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k3vmcdI'm looking for a way to be able to reinstall my entire server, with all current packages and config files included, in the case that my primary and backup servers both go down simultaneously. Is there a good way to do this? I tried using Remastersys, but am unable to reinstall the backed-up system to the disk from the command line (maybe I have the wrong commands, but it seems like it requires a GUI to install)01:11
greppyk3vmcd: save the output of 'dpkg --get-selections' and backup /etc.  That should let you reinstall packages and have the config files to go with them.01:55
k3vmcdah yes, that makes sense01:57
k3vmcdthanks greppy01:57
greppyprobably want to snag some other directories/files as well01:58
greppylike /var/spool/cron01:58
greppybut that should get you started.01:58
greppythe thing to do is to TEST your backup/restore procedure before you need it.01:59
greppyso shove it all back onto a clean install in virtualbox or something to make sure it works.01:59
k3vmcdi'm thinking if I back up /etc and /var then I'll capture everything i need02:01
k3vmcdi think my approach with Remastersys was a bit of an overkill02:02
jeffrubick3vmcd: /var includes a bunch a log files which you typically don't need02:02
k3vmcdtrue, but it does have my web server files and my SQL databases02:03
jeffrubick3vmcd: I didn't mean to suggest that you exclude /var, just /var/log, unless you need them.02:10
Zillyhow doth I maketh another account easily???02:20
Zillyhow doth I makith another user account easily???02:20
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k3vmcdhey, thanks jeffrubic and greppy. I was just looking through my server files after your suggestions and I figured out a good set to keep backed up. Just wanted to say thanks for the help02:22
k3vmcdZilly: try the "adduser <username>" command. Alternatively you can search on how to use the "useradd" command instead02:27
Zillyk3vmcd: I've done that and I have the user, it's just when I login with that user I have to reboot02:29
Zillyi have to reboot because nothing is there02:29
Zillyjust blankness02:29
Zillyanything I can get that will set up the user completely?02:30
Zillyedit fstab and set everything up in X?02:31
k3vmcdare you ssh-ing in?02:31
Zillyno, vbox02:32
k3vmcdhmm, I ran into something similar when the user was set to /bin/false but I think that might only apply to ssh02:33
qman___Zilly, 'useradd' is the base command and requires options to set a user up, but the 'adduser' command does set everything up, creates the home directory, all that02:34
k3vmcddoes the user have a folder in /home ?02:34
Zillygoing to try adduser, I think I already did but am uncertain now02:35
Zillyk3vmcd: yes02:35
Zillyif I'm not back it didn't work02:36
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k3vmcdI guess it didn't work :(03:27
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stgraberhallyn: is lxc within lxc working for you? I just tried to setup some automated d-i testing in an LXC container instead of a VM and the containers won't start in there04:05
stgraberhallyn: with no clear error in the log or dmesg04:05
stgraberhallyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/838620/ and http://paste.ubuntu.com/838621/ (not sure that really helps ...)04:07
stgraberhallyn: as you can see, I tried a few times ;) the veth pairs get created and never cleaned, the container never starts04:08
stgraberoh, and I just noticed I don't have cgroup-lite (running with --no-install-recommends by default here ...)04:09
stgraberthat'd explain it I guess :)04:09
stgraberyep, that was it ...04:09
stgraberhallyn: sorry ;)04:09
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uvirtbotNew bug: #930881 in samba (main) "smbd crashed with SIGABRT in rep_strlcpy()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93088107:51
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rdjmhghHas abyibe akready looked at http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=652026 with regard to ubuntu (12.04) I suppose ubuntu is affected as well10:00
uvirtbotDebian bug 652026 in amavisd-new "perl 5.14 broke use of s-s-d --name on initscript" [Important,Fixed]10:00
EvilResistancerdjmhgh, #ubuntu+110:03
EvilResistancewhich i told you earlier :P10:03
uvirtbotNew bug: #930916 in amavisd-new (main) "amavis start-stop script fails to stop amavisd" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93091610:41
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maxagazas someone tested OpenNebula and Eucalyptus ?11:42
