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Resistanceare discussions on the ubuntu-irc mailing lists open to non-ops-team and non-irc-council posting/input?08:55
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AlanBellhi EvilResistance08:56
EvilResistanceGreetings, AlanBell08:56
AlanBellyes, in principle it is open to anyone with an interest in the IRC channels and how they are run08:57
hobgoblinanyone about who can sort me a members cloak please - https://launchpad.net/~forestpiskie - tia12:52
k1ljust wait for some of the IRCC members to wake up :)12:53
hobgoblink1l: :) are there any european ones lol12:54
hobgoblinI'll just sit in here for the rest of the day12:54
k1lthe chairs changed last time but there should be some europeans :)  but depends on how hard they did party last night :)12:57
hobgoblinharder than me obviously :D12:57
topyliany staff around? we'd like an ubuntu/member cloak for hobgoblin please13:13
* Fuchs checks13:14
* hobgoblin could have said it like that if he'd known ... thanks topyli Fuchs 13:14
Fuchshobgoblin: cloak will be on the accountname, though  (which is your current nick, I have just seen that you have multiple nicks)13:15
topylioh yes13:15
hobgoblinshall I nick to the same one as lp page then?13:16
Fuchshobgoblin: you don't have to13:16
Fuchshobgoblin: the cloak will just be ubuntu/member/hobgoblin  even when you are on the forestpixie nick13:16
Fuchsthat's all13:16
hobgoblinoh ok - that's not a problem :)13:17
topylithanks a lot13:17
Fuchshobgoblin: your member cloak is now active. Congratulations :)13:17
Fuchstopyli: you're welcome :)13:18
hobgoblincheers people - thanks very much13:18
hobgoblinshall wander off again now13:18
k1li thought it was the launchpad username in cloak?13:26
* Fuchs looks at topyli13:28
Fuchsit would be what the IRCC defined, from our side it is more or less freetext13:28
Fuchsoh well, poke me when it needs to be changed, I'll be back later :)13:30
LjLi thought it was just the (primary) nickname13:31
topyliwell, staff likes to use the account name, it's more of a freenode thing than ubuntu policy13:41
topyliunless i'm confused again :)13:42
Fuchson unaffiliated cloaks the accountname is used, yes13:44
k1lwell, i just had some discussion in my mind, were someone wasnt happy with the ubuntu cloak he got and then there was the decision to take the launchpad acc name. but im not sure on my recognition and grepping the log with launchpad or name is a real mess :)13:45
Fuchsbut if you prefer the launchpad name for ubuntu member cloaks, we cna do that13:45
christeltopyli: that's for unaffiliated cloaks only (as they have to be unique and all that jazz) -- group cloaks can use whatever identifier the group sees fit (iow. it doesnt have to have any connection to the users' nickserv accounts) :)13:50
topylialright, thanks for clarifying13:51
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lubotu3Milos_SD called the ops in #ubuntu-rs ()15:30

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