasn't very active at the moment either10:33
Stelpapeople have helped me here in the past with problems on mint, i am just kinda desperate :x10:33
jetolemivulf: anywhere you like. It has nothing to do with symlinks. mivulf which version of ubuntu10:33
jetoleStelpa: my answer varies based on which version of ubuntu you are using10:34
mivulfjetole: 11.10. I mean the /usr/local/bin/firefox10:34
Stelpajetole: i see. thanks for trying, anyways :)10:34
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jetolemivulf: I don't know where that's configured in 11.10. I use 10.04 and one 11.04 system using classic gnome but I don't use unity or gnome310:34
jetolemivulf: I know in gnome2 it's configured in "start" -> system -> preferences -> preferred applications10:35
jetolemivulf: see if you can find a similar option in unity or gnome3 or whatever you use10:36
diverdudehmmm this is the second time in 2 months my ubuntu has crashed completely and unprovoked....I cannot start it again10:36
mivulfjetole: thx u for ur help, but all that u told me its not about my problem. sorry for that.10:36
diverdudei cant believe i have to reinstall again10:36
jetolemivulf: no I actually told you how to solve it on a earlier OS and told you to look for a similar option on your version10:37
jetolediverdude: what is your question10:37
cypher-neomivulf, What's the problem?10:37
mivulfjetole: my problem is "how to set another version of firefox as a default in ubuntu 11.10 by using symlinks"10:37
llutz_diverdude: check your hardware (mem, hdds). if you really haven't changed anything, there must be a reason for those crashes10:38
jetolecypher-neo: he wants a custom install of firefox to be his default browser that he installed in /usr/local/bin and I don't know where the preferred applications popup is on 11.1010:38
Stelpagetting logs :s10:38
jetolemivulf: and I told you it has nothing to do with symlinks10:38
cypher-neojetole, Can't do that with the Preferred Applications popup10:38
cypher-neomivulf, Here's what you need to do.10:38
jetolecypher-neo: you can in ubuntu 10.0410:38
jetoleso I assumed it was still possible in 11.0410:39
jetole@ cypher-neo10:39
cypher-neojetole, But you can't in 11.1010:39
diverdudellutz_: i was just sitting in netbeans doing some webprogramming...and suddently the machine goes crazy...no programs responding....I do a hard reboot and now i cannot start the system again10:39
jetolecypher-neo: ok. yeah I don't use 11.1010:39
oCeanjetole, mivulf sure it does, you can use  alternatives to set another version as default (of several softwares)10:39
cypher-neojetole, Don't ask me why. They broke something10:39
jetolecypher-neo: so how do you do it in 11.10?10:39
oCeanmivulf: see /etc/alternatives, your gnome-www-browser is probably linked to default /usr/bin/firefox10:39
diverdudellutz_: i can start it in safe mode only10:39
diverdudellutz_: or recovery mode i think its called10:40
cypher-neomivulf, Okay. So here's how. Open the Terminal and type (without the quotes) "sudo update-alternatives --get-selections"10:40
jetoleoCean: kinda seems like a step backwards. Is that protected against upgrades and apt-get/aptitude/synaptic installs?10:40
llutz_diverdude: fs-errors, broken files/configs? what exactly is b0rked?10:40
jetoleoCean: I guess there's always the chattr +i option to protect it at least10:41
oCeanjetole: if you have more than one version of certain software installed, 'update-alternatives' is the proper way to set defaults10:41
cypher-neomivulf, I think most likely the directory tree you are looking for x-www-browser10:41
oCeanjetole: those are just symlinks, so nothing to do with updates etc10:41
cypher-neomivulf, And when you look at the tree, it will tell you what the current default for that is.10:41
jetoleoCean: How do I change the default for my user but not the whole system?10:41
oCeanjetole: not through alternatives10:42
melvincvI need to change autoplay for blank DVD to 'do nothing', but I had set it to open CD/DVD creator. Now I don't get the option to change it back to do nothing?10:42
jetoleoCean: so how?10:42
oCeanjetole: I have no idea, not working with multiple users. And that was not the question10:42
diverdudellutz_: i have no idea what is broken,....it starts booting and when it comes to this place where it says *starting all kinds of stuff10:43
kalimojokindone: cant sent to #defocus10:43
jetoleoCean: well ok at not working with multiple users but that is the question. I just asked it10:43
cypher-neomivulf, Now type "update-alternatives --list x-www-browser" to see which alternatives are available to be selected on your system. Hopefully both of your browsers will be displayed.10:43
diverdudellutz_: so it writes starting and stopping a lot of things, and in the end it says checking battery state and then it just hangs there10:43
robin0800melvincv: I think ubuntu-tweak can do that10:44
cypher-neomivulf, If it is displayed, type "sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser" and select which browser you want to be default from the menu that shows up.10:44
cypher-neomivulf, Let me know if that works. :)10:44
melvincvI'm on Natty.10:44
sda1986hi, have a i5 on my laptop and i want compile my kernel, can I use my AmdX6 to do that?10:45
jetoleoCean: also the proper way to do something is not change the whole system for ones own personal needs and on the system I am using now, 10.04, this is easily done. If what you proposed is documented as the proper way to do things then the documents are mistaken10:45
mecoI've installed a new bittorrent client. How do I make new torrents be handled by the new instead of the old client?10:45
diverdudellutz_: are you there+10:45
Ben64sda1986: why do you want to compile a kernel?10:46
oCeanjetole: the way cypher-neo just explained to mivulf is the proper way. I have no idea what the documentation says10:46
sda1986Ben64, the standard kernel on repository doesn't support some stuff of my new laptop, most important touchpad, with a 3.2 kernel it support it10:47
cypher-neojetole, oCean, I just quoted the documentation. ;)10:47
oCeanthere you go10:47
diverdudellutz: last time the problem was with graphic drivers and i gave up fixing it10:47
diverdudellutz: i suspect its the same problem again10:47
Ben64sda1986: you could upgrade to 12.0410:47
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cypher-neojetole, oCean, However, on 10.04 there is a GUI interface that is much easier to use than Terminal commands.10:48
jetoleoCean: it may be the documented way or the commonly accepted way but the logic to state it is the proper way is flawed and while it may work in mivulf's case it should only be used in a circumstance where the user knows that they want to change it system wide and for everything else there should be a standard default procedure on how to do it for just your user10:48
mysteriousdarrenmeco: I would uninstall the old one10:48
jetolecypher-neo: yeah but it's not just a case of what was there but basic system administration skills which dictate best practices10:48
sda1986Ben64,  yes but it's still alpha isn't it? I want a stable system, i can live with beta but not with alpha10:48
mecomysteriousdarren: ok...10:48
oCeanjetole: ok, but again the question is "how to set another version of firefox as a default in ubuntu 11.10 by using symlinks"10:49
jetolecypher-neo and oCean: it's like comparing telling a user to edit a file in /usr/share/vim when instead they should place the change in ~/.vimrc10:49
mysteriousdarrenmeco: what did you install? what was the old one?10:49
jetoleoCean: I didn't say anything about symlinks10:49
cypher-neojetole, There's no such thing as basic when using symlinks. The 10.04 program updated the "update-alternatives" just the same as the command function does.10:50
Ben64sda1986: its doing a lot better now than before. all the times i've compiled a kernel on ubuntu things haven't worked how they should, so i wouldn't recommend it10:50
mecomysteriousdarren: I'm moving from transmission to tribler10:50
cypher-neojetole, And you were talking about symlinks when suggesting the Preferred Applications program.10:50
=== arpitgoyal is now known as arpitgyl
jetolecypher-neo: in 10.04, I don't know how it works but I know it doesn't affect all users10:50
oCeannvm, I don't see this discussion going anywhere, let's move back to support10:50
sda1986Ben64, ok, i'll make a try!10:51
cypher-neojetole, update-alternatives doesn't affect all users either.10:51
cypher-neojetole, It only affects the current user, or global settings if the user is admin10:51
m0ron5where do i put pci=routeirq for USB2 support? I cannot find the menu.1st (didn't know it has changed of late)10:51
jetolecypher-neo: I was referring to mivulf's question but now I'm correcting oCean who is saying the proper way to do it is to make changes for all users because that's what someone else told him (I assume since he mentioned he didn't read it in any documentation)10:51
mysteriousdarrenmeco: I am not familar with tribler sorry10:51
cypher-neojetole, And there's more to the command if you want to affect it globally10:51
jetolecypher-neo: ah well that changes everything10:52
jetolecypher-neo: and I didn't realize10:52
cypher-neojetole, Depending on how many people use the computer, it is much easier to make changes globally. It's also more secure to make global changes.10:52
jetoleso, cypher-neo and oCean: this was all my mistake. No one had mentioned update-alternatives only affects the current user till now and I didn't know10:52
cypher-neojetole, Once you've patched a problem you don't want to leave it open on one user account to be reopened.10:52
jetolecypher-neo: true but that should be an alternative action vs. a default action10:53
mivulfcypher-neo: jetole: ok big thx for a help, sirs.10:53
cypher-neojetole, Let me check... just to be sure...10:53
bsdVIPi got banned in here yesterday by freakin ocean10:53
jetolecypher-neo: speaking as a sys admin myself, the changes should affect all users only when you're intending to affect all users10:53
asiekierkamy dad's running a ubuntu 10.10 livecd and to get teamviewer working i need to install ia32-libs10:54
asiekierkaany workaround?10:54
quiescensto my knowledge update-alternatives does affect all users10:54
diverdudei have nvidia drivers. WHat should i write in order to do? sudo apt-get remove --purge video drivers ? is it sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-current ?10:54
jetolecypher-neo: I assumed this was regarding changes in /etc/alternatives and I shouldn't have assumed anything10:54
scarleom0ron5, in /etc/default/grub the line starting with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT10:54
jetolecypher-neo & oCean: again, my mistake10:55
oCeanjetole: no prob, really10:55
duelleHi there, currently I have a partition encrypted. Now I would like to do a fresh install of my system. Do I have to back anything to be able to mount my encrypted partition after reinstall?10:55
scarleom0ron5, or for just testing just edit the line for one boot in grub when booting10:55
cypher-neoquiescens, Oh really?10:55
jetole... oh10:56
cypher-neoquiescens, I was under the impression that it was single user, unless you tagged it with --admindir10:56
jetole... oh @ quiescens10:56
* jetole looks10:56
m0ron5scarleo, thanks!10:56
ubuntugtocean you fucking loser10:56
quiescens--admindir is only if you have things in nonstandard locations10:57
cypher-neooCean, High five!10:57
paraxxohow can i make make my res 1024x600 16:9 in LUbuntu10:57
cypher-neoquiescens, Oh...10:57
cypher-neojetole, My bad. It's possible I was wrong. Since I'm the only user on my computer, I've never had a chance to check and see if any other user accounts are affected by an update-alternatives change.10:58
m0ron5one more thing before i reboot the system to test this out... where can i put 'apt-get clean' in the system scripts to be sure that the apt cache is cleared either on bootup or shutdown (need this to be transparent.. without a password challenge.. irrespective of the user rebooting the system!!)10:59
cypher-neom0ron5, You could put it in .bash, but it would need to be a shell script.11:00
cypher-neom0ron5, I'm not sure I can help you there. I just got started with Shell... I have my computer doing some very interesting things on startup, but nothing like that.11:01
m0ron5cypher-neo, but wouldn't that fail without the sudo privileges and password?11:01
jetolem0ron5: if it doesn't have to be on startup or shutdown but instead every so many days (can be every 1 day) see /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/10periodic11:01
pnormanm0ron5: I can't give you exact details, but I suggest reading /etc/init.d/README11:02
testtopenjdk-6-jre takes 50%-90% CPU even if the program takes 1% CPU when run in windows with the sun jre, is it a bug with ubuntu11:02
jetolem0ron5: specifically APT::Periodic::AutocleanInterval "5";11:02
