no_user_name_setTrying to get transmission working with USB UIRT.  regx.dgswa.com/html/node/134 Followed directions here and it works until I get the point where I setup the Pace DC50X.  I get an error when I do "irsend SEND_ONCE DC50X 5"  The error says irsend: command failed: SEND_ONCE DC50X 5 - irsend: transmission failed00:19
Zinn[regx.dgswa.com] How to get Comcast PACE DTA working in Myth in Ubuntu Hardy | regx.dgswa.com00:19
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no_user_name_setDoes it matter that irsend list shows irsend: mceusb (which is the remote I use to control myth) and "irsend: DC50X" the one I want to use for transmission.00:22
no_user_name_setOk I got irsend to work with USBUIRT and PaceDC50X http://www.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2010-January/278281.html I confirmed the transmitter is sending, but the it's not being recieved.  Assume it's the wrong code or something.  Any ideas?01:59
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] [mythtv-users] New lirc Config for Pace DC50X and Motorola DTA10001:59
no_user_name_setIs there anything I have to do to get XMP to work with LIRCD?  I have lircd 0.9.002:26
qwebirc14566hello, i'm a windows user looking to turn my live-tv backend into mythbuntu.  what's the easiest way to create a bootable install usbkey from windows?05:42
qwebirc14566universal usb installer.  thx anyway!05:45
kmcorbett1Is anyone having much success with HDHomeRun? (cable) I have two separate installations, one dual tuner, one Prime3, and both fail in pretty much the same way. backend error is "SignalMonitor: channel change failed" (repeated) following (once) "dtv_multiplex data is required for tuning"18:39
kmcorbett1the 2nd server is a fresh install 11.10 from livecd, all updates. I added the fixes/0.24 repo but update didn't pick up anything.18:41
kmcorbett1I had the 2-tuner set working a few weeks ago with OTA. I bought the Prime when I hit this kind of problem, and of course for more channels :) I assumed that install was hosed and a fresh install would work better. Not so far.18:44
kmcorbett1wondering should I fire up the dual tuner/OTA again, and connect to the new host? to isolate the problem, or maybe just make things worse.18:45
kmcorbett1I don't have problems scanning with hdhomerun_config_gui and viewing in vlc18:47
mrandkmcorbett Pretty certain there aren't any problems with the HDHR.  It's widely used in the community, including myself and others.  Also, if you added the repo, it should have picked up a fix.  Make sure you reloaded/refresh/update after adding the repo.19:42
mrandfix = bug fixes (although I don't know there are any related to HDHR)19:42
kmcorbett1mrand: I thought it was odd, not seeing any fixes. thanks19:44
kmcorbett1the apt-get commands I used to add the repo hadn't led to any packages being updated. my bad19:49
mrandkmcorbett, apt-cache policy mythtv should show 2:0.24.2 somewhere -then you'd know you are on a recent version.19:51
kmcorbett1yes, the version matches19:53

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