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sagaciubuntu-au meeting in around an hour09:07
head_victimsagaci: I remembered to dent/tweet it this time.09:15
sagaciI didn't remember to ML a blurb09:16
sagaciI was going to last saturday but I rather do it on the monday of the week09:16
head_victimMy google calendar reminders are all over the place for the loco.u.c stuff09:16
jellywareis there a meeting about to start>?10:01
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head_victimEvening all10:01
sagacihi all and welcome to the February meeting for ubuntu-au10:01
sagaciagenda -- http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/316/detail/10:01
sagaciplease say hi or something similar to register your attendance with the meeting bot10:02
sagaci#chair head_victim jaddi27 10:03
meetingologyCurrent chairs: head_victim jaddi27 sagaci10:03
head_victimGday caryb 10:04
carybHi folks10:04
head_victimWe're just starting10:04
Bodman456Hey all10:05
sagacihi Bodman456 10:05
sagaci#topic Ubuntu Global Jam Events --head_victim10:06
head_victimGood evening all, I just thought I'd take the opportunity to highlight the events already organised and try to drum up anymore events that could occur10:06
jaddi27I have just set a time for the Wiki Jam, and am in the process of making a l.u.c event10:07
head_victimare the 2 events so far registered, both by sagaci - nice work10:07
head_victimjaddi27: ah good stuff10:08
head_victimI know packaging and bug jamming have been popular ideas in the past. But these do require someone who does have a fair bit of experience in the areas10:08
sagaciI'd like to see a few local events happen... I'm the better part of 300km from anything major so its a bit of a dwell to single-handed organise an event like this in a small town, especially when jams lend themselves to requiring decent internet access10:10
sagaciand participants to have pre-knowledge on ubuntu-ish things10:10
head_victimMaybe if someone has any decent LUG contacts it might be worth doing an integrated event.10:10
carybOur install fest was a great sucess10:11
head_victimYeah I wish we could time our inbetween release get togethers around UGJ but the timing is a little off everytime.10:11
head_victimLUGs generally have monthyl or fortnightly meetings though so may be able to organise something together. 10:12
carybwe used to meet in brisneyland 4 times a year 2 x releases & 2 x in between10:12
head_victimIf organisers can please remember to ping me a week or so out and then a day or so out I'll try to make sure we can twee/dent it as well to get some more exposure.10:13
Bodman456I would love to have quad-monthly meets10:13
carybjust social meetings10:13
Bodman456Sounds good10:13
sagaciI'd also like to see some kind of event happen in Melbourne/VIC or SA10:14
Bodman456Just off-topic quickly - is there a LUG for Brisbane/QLD?10:15
dns53is there anyone here from sa that wants to do something?10:15
head_victimBodman456: yes, HUMBUG and I've invited them to every event we've ever had.10:15
Bodman456TYVM sagaci and head_victim10:15
carybwe could have a wake for Kubuntu :(10:15
head_victimcaryb: hah I doubt much will really change for Kubuntu tbh, the dev they've had on it has only been part time for the last while anyway.10:16
head_victimOk, sounds good for a next topic, not sure who's it is10:16
dns53i had heard that there where 4 gnome devs and 2 kde devs (that was a few years ago)10:16
sagaci#topic LoCo Self Health Check -- sagaci10:17
head_victimsagaci: is there a guide for performing a self health check available online anywhere?10:17
sagacia wild guess...10:17
sagaciit's more of a thing of just discussing where we can go better at this stage10:17
sagacihead_victim: is there anything on the wiki that needs TODO?10:18
head_victimI think we are starting to do the online events well10:19
head_victimJust need a better offline presence.10:19
head_victimI think we do the global jams well online, we participate in classroom activites and we hold regular meetings.10:20
jaddi27I think that the loco team has definitely improved over the past year10:20
sagaciI think that is mainly remedied with events, such as your release parties and social events/workshops10:20
sagacibut at this stage it is mostly NSW/QLD10:21
head_victimsagaci: yep, we just need people around the place to organise them. It's well and good for one or two locations to do it we just need to foster the ability to do it around the country.10:21
sagaciwell actually, all... when it comes to offline events10:21
head_victimEven if they're only social, that's not really an issue. It's about connecting people with similar interests. Once you get a group of people together with similar interests the workshoppy type things come easier because you have a group of functioning people10:22
