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calamarihi. I'd like to add a desktop switcher to the panel in 11.10. I think this is called the "pager"? So I chose Add Widgets, then click and hold the Pager. The cursor turns into a hand, and I drag it down, some places it has a red "no" circle, so I found a spot near the application launcher where the red circle went away, then released my mouse button. I was expecting to see the pager, but instead there is nothing. I tried the same proced01:23
calamariure on the "CPU Monitor", and that worked for that widget. Is my procedure correct? If so, what is wrong?01:23
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ubuntucanal de ubuntu español01:43
tsimpson!es | ubuntu01:44
ubottuubuntu: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:44
calamaridoes anyone here have a desktop pager? if so, how did you add it?02:15
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calamarithe mouse cursor keeps reverting to the oxygen theme. can I delete the oxygen cursor somehow to force it to stop being retarded?02:25
calamaribtw am I in the right channel to ask questions? I have asked a bunch and have been completely ignored02:26
Snowhogcalamari: Adding the Pager widget is simple. With it identified, just double-click it and it will be put on to the Panel.02:51
calamariSnowhog: thanks. when I do that, I see my clock move to the left slightly each time I double click02:57
calamariSnowhog: is there a user editable file that shows the contents of the panel? I suspect I have a ton of pagers added02:59
Bsimslol answered my own question03:15
BsimsI got a movie, its not showing up when I put it in my dvd drive but another one does any ideas03:20
DarthFrogThey put the wrong movie in the DVD case?03:21
BsimsDarthFrog: its a screen printed rental03:21
BsimsI just updated to Oneric03:21
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BsimsGrr this sucks it won't even try to autodetect it I know they ground on it before giving it to me03:23
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats03:25
* Bsims laughs and declares jihad against family video03:25
BsimsDasKreech: At Ease, it works perfectly with everything else gonna assume their disk grinder borked something03:25
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Bsimsgot a minor beef, why are all the icons on kde-look childish or look like sponsor stickers on a clown car?03:32
Bsimsoxygen isn't bad but lord is it ugly03:33
Bsimsheh well the popular ones03:33
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DasKreechFollow the crowd?03:40
DasKreechlook for unpopular ones then :)03:40
BsimsDasKreech: I'd like the oxygen from 3.0 era03:43
calamarisolved it! had to go to "workspace behavior" and found that there was only one workspace. Increased that 4 to 4 and my multitude of pagers instantly appeared on the panel03:45
calamari*from 1 to 403:45
DasKreechBsims: hmm? which 3.0 era ?03:45
DasKreechcalamari: Ah right some widgets go invisible if they are not needed from KDE 4.7 on03:46
Bsimstried installing the 3.0 something oxygen set and its using the new ones03:47
DasKreechI suppose you could just pull up the git history and use those03:48
DasKreechProbably tagged03:48
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BsimsNope now if I could get pidgin to show a icon in the system tray I'd be all set03:51
Bsimsanyone know how I can get pidgin to show a icon in the system tray? it worked till I rebooted03:54
JamesBozmanWhen launching Ktimetracker,03:54
JamesBozmanWhen launching Ktimetracker, I get an error: Unable to launch Ktimetracker part.  It did this in 11.10.  Now running 12.04 thinking it might be fixed.  I see there is a bug open at  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdepim/+bug/864975 .   I would like to know how to get Ktimetracker running.03:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 864975 in kdepim (Ubuntu) "Ktimetracker broken in oneiric" [Medium,Confirmed]03:59
Snowhogcalamari: I was thinking that you might have had the virtual desktops set to 1. Glad you figured it out for yourself.04:15
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BsimsOk I'll bite, how do I remove an icon set from system settings04:47
SnowhogBsims: System Settings > Application Appearance > Icons and select the one you dont want and click on Remove Theme and then on Apply04:48
