downbeami understand can i not be banned now?00:00
AlanBellI am not an op in #lubuntu, but bioterror is, do bear in mind that it is the middle of the night on saturday in europe so the channel might be mostly asleep00:03
bioterrordownbeam, http://www.livinginternet.com/r/ru_chatq.htm read that00:03
bioterrorwe dont want "??????" lines00:04
bioterrorno one wants them00:04
bioterrorwe want just a single line with questions if you have problems or something in your mind00:04
bioterroror do you in real life walk to some and start yelling and saying the same words again and again00:05
downbeami understand i read the link00:05
downbeamso back to the prob. at hand...    bioterror do you have lubuntu?00:07
bioterrordownbeam, something like that00:07
bioterrorI am running Arch Linux with Openbox which contains pieces of LXDE00:08
bioterrorlike pcmanfm handling desktop and small things like that00:08
downbeamo ya i got cha00:09
bioterrorif you have something to ask, please join #lubuntu and we can continue there00:09
downbeami am banned from lubuntu00:09
bioterrornot any more00:09
downbeamk i will see ytou in lubuntu00:09
downbeambye room00:09
bioterrorI hope we made some progress00:10
bioterrorotherwise I will send him to /dev/null next time00:10
phillwhi bioterror didn't see you lurking there :)00:13
bioterrorI'm specsing a new guitar00:14
phillwI've proposed that he apologise to wxl, and is allowed in on yellow card, knowing that the next infraction would be a perma ban.00:14
phillwwxl will accept an apology.00:15
bioterrorI'm not probably going to interfare into that thing00:16
phillwbioterror: your thoguhts?00:16
bioterroras I have not seen that happening what he did to himwwxl00:16
phillwAlanBell: is IRCC okay with my proposing that?00:16
phillwbioterror: do not abuse our support people :) ... We do not like that to happen to our volunteers.00:18
AlanBellup to the channel ops really, generally if people are banned multiple times it gets harder to resolve the ban and stays there for a longer period00:23
phillwAlanBell: who unbanned him?00:23
bioterrorphillw, read the #lubuntu00:24
AlanBellbioterror did, as a #lubuntu op00:24
phillwokies, bioterror we are going to have work on communication.00:24
AlanBellphillw: I asked if any lubuntu ops were around, and wanted a chat with downbeam00:25
phillwAlanBell: I was doing a serious wiki edit.00:25
AlanBellso it was lucky bioterror was here to take care of it :)00:26
phillwbut, it is a lesson learned. I'll ask if unit193 wants to us on lubuntu ops actually have a chat about revoking bans.00:26
AlanBellanyhow, lets see if the user now knows how to use a support channel, if there are further problems then feel free to re-ban00:27
phillwAlanBell: quite the opposite. some one has over-ridden a ban on their own.00:27
phillwno discussion.00:28
AlanBellit was discussed in -ops-team00:29
phillwAlanBell: with how many luubntu ops who know about it?00:29
bioterrorknow about what00:29
Flannelphillw, bioterror: That's generally how it's handled most places for routine things.  I was going to make a comment that if there are special conditions/circumstances, be sure to comment in the BT, but it seems #lubuntu isn't in the BT.00:30
AlanBellyeah, there are some comments linked in the bantracker, but #lubuntu didn't have a bantracker bot at that time00:31
FlannelAlanBell: Right, how are they tracking bans?00:31
AlanBellFlannel: they have ubottu now, but not at the time this character was first kicked out00:31
phillwFlannel: as it was abuse to a volunteer for lubuntu, and the TL of lubuntu-IRC-OPS took such steps to ban him. I'm stunned.00:32
Flannelphillw: I'm not sure what a TL is, and I must not understand the details, because I don't know what you're stunned about.00:32
AlanBellphillw: so we didn't see that in the bantracker, just the impatience and ?????????????? flooding, which is why you have ubottu now in #lubuntu00:33
phillwFlannel: Unit193 is our TL00:33
Flannelphillw: "TL" means?00:33
FlannelVery few bans are permanent, most bans take place because someone was misbehaving (abuse, disrespectful, spammy, etc), they get resolved, ban gets removed, people move on.00:33
AlanBellit is a fairly routine ban for someone who doesn't know how to use a support channel, so we had a chat with the person, we are reasonably confident they have learned the errors of their ways, ban gets removed, everyone is happy00:34
phillwAlanBell: oh, you forget the use of the 'F' word? We did have a discussion about the ban.00:34
AlanBellif they get rebanned then we see the history of the last ban in the bantracker00:34
