brouschwow http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=100007960%20600000482&IsNodeId=1&name=128GB14:43
snap-lbrousch: Yep, now you to can launder 128GB of data in your pants pocket15:35
brouschbastards http://blog.kdl.org/?p=1064015:42
jrwreni call b.s. on the rw speed of those 128GB flash drives.16:01
jrwrenno way w16:01
jrwrenno way will you get 200MB/s16:01
jrwrenreviews are mixed16:03
brouscheven with usb3?16:04
jrwrenusually the flash memory is hte limiting factor16:04
snap-ljcastro: What's your Scrabble account name?18:26
snap-lor is that so last year? :)18:26
snap-lMine is snapl18:27
snap-lapparently there's two account on there.18:27
snap-lFound it18:31
snap-lThough I have a feeling this app is a little buggy since I started a game with jcastro and it crashed. :)18:32
greg-gwhat the fuck, firefox, why did you make the sidebar/pinned tabs so fucking huge?18:46
greg-gthat's what I get for restarting :/18:46
snap-lGee, the reviews look REALLY similar, don't they?18:51
rick_hgreg-g: pinned tab thing? I didn't remmeber firefox had added that19:56
rick_hI've not 'gotten' that usage in chrome though so ugh19:56
brouschyeah, annoying19:56
rick_hI love it when the coffee shop/apple hippie stereo types hit the nail so19:57
brouschyou work in a coffee shop19:57
rick_hcouple hours a day 5ish days a week19:58
rick_hwife's been working so running away for a couple of hours to get some bookie hacking in19:58
rick_hbeen off the computer a ton this weekend :(19:58
brouschgood boy19:58
brouschsnap-l: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo7MEJMXdsc20:28
snap-lCOol. WIll check it out.20:29
greg-grick_h: I like them, for gcal, greader, twitter, identi.ca20:29
greg-grick_h: they work great with tree style tabs20:30
greg-grow of pinned tabs on top, then th elist of tabs below20:30
snap-lI've never used the pinned tabs20:30
brouschkind of sloppy, but a couple of good parts20:30
rick_hgreg-g: yea, the idea seems good but I never figured out how to get them on every load20:30
rick_hand if I did, then I don't want them on every browser20:31
rick_hso never really saw how'd they end up being nice in practice20:31
rick_hI just end up with one browser instance on desktop #4 that's the stuff I'd "pin"20:31
greg-grick_h: fx saves tabs when you close it20:31
snap-lOh wow, I really like this20:34
snap-lpinning tabs = a+20:36
snap-lI think I have a sneaking suspicion why pycurl isn't packaged21:17
snap-lJesus, but there's a lot of dependencies.21:17
rick_hwhat do you mean, I see it in the repo?21:17
snap-lI mean outside of the Ubuntu ecosystem21:17
greg-gsnap-l:  is it in debian?21:20
snap-lI'm installing into a virtualenv21:22
snap-lso I'm not using hte packagages21:22
snap-lbut since it's essentially a wrapper around a C library,there's a lot of dependencies like TLS, openssl, etc.21:22
snap-lAnd urlgrabber is a wrapper around pycurl21:23
snap-lAWesome, urlgrabber doesn't appear to be working with pycurl22:05
snap-lI'm starting to really hate pycurl22:22
snap-lGah, someone re-wrote urlgrabber to use pycurl, and of course it's not working.22:38
brouschi think i'm going deploy that new grpug web site to heroku22:53
brouschshould fit in the free tier i think22:53

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