BsimsI installed a older version of oxygen... and it overwrote the existing oxygen in system settings and for some unholy reason oxygen iconset is a core kde dependency I tried to reinstall it with no joy04:49
BsimsSnowhog: I am assuming right click on it04:49
Bsimsthat does nothing04:49
Bsimsupgraded from natty04:49
BsimsI am two inches from nuking the entire .kde and let it make it from scratch04:50
calamarioh great.. opening deluge under kde wiped all my torrents04:51
calamarithat doesn't make me happy lol04:51
calamarilooks like I need to ditch deluge, that's totally unacceptable04:55
calamaridoes audacious work for anyone?05:03
calamarimr-rich: nope05:16
viyilsahi gatos ??06:08
galvaoI've just used KDE Partition manager to delete an External HD partition so I could recreate it in ext4, but right after I've done that the sound in my Kubuntu 11.10 is gone. Is that a known issue or did I screw something up in here?06:13
galvaoI'm affraid to reboot to find out that I've wiped my Notebook's HDD by mistake or something like that...06:13
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Guest87452galvao: hi06:29
galvaoGuest87452: hi06:30
Guest87452galvao: What happened?06:30
galvaoI've deleted a partition in my external HD and created a new one with full size, primary, ext4 so I can back up my files. Right after I've done that my sound disappeared06:31
galvaoI've deleted from /dev/sdb, which is my external HD (my main HD is sda), so I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything wrong, but then again why do I have no sound? It's scary...06:33
galvaoif I run KDE Partition Manager again the sound comes back specifically for the application notifications, but as soon as I close it the sound goes away again...06:34
galvaoanyway, I'll back everything up right now, so ... later!06:40
Guest87452strange bug :-/06:43
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akishi all. I saw that there is availabe a 12.04 version for cd or dvd. cd ver is just over 700 mb. dvd is almost 3,5 gb.does any one know what is the difference between cd and dvd version iso?08:15
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Xcross44How can I create an Ad-hoc wireless network in Kubuntu 11.10? Please help!08:52
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[HUN]Xcross44Anyone knows?08:57
[HUN]Xcross44so again...ow can I create an Ad-hoc wireless network in Kubuntu 11.10? Please help!09:01
[HUN]Xcross44How can I create an Ad-hoc wireless network in Kubuntu 11.10?09:01
sirdeiu[HUN]Xcross44: see here  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing#Wireless_Ad-Hoc_connection_sharing_scenario09:03
[HUN]Xcross44sirdeiu Thank You!09:04
sirdeiu[HUN]Xcross44: np09:05
[HUN]Xcross44There is no such button: "Create wireless network" :)09:07
sirdeiuclick Manage Connections09:08
sirdeiuthe go to Wireless then Add09:08
sirdeiuthen go from there09:08
[HUN]Xcross44okok, köszi!09:10
[HUN]Xcross44or thanks! :)09:10
sirdeiusivesen or how it's spelled :)09:13
[HUN]Xcross44"szívesen" :)09:14
[HUN]Xcross44It works(Ad-hoc WiFi)! Thank you very much! :)09:15
sirdeiuyeah :)09:15
sirdeiugood job :)09:15
sirdeiuwhat are you pairing (ad hoc ) ?09:15
[HUN]Xcross44pc <-> mobile phone09:16
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[HUN]Xcross44 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRVMtBaE3dk :)09:38
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saillehi, i have a kubuntu 11.10 system and a brother mfc-240c printer with scanner, the printer works fine but the scanner doesnt work, and i installed it like it is descriped here: http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/download_scn.html10:15
robin0800saille: did you do all the prerequisites as well?10:18
saillerobin0800: yes10:20
saillebut it could be that i installed sane-utils after i installed the scanner driver, could that be a problem? but i removed the scanner driver and installed it new...10:21
robin0800saille: think you have to edit sothing in linux to make sure the scanner is detected10:23
saillei think so too, but sane-find-scanner found the scanner, but scanimage -L said, that there is no scanner, and im also in the group "scanner"10:24
robin0800saille: the instructions are on the brother site I've got a 250 and was able to get it to work but it was fiddly10:26
saillewhat means ii and rc in the output of dpkg -l | grep Brother?10:29