Bodman456And then they often bring in others10:23
carybso true10:23
Bodman456slowly, but surely, growing the group10:23
head_victimSo I think even if all people try to do is ensure release parties are held in as many places as possible that is a good start.10:24
Bodman456Until you've got this large group of people, all connected by a common interest10:24
Bodman456head_victim: Public places are  agood place to hold events10:25
jellywarehave we moved to the last agenda item?10:25
head_victimRelease parties aren't that hard to organise really. Picking the time and location are the trickiest bit, the rest just happens.10:25
jaddi27jellyware, not quite yet10:25
head_victimjellyware: sort of, we're discussing the self health check and I was just trying to suggest some ways we could improve as a loco. 10:25
head_victimWas there any sort of socialising amongst the team at the most recent LCA?10:26
dns53there was no open day which cut out the normal booth but i did meet someone from the loco in person10:27
head_victimdns53: good start. I think these are the sorts of events we can grow the numbers with.10:28
dns53who went to lca?10:28
sagacidns53: monday-wednesday10:28
sagacihead_victim: I'm thinking that the minutes of these meetings could be sent to the ML10:30
head_victimThe only other thing I'm thinking of is that our documentation is still a bit slow10:30
head_victimAlthough using loco.u.c that should be easier.10:30
jaddi27sagaci, I think we did it in the past a couple of times, and is a good idea10:30
head_victimsagaci: the social ones or the online ones?10:30
sagacithese monthly IRC ubuntu-au meetings10:31
head_victimsagaci: I guess it can't hurt. I know we post a link to the ML for them to check if they want it, it's not like it will be a war and peace length.10:31
sagaciyeah, a link is fine10:32
Bodman456should we action it?10:32
head_victimsagaci: it is on the to do list ;)10:32
head_victimBodman456: usually the meeting chairs organise that, we're actualyl more struggling for team reporters at the moment.10:32
sagacinever thought of it until now10:32
Bodman456head_victim: team reporters?10:33
sagacisay who did what, etc. through the month10:33
head_victimhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Meetings/ToDoList is the role of the chairpeople10:33
sagacia back page blurb so others know what we're up to in a nutshell10:33
head_victimhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/TeamReports/ToDoList is the role of the team reporters10:33
head_victimsagaci: yep, sounds like a plan.10:33
sagaci#action sagaci and jaddi27 to email ML with monthly meeting minutes10:34
meetingologyACTION: sagaci and jaddi27 to email ML with monthly meeting minutes10:34
jaddi27I accept that action10:34
head_victimThe team reporters should also be emailing the ML with a summary of the month's events.10:35
head_victimTo keep people up to date10:35
Bodman456sounds good10:35
jaddi27The Facebook events have gone back to the old creation method, so I will get them done quicker from now on hopefully10:35
head_victimjaddi27: nice work with them btw, it makes a large audience know about it quickly.10:36
head_victimsagaci: are you happy to keep rolling along with team reports as well or would you like some further assistance, benonsoftware and somethinginteres appear to be a bit awol in that regard.10:36
sagaciyeah, I don't mind but it would be good to help10:37
sagacisomethingintres wrote a great Sept/Oct? report10:37
head_victim#action head_victim to put a call out for more volunteers to help with team reporting10:37
meetingologyACTION: head_victim to put a call out for more volunteers to help with team reporting10:37
head_victimsagaci: yeah but it's Feb ;)10:37
Bodman456I'd be happy to help with the Twitter account as well10:38
head_victimTeam reports are one of the things the loco council look for along with loco.u.c events to show a summary of what has been achieved 10:38
sagaciyeah, I'm just saying that every report should be like that10:38
Bodman456If someone could teach me how to do them, I'd be happy to help10:38
head_victimsagaci: ahh ok, maybe link it as an example on the todo list page10:38
head_victimBodman456: perfect, between sagaci and I we should be able to get you sorted for team reports 10:38
sagaciBodman456: just bullet point the main things that happen in the month10:39
Bodman456Ah, ok :)10:39
head_victimOk, so is that a fairly comprehensive self health check, anyone have questions?10:39
sagacinot really, just need to go through with all these ideas10:39
