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Fudgedoes xubuntu use ubiquity05:46
hobgoblinFudge: I believe so06:22
axelothello guys, may ask for help?09:44
axeloti'd like to use my Wireless N 150 USB Adapter on my mum's laptop with xubuntu but i've no idea of what to do (noobie here)09:46
mysteriousdarrenaxelot: what brand? more people respond at #ubuntu at this time of night/day depending on where you are.09:51
axelotsorry, i forgot, i have a D_LINK usb n 150 dwa-12509:55
axeloti try to use ndswrapper with de .inf files on the bundle cd, but it doesn't work. instead, the computer crash by error09:56
mysteriousdarrendid you find a driver? linux windows?09:56
axelotnot yet, at least not the right one09:56
axelotstill try on ralink according by some forum10:02
mysteriousdarrendid you search on dlink's website? sorry I am helping about five people at the moment10:03
duelleHi, I would like to reinstall my system. Currently I have an encrypted partition. Do I have to back up anything to get it going after reinstall?11:04
mysteriousdarrenaxelot: did you try ubuntuforums?11:05
mysteriousdarrenduelle: are you gonna wipe the drive and start fresh?11:05
duellemysteriousdarren: I would like to wipe my /home - the encrypted partition won't be touched for now11:07
mysteriousdarrenI would back it up and wipe and then reinstall and reimage.11:08
mongyI have the Places panel plugin and the recent documents doesnt display recently opened files.11:10
duellemysteriousdarren: Currently I do not have that much space to back up the whole partition. I want to switch from ubuntu to xubuntu to try it on my system. Later when i have enough backup space i will reinstall my whole system including that encrypted one.11:10
mysteriousdarrenduelle: I would install the environment and go from there, the desktop environment will stay on if you want to change later.11:11
mysteriousdarrenmongy: what is your problem? I don't understand.11:12
duellemysteriousdarren: Sorry - I don't understand what you mean with "environment" and what "stays on" :(11:13
mysteriousdarrenduelle: desktop environment. what ubuntu are you using?11:14
duellecurrently ubuntu 11.10. But drivers are messed up a bit and causing some problems. So i would like to reinstall with xubuntu.11:15
mysteriousdarrentotally reinstall? or just change desktop environments?11:16
duellemysteriousdarren: Reinstall - because I can't get rid of those problems and nobody could tell me how to solve those problems yet. Seems to be some NVidia/Flash stuff..11:17
mysteriousdarrenduelle: If its like that I would reinstall and keep just the one partition in that case.11:19
duellemysteriousdarren: : Yeah, that' what I'd like to do. But I'm curious whether I just need the passphrase for the encrypted partition to remount afert reinstall or if there's something else I should back up to get it going afterwards11:20
mysteriousdarrenpassphrase is all11:20
duellemysteriousdarren: Ok, thanks a lot!11:24
mysteriousdarrenduelle: your welcome11:24
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mongyin thunar, how do I get it to let me do 'properties' when I select multiple folder?  it's greyed out13:51
hobgoblinmongy: from what I can tell you can't13:54
hobgoblinbut I'm sure there is a way with some customising, just don't know how :(13:54
hobgoblinI installed nautilus and use --no-desktop13:55
mongysuch a simple task and can't be done. ugh.. i r disappoint13:55
hobgoblinso was I13:55
hobgoblinmongy - found a work around if you want13:57
mongyhit me13:57
hobgoblinno idea if it would work in a root thnar though13:58
hobgoblinjust tried it out and it works13:58
hobgoblinslow though :(13:59
mongynot bad though14:00
hobgoblinbetter than having nautilus at least :)14:01
mongyjust need a nice icon,..14:02
hobgoblinwell if you work it out let me know :p14:02
hobgoblinmine just says thingy at the moment - was just trying it out lol14:03
mongygdu-info icon seems ok14:03
hobgoblinoh - didn't even see the icon box - been awake too long I think14:03
mongyfirst run its slow, after that its ok.  nice find14:03
hobgoblinthanks - not often I manage to help much in here - xubuntu's a bitnew to me :)14:05
mongyI didnt even bother googling.  I am my own worst customer.14:06
hobgoblinha ha ha14:07
mongythat one's going in my custom xubuntu14:09
mongycustom live iso i mean14:10
hobgoblinI assumed that was your meaning14:10
mongymeh,  what is it with mint's obsession with the colour green.14:19
hobgoblinenvy perhaps14:19
mongygnome-classic/mate/cinammon are pretty much made irrelevant with xfce :)14:19
hobgoblinyou'd not think so if you were forum staff ...14:20
Unit193hobgoblin: You being offtopic here? ;)14:20
hobgoblin:( on and on and on and on and on it goes14:20
hobgoblinUnit193: pffft14:20
SmokeyD_what vnc server (or other remote desktop prog) can I install to enable the currently running xfce session to be controlled remotely?16:08
holsteinSmokeyD_: i have used vino16:08
SmokeyD_Marzata, hmm, I am not currently at that machine, but I enabled the settings using gconftool-216:13
SmokeyD_I used "gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/enabled true"16:13
holsteinright.. i just run vino-preferences as Marzata suggests16:13