robin0800saille: essentially you have to manually add your scanner into the list of scanners sane knows about these instructions are on the web site10:31
saillehow do i do that?10:31
robin0800saille: sorry no internet here can,t gey10:32
robin0800saille: sorry no internet here can,t get page for you10:32
sailleno internet but irc? oO10:33
saillebut i know that the scanner works with linux, cuz on the old pc it was no problem10:35
saillebut the laptop doesnt want to work with the scanner or there are big difference between 32bit and 64 bit10:35
saillerobin0800: MFC-240C USB 0x04f9/0x01ab Good Reportedly working.10:37
robin0800saille: yes on a mobile broadband dongle with no 3g or higher phone signal available10:55
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skramer_hello, anybody here who knows how to play .mp4 videos in Kubuntu?11:14
skramer_clicking the file opens Dragon Player, but the video does not show11:15
robin0800skramer_: vlc would be my choice can practically play anything11:16
skramer_robin0800: ok, so I´ll try that. Thanks.11:17
B|tchXIt would be nice to have wallpapers for konsole11:56
B|tchXwhere do I put in my wish list?11:56
MamarokB|tchX: that is very unlikely ever to happen, use it in transparent mode instead, or use eterm12:04
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Rasta420morning folks13:10
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BluesKaj'morning all13:31
amitava_good evening all..13:31
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* BluesKaj dumps kmail/kontact13:53
mokushany ideea how I could get the 'Search and launch' layout as a widget? So I can use it this way? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=psUrV995i4813:57
akisdoes there any way to optain x-mplayer2 for google chrome running under 10.04?14:10
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qw-helphelp me please. i am install kubuntu 10.04 LTC but i am not search Delphi  from kubuntu help me please15:15
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BluesKaj!ru | qw-Russian15:23
ubottuqw-Russian: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:23
qw-Russianthank you15:23
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:23
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RovanionI've installed kde-plasma-desktop and kubuntu-default-settings. But I'm missing some sort of volume icon and the volume buttons don't work. What package am I missing?15:43
tsimpsonRovanion: probably kmix, but if you want things to work properly, just install kubuntu-desktop15:46
qw-Russianwere ON auto-update from kubuntu15:59
qw-Russianwere is it15:59
BluesKajqw-Russian,  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade is your best bet ,  auto upgrades in the package manager needs to be enabled16:15
qw-Russiani am using kubuntu 10.04 LTC16:16
BluesKajuname -a will tell your OS16:17
BluesKajkernel that is , lsb_release -a will show the OS version16:18
qw-RussianBluesKaj, http://pastebin.com/8kcWp3Nb see please16:19
BluesKajqw-Russian, sudo apt-get upgrade16:20
BluesKajyou updated twice16:20
qw-Russianthank you16:21
qw-Russianhelp me install libflashplayer.so PLEASE16:22
BluesKajqw-Russian,  remember those commands , that's the quickest and cleanest method to update and upgrade your packages , then run sudo dist-upgrade to upgrade kde16:22
BluesKajdo you have libflashplayer.so downloaded ?16:23
qw-Russiani am download install_flash_player_11_linux.i386.tar.gz but not have onstall16:24
qw-Russianinstall* sorry16:24
BluesKajqw-Russian,  open the folder where flash player downloaded, then right click , extract here , there will be afolder called flashplayer created , look for libflashplayer.so there, copy it to, /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins , by doing alt+f2, kdesudo dolphin  /usr/lib/mozilla/ , open the plugins folder and paste it there16:31
qw-RussianBluesKaj, how I must look what driver and on whatever set16:32
BluesKajqw-Russian,  sorry , I don't understand16:33
qw-RussianBluesKaj, I set itself the system of kubuntu 10.04 but I know whatever drivers I set  prompt me please as to me it to look thank you16:36
BluesKajqw-Russian,  open kmenu>computer>system>additional drivers , choose the recommended driver , have patience the driver(s) take some time to install16:39