maxagazI heard from a friend that OpenNebula is much more stable than Eucalyptus11:42
maxagazbut Ubuntu seems to promote Eucalyptus11:43
maxagazany advice about which one I should use ?11:43
Tm_Tmaxagaz: euca has been stable for us and working well11:55
Tm_Tmaxagaz: any particular issue known or just gut feeling?12:10
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greenhosthi all12:10
maxagazTm_T: a former colleague used euca before, and has now switched to open nebula, he just told be that now he doesn't any problem while he add a lot of little problems with euca12:11
maxagazTm_T: but no particular issue known12:11
greenhostwho have done ubuntu mail server for windows clients?12:12
maxagazTm_T: and it's neither just a gut feeling12:12
greenhostwho have done ubuntu mail server for windows clients?12:14
Tm_Tmaxagaz: I see12:21
Tm_Tgreenhost: I don't think client OS does matter (:12:22
Tm_Twas going to give this for greenhost: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer12:23
greenhostwho have done ubuntu mail server for windows clients?12:24
Tm_T1423.30 < Tm_T> was going to give this for greenhost: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer12:25
Tm_T1422.33 < Tm_T> greenhost: I don't think client OS does matter (:12:25
Tm_Tas long as the client is using sensible protocol (imap, pop), ofcourse12:26
zastaphit seems to me that dnsutils is a package related to bind9. But if I want to use dnsmasq instead of bind, do I uninstall bind9 and dnsutils, and thus I will no longer have access to dig or nslookup ?12:26
greenhostTm_T I installed today with postfix and dovecot12:26
greenhostTm_T . not ok.12:26
Tm_Tzastaph: there shouldn't be a problem to have both packages installed?12:27
greenhostTm_T : I frist tried as mentioned on Postbasichowto official documentation. but starting from netcat mail.yourdomain.com. I got error.12:27
zastaphtm_t, well dnsmasq can't start because port 53 is in use with /usr/share/named12:27
zastaphtm_t, but perhaps dnsutils and dnsmasq can be together12:27
Tm_Tzastaph: I would assume you can disable the other one if you don't need it12:28
Tm_Tgreenhost: can you be more specific what kind of problems you had with, for example, dovecot?12:28
zastaphtm_t, yes im going to uninstall bind9 package, but just wonder if I should get rid of dnsutils too... nslookup and dig seems like useful tools12:28
Tm_Tzastaph: no need to get rid of dnsutils AFAICS12:29
jacobwzastaph: there's no reason to remove bind912:29
jacobwzastaph: just stop the sevice12:29
greenhostTm_T I tried /etc/init.d/dovecot restart. but it looked like that file is corrupted12:29
zastaphjacobw, ok.. but I have no need for bind9 if I'm going to use a different dns tool12:29
greenhostTm_T " process(58888) error. bla bla12:30
Tm_Tgreenhost: what file? and you have to be more specific12:30
greenhostTm_T as I am now at cyber cafe with winows XP. I dont remeber all my errors and try at the same time12:30
Tm_Tgreenhost: roger, just hard to know what went wrong (:12:30
greenhostTm_T: actually I would like to use email from any mail clients( thunderbird or outlook2003) or something available. I first just want to email locally.so how coud I configure on postfix and dovecot?12:31
Tm_Tgreenhost: there seems to be rather clear and good howto at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Dovecot12:32
jacobwzastaph: bind9 has a small footprint12:32
jacobwzastaph: unless the dnsmasq package conflicts, there's no reason to remove it12:32
zastaphjacobw, and whats the reason to keep it? :)12:32
greenhostTm_T . you are right. but there are more security based complicated packages to install from internet whenever I read documentation. I have no internet at home on my mail server. so i want to be ok with installer CD alone12:33
jacobwzastaph: there's none, i'm just saying that there's no reason to remove a package to install a similar package12:33
greenhostTm_TI just would like to know what line in postfix and what lines in dovecot to configure or change to email from user1 to user2 locally from windows mail clients12:34
greenhostTm_T it is pity there is no English version simple video for that to see step by step12:34
greenhostTm_T even on youtube12:35
jojoburkgreenhost: there's is nothing special to do. simply mail from user1 to user2 locally should normaly works out of the box12:36
greenhostjojoburk: just testing from CLI: mailing from root to another user called user1. is fine in CLI alone. but to email really from windows using mail clients need extra configuration i think. I was never been successful12:38
