diploheh gn all!00:00
jacobwdude, its morning now ;)00:00
jacobwbah >:|00:00
penguin42heck the recaptcha captures are getting almost too hard for me to read00:28
directhexpenguin42: they're running out of source material! Only books in ancient greek to turn into captchas!00:41
penguin42directhex: I think they're going to start using Korean next00:42
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AzelphurIf you fork something under the GPL and the copyright header contains the project name / author, should you change those or leave them intact?01:49
Azelphurbecause I know there's the whole "You shouldn't fork it under our name" thing but there's also the "You shouldn't modify the copyright header" thing01:50
BigRedSAzelphur: Generally, people seem to add their name to it01:50
AzelphurI see01:50
BigRedSbut you'd need legal advice if you're after, er, legal advice :)01:50
Azelphurhaha, was hoping it'd be a known thing seeing as lots of people fork things01:50
BigRedSah, no, i think it's just accepted that most things under the GPL are done so by people more interested in seeing its spirit upheld than necessarily its letter01:51
BigRedSso most people aren't *that* concerned about sticking to the minutae of it01:51
ali1234it depends if the project ame is trademarked or not01:53
ali1234like firefox is trademarked01:54
BigRedSyeah, hence iceweasel and whatever the one in Arch is01:54
BigRedSer, parabola I suppose. Arch doesn't mind not-that-free01:55
AzelphurI see01:55
ali1234otoh if it isn't a project in the grip of commercial marketing companies, nobody will care01:55
ali1234like if you fork gcc and don't rename it, nobody will care01:55
ali1234if you fork firefox and don't rename it, expect lawyers to contact you if it gets popular01:56
gordif you fork gcc and don't rename it no one will care because no one will ever know about it01:58
Azelphurali1234: tis pretty funny, some dev just released a decompiler for sourcemod plugins (source engine game server plugins) and  there are a bunch of people panicing because they have released plugins to people with passwords for a shared MySQL db in them, rofl02:17
Azelphur"If you did that, your security was already compromised ages ago"02:17
ali1234you don't need a decompiler to get that information02:17
Azelphurexactly haha02:17
ali1234strings or wireshark will get it for you i bet02:17
Azelphuryep, exactly what I said02:18
ali1234so what language are they written in anyway?02:18
AzelphurI was even friendly enough to offer the worried people some support in rewriting their plugins in a more security conscious manner lol02:18
Azelphurali1234: it's a custom language02:18
ali1234what's it like?02:18
Azelphurali1234: I think you'd like it tbh, C like syntax, it's built on top of this http://www.compuphase.com/small.htm02:19
ali1234is it anyway related to QuakeC?02:19
Azelphurali1234: the guy who made it is rather brilliant, he got ninja'd by the mozilla developers and works on jaegermonkey now02:19
AzelphurI don't think so no02:19
ben1uhello, is it possible to change the weekdays in ClearWeather Screenlets to German language?02:52
anth21testing 1 2 303:01
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danfishmorning all!08:47
danfish12.04 installed on this laptop and seems ok08:48
danfishAlanBell: how are the chickens coping in this cold snap?08:48
AlanBellI found a frozen egg this morning, it had a crack in it due to expansion of the contnet08:48
AlanBellgenerally they are fine, I just give them a bit of extra corn to keep them warm08:49
AlanBellthey have a fast metabolism and quite a high body temperature08:50
* danfish has a pair of ducks arriving next month :)08:52
danfisha pair of gressinghams - apparently they are very aggressive towards foxes08:56
AlanBellboy/girl pair?09:07
danfish"crispy" and "peking"09:15
christelhrmm, does ducks lay eggs? well, obviously they do, what i mean is... are they as useful as chickens in the egg production department? :)09:58
AlanBellthey are not as productive09:58
AlanBelland you have to collect the eggs quick and cook them well, the shells are a bit porus09:59
popeymorning all10:05
* TheOpenSourcerer goes to cook some lovely green back bacon for breakfast, perhaps with an egg or three10:07
popeymmmmm bacon10:11
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:42
dwatkinsgood morrow10:42