Flannelas a continuation to AlanBell's statement: They misbehave again, they get banned again (for longer, more conditions, etc)00:34
phillwAlanBell: Unit193 put all the logs against the ban? what more should he do?00:35
AlanBellmyrtti did, and that is fine00:35
Flannelphillw: Forgive my ignorance (I just jumped into this up there), but where are the logs?  I don't see much of anything for downbeam or adams.net00:36
FlannelAh, yes, I see that by Myr tti.00:36
AlanBellhe had two bans in #ubuntu that I read the logs for (impatient, flooding) and in the comment on one of those is some links to #lubuntu logs00:36
bioterrorhope he learns from the net etiquette00:37
phillwFlannel: Unit193 logged all the reasons, I am not sure what IRCC believes in, but he was also breaching freenode rules in the use of 'F' in that context.00:38
Flannelphillw: Yes, and he was banned, that ban has been resolved now.  Or are you suggesting that he should be banned forever?00:38
phillwFlannel: no, I was not....00:39
bioterrorsounds like you were00:39
bioterrorand he was also solving his problems here, instead of support channels00:39
Flannelphillw: What are you upset about then?  (I'm really confused at this point)00:39
phillwFlannel: http://pastebin.com/AW1sxW2R00:40
AlanBellnight all o/00:40
phillwwe were having a chat about it.00:40
AlanBellfirstly, don't do that. Secondly that was all after the ban had been resolved.00:42
bioterrorwe cant see your yellow card words from your private chats00:42
Flannelslow down guys.00:42
bioterrorand secondly, you did not mention nor did Unit193 about it on the last meeting00:42
bioterrorhow we can know about "we will have a chat with random joiner" agreement00:43
bioterroryes, it was noted on the meeting00:43
bioterrorbut that's all00:43
* AlanBell actually goes to bed this time00:44
Flannelphillw: Alright, I read that.  What about what happened here don't you like?  Is it that "ban was removed already (or at all)"? or "person wasn't talked to enough before ban was removed"? or what?  Can we try to isolate what makes you uneasy?00:44
bioterrornow you can see when he joins #lubuntu and you can have your daddyish chat with him, telling him to apologize another00:44
Flannel#lubuntu really shouldn't be the place for that.00:44
Jordan_UI'm also confused. If there is anything about this situation that still needs to be resolved I think it would be good to have one complete succinct explanation of what happened (rather than links to logs without explanation which for me at least have been less than helpful in understanding).00:45
phillwI really do not know... where the ops team actually given the disucussion for his ban?00:45
Flannelphillw: Again, I'm just trying to understand what you're saying, but would the following flow encompass your last statement:00:46
Flannel"downbeam: Hi, I'd like to get unbanned" "[lubuntu ops]: "Ok guys, lets talk about this, and if everyone says yes, we'll unban him" [discussion with downbeam about behavior] [ban removal]?00:47
FlannelOr is that overkill? or perhaps not what you were saying at all.00:47
phillwFlannel: we had a discussion on -OPS, and he was banned. So far so good? A discussion of the removal of a ban was not discussed with the lubuntu-Ops people.00:47
Flannelby -ops, you mean here? or a separate #lubuntu-ops channel?00:48
Flannel(I don't know if a separate channel exists, I'm just trying to make sure we're all on the same page)00:49
phillwFlannel: do you think  would ever have a say for xubuntu IRC ops team? ... No I would not.00:49
Flannelphillw: bioterror is a #lubuntu op, he removed the ban.  What's the issue there?00:50
phillwFlannel: we have a group. https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-irc-ops00:50
phillwWe are in the middle of moving to the new one.00:51
phillwI'll just leave and let Unit193 say his views. I'm only an admin.00:52
Flannelphillw: I am totally lost now.  What does launchpad have to do with anything?  I don't (for instance) see a discussion on the mailing list.00:52
phillwFlannel: exactly. Just because you have authority, it does not mean you use it.00:53
Flannelphillw: Right now, I'm interested in trying to figure out what your concern is, if Unit193 has one,00:53
Jordan_Uphillw: Do you think you could provide a succinct but complete explanation of what has happened up to this point? I'm completely lost and I think it would help things immensely.00:53
FlannelI'd be happy to talk to him later, but you're here now.00:53
phillwThere was no discussion00:53
FlannelNo discussion amongst whom?00:54
phillwUnit193: was not, nor any of us, consulted.00:54
Flannel"us" being?00:54
phillwthe ops for lubuntu00:54
Flannelbioterror is an op for lubuntu, he obviously consulted himself.00:55