BluesKajqw-Russian,  after installing the system may needa reboot16:40
qw-Russianmy system is Russian16:40
BluesKajqw-Russian, then join #kubuntu-ru for help/support16:41
qw-RussianBluesKaj, but i am no see inset "system"16:44
qw-RussianBluesKaj, thanks. i am install flash player17:02
BluesKajqw-Russian,  kmenu>computer>system settings>additional drivers17:03
qw-Russiani am goin to computer do beacuse i'm not search system settings and other17:05
qw-RussianBluesKaj, i am see kmenu-computer-system settings17:08
qw-RussianBluesKaj, i am see kmenu-computer-system parameters17:08
BluesKajqw-Russian,  try this , kmenu>applications>system>aditional drivers17:10
qw-Russianmaybe HardWare Drivers ?17:10
EagleScreenyes it is17:11
qw-Russiani am understand17:11
qw-Russianokey and i am see window  http://s018.radikal.ru/i517/1202/1e/1bc28a21b883.jpg17:13
qw-Russianthis window is clear17:14
BluesKajqw-Russian,  that page isn't available17:18
qw-Russianstop what is not avaible: Web-set or window in the picture ?17:20
qw-Russiani have cd disk from my notebook17:23
qw-Russiandisk - emachines17:23
BluesKajok  qw-Russian it loaded this time, you do not have any additonal drivers available , they are in use I guess.17:23
BluesKaj!ru | qw-Russian17:24
ubottuqw-Russian: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:24
qw-Russiansorry, but i am not understand for you write me17:25
qw-Russian#ubuntu-ru  -  channel is sleeeeeeeeping17:25
BluesKajqw-Russian,  it's simple , I don't understand what you want to do17:26
qw-RussianBluesKaj, do I understand that I was tired of you but that to do me since to revive system?17:29
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BluesKajqw-Russian,  what part of the system do you mean ?17:31
qw-Russianmaybe this sudo apt-get upgrade17:32
qw-Russiani write in konsole17:32
BluesKajyes , sudo apt-get update , then sudo apt-get upgrade , also sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:34
qw-Russianbut i am write first command and konsole write me text17:35
BluesKajqw-Russian,  does it ask for your password ?17:36
qw-Russianin the start - yes17:37
qw-Russianbut next - no17:37
BluesKajok ,wait for the text to be finished , apt is looking the repositories for updates to your system , after the text stops and returns to the prompt (youusernamej@yourpc:~$), then sudo apt-get upgrade17:39
qw-Russianokey, thanks17:41
qw-Russianin the desktop show window, this window please reboot wrom my computer17:43
qw-Russiani am reboot17:44
andreyi am rebooting17:48
andreyBluesKaj, Thank you very very mach17:51
BluesKajok andrey ..is your system working better now ?17:52
andreyworking but17:53
andreyi read window KPackageKit17:53
andreythis window please update secure17:54
andreyi am update17:54
BluesKajkpackagekit uses apt-get , it's just a GUI , sudo apt-get update/upgrade/install/remove etc does the same thing, but more quickly than kpackagekit17:55
andreyi am not quockly17:57
andreyi am listening radio but i am not sound  radio17:58
andreywhy i am not sound in radio ?18:02
BluesKajopen system settings>multimedia>phonon>device preference , test the available options listed there18:04
BluesKajandrey,  ?18:07
BluesKajandrey,  type, aplay -l , in the konsole , pastebin the result18:09
BluesKajandrey,  then open system settings>multimedia>phonon>device preference , test the available options listed there18:10
andreyBluesKaj, i am update bases from KPackageKit but last update show message18:16
andreyi have bases n ot update18:16
BluesKajandrey,  sudo apt-get upgrade in the konsole18:17
andrey1. Ganeric Linux kerner headers18:17
andrey2. Complete  Generic kerner18:17
andrey3. Generic Linux kerner images18:17
andrey4. manager the repositories that you install software from18:18
andreyit is all18:19
andreyi am write this command18:20
andreyand ask  questions18:20
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andreyобновлено 0, установлено 0 новых пакетов, для удаления отмечено 0 пакетов, и 4 пакетов не обновлено.18:21
FloodBotK1andrey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:21
infernalWould i be able to apply this to Ubuntu? https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=13410918:22
andreyupgrade 0, install 0  new packets, from delete insert 0, or 4 packets dont upgrade18:22
calamariI've selected Crystal SVG in Application Appearance, Icons. However, when I look at the desktop, it appears to have used Oxygen instead. Is my setting being overridden somewhere else?18:22