jetolem0ron5: and this would in fact be the preferred way to do it11:02
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
Myrttiparaxxo: you could try arandr or grandr, they're GUI's for xrandr11:03
m0ron5ahaa! Thanks jetole !11:04
paraxxoMyrtti: for Lubuntu ?11:04
Myrttiparaxxo: yes.11:04
diverdudellutz: hello11:04
paraxxoMyrtti: ok i will try11:04
testti figured out it is shown as a bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/857776 but where is the fix?11:04
ubottuUbuntu bug 857776 in openjdk-6 (Ubuntu) "High CPU usage from java 98% - 100% " [Undecided,Confirmed]11:04
diverdudeanybody here is able to help with a crashed ubuntu system?11:04
jetolem0ron5: no problem11:04
cypher-neodiverdude, I can try11:05
diverdudecypher-neo: thx man. its just totally gone11:05
cypher-neodiverdude, Okay. I assume you want some files left on the hard drive though.11:05
jetolecypher-neo: yeah I just finished my testing, update-alternatives seems to be global only11:05
diffredhi! Ubuntu 11.10, I have changed my user name in System Settings, everything seems fine except when I open a terminal I still get oldname@computer~. I have already restarted and still appears. Any idea how can I change the terminal username? Thanks in advance11:05
diverdudecypher-neo: no programs responded so i did hard reboot and now cannot start the system again11:05
jetolecypher-neo: as far as I can tell11:06
cypher-neodiverdude, Can you boot from a USB stick or Live CD?11:06
diverdudecypher-neo: i would like the old system to work again...so not reinstall because i got stuff lying in that system and setups which i would like to keep11:07
diverdudecypher-neo: i can boot in recovery mode and get a terminal11:07
cypher-neodiverdude, Do you have a spare 2Gb USB drive?11:07
paraxxoMyrtti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837635/11:07
diverdudecypher-neo: mmm yes i might have that. what should it be used for?11:08
cypher-neodiverdude, Here's what I have in mind. This is what I use to rescue systems...11:08
Stelpahello again :P11:08
Myrttiparaxxo: and what happens when you try to do what the error message suggests?11:08
Stelpai have another question; don't worry, this one shouldn't be distro-specific11:08
Stelpaif you don't mind me asking, i mean :x11:09
Stelpathis place is just much more friendly than mint's help chan :\11:09
diverdudecypher-neo:  ok im listening11:09
jetoleStelpa: what is the question?11:09
cypher-neodiverdude, Boot the computer using a Live CD, and click "Try" not "Install" so it boots to the Live CD desktop. Then pop in your USB drive and use the USB Drive creator to make a Live-USB-drive that you can boot from. Then restart the computer, ejecting the CD, and boot from the USB drive.11:09
paraxxoMyrtti: in the first time i tried to fix missing it output error , second time it worked . lubuntu is stable ?11:10
Stelpajetole: :D11:10
Stelpahow can you make linux automatically copy files from one folder to another?11:10
cypher-neodiverdude, This frees up your CD/DVD burner, so you can mount the hard drive and burn files to CD/DVD11:10
Stelpai have just recently set up my harddrive, and i would like to make my system automatically copy files from one folder to another on the new harddrive11:10
jetoleStelpa: don't know if there is any standard solution but try inosync11:10
Stelpaas backup11:10
Stelpai will look, ty!11:10
cypher-neodiverdude, Make sense?11:11
diverdudecypher-neo: yeah but what about all my setups... ? i thinks its just a matter of fixing the graphics drivers somehow11:11
scarleoStelpa, just make a small copy script that does the job and run it with a cron job11:11
jetoleStelpa: yeah there isn't really a standard solution to that as far as I know. backups are often scheduled11:11
Stelpascarleo: i am too noob for this :x11:11
diverdudecypher-neo: i dont think its necessary to reformat everything11:11
cypher-neodiverdude, I am mainly trying to let you backup your files before tweaking your system, just in case.11:11
Stelpacould you maybe help write it, or would that be too much to ask? :x11:11
jetoleStelpa: then you would be lost with inosync too. If that is too newbie for you then you may be up the creek without a paddle11:11
jetoleStelpa: how would you set this up on windows?11:12
paraxxoMyrtti: i installed grandr and it doesnt let u choose 16:9 or 4:3 or w.e u want11:12
Stelpajetole: idunno :\11:12
CharminTheMoose_Is it possible for two kernels of the same version on the same system to co-exist without too much hassle?11:12
jetoleStelpa: me either11:12
cypher-neodiverdude, What happened to the graphics drivers you were using?11:12
cypher-neodiverdude, Were they working fine before? Did you change anything?11:12
Stelpabut it would be convenient; transmission (the torrent client) automatically saves .torrent files to a directory that seems like it can't be changed11:13
scarleoStelpa, http://pastie.org/336023211:13
Stelpabut i'd like to host my torrents on my new harddrive11:13
Myrttiparaxxo: 16:9 are just aspect ratios, does it have any resolutions of that ratio?11:13
Stelpascarleo: that's all? 0_011:13
paraxxoMyrtti: grandr ?11:13
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diverdudecypher-neo: i have no idea...i changed nothing....but i saw articles where ppl say this problem is related to graphic drivers11:13
Stelpaand then just run it whenever i need to sync them?11:13
=== Guest67810 is now known as na_kai
Stelpai see, that is simple!11:13
cypher-neodiverdude, What problem?11:14
cypher-neodiverdude, What does it do?11:14
Stelpabut, how could i make it, as jetole said, do it on a schedule?11:14
scarleoStelpa, yes, then run crontab -e and follow instructions or google for more help11:14
jetoleStelpa: heh. no that's not all. That's a bash script he posted that you then need to set as a bash script, give it executable permissions then add it to the crontab11:14
Myrttiparaxxo: yes?11:14
paraxxoMyrtti: when i installed Ubuntu-Netbook-Edition it was perfect resolution with 1024x600 16:9 but it was too slow for my netbook so im trying lubuntu now11:14
scarleoStelpa, yes, chmod +x on the file, sorry forgot11:14
paraxxoand the resolution is horribole11:14
lucidmadmani have a newbie samba question11:15
Stelpai know how to chmod, i am not THAT newbie, but still i'm a noob >_<11:16
Stelpaty for all the help! i'm gonna try this :D11:16
jetoleStelpa: scarleo's solution works and pretty well. There are a lot of inotify solutions that I think work better but if a bash script is too much for you then, I'm sorry to say, but at this point I'm a little too tired to walk you through it so I'm gonna turn this over to scarleo who can help you better then I can11:16
cypher-neodiverdude, What is the problem? Can you describe it?11:16
jetolelucidmadman: did you ask in #samba?11:16
Stelpajetole: that's fine, ty very much for being patient with me... i know ubuntu and mint don't get along too well, and honestly i kinda regret choosing mint, but its a bit too late to go back on it now :s11:17
Stelpaso anyways ty for being nice :)11:17
lucidmadmani haven't, I'll try there, thanks jetole!11:17
jetoleStelpa: while this is a ubuntu room, unlike your previous question from earlier, this one actually could be equally asked in a #aix room or #hpux or #redhat or just about any *nix room so no worries11:18
jetolelucidmadman: np11:18
Stelpajetole: that is what i was thinking, which is why i got the courage to return :s11:18
Stelpasome distros are quite different, but these types of things seem almost universal11:19
* jetole goes back to reading what I was reading11:19
jetoleholy crap! I googled pam audit and found a facebook page for pam audit: http://www.facebook.com/pam.audit11:20
jetoleI wonder if /etc/passwd has a facebook page too11:20
cypher-neodiverdude, Maybe you could link me to the articles you were reading which describe the problem you are having?11:20
asiekierkajetole what about /etc/shaodw?11:20
oCeanjetole: please stick to support11:21
Jacruthhi there, I'm trying to mount a partition. Fdisk shows this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837644/11:21
jetoleasiekierka: yeah but it keeps all it's information private ;-)11:21
paraxxoMyrtti: theres Lubuntu netbook edition ?11:21
=== szal_ is now known as szal
JacruthBut I'm not able to know what filetype is /dev/sdb11:22
JacruthI think it is ext2 or ext311:22
jetoleJacruth: it's a disk11:22
JacruthIt is.11:22
quiescensJacruth: sudo file -s /dev/sdb11:22
jetoleJacruth: it can be either but it really shouldn't be11:22
jetoleJacruth: if it is then you made a mistake but that doesn't mean it won't work either11:23
Jacruthquiescens, file -s returns this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837646/11:23
Ben64Jacruth: doesn't look like sdb has a filesystem11:23
cypher-neodiverdude, You around?11:23
paraxxoanyone know if theres any Lubuntu-Netbook-Edition11:23
lucidmadmanjetole: #samba has clammed up on me11:23
lucidmadmanmind if I ask here?11:23
Stelpahmm, scarleo, i am trying to run the script first to test it, and it doesn't seem to be copy-ing11:24
quiescensJacruth: then /dev/sdb contains a partition table rather than just a file system11:24
Jacruthjetole, what do you mean about I made mistake? Do you mean while fortmatting?11:24
jetolelucidmadman: fascinating. I never said I could help you either. Just that it was a better place to ask samba questions11:24
cypher-neoparaxxo, Netbook Edition was replaced by the Unity interface in 11.0411:24
lucidmadmanhaha fair enough11:24
Ben64Jacruth: you put an extended partition, but no real partition11:24
scarleoStelpa, did you put the right paths?11:24
Jacruthjetole, I did not format it (but I need to fix it, thanks dad!) so I don't know what did my father do with it11:24
jetoleJacruth: no disk should not have a partition table meaning /dev/sdb should not have a file system11:24
Stelpascarleo: i think so....11:24
Stelpacp /home/.config/transmission/torrents /media/Wendy/Downloads/Torrents11:24
paraxxocypher-neo: im talking about a lubuntu version for netbook resolution11:24
mirekhey jest tu jakis polak11:25
quiescensJacruth: you can use sudo fdisk -l to see what partitions are available11:25
cypher-neoparaxxo, Let me check11:25
oCean!pl | mirek11:25
ubottumirek: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:25
jetoleJacruth: from the output provided by the file command you ran it looks like it is a normal disk and there is no file system on it11:25
scarleoStelpa, try 'cp -r' and verify both paths exist11:25
CharminTheMoose_Is it possible for two kernels of the same version on the same system to co-exist without too much hassle?11:25
Jacruthquiescens, that is what I pasted first11:25
jetoleJacruth: maybe your dad deleted the partition table11:25
Jacruthjetole, I guess he did it.11:25
cypher-neoparaxxo, AFAIK the regular install supports all those resolutions now. But I want to make sure of that. ;)11:25
Ben64Jacruth: you just need to create a partition, not very difficult11:26
jetoleJacruth: that's doesn't mean any data is lost11:26
* Jacruth nods11:26
Jacruthjetole, really?11:26
Ben64data is likely gone11:26
paraxxocypher-neo: i already installed lubuntu on my netbook and it doesnt support my screen11:26
jetoleBen64: no it doesn't11:26
jetoleJacruth: what Ben64 just said is wrong11:26
quiescensJacruth: oh sorry, i did not see that part, my mistake. if the partition information was deleted without deleting the data itself then you can recover everything11:26
Ben64jetole: most likely it is gone11:26
Stelpascarleo: ohhhhh, ty, forgot my user dir11:27
damo22unless he formatted the partition again11:27
quiescensJacruth: but if it was properly formatted then it isn't worth the effort trying unless it is worth a lot11:27
jetoleJacruth: a partition table only exists within the first 512 bytes of a disk (at least the most common and almost universal foramt of the MS-DOS partition table does)11:27
damo22then its gone11:27
lucidmadmananyone tell me how I find out what the domain should be when logging on to to a samba share from a windows box11:27
scarleoStelpa, yeah :)11:27
Jacruthjetole, it makes sense11:27
jetoleJacruth: this means a partition table can be written a million times over and no data on the disk is touched except that first 512 bytes11:27
cypher-neoparaxxo, According to the Ubuntu website: "you may now use the standard ubuntu desktop CD image to install on net-books with specifications such as: 1024x600 resolution11:27
jetoleJacruth: now there is a solution to recovering a lost partition table11:28
cypher-neoparaxxo, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements11:28
diverdudecypher-neo: sorry are you still there_11:28
cypher-neoparaxxo, That was Ubuntu, not Lubuntu11:28
cypher-neodiverdude, Yes, here...11:28
Jacruthjetole, I was thinking about gparted.11:28
diverdudecypher-neo: well the system just hangs at startup11:28