FlannelOr do you want concurrence with someone else to set and remove bans?00:56
Flannel(you being lubuntu folks)00:56
phillwFlannel: bioterror was a lamb to the slaughter. He was not fully aware of things that caused the ban.01:01
phillwHe was asked to revoke the ban without knowing the reason.01:01
phillwyou should have given him the reasons why the ban was put in place before asking him to remove it.01:03
Jordan_Uphillw: Please. It's clear that neither I nor Flannel understand what exactly happened. I doubt that anyone who can resolve this currently does. If you want to make progress I really think that a complete explanation, all in one place, is *absolutely neccessary*.01:03
bioterrorthere you go01:04
bioterrorthat happened monday, now is sunday01:04
bioterroron monday01:04
phillwJordan_U: Unit193 made the bans linked to the reasons. What more does he need to do?01:04
Flannelphillw: Alright.  So the problem in your mind isn't that there wasn't any discussion, but instead that the operator that acted wasn't fully aware of the situation surrounding the ban, and didn't cover appropriate topics prior to removing it?01:05
bioterroryou have had your whole week time to ask him to apologize01:05
phillwFlannel: correct.01:05
Jordan_Uphillw: I can't answer your question because I am currently completely confused about the entire situation.01:05
Flannelphillw: Alright, and what steps, in your mind, should have been gone through prior to its removal?01:07
Flannelwhat topics should have been covered, etc.01:07
phillwJordan_U: we are still trying to get used to the new system! Please do not think I am being agressive. We really need to learn what the system is :/01:07
Flannel(I'm just trying to piece this together, there aren't wrong answers, I'm just trying to make this into a learning experience)01:07
phillwFlannel: the steps to remove him were covered. But asking one of the lubuntu OPs who was not fully up to speed to revoke it was wrong.01:08
Flannelphillw: If downbeam was talked to about everything he needed to be talked to about, what's the problem?01:09
Jordan_Uphillw: I don't think you're trying to be aggressive. I just don't understand the situation at all. I do however think that asking for a summary of what has happened is a completely reasonable request. And I don't understand why you don't seem willing to give said summary.01:09
phillwJordan_U: the list that Unit193 gave was sufficient for the ban.01:10
Flannelphillw: Jordan_U is asking for a summary of all of the things done by everyone, ops, etc (such as a discussion to ban him, ban removal, etc), not just the actions of downbeam.01:11
phillwbioterror: was not aware of the reason of it.01:11
Flannelphillw: Are you sure?01:11
FlannelIf he hit on all the important points, he seems to have gathered enough information off of the bantracker/logs to have covered everything?01:12
phillwJordan_U: have a read of the logs that resulted in the ban on various nicks?01:12
phillwFlannel: guess what happened after that ban?01:12
Flannelphillw: I don't know, please enlighten me01:13
phillwwe finally got the bot on #lubuntu :D01:13
Flannelphillw: I don't follow.01:13
Flannelyes, I know what bot you were talking about.  How does that affect anything?01:14
phillwin future, it can follow ban tracking ?01:14
FlannelYes, I agree.  But how does that affect this?  The logs are available in ubottu (via irclogs.ubuntu.com), so they are there for reference.01:15
FlannelI'm not sure if we've gotten off topic or not, we're still talking about bioterror being clueful enough to cover all the right items with downbeam, right?01:16
phillwwell, let me tell you a long story... lubuntu was given access to most areas. A couple of areas refused us point blank. We had to survive. then we get told we 'have; to join....01:17
phillwwith bioterror and downbeam, it should not have been revoked before a discussion with the lubuntu team.01:18
Flannelphillw: Why is that?01:18
Flannelis it your procedure? is it because there was important information to be discussed? or what?01:19
phillwFlannel: simply because we discuss things01:19
phillwFlannel: yes.01:19
FlannelSo it's just a formality?01:19
phillwformality? ... not quite. We do not have a 'council' elected. The whole idea of our sub-teams is that we have people in them.01:21
Flannelok, I'm once again not sure how that fits with the prior statement.01:21
FlannelYou have various subteams in #lubuntu?01:22
phillwFlannel: yeah... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/SubTeams01:23
phillwWe all report back to the weekly meeting.01:23
FlannelEr, ok, but not within the #lubuntu IRC realm.01:23