jojoburkgreenhost: take a look at the output from netstat -tulpe to see on which address the dovecot and postfix server are bound. possible just on localhost?12:40
greenhostjojoburk yes just on localhost . last time12:42
greenhostjojoburk: my question is so simple. I wouldl really like to make sure if it is possible to set up mail server for windows clients with server installer CD alone without internet12:45
jojoburkgreenhost: when postfix and and dovecot are installed, yes it is.12:46
greenhostjojoburk: can I also install postfix and dovecot using server installer CD without internet?12:47
jojoburkgreenhost: postfix yes, but i'm not sure about dovecot. give it a try: just try installing dovecot using apt-get or aptitude only with the cd as source12:50
jojoburkgreenhost: otherwise you can download dovecot package from other pc and copy and install it on your server12:52
greenhostjojoburk; honstly I followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto, I was stucked since sudo apt-get install courier-pop12:52
greenhostsudo apt-get install courier-imap12:52
greenhostjojoburk: yes. I am on windows XP machine now. there is no linux here at cyber. How could i copy/download required full packages where there might be dependencies12:53
jacobwgreenhost: so you want mail delivery between local users accessible by imap?12:57
greenhostjacobw: imap or pop or whatever. I don't mind. As long as I can email between local users. it is fine for me12:58
greenhostjacobw : but using any email clients from windows12:59
jojoburkit seems that his problem is to install a mailserver without internet connection. i understood that dovecot is not installed at the moment.12:59
jacobwyou can use apt on your ubuntu server to find out what packages you need, but its laborious.13:03
jacobwapt-get -s install will list all packages that would be installed if you ran apt-get install13:04
jacobwapart from that, see http://library.linode.com/email/postfix/dovecot-system-users-debian-6-squeeze13:04
samba35can i install vmware image in kvm ? if yes which file i suppose to import (from which i will able to boot)13:06
greenhostjojoburk: I took my home server to office to download courier-pop and courier-imap to follow the guide line. but not ok13:07
greenhostjojoburk: downloading was ok. Though DNS was fine, I could not proceed13:08
jacobwsamba35: to run a kvm/qemu vm with libvirt on ubuntu server you need a qcow2 disk image and an xml definition13:08
greenhostjojoburk I would like to have somebody to pointout what i might be wrong in which steps based on "https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto",13:10
jacobwsamba35: you can convert a vmware disk image (vdi) to qcow2 using qemu-img convert foo.vdi -O qcow bar.img13:10
samba35ok let me try13:12
jojoburkgreenhost: i dont can help you at the moment, im sorry13:15
greenhostjojoburk: thanks anyway13:15
jacobwgreenhost: that wiki page is outdated13:16
jacobwgreenhost: sometimes the community documentation is13:16
greenhostjacobw: where should I see updated one?13:16
jacobwgreenhost: dovecot has been the recommended mda at least 8.0413:18
greenhostjacobw: is it better than courier?13:18
jacobwgreenhost: try following the document I linked earlier13:18
fluffyponyhi guys - I'm seriously struggling to get PSAD working on 10.04 (with UFW). I've just installed a new minimal installation on a web server, and it's not logging anything. Previously (on 8.04) I configured sysklogd to write to psadfifo, but that no longer seems to be an easy option with rsyslogd?13:22
greenhostjacobw it looked good and too much configuration. But it used "internet site" settings. If I wanna use, locally only. What else should I change.?13:23
greenhostjacobw: it is pitty I can't follow and install packages without internet13:24
greenhostjacobw: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/838994/13:26
greenhostjacobw: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/838994/13:26
kklimondatjaalton: hey, what's the current packaging status of freeipa in ubuntu/debian? Anything I could do to help? :)13:27
jojoburkgreenhost: the joke is that you have to configure postfix for internet site. locally only means that postfix is just configured for the use on localhost!13:27
tjaaltonkklimonda: if you're an archive admin then sure ;)13:28
samba35jacobw, there is no .vdi file there are vmx, vmdk,nvram ,vmsd,cmxf file are there13:28
