downbeamhey bio00:12
downbeamtime is it in europe?00:12
downbeamit's 5 here00:12
downbeamdoes anyone know how to run eternal lands on lubuntu?00:13
bioterrorchmod +x binaryfile00:13
bioterrorcmod +x gives the file execute permissions00:14
Sentyneleternal lands is packaged for ubuntu by one of the devs00:14
bioterrorthank you Sentynel00:15
jgomo3Hi. I just installed lubuntu 11.04 in a Acer ASPIRE ONE D257-13685. What i did was a boot usb disk with dd if=le.iso of=/dev/ledisk, then booted with the usb disk and choosed install. In the end i received a fatal error because grub could not be installed in /dev/sda. This is logical because /dev/sda is the usb disk at the install moment and /dev/sdb is the harddrive. The error message presented me the option to choose another device to01:52
bioterrorsounds weird01:53
jgomo3install grub and i choosed /dev/sdb. After that, rebooted the machine but it doesn't boot. I can boot the live lubuntu from my usb and mount the hard drive, and i can see the system installed, so i think it is a grub problem. How can i repair that?01:53
bioterrorboot into your live sessions01:54
bioterrorrun for example01:54
bioterrorsudo blkid01:54
bioterrorand you will se list of drives01:54
bioterrorif your hard drive is /dev/sdb01:54
bioterrorthen you run command: sudo grub-install /dev/sdb01:54
jgomo3indeed /dev/sdb is still my harddrive. After the grub-install, i get this message: /usr/sbin/grub-probe: error: cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?).01:59
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bioterrorsounds like you have to do chrooting02:00
bioterroryou need to mount your /dev/sdb to /mnt02:01
jgomo3/dev/dsb or /dev/sdb#? where # is a number02:02
bioterrorthen mount with -o bind optins /sys/ /proc/ /dev to your /mnt/02:02
bioterrorjgomo3, good point, your /02:02
bioterroryou have to have access /boot02:02
bioterrorjgomo3, http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/02:04
jgomo3Ok, thank you. I'm on it02:04
bioterrorfirst time it might feel a little akward ;)02:05
jgomo3i can't mount by now, but i'll figure how to resolve that02:05
jgomo3mounted... keep going02:07
bioterrorthen mount your live sessions /dev /proc and /sys to /mnt02:08
bioterrorwith that --bind02:08
bioterrorI think you will manage from this on, I'm off to bed as it's 04:1302:12
jgomo3bioterro: thank you so much! good rest02:13
bioterrorremember to umount them too!02:15
jgomo3ok, i'll try again. I think it installed the grub, but boot in a "minimal bash-lik line editing" interface of GRUB02:17
bioterrorsounds like grub.cfg is pointing to wrong drive or something02:19
bioterrorand grub cant find those files02:19
bioterroras it thinks its looking stuff from sdb, but it should be looking from sda02:19
bioterrorquite a mess02:19
jgomo3bioterror: for a better understanding: boot with the usbdisk, choose "boot from first hard drive" and boot again the usbdisk. XD02:21
bioterrorcould work02:21
bioterrorbut usually usb drives are sdb when you're about to install it02:21
bioterrorI cant figure out why it's sda now02:21
bioterrorbut I'm off to bed02:22
bioterrormy wife wakesup soon :D02:22
jgomo3bioterror: really apreciate your help.02:22
jgomo3bioterror: XD, good night... i mean, morning02:22
bioterrorI'm using legacy grub atm.02:23
bioterrorbut I have line02:23
bioterrorroot   (hd0,4)02:23
bioterrorand you should check for something like that, stating about 0,102:23
bioterroror 0,002:23
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jgomo3thank you. I'll try something like that in the minimal grub shell.02:24
bioterroryeah, hd0,002:24
jgomo3bioterror: but now, please: go sleep XD02:24
freerouteI can't point my finger to it, but it seems there's always something wrong with the DNS when I'm on Lubuntu which let's websites load slow from time to time02:41
jgomo3Done. Used: boot-repair http://www.howopensource.com/2011/08/reinstall-recover-grub-from-ubuntu-live-cd-usb/03:08
scanuksanyone here ?03:33
scanuksi did horribole mistake03:33
scanuksi installed grandr and i pressed SCREEN OFF by mistake and now its alla blank screen03:34
scanuksblack screen03:34
scanukscant see anything03:34
rschirinciao a tutti03:48
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icerootfrom which package is the nm-applet-icon coming we are seeing in lxpanel?10:58
icerooti want to correct this bug, at the moment its against lxpanel which seems to be wrong because its also affecting other programs like evolution https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxpanel/+bug/92638310:59
ubottuUbuntu bug 926383 in lxpanel (Ubuntu) "Icons with white background" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:59
Timo_Hi! I'm using Lubuntu, and my PCManFM just crashed out of nothing :(12:30
Timo_it doens't work anymore. Also a login/logout didn't help :(12:30
