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codemagicianWill Ubuntu 12.04 LTS run on the new Raspberry Pi computer with ARM11 CPU?16:08
desrtcodemagician: that seems unlikely16:16
desrtcodemagician: http://www.raspberrypi.org/faqs is pretty clear on this topic16:17
desrt"Because of issues with newer releases of Ubuntu and the ARM processor we are using, Ubuntu can’t commit to support Raspberry Pi at the moment."16:17
codemagicianthanks for the info16:44
apokryphuscould i get some help from here in enabling dvi on a pandaboard es?20:38
krosswindzapokryphus: dvi is enabled by default on the pandaboard20:41
apokryphusbut not for me20:46
krosswindzhow are you connected20:47
apokryphusi have a pandaboard es20:47
apokryphushdmi to dvi rather20:47
krosswindzi mean when you connected using dvi20:47
krosswindzwhat are you running?20:47
apokryphushdmi to dvi-d to dvi20:47
apokryphusi want to connect a lvds panel in omapfb.mode=dvi1024x600MR-18@6020:48
apokryphusand omapdss.def_disp:dvi20:48
apokryphusdo you mean connected to the i-net?20:49
apokryphussorry don't understand what you mean20:49
krosswindzthats fine20:49
apokryphusany ideas?20:50
krosswindznot sure20:50
apokryphusthe validation image runs fine20:50
apokryphusi got a signal onm dvi ouit20:50
krosswindzdvi should be fine then20:50
apokryphusbut no boot will boot into driving dvi20:51
apokryphusi have to switch back to the real hdmi port - than i get a signal20:51
krosswindzthats weird20:51
apokryphusbut only on hdmi20:52
apokryphusi tried debian - ther it works20:52
krosswindzprobably you need to wait for some of the devs to answer it20:52
apokryphusi got a signal on dvi and on the lcd conected trough the lcd_exp_ports20:52
apokryphuslike extension20:53
apokryphusi guess its connected to the "es" in pandaboard es - the newer revision20:53
apokryphusbut thank you20:53
krosswindzsorry couldnt help you20:54
apokryphusi mean maybe to nwer revision isn't fully supported20:54
apokryphusthank you anyway20:54
krosswindzyour welcome20:54

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