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aquariusjames_w, jml, do you guys know about quickly?11:17
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james_waquarius, not much17:20
aquariusany idea how one should programmatically get the current Ubuntu version number?19:25
aquariusshelling out to lsb_release seems a bit clunky ;)19:25
aquariusooh, lsb_release is python!19:25
JanCaquarius: calling lsb_release is the "correct" way AFAIK and I would suggest you don't depend on it being in Python20:39
aquariusJanC, fair comment20:40
JanCthe version is also available in /etc/issue & /etc/issue.net (but again, I have no idea if this is just customary or supposed to be "standardized", while LSB *is* an industry standard)20:44

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