Timo_I just figured out I'd try a reboot, I'll be back12:31
scanuksi have a problem , i downloaded a app called 'grandr" its a GUI interface for xrandr , and by mistake i clicked SCREEN OFF , and now i see only a blank screen =\13:34
zgrHow to get video thumbnails in pcmanfm?13:34
kanliotis pcmanfm as buggy in precise as i think it is?15:52
Silverlionkanliot no idea ^^15:53
kanliotit makes me worry seriously if it's gonna be crashing like this on release day15:54
freeroutekanliot: open home dir as regular user, then try creating a dir in regular user home dir by root (while having the window open), then refresh (F5) pcmanfm window ---> INSTACRASH15:55
freerouteat least, when I ran irssi for the first time (as normal user), it created .irssi in my home dir while I had the window open being in home dir, when I refreshed it, the whole window disappeared lol15:57
Silverlionhey nothingspecial17:40
nothingspecialhi Silverlion17:41
Silverlionslow-motion: hi there17:45
slow-motionhi Silverlion17:45
ChrismeisterIs it possible to install beryl emerald on lubuntu?19:23
valdur55xcompmgr , compiz ... yea it's possible19:26
valdur55Just open package manager and install it!19:26
Chrismeistervaldur55: ah, i want glassy like windows. And I found a themefile for "Beryl emerald"19:27
Chrismeisterthis is an example19:29
valdur55Chrismeister, it's emerald window manager19:30
valdur55sudo apt-get install emerald19:31
Chrismeisteroh, i will set up my lubuntu pc and try that!19:33
pangolinhey spotterdox21:36
pangolinspotterdox: what is the error you are getting when trying to install irssi?21:37
spotterdoxE: Unable to locate package irssi21:38
Unit193sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install irssi21:38
pangolinhmm, I think I forgot to tell you to try installing after doing update :/21:39
pangolinhopefully that works21:39
spotterdoxirssi is better for weak computers right?21:40
pangolinit is text based so yes requires less resources21:40
spotterdoxthe update manager wants me to download 177mb , is it important ?21:41
Unit193If you're new to it, http://quadpoint.org/articles/irssi should do a world of good.21:41
pangolinprobably :)21:41
pangolinit should list the packages it wants to download, is irssi in them?21:42
spotterdoxi already have installed it Unit193's command worked21:42
pangolinsorry I missed a step earlier21:43
spotterdox2pangolin: yes its very friendly21:44
spotterdox2kinda need to figure out how to make colorfull nicknames21:45
pangolinthere are irssi plugins you can use for that, but check out the link Unit193 gave you21:45
Unit193If you plan to use it remotely, http://jonathanbeluch.com/blog/2011/03/remote-notify-irssi-screen/21:48
spotterdoxUnit193: this irssi supports ssl connection , and theres is a "beep" plugin ?22:13
spotterdoxor anything that highlights the chat bar22:14
spotterdoxwindow bar22:14
spotterdoxor wnything22:14
spotterdoxpangolin: ?22:15
pangolinspotterdox: I don;t use irssi but I believe so. for more irssi specific help you can join #irssi22:16
Vimandoes anybody know how to make a deb file including the dependencies? I know checkinstall makes the file, but doesn't include anything.22:35
spotterdoxpangolin: u still here ?22:39
pangolinspotterdox: I am sorta.22:40
spotterdoxpangolin: sorry for bothering you but i need help with somthing22:40
pangolinjust ask :)22:41
spotterdoxpangolin: as i already said , im new to linux and im trying to install Hebrew (a language) for irssi but this is like chinise for me :http://www.fifi.org/doc/irssi-gnome/README-HEBREW22:41
spotterdoxi think this is a tutorial for expert users22:43
Vimanspotter: does it need to be irssi? or can you use another client?22:44
AlanBellspotterdox: maybe try asking in the #ubuntu-il channel, bidirectional support is not well understood in most english language channels22:44
spotterdoxirssi because i like this client and it good for weak computers22:44
spotterdoxAlanBell: #ubuntu-il is dead22:45
AlanBelloh, I didn't know that22:45
AlanBelltried their mailing list? I thought it was an active team at one point22:45
Vimanpidgin is pretty light, but this is the first time I've heard of irssi. I'll give it a try22:45
spotterdoxAlanBell: and its like 00/45 here22:46
spotterdoxand i need to wake up early to go to the army lol22:47
spotterdoxViman: im new to irssi too :P22:49
praxxesdViman: you figured out ?22:57
Vimansorry, fired what out?22:57
praxxesdabout irssi hebrew'22:58
Vimanno, sorry.22:58
praxxesdoh kk22:59
praxxesdim trying to see what i need to do http://www.fifi.org/doc/irssi-gnome/README-HEBREW22:59
praxxesd1.  FriBidi, a free implementation of the Unicode BiDi algorithm). See http://imagic.weizmann.ac.il/~dov/freesw/FriBidi/22:59
AlanBellstlsaint: o/ hi, got a sec?23:37
stlsaintAlanBell: hey yes23:37

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