jetoleJacruth: I forget the name of the tool however I will see if I can find it in a moment but it will scan your disk and find the actual partitions and then re-create the partition table11:28
paraxxocypher-neo: but i was Lubuntu because its fast11:28
jetoleBen64: I forget the name of the tool however I will see if I can find it in a moment but it will scan your disk and find the actual partitions and then re-create the partition table11:28
damo22jetole: testdisk?11:28
cypher-neoparaxxo, Lubuntu doesn't list it's resolution on that page. Still looking.11:28
Ben64jetole: parted can attempt to recover11:29
quiescenstestdisk can most likely do it11:29
paraxxocypher-neo: thank you very much11:29
jetoledamo22: doesn't sound familiar but that means nothing other then it may be one of the many tools that does just that11:29
cypher-neoparaxxo, Actually it says 800x600 for Lubuntu11:29
JacruthShould I give it a try?11:29
diverdudecypher-neo: it hangs at * starting deferred execution scheduler11:29
Ben64you have to know where the old partition(s) started/stopped to recover11:30
cypher-neodiverdude, So it doesn't even finish booting?11:30
damo22Ben64: no you dont11:30
jetoleJacruth: I'm siding with damo22. testdisk looks like it can do exactly what you need11:30
diverdudecypher-neo: exactly11:30
Ben64damo22: yes you do11:30
cypher-neodiverdude, Uh-oh...11:30
=== papa is now known as angelofdeath
jetoleBen64: if you need to know where the old partitions started and stopped then that's not the tool you would use11:30
diverdudecypher-neo: i tried reinstalling nvidia drivers11:30
Ben64  rescue START END                         rescue a lost partition near START        and END11:30
damo22Ben64: testdisk can recover without input like that11:31
jetoleBen64: granted gparted is great but there are tools that only need to know the disk to look at11:31
cypher-neodiverdude, Umm, this is an odd request. Try booting from the CD and see how far along in the boot you get. If you manage to boot the Live CD, click Try Ubuntu and see how far along that gets.11:31
Ben64parted != gparted11:31
cypher-neodiverdude, Out of curiousity, what are the specs on your computer?11:31
bobo123what is the difference between gnome (version 3) and gnome classic ??11:31
diverdudecypher-neo: its a lenovo W52011:31
cypher-neobobo123, GNOME3 doesn't use Unity11:32
jetoleBen64: no it's not the same app. you are right. Who said differently?11:32
jetoleJacruth: try testdisk that damo22 mentioned11:32
UidXcan pulseaudio stream an audio outside of my local network?11:32
Ben64jetole: i said parted, you said gparted11:32
bobo123cypher-neo, why are you mentioning Unity?11:32
paraxxocypher-neo: so should i just install UNR cuz theres no lnr11:32
jetoleBen64: oh my mistake11:32
diverdudecypher-neo: ill try live boot11:32
Jacruthjetole, I'm installing it, thanks.11:32
damo22Jacruth: do you know how many partitions were there before?11:32
jetoleJacruth: No prob. Thank damo22 too11:32
cypher-neoparaxxo, I would try that.11:33
Jacruthdamo22, sdb, I supose.11:33
cypher-neobobo123, Because you asked what the difference is, and I told you the basic difference.11:33
jetoleJacruth: sdb isn't a partition11:33
=== Administrator is now known as Guest24611
jetoleJacruth: a partition would be like sdb1, sdb2, etc11:33
paraxxocypher-neo: can u tell me if theres any other kinds of linux netbook edition , becus ubuntu netbook runs real slow11:33
cypher-neobobo123, My bad... You mentioned GNOME classic11:33
Jacruthsorry, language barrier.11:33
damo22Jacruth: did you split your drive into mulitple? or only 1?11:33
bobo123cypher-neo, yes11:34
Jacruthdamo22, wait a second, I'll show you something11:34
jetoledamo22: he ran file against it and it showed a MBR and other data to indicate it's a partitioned disk11:34
cypher-neobobo123, The difference between GNOME3 and Classic is Classic resembles GNOME back in the GNOME2.x days (Ubuntu 10.10 and previous versions)11:34
diverdudecypher-neo: live boot works just fine11:34
jetoledamo22: or at least that it's not a disk with extX on it outside of a partition table11:34
diverdudecypher-neo: i dont think anything is wrong with the computer. the problem is ubuntu11:34
bobo123cypher-neo, so how can i change the theme in gnome 3?11:34
Jacruthdamo22, what about this? http://i.imgur.com/83Kde.png11:34
bobo123cypher-neo, i copied a theme in the .themes directory, but no theme is shown in the gnome-tweak-tool11:35
Stelpascarleo: i think i got it working! :D11:35
damo22Jacruth: you can use this info to recover11:35
cypher-neobobo123, GNOME3 is a version of GNOME that doesn't use Unity (like 11.04 to current) but uses a similar interface based on Mutter.11:35
Stelpascarleo: ty for all the help ^_^11:35
jetoleJacruth: that looks good but you showed fdisk -l which didn't show a partition there11:35
diverdudecypher-neo: so how can i fix it11:36
damo22Jacruth: did you make that yourself AFTER trying to recover?11:36
quiescensjetole: it did, it said there was 1 extended partition, and nothing else, but its in a different language11:36
Jacruthjetole, that is why I'm a little confused. Why gparted shows them?11:36
Jacruthdamo22, I didn't.11:36
cypher-neobobo123, Take the theme out of the .themes directory. Open gnome-tweak-tool and click on the Themes tab. Install the theme by loading it directly in the tool. It will install the theme to the correct directory if it is a valid theme.11:36
bobo123cypher-neo, but it is not possible to install gnome 2 on ubuntu 11.10?11:36
damo22Jacruth: it says there are no partitions except an extended one11:37
quiescensanyway, try the testdisk thing if someone is walking you through it, and be careful11:37
jetolequiescens: ah you're right. my mistake and no hable espanol11:37
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:37
quiescensjetole: yeah, i was looking at it thinking the same thing11:37
bobo123cypher-neo, it will be of great help if you could tell me where is the open file button in the gnome-tweak-tool, because i can't find such button11:37
diverdudecypher-neo: +11:38
cypher-neodiverdude, Don't know. Last time I had a computer hang halfway through boot like what you describe it was a faulty video card (one that needed to be completely replaced). Time before that, it was a faulty CPU.11:38
jetolequiescens: yeah I just mis-read it is all11:38
damo22Jacruth: how big was your old drive when you were using it?11:38
cypher-neodiverdude, Both were hardware problems...11:38
jetoleJacruth: wait! stop! run: file -s /dev/sdb111:38
Jacruthdamo22, I think there is not any way to know it, I supo...11:38
diverdudecypher-neo: but if it works in live boot then i guess its not a hardware problem?11:38
cypher-neodiverdude, That's what I'm trying to test. If it's hardware or Ubuntu11:39
Jacruthjetole, http://paste.ubuntu.com/837657/11:39
cypher-neodiverdude, If it hangs on a Live CD boot, it's almost definitely hardware.11:39
Jacruthit is a x86 boot sector11:39
jetoleJacruth: just for fun, run: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt11:39
diverdudecypher-neo: it does not hang on Live CD boot11:39
cypher-neobobo123, Click on the Themes tab. Do you see a load file button next to the Theme changer?11:39
cypher-neodiverdude, Well, that's good... I suppose.11:40
jetoleJacruth: and if there is no output then run: ls /mnt11:40
Jacruthjetole, it says I need to specify the filetype11:40
JacruthI tried with ext2, ext3, ntfs and vfat11:40
Jacruthwithout success11:40
jetoleJacruth: meh. ok. I leave you in the hands of damo22 and testdisk11:40
diverdudecypher-neo: yes...but that leaves me with a broken ubuntu again11:40
bobo123cypher-neo, no there is no such button, there is only: Window Theme (Drop Down Box), Shell Theme (Not available - Shell user-extension not enabled), GTK-Theme DropDown Box11:41
jetoleJacruth: yeah if it's a known fs type it should/would have auto detected it11:41
diverdudeman im gonna go for linux mint i think...hoping for fewer problems11:41
cypher-neobobo123, OH!! You need to install the theme changer!11:41
cypher-neobobo123, One sec11:41
bobo123cypher-neo, ok11:41
cypher-neobobo123, Open your Terminal11:43
Jacruthsorry, it was a halt11:44
Jacruthtestdisk isntalled11:44
cypher-neobobo123, Type "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/gnome3"11:44
bobo123cypher-neo, ok11:44
shareI am looking for a DVB-T receiver with remote that works in Linux11:44
bobo123cypher-neo, i think i already added this repository11:44
bobo123cypher-neo, which package should i install?11:44
bobo123cypher-neo, apt-get install ????11:44
damo22Jacruth: for fun type sudo fdisk /dev/sdb111:45
damo22then press p and enter11:45
scarleoStelpa, great!11:45
Jacruthwait, wait11:46
Pooky5guys, how can I login as guest in console?11:46
scarleoStelpa, np11:46
cypher-neobobo123, "apt-get install gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme"11:46
cypher-neobobo123, If that doesn't work, I have a secondary PPA which has that package11:46
Jacruthdamo22, can't read /dev/sdb1 (it exists)11:47
Drakalenhi all11:47
Drakalenanyone from Poland?11:47
damo22Jacruth: okay11:47
bobo123cypher-neo, no there is no button11:47
Jacruthwhat about this, damo22 : http://i.imgur.com/b69Cw.png11:48
cypher-neobobo123, Did that package work?11:48
bobo123cypher-neo, no it didn't11:48
Ben64damo22, Jacruth: sdb1 is an extended partition, you can't do anything to it11:48
=== und is now known as dyd_
Ben64Jacruth: should be intel11:48
damo22Jacruth: yes11:49
cypher-neobobo123, Okay try this one11:49
Jacruthokay, I'm going to select "analyse"11:49
bobo123cypher-neo, ok which one?11:49
cypher-neobobo123, "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:satyajit-happy/themes"11:49
damo22Jacruth: what are your options11:49
cypher-neobobo123, sudo apt-get update11:49
cypher-neobobo123, sudo apt-get install gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme11:49
DrakalenAnyone from poland? I need helb...11:50
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.11:50
Jacruthdamo22, very few options, but one of them is to analyse and it is reading the cylinders11:50
damo22Jacruth: ok11:51
bobo123cypher-neo, no nothing changed11:51
cypher-neobobo123, Okay... one sec11:51
cypher-neobobo123, Let me find the package you need11:52
bobo123cypher-neo, ok, thanks a lot anyway11:52
bobo123cypher-neo, i gotta admit i hate GNOME 3, i am and i will be GNOME 2 fan11:52
Jacruthit will take some time, there are 91 ks cylinders11:52
Jacruthgnome 2 >> all.11:52
bobo123Jacruth, i agree with you11:53
Jacruthwell, sometimes, because it weights a lot11:53
Drakalenhmm anyone can help me?11:53
Drakaleni install Ubuntu and how to boot him automatic?11:53
Drakalen(sry for bad english)11:53
cypher-neobobo123, Okay try this...11:54
cypher-neobobo123, Go to http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package/gnome_shell/natty/main/base/gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme11:54
bobo123cypher-neo, ok i am there11:54
Dr_willisDrakalen:  did you do a WUBI install? or a normal insatall?11:54
cypher-neobobo123, Click the ORANGE box about halfway down the page that says APT INSTALL11:54
Drakalennormal install11:55
bobo123cypher-neo, got it11:55
Drakalenbecause i install polish edition11:55
cypher-neobobo123, *sigh* the package was deleted from the repository11:55
bobo123cypher-neo, should i deinstall it first?11:55
Dr_willisDrakalen:  on my systems. it boots to grub and boots ubuntu automatically..11:55
cypher-neobobo123, You already had it?11:55
bobo123cypher-neo, in the ubuntu software center it says remove not install11:55
Dr_willisDrakalen:  you see a grub boot menu?11:55
cypher-neobobo123, :o11:55
bobo123cypher-neo, yes i installed it already11:55
Dr_willisDrakalen:  theres no need to Msg me..11:55
bobo123cypher-neo, i installed it but nothing has changed11:55
cypher-neobobo123, Okay. One sec. Switching gears. lol11:55
bobo123cypher-neo, it is really weird11:55
DrakalenDR_willis i don't see grub boot menu11:56
Dr_willisDrakalen:  then somthing failed during the install it seems.11:56
Drakalenor maybe i must config that?11:56
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)11:56
Dr_willisDrakalen:  it is the default for it to set up grub and boot to ubuntu.11:56
Drakalenbecause when i turn on PC, he automatically run windows 711:56
Drakaleni install "Niebiańska Nimfa" this is special edition11:57
Drakalenso maybe that is reason11:57
Dr_willisDrakalen:  no idea.  The normal default ubuntu - installs grub and sets ubuntu as the default boot item.11:57
Dr_willisTry the regular ubuntu release is my advice.11:57
Raverhey guys11:57
damo22Drakalen: if you installed win7 after ubuntu it will kill grub11:58
Dr_willisThese special variants are normally not supported here.11:58
Drakalennope i install first win711:58
Drakalenand today Ubuntu11:58
szalDrakalen: 'lsb_release -a' please11:58
bobo123cypher-neo, any ideas?11:58
Drakaleneee where ?11:58
damo22Drakalen: where did you tell grub bootloader to install to?11:59
Dr_willisHis system is not booting szal :)11:59