brobostigonmorning dwatkins10:42
popeypip pip10:49
brobostigonmorning popey10:50
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dwatkinsI am collecting USB cables, there are many types.11:13
MartijnVdS16km. -2°C. Argh :)11:16
MartijnVdSdwatkins: A-B, A-MiniB, A-MicroB, MicroB-FemaleA (OTG!)...11:17
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: absolutely, far too many of the little things11:22
MartijnVdSMy legs hurt.11:31
dwatkinsWell if you will run 16km, MartijnVdS ;)11:32
MartijnVdSdwatkins: yes that might have something to do with it ;)11:33
ubuntuuk-planet[Kwabena Aning] A standalone java/jar application from Scala sources using Proguard - http://blog.kaning.co.uk/archives/32512:05
* danfish has just put cyanogen's ICS on my desire - so far very good12:17
* MartijnVdS looks at his galaxy nexus12:21
* brobostigon hugs his htc dream, but wants something new.12:22
jacobwsigh, no ics without nexus s12:26
MartijnVdSHaven't they ported ICS to the N1 as well?12:27
* dwatkins has a HTC Desire HD with CM712:30
jacobwMartijnVdS: CM have12:34
* jacobw has DHD with MIUI 2.2.1012:36
czajkowskidanfish: I was cheated!12:38
dwatkinsjacobw: I hadn't seen that distro, how does it compare to stock Android and/or Cyanogenmod?12:39
jacobwdwatkins: its much better12:39
jacobwdwatkins: improved UI12:39
dwatkinsThis reminds me, I should backup my SD card and savegames ;)12:40
danfishczajkowski: twas a very late decision to abort!12:40
czajkowskidanfish: indeed12:42
jacobwobv, not stable.12:46
jacobwbut, ics on dhd!12:46
dwatkinsDesire HD12:52
penguin42oh dear, the french really do use Mo and Go for sizes12:53
dwatkinspenguin42: yeah, Megaoctet, etc.12:53
penguin42dwatkins: I thought it was an affliction reserved for standards docs12:53
dwatkinspenguin42: there's an institute in Paris which is charged with protecting the French language, and ensuring that things like CDs are called "disque compact" instead of using the English words.12:54
jacobwi guess it solves the Mb || MB ? problem12:54
penguin42dwatkins: Yeh12:55
danfishoff-topic, but at supermarket loaf of bread = £1.50 vs £1 for 1.5kg of flour (=3 loaves + kids having lots of fun!)12:56
penguin42(+ electricity, washing, yeast costs)12:59
gordonjcpdanfish: totally13:00
gordonjcpyeast is like 50p for 200g13:01
dwatkinsI'm quite tempted to get a bread making machine, but I guess you can do it in the oven easily enough.13:03
dwatkins"Remember, bread making is not an exact science"13:04
gordonjcpI don't really "get" breadmaking machines13:05
gordonjcpthey do all the fun bits13:05
dwatkinsheh yeah, my brother has one that they use every day - saves a lot of time13:06
gordonjcpwhat I've started doing is just making the dough really wet and leaving it overnight13:06
dwatkinsI guess it's fun at first but if you have to do it every day it becomes a chore.13:06
gordonjcppap it in the oven at 6am and go back to bed for half an hour13:07
dwatkinsWhat does leaving it over night do to the dough?13:07
gordonjcpwell the gluten chains link up slowly without kneading13:07
gordonjcpit does need to be quite wet though13:07
dwatkinsaha, I see13:07
penguin42gordonjcp: '6am' - what's that?13:10
gordonjcpit's when I get up to stick bread in the oven, on baking days13:10
TheOpenSourcererWe use our bread maker very frequently. It's the most used "kitchen gadget" evah!13:15
TheOpenSourcererBefore we go to bed, stick some bits in the machine, wake up and we have fresh bread :-)13:15
TheOpenSourcererGreat for quickly knocking up pizza dough, takes 45 minutes and happens whilst you are doing something else.13:16
TheOpenSourcererGreat for making roll dough or naan bread dough or loads of other bread-based things. A very, very useful device IMO.13:16
* brobostigon imagines a margarita. :)13:21
gordonjcpI like making pizza dough though13:23
gordonjcpor any bread dough13:23
* MartijnVdS is baking banana cake13:23
gordonjcpmix it up, let it rise a bit, knock it back, then knead it13:23
gordonjcpand the problem is people don't knead their bread enough13:24
gordonjcpthe simple answer is to stick on the 12" of Blue Monday13:24
directhexwhen i was an undergrad, we bread machined all the time13:24
gordonjcpit's the right speed and length13:24
directhexconstant bread mahine workflow, thanks to someone always being awake due to switching to the wrong timezone to play online games13:24