infernalExcuse me, I'm trying to set up /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode but it isnt really working out. I use gksudo grep /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mod18:31
infernalis asks for a password from the UI and after that nothing really hapens. How do change its value?18:31
vprintsinfernal: open teminal (konsole)18:33
vprintsand input the command there18:33
vprintsbut not with gksudo18:33
vprintsmabe sudo grep /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mod18:34
vprintssudo grep /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mod18:34
vprintsi do naot actually know if the command should work, but at least usually all grep's are done in terminal :)18:34
infernali c :P, but i just hans nothing really happens18:36
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vprintsinfernal: then your command might be wrong18:50
infernali dont doubt it as i have no idea what am i really typing18:51
infernalbut as i figured its userlevel / program / file18:51
infernalvprints: you mind taking a look at a askubuntu.com link?18:54
calamariit appears that the crystal svg icon set in kdelibs-data is using the wrong filenames19:04
vprintsinfernal: what link19:16
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neumanAny one here . . .19:19
infernali mannaged to set mode, by now, but thank you anyway :)19:23
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Hucklebuckis this where i come if i need any info/help witrh ubuntu?19:52
Hucklebuckim a newb19:52
maria_can i uninstall rekonq if i hab=ve firefox?19:55
SuperNinja_maria_:  Yes, but you'll only gain like 2 MB, because most of Rekonq's libraries are required by the rest of KDE.20:05
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DaemonFChas anyone else had problems with Google suggestions not working at all in Konqueror and Rekonq?20:24
DaemonFCI have specified show suggestions in Konqueror's search box, nothing happens20:25
DaemonFCand according to Rekonq's upstream, this feature has been in for quite a while now20:25
emThis is a little bit funny but I moved some videos to 'trash' and it says "the trash has reached maximum size, empty manually"20:25
emhow do I empty the trash?20:25
emI think I did it by just 'deleting' what was in the trash.20:27
emThere never was any thing that said "empty trash"20:27
emThe trash is too small!20:30
emHow can you increase the size of the trash?20:32
emNever mind I found it!20:32
apacheloggerem: in dolphin's settings20:32
emapachelogger: yes thank you I did find it :)20:33
emapachelogger: why is there a limit on trash size anyway?20:34
emThe trash has reached its maximum size!20:35
emCleanup the trash manually.20:35
emit keeps on saying that even though I unchecked limit trash20:35
emapachelogger: Oh wait, I think i see now. There is a separate setting for each mounted device.20:36
apacheloggerem: so you don't fill up your HD and then report a bug where all your space has gone ^^20:36
emapachelogger: if you have startd to install something with aptitude is it dangerous to do Control C to stop it if it has already begun but not yet finished?21:08
apacheloggerem: yes21:08
apacheloggera sane tool will not even let your control-c at this point :P21:09
emI won't try it then.21:10
emI'm using tsocks to use aptitude and I thought maybe i can speed it up if I would use ssh -C which says it compresses stuff. but i'll just let this finish sslowly21:10
emapachelogger: have you ever used ssh -C ?21:10
emoh okay.21:12
bbrhola alguna orientacion sbre ubuntu 11.10 alguna web que oriente que hacer despues de instalar...21:20
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.21:21
bbrtengo problemas con initrans he instalado en un netbook y me crea problemas al iniciar... tarda un monton y solo despues de reiniciar y elegir linux mas antiguo .... entro, sino me aparece initans...21:22
LynoureIf I guessed the language right...21:22
asfyxia!es | bbr21:22
ubottubbr: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.21:22
bbrvale,... ya me di cuenta-...21:22
emdoes the build-essential package come with the gnu compiler?21:35
yofelbuild-essential depends on gcc and g++21:36
emyeah so it will install those too21:36
emYes looks like it to me21:36
yofelright. It'll install: gcc g++ libc6-dev make dpkg-dev21:36
