JanCping locoteam members00:52
JanCczajkowski, itnet7, greg-g: I am just reading some of my locoteam members think we need to go up for re-approval next Thursday, but strangely enough, as the locoteam contact I didn't get any mails about that, surely something must be wrong here?01:06
JanCSergioMeneses: you too ^^^  01:07
SergioMenesesjalrnc, hello...01:07
JanCeither somebody in my locoteam is confused, or I didn't get contacted about this?01:07
SergioMenesesJanC, Can you give me the launchpad page?01:10
JanCSergioMeneses: launchpad page of what?  our locoteam?01:11
JanCit's ~ubuntu-be01:11
SergioMenesesjalrnc, date -> 2012-02-1601:12
JanCclearly, I'm listed as the contact person, but didn't get contacted01:12
JanCso something went wrong?01:13
SergioMenesesJanC, when you realized that the date was about to end?01:14
JanCI'm not sure how some other locoteam members knew this, and started preparing things for a reapproval this week, but I *am* somewhat disturbed about how I never got contacted...01:15
JanCI don't expect an answer from them before tomorrow anyway01:16
JanCor maybe Monday01:16
JanCabout how/when they found out01:17
SergioMenesesJanC, mmm....01:18
JanCbut IMO it doesn't matter how they found out, I want to know why *I* wasn't informed by the loco council...01:20
paultagJanC: was a re-approval bug not filed?01:21
JanCpaultag: how should I know?01:21
paultagJanC: it would have told you01:21
paultagJanC: and you would have been subscribed as the owner of the team01:21
JanCI didn't get informed at least...01:21
JanCI am not the owner01:21
JanCI am the loco contact01:22
paultagJanC: who's the owner?01:22
JanCwhich is the person-to-contact01:22
paultagI understand01:22
paultagJanC: who's the owner?01:22
SergioMenesesthe date is correct ... about e-mail: I do not know because your not the official contact ... the more likely the official contact has been reported about the reapproval01:22
SergioMenesesJanC, ↑↑↑01:23
paultagJanC: did the owner get a mail?01:23
JanCbut he was probably extremely busy with FOSDEM lately01:23
SergioMenesespaultag, JanC is not the contact... 01:23
paultagSergioMeneses: 01:22 < JanC> I am the loco contact01:23
paultagSergioMeneses: sorry?01:23
paultagSergioMeneses: owner / admin != contact for a lot of cases01:23
paultagSergioMeneses: it's a common mistake01:23
SergioMenesespaultag, you're right!... 01:24
paultagI know I am :)01:24
JanCSergioMeneses: see http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-be --> I'm the contatc  ☺01:24
paultagSergioMeneses: I did do this for like 2 years :)01:24
paultagyou have to manually verify each re-app 01:24
JanCI was on the loco council too  ;)01:24
paultagJanC: yeah yeah, join the club :)01:24
SergioMenesesJanC, nice01:24
JanCwhich is why I'm a bit disturbed  ;)01:25
paultagJanC: I had a killer workflow when I was "in office" :)01:25
JanCwell, I happened to be working with a locoteam that wasn't very responsive at he end, which killed almost all workflow, but yeah...  :P01:26
JanCanyway, I guess we can still go up for reapproval next Thursday (thanks to our anarchistic team structure)01:28
JanCbut I'd still like to know what went wrong...01:28
SergioMenesesJanC, look https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/Agenda01:28
paultagJanC: I don't know how it goes now, but in the case of a screwup on the LC side, I've seen a lot of extentions to the end of the cycle01:28
paultagJanC: I wonder if czajkowski / SergioMeneses would be +1 to that01:28
SergioMenesesI only see Netherlands.... 01:29
JanCthat was in January01:29
JanCor added in January?01:30
JanCanyway, I think we can manage (after all we only have to list what we did/do, not to invent anything new ;) )01:31
JanChm, next meeting is scheduled for much later it seems?01:32
JanCnow I'm even more confused01:32
JanClet me check with my team members about his  ;)01:33
SergioMenesesJanC, The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 21th February 2012, 20:00 UTC and and will be held in #ubuntu-meeting on irc.freenode.net. 01:33
JanCwhich is after February the 16th...01:34
JanCbut OTOH, the conditions for the reapproval process aren't met: the locoteam contact was never contacted about this01:35
SergioMenesesJanC, look https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamApprovalGuidelines01:36
JanCSergioMeneses: no, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamReApproval01:37
JanC"""The LoCo Council will attempt to contact the LoCo team a reasonable number of times (3) over a reasonable period (1 month). We do this by creating a bug and emailing the team contact. """01:37
JanCI didn't get a single mail, let alone 301:37
paultagSergioMeneses: did the admin respond?01:37
JanC(and yes i checked my spam folder)01:37
paultagSergioMeneses: did you use lintco?01:38
SergioMenesesI'm not using my pc01:38
paultagsorry, what?01:38
paultagSergioMeneses: did someone file the bugs with lintco?01:38
paultagSergioMeneses: and was the admin responding to the inquery?01:39
paultag(sp, sorry)01:39
JanCthe admin is not the loco contact, and as said before was very busy with having 2 jobs & organizing FOSDEM recently...01:43
JanCthat's why there is a loco contact...01:43
SergioMenesesJanC, in LP the admin is https://launchpad.net/~markvdb01:44
JanCSergioMeneses: I already told you so  ☺01:45
JanCbut admin is not relevant01:45
JanCanyway, let's further discuss this tomorrow, it's almost 3am here, and I hope to get some more info from my team tomorrow01:49
