avi_i have installed cpudyn , but how do i use it, (ubuntu 10.04, dell inspiron 8600)00:51
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avi_register avinash02:05
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stlsainthey whats the best way to run multiple versions of python on one system02:25
avinashrhow can i use cpudyn to control my cpu, dell inspiron 860002:25
stlsaintavinashr: cpu throttle?02:26
avinashri am using ubuntu 10.0402:27
stlsainthrm why not try cpufreq?02:27
avinashrsure, what are the commands or steps to upscale my cpu02:28
stlsaintavinashr: try here: http://mnm.uib.es/gallir/cpudyn/02:29
avinashrthanks, i will try there02:30
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r4yI know Ubuntu does fsck on it's own every so often, I can't remember but I think it's around 20 or 30 reboots. I am wondering if it is a good idea to change that number to say 10 reboot or less. What do you guys think?05:30
r4yI just did sudo touch /forcefsck and rebooted because I have had my computer on for many days now and I don't reboot that often.05:32
r4yI am not having any trouble but after the troubles I had had over the course of 3 years with hard drives I just want to be careful05:33
Unit193This (should) have a lot of info on that. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AutoFsck05:33
r4yI really don't really think it takes that long for fsck to do it's think on my hard drive. I don't know why people complain about it other than hard drives that are maybe terabyte sized or perhaps 500 GBs or more.05:36
r4yI meant to say thing not think, sorry05:37
r4yI just had a long day.05:37
r4yIsn't there a default program that I can change instead?, I thought I remember seeing.05:38
r4yNever mind. I will Google it:05:39
r4ysorry for that05:40
r4y I guess I should have used tiny url, but I have only used that once before.05:40
r4yI forgot05:40
r4yHow often might you think is too often to use fsck?05:43
Unit193Well, is there a reason to change the default? Do you suspect something may go wrong?05:44
r4yI just want to make sure everything is fine. Like I said I don't reboot that often.05:45
r4yI've been messing around with a lot of files05:46
r4yI found this link:05:46
r4yThat might not be the right way to do what I am asking for.05:48
r4yI mean for Ubuntu that is. Not that I would know.05:49
r4yI stand corrected:05:49
urlin2ur4y,  I would not worry about it just have backups and an image.05:50
r4yI need to syncronize my back up, as I haven't done so in quite some time. No I do not want a program to do it for me. I like to go through files which forces me to rethink how I want and where I want folders and files to be placed as well as go through files to minimize what I have stored and so on.05:53
r4yThank you for talking to me.05:53
r4yby :) /05:53
r4yI meant bye05:53
urlin2ur4y, always be prepared for full bricking really. :)05:54
ianp5aI need to find an easy way to access a local network share.09:24
ianp5aI can browse them in nautilus09:24
ianp5abut they dont show up when I browse in an applicatiuon (such as GRsync)09:25
ianp5aI need to find an easy way to access a local network share. I can browse them in nautilus but they don't show up when I browse in an application (such as GRsync)10:37
geirhaianp5a: That means GRsync does not interface with gnome-volume-manager (or whatever it's called).10:41
geirhaBut you can still access them by going to the hidden directory named ".gvfs" in your homedir10:41
ianp5ageirha: looking in .gvfs in Nautilus shows it's empty10:52
ianp5ageirha: and typing that in the grsync file finder does not find anything either10:53
geirhaOk, so you didn't mount the filesystem via nautilus?10:57
ianp5aIn Nautilus I click on Network and it shows all devices on the LAN10:58
geirhaWhen you open a network share, it should mount it, and it should become available under ~/.gvfs11:00
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geirhaIf you want it always mounted, you could add an entry for it in /etc/fstab11:01
ianp5ait appears to mount it. The device is shown as a folder with the eject button next to it.11:01
geirhaand ''ls ~/.gvfs'' still does not show anything?11:02
ianp5aThe fstab method would mount the share as a disk. But that way is too complicated for what I am looking for.11:03
geirhaThat's what nautilus does too11:04
ianp5awhen Nautilus does it, it appeas as a folder11:08
ianp5awith fstab it appears in Nautilus as a Disk and the apps can see it11:08
ianp5ai'm looking for a solution that is easy for everyone similar to Windows 7 where the apps can see the network.11:15
geirhaThe problem is that different desktop environments handle this differently.11:17
geirhaHopefully they'll standardize soon11:17
ianp5aIf there was an easy way to generate the entry in fstab, I think that would solve it for all the applications.11:32
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tiwaritusahr33can anyone help me i have installed gnome shell on in ubuntu 11.04 and won't be able 2 locate shutdown button i tried different methods mentioned on the internet18:09
bioterrorthat's easy18:11
bioterroryou have your name on the top right corner18:11
biotormentormy shell stopped responding18:15
biotormentorwho was the gnome shell guy?-)18:15
biotormentordid he get help?18:16
Unit193From you, but hasn't written more.18:16
biotormentorthen he better be answering ;)18:16
rpg32hi, can somebody help me with getting my webcam working properly?19:53
rpg32I have it working with camorama but not cheese19:54

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