SpamapSdcorbin_work: thats because those are *events* not states.. so you have to emit getUpdatesComplete *and* runlevel00:46
SpamapSdcorbin_work: if you want to check state, use pre-start...00:47
SpamapSdcorbin_work: [ "`runlevel`" = "N 3" ] || stop00:48
SpamapSwereHamster: yes start/stop , or the 'start on/stop on' clauses are the only things that will change a job from its default goal of stop to start.00:51
wereHamsterSpamapS: does it mean I can edit the .conf file and upstart will start or stop it? Or do I have to explcitly tell upstart that I want the state changed?08:29
SpamapSwereHamster: if you edit the conf file, and then an event you listed in the start on or stop on is emitted, then the job will be started08:29
SpamapSwereHamster: the file changing wouldn't cause a start or stop on its own.. because upstart is event based, not state/dependency based08:30
wereHamsterbummer :(08:32
SpamapSwereHamster: why bummer?08:38
SpamapSthe behavior is well defined.08:38
SpamapSfairly easy to automate things when you can reliably predict the behavior.08:39
SpamapSwereHamster: good luck.. heading to bed08:41
wereHamsterdoes upstart not source /etc/profile.d/*?09:58
JanCwereHamster: of course not, why would it do that?11:06
wereHamsterbecause that's where I set $PATH, so it's avaiable to all users and scripts in the system11:08
JanCwereHamster: /etc/profile & ~/.profile are only to be read by a login shell...11:08
JanCwereHamster: maybe you can use the 'env' & 'export' stanzas to get the result you want?11:44
wereHamsteryep, that's what I'm doing11:47
wereHamsterbut it's kindof duplication if I have to put the same path into two separate files11:47
wereHamsterthat's my only concern11:47
JanCyou can maybe source it from the same file?11:47
wereHamstertrue. Or use exec bash --login -c .. in the upstart file11:48
JanCwhy do you need a special path BTW?11:48
JanCI guess you could also set & export $PATH in an initramfs (if you use one)?12:01
wereHamsterbecause I'm installing software which is not in ubuntu, and am installing it into /opt12:48
JanCwell, you can always use the complete path when referencing a binary13:43
bdreweryIf I make a change to /etc/init/mysql.conf, will it get overwritten if I upgrade the mysql package?17:46
bdrewerygot my answer17:47

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