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Noldorinhi again jelmer_13:43
jelmer_hi Noldorin15:26
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Noldorinjelmer, i was thinking, since this bug fix might not happen for years, mind doing a quick write-up of what needs to be done? ;-)16:56
jelmerNoldorin: IIRC I already did that on the bug report?16:58
Noldorinjelmer, it was very brief, and quite unclear to me :-(16:58
Noldorinperhaps if you explain a bit more, i can rephrase16:58
Noldorini know it's not always easy when it's not one's native language16:58
jelmerNoldorin: Sorry, I don't think I can add much more detail than that without actually spending an hour or two on it myself17:01
Noldorinhmm ok17:01
Noldorinthe problem is17:01
Noldorinit's not enough for someone to solve it themself17:02
Noldorinunless they know bzr really well17:02
jelmerNoldorin: I don't think it's really "if they know bzr really well"; they do however have to be aware of the internal models of both bzr and git17:02
Noldorinthat's what i mean :-P17:02
jelmerNoldorin: I don't see how you could fix this bug without being aware of that though17:02
Noldorinyou're just getting into semantics now17:03
Noldorinno indeed17:03
jelmerthe alternative is for me to spend a day or so and describe in very fine detail what needs to be done17:03
jelmerbut at that point I might as well do the fix myself17:03
jelmerI don't think it's fair to say that it will take many more years for this bug to be fixed17:03
Noldorin"many more"17:04
Noldorinjust 1 eh? ;-)17:04
jelmerNoldorin: no idea, sorry17:08
jelmerNoldorin: this is a corner case bug in an experimental feature of something I work on in my spare time17:08
Noldorin*wanders off to Hg*17:08
jelmerI appreciate that you are hitting this, but I have only 24 hours in my day17:08
Noldorinthey seem to be more active :-)17:08
jelmerNoldorin: fair enough17:09
Noldorinthis take 2 hours to fix17:09
Noldorinbeen going on 6+ months now :-P17:09
Noldorini've had enoug hi think17:09
mathrick__hmm, bzr+ssh:// results in smart protocol being used, but with appropriate credentials, right?19:24
mathrick__and it requires a compatible bzr version to be installed on the remote side19:24
lifelessyes, though bzr is wide compatible with itself19:26
mathrick__lifeless: not when I use the development format on the branch, though. Or is it?19:27
lifelessif that dev format is supported by the bzr at the other end it should be19:27
lifelessit will narrow the options though19:27
mathrick__well yeah, but it's the current format, which means 2.5b19:27
mathrick__hmm, what's the bzr send syntax for "send a packaged patch of the current branch for revisions 19 and later"?19:28
mathrick__lifeless: any hint on the above?19:43
lifelessbzr send -r 19.. ?19:44
mathrick__lifeless: oh right, I mean "without consulting the submit branch, just locally"19:46
lifelessmathrick__: I don't know, sorry.19:47
lifelesspossibly -r 19..-1 . or something19:47
lifelessmathrick__: you could have a copy of the submit branch locally19:47
mathrick__well yeah, but at this point I think it's faster to wait for the terribly slow submit branch than to copy19:48
lifelessmathrick__: well I mean you can carry it round with you routinely19:48
lifelessmathrick__: doesn't matter if its a bit stale when you submit that way19:48
lifelessthere are folk that have run totally disconnected from each other, both with a copy of the others branch, kept up to date with send19:49
mathrick__lifeless: I know, it was a stop-gap measure though intended to save time (very slow push branch and it just decided to repack the whole 80MB of history), rather than systematic solution19:51
mathrick__I just hoped file:.,revno=19 would help, but apparently it doesn't19:51
thumperbzr error in recipe build: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/92511530/buildlog.txt.gz - anyone got an idea what it means?20:14
jelmerthumper: you have whitespace at the beginning of the control file20:19
jelmerthumper: this causes older versions of python-debian to blow up20:19
jelmerthumper: actually, whitespace or comments20:19
thumpersince it uses nest part, I'll ahve to look20:19
jelmerthumper: there is an RT open about upgrading python-debian, FWIW. there are a lot of desktop team packages that are affected by this bug20:20
thumperjelmer: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/compiz/view/head:/debian/control20:20
jelmerthumper: according to the log file, you're using a different control file20:22
