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eeemsiohai there00:44
eeemsii was playing around with ubuntu 12.0400:44
eeemsiseveral things happened that were - lets call it freaking buggy00:45
eeemsishowing the "cheat sheet" for the short is buggy00:55
eeemsithe launcher does not move aside if a window touches its border00:56
eeemsiand one very basic question -> how to open multiple xterms?00:57
eeemsiwhat was also weird is the klicking behaviour in the system setting window00:59
snadgehow do you bring up the cheat sheet?01:07
snadgei did that accidentally before01:08
snadgealso.. the issue with dash not autohiding is known01:08
eeemsipressing the windows key01:08
snadgeahh holding it down01:08
eeemsii'm already on another machine without it ;)01:08
snadgeyou need to either change it in background settings or ccsm01:09
eeemsiholding down the mod1 for a while brings up number in the launcher01:09
snadgedesktop background -> behaviour -> auto hide the launcher01:09
eeemsithat's not that bad actually ;)01:09
snadgeon mine, for some reason, that option is greyed out01:09
eeemsiswitch it on01:09
snadgebut in ccsm, unity.. you can set it to dodge all windows, active windows, or always on top01:10
eeemsialso it seems that the borders of a workspace are not absolute01:10
snadgehowever.. some people (myself included) report that when autohide is enabled.. the reveal is broken.. ie.. move the mouse to the left edge, and dash doesnt reveal most of the time01:10
eeemsiit is01:11
snadgekinda sick of regressions in unity.. its like 2 steps forward, one step back.. but thats life01:11
eeemsino its something01:12
eeemsithe reveal is buggy - agread01:12
snadgehardly anyone i know actually uses linux as a desktop to be perfectly honest01:13
eeemsibut the realy weird thing is that when the mouse gets near an active element the reveal seems to work01:13
snadgeand the few people that i do.. tend to hate unity more than like it01:13
snadgei guess im "weird" in the sense that i have persisted with it for months now01:13
snadgeand i cant be bothered with crap like linux mint.. etc01:14
snadgeor gnome shell01:14
eeemsicoming from the tiling world unity does have some nice tricks indeed01:14
eeemsidont let us flamewar in here01:14
snadgei think dash's position needs to be configurable though.. thats a show stopper for some people01:15
eeemsiwe should give the devs ideas where these bugs might come from01:15
snadgesome people have their monitors in portrait position01:15
eeemsii think that the dash thing has to be thought about from scratch01:15
eeemsior building an extra package for it01:16
snadgealso some people might just want to be kinky and have it on the right instead of the left01:16
eeemsithat dash thing seems to not give the correct items for a search01:17
snadgeok well you're right.. instead of just talking "crap" .. could actually look into these bugs and assist with their resolution ;)01:17
eeemsiand is not that good -> usability(the thing that no one wants to hear)01:17
eeemsican you tell me how to open multiple xterms?01:18
eeemsii was expecting by right clicking it it gives me chance to open a new one … turns out it doesn't01:20
eeemsiit has to be possible somehow01:20
snadgeumm... ctrl-alt-t opens a term01:23
snadgebut not sure with xterm01:23
eeemsiim used to use urxvtc having urxvtd started via xsession01:24
eeemsione thing i didn't try was to check for the urgency hint01:25
eeemsisnadge: sudo update-alternatives –config x-terminal-emulator01:47
eeemsithat should do it01:47
eeemsioh and in addition you should add a 40nosuggestrecommands in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01:49
eeemsithat does  lower the packets that should get downloaded01:50
eeemsie.g. when installing mplayer java is not coming along ;)01:50
eeemsimplayer does not need java01:50
eeemsisnadge: http://pastebin.com/dMgPXaaK02:01
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gang65I would like to implement https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/874254 in Unity 2d10:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 874254 in unity-2d "top bar, integrated menu - when a application is first launched, the integrated menu should be displayed for 2 seconds before fading out of view" [High,In progress]10:40
gang65Unfortunately I'm stuck10:40
gang65I don't know how I could detect if the application was launched first rime10:41
gang65Is anyone knows where I should look for solution?10:41