bobo123cypher-neo, stay on line i will do a short logout11:59
Dr_willisGrub could have gotten installed to a differnt hd. or flash., or failed to install for some reason.11:59
Dr_willisthe !fixgrub wilki page should walk you through the reinstalling of grub with a live cd.11:59
Drakalenwhen i install ubuntu11:59
Drakaleni see "Running GRUB"12:00
szal!enter | Drakalen12:00
ubottuDrakalen: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:00
rourai keep getting this error when i try to install Gimp using the Ubuntu Software Center [installArchives() failed: dpkg: error: reading package info file '/var/lib/dpkg/available': Input/output error]12:00
cypher-neobobo123, You here?12:00
rouraany idea how to fix this?12:00
bobo123cypher-neo, i am here12:00
cypher-neobobo123, I have a new PPA for you... again.12:00
bobo123cypher-neo, any ideas?12:00
Drakalenok sry ubottu12:00
bobo123cypher-neo, should i remove the gnome-shell-user-theme package before?12:00
cypher-neobobo123, No. Keep it12:01
cypher-neobobo123, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gnome3-team/gnome312:01
cypher-neobobo123, Terminal command, obviously.12:01
bobo123cypher-neo, done12:01
rouraanyone? installArchives() failed: dpkg: error: reading package info file '/var/lib/dpkg/available': Input/output error12:01
cypher-neobobo123, sudo apt-get update12:01
Drakalenso anyone can help me with ubuntu boot?12:01
bobo123cypher-neo, should i install it again?12:02
cypher-neobobo123, And when it tells you there are updates to be had...12:02
cypher-neobobo123, sudo apt-get upgrade12:02
damo22Drakalen: you need to boot a livecd and fix grub12:02
cypher-neobobo123, I think your version of gnome-tweak-tool might be old12:02
bobo123ok i am doing an upgrade right now12:02
mongyI removed quiet and splash from grub but I still dont see the text while booting?12:02
bobo123cypher-neo, i installed it with apt-get12:02
cypher-neobobo123, The one on the Oneiric repository is old12:02
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode12:03
cypher-neobobo123, The PPA is up to date though12:03
Drakalendamo22: i'm now with livecd, but how fix Grub?12:03
Dr_willismongy:  you did rerun 'sudo update-grub' after editing the grub configs?12:03
cypher-neobobo123, The current gnome-tweak-tool is version 3.x12:03
Dr_willismongy:  i tend touse 'noquiet nosplash nofb text'  and set the grub setting to use a text only consoel display. not the higher res franebuffer displays12:04
cypher-neobobo123, I managed to lay my hands on 3.2, but I can't find that version in any PPA now.12:04
mongyDr_willis, just editing the boot menu at boot time for now.12:04
bobo123cypher-neo, after the upgrade i will check the version12:04
cypher-neobobo123, But upgrading it to version 3 should make the load menu pop up in the Themes tab12:04
Dr_willismongy:  try  all the options perhaps. 'noquiet nosplash nofb text'12:04
szalroura: sudo dpkg clear-avail && sudo apt-get update <- you could've found that yourself on $searchEngineOfYourChoice ;)12:05
rourai seriously have no idea what any of that meaans12:06
mongyDr_willis, lol, it gives me the boot splash.  Im testing this in a vm btw12:06
mongyDr_willis, ah, its stopped at a text screen.  I have to ctrl alt del for it to continue and then it restarts..12:06
cypher-neodiverdude, Been thinking. Where did it hang again on boot?12:06
=== CPhoenix_ is now known as CPhoenix
damo22mongy: you should have tried ctrl-alt-f1 f2 f312:07
=== djafar is now known as tacitus
mongyok so it just stops loading anything just about when login screen should appear.  nevermind...12:08
=== tacitus is now known as tic-tac
damo22mongy it might be loading logins on different console12:08
rourawhat is this doing : sudo dpkg clear-avail12:08
szalroura: read -> man dpkg <- all options neatly listed and explained12:09
cypher-neobobo123, How's it going?12:09
bobo123cypher-neo, how can i see the version of the gnome-tweak-tool?12:10
mongyI'll try it on a real machine in a minute...12:10
rouraszai will do thanks12:10
szal!tab | roura, and adjust your IRC font for clarity of characters ;)12:11
ubotturoura, and adjust your IRC font for clarity of characters ;): You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.12:11
cypher-neobobo123, Terminal command: sudo apt-cache showpkg gnome-tweak-tool12:12
JadedJacobgood evening12:12
cypher-neobobo123, There will be a LOT of text, but you should be able to figure it out.12:12
bobo123cypher-neo, the version is: 3.2.0-0ubuntu112:13
cypher-neobobo123, Excellent!!12:13
bobo123cypher-neo, but there is no button12:13
cypher-neobobo123, Try closing gnome-tweak-tool and reopening it12:13
bobo123cypher-neo, i tried that many times12:13
bobo123cypher-neo, the upgrade is not yet finished, should i make a restart now or should i reinstall ubuntu 11.10?12:15
bobo123cypher-neo, and try everything right from start12:15
cypher-neobobo123, Nononono12:16
cypher-neobobo123, Let the upgrade finish12:16
bobo123cypher-neo, it has finished12:16
cypher-neobobo123, Okay. But there's no need to reinstall12:16
bobo123cypher-neo, i opened gnome-tweak-tool nothing is changed12:16
cypher-neobobo123, On Shell Extensions, do you see...12:16
cypher-neobobo123, Uh...12:16
cypher-neobobo123, Use Theme Extension? or something like that?12:17
bobo123cypher-neo, that's what i tried to tell you the first time12:17
brokenhorseshoehi all12:17
bobo123the tab shell-extensions doesn't have nothing12:17
riffsup everyone12:17
bobo123cypher-neo, the tab is empty12:17
cardielSomeone know why is the copy speed so much slower in mc than in for ex. nautilus/krusader?12:17
cardieli get 25mb/s on the same hardisk but from ext3 to ntfs in mc but around 40 in krusader12:18
bobo123cypher-neo, i am using right now gnome classic, and when i use GNOME there is something in the tab shell extension12:18
cypher-neobobo123, Were you able to install gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme?12:18
bobo123cypher-neo, yes yes i have that12:18
riffi av a power saver gpu as well as an nvidia one, i installed the additional drivers for the nvidia gpu, how do i know which gpu my ubuntu is using? :|12:18
=== Guest47083 is now known as skilz
cypher-neobobo123, Then that extension should show up in the shell extensions tab. You need to enable it, somehow.12:18
bobo123cypher-neo, the question is how?12:18
stefan_Hello there! I12:19
riffanyone? :-P12:19
cypher-neobobo123, What version of Ubuntu are you on?12:19
cypher-neobobo123, 11.10?12:19
bobo123cypher-neo, 11.1012:19
cypher-neobobo123, This is weird. I have not had this much trouble with enabling a simple extension before...12:19
_skplrestart gnome-shell12:20
bobo123cypher-neo, i will make a fresh reinstall, i think i have installed something wrong12:20
stefan_I'm currently using a HDD with Ubuntu an Windows installed on it. Now I've bought a SSD and want to install Ubuntu on it and keep Windows on the HDD. How should I proceed? Just install Ubuntu on the SSD and it will detect Windows on the HDD and put it into the bootloader or is there anything I have to consider?12:20
cypher-neobobo123, Wait12:20
bobo123i reinstalled it yesterday, it wont12:20
cypher-neoTry what _skpl said12:20
bobo123cypher-neo, how can i do that?12:20
rumpe1stefan_, usually it will be detected and added to the booloader menu12:21
_skplalt-f2 then type r and press enter, but close gnome-tweak-tool first12:21
_skplrestart, then re-open gnome-tweak-tool, then enable the user theme extension12:21
bobo123ok i will restart now12:21
cypher-neobobo123, REstart the computer... or "Alt-F2" press r and hit enter12:21
cypher-neo_skpl, Thanks ;)12:21
rouraI keep being denied permission while trying sudo dpkg clear-avail ??12:21
rumpe1stefan_, also you should consider to activate the "discard" mount parameter for the partitions on the ssd, if you  use ext4 filesystem.12:22
cypher-neo_skpl, I forgot about needing to restart the shell12:22
Chipzzzhas anyone run ubuntu from a usb drive & can they comment on speed vs running on a hard disk?12:22
bobo123cypher-neo, i restarted the computer, but nothing changes12:23
bobo123cypher-neo, i restarted the computer, but nothing changed12:23
bobo123cypher-neo, gnome 3 is really getting on my nerves12:24
cypher-neoChipzzz, USB drive is faster12:24
bobo123cypher-neo, gnome 2 was somehow better12:24
cypher-neobobo123, Your computer is getting on my nerves too... Try going back to gnome-tweak-tool and enabling the extension.12:24
cypher-neobobo123, If it is actually installed, it will show up.12:24
Chipzzzcypher-neo: i'm surprised to hear that... thank you12:24
expertarunhow to install multimedia codec help?12:24
cypher-neoChipzzz, I use a Live-USB-drive to live-boot Ubuntu on a computer that needs rescuing.12:25
auronandace!codec | expertarun12:25
ubottuexpertarun: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats12:25
cypher-neoChipzzz, The 11.10 Live-CD boots in about 4 minutes. The Live-USB boots in about 2.5-3 minutes12:26
VIPER-IIhi there... anyone using Sickbeard here?12:26
bobo123cypher-neo,  i opened gnome-tweak-tool12:26
bobo123but there is nothing there12:26
cypher-neo_skpl, Any ideas?12:26
cypher-neobobo123, Go to http://extensions.gnome.org12:27
Chipzzzcypher-neo: i'm playing with the idea of using a usb installation vs. a virtualbox server... wasn't thinking about the CD at all12:27
_skplbob123: try googling your problem12:27
cypher-neobobo123, Try installing the user-theme-extension from there12:27
jakescan anyone tell me how to install backtrack 5 menu in ubuntu?12:29
bobo123cypher-neo, how can i see the version from gonme?12:29
mac_osxHi all, Can anyone help I think I've been hacked?12:29
bobo123cypher-neo, how can i see the version from gnome installed on my computer?12:29
Chipzzzcypher-neo: doesn't sound like the flash drive is fast enough in either case... maybe i'll just get a bigger hard disk ;-)12:29
jakescan anyone help me how to install backtrack 5 menu in ubuntu?12:29
jakescan anyone help me how to install backtrack 5 menu in ubuntu?12:30
cypher-neobobo123, Umm12:30
cypher-neobobo123, "sudo apt-cache showpkg gnome-shell"12:30
kaltorakHello, I'm trying to remove the privileges from a user to mount external media, or access it, I've unmarked all privileges at System>Administration>Users and groups>Advanced settings>user privileges, I've trying with the gdm-guest session, and so, but all the same, still mounting the usb key when I insert it, and has full access to it, I was wondering how it's possible this ? and how can I avoid this undesired mount ?12:31
rouraok, i still dont undertand why i cant install Gimp12:31
mac_osxCan someone help a victim of computer rape?12:32
cypher-neoroura, Are you installing it from a PPA?12:32
rouraUbuntu Software Center12:32
=== Administrator is now known as Guest27827
cypher-neoroura, I hate USC. It doesn't give proper explanations for failure.12:33
cypher-neoroura, Try running "sudo apt-get install gimp" from the Terminal12:33
cypher-neoroura, That will tell you why it won't install. And I can work from there...12:33
rumpe1kaltorak, hmm... maybe you can deactivate fuse somehow? Or look into udev rule definitions? Just some thoughts.12:34
kaltorakrumpel, consider that I need to unprivileged just one user, not all the users, I will read about udev12:34
rumpe1kaltorak, udev is more low-level. You can define, what happens when certain patterns match a detected device.12:35
UidXwow, this is spicy12:36
mac_osxI have a quick question if someone has a minute. After MANY hours, I finally found a way to access my etc/passwd file. I need to know how many dudes are in me.12:36
kaltorakrumpel, understand, but, how is done in ubuntu for mount the usb key or so, without being root, when just root can use the mount order ? (this is just for curious)12:37
rouracypher-neo  -- sorry that took a bit.... "installArchives() failed: dpkg: error: reading package info file '/var/lib/dpkg/available': Input/output error"12:37
UidXcan't you just do like sudo nano /etc/passwd ?12:37
mac_osxUidX, none of that worked till I finally went through Nautilus12:37
mac_osxThis is what I got12:38
rumpe1kaltorak, that's what FUSE (filesystem in userspace) is for. Even unprivileged users can mount media to the /home/username/.gvfs   gnome virtual filesystem.12:38
FloodBot1mac_osx: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:38
kaltorakrumpel, but generally the media is mounted at /media/LABEL or so12:38
dns53mac_osx look at your /etc/passwords file and anything with a user above 1000 is a normal user, 1-999 is usually an os account12:39
UidXthat's weird i just did sudo nano /etc/passwd and i can access it12:39
mac_osxThanks dns5312:39
digitalcrowhelp me my apache server dont go on internet12:40
cypher-neoroura, Try running "sudo dpkg --clear-avail && sudo apt-get update" from the Terminal12:40
digitalcrowhelp me my apache server dont go on internet. my apache server dont accept connections from internet12:40
