pkkidCan someone here help me pick out a window manager I can use in Virtualbox Seamless mode?  It seems everything has gone 3D now days.01:35
pkkidUnity 2D works, but its really quite slow.  Cinnamon looks awesome, but to my understanding this is still a 3D environment, and things seem to be missing when I enter seamless mode.01:36
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kanlioti'm running precise and ejecting cd's isn't working.  they aren't unmounting when i press eject button.  should i report a bug? where?03:42
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scar3crowlook all around the faq's and can't find a way to successfully add images to /usr/share/backgrounds/ and have them show up in the wallpaper switcher/login screen... help?05:11
Hwkiller-netbookJust wanted to say.... 12.04 is shaping up to be fantastic.06:47
Hwkiller-netbookon my netbook, it seems faster, and it's super easy to use.06:48
Hwkiller-netbookThis is coming from an avid arch user. :)06:48
urlin2ushh are we will tell on you.:)06:48
Hwkiller-netbookI still hate debian package management, I still hate metapackages, and I still hate how slow package management in general is06:50
Hwkiller-netbookbut otherwise, very nice release.06:51
log12.04 has been awesome so far, yes.07:01
joosengeeHi, every body.07:10
joosengeesomeone know the room that talking about java swing or not07:11
joosengeeI need to talk real time with the programmer.07:11
joosengeeto ask him to teach me.07:12
joosengeeany one know?07:14
urlin2ujoosengee, I doubt thats gonna happen.07:15
urlin2uwhy would they want to teach you?07:15
urlin2ueve if you could contacty them07:16
joosengeeNow,  I'm trying to write the java swing and I search the link to teach about it.07:16
joosengeeI think someone have that link.07:16
joosengeeI try to search in google, but I can't.07:17
urlin2uyour on the wrong channel for that.07:17
joosengeeI don't know the channel.07:17
joosengeesomeone can tell me.07:17
urlin2utry #unkept-dreams07:18
pangolinjoosengee: you can start here http://zetcode.com/tutorials/javaswingtutorial/ but I am unable to find any channel specific to swing. perhaps ##java07:21
pangolinurlin2u: it is usually better not to say anything if you don't know the answer to a questions and is especially better not to give erroneous advice07:23
pangolinremember, Ubuntu is about being helpful :)07:23
urlin2upangolin, sorry but that is a idea that is not going to happen, but noted. :)07:23
pangolinwhat do you mean by idea that is not going to happen?07:24
urlin2upangolin, getting hold of the developer to be taught, not likely.07:24
pangolinI agree but telling him to try a non existent channel was not helpful at all07:25
urlin2upangolin, I realize that not my best moment. :)07:25
pangolinhappens to us all :)07:25
jokerdinowell, err hmm.07:33
jokerdinois there a good unix / linux command line guide that you know of?07:33
urlin2ujokerdino, here is one but many on the web depends on what you know and want really. http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/cli.html07:43
urlin2ulinux here07:43
jokerdinoi just want a guide about unix command line. like the different commands that can be used.07:44
jokerdinoi guess unix and linux command line are pretty same?07:44
jokerdinoi am not sure if i should be on #bash for this one.07:44
jokerdinowell i am not exactly looking for the most basic guide. i have some foundation about command line, i just want to know more about the lesser known commands.07:45
urlin2ujokerdino, not really the best channel to ask rather slow and a development channel, just a heads up.07:48
jokerdinowell yeah i figured it out. i was just replying since you responded to me.07:48
urlin2ujokerdino, cool just want you to get the info.07:49
jokerdinothanks anyway :)07:49
jokerdinolet me ask you ubuntu+1 related then.08:18
jokerdinohow can i follow the changes in the precise release?08:18
Ampelbeinjokerdino: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Precise-changes08:20
jokerdinoBeauty. Subscribed.08:20
varikonniemihello, what happened between some month ago of daily build and the alpha2? With the daily builds precise worked fine out of the box in virtualbox, the alpha2 keeps crashing, does not have mouse pointer integration and so forth08:32