jelmerthumper: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/+branch/~smspillaz/metacity/metacity.lim/view/head:/debian/control20:22
thumperperhaps I was looking at the wrong build...20:22
jelmer(which does have comments at the top of the control file)20:22
* thumper fines another20:23
thumperthis one had failed to upload20:25
jelmerthumper: do you have the upload log?20:25
thumperyes, just found it20:26
* thumper sighs20:26
thumperINFO compiz_0.9.7.0~bzr2995-r3009really2995-p713~precise1.dsc: Version older than that in the archive. 1: <= 1:
thumperjelmer: so... the first one20:28
thumperjelmer: is there any workaround?20:28
jelmerthumper: remove the comments from the beginning of the control file20:28
pooliehi all20:29
jelmerthumper: for the second, make sure that your recipe generates newer version strings for newer versions of the package20:29
jelmerthumper: admittedly, launchpad's UI sucks in this regard at the moment20:29
thumperjelmer: yeah... I'm using others branches20:30
thumperjelmer: so I'm constantly surprised at what they have the values set to :(20:30
jelmer'morning poolie !20:31
jelmerthumper: launchpad should be able to see that a build it's going to fire off will have a version string that's older than that of the last build; it shouldn't even start the build and print a clear error rather than failing confusingly during the upload20:33
thumperjelmer: care to file a bug for that :)20:33
thumperI'll "me too" it20:33
jelmerI suspect I have filed on in the past20:35
* jelmer searches20:35
jelmerI have done this thing previously where I reported the same bug 3 times over the course of 6 months...20:35
ubot5Launchpad bug 3 in Launchpad itself "Custom information for each translation team" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/320:35
pooliejelmer, bugs.launchpad.net/~/+affectingbugs :)20:39
jelmerpoolie: 1 → 75 of 639 results :)20:40
poolieyeah there is that20:40
jelmerthumper: bug 670474 is part of it20:46
ubot5Launchpad bug 670474 in Launchpad itself "Hard to make predictions about Debian version number" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67047420:46
jelmerthumper: filed bug 93113120:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 931131 in Launchpad itself "shouldn't attempt to build out-of-date packages" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93113120:49
lifelessjelmer: small request, if you would20:53
lifelessjelmer: don't use imperatives in bug descriptions or summaries20:53
lifelessjelmer: (for LP anyhow; I don't care what you do elsewhere :P)20:55
jelmerlifeless: sure20:56
jelmerupdated bug 93113120:56
ubot5Launchpad bug 931131 in Launchpad itself "attempts to build packages with version older than previous build" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93113120:56
jelmerlifeless: is that better?20:56
lifelessyes, much20:57
lifelesshttps://plus.google.com/105660309458564946897/posts/BLhnbgoouXV <- my previous mention of this ;)20:57
lifelessjelmer: I've tweaked it to say recipes too, but yeah, thanks.20:58
lifelessjelmer: also, it looks like a duplicate to me :)21:01
jelmerlifeless: I thought so too, but I couldn't find a bug it would be a dupe of21:01
lifelessjelmer: bug 620248 ?21:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 620248 in Launchpad itself "daily built recipes may error if a manual build has been done" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62024821:02
lifelesspoolie: for being amused ?21:02
jelmerlifeless: the have the same cause but are different bugs21:02
poolieyeah it was a bit snarky, sorry21:03
pooliebut i was amused by repeatedly rephrasing it then duping it21:03
pooliei do agree with the general thing of the g+ post21:03
lifelessjelmer: I'm torn in such cases; probably mutually referenced each other in the summary is a good starting point21:03
lifelessjelmer: when its the same root cause I usually do dup them, but list /all/ the symptoms21:04
jelmerlifeless: I would argue that they should be two different bug reports precisely because of your G+ post21:04
pooliebut i think sometimes there is a semantic difference and sometimes it is just a different phrasing21:04
jelmerit would be possible to fix one and not the other21:04
lifelessjelmer: I would love it if we had [symptom ...] -> [cause] -> [fix ...] in our model21:04
lifelessjelmer: I don't mind either way :) - just sharing how I try and balance these tensions21:05
pooliea graph of nodes like that would be nice21:05
lifelesspoolie: I find it -much- easier, years later, to deal with reports that describe symptoms rather than solutions21:05