dns53UidX /etc/passwd can be viewed by public /etc/shadow contains the password itself12:41
paraxxodoes anyone know how to see installed apps in Lubuntu and startup apps12:41
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: have you checked to make sure apache is on the port you think it is?12:42
rouracypher-neo .. that opens some sort of menu12:42
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: are you running a firewall?12:42
digitalcrowi dont have firewall12:42
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: are you behind a router?12:43
digitalcrowbut with the same router i had no prolbem before12:43
=== s9iper1_ is now known as s9iper1
digitalcrowi dont know what went wrong with this installation12:43
=== dan__ is now known as Guest14653
digitalcrowthe servers works only locally12:43
cypher-neoroura, There shouldn't be a menu. What does the menu say?12:44
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: are you on the host or another machine?12:44
digitalcrowon the host12:44
Chipzzzwhat is your local ip?12:44
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:44
rourainstallArchives() failed: dpkg: error: reading package info file '/var/lib/dpkg/available': Input/output error12:45
rouradidnt copy for some reason12:45
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: that's your router... what's the machine's ip?12:45
digitalcrowi made some tests and put this ip12:45
mac_osxWould this "Debian-openarena:x:118:60:OpenArena dedicated server,,,:/var/games/openarena-server:/bin/false"12:45
mac_osx be an example of a hacker?12:45
cypher-neoroura, I wonder...12:45
digitalcrowmy router's ip is
digitalcrowthe gateway12:45
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: ah... sorry... can you ping
expertarunhow to go in linuxmint help12:46
digitalcrowserver runs ok on it12:46
rourafirst -- "error: need an action option"12:46
cypher-neoroura, Try this... Terminal command: "sudo touch /forcefsck"12:46
digitalcrowmy internet ip is
cypher-neoroura, Reboot and let the FSCK run. When you get back, tell me if there were any errors from that.12:47
rourathat does nothing12:47
rourano response12:47
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
digitalcrowi dont know what is the problem12:47
cypher-neoroura, The command itself won't do anything. It just makes FSCK happen when you reboot12:47
expertarunhelp me to install video codec?12:47
cypher-neoroura, Are you booting a pen drive?12:47
digitalcrowit seems to be working before12:48
expertarunhelp me12:48
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: i tried to nmap you and it says 'host seems down'12:48
digitalcrowi made a new installation of ubuntu and doesn't work anymore12:48
rouranetbook with ubuntu on the hd, only OS12:48
rourarestarting brb12:48
expertarunhelp me to install video codec?12:48
expertarunhelp me to install video codec?12:48
expertarunhelp me to install video codec?12:48
FloodBot1expertarun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:48
kizHi all, I'm having a lot of trouble with the 64 bit server installs - lots of segfaulting / corruption and failing at random steps. I've tried 11.10 and 11.04 with no luck. The 32 bit installers work OK. Can anyone suggest what could be wrong or a way I can install 64bit?12:48
lordjjexpertarun  for linux mint: /server irc.spotchat.org  then: /join #linuxmint-help12:49
bazhang!mintsupport | expertarun12:49
ubottuexpertarun: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org12:49
mac_osxCould someone tell me if this "nobody:x:65534:65534:nobody:/nonexistent:/bin/sh12:49
mac_osx" is a hacker (from my etc/passwd file)12:49
rouragimp is still downloading in the Software Center, but it says 'finished' and is also at about 50% in the bar...12:50
rourashould i just disregard and reboot?12:50
cypher-neoroura, There's your problem12:50
digitalcrowseems only ftp and telnet is online12:50
digitalcrowfrom nmap12:50
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C0keNC0dethis now ubuntu gui sucks12:50
cypher-neoroura, Try closing USC12:51
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: that isn't available from here either & i can't get a traceroute to you12:51
cypher-neoroura, Those dpkg commands won't work unless USC is closed12:51
bazhang!notunity | C0keNC0de12:51
ubottuC0keNC0de: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic12:51
=== Walther is now known as WaltherFI
expertarunhelp me to install video codec12:51
expertarunhelp me to install video codec12:51
expertarunhelp me to install video codec12:51
FloodBot1expertarun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:51
digitalcrowit used to work then i made a new installation , dont know what is happening12:51
bobo123cypher-neo, i just reinstalled ubuntu 11.10, which package should i install gnome-session-fallback or gnome-shell?12:52
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: it looks like your isp is blocking your unsolicited incoming traffic12:52
bazhangexpertarun, you are on mint. it's not supported here, so please stop asking12:52
Guest14653ok, my plan is now to use some unetbootin to save the /home and put a light distro on the box ... is there any other chance to recover data ?!12:52
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: otherwise i should be able to ping or traceroute you12:52
cypher-neobobo123, Whatever you prefer most.12:52
digitalcrowmaybe my isp changed its plans ?  i dont know12:52
expertarunhelp me to install video codec12:53
bobo123cypher-neo, i want gnome 3 to look like gnome 212:53
digitalcrowcould i be able to try on other port?12:53
bazhangexpertarun, stop it12:53
expertarunhelp me to install video codec12:53
bobo123cypher-neo, i want the ubuntu to look like gnome classic, so which is the right one?12:53
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: your router responds to pings, right?12:53
sda1986hi, i have an 02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM43225 802.11b/g/n [14e4:4357] (rev 01), but it only see the N connections, no G! what can it be?12:53
cypher-neo!notunity | bobo12312:54
ubottubobo123: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic12:54
C0keNC0dethanks ubottu12:54
Jacruthdamo22, it ended: http://i.imgur.com/S6sxy.png12:55
digitalcrowmy router used be ok so long12:55
digitalcrowi've changed the port to 808012:55
Guest14653i tried to get rid of this unity with big icons that diminish my active area in a bad ugly way, no i have no system... why is there no chance to choose no-unity at install?12:55
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Chipzzzdigitalcrow: then it isn't getting unsolicited incoming traffic... pings aren't port specific12:55
Guest14653(now i have no system...)12:55
digitalcrowbut still no service12:56
Guest14653(this is linux mint xchattin')12:56
rourarestarted, found no errors -- tried 'sudo apt-get install gimp' got the same Input/output error....12:56
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ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.12:59
digitalcrow-2i've changed my port to 808012:59
bobo123cypher-neo, i have installed the gnome-panel package, should i install now the gnome-tweak-tool?13:00
Chipzzzdigitalcrow: i don't think that's going to help... you'll be able to access from anywhere behind your router, but your isp isn't allowing you unsolicited incoming traffic13:00
digitalcrow-2still not works13:00
expertarunhow to change a root password?13:01
bazhangexpertarun, you are on MINT13:01
rouraugh why is it so difficult to install gimp13:01
Chipzzzdigitalcrow-2: (if i can't ping your router from outside your LAN, you can't expect TCP/IP traffic to get through)13:02
expertaruni am in ubuntu 10.04 LTS13:02
bazhang!mintsupport | expertarun13:02
ubottuexpertarun: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:02
AlanBell!root | expertarun13:02
ubottuexpertarun: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo13:02
Jacruthdo you know how to use the testdisk tool to recover a partition?13:02
expertarunmy password does not work so i am asking13:03
LjLexpertarun: what does "lsb_release -a" say13:03
cypher-neoroura, Is USC closed?13:04
Guest14653how can i recover a broken install [ubuntu 11.04 became 11.10 with unity, i removed unity, reboot, now i cannot log in]13:04
expertarundeb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid universe multiverse13:04
expertarundeb-src http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu intrepid universe multiverse13:04
Chipzzzexpertarun: you can reboot to the grub menu, run ubuntu in recovery mode (where you are root) and change the password, after which it will work13:04
LjLexpertarun: what is that13:04
expertarunDistributor ID:Ubuntu13:04
expertarunDescription:Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS13:04
FloodBot1expertarun: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:04
AlanBellcypher-neo: USC is Free Software13:05
rouracypher-neo yet13:05
sda1986hi, i have an 02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM43225 802.11b/g/n [14e4:4357] (rev 01), but it only see the N connections, no G! what can it be?13:05
LjLexpertarun: so if you run "sudo echo true", it doesn't work?13:05
cypher-neoAlanBell, And your point is?13:06
cypher-neoroura, Good. Try running the command in the Terminal "sudo apt-get install gimp"13:07
AlanBellcypher-neo: you asked if it was closed, maybe I misunderstood what you were asking13:07
AlanBellI did :) carry on.13:07
cypher-neoAlanBell, Oh. lol. :)13:07
rouradpkg: error: reading package info file '/var/lib/dpkg/available': Input/output error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) dpkg: error: reading package info file '/var/lib/dpkg/available': Input/output error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) dpkg: error: reading package info file '/var/lib/dpkg/available': Input/output error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2) dpkg: error: read13:08
LjLuh oh13:08
bobo123cypher-neo, can you tell me again the repository for the gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme?13:08
rouradid that several times --- dpkg: error: reading package info file '/var/lib/dpkg/available': Input/output error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)13:08
RangerBobHave you run a fsck and/or memtest?13:08
Chipzzzroura: "sudo apt-get update"13:08
cypher-neoroura, Okay, new Terminal command: "cat /var/lib/dpkg/available"13:09
cypher-neoroura, See anything interesting on that one?13:09
quiescensmm, that's a 35000 line file potentially13:09
cypher-neoquiescens, That would qualify as interesting. lol13:10
rouraa lot of text13:10
rouramassive wall of text13:10
cypher-neoroura, Try "sudo apt-get update"13:10
cypher-neoAfter the wall of text is done13:11
cypher-neoOr hit Ctrl-Z to stop it13:11
cypher-neoroura, And?13:11
rouragot the update13:11
quiescensshould ctrl-c, not ctrl-z unless you have good reason to13:11
cypher-neoNow "sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to bring your system up to full update13:12
cypher-neoroura, Now "sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" to bring your system up to full update13:12
cypher-neoroura, Then try "sudo apt-get install gimp"13:12
rouraok doing that now13:13
padhuplease give me the link for ubuntu supported hardware list13:13
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:13
rouragot this error when trying 'sudo apt-get upgrade' --- dpkg: error: reading package info file '/var/lib/dpkg/available': Input/output error E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)13:13
holsteinroura: you likely still have the software center runnning, or the update manager13:14
rourahow can i view whats running13:14
lucidmadmancan someone tell me what the commandline would be to install virtualbox on ubuntu 11.10 64bit?13:14
holsteinif you are not sure how to find and close those, you can reboot and start over.. you can have only one package manager running at a time13:14
rourai just reboot'd13:14
holsteinroura: you can open a terminal and run ps aux13:15
Chipzzzlucidmadman: sudo apt-get install virtualbox13:15
tomastikhello all13:15
glebihanroura, run "sudo cp /var/lib/dpkg/available-old /var/lib/dpkg/available" then "sudo dpkg --clear-avail" then "sudo apt-get update"13:15
lucidmadmanChipzzz: thanks13:15
Jonathan_Could anyone here try and help me with this problem? http://askubuntu.com/questions/102885/ubuntu-constantly-freezing-at-random-time13:15
=== Companion is now known as companion
cypher-neoglebihan, Thank you! I wasn't sure where to go after that last one.13:16
Chipzzzlucidmadman: sorry... it's " sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose"13:16
holsteinJonathan_: sure... if you have an older kernel try using it13:16
glebihancypher-neo, you're welcome, hope it works13:17
TinybirdHi, all13:17
cypher-neoglebihan, Me too. I hate dpkg errors13:17
Jonathan_holstein: What do you mean, should I downgrade my kernel?13:17
