Ultimoorehi everyone00:29
Ultimooreso everyone excited for this Ubuntu TV?00:32
Ultimooreso where is everyone from?01:06
Ultimoorehi all01:30
Ultimooreso where in canada is everyone from?01:34
Ultimooreanyone talk on here?02:05
DarwinSurvivorthis channel kind of fluxuates in the way of activiy02:46
DarwinSurvivornot usually a lot of people online, but every so often it explodes :P02:46
DarwinSurvivorI'm from Surrey, BC btw02:46
Ultimoorei'm from petawawa , on03:24
DarwinSurvivorI think there's a few others in here from the ontario area03:40
Ultimoorewhat do you guys talk about mostly when on here?03:45
DarwinSurvivorsometimes issues we're having, sometimes new people asking if hardware is compatible04:04
DarwinSurvivorsomeone was in last week asking about RDP to a vista machine04:04
DarwinSurvivoran of course there's always the completely unrelated stuff :P04:04
UltimooreI was talking to Peter goodall who is working on the Ubuntu TV project and I told him to speed things up with production companies selling their products on Ubuntu One Store. that LoCo's should email indie production companies and get them to sell their stuff through UOS , thus reaching more consumers04:12
BluesKaj'morning all13:31

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