head_victimsagaci: yep, talk is good, actions are great.10:40
sagaci#topic Precise Pangolin Release Parties -- head_victim10:40
head_victimAnd that brings us to the next topic nicely.10:40
head_victimThe talk on the ML has drifted a bit lately, we should be finalising these by the next team meeting would be the goal.10:41
head_victimHopefully we can aim for 5+ locations this release, 10 would be awesome.10:41
head_victimI think people get a bit put off with the lack of response or the idea that you need to have 20 people there to make it worthwhile.10:42
sagacinah, 5 people is fine10:42
Bodman456There has been some talk about the Brisbane RP, caryb suggested a location, can't remember what it was though10:42
head_victimsagaci: 5 people is good, it means you can connect with everyone there easily.10:42
Bodman456I like having a small group at the start of the day10:42
Bodman456makes socialising a lot easier10:43
Bodman456oops, beaten to it by head_victim10:43
sagacirelease parties should be finalised by the next meeting  (11th March) so they can sit around on l.u.c for people to find10:43
Bodman456Sounds good10:43
head_victimIf anyone is thinking of organising one but isn't sure what to expect or how to do it. make sure you ask for a hand, there are multiple people around who have done these in the past that can help out.10:44
Bodman456I'm going to start looking at potential locations for the Brisbane one later10:44
Bodman456I've got plenty of free time on my hands10:44
head_victimBodman456: the problem we've had in the past is that most of the popular venues are 18+. If you can find a nice cafe that is large enough to have 10 - 20 people rock up without problems with tables we can sit at that would be great. The only other issue is close to public transport.10:45
head_victimMaybe a coffee club or something might be an idea.10:45
head_victimwifi is really a non issue when it comes to release parties so don't stress about that.10:45
Bodman456that repos. setup you had at the 11.10 release party was nifty10:46
jaddi27were there any cafes around Brisbane Square? You would be able to use the Library wifi then if needed10:46
head_victimjaddi27: the library wifi is only available to library members so not a huge benefit. But for social events, wifi is not really needed.10:47
jaddi27yes, that is true10:47
head_victimBesides, caryb usually has enough phones and dongles on him for a small village ;)(10:48
Bodman456And my parents call me addicted to tech, LOL10:49
carybKedron Pk hotel because of it's proximity to public transport10:49
head_victimcaryb: can minors go in to eat without their parents there (just thinking of Bodman456 being able to attend)10:50
head_victimNot sure what bistro rules are these days.10:50
jaddi27What date does precise come out?10:50
head_victim26th of April apparently.10:51
Bodman456jaddi27: 26th April10:51
head_victimThat's quite late in the month actually.10:51
carybthats why breaky creek is good because we can go to the restaraunt instead10:51
Bodman456again, beaten to it10:51
carybOh yeah I have a blue card ;)10:51
head_victimcaryb: yeah apparently that was hard to get to via public transport though10:52
head_victimMaybe a large licensed cafe near a shopping centre?10:52
Bodman456caryb: blue card?10:52
carybthats why kedron pk10:52
Bodman456What about Pancake Manor?10:52
head_victimcaryb: I'll call them during the week to see if they allow minors.10:52
jaddi27Bodman456, blue cards are required to work with children in qld10:52
head_victimBodman456: there was limited support for that venue :/10:52
jaddi27I need to get one now as well10:53
head_victimCool, well is that all we have for the whole loco? We can discuss specific locations after the meeting still but not sure it needs to be in the logs10:54
carybproblem with pancake manor is it's so busy they don't like long meetings there10:54
Bodman456What about one of their other locations like Mt Gravatt or Ipswich (out in the middle of nowhere though)10:55
Bodman456Pancake Manor might be good for potential social gatherings though10:56
jaddi27Mt Gravatt is easy to get to - next to a major busway station10:56
jaddi27ipswich is a bit harder10:56
jaddi27head_victim, I think that is all for the meeting. The rest can continue after10:57
head_victimKedron park hotel might be worth a go, the main problem is getting a number of attendees together10:57
Bodman456I've got a Go Card, so I'm happy to catch a bus/train to get there10:57
head_victimBodman456: I just need to make sure you don't need your parents there to get in.10:58
caryball jokes aside with parental permission the blue card protects the group10:58
head_victimcaryb: yeah, but some places require parents present, not just permissive.10:59