varikonniemiit even failed to upgrade in some dependency issues08:33
kalimojoim on 11.10. how do i upgrade to 12.04 and will i still be able to use gnome08:42
jokerdinowhat do you mean by gnome?08:43
varikonniemiupdate-manager -d08:43
kalimojothe gnome desktop08:43
kalimojoi hate unity08:44
varikonniemignome-shell you mean?08:44
jokerdinoif you mean the gnome-shell, yes you can08:44
valdur55gnome-shell-fallback :). And you get indicator and compiz support08:53
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glosoliAnyone else when press  network icon in the panel see "Wireless Network" Text blurred ?09:03
rdjmhghhi i have noticed an issue with amavisd in 12.0409:10
rdjmhghthe script does not restart correcty09:10
rdjmhgh'sudo service amavis restart'09:11
rdjmhgh'Stopping amavisd: (not running).'Starting amavisd: The amavisd daemon is already running, PID: [6079] (failed).09:11
rdjmhghappears to be in the debian bug system09:12
rdjmhghfixed in 2.709:12
rdjmhghwill this be fixed in 12.04 as well09:12
ubottuDebian bug 652026 in amavisd-new "perl 5.14 broke use of s-s-d --name on initscript" [Important,Fixed]09:12
EvilResistancerdjmhgh, that'd depend on whether they sync the version in from debian09:25
jakkoQuick question (I hope)... I recently upgraded from 10.04 LTS, and now the Shift-F1 and so on go to the VTs, like Ctrl-Alt-Fn used to do... how can I get the usual behavior back??09:26
jakkoThis only happens in X09:27
jakkoFrom a normal VT, Ctrl-Alt-Fn work as expected09:27
jakkoAh, I found the culprit I think -- something dumped an .Xmodmap in ~09:34
rdjmhghevilresistance, wel in any case he bug should be fixed in ubuntu as well09:40
EvilResistancerdjmhgh, file a bug against the ubuntu package, making a note that the bug was fixed in Debian sid, with version 1.7.0-1 of the package.  that's what i'd do.  (but i'm weird like that)09:41
rdjmhghI will09:42
rdjmhghbe wird as well09:42
varikonniemihello, what happened between some month ago of daily build and the alpha2? With the daily builds precise worked fine out of the box in virtualbox, the alpha2 keeps crashing, does not have mouse pointer integration and so forth09:43
varikonniemiif i get a current daily build, will it work again, or did something change that broke it09:43
varikonniemii don't wnat to dl the image just to find out its still broken09:44
valdur55varikonniemi, you can use zsync for syncing isos09:48
valdur55varikonniemi, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ISO/Procedures09:49
valdur55varikonniemi, better page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ZsyncCdImage09:51
valdur55varikonniemi, and about your mouse prointer problem: http://www.webupd8.org/2012/02/virtualbox-ubuntu-1204-guest-fixes.html09:56
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coz_well so far, I am impressed with precise..11:35
coz_but then I am using classic gnome :)11:35
BluesKaj'morning all13:31
penguin42Hey BK13:50
valdur55I have problem with maximised new window in lubuntu 12.0413:51
penguin42it's nice bug 925785 has been flattened - that's been really annoying for a few weeks13:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 925785 in X.Org X server "Starting to scroll is erratic with edge scrolling on touchpad or mouse scrollwheels" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/92578513:54
head_victimpenguin42: yep, I've got that bug fixed as well, now just waiting on empathy to work with msn14:28
kanlioti'm running precise and ejecting cd's isn't working.  they aren't unmounting when i press eject button.  should i report a bug? where?15:10
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penguin42kanliot: Report the bug by running   ubuntu-bug nautilus15:22
penguin42(nautilus being a guess of the package that does the eject button)15:22
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kanliotk thanks15:27
h00koh boy, I have some dependency hell going on.15:33
jtayloraren't libc updates fun :)15:41
Kartagiswhat apache2 and php version will 12.04 provide?15:43
codemagicianis it possible to get an early release of what will be 12.04 LTS server?15:43
codemagicianI'd like to begin testing my Python apps using 2.715:44