SmokeyD_and gconftool-2 -s -t bool /desktop/gnome/remote_access/prompt_enabled false16:13
SmokeyD_holstein, as I said, I am not at that machine and therefore can't run vino-preferences16:13
holsteinnot gconftool.. try that when you are near the machine... thats where i 'enable' it16:13
holsteinSmokeyD_: there are other vnc servers it you are trying to configure one via SSH.. is that the case?16:14
SmokeyD_holstein, yes16:14
SmokeyD_holstein, but it seems that tightvnc for instance don't let me take over the currently running xfce session, but rather start a new desktop session. Or am I mistaken?16:18
holsteinSmokeyD_: you can sudo restart if that is the case, but i wouldnt think so16:19
SmokeyD_holstein, tightvncserver indeed starts a new display, it doesn't control the already open display. If I tell it to run on display 0, it complains that that display is already taken due to /tmp/.X0-lock16:26
holsteinSmokeyD_: not sure what to tell you.. that has not beeen my findings... you can always forward X and start vino-preferences, or try one of the other vnc servers16:27
vjacobif I know that my kernel has CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_ACPI_IBM=m (from reading the .config)16:38
vjacobhow do I then find out what module to 'modprobe' based on this knowledge?16:38
vjacob(as a general rule)16:38
SmokeyD_Ah, I got it working. Using x11vnc -display :0 -noxdamage16:39
mongychrome remote desktop aint half bad. its an option.16:43
holsteinmongy: i hadnt heard of that yet...16:44
mongychrome extension.16:44
holsteincool... that sounds easy16:44
mongyotherwise I'd use freenx if I were needing such a tihng.16:48
mongyfaster than vnc, imo16:48
vjacobwhen trying to remove libcups2:i386 I get a dependency problem due to libgtk2.0.0:i386 depending on it16:48
vjacobshould libcups2:i386 not be removed? I just apt-get autoremoved a number of :i386 packages related to sound16:49
vjacobmy uname says i'm running x86_64, if it makes any difference16:50
mongywhat did you install that needs those packages16:51
vjacobno idea16:52
vjacoband now I'm starting to wonder if I have more packages such as this16:53
mongymine are amd64 versions.16:55
mongywas it something like zsnes or flashplugin ?16:55
mongyhell, removing libcups2 on mine tries removing half my system16:57
mongyand wants to install a shedload of kde stuff16:57
vjacobit could have been flashplugin16:58
mongyyou are better using the one from the partner repo if you use 64bit.  it doesnt use 32 libs16:58
vjacobi thought I was using the one from the repo16:58
vjacobi wasn't even aware I had flashplug installed prior to 10 minutes ago16:59
mongyprobably installed with the xubuntu-restriced package17:04
mongywhich you can install during installation17:04
vjacobthanks mongy17:16
mongyfor what17:21
vjacobassuming your comments were to my question, I appreciate the response17:29
mongywhat was the package in the end, what did you do to fix17:31
vjacobmongy: don't know yet17:43
vjacob"sudo apt-get build-dep --no-install-recommends linux-image-$(uname -r)" results in ...17:44
vjacob"Picking 'linux' as source package instead of 'linux-image-3.0.0-15-generic' E: Unable to find a source package for linux"17:44
vjacobwhat gives?17:44
vjacobis there a better (kernel compile) guide around than https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile ?17:44
baizonvjacob: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5683517:46
vjacobbaizon, i found that myself but that thread started in 200517:48
vjacoband i'm looking for a guide, not a forum to help with compile problems17:48
vjacobmongy: any idea why step B) does not work (my previous question) following that guide?17:49
vjacobperhaps i will just compile a kernel some other time and make do with this fan going on all the time.17:51
whitmanHi, how can I get the keychain to work within a terminal?  I'm always prompted for my key passphrase when using ssh. (xubuntu 11.10)18:27
mongyanyone good with openvpn?  In windows when I connect to my vpn it does not interrupt any existing connection, so my download carries on etc, but in ubuntu it kills what connections to pidgin, irc, downloads etc.  any way around it?18:30
mongyand just as I asked that, I gained the tumbleweed badge on askubuntu for it lol18:31
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GridCubeim trying to load cheese but im getting this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/838408/22:46
mongymissing a gtk package?22:47
GridCubei dunno, it worked before22:48
mongy--reinstall it ?22:48
GridCubei have not installed or uninstalled stuff in weeks22:48
GridCubemmm could try22:48
GridCubewelp, that did the trick22:50
w30GridCube, doesn't that blow your mind when a complicated problem has a simple solution and a simple problem takes days of hard work to fix?23:02
* w30 likes Linux because it can be fixed but hates not having the knowhow to do it.23:04
* w30 =dumb23:05
w30235581966336 bits copied out of 250 GB; not much to go. 24hours  + elapsed so far23:13
pedhi there! newbie here , is there a way to set the win key ?23:49
TheSheepped: set the win key?23:51
TheSheepped: don't send me private messages23:55

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