escottMoleMan, so boot the normal livecd, then mount your ubuntu partition to /media/ubuntu with sudo mkdir /media/ubuntu; sudo mount /dev/sda# /media/ubuntu; you then have to bind mount /proc and /dev and maybe /sys with sudo mount -o bind /proc /media/ubuntu/proc (same for dev and sys); mount the new boot partition with sudo mount /dev/sda1 /media/ubuntu/boot; finally then sudo chroot /media/ubuntu; at this point you should be inside your ub00:00
escottuntu system as if it had booted more or less normally00:00
c_smith_hey, I got a new Desktop, and I have no monitor to hook it up to, and I really would like to get started on installing Ubuntu 11.10 on it, and saw that it had an S-Video out jack, and found a VCR that has a similar jack (S-VIDEO out), and I'm wondering whether I can connect the 2 safely to get the PC to display on the TV.00:00
medemanand thanks to everybody who helped me, good night/day00:00
Ho^OhOer: What I really need is DEBOOTSTRAP into Raid0 tutorial.          Which doesn't seem to be out here.00:00
c_smith_I have a monitor at home.00:00
MoleManescott: so i need a normal disk not server?00:00
escottMoleMan, you can use either. everything you are doing is command line. so just boot to a normal commandline on the cd00:01
bulletxtdoes someone know why ubuntu wants to install postfix when doing do-release-upgrade on ubuntu 8.04 (upgrades to 10.04)?00:01
Ho^OhThe steps/path names changes in between tutorials and I do not know which is which. (sda/md0) because the tutorials were not made for my situation.00:01
Gentoo64c_smith_: possibly, try it...00:02
Gentoo64c_smith_: i dont hear that used very often though :)00:02
fellayaboyhow can i see the commands for those in /etc/init.d/??i tried man and --help but im doing it wrong00:02
c_smith_ok, I have a 32" TV at home with VGA, HDMI, and a bunch of other ports in the back if this doesn't pan out.00:02
overcluckerfellayaboy: not all the init scripts are even functional00:03
fellayaboyi see00:03
c_smith_and I'd need to find said cord in a box full of 'em. :P00:03
fellayaboywell for those that are functional...is their a way00:03
Gentoo64c_smith_: your best bet would be the vga or hdmi00:03
fellayaboyor do i have to look at scattered documenations found in other folders and such00:03
cppdevI love linux :)00:03
c_smith_Gentoo64, true dat, gotta love VGA.00:04
Gentoo64yea im still using vga00:04
overcluckerfellayaboy: mostly you'll only have stop start reload and force-reload.00:04
fellayaboywhere can i see info about my vpn malfunctioning..which logs00:05
c_smith_Gentoo64, funny thing is the tower seems to have one of the latest iteration of VGA, and 2 old VGA ports..... strange, never seen one like that.00:05
akSeyafolks.. quick question, i need to change some setting on kernel .config but when I run "make modules", scripts/kconfig/conf --silentoldconfig Kconfig is run and is overwrite .config00:05
c_smith_it was custom built for someone who is no longer alive.00:05
akSeyawhat can I do?00:05
tristan3199usso after upgrading to 11.10 my speakers started "hissing" loudly.. seems like something to do with my drivers..00:05
priXon`does ubuntu support multiple monitors (i.e. connecting the notebook to the tv for example)? because on my old r60, I've never managed to enable it in a suitable manner00:06
overcluckerfellayaboy: and i forgot status00:06
t432I am unable to login after adding a file to the etc/profile.d/... how can i remove this file?00:06
Gentoo64c_smith_: theres only 1 vga afaik00:06
c_smith_priXon`, yes it does, and it's easy to set up.00:06
fellayaboystart stop reload and status00:06
fellayaboygot it00:06
fellayaboythanks overclucker00:06
tristan3199usanyideas how to fix this??00:06
c_smith_Gentoo64, yeah, as far as I can tell, the difference is purely looks.00:06
overcluckerfellayaboy: you can read the initscript with a text editor00:06
ActionParsniptristan3199us: try:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*          wait a little while then try some sound stuff00:07
fellayaboywheres the initscript00:07
c_smith_the other two ports just look older (with pins sticking out)00:07
overcluckerfellayaboy: /etc/init.d00:07
priXon`ok, thanks00:07
fellayaboyoh what will that tell me...00:07
MoleManescott: does it matter if the new boot partition is sda4 it canvstill be flagged as the boot partition?00:07
fellayaboythe commands for each daemon/00:07
c_smith_priXon`, if you want, I could point you to the app you would search for in Unity.00:08