embuild essential seems pretty important. how come that stuff isn't just already on there?21:37
yofelyou don't usually need a compiler on a system.21:38
emI think you need it to comiple from source21:39
yofelsure, but not everyone does that21:39
ikoniaa compiler can be a security risk, so it shouldn't be there unless you need it21:39
ikoniaalso installing headers and development libraries on the system is a waste, unless you need it, in which case install them21:40
ikoniathe majority of people should not need it21:40
emyofel: do you ever compile from source?21:41
yofelem: I very much do so, but I'm a developer, so that's obvious21:44
emyofel: I did not know you asre a developer, that's very good.21:45
emikonia: do you ever compile from source?21:46
emeo: Hola, como estas?21:46
ikoniaall the time, based on my work within project, it's required21:46
emeo: quieres ayuda con kubuntu?21:46
eoem: meanss like how am I doin? :D21:46
emeo: si por supuesto. :) Yes of course. :)21:47
eowell that's bueno21:47
eofine. trying to win  my hangeover21:48
eoem: how's  you?21:48
emI'm pretty well. Im going to try installing proprietary drivers from scratch21:49
ikoniaproprietary drivers from scratch ? what do you mean ?21:49
ikoniasounds interesting21:49
emem: I just mean Im not going to get the proprietary drivers from the Ubuntu repos. I didn't mean that I have the source code for them.21:50
eoi haven't been using activly ubuntus , but getting to know : )21:50
yofelem: are you sure you know how to do that? (why are you doing that?)21:51
TommyNottHello everybody - is there anybody here who might be able to help me configure Gwibber in Kubuntu? Or is there a separate #gwibber channel for that?21:52
ikoniaem: just keep in mind that the versions ubuntu / distros pick to package are compatible, other / later versions may not21:52
emyofel: No I am not sure I know how. And I'm doing it so that I can have the more recent one.21:52
ikoniaem: any special reason you want the more recent versions (bug fix etc)21:53
emI want to install the amd sdk stuff and the pyopencl stuff so I can mine for bitcoins.21:53
ikoniaah, and you need a later version for that21:53
ikoniaem: be very careful as the later versions do not always work with the base component versions you are running21:54
emOn this point I am a little critical of Ubuntu because I cannot just install pyopencl from the Ubuntu repo since (FOR WHAT REASON??) they make the nvidia drivers a dependency of the pyopencl stuff.21:54
ikoniaem: what archive is pyopencl in ? main/universe/multiverse21:55
em!info pyopencl21:55
ubottuPackage pyopencl does not exist in oneiric21:55
yofel!info python-pyopencl21:56
ubottupython-pyopencl (source: pyopencl): module to access OpenCL parallel computation API. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.92-1ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 512 kB, installed size 2304 kB (Only available for amd64 i386)21:56
ikoniamultiverse, may just be a packaging error then,21:57
ikoniaor there may need to be two packages, python-pyopencl-nvidia python-pyopencl-amd21:57
emikonia: it shure would be nic if there were a python-pyopencl-amd21:58
embecause installing pyopencl from scratch is not trivial.21:59
ikoniain truth I don't know anything about python-pyopencl so I don't know if there is a genuine reason why there is not, that said, it could just be a simple error when packaging that it depends on nvidia (worth logging a bug ?) or the split between nvidia/amd needs to be put into two packages21:59
emikonia: which proprietary ati catalyst version does 11.04 ofer?22:02
ikoniaI have no idea without looking to be honest, I don't have an ubuntu machine here22:02
em!info flgrx22:02
ubottuPackage flgrx does not exist in oneiric22:02
em!info fglrx22:02
ubottufglrx (source: fglrx-installer): Video driver for the AMD graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is extra. Version 2:8.881-0ubuntu4.1 (oneiric), package size 22421 kB, installed size 69460 kB (Only available for amd64 i386)22:02
em!info -natty flgrx22:03
ubottu'flgrx' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, unstable22:03
ikoniaother way around22:03
ikonia!info flgrx natty22:03
ubottuPackage flgrx does not exist in natty22:03
ikoniaoh come on....22:03
ikonia!info fglrx natty22:03