MartijnVdSBanana cake > *13:25
MartijnVdSbanana cake with chocolate > banana cake > *13:25
gordonjcpdirecthex: you should just start a bakery13:26
gordonjcpdirecthex: like the kind of underground supper club movement where people set up "restaurants" in their homes13:27
gordonjcpexcept do it with a bakery13:27
BigRedSIf I telnet to a machine on tcp/143 and do "1 login user pass", is that login or plain auth?13:31
MartijnVdSBigRedS: you can query it for supported auth methods13:34
BigRedSyeah, i just know that one works and I'm wondering why imapsync refuses to13:35
danfishTheOpenSourcerer: which breadmaker have u got?13:35
MartijnVdSBigRedS: it's not encrypted anyway13:35
BigRedSNo, I know. That bit isn't an issue.13:36
TheOpenSourcererdanfish: A Panasonic one. We've had it for quite a while now can't remember which model, but it's one without a viewing window13:36
BigRedSit's teh mail not moving that is :)13:36
MartijnVdSBigRedS: do you have access to the server log?13:38
MartijnVdSBigRedS: maybe it has more details13:38
BigRedSyeah, it just logs success when I log in and nothing when imapsync, er, doesn't.13:40
BigRedSI think I'm just going to scp this all to anotehr server and see if that one's any more compliant13:41
* MartijnVdS wanders off to find a floppy cable13:41
* BigRedS finds a typo in his imapsync script13:59
* BigRedS feels a bit embarrased :)13:59
MartijnVdSin the password bit?13:59
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jacobwBigRedS: what does imapsync do?15:01
BigRedSjacobw: it logs into two imap servers and downloads the mail from one and puts it in the other15:05
BigRedSit's really handy for migrating peopel between servers which disagree on what an imap index should look like15:05
jacobwBigRedS: can it do two mailboxes on the same server?15:05
jacobwi see15:05
jacobwi.e. cyrus and dovecot?15:05
BigRedSjacobw: well, you just invoke it once per mailbox15:18
BigRedSso normally you concoct a script which you pass a list of usernames and passwords to15:18
BigRedSand generally you try to write $password rather than $pasword :)15:18
BigRedSbut, yeah, this was to go from an ageing vpopmail (so courier) system to a dovecot one15:18
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AlanBellan SIS graphics card is bad right? http://paste.ubuntu.com/839162/15:26
gordonjcplet me fire up the Celeron D machine here with an SiS card just to show you...15:28
AlanBelljust booted precise on it, graphics are very glitchy, to the point of unuseable15:29
AlanBellit is doing unity3d, but badly15:29
AlanBellthis is a celeron 2Ghz15:30
gordonjcpwhen I installed it at first, I thought that 10.04 had been updated from the original nicotine-and-baby-shit browns to the bruise-and-septicaemia purples colours of 11.1015:30
gordonjcpno, it was just horribly corrupt15:30
* BigRedS realises where he recognises teh colour of his fosdem t-shirt from15:30
AlanBellyeah, this is a mess15:30
* gordonjcp wonders what the final graphics for the 2012 Ubuntus will look like15:31
gordonjcpcan we have green this time, or maybe blue?15:31
gordonjcpAndroid is going for blacks and greys, that could look quite striking15:32
AlanBellright, no mum&dadbuntu today, new motherboard and monitor first15:32
AlanBellin fact, there isn't much to salvage, new motherboard, ram, monitor, might as well get a new computer15:33
gordonjcpyou know how there are websites that will pick a palette of colours from a photograph, to help with things like web design15:33
gordonjcpwouldn't it be cool if the Gtk themes picked up colours from the current background image15:33
BigRedSoooh, that'd be neat15:34
gordonjcpAlanBell: I was looking at some new PCs on scam, box.co.uk etc15:34
gordonjcpBigRedS: I thought about doing that for my website15:34
gordonjcpso I could upload a new header image and it would tweak the CSS to match15:34
BigRedSI've no idea about colour co-ordination, that would help a treat :)15:34
gordonjcpBigRedS: it's got to be better than 2010's delightful shades of British Leyland browns, and 2011's infected wound tones15:35
jacobwthat'd be awesome15:36
gordonjcpAlanBell: I see this company Zoostorm cropping up on a lot of supplier's websites15:36
AlanBelllets try unity2d on this . . .15:37
AlanBellthat did not go well15:39
BigRedSmy mum rather liked the purples15:39