greenhostjojoburk: do you mean I have to configure as internet site though my mail server is not without internet?13:28
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jacobwgreenhost: so your ubuntu server can only access the LAN?13:28
kklimondatjaalton: it's already that far? :)13:28
tjaaltonkklimonda: most of it is packaged, some are waiting in NEW13:28
jacobwsamba35: yes, i made a mistake, vdi is the format for virtualbox13:28
tjaaltonpretty far yes13:28
greenhostjojoburk jojoburk: do you mean I have to configure as internet site though my mail server is without internet?13:28
tjaaltonkklimonda: though I haven't tested server install yet13:29
greenhostwhere can I download dovecot full tgz package?13:29
kklimondatjaalton: where do you keep all the packaging? I'd give it a shot to see how it breaks ;)13:29
jacobwsamba35: vmdk is the format for vmware, qemu-img supports images from vmware 3 and 413:30
tjaaltonkklimonda: git.debian.org13:30
jojoburkgreenhost: yes, because "internet site" means that die daemon is accessible from "other" hosts in network (no difference between internet and lan).13:30
samba35how do i check whether image is 4 or 513:30
greenhostjojoburk : That is the very important point.13:31
jojoburkgreenhost: ... and not just from the server itself (localhost)13:31
fluffyponyhi guys - I'm seriously struggling to get PSAD working on 10.04 (with UFW). I've just installed a new minimal installation on a web server, and it's not logging anything. Previously (on 8.04) I configured sysklogd to write to psadfifo, but that no longer seems to be an easy option with rsyslogd?13:31
tjaaltonkklimonda: there is no easy way to test it atm though13:31
samba35ok file give me  results its 413:31
samba35CentOS5.2small.vmdk:  VMware4 disk image13:31
jacobwsamba35: you might want to try using virt-convert on the directory containing the images and definitions to get a qcow2 image and libvirt xml definition13:31
greenhostjojoburk: I am now leaving cybercafe. so I might need to download dovecot tgz so that I can take it home with flash drive.13:31
jacobwhi fluffypony13:32
greenhostjojoburk where could I get dovecot full package tgz file?13:32
fluffyponyhi jacobw13:32
jojoburkjust search for dovecot download?13:32
samba35CentOS5.2small.vmdk:  VMware4 disk image ?13:33
samba35virt-convert CentOS5.2small.vmdk ?13:33
jacobwdon't download the tarball, its a source package not packaged for ubuntu13:34
jacobwbuilding dovecot would not be trivial13:34
kklimondatjaalton: I'm really interested in getting it packaged (and working) in Debian and Ubuntu. I don't really expect it to work out of the box right now, I was just interested where the packaging is so I can start working on it :)13:34
tjaaltonkklimonda: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-389-directory-server https://launchpad.net/~freeipa13:34
tjaaltonkklimonda: pki is mostly packaged, but upstream is keeping it all in pki.git, so would need to merge it all back in at some point, maybe not for this push though13:35
jacobwgreenhost: run `sudo apt-get -s install dovecot-common` on your ubunu server, note what package it wants to install, and get the DEB files from packages.ubuntu.com13:35
tjaaltonkklimonda: there are ppa's too, but the oneiric ones are not fully uptodate13:35
jacobwsamba35: virt-convert the directory13:36
tjaaltonbest to test stuff against precise at this point13:36
kklimondayeah, I'm already working (and testing stuff against) precise13:36
tjaaltonkklimonda: are you on collab-maint?13:36
kklimondatjaalton: yes, I should have access via pkg-gnome13:36
greenhostjojoburk: I want to download from windowsXP. no apt-get. I know I can download from package.ubuntu.com. but nested dependencies. how to take it all?13:37
jacobwfluffypony: what have you done so far?13:37
tjaaltonkklimonda: i'll probably set up a project around freeipa, like there is pkg-fedora-ds13:37
tjaaltonsame for sssd/ding-libs13:37
fluffyponyjacobw: psad is installed and setup (same as on 8.04) and configured to my liking. added the two iptables rules straight from the cipherdine site. psad -S status shows no packet counts?13:38
jacobwgreenhost: http://wubdepends.sourceforge.net/13:38
kklimondatjaalton: great to hear that :)13:39
tjaaltonkklimonda: actually did that too, but the admins asked if it could be under collab-maint instead. now it's clear that a separate sub-project would be better13:40
tjaaltonso it could have a mailing list, and commit mail sent there etc13:40
jacobwfluffypony: what are those rules?13:40