=== BlcakHawk is now known as BlackHawk
lucidmadmanChipzzz: it just ran fine, do I need to run again?13:17
Chipzzzlucidmadman: nope... should be ok :-)13:18
bobo123cypher-neo, do i need gnome-tweak-tool in order to change the themes in gnome-panel (gnome classic)?13:18
=== BlackHawk is now known as BalckHawkHacker
lucidmadmanChipzzz: thanks13:18
cypher-neobobo123, Possibly... I don't mess too much with Classic.13:18
cypher-neobobo123, I know you'll need the tweak-tool for GTK3 themes, icon themes, and cursor themes.13:18
TinybirdI am using ubuntu 8.10, I find it very hard to update my software because I cannot use "apt-get"13:19
holsteinJonathan_: sometimes a kernel upgrade and "break" funcionality... if this is an issue that has started after an upgrade, then you can try an older kernel.. i usually just look in the grub list and boot the older one as a troubleshooting step... if thats not the case, trying a different kernel can still give you an idea13:19
bobo123cypher-neo, because i installed gnome-tweak-tool and gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme and i don't see this but again13:19
lucidmadmanchipzzz: when I try and start it it says "failed to open x11 display"13:19
holsteinTinybird: 8.10 is EOL13:19
=== BalckHawkHacker is now known as BlackHawkHackeri
bazhang!eolupgrades | Tinybird13:19
ubottuTinybird: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:19
rourais there a 'task manager'13:19
rouralike ctrl alt del13:20
=== BlackHawkHackeri is now known as BHawkHackerist
holsteinTinybird: if you choose to run end-of-life, your package management will be "on your own"13:20
Chipzzzlucidmadman: try "sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose"... maybe it does need that13:20
cypher-neoTinybird, 8.10 is severely out of date. Try upgrading to the next LTS release by downloading a Live Cd and performing an upgrade.13:20
Jonathan_holstein: I have never updated my kernel, and I am unsure at which point this all started happening. I can reformat and reinstall my system, but I have everything configured good now so I'd rather not13:20
lucidmadmanchipzzz: k13:20
Jonathan_holstein: I've been trying for weeks to fix this, but to no avail13:20
Jonathan_holstein: Is it hard to perform a kernel upgrade? I have never done it13:20
CharminTheMoose_Is there any app that does a 'network top'?13:21
holsteinJonathan_: im nost suggesting a reinstall... im suggesting trying a different kernel to see if that is the issue.. as a troubleshooting step.. you could even try that from a live CD>.. but, if you have *never* upgraded, thats a good first step...13:21
holsteinJonathan_: to upgrade the kernel on my server, i use aptitude... but im running server 10.04, the LTS13:22
lucidmadmanchipzzz: still the same, off a reading I will go!13:22
TinybirdThank you all! Yes, I know that. But I'm afraid about the upgrading process. My current ubuntu is very stable13:22
rourait is installed !13:22
rourathank you all13:22
Chipzzzlucidmadman: try typing "groups" and see if you are the 'virtualbox' group13:22
Jonathan_holstein: I'm running Ubuntu Server 11.10, but I have no clue on how to update the kernel, do you have any reference links I can go to?13:22
holsteinTinybird: then enjoy it "as-is".. you wont be able to upgrade from any repos13:22
munyahi there, anyone knows how to run badblocks in terminal13:23
lucidmadmanchipzzz: it seems not13:23
holsteinJonathan_: i just do that using aptitude... you can join #ubuntu-server... you can run sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade13:23
lucidmadmanchipzzz: how do I fix that?13:23
Jonathan_Well, I run apt-get update and apt-get upgrade at regular basis, but I did not know that the kernel was upgraded as well13:24
holsteinJonathan_: i find those commands dont always upgrade the kernel though.. so i use aptitude13:24
Jonathan_holstein: I think my issues came with a recent upgrade13:24
Jonathan_holstein: But I am not sure13:24
Jonathan_holstein: How can I check for versions in the file /etc/default/grub?13:24
holsteinJonathan_: cool... thats what i was proposing.. an upgrade that had broken something13:25
oCeanJonathan_: run  dpkg -l | grep linux-image will show you the kernel packages installed13:25
oCeanJonathan_: then,  apt-cache policy linux-image-server to see if a newer version is available13:26
Jonathan_oCean, holstein:13:26
Jonathan_ii  linux-image-3.0.0-12-generic-pae      3.0.0-12.20                             Linux kernel image for version 3.0.0 on x8613:26
Jonathan_ii  linux-image-3.0.0-14-generic-pae      3.0.0-14.23                             Linux kernel image for version 3.0.0 on x8613:26
Jonathan_ii  linux-image-generic-pae                                  Generic Linux kernel image13:26
oCeanJonathan_: please don't paste here13:26
holsteinJonathan_: you should use http://paste.ubuntu.com/ , and i wont know from looking... this is going to be specific to your hardware13:26
Chipzzzlucidmadman: i haven't installed vbox for a long time, so i'm not sure that's the problem... better read up on it so i don't give you bad advice :-)13:27
oCeanJonathan_: oh you have generic version, not -server. Run  apt-cache policy linux-image-generic-pae  to see if newer versions are available13:27
Jonathan_oCean: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837785/13:27
=== BHawkHackerist is now known as BlackHawker
holsteinJonathan_: assuming it has anything to do with the kernel, which it could... you can boot one of the earlier images as i suggested to test13:27
oCeanJonathan_: try that for linux-image-generic-pae13:27
Jonathan_oCean: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837786/13:27
oCeanJonathan_: so there's a slightly newer version (  run  sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:28
Jonathan_oCean: Doing so now :)13:28
addyhello all i hv a vlc install problem13:29
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:29
oCeanJonathan_: fyi dist-upgrade is not a "distribution" upgrade, just handles important packages with dependencies etc13:29
addycan any body tell me how to install vlc/wine offline13:29
addyhey damo22 r u there13:29
oCean!offline | addy13:30
ubottuaddy: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. Alternatively, try http://ubottu.com/ljl/apt/ - See also !APTonCD13:30
Jonathan_oCean: Ah, then I understand! I actually thought it was only for distribution upgrades so that's good to know :)13:30
Jonathan_oCean: It's upgraded, do you think I should restart the server?13:30
addyocean:i donwnload it and transfer to my laptop13:30
oCeanJonathan_: yes, because currently you're running the previous version13:30
lucidmadmanchipzzz: found a good thread in the vbox forum, think i'm on it13:30
Jonathan_oCean: Alright, it's rebooted, I love SSD's :D13:31
addycould any body help me over vlc13:31
Guest14653how can i recover a broken install [ubuntu 11.04 became 11.10 with unity, i removed unity, reboot, now i cannot log in]13:31
Chipzzzgood luck... i like vbox a lot & plan to install it on my current machines soon too :-)13:31
bazhangaddy, you were just given the offline link13:32
holsteinaddy: you can just click on them... double click on the .deb's13:32
oCeanJohnlong: it is possible to remove the older kernel, but I would not, until you have several older kernels13:32
oCeanerr Johnlong sorry13:32
oCeanJonathan_: ^13:32
holsteinaddy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware13:32
lucidmadmanchipzzz: thanks for you help amigo13:32
addybazhang:i don't know what to do actually i dont hv net in my laptop so i download to xp and transfer to ubuntu13:33
duelleGuest14653: You could switch to a terminal and install another window manager (switch via Strg + Alt + F1)13:33
Chipzzzlucidmadman: glad to help & sorry i couldn't get you all the way through it13:33
bazhangaddy, you do not need wine for vlc13:33
holsteinaddy: cool... did you see my message? and link?13:33
cypher-neoGuest14653, You need to boot into the Failsafe terminal and reinstall Unity13:34
=== Mud is now known as Guest93478
elementzhi all.13:35
Luigiwhen installing ubuntu with wubi and i choose my external hard drive (wich has already some files and folders on it) the hard drive won't get overwritten,will it?13:37
elementzis there any way to use resolution independent icon files in the 'Icon' entry within an applications .desktop file? I tried to use .iso and .svg, but none of them worked so far.13:37
elementzwhat filetype can i use?13:37
Jonathan_oCean: I have upgraded the kernel now and the server is running13:38
holsteinLuigi: it shouldnt... though i wouldnt do it that way, or suggest using wubi.. or installing an OS without backing up whats already there13:38
Jonathan_oCean: The freezes occur at random times, so time will probably tell if it's worked or not13:38
Jonathan_oCean: Hopefully it has :)13:38
holsteinJonathan_: you need to reboot into the newer kernel... i would run uname -a and make sure13:38
oCeanJonathan_: agreed13:38
Jonathan_holsteain, oCean: http://paste.ubuntu.com/837799/13:39
Luigiwhat's the difference when choosing an other installation size when installing with wubi?13:39
MonkeyDustwubi :(13:39
syscAnyone running ubuntu + samba in a large scale environment ? Looking at moving away from Apples OS X for home directory / file server and wondering if ubuntu + samba can handle 90-100 simultaneous connections lots of small files over the network.13:39
oCeanJonathan_: yep, that's the new version13:39
Jonathan_oCean: Great, thank you :)13:40
holsteinLuigi: you get a bigger "fake" hard drive13:40
Jonathan_oCean: I don't know if you can answer this one, but I might as well try13:40
Jonathan_oCean: I have XBMC standalone installed, and Xorg is talking a great amount of CPU13:40
Jonathan_oCean: It's mostly between 20-40% when it's idling13:41
Luigiso with 981 gb free space the 30gb installation size would be the best,because then i have the most available free space for ubuntu then?13:41
Jonathan_oCean: My server is running in tty, and I have no window manager except for xbmc13:41
TalatyHello ! Little problem : when i do with normal user "gconf-editor /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_advanced_permissions true", and "nautilus" after, i can have the advanced permissions.13:41
TalatyI want this with "root" "nautilus". I do "sudo -i" and "gconftool-2 --type bool --set /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_advanced_permissions true". "sudo -i" and gconf-editor to check,all is good I can see the option. But when i go a "gksudo nautilus", i dont have the advanced persmissions.Any idea ?13:41
=== Wicet|2 is now known as Wicet
oCeanJonathan_: I have no clue for that. Best to just ask the channel. Try to keep the description in single line (easier to follow)13:42
holsteinLuigi: the best would be *not* using wubi... if you are asking if 30gb's is enough.. that depends, but it should be a good start13:42
Jonathan_oCean: Alright, thanks for the help!13:42
Jonathan_holstein: Thank you13:42
rymate1234wubi suxx13:43
Jonathan_I have an issue with XBMC standalone and Xorg taking a lot of CPU, have anyone else experienced this?13:43
mgaunard_sysc: why not use NFS13:43
Jonathan_I also have a question regarding my 3x2TB disks in the RAID5 array.. They're making synchronized buzzing sounds, and I can't figure out why13:44
syscmgaunard_: Not sure how NFS handles extended attributes and or resource forks.13:45
syscMost of our client machines are macs13:45
mgaunard_NFS scales better than SMB/CIFS13:46
mgaunard_but if you need to use SMB/CIFS, then use just that I guess13:46
BlackHawkerHi Friends! :)13:46
arunkumar413hi, i want some website to access webcam and mic. but the dialog in chromium is not responding. help  me13:47
Chipzzz<-- waves at BlackHawker13:47
BlackHawkeraccsess webcams and mic?13:47
BlackHawkerlike in ?13:47
arunkumar413for video chat13:48
HarmoniumHello. I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 on Gnome 3 fallback mode, and since the update, the "move window" key changed back from meta/super/win to alt. How can I modify it? I don't see the "Window" options anymore.13:48
BlackHawkeryesterday I red about skype on linux13:48
mgaunard_BlackHawker: it works fine13:48
mgaunard_Harmonium: hasn't it always been alt?13:49
Chipzzzarunkumar413: that sounds like a flash function... is it?13:49
BlackHawkerim currently using backtrack. havent cheked out the skype function yet13:49
arunkumar413Chipzzz: yeah13:49
Halexander9000Is there a safe way to make the Unity 3D bar not appear while I play minecraft full screen?13:49
UidXcan you guys access github right now?13:49
mgaunard_Halexander9000: disable unity13:49
Chipzzzarunkumar413: does it work in firefox?13:50
HarmoniumYes, but before there was System>Preferences>Windows (or something to that effect) and you could change it to Ctrl or Meta. I don't see that option anymore (mainly because System disappeared).13:50
arunkumar413Chipzzz: didn't check. i'll check13:50