Bodman456If KP hotel doesn't allow minors, we could always go to Brekky Creek Hotel10:59
head_victimI'm thinking it shouldn't be a problem in the restaurant part I just want to confirm.11:00
head_victimsagaci, jaddi27 anything else to add or shall we endmeeting and continue the location conversations?11:00
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Feb 12 11:00:58 2012 UTC.  11:00
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head_victimDone :)11:01
jaddi27next meeting: March 1111:01
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head_victimI'll update the link when the loco.u.c event exists.11:02
head_victimcaryb & Bodman456 I'll just email the KP hotel and see what they say then I'll email the list11:03
Bodman456head_victim: Sounds good11:03
iktjust missed it11:03
jaddi27sagaci, are you making the event for the next meeting, or am I?11:03
head_victimikt: aww we were actually on time this meeting otherwise it'd still be going11:03
carybfb is good for it reminded me tonight11:04
mrshr3dhehe same :)11:04
head_victimcaryb: yeah I like getting those reminders as well.11:04
Bodman456Gcal reminded me11:04
jaddi27caryb, Good to see someone finds the events on fb useful11:04
head_victimmrshr3d: you're an hour late ;)11:04
mrshr3dgah!....only just got the reminder :(11:04
Bodman456Minutes email just arrived :D11:04
Bodman456very punctual11:05
mrshr3dgot carried away havng a glass of red and working on the Bonsai Society of QLD newsletter.11:05
jaddi27logs: http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-au/2012/ubuntu-au.2012-02-12-10.01.html11:06
Bodman456ooh, Bonsais :)11:06
sagacijaddi27: I don't mind11:06
jaddi27nice HTML logs now11:06
Bodman456I have a Bonsai tree next to me right now, lol11:06
sagacijaddi27: upstate logs11:06
mrshr3dnice, mine are suffering from overgrowth but they still live, that's the main thing11:06
jaddi27sagaci, sorry, what did you mean?11:07
sagacijaddi27: shiny logs, in html11:07
jaddi27oh, right. Yes, it looks much nicer11:07
jaddi27I'll create the next meeting event11:07
Bodman456mrshr3d: mine are suffering from lack of TLC because of school, but it's growing back11:07
Bodman456Well, I'm off, I'll be reconnecting in a bit using wIRC on my TouchPad though11:10
head_victimI've just emailed the Kedron Park hotel, I'll let you all know how it goes.11:10
jaddi27sagaci, head_victim: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-au/347/detail/11:11
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head_victimI've fallen in love with the is.gd firefox plugin11:13
head_victimAnd I'm back. Some weird stuff going on here with nets. I think by moving the network stuff I'm overheating some things.12:06
sagacijaddi27: you'll have to check that timezone, it's on GMT12:16
jaddi27sagaci, Thanks for pointing that out. I thought I had selected the right one, but must have got mixed up12:18
jaddi27Is that alright?12:18
sagaciheh, ate my own words... the feb one I created uses GMT12:21
sagaciyeah, I usually use EST12:21
sagaciwell either that or use 10:00 GMT12:22
jaddi27ok, I will use EST from now on (if there is a selector for it)12:24
sagacithe precise release parties will fall after daylight savings so hopefully we can just use EST for them12:25
jaddi27sagaci, Did you want to co-organise the localisation Jam? Especially seeing as you have done most of the work so far12:25
jaddi27Yes, that would be good12:25
sagacithere isn't really that much to do but an hour set aside would really help and cement/shake up a few things I've done12:26
jaddi27Ok. I will have to get the links to all of your stuff before the day12:26
jaddi27What time would suit you for the Jam?12:26
sagaciI'm not too sure at the moment, I've got 2 hours on Saturday arvie and then an hour extra for the materials jam, so friday night for me would work well12:27
jaddi27Ok. I think that should be alright. 8pm on Friday 2nd?12:28
sagaciEST or EDST?12:29
jaddi27EST I was thinking, but could do either12:30
sagaci8pm EST is fine12:31
jaddi27ok, sounds good12:32
jaddi27I will confirm it closer to the time, as Uni starts for me in that week. I don't foresee any issues though12:32
sagaciit's just that the defaults are really all we have to agree on... the cumbersome part is creating the deb and running a live-build-esque command that, if fails, you really have to start the whole thing from scratch12:35
jaddi27Ok. I might have to look into it a bit more before the jam to work it all out12:45
jaddi27sagaci, http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-au/1538/detail/12:50
jaddi27I'm off now. See you later on12:51

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