FlannelYou only have one IRC oriented team, which is (or isn't?) the same as the Lubuntu operators01:24
phillwFlannel: I guess you miised https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-irc-ops01:24
Flannelphillw: No, I saw that.  That's your Lubuntu operators.  That is identical to your Lubuntu IRC subteam, right?01:25
phillwFlannel: sort of... we own our team, IRCC owns the other one. A decision as to which we use is still outstanding.01:27
Flannelphillw: They both point to the same launchpad team.  How are they different?01:28
phillwthe owenership.01:28
Flannelphillw: "ownership" means what in this case?01:29
phillwlubuntu Vs IRCC01:29
FlannelI'm confused again.01:30
FlannelYou said there's two different teams?01:30
FlannelThe Lubuntu IRC team ('owned' by IRCC) is https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-irc-ops01:30
Flannelis that a true statement?01:30
phillwNope, there are two different lp accounts for our IRC-OPs people. One is owned by lubuntu, the other is not.01:31
FlannelSo, if that's not true, then this is true?:01:31
FlannelThe Lubuntu IRC team ('owned' by lubuntu) is https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-irc-ops01:31
phillwyes, we asked to create that, then we told to use the other on for 'approved' people.01:32
Flannelok, and where is the one 'owned' by the IRCC? Do you have that handy?01:33
FlannelAh, is it https://launchpad.net/~irc-lubuntu-ops ?01:34
phillwFlannel: yep, thanks.. saves me trawling through emails :)01:35
FlannelAlright, I've got that straight now, but unfortunately that was a tangent.  Backing up....01:35
Flanneldiscussion of formality, etc,01:35
FlannelYou mentioned you have a subteam and it reports at weekly meetings.01:35
FlannelIs it expected that bioterror (or anyone else) would bring up the unbanning of downbeam at that weekly meeting?01:36
phillwFlannel: yeah, as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/SubTeams01:36
phillwI think that the TL of OPs would discuss it via there ML. He may wish to bring it up at the meeting.01:38
FlannelWhat is a TL?01:38
phillwTeam Leader01:39
phillwaka the person who gets nagged at :)01:39
Flanneland they have a mailing list?01:39
phillwFlannel: yes :)01:44
FlannelSo, hypothetically, if I were banned from #lubuntu, I would have to come to #ubuntu-ops, discuss my ban with a #lubuntu operator, then they would go send an email to the lubuntu irc leaders mailing list, which would come to a conclusion (optionally waiting until a meeting to discuss itw it the full team), and then once that was done, an operator would remove my ban?01:45
phillwI am the admin person, it was stated that sub-teams be created.01:45
phillwthat is how I see it, but..... as per the rules, the sub-teams make their own rules. Please do accept that we are trying to get our teams settled to the other rules.01:47
FlannelOh, did you mean the Team Leader in charge of IRC Operators, discussing it with the Team Leaders in charge of (all the other subteams) at a meeting?01:48
phillwwe would discuss it via maling list, then we would propose to meeting for approval.01:49
Flanneloh right, but the mailing list is a bunch of operators? or a bunch of subteam leaders?01:50
Flannel(eight subteams, by my count)01:50
Flannel(Devs, Artwork, IRC, Documentation, Communication, Testing, Support, Translations)01:51
phillwas it crosses OP to support team etc. We would have a good chat about it. Hence my asking that the revokation should have taken about a week - 2 weeks time.01:52
FlannelSo, just the operators and the support team would discuss it?01:52
Flannel(the leaders, that is)01:52
phillwwe would garner a agreement.01:53
FlannelSo, if I got banned from #lubuntu, I came in and discussed it with you, for instance, and I now understand what I did wrong and have agreed to follow the rules in the future, it would be one to two weeks before my ban would be lifted?01:54
phillwAs, in this case, wxl would accept an apology. I doubt that the main meeting would vote it down.01:54
Flannel(because of procedures)01:54
phillwthat would be how I see how things being done, but allowing our support people to decide.01:55
FlannelI see.01:56
FlannelWell, thanks for explaining that to me.01:56
phillwFlannel: just because I am +F is not me stating the rules of lubuntu. We discuss things on our mailing list.01:57
Flannelbioterror: Were you aware of any of the above procedure? (talking to Lubuntu operator team lead, etc)01:58
phillwAnd, when I get it wrong... I get my ass spanked :)01:58
Flannelbioterror: Alright, thanks.01:58
bioterrordid not cross my mind to mail to the mailing list about removing a ban01:58