lifelesspoolie: having spent a few weeks earlier this year doing precisely that (dealing with years old reports), I'm more convinced than ever that it helps21:06
pooliethat is the general thing that i agree with21:06
jelmerlifeless: sure :)21:06
lifelesspoolie: \o/21:06
poolieistr asking you to do this in bzr too :)21:06
pooliei'm just saying, if it's a transform from "shouldn't screw up X" to "screws up X"21:07
poolieit's fairly mechanical, and not that hard to do it years later21:07
poolieperhaps it's worth changing for the sake of setting a good example21:07
lifelesssure, ack on that21:08
pooliei wish people wouldn't file bugs like "bzr crashes while trying to push"21:09
jelmerpoolie: that's still better than "bzr crash"21:10
lifelessI think its a combination of having good examples, good search juice, and making it easy for devs that decide to go spelunking in the bug db21:10
jelmerlifeless: launchpad's search is a lot better than it used to be but still kindof sucks21:11
jelmerbrowsing is a lot better than in e.g. bugzilla though21:11
pooliebtw did you see http://castrojo.tumblr.com/post/11360873455/lets-make-it-personal21:12
lifelesspoolie: I hadn't but I agree.21:13
lifelessI wish folk would /do/ rather than /suggest/21:14
AuroraBorealiswell changing the layout of the profile dosn't seem like a trivial task, and a lot of people are better at ideas rather then coding :>21:15
pooliethough this is a rare case where it at least has inspiring mockups21:15
lifelessAuroraBorealis: its a task which requires little guts-of-lp-knowledge21:16
lifelessAuroraBorealis: so is amenable to folk that just want to get stuck in and help, and know e.g. html + css + (some) js21:17
pooliethere's a couple of things21:17
lifelessAuroraBorealis: we mentor folk happily21:17
poolieone is that peopel ought to customize it a lot21:17
pooliethe other is just removing a lot of the details of that page....21:17
lifelesshide / delete  / shove to a dedicated directory service / ...21:17
pooliea good mockup of the lp page that either preserves or specifically removes all the information that's currently on it would be more than half the way towards improving it21:18
AuroraBorealisi do agree that the main profile pages, and the main pages of projects are pretty ugly.21:18
AuroraBorealislike github, you go to a project page and you see code / the information about the code21:18
lifelessthe problem is that we have so many /functional/ problems21:18
AuroraBorealistakes a few clicks to actually see code, and even then its weird21:18
lifelessthat things like this are many many months or years away from getting traction21:19
lifelessso unless (a) priorities change or (b) we get radically more efficient at development [trying to] or (c) someone steps up and does it, it won't happen21:19
pooliei reckon if someone had a compelling mockup that improved it they might get some volunteer development help21:20
abentleyjelmer: around?21:24
poolieok, rebooting precisely21:25
AuroraBorealisi've been trying to get myself working on bzr code, but its hard to follow admittedly =P21:25
pooliejust ask here21:25
jelmerabentley: hi21:25
abentleyjelmer: I'm trying to add native colocation support to bzr-pipeline.  I fail at creating a native colocated branch in a test case.  Can you help me get started?21:26
jelmerabentley: ah, cool21:27
jelmerabentley: what would you like to create exactly?21:27
jelmerabentley: a colocated branch in a control directory that already holds an active branch and a working tree?21:27
abentleyI want to create a working tree with a single colocated branch.21:28
lifelessAuroraBorealis: the lp code is rather different; some folk may find one easier than the other21:28
AuroraBorealiswell i'm interested in both =P21:29
AuroraBorealisso in due time.21:29
poolieo/ abentley21:29
abentleypoolie: o/21:29
poolieyou could say that lp is kind of a harder environment but easier code21:30
AuroraBorealismy main problem with..python code i guess is i use a text editor, but then i cant like ctrl+click and go to a class/function definition21:30
AuroraBorealislike i can with java/IDE =P21:30
poolieyou can use eclipse and pydev21:30
AuroraBorealisyeah. i have been using that21:31
AuroraBorealissince with unkown code its the only way i can even get anywhere21:31
lifelessAuroraBorealis: wallyworld highly recommends some IDE whose name I forget21:31
abentleylifeless: You beat me to it.21:31
poolieor, Wing IDE is pretty good21:31
lifelessabentley: :)21:31
AuroraBorealisjcharm is the ide?21:31
pooliebut, there is generally speaking, a problem that when python code says "o.foo_method()"21:31