fluffyponyI also tried this: http://bodhizazen.net/Tutorials/psad13:41
samba35jacobw, cool man now i got  boot screen13:41
samba35thank you !13:41
fluffyponywhere he adds it to the UFW before.rules - -A ufw-before-input -j LOG --log-level warn13:41
fluffyponybut that just broke UFW13:41
fluffyponyand it wouldn't even start13:41
jacobwfollowing bodhizazen's guide?13:42
kklimondatjaalton: what was their argument for collab-maint? not enough packages (or contributors) to warrant a separate group?13:42
fluffyponyjacobw: yes - that UFW rule is invalid (it seems)13:42
tjaaltonkklimonda: it would've been ok to create the project, but it was kinda put on hold. no specific arguments13:44
tjaaltoni just couldn't decide, so went for collab-maint13:46
kklimondaright, it works fine anyway untill there are more people who are interested in helping out13:46
greenhostjacobw I found no .exe file for windows13:46
jacobwfluffypony: it seems that problem is with lucid switching to rsyslog13:47
fluffyponyjacobw: yep - in 8.04 I could just echo -e 'kern.info\t|/var/lib/psad/psadfifo' >> /etc/syslog.conf and then restart sysklogd13:48
kklimondatjaalton: hmm, do you use some different setup for git-buildpackage, or don't use it at all?13:50
tjaaltondon't use it13:50
jacobwfluffypony: have you added any rules to /etc/rsyslog.d/* ?13:50
fluffyponyno - 20-ufw.conf  50-default.conf  postfix.conf13:51
jacobwgreenhost: http://sourceforge.net/projects/wubdepends/files/wubdepends/Initial/wubdepends3.exe/download13:53
fluffyponyzaur-ibr: bye13:55
jacobwfluffypony: add a rule to rsyslog.d/psad.conf to pipe all messages containing 'firewall' to /var/lib/psad/psadfifo, restart rsyslog and test13:57
fluffyponyok doing now13:58
jacobwfluffypony: check /etc/ufw/*.rules to make sure that messages are being logged after all other rules13:59
jacobwfluffypony: and restart ufw, or start it if its not running14:00
fluffyponyufw's off atm14:01
fluffyponyso it's just the iptables rules I've added14:01
tjaaltonkklimonda: if you have further questions you can email me, or the lists on launchpad14:01
fluffyponyjacobw: doesn't seem to be working14:03
fluffyponyI think the problem is with iptables not logging anything14:03
greenhostjacobw how to isntall python terminal for windows?14:04
fluffyponyI mean, I've got this in my Chain INPUT and Chain FORWARD: LOG        all  --  anywhere             anywhere            LOG level warning prefix `firewall '14:04
jacobwfluffypony: have you restarted rsyslog?14:06
jacobwfluffypony: if not, check /var/log/syslog for 'firewall' messages first14:06
kklimondatjaalton: sure, I will :)14:06
jacobwconfirm iptables is logging, then confirm rsyslog is piping correctly to /var/lib/psad/psadfifo14:07
jacobwafter that, confirm that psad is reading /var/lib/psad/psadfifo14:08
* jacobw → back soon14:08
fluffyponyFeb 12 16:08:02 primary rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="4.2.0" x-pid="7926" x-info="http://www.rsyslog.com"] (re)start14:08
fluffyponyja no - syslog has no entries in it14:10
fluffyponyI mean, it has entries, but no firewall entries :)14:10
fluffyponyI have a feeling that even though UFW is disabled it's rules are still in iptables, and mine are added after the UFW rules14:14
fluffyponytime to kill of UFW14:14
fluffyponyserver crashed14:19
jacobwinaccessible by ssh?14:30
fluffyponywell that was fun - router decided to restart as well :-P14:34
fluffyponyok where was I14:37
fluffyponyso I removed UFW, and inserted those rules14:37
fluffyponybut I'm not getting anything in syslog14:37
jacobwfluffypony: which rules?14:40
fluffyponythe iptables rules14:42
jacobwthese ones? http://bodhizazen.net/Tutorials/psad#Configure_psad14:43
fluffyponythose are borked14:44
fluffyponythose ones14:44
fluffyponyok - time to reinstall14:46
fluffyponythen I'll re-evaluate if it still doesn't work14:46
fluffyponythanks jacobw14:46
jacobwhang on14:46
jacobwpastebin iptables -L14:47
fluffyponythat's the reason I'm reinstalling - I installed Zentyal to play with14:47
fluffyponyand that has messed up my entire installation14:47
fluffyponyand apt-get remove zentyal && apt-get autoremove didn't fix it14:48
fluffyponyclearly they want you to install and never remove it14:48
jacobwit depends how its packaged14:49
jacobwdid you add the psad.conf rule to rsyslog.d/ ?14:50
fluffyponyI see it installs a bunch of modules as well14:50
fluffyponyhow nice14:50
fluffyponyjacobw: yes14:50
fluffyponybut I'm not seeing stuff get logged to the syslog14:51
jacobwcheck /var/lib/psad/psadfifo14:51
