MutantTurkeywoop woop02:34
rmg51poow poow02:39
MutantTurkeyday 2.503:31
MutantTurkeyjedijf: this is terrible03:32
MutantTurkeyalso martin graesslin layed major smackdown on TDE in his blogpost03:32
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EvilResistanceeesh, hubbard is explodified :/09:38
rmg51jedijf: your slipping. only one email?13:30
rmg51how long should I wait till the others arrive?13:30
jedijfrmg51: hmm, iwas gonna wait until after the pacs meeting for that batch of emails13:36
SadinBitbucket and github so good yet bitbucket is imo better for a few reasons...13:36
rmg51jedijf: me and the bear can wait ;-)13:37
ChinnoDogI made my computer quieter. The fan that was making the noise... I removed it.20:33
ChinnoDogHope I didn't need that.20:35
pleia2you'll find out in the summer :)20:36
ChinnoDogIt was on the video card. It is cheaper to buy a new video card with passive cooling than replace the fan so if it overheats like this I will just replace it20:37
Sadinwhat do you guys think of an idea ive just started working on https://bitbucket.org/Sadin56/thanksfrom.me20:39
PennBotTitle: Sadin56 / Thanksfrom.me / overview Bitbucket (at bitbucket.org)20:39
pleia2there were a lot of discussions at the last UDS about thank yous20:40
SadinUDS? pleia220:41
pleia2ubuntu developer summit20:41
Sadinpleia2 well i hope to get this rails app launched though http://heroku.com or on my VPS and id like to see people try it out :)20:42
pleia2all discussion boiled down to "there is nothing like personal thank yous and public thank yous (in news, blog posts, whatever)"20:42
PennBotTitle: Heroku | Cloud Application Platform (at heroku.com)20:42
EvilResistancepleia2, guess who brought back PennBot (or at least, partly restored it)23:41

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