ubottufglrx (source: fglrx-installer): Video driver for the ATI graphics accelerators. In component restricted, is extra. Version 2:8.840-0ubuntu4 (natty), package size 21543 kB, installed size 66508 kB (Only available for amd64 i386)22:03
em!info fglrx natty22:03
emit's hard to say from that what the catalyst version was.22:04
ikoniaI don't know the numbering scheme for the amd/ati stuff22:05
emyeah that's okay.22:05
emikonia: do you ever use shs -C?22:05
emssh *22:05
ikoniaI have done, when there is a need22:05
ikonianot very often22:06
emikonia: im wondering if ssh -C might help since im using tsocks to use aptitude install22:08
emdoes the -C stuff happen on the remote machine prior to being sent to the local one?22:09
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ikoniathere must be some work done on the remote machine22:09
ikoniaI'd assume just a little heavier load on sshd22:10
Rokixzgood evening, I have a question, in Kontact I set up to show unread messages, but it's not working, it shows "No unread messsages..." even I got like  10 messages from 2 mail accounts, I put options also, just don't know how to fix it, thanks for help (Kubuntu 11.10 with KDE 4.8).22:20
littlegirlRokixz: I'm not familiar with Kontact, but my email program treats new and unread messages differently. If a message is new it isn't considered unread even if I haven't read it yet unless I've closed and reopened the program or checked the mail and gotten more new messages. It might be the same in Kontact. (:22:28
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yocan anybody tell me where they are the aplications of the aplications launcher22:47
yoplease answer if you know it22:48
designbybeckGreetings all, I just backed up my personal data in Home, I had installed Kubuntu-Desktop on top of my Ubuntu 11.10 65bit install22:57
designbybeckSomeone in this channel said that wasn't a good idea and that is why i was having random crashes.22:57
designbybeckSo before I wiped my whole harddrive and installed a fresh Kubuntu install, this is recommend?22:58
designbybeckDoes anyone else have random crashes with IRC Chat, and System Settings?23:01
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frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: It's a pretty good approach.  Make sure you don't have any data or system config that you need (maybe back-up /etc/ too?)23:04
designbybeckHHMmmm what might be under there that I would need frogonwheels23:04
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: Well it depends.. um.. website configs,  special network overrides..  hostname / hosts files / other stuff you've tinkered with?23:05
designbybecki didn't have any website stuff setup on this install23:05
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: cool.  YOu could always tar it up just in case.23:06
designbybeckok, i guess safe than sorry23:07
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: but as to whether it's a good idea- I mostly use the system upgrade for upgrades, but every now and again it's worth starting afresh.23:07
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: I have /home on sep mount for that reason.23:07
designbybeckhmm well someone else i was talking to in here was telling me that wasn't a good thing to do with upgrade23:07
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: you mean start afresh and copy your /home in?23:07
designbybecki kept having problems with random crashing23:07
designbybeckand I'm about to do a workshop next weekend where we give dontated computers to kids23:08
designbybecklast time we use LinuxMint1123:08
designbybeckbut I was going to try Ubuntu 11.10 32bit..... But just started playing more with Kubuntu 11.1023:09
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: Look it's certainly worth doing a fresh install if you are having issues - I would certainly consider that myself as an option (and have done so on a few occassions)23:09
designbybeckBut i starated having crashes with Kubuntu, and things not installing correctly or at all23:09
designbybecki take it your main setup is kubuntu frogonwheels ?23:10
frogonwheelsstrange, but it _does_ happen that you can get something wrong in the upgrade path that causes instability - hence why some people always do fresh installs.23:10
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: yep23:10