gordonjcpI was quite tempted to buy one of their core i5s15:39
gordonjcpI don't really know what the difference between the different flavours of "Core" CPU is15:39
BigRedSbigger numbers are better15:40
gordonjcpwell I figured that much out15:41
BigRedSThat's all there is to hardware as far as I can get my head round :)15:41
gordonjcpcore i5s are a bit more expensive than core i315:41
gordonjcpand core i7 is *way* more expensive than i515:41
penguin42gordonjcp: i7's tend to be quad cores with hyperthread15:42
gordonjcpoh okay, i3 is only dual-core, i5 is quad15:42
gordonjcpaha, i3 doesn't do virtualisation?15:42
penguin42gordonjcp: Generally the xxxx series are newer than the xxx series; so my 2 year old i7 is an i860 and the newer ones are something like 2xxx15:42
penguin42gordonjcp: http://ark.intel.com/  is good for finding exact intel specs15:43
gordonjcpI just want one with graphics that doesn't entirely suck and that supports virtualisation ;-)15:43
popeyAlanBell: i had same issue on my sisters computer15:44
penguin42gordonjcp: Watch out, the feature set varies within the i range - so they might lose a feature on the bottom end of each range15:45
penguin42gordonjcp: But even some of hte newer Celeron's list VT (virtualistion) - e.g. http://ark.intel.com/products/42772/Intel-Celeron-Processor-E3400-(1M-Cache-2_60-GHz-800-MHz-FSB)15:47
gordonjcpI wonder if that would be better overall15:48
gordonjcpit's academic this month anyway since I have half a tank of heating oil and a large vet's bill to pay for :-/15:48
SuperEngineergood day to you gentlemen, gentleladies & non-discrimated-gentlefolk all15:52
BigRedSwhat about the non-gentles?15:53
SuperEngineergolly gosh!   obut of course!  ...& good day  non-gentles  [whew, that was close]15:55
BigRedSHm. Why do none of these things that have a "share your location" thing ever let you say what your location is15:58
gordonjcpwell, it's supposed to pick it up from your GPS or celltower16:02
BigRedSyeah, or IP address16:03
BigRedSit's just often wrong16:03
BigRedSI just wonder why it's assumed that the user doens't know where they are16:04
BigRedSor doesn't want to say and would rather the phone/computer/website guessed16:04
BigRedSIt's never mattered, just seems odd16:05
SuperEngineeranyone testing 12.04 *and* tried it with a Huwawei 3G broadband dongle by any chance?  [as in bug #868034]16:09
lubotu3Launchpad bug 868034 in modemmanager (Ubuntu) "Huawei E220 and E1550 can't connect on Ubuntu 11.10" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86803416:09
* SuperEngineer thanks the lubbotu for saving copy & paste ;)16:10
popeynot a bad deal17:43
popey12 quid for 32 AA batteries17:43
popeyhttp://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B004NT888A AAA also cheap17:45
o0000ohey guys, I jus' got  a second-hand really messy gunked up old Gameboy Color from my aunt, I cleaned it up good and is lookin' great!17:48
o0000othe screen has a little condensation underneath it though :-(17:49
penguin42popey: www.7dayshop.com is a good place generally for cheap batteries17:49
o0000openguin42: Amazon has most of 7dayshop, and much more, better off with Amazon17:50
o0000o7dayshop sell on Amazon17:50
penguin42o0000o: Yep it varies a bit17:50
o0000oanyone here know where I can get a good GBC flashcart?17:51
o0000ono DS please, just GBC17:51
o0000oam waitin' on a Cybiko Extreme from Ebay17:53
o0000othe battery is solder inside, is gonna be dead, prolly not gonna turn on, anyone know a similar Lithium bat I could solder in place of the old one?17:54
SuperEngineerbtw... anyone know of a way to filter an RSS feed in Liferea [i.e. Slashdot} to make it less boring?18:20
SuperEngineerok,. next beg:. have I 'security tied down' Chromium too much [specifically G+ Angry Birds} or is it geniunely having probs?19:08
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diploEvening all19:37
penguin42SuperEngineer: Nice car; I see that site is really attempting to get ladies involved in model building19:42
penguin42erm sorry, they must have confused the word 'model'19:43
SuperEngineerpenguin42:   que?19:43
penguin42SuperEngineer: When I follow the link to the page describing the linux based car it's very nice but has scantily dressed ladies playing with their models19:44
SuperEngineerpenguin42: wot "linux based car"?  are you schmoking something naughty by any chance?19:46