fluffyponyso that rule will never kick in14:51
jacobwok, if you added the rules from glycogen.net to the top of 50-default.conf it'd explain no messagesg in syslog despite iptables logging14:53
jacobwso, there's a package called pastebinit that provides a script that you can pipe things to, it uploads its input to pastebin and gives back a url14:54
fluffyponyok cool14:54
fluffyponyso the rules shouldn't be at the top of 50-default??14:55
jacobwif you want messages containing 'firewall' to go to /var/lib/psad/psadfifo and nowhere else, then yes14:56
jacobwthere's two rules, the first matches and pipes to psadfifo, the second matches and drops14:57
fluffyponythat's why I'm not seeing it14:57
fluffyponyok commented out the second one14:58
jacobwiptables -L | pastebinit15:00
fluffyponyI can't install pastebinit15:00
fluffyponyno DNS resolution15:01
fluffyponybrb -15:02
fluffyponyok flushed iptables15:04
jacobwok, rm psad.conf or remove the lines from 50-default and restart rsyslog15:07
fluffyponybtw the way I'm testing is nmap -sV -F from a different box15:15
fluffyponythat should trigger those rules, right?15:16
jacobweverything will be logged15:16
jacobwpsad analyses the log15:16
jacobwtail -f /var/log/syslog15:17
fluffyponyalready checked - nothing15:17
fluffyponyjust postfix15:17
fluffyponyand some other junk15:17
fluffyponyI should be seeing tons of stuff being logged15:17
fluffyponyok so15:19
fluffyponyiptables isn't logging15:19
fluffyponyand iptables is clearly on - those Zentyal rules locked everything down (in a bad way)15:19
fluffyponyso maybe iptables is logging to a non-standard locationm?15:20
jacobwit logs to the kern.* facility15:23
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fluffyponyso dmesg is showing the firewall messages15:24
fluffyponyand rsyslog is dropping them15:24
jacobwsee if the message are in /var/log/kern.log15:24
fluffyponyyeah I know15:33
jacobwi assumed that iptables would log to syslog, which is usually configured to be the case, but rsyslogd might not do this15:34
fluffyponyyeah - asking in #rsyslog, but it seems like the quietest channel on earth15:34
jacobwrsyslogd uses a module to read from the kernel log and write to syslog15:34
Onepamopaguys, can anyone help with trim @ ssd raid 1?15:35
jacobwso, `grep -Rl /etc/rsyslod*`15:35
OnepamopaI added the "discard" option, rebooted the server15:35
Onepamopabut according to the test I am doing - trim is not working15:35
fluffyponyrsyslog.conf:$ModLoad imklog15:36
fluffyponyso it's loaded in rsyslog.conf15:37
Onepamopagreat support ...15:40
jacobwOnepamopa: what test are you doing?15:40
Onepamopaseq 1 1000 > testfile15:40
Onepamopahdparm --fibmap testfile15:40
samba35jacobw, do you have any idea on postfix/dovecot ? i have problem with pop3 server15:40
Onepamopahdparm --read-sector <the_sector> /dev/sda15:40
Onepamopathen deleting testfile and reading same sector15:40
jacobwsamba35: what problem do you have?15:40
Onepamopajacobw it should output only zeros after I deleted testfile and sync15:41
Onepamopabut it outputs the same as first hdparm --read-sector <the_sector> /dev/sda15:41
samba35i am behind a utm (using proxy /relay for mail) i am using smarthost i am able to send mails but i am not able to get mail15:41
jacobwok, so added 'discard' to fstab?15:42
Onepamopa# / was on /dev/md0 during installation15:42
OnepamopaUUID=327d76c1-f61a-4da1-bd12-502049142982 /               ext4    discard,errors=remount-ro 0       115:42
Onepamopa# /var/lib/mysql was on /dev/md1 during installation15:42
OnepamopaUUID=4f152a4c-7e84-4835-b1b3-5ecfd3f4ce0a /var/lib/mysql  ext4    discard,defaults        0       215:42
jacobwsamba35: how are you testing receive mail?15:43
jacobwsamba35: with imap/pop?15:43
samba35now idea how to setup a imap15:43
jacobwsamba35: postfix logs to /var/log/mail.log15:43
jacobwsamba35: dovecot does pop and imap15:44
samba35ok let me try again from client now i am on server15:44
samba35i will try from client15:44
jacobwsamba35: its likely that postfix isn't delivering properly to dovecot15:44
Onepamopajacobw any thoughts?15:44
samba35when i send mail from gmail to my account mail doesnt get bounce so its comming but i fail to understand where its comming15:45
jacobwfluffypony: test where kern.* messages go with logger15:46
fluffyponykern.*                          -/var/log/kern.log15:48
fluffyponyaccording to 50-default in rsyslog.d15:49
fluffyponyand that seems to match with reality15:49
jacobwOnepamopa: what kernel are you running?15:50
jacobwsamba35: check /var/log/mail.log for messages from postfix about delivery15:51
