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ScottLTheMuso, i'm available on irc now if you want to talk, i also sent you an email response16:15
holsteinknome: OK... i got powerback....(i had a power outage on my day off :/ ) anyways, im rebooting my upgraded 12.0419:14
holsteingoing to try and get some screenies going19:14
len-1204ScottL: Where have our backgrounds moved to?19:58
ScottLlen-1204, i think they are in /user/share/backdrops now20:05
len-1204Ok, found them.../usr/share/xfce4/backdrops20:10
len-1204The file in /etc/lightdm needs to reflect that.20:10
len-1204ScottL: it appears that a new install has no theme?20:11
len-1204Greybird looks nice enough. It is darker and matches things like ardour.20:13
ScottLlen-1204, the theme should be called something like "ubuntu studio greybird" or similar20:14
len-1204It also makes pavucontrol readable... I would assume in ubiquity too20:14
len-1204I don't see that on the list when I open appearance.20:14
knomeScottL, there's been quite many fixes to greybird lately, and more will come, so you might want to make sure they're applied to your theme as well20:14
knomeScottL, or are you inheriting or so20:15
len-1204ScottL: you may have to rename it to something without spaces.20:16
len-1204Can't find a folder in /usr/share/themes with that name either.20:57
TheMusoScottL: Hi, I am around now.23:07

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