penguin42SuperEngineer: Indeed that one, and no I'm not!19:46
penguin42SuperEngineer: http://www.hobbymedia.it/36286/wirc-linux-sistema-di-controllo-via-iphoneandroid-per-modelli-radiocomandati-smart-racer-by-dension19:46
SuperEngineer...ooo - the Radio Control car....19:46
SuperEngineeri'll check that link myself19:47
penguin42SuperEngineer: I mean definitely not the type of dress they should be wearing if they've got their soldering iron out19:47
SuperEngineerer -no - that takes me to:  hobby media... WiRC Linux: Sistema di controllo via iPhone/Android per modelli radiocomandati - Smart Racer by Dension19:49
penguin42SuperEngineer: Yeh which it says uses embedded linux19:50
SuperEngineermethinks your browser is pre-empting your night time thoughts for you [I'm putting that as  nicely as I can right now]19:50
penguin42sigh, I'm going to have to screenshot this aren't I19:50
penguin42SuperEngineer: So on the right side of that page is there not something entitled 'Craft RC...' with a young lady paying attention to her circuit board19:51
SuperEngineerhang on- got it- you're looking at the "advert£ column on the right hand side, areen't you!19:52
SuperEngineeryou naughty person19:52
SuperEngineertrain your brain to ignore rubbish lkie that19:53
penguin42well I do try19:53
penguin42SuperEngineer: but I keep worrying about them; I mean I hope she's taken the batteries out19:53
SuperEngineerooooH... dear penguin42 .... if you send me your a/c number & pin number I can rectify that for you!19:54
SuperEngineertrain your brain19:54
SuperEngineerp.s. I'm sure she took the batteries outr - don't worry ;)19:55
SuperEngineer...and inn view of [advert] content on the link I posted which may "distract", I suggest nobody else follows the link.19:58
diploAnyone any good with Libreoffice ?20:07
diploNot used any office apps fora  few years, bit rusty :P20:08
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 827382 in totem (Ubuntu) "Coherence uPNP plugin missing in totem in Oneiric" [Low,Fix released]21:05
gordonjcpmore high-quality bug fixing in Ubuntu21:05
gordonjcp"oh it doesn't work so we took it out of the description"21:05
gordonjcpyeah, brilliant21:06
DJonesHmmh, am I meant to be able to spot an obvious difference in 12.04 compared to 11.10 desktops21:10
ali1234depends how up to date you are21:12
DJonesThis is a fresh install21:13
ali1234there was just a change made that makes unity only consider windows on the current workspace when using the switcher21:13
ali1234which i've been asking for for like a year :)21:13
* brobostigon has a play with 12.04 lts from live-sd with persistence.21:15
brobostigonon his eeepc 900*21:15
DJonesI'm just trying it in virtualbox21:17
brobostigonit certainly uses more ram than standard debian sid, running gnome-shell21:17
DJonesThis VM only has 1Gb ram, 64Mb graphics, Unity 3D was a bit flaky, lots of screen artifacts, but 2D is nice and smooth21:19
brobostigonnormal unity is working well here, not issues yet,21:20
popeyunity is not great in a VM, much better on bare metal21:21
DJonesI was guessing that would be the reason21:21
popeyand really needs 1GB RAM min21:21
brobostigoni think i should be fine mostly, with 1Gb of persistence, if i need to install softwarem abd or do upgrades.21:22
brobostigonpopey: i agree, i only have a terminal open, and only have 129mb free.21:23
popeyhow are you measuring free memory?21:23
brobostigonpopey: df -h -T21:23
ali1234of my 16GB, 4GB is used by programs, and 10GB is used by disk cache21:23
popeyoh, disk space not memory21:23
brobostigonpopey: top.21:23
popeywhich number?21:24
ali1234the top memory users are compiz and firefox at 300m each21:24
popeybrobostigon: how much 'cached' ?21:24
brobostigonMem:   1016764k total,   892784k used,   123980k free,    45320k buffers21:25
* SuperEngineer is guessing all those folks in 3rd world countries can *easiy* do that :(21:25
popeybrobostigon: and the next line?21:25
brobostigonSwap:   690172k total,     9884k used,   680288k free,   570964k cached21:25
popeybrobostigon: you have loads of free RAM ☺21:25
brobostigonpopey: ok, hmm, i think i need to do more research, oh, i see now, cached, damn,21:26
* brobostigon scp's popey a beer.21:26
ahayzenThis is a useful page for explaining things :)21:26
brobostigoncontinued brainfart,21:27