bioterrorand then discuss about it on the weekly meeting, that we should vote about removing a ban01:58
* Pici finishes reading the scrollback01:59
phillwbioterror: that is because we do not have a proceedure set up... come on bioterror, when did we get asked to set up the sub-teams?!!! :D01:59
Flannelphillw: Er, hold on.02:00
Flannelphillw: If you don't have a procedure set up, then why did you and I just spend a considerable amount of time discussing the procedure?02:00
Flannel(Is that your view of how it should work? or how it's worked in the past? or what?)02:00
phillwFlannel: to enable the setting up of said procedeure>?02:01
PiciI think that the rest of the IRCC and I are going to need to discuss the issues that have come up.  At that point, we'll speak to the Lubuntu folks02:01
Flannelphillw: So, that's not the procedure yet, that's what you'd like to see as a procedure?02:01
phillwFlannel: we are learning. before IRCC we would use our mailing list. Please do not think we are adverse to learning and teaching best practice on this, and so many other areas.02:03
Flannelphillw: No, I'm not thinking anything.  I just don't understand how you can be angry with bioterror for not following a procedure that doesn't exist yet.02:03
FlannelI fully understand you're figuring this out.02:03
Flannelphillw: I was going to suggest you do a better job of informing your operators of your procedures, but now it seems like your first step is going to be creating them.02:04
phillwFlannel: next time bioterror is annoyed at me, he can speak freely.... We have no problems there.02:04
Flannelphillw: collective you, not you personally, of course.02:04
phillwFlannel: I'm really stuck between a rock & a hard place.02:05
Flannelphillw: Why is that?02:05
phillwFlannel: Nathan was my mentor for a short while on UBT, he drilled into me the rules. I ensured that our OP's on lubuntu knew & understood them. But we had no formal accredation system. :(02:07
Flannelthe rules for Ubuntu Beginners Team? or for Lubuntu?02:08
phillwFlannel: http://freenode.net/catalysts.shtml and http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=2902:10
phillwthe second one is as for 'forum', but they were expected to know what it meant.02:11
FlannelOk, I look at that, and I see the Ubuntu code of conduct, are there appreciable differences (to save me from having to diff them)02:12
FlannelNowhere in there do I see anything touching on the subject of discussion with the rest of the team, etc.  So unfortunately I must again ask how those pages fit with the conversation02:13
Flannel(I do see where it's different, upon closer inspection)02:15
phillwI have both the lower levels of CoC. I have not yet asked them to sign the leadership one for lubuntu. I do require the SII people at that level to sign that.02:15
Flanneland, as an aside, how does phillw.net fit into anything Lubuntu related officially?02:15
phillwFlannel: well, long before lubuntu got accepted, I was the wiki person & nagged the devs to get human instructions.02:17
Flannel'human instructions'?02:17
phillwhttp://forum.phillw.net/index.php and http://forum.phillw.net/viewforum.php?f=1802:18
phillwYeah, getting the language of devs into something a "user" could undersrand02:19
FlannelWhat does being a wiki person and nagging the devs have to do with IRC policy?02:20
phillwFlannel: there are only so many hours in a day.02:22
phillwIf any of the team wish to edit https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-irc-ops and set them a wiki page up, you will have no complaints.02:26
Flannelphillw: Alright, thanks.02:29
phillwFlannel: I am just me, I try to do my best.02:30
phillwFlannel: I found it :)  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC_OPsTeam02:37
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oCeanthat's lots of scrollback09:12
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theadminmneptok: Done, yes?16:17
mneptoktheadmin: thanks for coming16:17
theadminmneptok: No problems.16:18
theadminSo, well, I know I phrased it wrongly...16:18
mneptoktheadmin: WRT the "we" nitpick, i have seen you refer to "our rules" and such in the past on-channel.16:18
theadminmneptok: Well, "our rules" would make sense since in that case "we" is the channel, and I am a part of that allright xD16:18
theadminmneptok: Or not?16:19
mneptoktheadmin: your discussion of the IRC channels and project often includes personal possessives that even most ops don;t use.16:19
theadminmneptok: Hm... I see... Uh... Well guess I'm stupid? lol, sorry, I wasn't aware that's such a problem. I'll try to avoid it in the future.16:19
mneptok"This is against our rules," is probably best left to people serving on the IRCC or CC. not even ops.16:19