JanC(discussion about this on the ML started last Thursday apparently, but I was sick then and didn't catch up until today)01:51
SergioMenesesJanC, please write us an email!... 01:51
paultagJanC: request an extention to the end of the cycle even if you don't need it01:52
paultagJanC: it was standard practice a few months ago01:52
JanCI suppose we will need an extension anyway, as there is no loco council meeting on the 16th  ☺01:53
JanCbut yes, I will write01:53
JanC(after I clear up what happened in the locoteam also--that's some disadvantage of being a bit anarchistic, I guess ;) )01:54
SergioMenesespaultag, JanC look https://picasaweb.google.com/101586564530051299524/Ubuntu#570806164689361563401:55
paultaglocolint _admin_ :)01:56
paultagI mean, that's why it happened01:56
paultagbut it should have been checked manually01:56
SergioMenesespaultag, that's true01:57
YoBoYhow lintco works when the owner is a team ? :) (you can try with ubuntu-fr)02:00
JanCYoBoY: not to mention, when the contact is a team?  ;)02:00
YoBoYwe cheated to avoid this case, our contact was on the LC ^^"02:01
JanCI was too, at some time02:02
JanCbut that shouldn't be a requirement  :P02:02
YoBoY+1 :)02:02
paultagYoBoY: if it's a team, it should recurse all the members02:03
JanCso, let's figure this out tomorrow (we're all past 3am here, I assume)02:03
paultagYoBoY: my hometeam was team-managed, so I think I had it in mind02:03
paultagyep it does02:05
paultagoh snap, forgot I wrote a manpage for i t02:06
paultaglulz, it has FBAUTOSTART(1) at the bottom02:06
JanCnow make it parse the contact entry in the loco portal, please  ☺02:06
paultagJanC: at the time there was no API02:06
paultagJanC: if it's baked in now, it should be a snap with the module system I have in there02:06
paultagbut I don't have commit access anymore :)02:07
paultagso someone else do it :)02:07
mhall119paultag: python-unity-singlet is in the Precise Universe02:07
paultagmhall119: rockn'02:07
paultagmhall119: I'll be uploading python-sunlight to debian soon I think02:07
mhall119between the two, making a politics lens will be easy02:08
YoBoYJanC: there is still enought live cds left from the fosdem for your next events ?02:08
paultagmhall119: jeppers02:08
JanCYoBoY: I just sent 80 CDs to Hasselt & Genk  ;)02:08
paultagmhall119: I might have a contribution for you in a week or so02:08
paultagmhall119: and by you, I mean the community folks, because I want LWN and I'm going to use code as bribery02:09
JanCwill provide most of the rest to the large 2-day computer fair in Antwerp02:09
JanCnot only FOSDEM leftovers BTW, also CDs from the box we got as a locoteam02:09
YoBoYok, good :) I still have around 200 here02:10
JanCI also got about 150 leftover Kubuntu CDs from the KDE booth...02:10
JanC(they only got their CDs at FOSDEM somewhere during Sunday...)02:11
JanCwe provided them with our own Kubuntu CDs on Saturday  ;)02:12
JanCbut not too many of them available of course02:12
YoBoYit's better than nothing02:13
JanCwell, not sure what to do with the Kubuntu ones, they aren't really what we need for our booths02:13
JanCmaybe the Antwerp fair is slightly different, but still02:14
YoBoYI give them to the volunteers on our ubuntu party02:14
JanCI don't have 150 volunteers  :P02:14
JanCactually, i think some of those 150 got distributed to some school already (by a Kubuntu fan)02:15
YoBoYsame here, people take what they want, and some give them to schools, at work, ...02:16
JanCwe use most of the CDs at computer fairs though, where it's less useful to confuse people with 13.7 different variations of the same02:17
YoBoYsure, but we have our french edition for that :)02:18
JanCwe have been thinking about something like that, except we'd need a Dutch/French/German/English edition or something like that  ;)02:19
JanCan that probably won't fit on a CD...02:19
YoBoYdifficult yes to have all the languages on one cd :]02:20
JanCnot to mention Turkish, Arabic, ...   :P02:20
JanCI actually installed Ubuntu in Turkish once02:21
JanCat one of those computer fairs02:21
YoBoYthe translation is good ?02:21
JanCthere was this guy of Turkish decent, but born in Belgium (and speaking Dutch), who just married a Turkish girl who didn't know much Dutch yet (and only some English)02:23
JanCand they bought a second hand laptop and asked us to install Ubuntu on it02:24
JanC(apparently there is no Turkish MS Windows available in Belgian shops, and certainly not on that computer fair)02:25
JanCso I installed it in Turkish all the way (including the installer)02:25
YoBoYyou are crazy ^^"02:25
YoBoYfor that type of install, i would have done it in english and installed the language pack after02:26
JanCI knew the positions of most answers, and asked the couple to translate if I wasn't sure  ☺02:26
JanCthis way, it was easier to engage them02:27
JanCand show it was really multilingual  :P02:27
YoBoYsure :)02:27
YoBoYtime to sleep ^^ good night02:29
JanCYoBoY: big tip: try to get Ubuntu in schools that still teach latin02:29
JanCthey will really drool on this OS which is available in latin, has a latin word processor, a latin spellchecker, etc.02:30
JanCsame if you know places/associations that teach/use esperanto02:32
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YoBoYgood morning09:17
YoBoYJanC: I tried once with an esperanto association, they seem interested but not enough :)09:19
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paultagmhall119: hey dude23:28

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