brobostigontakes some time to get used to the global menus again, after being in gnome-shell21:28
popeywont have to for long21:30
brobostigonyes, the other thingie, cant remember the name, but yes, i did read about.21:30
brobostigondo you happen to have the ppa addr?21:31
popeyoh, you mean HUD?21:31
popeyI wasn't talking about that.21:31
popeymenus will be switchable between global and integrated either in 12.04 or 12.1021:31
brobostigonah, i dont remember reading about that, that is new, interesting.21:32
gingi'm so close to installing unity21:32
brobostigonhas anyone actually tried HUD, is it usable, i mean, fairly stably, i dont instability, i am used to debian sid.21:33
popeyi have used it21:33
popeyits not finished yet21:34
ali1234the latest unity is very crashy21:34
ali1234crashes about once a day here21:34
popeyI've not had that21:34
brobostigonpopey: ok, so i should wait abit.21:34
popeymaybe multi monitor related21:34
ali1234normally it crashes while pushing against the edge of the screen21:34
ali1234then the screen goes black and you are dumped at the login screen21:34
ali1234probably xorg actually21:35
brobostigonpopey: second question, can turn it on and off ? if i do try it?21:35
ali1234"just don't press alt"21:35
ali1234"what do you mean your program already uses alt for something else?"21:36
ali1234also you can just uninstall the ppa21:36
brobostigonand kill the installed packages.21:36
popeyas I said, it's not finished21:37
daubersI've not had any issues with hud tbh21:37
daubersIt's quite swish on the odd occasion I use it21:38
brobostigonok, what is the ppa addr?21:38
lubotu3Ubuntu 12.04 LTS will include the first step in a major new approach to application interfaces, the Head-Up Display, or HUD, which will ultimately replace menus in Unity applications. See http://ubottu.com/y/hud for the background on this and discuss it in #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-offtopic21:38
brobostigonthank you popey21:38
ali1234also, i TOLD you they wanted to kill menus21:39
ali1234but did you listen? no, you did not21:39
popeydo you iron your grumpy trousers before you put them on? ☺21:40
brobostigonafterall, if something breaks, am in no loss, so i can risk.21:40
ali1234who here has ever had to use a program in a different language that you can't speak?21:41
ali1234like chinese21:42
ali1234how is that going to work out with hud?21:42
ali1234i don't even know how to type those characters let alone form words21:42
ali1234but with normal menus i can guess what they do based on their layout21:42
ali1234like quit is going to be the bottom item in the first menu21:43
gingi installed unity onto xubuntu and now it looks wrong21:48
gingah i made it worse by trying to change the theme21:50
brobostigonok, looks like, the ppa, doesnt have a unity HUD version it is able to install,21:52
SuperEngineerI wish you all a good night night & leave you with tonight's thought...21:58
SuperEngineer...I wonder what noise a bee makes when it farts?21:58
gingbees can't fart, if you feed them cola they explode21:59
* czajkowski frowns at ging 22:02
* popey tickles exobuzz 22:04
exobuzzhi .. *snigger*22:04
* exobuzz gives popey some manlove in return22:05
ubuntuuk-planet[Gareth France] Tottenham Court Road/Bracknell 11/12th February 2012 - http://cliftonts.co.uk/cubuntu/?p=8622:05
brobostigonthats interesting, alt-tab, has show desktop. afterall, unity has a desktop, gnome-shell doesnt.22:09
brobostigonsudo apt-get install synaptic aptitude22:14
brobostigonsomething else, inside alt-tab, if you hit arrow down, while in alt-tab, it shows the windows within that app.22:27
brobostigoni like that,22:28
brobostigonweird, sometimes, i can have terminal open, but global menu, shows the menus, for an entirly different app, applies to any app, not just terminal.22:31
brobostigonsilly thing is, when you hit arrow down, even with only one app window open, it shows two windows, that are the same.22:49
ali1234alt-tab is silly in just about every way22:53
ali1234on every desktop that implements it22:53
brobostigonali1234: there are some good implementations. like in BeOS.22:54
popeybrobostigon: alt and the key above tab also let you alt tab with the window showing22:54
brobostigonpopey: let me try,22:55
brobostigonoh, my mistake, it is showing the seperate gnome-terminal tabs, i think.22:56