Halexander9000mgaunard_: Is that safe? And if so, how am I going to do it?13:50
mgaunard_Harmonium: it's probably in keyboard shortcuts13:50
Chipzzzarunkumar413: k13:50
Harmoniummgaunard_: how do I access it?13:51
TalatyHarmonium, Maybe with gconf-editor13:51
mgaunard_Halexander9000: I personally don't use unity, but I assume you can just disable the unity plugin in ccsm13:51
mgaunard_Halexander9000: compizconfigsettings-manager13:51
mgaunard_Harmonium: keyboard shortcuts is in the new system settings thing13:51
mgaunard_it's Keyboard > shortcuts sorry13:52
Halexander9000mgaunard_: Erm, that might be a problem, considering that the only way I see that I can configure anything is through the use of the Settings menu on the Unity bar. There's nothing there that says what you just told me to look for.13:52
mgaunard_Harmonium: I'm afraid I don't see what you need though :(13:53
HarmoniumI'm checking it now. I don't see it either.13:53
TalatyHarmonium, "gnome-tweak-tool" or "gconf-editor"13:53
TalatyHarmonium, gnome-tweak-tool" i i can remember, let me check13:54
mgaunard_Halexander9000: launch ccsm, it's a separate program to configure compiz13:54
HarmoniumTalaty: gnome-tweak-tool doesn't seem to have an option to change it.13:54
HarmoniumI'll check gconf13:54
Halexander9000mgaunard_: On it.13:54
fhtagnhello, world!13:55
Harmoniumgconf is rather big. I'll be there a while. brb13:55
fhtagnI would like to have 2 persistent distros in an usb drive, with grub(for example) in said usb drive13:55
fhtagncan it be done? can I treat the usb drive as if it was just a regular hdd?13:55
TalatyHarmonium, my bad, yes, it's not here, surely gconf-editor13:55
mgaunard_Halexander9000: disabling the unity bar is definitely not the right way to do it, but at least it's a workaround13:55
Chipzzzfhtagn: i don't see why now13:55
Halexander9000mgaunard_: ... is there an interface pack for netbooks then?13:55
Halexander9000mgaunard_: That's light on the processor?13:55
Halexander9000mgaunard_: You have to understand I'm using a 2008 ASUS EEE PC 904 HD, which is not the brightest netbook from the batch.13:56
BuboI have a problem with my ubuntu 11.10. Whenever i start installing something from the software center my pc freezes for 2-3 sec every 10sec while Applying changes (after download) or when i download files/torrents13:57
Chipzzzfhtagn: the downside of what you suggest is that usb drives are very slow compared to hard disks, so your ubuntus will be very sluggish13:57
mgaunard_oh so you're really considering using another desktop manager than unity?13:57
mgaunard_there are tons to choose from13:57
fhtagnChipzzz: i understand that13:57
kizHi all, I'm having a lot of trouble with the 64 bit server installs - lots of segfaulting / corruption and failing at random steps. I've tried 11.10 and 11.04 with no luck. The 32 bit installers work OK. Can anyone suggest what could be wrong or a way I can install 64bit?13:57
Halexander9000mgaunard_: Really? Hm... I'll google it then.13:57
Chipzzzfhtagn: i seen no reason for it not to work, then :-)13:57
fhtagnChipzzz: ty, will report later13:58
mgaunard_Halexander9000: you can use a classic GNOME, GNOME 3, XFCE, LXDE, ....13:58
Gentoo64kiz, id run memtest first if you havent already13:58
Chipzzzfhtagn: i was reading up on the subject earlier, btw, and there is a problem making bootable drives on sandisk products... be advised :-)13:58
kizyeah that was my first thought, ran that, passed13:59
Halexander9000mgaunard_: Which is the best in terms of system requirements?13:59
Gentoo64kiz, not overclocked i take it13:59
Gentoo64Halexander9000, lxde is slightly lighter then xfce13:59
Buboanyone can help with my problem ?13:59
kizGentoo64: correct. Only thing is that I've used the mobo's core unlock facility to turn my 1 core sempron in to a 2 core. I figured this could not be it as the x86 installer worked perfectly13:59
=== sins-_b is now known as sins-
Gentoo64kiz, pretty hard for me to say tbh14:00
Halexander9000If there's one thing I learned Bubo, state your problem, then ask for help.14:00
kizGentoo64: ok thanks for the reply anyway14:00
Halexander9000Then state it again. It might get lost in the crowd of text.14:01
ChipzzzBubo: it's an interesting problem and sounds like you have slow disk access for some reason... i have no information beyond that, though, sorry14:01
BuboI have a problem with my ubuntu 11.10. Whenever i start installing something from the software center my pc freezes for 2-3 sec every 10sec while Applying changes (after download) or when i download files/torrents14:01
=== jason is now known as Guest70576
bazhangBubo, try throttling the torrent speeds step one14:01
Buboit does that14:01
Buboeven when i copy files14:01
Buboits really annoying, i cant download nothing, i cant update nothing..14:02
Gentoo64Bubo, ssd?14:02
Buboi have a dual boot with win7, on my win7 tehre is no problem at all14:02
Bubowhenever it freezes my 4 CPUs get 100% usage..14:02
neongenwow this thing is autoconfigured to go here :P14:02
Gentoo64Bubo, leave top running then, or system monitor14:02
Gentoo64Bubo, and also leave tail -f /var/log/messages on14:03
ChipzzzBubo: do you have a raid array?14:03
Bubosystem monitor is just saying random spikes on my CPUs to 100%14:03
Halexander9000Gentoo64: I went by LXDE's site and it's a whole 750 MB download. Are you sure that's the one?14:03
Bubono idea what raid array is...14:03
Gentoo64Halexander9000, theres a minimal install too, but yes thats it (its cd size)14:03
ChipzzzBubo: then you probably don't have one... check your running processes in system monitor and sort them by cpu%... see what maxes out the cpu & you'll have your solution14:04
Halexander9000Gentoo64: Are you sure it's not going to mess up my settings? Like wireless password, or my minecraft game?14:04
Gentoo64Halexander9000, what do you mean?14:04
Bubook let me try downloading a torrent and see what maxes it out14:04
Gentoo64youll be installing from scratch14:04
Gentoo64with a cd14:04
Halexander9000Gentoo64: I don't want to change my operating system, I just want to change the interface.14:05
Gentoo64Halexander9000, ah ok14:05
Gentoo64Halexander9000, you dont need to download the cd then14:05
Halexander9000Gentoo64: Is that possible?14:05
bazhangHalexander9000, and you have ubuntu on there now?14:05
ubottulubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.14:05
Halexander9000bazhang: Yes, I have Ubuntu 11 something-something.14:05
Gentoo64idk what the package is14:05
bazhangHalexander9000, lubuntu-desktop package14:06
=== mike is now known as Guest9190
bazhangHalexander9000, then choose from login window14:06
Halexander9000bazhang: Are you positive it's not going to erase my drive?14:06
Buboalso, my speed (network in system monitor) goes from 120 to 5, then 500 then 5..14:06
Gentoo64Halexander9000, ok install lubuntu-desktop then you should be able to choose lxde at login screen forma  dropdown box14:06
Gentoo64Halexander9000, it wont erase anything at all14:06
Halexander9000Alright then. Here I go.14:06
bazhangHalexander9000, of course I'm positive14:06
ChipzzzBubo: it still sounds like there's something wrong with your disk access to me14:07
Bubothats why i am getting a new hdd..14:07
Buboi thought that too.. but why would i?14:07
Bubono problem on my win714:07
=== Guest9190 is now known as airurando
ChipzzzBubo: what file system are you using, btw, (ext4, ext3, etc)?14:08
chris__Hi.. is there /lib32/libgpgme11.so package ? (or /usr/lib32..)14:08
BuboHmm i dont know.. the one that comes with wubi14:08
Halexander9000Also, I'm tired of bumping into the what's-it-called... dash home whenever I want to hit back in firefox.14:09
gulzarClementine is Qt, Tomahawk is Qt, Exaile looks too old, Audacity lacks feature to delte file from HD, Songbird is gone.. soo any GTK app which is as good as these?14:09
=== companion is now known as Companion
gulzarHalexander9000: use backspace14:09
Bubosystem monitor doesnt show anything that goes high on cpu usage but on resources tab i see CPU2 spikes to 100% randomly while downloading..14:10
ChipzzzBubo: i've never used wubi, so I don't know how it formats the drives... which reminds me... how big is your swap drive, any idea?14:10
Buboswap: 256MB in resources tab in system monitor14:10
Buboyou were asking about that one ?14:10
ChipzzzBubo: that sounds like your problem14:11
Bubois it too little?14:12
ChipzzzBubo: your swap drive should be at least as big as your RAM and preferably twice its size14:12
Buboso how can i change it?14:12
Buboi have 4GB of ram14:12
ChipzzzBubo: how big is your hard disk?14:12
lucidmadmancan anyone tell me how to creat the file /etc/default/virtualbox as mentioned here: http://code.google.com/p/phpvirtualbox/wiki/vboxwebServiceConfigLinux14:12
bazhanglucidmadman, try #vbox14:13
bazhangBubo, you have a wubi install, correct?14:13
BuboYes a wubi install14:13
Bubo500GB is my hdd14:13
Bubobut wubi partition is 33 if i remebmer14:13
Buboor 3414:13
bazhangBubo, and how much space did you give for it14:13
Halexander9000Lubuntu doesn't show up in the Software Center...14:13
Bubothe maximum i could through wubi14:14
bazhangHalexander9000, what version of ubuntu are you on? try apt-cache search lubuntu from the terminal14:14
Chipzzzlucidmadman: "sudo nano /etc/default/virtualbox" and then enter the info shown on the page your linked14:14
Halexander9000bazhang: What's the terminal command to check my version?14:15
BuboAny idea how to fix it bazhang Chipzzz ?14:15
bazhanglsb_release -a Halexander900014:15
BuboAll my 4 CPUs go above 40% when i play a hd youtube video.. sometimes it freezes sometimes doesnt..14:16
ChipzzzBubo: I think you're going to have to reinstall & allocate a bigger swap disk during the install14:16
bazhangChipzzz, he's on a wubi install14:16
Bubohow can I keep all my settings and stuff?14:16
Halexander9000Ubuntu 11.1014:16
Dr_willisive seen guides on converting a wubi install to a normal install.14:16
BuboShould I do a clean install ? without wubi ?14:16
bazhangHalexander9000, and apt-cache search lubuntu from a terminal reveals what?14:17
Halexander9000bazhang: I found this "lubuntu-desktop - Lubuntu Desktop environment"14:17
bazhangHalexander9000, yes that is it14:17
ChipzzzBubo: i've never used wubi so i don't know how to advise you about that14:17
Halexander9000apt-get install lubuntu0desktop?14:17
Halexander9000apt-get install lubuntu-desktop?14:17
bazhangHalexander9000, dash not 014:18
Halexander9000[:D] On it.14:18
BuboHow about if i do a new clean install? how do i put a bigger swap memoy?14:18
bazhangBubo, wubi again? or a full dual boot14:18
dsnydersWhere does ubuntu keep its network config files?14:18
Dr_willisBubo:  make a bigger swap partition14:19
bazhangBubo, you can resize your current wubi, or go for a side by side dual boot14:19
Dr_willisBubo:  you can always make a swap file.14:19
Halexander9000Wow 329 MB download...14:19
Halexander9000This is going to take a couple of minutes...14:19
diverdude1if i do sudo apt-get install apache, will it install apache2 or 1.3?14:20
Chipzzzdiverdude1: apache214:20
duellediverdude1: sudo apt-cache show apache will show you the version if you are not sure14:20
sdafor some reason my wireless card (N) can see only N connections... anybody know why?!?14:20
Halexander9000Why is it downloading stuff like Abiword?14:20
BUbo_bazhang: sorry my system crashed. I put a download on a video, it was going with 1.7MB/s speed and it crashed.. :|14:20
BUbo_first freezes for 1-2min and after it it crashed14:21
BUbo_I want to do a full dual boot if you can help me do it14:21
Ho^OhHalexander9000: Abiword is a default app in the LXDE version of Ubuntu.14:21
Halexander9000I'ma install OpenOffice anyhow.14:21
Ho^OhHalexander9000: So it's going to give you quite a few of these LXDE lightapp alternatives.14:21
crizzyanyone here familiar with configuring open ati drivers?14:21
bazhangHalexander9000, libreoffice nowadays14:22
crizzyor, X in general.. to set custom monitor hz14:22
ChipzzzBUbo_: you'll probably have to resize your win7 installation14:22
ubottuThe X Window system is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart X, type 'sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm' on an ubuntu system. replace with kdm on Kubuntu. To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . Also see !xorgconf14:22
Ho^OhHalexander9000: It's pretty much the same thing though.14:22
BUbo_I dont mind14:22
eigarHow do I disable sound effects in Ubuntu 11 ? I have purged pulseaudio. Muting in "System Settings" > "Sound" -> "Sound Effects" has no effect.14:22
BUbo_ill make 250GB ubuntu and 250GB win714:22
BUbo_i dont use windows, rarely for games :D14:22
Ho^OhLately, Oracle is getting hated on for licences and what not.14:22
BUbo_ubuntu is way faster for me..14:22
Ho^OhYou see what happened to Java.14:22
Halexander9000Ho^Oh: Potaito, Potato.14:22