fluffyponyok so check15:56
fluffyponyrock and hard place15:56
fluffypony"i wasted 2 hours of my life getting this working on a fresh install of unbuntu 10.10. turns out that the default version of rsyslog that you get when you ‘apt-get install rsyslog’ is version 4.x, which has a bug that prevents the logging from being directed correctly to /var/log/iptables.log"15:56
fluffyponyso I'm going to just upgrade rsyslog, right?15:56
fluffyponyWARNING: there is a bug with kernels < 2.6.34 causing rsyslog to eat cpu time15:56
fluffypony*bangs head against wall*15:56
jacobwi also dislike rsyslog15:57
fluffyponyI suppose I can replace it with syslog-ng15:57
jacobware you running 10.10?15:59
fluffypony10.04 LTS15:59
fluffyponyit's a server after all :-P16:00
jacobwcheck 50-defaults for iptables > /var/log/iptables.log16:00
fluffyponyI added to 50-defaults for that16:00
fluffyponyand then was trying to find out why it wasn't working16:01
jacobwsometimes ok16:01
jacobwer, -sometimes16:01
jacobwcheck /var/log/messages16:01
jacobwjust find out where the iptables messages are going, find the rule in rsyslog.d/ and redirect to psadfifo :)16:02
fluffyponyif I grep for iptables in /var/log16:03
fluffyponyall that comes up are entries in dpkg.log16:03
fluffyponyholy crap16:09
fluffyponyupgraded rsyslog16:09
fluffyponymy kern.log is now 447mb16:09
jacobwthe messages might not be tagged with 'iptables'16:09
jacobwrsyslog will be writing cached messages now16:11
fluffyponyyeah no16:11
fluffyponyit's the bug16:11
jacobwsee if it slows, if not add a log chain to iptables and only log certain traffic types etc16:12
fluffyponyso I killed rsyslog16:21
fluffyponyinstalled syslog-ng16:21
fluffyponymuch better16:21
fluffyponyok sweet16:32
fluffyponysyslog-ng supports named pipes16:32
DelemasAnyone know if the 11.10 64 bit server installer iso has xfs support natively? I was surprised that the 10.04 one does not...18:37
yaksteranyone help? I need to recursively search all folders under a directory, and move all files with a specific extension to another location… Ie, all files under movies with the extension AVI, move to here… where here is my move location… I am thinking mv -R *.avi /media/Goflex/AVI18:52
Patrickdkfind . -name '*.avi' -exec 'mv' '{}' '/media/Goflex/AVI/' ';'18:54
yaksterThank you18:58
yaksterok, now how can I rename all the files to remove the first 5 charters but keep everything the same18:59
yaksterso "01 - HomeVid0001" to "HomeVid0001"19:00
yaksterI have some thousand files…19:00
yaksterif not more19:00
Patrickdksince when did rename work on one file at a time?19:00
yaksterwell that is why I am asking19:01
Patrickdkand I told you to use rename19:01
yaksterok…. what is the pearlexp? IDK anything about pearl….19:03
Patrickdkrename 's/^[0-9]+ - (.*)$/$1/' *.avi19:05
Patrickdkmight do what you want19:05
yaksterok, I appreciate your help, can you explain that syntax?19:05
yaksteryes that worked… thank you19:08
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kklimondatjaalton: any idea where is ndr_nbt library from?20:22
kklimonda(it's one of freeipa dependencies, it's not in our samba4 sources, like other "ndr" libraries)20:22
kklimondaah, apparently it's a new library, not present in alpha17 release - holy molly, it feels like freeipa folks are doing everything to make it harder to build this stuff on systems other than fedora/rhel..20:24
Tixoswhat is the correct way to fix this bug/error   >   PHP Notice:  session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_dir:20:38
qman___a notice is just that, a notice20:39
qman___it doesn't mean anything is wrong20:39
Tixosits blocking lots20:41
Tixosi disagree :P20:41
Tixosi dont like them20:41
Tixosi know i can supress, but it does mean something is not quite right20:41
qman___the notice itself is not an error, it may be hiding the actual error20:41
Tixoswell i read that PHP doesnt have write access to its garbage location?20:42
Tixoson ubuntu20:42
Tixosbut the default in ubuntu cleans this folder anyway20:42
Tixosso in this case i guess i can suppress the warning20:42
qman___error levels go something like this: info, notice, warn, error20:43
qman___info and notice are just letting you know that things are happening20:43
qman___warn could be a problem, but could just be a warning, and error means something fatal happened20:43
qman___if you're getting unexpected behavior, info and notice can lead you to the problem, but they're not direct errors of problems, and won't necessarily lead you to what's wrong by themselves20:44