brobostigonno, it is not, hmm.22:56
brobostigonpopey: i tink i have found something, it shows one window, for other apps, withi one app window open, other than gnome-terminal, shows two, always, with even one window open.22:57
directhexbeos! ^_^23:06
siamese /server irc.2ch.net23:07
brobostigondirecthex: i used BeOS as a teenager, in the mid 90's. so way before most people used and heard about it. and now, support haiku-os, but doing source compiles, and tests and file bugs.23:09
directhexi paid money for beos. money!23:09
brobostigoni did personally, also, for x86 R5, and powerpc R5.23:10
exobuzzif you want to be an amiga hobbyist you are expected to pay serious money for either os4 or morphos.. no thanks!23:10
brobostigonin roughly, 199923:11
exobuzzclosed source, and gang mentalities all round.23:11
ali1234amiga is still going?23:11
brobostigonhaiku is the future, :)23:11
exobuzzif you are stupid enough yeh heh23:11
exobuzzi say that as an amiga user.. amiga users are very annoying types.. the ones that are left.. mostly23:12
ali1234you would have to be even more stubborn than me to still be using one, so that makes perfect sense23:12
brobostigoni am annoying, i still use BeOS, in a way, by using haiku.23:13
exobuzzi cross compiled an app to run on morphos and tested it on a time limited version of morphos.. im not going to fork out 150euros for that.. they have a funny idea of getting users on board.. or even devs.. i doubt id do that again23:13
gordonjcpbrobostigon: I always say that Windows is like having a BMW or Audi or something, it's obviously expensive, it's obviously had a lot of time spent on details, but it's a pain in the arse23:14
gordonjcpLinux is like a Landrover, no two are quite the same23:15
gordonjcpand you can make it into whatever you want, work on it in your driveway, and people all over the world will help you with it23:15
gordonjcpbut I prefer BeOS, which is like an old Citroen23:15
exobuzzubuntu users are not that dissimilar to amiga users.. it aint a compliment.. heh23:15
gordonjcpeverything about it is totally different to what you expect, you hate it for the first hour then never want to drive anything else again once you're used to it, and they don't really make it any more23:16
ali1234linux: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LRRvQH7alc23:16
exobuzzali1234, haha23:16
brobostigongood night everyone, sleep well.23:19
brobostigongordonjcp: agreed, yes, quite,23:19
brobostigongordonjcp: exception being haiku-os.23:20
gordonjcpbrobostigon: well yeah23:20
gordonjcpbrobostigon: I see Haiku as being a bit like the 2CV replacement parts guys23:20
gordonjcpyou can build a brand new 2CV23:20
brobostigongordonjcp: and at the moment, it has surpassed BeOS in many ways, and improved upon,23:20
gordonjcpeverything is available down to the last screw, *except* the gearbox shells23:21
gordonjcphaiku is pretty awesome23:21
gordonjcpI just wish it did power management so I could run it on my laptop without the fans screaming23:21
brobostigongordonjcp: interesting thing to know, is BE opensourced most of the major components, so, made things alot easier with the haiku guys and gals.23:22
brobostigongordonjcp: i had trouble with that also, my eepc almost overheated.23:22
ali1234what were those little sit down electric scooter type things called?23:22
gordonjcpI should get back into Haiku23:22
gordonjcpali1234: dodgems?23:22
gordonjcpSinclair C523:22
ali1234yeah they were like a dodgem23:22
ali1234i always get that mived up with 2CV23:23
brobostigongordonjcp: i do a compile every few weeks, and have a good time, :)23:23
gordonjcpbrobostigon: once I get a few other projects off the bench I'll maybe get back into Haiku23:23
gordonjcpali1234: even more annoying that there's a Citroen C523:23
gordonjcpmakes googling for Sinclair C5 bits tricky23:23
gordonjcpnot to mention ebay23:23
brobostigongordonjcp: as popey said a while ago, i actually have the time, to persue these things, as then, i had no real work.23:23
ali1234why... why... would you do that?23:23
brobostigongordonjcp: and still dont, no one wants me.23:24
gordonjcpbrobostigon: :-/23:24
gordonjcpI need to learn ARM embedded development *really* quickly23:24
brobostigonok, need sleep, busy day tmrw,23:24
brobostigongood night everyone.23:24

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