lifelessAuroraBorealis: wallyworld hangs out in #launchpad-dev, from ~ 1 hour from now, if you want to ask him21:31
poolieit is anyone's guess what code that's actually going to call ;)21:32
abentleyjelmer:  I want to create a working tree with a single colocated branch.21:32
jelmerabentley: I guess we could use a utility function for creating something like that in bzr core21:32
poolieanyhow really rebooting21:32
jelmerabentley: that could basically do:21:32
jelmerabentley: x = self.make_bzrdir('.')21:32
jelmerabentley: x.create_branch(name='colocated-thing')21:32
jelmerabentley: x.set_branch_reference(_)21:33
jelmerabentley: x.create_workingtree()21:33
abentleyjelmer: I have http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/839691/ from attempting to copy switch -b behaviour, but it doesn't work.21:34
mlhAuroraBorealis: people I know love pycharm and sublimetext21:35
mlhsublime is not free though21:35
mlhoh, pycharm isn't either :-)  .  Both have free trial periods21:35
mlhand windows /mac only21:36
jelmerabentley: I don't think make_branch() will handle URLs with colocated branch names in them very well at the moment.21:36
abentleyjelmer: oh, I should have deleted that line, eh?21:37
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jelmerabentley: Yeah, I don't think that's necessary - sprout should already create the branch21:38
abentleyjelmer: Okay, that works.  Cool.  I'll still try it the way you showed, as that looks cleaner.21:39
AuroraBorealismlh, sublimetext works on linux too. I use them already =)21:41
mlhAuroraBorealis: ah, that's new to me.  Not that I pay much attention.21:44
LarstiQAuroraBorealis: so is there anything you'd like to do with bzr code?22:19
AuroraBorealisi have...like 2 bugs that i think are assigned to me at the moment22:19
AuroraBorealisor i said i'd try and work on22:19
AuroraBorealishttps://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/81689 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/84738822:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 81689 in Bazaar "Branches with symlinks can't be checked out on Windows" [High,Confirmed]22:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 847388 in Bazaar ""gpg: cannot open `/dev/tty': No such device or address" on Ubuntu when signing commits" [Medium,In progress]22:20
poolieooh they would be great to fix22:20
abentleyjelmer: given two branches, how would you detect whether they were colocated with one another?  I'd expect bzrdir.root_transport to the same, but it's not.22:20
pooliei would be happy to talk about them with you22:21
AuroraBorealispoolie, the second one i believe i have fixed, since all it involves is just adding '--no-tty' to the command line for gpg, i just need to test it on windows"22:22
jelmerabentley: Branch.control_url22:22
AuroraBorealisand the first one ive emailed someone about, and he said it would be fine if files that are symlinks are just checked out as text files with the 'location' inside the text file22:23
AuroraBorealissince in the bug report, normal users don't necessarily have permission to do NTFS junctions22:23
abentleyjelmer: I get values like "file:///tmp/testbzr-Ca9fWS.tmp/bzrlib.plugins.pipeline.tests.test_pipeline.TestPipeStorage.test_insert_pipe_uses_native_colo/work/first/.bzr/branches/second/" for control_url, so the urls are going to be different even for colocated branches.22:25
poolieperhaps there should be a method to check if they're the same, rather than defining that callers should check the urls22:28
jelmerabentley: that's a bzr-colo branch22:30
jelmerabentley: not a bzr 2.5 colocated branch22:31
jelmerthough I like poolie's suggestion of just adding a method for this22:31
abentleyjelmer: I'm calling bzrdir.sprout('file:///tmp/testbzr-Pm8VYT.tmp/bzrlib.plugins.pipeline.tests.test_pipeline.TestPipeStorage.test_insert_pipe_uses_native_colo/work/first/,branch=second') and getting a bzr-colo branch?22:33
jelmerabentley: checkling..22:38
abentleyjelmer: I'm stepping through it with pdb, and "bzr branches" thinks it's colocated.22:40
jelmerabentley: What does Branch.open(x).control_url say?22:41
jelmerI wonder if there's an inconsistency here between Branch.open and BzrDir.sprout()22:42
abentleyjelmer: I've renamed 'first' to 'colo', and Branch.open(ctrl.root_transport.base).control_url => 'file:///tmp/testbzr-U_SFec.tmp/bzrlib.plugins.pipeline.tests.test_pipeline.TestPipeStorage.test_insert_pipe_uses_native_colo/work/colo/.bzr/branches/second/'22:45

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