jtaylorcodemagician: download the latest alpha or daily build15:45
jtaylorbut only on a testing machine/partition!15:45
codemagicianhow do I find these please?15:45
codemagicianI will use Virtual Box15:45
codemagicianthanks :)15:45
jtaylorcodemagician: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/TechnicalOverview/Alpha2#Get_Ubuntu_12.0415:46
jtaylorthe alpha probably has a higher chance of a successfull install, currently a bunch of core stuff was upgraded which might result in broken daily buildy15:46
codemagicianthe first link has only desktop pc images, are the server images kept separately?15:47
jtaylorcodemagician: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/daily/current/15:47
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/15:48
codemagicianif i'm using a macbook but intend to run VirtualBox to run the image, should I still pick the mac download or pc?15:48
bjsnidereasier to just use the all-knowing, all-seeing bot15:49
jtaylornot so all-knowing :(15:49
h00kjtaylor: yeah, I wouldn't call it *fun*15:49
bjsniderjtaylor, you can have a channel admin or someone like that add that to the bot15:50
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/15:51
h00kwhich doesn't include server15:51
jtaylorcodemagician: probably does not make much difference15:51
codemagicianI'm a bit confused which install to take.  I'm using a 64 bit mac, but I intend to use virtual box to create a virtual pc, so which one should I download15:51
jtayloruse what your server machine will be using15:51
h00kcodemagician: in that case, you can use either/or, that's up to you.15:52
codemagicianmy server will most likely be an Amazon EC2 image15:52
holsteincodemagician: that the 32bit normal one then15:52
codemagicianEC2 now have 64 bit too15:52
holsteinyour mac is not PPC15:53
codemagicianmacbook pro15:53
codemagiciani guess because i'm working within the context of the virtual box the image won't know my underlying mac hardware?15:53
h00kcodemagician: right15:54
holsteincodemagician: its intel.. its a PC15:54
holsteinpretty much15:54
holsteinyou dont need the "mac PPC" version15:54
codemagicianyes, its an core 7 processor within15:54
codemagicianso I'll take the standard pc version15:54
codemagicianPC (Intel x86) server install CD15:55
holsteincodemagician: if you are in doubt, take the normal 32bit version as i said15:56
codemagicianthanks guys :)15:56
codemagiciani'll stick with the 32bit version and test my web app using virtual box locally, and update the image each few days to check it still works15:57
FernandoMiguelFYI yesterday daily iso desktop 64bits installs fine16:06
h00kAny protips to fix my libc6 issues:16:30
h00k10:24 <         mneptok+> imagine this channel as a bunch of trench-weary soldiers. ;)16:30
h00kcopy paste fail.16:31
kanlioti'm running precise, where do i report a video playback problem on amd video card?  can't play any video at all16:31
penguin42kanliot: Do     ubuntu-bug xorg16:32
penguin42kanliot: In a terminal16:32
DaekdroomDoes anyone else have a held back gwibber update?17:14
DaekdroomIt depends on gwibber-service 3.3.3-0ubuntu2 but it's not available.17:16
popeyDaekdroom: yes17:29
popeyprobably a knock on effect of the libwebkitgtk issue over hte weekend17:29
h00kI'm still trying to work around these libc6 issues :)17:34
glosoliAnyone knows if there is a PPA suitable with Precise for GIMP 2.8  ?17:51
Volkodavand for sopcast-player too ?17:55
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valdur55Volkodav, wait until relase18:27
AmpelbeinDaekdroom, popey: About gwibber: The i386 build (which contains the gwibber-service update for all architectures) is waiting on gir1.2-indicate-0.7, which is in the NEW-Queue (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=gir1.2-indicate-0.7)18:35
glosoliIs anyone else getting X crashed when trying to play movies  ?18:47
penguin42glosoli: I'm not - but that is normally very graphics driver specific18:47
penguin42glosoli: Which graphics card and which drivers?18:48
glosolipenguin42: ATI Radeon HD 5730 1GB , Catalyst 12.118:48
penguin42glosoli: so I run a 4350 with the open driver and it's fine; I've not tried the closed driver18:49