mneptokit's not a huge problem.16:20
theadminmneptok: Well, I apologize for the behaviour and thanks for correcting me.16:20
mneptokno need to apologize.16:20
mneptoksomething i noticed, thought could use correction, and it seems done.16:20
theadminmneptok: Indeed, sorry again and thanks.16:21
mneptokhopefully you understand where this sentiment comes from16:21
theadminmneptok: Kind of... It's not right, people may think I'm a dev and somesuch?16:21
mneptokor that you have the ability to enforce rules16:21
theadminHeh I wish xD16:21
mneptokno ... you don't.16:21
theadminmneptok: ?16:22
mneptokheavy is the head that wears the crown.16:22
theadminmneptok: Well... Still, order is better than chaos and if I could try to fix some of the mess that happens in #ubuntu , I would, so yeah....16:23
mneptokops duties are not really a fun time, mostly. the camraderie bred by shared battle is the biggest reward.16:23
theadminmneptok: Didn't understand the second sentence, and yeah I understand it's no fun16:24
mneptokimagine this channel as a bunch of trench-weary soldiers. ;)16:24
oCeanimagine trench foot :(16:25
mneptoknow imagine those moments dealing with someone where you put your foot in your mouth.16:25
mneptokheavy is the head that wears the crown. (x2)16:25
mneptokanyhow, i'm off to see what mischief my wife is causing. or what mischief i may cause her. bbl.16:26
theadminmneptok: ...why would I put my foot in my mouth? I don't understand you anymore :D16:26
mneptoktheadmin: you and me both.16:27
theadminmneptok: Still don't. Ah well. Anyway, I'm off, don't want to idle here :D16:27
SiriusBlQue se passe-t-il? je veux me reconnecter sur ubuntu-fr et ├ža me dit que je suis ban16:35
SiriusBl16:34 -!- Cannot join to channel #ubuntu-fr (You are banned)16:36
LjLSiriusBl: bshellz is banned from #ubuntu-fr16:39
* LjL pings niko16:40
SiriusBlSory, I believed that I was on ubuntu-fr-ops16:40
LjLSiriusBl: yeah that would be a better place to ask about this16:40
SiriusBlthanks bye16:50
tomtiger11Hello, ive got a question about the cloaking system you use18:07
ikoniahi, please ask18:08
tomtiger11Do you have a script that requests the cloaks, as it seems that way on the website?18:08
tomtiger11How do you do the cloaks?18:11
ikoniathrough the freenode cloak request proces18:11
tomtiger11Manual requests?18:12
ikoniathe staff in #freenode can explain that process / give you links18:12
pangolintomtiger11: yes, every project cloak is requested manually by one of the group Contacts18:12
tomtiger11pangolin: Time consuming process then :)18:13
pangolintomtiger11: usually there is 3-4 at a time to ask18:13
pangolinit's not like @ubuntu/member cloaks are handed out by the hundreds18:14
pangolinif your project has a need to request a whole bunch then like ikonia suggested probably best to ask a staffer in #freenode18:15
pangolinWas there anything else, we could help with?18:16
tomtiger11pangolin: No thanks :)18:16
pangolinWelcome :)18:16
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AlanBellhi stlsaint :)23:43
AlanBellstlsaint: can you type /cycle please23:44
AlanBellhmm, the bot should have voiced you, maybe I got that wronge23:45
stlsaintAlanBell: in both channels23:45
pangolinchanserv should voice you in here23:46
Unit193/msg ChanServ FLAGS #ubuntu-ops stlsaint +vViA23:47
AlanBellah, my mistake23:47
AlanBellcan you try again stlsaint23:47
AlanBellso impatient!23:49
pangolinHow often do i get to kick ubuntu/member ?23:50
pangolinI took advantage. TOTAL op abuse.23:50
AlanBellI am sure he will wear his bantracker entry with pride23:51
pangolinas well he should lol23:51
Garysuch op abuse has not been seen since the days of seveas :p23:53
* Gary giggles23:53
pangolinI respectfully submit myself for disciplinary action.23:53
* pangolin salutes23:53
pangolinGary: invite him in and I'll gladle kick him to :)23:54
GaryI don't think he'd join23:54
pangolinyou know what I mean23:54
pangolinit works! all thanks to my kick I may add.23:56
stlsainti dont know whats worse...the fact that i was kicked or that i didnt realize i was kicked lol23:56
* pangolin skips along23:56
pangolinstlsaint: I am glad you have a good sense of humour :)23:57
stlsaintpangolin: aye always, ive been around irc long enough to know a friendly kick23:58
stlsaintor a kick with a purpose of fixing flahs23:58
* pangolin loads up another23:58
stlsaintAlanBell: you said something about training?23:59
pangolin/cs kick $random I can't wait to see who gets this one23:59
pangolinyay elky!23:59
AlanBellyay, stlsaint is voiced, the flaggy stuff worked o/23:59

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