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: I have kubuntu,  mythbuntu and openwrt on various computers :)23:11
designbybeckdo you have problems with kde23:11
designbybeckcrashes and such?23:11
designbybeckor does it all run smooth?23:11
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: ocassionally, but generally not.23:11
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designbybeckfrogonwheels, but not to the problem that you loose data23:11
designbybeckor the point23:11
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: nope.23:11
designbybeckI've been using Ubuntu Unity on my laptop for a while23:12
designbybeckand it has always seemeed clunky23:12
designbybeckmaybe it has a lot ot do with the ati card23:12
designbybeckbut Kubuntu as seemed much more snappy and intitive23:12
designbybeckso it has temped me to try a new clean install kubuntu and try that out for a few months23:13
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: Ati has taken a while to get going, and I certainly had some real bumps along the way with dualscreen ATI drivers.. but it seems a lot more settled...23:13
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: I switched from gnome to kde many years back23:14
designbybecki've always liked kde as a whole23:14
designbybeckand I am liking Gnome323:14
designbybeckbut still on my laptop setup gnome3 on here seems buggy too23:14
designbybeckhello Vuth23:14
Vuthhow is kubunut doing?23:15
designbybeckwell I'm about to do a clean install23:15
Vuthim trying to do a dual boot23:15
Vuthwindows 7 + any linux23:15
designbybeckI had Ubuntu 11.10 64bit Vuth, I wanted to try Kubuntu so I downloaded Kubuntu-Desktop from the software center23:15
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: gl btw :) I've gotta get me some breakfast.23:15
Vuthbut is it reversible? if i want to go back to single boot23:15
designbybeckbut I have issuses with things not installing or asking for my password and such23:16
designbybeckthanks for the help frogonwheels23:16
Vuthdesign and you ran it ONT TOP of windows 7?23:16
designbybeckno no23:17
designbybeckthat isn't recommeded at all23:17
designbybeckyou should dual boot if you are going to keep windows23:17
designbybeckyeah it is easy enough to take back that partition23:17
designbybecki meant vs using wubi23:18
Vuthinstalls the software on an existing Windows partition, thus without need for partitioning.23:18
designbybeckright, and that is what is not recommended23:19
designbybeckit's best to let Kubuntu partition the hadrrdive23:19
designbybeckonly becuase it underminds the power of linux23:19
designbybeckto be on top of windows23:19
Vuthi like the customizable of linux OS but i also play online games..and windows on linux not very good23:20
Vuthi have 1 TB how much u rec. for me to partition?23:20
designbybeckoh if that is your data drive, you could go with 100GB to Linux and be fine23:21
Vuthsounds good23:22
designbybeckI forgot to ask frogonwheels what arch he runs? 32bit or 64bit23:24
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: 6423:24
designbybeckhow much ram do you have Vuth23:24
designbybeckah... thanks23:24
designbybeckthat is what i was running23:24
designbybeckand making the new LiveBoot USB now23:24
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: I think the last time I reinstalled I  went from 32bit to 64bit keeping pretty much the same home directory23:24
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck:  :) try do that on win7 ;p23:25
designbybeckhaven't personallky ran windows in 4 years23:25
Vuthon my PC..i have 8gb23:27
designbybeckah yeah so you'll want 64bit23:27
Vuthdid u finish clean install of kubunutu yet?23:28
designbybeckfinishing the USB now23:28
Vuthhave u tried any other linux? i have only tried mint and ubunutu23:28
designbybeckmaking the live boot now23:28
designbybeckyeah those are the only two i've ran more than a few week23:28
designbybeckFedora i have livebooted and used here and there, but not for long periods23:29
designbybeckI did try KXStudio and Dream Studio, but those are based on ubuntu kbunut23:29
designbybeckbut not managed anymore i don't think23:29
designbybeckOk jumpdrive done, I guess I'm going offline for a while23:31
designbybeckHopefully I'll catch on the flip side!23:31
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EP_1337anyone about?23:58

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