glosolipenguin42: Open Driver for notebook is like having notebook without battery :)18:49
glosoliOr they fixed something in Precise ?18:49
penguin42glosoli: Ah not sure; I use a desktop so I'm not too bothered - it's worth just trying again to see if it got any better; I don't follow Catalyst to know what stage it's at - my bet is it's best to file a bug18:50
penguin42glosoli: It's not too unusual for the binary drivers to be a bit shaky during the Alpha stages of a release; the binary drivers normally catch up a bit18:51
glosoliHate that friggin ATI, will never buy it again.18:52
glosolipenguin42: I have no idea how to fill a bug properly, because I don't know where to check the error18:52
penguin42glosoli: That's OK - the tool will do it for you18:53
glosoliwhich tool ?18:53
penguin42glosoli: ubuntu-bug18:53
glosolisudo apt-get install it ?18:53
penguin42glosoli: Run some video and let it crash, then when X restarts, run ubuntu-bug xorg  and explain the problem18:53
penguin42glosoli: ubuntu-bug will be preinstalled18:53
glosolipenguin42: I crashed and I wasn't able to do anything, system stopped and thats all, didin't restarted18:54
penguin42glosoli: You need to have a launchpad account so people can tell you when it's fixed or ask you for more info18:54
glosoliI have launchpad account18:54
penguin42glosoli: That's fine, do it when it reboots18:54
glosoliE: Unable to locate package ubuntu-bug18:54
penguin42glosoli: There should be some logs in /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old with a segfault or something at the bottom18:54
glosolihmm no info about segfault18:56
Ampelbeinglosoli: You don't need to install ubuntu-bug, just type in terminal: 'ubuntu-bug xorg'18:56
glosoliOk will try to fill a bug. Tryed even different video player like SMplayer problem persists19:00
penguin42glosoli: A lot of them share the same stuff at the back19:02
glosolipenguin42: How to fallback to open source drivers ?19:03
penguin42glosoli: Did you install the closed drivers using the Ubuntu hardware drivers option?19:03
penguin42ah, you see that was a bad move19:03
penguin42if you had it would have been 1 or 2 clicks to remove it19:03
glosolior maybe i should try installing drivers19:04
glosolifrom ubuntu drivers center ?19:04
penguin42glosoli: I've not run with the closed drivers for so long I can't remember the magic to remove them; but before trying to install from ubuntu driver centre make sure you get rid fo the closed ones you have and make sure it all is OK at that point19:04
glosolipenguin42: I am doing 2click solution, because installing binary makes it appear in "Drivers" center19:05
penguin42glosoli: Well, if that will let you install it that's probably best19:07
glosolihmm, open source drivers seems fine19:16
glosolipenguin42: With Open Source drivers everything works faster, hmm need to check battery now19:16
glosolipenguin42: are you still here ?19:28
nickgawHi, Where can I download an ubuntu development build that works with the mac book pro as 11.10 does not boot properly I just sit at a busybox prompt?19:29
glosolinickgaw: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/alpha-2/19:31
nickgawok and should this release be better then the daily builds that fail to download?19:32
glosolinickgaw: Have no idea you might try, it is developement version anyway, so it's considered as unstable system.19:34
nickgawok I will try this one out19:35
bjsniderthere's no special version that works with macbooks19:51
pangolinthe regular version should work with intel mac19:54
pangolinnot sure if there still is a ppc version19:54
penguin42if it got as far as far as a busybox prompt then that isn't the issue19:57
penguin42I suspect the new macbooks have pretty new hardware, so it might be a driver issue on 11.1019:57
glosolipenguin42: You are using macbook also ?20:03
penguin42glosoli: No, I've used one or two in the past20:03
glosolipenguin42: May I ask you smth offtopic in pm  ?20:04
penguin42glosoli: In the end they're just PCs, with EFI bioses (which are now common) and tend to be very recent hardware20:04
glosoliMy Asus supports UEFI20:04
penguin42glosoli: erm hmm - I'm about to disappear anyway20:04
penguin42glosoli: You can always ask it and I can say no20:05