Dr_willisBUbo_:   depending on your Hard drive layout. you may want to set up several parttions14:23
ChipzzzBUbo_: i like it much better too... don't even waste the disk space for a dual-boot ;-)14:23
BUbo_Dr_willis: several partitions? what for ?14:23
Ho^OhBUbo_: Duelbooting?14:24
Dr_willisBUbo_:  / for /home and swap = are commonly used.14:24
crizzythanks. watching 60hz vomit on 120hz lcd was horrible14:24
ChipzzzBUbo_: plus the win7 partition14:24
BUbo_for /home ill put ~200GB and for swap how much ?14:24
Dr_willisswap depends on your needs. and if you want to use hibernate/suspend.14:24
BUbo_isnt the swap partition default with the ubuntu installation? or you have to set it up yourself ?14:24
dsnydersHi all!  I somehow managed to delete my eth0.  It is not in the list in System>Preferences>Network, and when I try to add it there, it says that the device is not managed.  Where are the config files?14:24
ChipzzzBUbo_: 8 gig or better14:24
Dr_willisit makes one by default. You can tweak its size.14:25
Halexander9000HOLLY FRAGGIN' HECK... what just happened? I pressed alt-tab out of habit and the whole screen went blank.14:25
Ho^OhBUbo_: It's default. You can set it up without it too.14:25
BUbo_so ill make it 8 GB14:25
BUbo_it should be fine i guess14:25
=== BlackHawker is now known as WhiteEye
Ho^OhBUbo_: 8GBs for swap?       Or for Ubuntu itself?14:25
ChipzzzBUbo_: swap14:26
Ho^OhThat depends on how much ram you have.14:26
BUbo_so, first backup everything to external hdd, format whoel drive, isntall ubuntu 11.10, install win7, install drivers, apps, updates, etc.. long long day :|14:26
Ho^OhOkay, 8GBs is fine.14:26
BUbo_Is there a way to backup setting or files for ubuntu ?14:26
ChipzzzBUbo_: you have to install win7 before ubuntu or win7 will mess up grub14:26
Dr_willisBUbo_:  your users home dir - has all your user settings.14:26
Halexander9000Alright guys, it Configuring LXDM It's asking me to choose the Default  Display Manager: lightdm or lxdm?14:26
Ho^OhCopy hidden files in: /home/bubo/14:27
BUbo_Yes i know that Chipzzz, i made that mistake once..14:27
Ho^OhHidden files and directories.14:27
ikoniamode +q bullgard*!*@*14:27
ChipzzzBUbo_: :-)14:27
BUbo_So I can copy and paste the /home dir ? that will overwrite all the setting with these that i am using atm, and will it install apps? or i have to install them again from start ?14:27
Halexander9000bazhang: Which one do I choose?14:27
ChipzzzBUbo_: yes, but make sure you copy all the hidden files and directories14:28
Dr_willisBUbo_:  installed apps are NOT normally in your home.14:28
Dr_willisunless you installed them there.14:28
ChipzzzBUbo_: but you have to install the apps again14:28
BUbo_so ill install first the apps then paste the settings?14:28
s0u][ight_hello, is there a tool to set a maximum download amount on a given network interface?14:28
ChipzzzBUbo_: yes14:28
Dr_willisorder shouldent matter much.14:29
Ho^OhBUbo_: Actually, this is possible:                Copying the entire /home/yourname                                    And on fresh Ubuntu install, only put back what you need. (Or just drop the entire folder back in there).14:29
Dr_willisYou could copy all your settings from home to your ubuntu one account for cloud backup. :)14:29
Halexander9000In Configuring LXDM It's asking me to choose the Default  Display Manager: lightdm or lxdm?14:29
ChipzzzBUbo_: Dr_willis is correct that the order won't matter in that regard14:29
BUbo_Ok then14:29
rakshasaCan anyone help me i'm migrating to a new system and have to backup my programs and configuration and user specific data. How do I go about. I heard that I just need to backup my /user /home en /etc , am i forgetting something here?14:29
BUbo_ubunutu one account ? how much space do i get there ?14:29
Ho^OhIf you ever mess up,            Backup your current  /home/yourname,                  Then delete EVERYTHING in /home/yourname.                     And then logout, login to get a fresh new desktop.14:30
=== jefferson is now known as Jeff1594
ChipzzzBUbo_: 5 gig14:30
Ho^OhBUbo_: NEVER forget the invisible files.14:30
BUbo_oh thats nice,14:30
BUbo_Yes i know Ho^Oh14:30
BUbo_should i get 64bit or 32bit? It says recommended on the 32bit..14:30
Halexander9000I went with LXDM.14:30
Ho^OhBUbo_: Is your hardware a 64bit?14:31
Ho^OhThen get 64bit.14:31
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».14:31
BUbo_it supports 64bit, my win7 is 6414:31
Ho^OhThat 32bit recommendation is for those Ubuntu/linux n00bs coming from windows, that's all.14:31
BUbo_Ok, downloading ubunbu 11.1014:31
BUbo_any other stuff that I need to know ?14:31
AethelrickThe 32bit recommendation is for broader hardware support14:32
OerHeksHo^Oh, not true, and next 12.04 will be 64 bit recommended.14:32
Ho^OhAethelrick: That too.14:32
BUbo_so there is a chance some of my hardware wont be supported by the 64bit ?14:32
ChipzzzBUbo_: run a live cd before you commit to an install and you'll find out14:33
AethelrickIf your system is fully supported in 64bit mode and you have 4gb ram or more then it's worth going 64.14:33
AethelrickOtherwise no point really14:33
Dr_willisI alwyas go 64bit if my CPU supports 64bit.14:34
BUbo_and now it would take me 1 hour to download 700MB even though i have 2.3MB/s speed14:34
dsnydersHi all!  Why is my network card not managed?14:34
BUbo_stupid freezing14:34
ChipzzzDr_willis: ever have any hardware incompatabilities?14:34
Ho^Oha111: Or you watch who you're speaking to like that in private. I didn't utter a text towards you IIRC.14:35
Dr_willisChipzzz:  none that i can recall.14:35
ChipzzzDr_willis: :-)14:35
=== Mud is now known as Guest84826
Dr_willisive had more 64/32bit  issues with windows14:35
ChipzzzDr_willis: lol14:35
OerHeksChipzzz, let Optimus be, it still isn't supported right.14:36
ChipzzzOerHeks: ?14:36
eQuiNoX__hey everyone, the PATH env var usually uses ":" as the seperator. what happens what there's a ";" instead? is the path before it ignored or something?14:37
OerHeksChipzzz, you asked incompatible hardware, optimus ( intel & nvidia GPU)14:37
Ho^OhOerHeks: Weird, a lot of people then won't be able to use Ubuntu.14:37
ChipzzzOerHeks: Ah... ty :-)14:37
Ho^OhBut 64bit is a good way to hopefully get people to buy new hardware/something BETTER to handle gnome3 properly.14:38
UidXoooh marshmellows14:38
BUbo_gnome3 is awesome.. way better than unity14:38
eQuiNoX__PATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH, im assuming the behavior is somewhat similar14:38
tsimpsoneQuiNoX__: it'd probably be treated just like any other character, so as part of the (previous) path14:38
=== yorick_ is now known as yorick
Dr_williseven my oldest machine is 64bit these days. I think  the wife has an old netbook thats still 32bit. my New one is 64bit.14:39
overcluckermy netbook doesn't feel old yet . . .14:40
eQuiNoX__tsimpson: hmm well i tried that out but ... when i use the ";" the script/executable before the semicolon does not get executed14:41
eQuiNoX__tsimpson: i mean, the script/exe in the dir before the semicolon does not get executed14:41
BUbo_error while burning the iso image o.O14:41
ChipzzzeQuiNoX__: you should probably replace the ; with a :14:41
ubottuCD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto14:41
BUbo_i used brasero14:41
tsimpsoneQuiNoX__: the semicolon is not a separator, it sees "/foo;/bar" as one path to "/foo;/bar", that's probably not what you want14:42
eQuiNoX__Chipzzz yeah i should but i just saw a shell script that uses ";" so im kinda confused14:42
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:42
eQuiNoX__tsimpson: aah i see, in the script that i saw, that would make sense, yes14:42
eQuiNoX__thank you tsimpson14:42
tsimpsoneQuiNoX__: ';' (in shell scripts) is used to separate commands on a single line. eg: "command1 some args; command 2 other args"14:42
eQuiNoX__tsimpson: the usage is as14:43
eQuiNoX__tsimpson: LANG=C LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/lib/debug;$LD_LIBRARY_PATH" \14:43
yezariaelythe backlight of display on my laptop is dimmed a little bit after some seconds of idleness. Can I switch of this 'feature'?14:43
yezariaelythis is not the powersaving stuff14:43
tsimpsoneQuiNoX__: looks like a typo then, it should be a ':'14:43
ChipzzzBUbo_: i've burned lots of things with wodim on machines when brasero and other burners wouldn't find the burner14:44
dsnydersHi all!  Can someone point me to a guide for getting my ethernet card managed?14:44
BUbo_wodim ?14:44
eQuiNoX__tsimpson: oh no, they are trying to append both to get the full path14:44
Halexander9000So guys, where do I select the LXDE Desktop Manager again?14:44
bazhangdsnyders, what chipset14:44
Nach0zbrasero thinks that my 5-gig DVD-R's are 1.5 gigs :|14:44
eQuiNoX__check this out tsimpson http://launchpadlibrarian.net/58476415/vdr_1.6.0-19ubuntu1_1.6.0-19.1.diff.gz14:44
bazhangHalexander9000, choose user, then bottom of login window14:44
tsimpsoneQuiNoX__: yes, but ';' is not a valid separator, it should be ':' to separate the paths in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH14:44
ChipzzzBUbo_: i think it gets installed by default... it's a command line utility for burning (has an alias of cdburn, if memory serves)14:45
Dr_willisive never even seen dvd-r's that are 5gb in size.14:45
dsnydersbazhang, I don't know.  How would I find out?14:45
eQuiNoX__tsimpson: i see, now yes... thanks for your time! :)14:45
tsimpsoneQuiNoX__: no problem14:45
Halexander9000bazhang: Come again?14:46
overcluckerdsnyders: check your /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf14:46
bazhangdsnyders, lspci in terminal, paste.ubuntu.com with output or a single line here14:46
Halexander9000bazhang: Where is that exactly?14:46
overcluckerdsnyders: make sure managed=true14:46
bazhangHalexander9000, login, choose your user, then bottom panel select14:46
BUbo_ill try brasero again on another DVD14:46
ChipzzzBUbo_: are you using r/w media?14:47
Robert_37528759is someone from Holland/Netherlands in here?14:47
bazhang!nl | Robert_3752875914:47
ubottuRobert_37528759: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl14:47
BUbo_8x speed14:47
Robert_37528759thanks bazhang14:47
dsnydersbazhang, Broadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5752 Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express14:47
ChipzzzBUbo_: i recommend picking up a few +r/w's at your leisure for situations like this ;-)14:48
BUbo_i dont mind14:48
BUbo_I have 1 but no idea how to erase it on ubunutu14:48
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BUbo_DVD-RW 4x4.7GB14:48
BUbo_Whats the 4x4.7 ?14:48
Chipzzzwodim does that too14:48
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dsnydersoverclucker, I don't have a /etc/NetworkManager/Networkmanager.conf file.  I do have an nm-systems-settings.conf file.  Same thing?14:49
Dr_willisi just use usb flash drives these days for installing. Much faster.14:49
ChipzzzBUbo_: tx speed, 4.7gb of data14:49
BUbo_Oh, then how do I install wodim? from software center?14:49
ChipzzzBUbo_: "sudo apt-get install wodim"14:50
Dr_williswodim is a command line cd burning tool withother features. Most of the burning gui apps use it as a background.14:50
Dr_willisor some do. theres dozens of burning tools14:50
FR332B3M3hello friends14:50
BUbo_wodim is already the newest version14:51
FR332B3M3please help, my keyboard won't work on ubuntu14:51
Halexander9000I logged out for nothing.14:51
BUbo_how do i use it to burn the ubuntu image ?14:51
ChipzzzBUbo_: thought so... it comes installed14:51
Halexander9000There was no drop down menu to choose lxde from.14:51
Ho^OhBUbo_: Software name?14:51
ChipzzzBUbo_: yup14:51
Nach0zanyone know why Ubuntu moved towards the concept of not differentiating between different init levels?14:51
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BUbo_the iso that i've downloaded is located in Downloads14:52
ChipzzzBUbo_: "man wodim" for instructions14:52
BUbo_how do i use wodim to burn it ?14:52
overcluckerdsnyders: is should be the right one for your ubuntu version14:52
Dr_willisNach0z:  its moved away from the sysv system, so runlevels are not really needed any more. check the upstart docs.14:52
ubottuIn Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.14:52
Halexander9000People, I installed Lubuntu-desktop. Now, where do I need to go to activate my lxde desktop manager?14:53
yezariaelythe backlight of display on my laptop is dimmed a little bit after some seconds of idleness. Anyone knows how I can switch of this 'feature'?14:53
FR332B3M3please help, my keyboard won't work on ubuntu14:53
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Dr_willisHalexander9000:  on the Login screen - there should be a lxde/lubuntu entry in the menus. You may need to restart the *dm server, or reb oot for it to show up14:54
rakshasaCan anyone help me? I'm migrating to a new system, so I want to backup my programs, and configuration along with my home folder, how do I go about ?14:54