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EgoGratisI am not used to mailing list so i decided (it was suggest to me too) i make one proposal about alternative Dodge Windows implementation here on the IRC channel. I think Unity Shell works better then Shells found in other OS-es and allows the user to use screen more efficiently. I don't care if default mode would be Never hide but i think this Unity Shell flagship option should be preserved too.16:05
EgoGratisI understand that current implementation does have some bugs that are probably hard to solve and because of that i would like to propose different implementation that would probably preserve "lean code" and "lean Unity Shell too". The approach would be much simplified. There would be third option in system setting: Never hide + Hide when at least one window on the screen/workspace is maximized. That would be it.16:05
EgoGratisIn all other situations it would act exactly the same as Never hide mode does now. There would be no more "windows" behind Unity Launcher and a lot less bugs would be there? Unity Launcher would act only as ON/OFF switch and the only thing that would trigger the switch is condition at least one window has to be maximized! We could have "lean code" and preserve "lean Unity Shell too". What do you think?16:05
sbtehtorque, I checked unity, libunity, nux, bamf, compiz, compiz-core, indicator-application and libindicator, but I can't find the leak18:01
sbteunless it's in one of the patches I submitted but that are still in queue18:01
htorquesbte: that's unfortunate. thanks for trying anyway!18:40
sbtehtorque, well, it could still be that it's fixed when all of my patches are in. Fingers crossed :P19:09
sbtewhat do you use exactly for testing? Precise with the staging ppa enabled?19:09
htorquesbte: precise with unity from trunk19:35
htorquei can also reproduce the indicator-application leak with a daily live cd and some indicators installed (i checked, it doesn't depend on a single indicator being installed, but the more i install the faster the service grows).19:36
htorquei usually have indicator-multiload, -cpufreq and -sensors in use.19:37
sbtehtorque, well, there's a lot more fixed in indicator-application trunk20:22
htorquegoing to try this next20:23
sbtehtorque, well, it could also be fixes in other things used by unity20:25
htorquegoing to try those afterwards ;)20:26
sbtehtorque, if you want to try them all you can use the staging ppa20:26
sbtebut that might break your system every now and then20:26
htorquei'm using nux, libunity, unity trunk when testing this stuff. yeah, will do...20:26
htorquei'm fine with breakage :)20:27
sbtehtorque, ok then :P20:27
sbtehtorque, I also have 4 more fixes that still have to be approved20:28
sbteone fixes a 10mb/hour leak20:28
ali1234something very strange has happened to my unity21:08
ali1234the window switcher is only counting windows on the current workspace instead of all workspaces21:08
ali1234this is a feature i've wanted since forever21:08
ali1234but something tells me it is a bug21:08
ali1234i am running up to date precise21:09
Daekdroomali1234, it's now the new default.21:10
DaekdroomYou got your feature right there.21:10
DaekdroomNo bug.21:10
ahayzenDaekdroom: Is this new 'feature' configurable (eg via ccsm) or is it forced upon the user?21:13
ali1234i feel like it doesn't go far enough. it still takes you to another workspace if there isn't already a window of that app on the current one21:15
ali1234they should be totally independent i think21:15
ali1234but hey, it's a start :)21:15
ali1234btw, the link in the topic to the mailing list is broken...21:19
ali1234the link at http://unity.ubuntu.com/contact-us/ is different and also broken21:21
ali1234and googling it sends me to a url that puts me in an endless openid authentication loop21:21
bschaeferjaytaoko, hey, just saw the merge failed. As you pushed some new changes last night22:24
bschaeferjaytaoko, ill have it fixed in a sec22:24
Daekdroomahayzen, iirc it's configurable22:31
ahayzenDaekdroom: Where will the options be System settings/CCSM? ... or do you not know yet?22:31
Daekdroomahayzen, I think it's 'Bias alt-tab to prefer windows on the current viewport' under the Switcher tab in CCSM22:32
ahayzenDeakdroom: Thx22:32
bschaeferjaytaoko, its all good now :)22:35
sbtethomi, is there anything else that needs to happen to get this in? https://code.launchpad.net/~sbte/unity/fix-919328/+merge/9210023:18
thomisbte: nope, just gotta remind me to approve the MP - I forgot. Doing it now ;)23:39
thomithanks for your help.23:39
thomithere we go - it should be merged in an hour or so.23:40
sbtethomi, ok thanks23:45

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