Tixosit seems messy though, i had a script and was getting tons of 'index not defined PHP errors' i have wrapped some of them in '''s and it fixed the warning20:45
Tixosis that just poor coding>?20:45
qman___the script is probably written for an older (or possibly newer) version of PHP20:46
Tixosyea i thought that20:46
Tixosso this20:46
Tixosin ubuntu20:46
qman___the major version points to be careful of are PHP4 to PHP5, 5.0 to 5.2, and 5.2 to 5.320:46
TixosPHP Notice:  session_start(): ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/var/lib/php5) failed: Permission denied (13)20:46
Tixosthere is no clean way to fix this error ?20:46
Tixosor 'notice'20:46
qman___I'd think that'd be more than a notice, but you'd have to find more information on that particular issue20:47
qman___unless it's causing a problem, I would leave it20:47
qman___but if it is, you could change the permissions on that directory20:47
qman___be aware though that this could have major security implications20:47
Tixosi would like to fix so i came here :)20:47
Tixoschanging permissions also seems a little 'naughty'20:47
Tixoslike i said i think there is a cronjob for it in ubuntu ?20:48
qman___well, that's how you correct 'permission denied'20:48
qman___but it may be denied for a good reason20:48
Tixosbut if ubuntu is already doing the job, maybe i should remove it from the php ?20:48
Tixosi want the 'cleanest' way :)20:48
qman___there are only two ways20:49
qman___change permission, or disable the function that's being denied20:49
Tixosthis is what causes the error20:49
Tixosbut its PHP usage of this that causes the notice?20:50
qman___quick google reveals bug 61985520:51
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 619855 in php5 "session.gc_probablity=1 in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini conflicts with permissions on /var/lib/php5" [Low,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61985520:51
qman___and from what I'm reading there, it's a problem between upstream and ubuntu's way, and is safe to ignore completely20:53
qman___if you just want the messages gone, use @session_start(); instead20:53
Tixosshould i set gc_prob to 0 ?20:53
Tixosid rather not have it filling up my logs20:53
qman___they will still occur with that set to 0, just less often, and that actually reduces functionality20:54
Tixosi like this guys reply > Agustín Fernández (yo-agustinfernandez)             wrote             on 2010-09-09:20:56
Tixossurely one of the other should be fixed, settings or permissions, via ubuntu/php20:56
qman___the final reply sums it up best20:56
qman___it's unfortunate but it provides the best default20:56
Tixosshould i chown the DIR to root:www-data?20:57
qman___it's a matter of which is worse, breaking security, breaking compatibility, or log noise20:58
qman___right now there's log noise20:58
qman___changing permissions break security20:58
qman___and changing the setting breaks compatibility20:58
Tixoscan i 'loosen' them like he suggests20:58
Tixoswithout breaking security20:58
qman___not likely20:58
qman___I would leave it as is, personally20:58
Tixosmakes reading logs painful :)20:59
qman___second choice modifying the script with the @session_start();20:59
qman___third choice disabling the feature20:59
Tixosguess i can grep the errors out though20:59
Tixoswhat does the @ do ?20:59
qman___suppresses errors for that line20:59
stgraberhallyn: just noticed a few more services failing because of the lack of net-device-up of 'lo'. I'll upload a new ifupdown including a new upstart job emitting the needed net-device-added and making everything work for containers.21:22
TixosIf i am using a SSL virtualhost, like the default one in ubuntu, so i replace _default_ with serverIP or domain name?22:06
Jeeves_Tixos: No, why?22:08
Jeeves_Will you be using multiple vhosts ?22:08
Tixoswhat should it be?22:14
Tixosthe domain name?22:14
Tixosgetting some 408 errors, wondering if its related at all to bad config22:25
Tixosbut like this, what does it mean22:26
Tixos[12/Feb/2012:16:26:38 -0600] "-" 408 145 "-" "-"22:26
Tixosany ideas? getting quite a few, should i jack up max clients or something?22:32
Tixoskeepalive timeout ?22:34
shaunotum tee tum22:36
shaunogah, wrong window, sorry22:36
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koolhead17hi all23:27
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fratermhello there23:47
koolhead11hi fraterm23:51

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