logThey really need to fix gwibber on amd64...20:20
FernandoMiguelit's broken?20:26
FernandoMiguelI was under the idea it was working20:26
logFernandoMiguel: The dependencies are messed up, so it never lets me update.20:28
FernandoMiguellet me test20:28
FernandoMiguelI installed it fine, yesterday20:28
FernandoMiguelbrand new install, on daily iso20:28
FernandoMiguelThe following packages have unmet dependencies:20:30
FernandoMiguel gwibber : Depends: gwibber-service (= 3.3.3-0ubuntu2) but 3.3.3-0ubuntu1 is to be installed20:30
logFernandoMiguel: Yep.20:31
logbug 930534 | FernandoMiguel20:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 930534 in Gwibber "precise desktop amd64 failed to upgrade: gwibber: Depends: gwibber-service (= 3.3.3-0ubuntu2) but 3.3.3-0ubuntu1 is installed." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93053420:31
logThere's a bug about it already. :P20:31
FernandoMigueloh well20:31
FernandoMiguelforce it :p20:32
logHaha, I'd rather not. :P20:34
logAfter all, testers are supposed to be doing it from the mindset of a typical Ubuntu user who wouldn't know to force it. :P20:34
FernandoMiguelwhy? don't tell me you depend on gwibber :+p20:35
logWell, I kind of got myself into a sticky situation; I removed gwibber due to the update issues, which ended up removing ubuntu-desktop as well, and now I can't install either...20:35
* log facepalms20:35
logOh well.20:36
arandSince a situation like this is unlikely to crop up in a version of ubuntu which "typical" users use, I don't see that much problem in solving it in a non-typical manner ;)20:37
bjsniderthat  kind of thing means 0ubuntu2 hasn't been built yet20:37
AmpelbeinAbout gwibber: The i386 build (which contains the gwibber-service update for all architectures) is waiting on gir1.2-indicate-0.7, which is in the NEW-Queue (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=0&queue_text=gir1.2-indicate-0.7)20:38
DrHalanhey, im looking for an app to manage my video collection? is there anything except banshee? would like to manage music and videos seperatly..21:53
kcw45hi all, after a round of updates about 7 days ago, my audio stopped working.  i was able to get it working again by using alsamixer to turn off 'dynamic power-control'.  anyone have tips on making this change permanent?21:55
bjsniderDrHalan, xbmc i suppose21:56
DrHalanbjsnider: isn't that a little bloated for just browsing my videos? strange there is no rhythmobx for videos21:57
bjsniderput them int he videos directory21:58
bjsniderthen you can browse them with nautilus21:58
DrHalanyeah thats what i do.. but that kinda 200121:58
hggdhanyone noticing nm-applet eating up a lot of resident memory?22:00
hggdh(before rebooting this morning it was at 700M; it is now 140M of res)22:00
poolieis it just me or are multitouch gestures not working?22:11
kklimondahggdh: it's fine here but I don't have a wifi22:14
DebolazAnyone else getting this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/93051522:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 930515 in Ubuntu "title bar text glitch offset shadow" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:18
FernandoMiguelyou guys find bug #931174 related to #310349 ?22:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 931174 in eog (Ubuntu) "bad color correction" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93117422:51
Daekdroombug 31034922:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 310349 in eog (Ubuntu) "eog does not handle nonadobe CMYK JPEGs correctly" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31034922:53
brobostigoni think i have found something,within alt-tab, it shows one window, for other apps, withi one app window open, other than gnome-terminal, shows two, always, with even one window open.22:59
DaekdroomIt's only showing one window for me.23:02
Ben64one of the latest upgrades broke my audio23:02
brobostigoni do have two tabs open, however, both views in alt-tab are clearly the same.23:02
Daekdroombrobostigon, I get only one window even when I have two tabs open.23:29
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FernandoMiguelnity nite23:59

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