escottMoleMan, that shouldn't matter just be sure to reference the correct partitions in all your mounts (i've been assuming boot was sda1 so you would use sda4)00:08
tristan3199usactionParsnip: thank you.. it did turn off pulseaudio, however it still hisses at me..00:09
priXon`c_smith_, please do. although now, on my r60, i'm still using 10.04 (and I've got some problems because of ati radeon mobility)00:09
fellayaboywhats the log to see for checking whats wrong with network connections??00:10
ActionParsniptristan3199us: what is the output of:    wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh00:10
overcluckerfellayaboy: init.d isn't really used very much in ubuntu, mostly it's ontrolled with sudo service start|stop|reload with configs in /etc/init00:10
c_smith_priXon`, this is assuming you are using Unity, open up the dash, and search "display" it'll be the one with the monitor with measuring tools on it.00:10
MoleManescott: should the files be in /boot? they appear to be in /boot/boot00:11
escottMoleMan, that would be the problem then. move them down a level00:11
overcluckerfellayaboy: erm, sudo service SERVICE  start|stop|reload|status00:11
=== dduffey_afk is now known as dduffey
MoleManescott: you mean up to /boot/?00:12
escottMoleMan, mv /boot/boot/* /boot/00:12
priXon`and then I will find it under `display`?00:12
fellayaboyoh overclucker yeah i know..its for starting , stopping etc daemons00:12
escottMoleMan, then you can verify that /boot/boot is empty and rm -rf /boot/boot00:12
=== pp7_ is now known as malkauns
MoleManwhats the operand to move folders aswell?00:13
escottMoleMan, * will move folders down. it will complain that it can't move something to itself but it just means that the .. link in /boot/boot can't be moved to /boot00:14
overcluckerfellayaboy: you could also find any config files the vpn daemon uses in /etc and check them for log locations00:15
tristan3199usactionparsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=bf1b3a708246268ef5e2bce56652e0789fa3fd5300:15
MoleManah it was becase there was already a grub folder it wouldnt let me replace00:17
escottMoleMan, because of the grub install. its not too important. the main thing is the kernel. just rerun the grub-install and update-grub and dont worry about grub related files00:17
soulHello I have a question regarding of my radio tray. It shows playing a music with the title but I can't hear anything sound from radio tray. My audio works fine by the way, only my radio tray does not.00:17
escottMoleMan, so verify that you have the kernel and initrd where they should be in /boot and then let grub-install and update-grub fix the rest of the problems00:18
=== aaron is now known as Guest70911
MoleManneed another initramfs or not?00:20
=== jason is now known as Guest70184
escottMoleMan, it wont hurt00:21
prakaswhy openjdk-6-jre takes 100% cpu when using vuze? a bug?00:21
=== Guest70184 is now known as _Jason
=== _Jason is now known as Guest98640
tristan3199usactionparsnip: any ideas to what is happening??00:22
* MoleMan prays00:22
ActionParsniptristan3199us: not sure but keep hold of that URL.00:23
jschallhow do i get rid of xorg-edgers? ppa-purge goes nuts and wants to hose my system00:24
dns53jschall there is a tool called ppa-purge to remove any packages installed by a ppa and install the standard version00:25
MoleManright, it boots, how do i add the existing  partition to the lvm and keep all files?00:25
Jordan_U!details | jschall00:25
ubottujschall: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:25
jschalldns53: and here's what it wants to do: http://pastebin.com/D83X7Z4N00:25
jschallJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/D83X7Z4N00:25
escottMoleMan, so at this point since you will be modifying the / partition you will have to work from a livecd because you cannot modify a mounted partition00:26
tristan3199usactionparsnip: will do.. u think maybe my sound driver has changed??00:26
soulHello I have a question regarding of my radio tray. It shows playing a music with the title but I can't hear anything sound from radio tray. My audio works fine by the way, only my radio tray does not.00:26
_numbersjust upgraded to 11.10 and in gnome3 when i go to system settings > display i get an error "Could not get screen information" "RANDR extension is not present"00:27
Sentridohhey everyone00:27
_numbersso i go `sudo apt-get install xrandr` and i get an error "E: Package 'xrandr' has no installation candidate"00:27
dns53jschall hmm you might have some trouble there, you might have to work out what packages were installed  from that ppa yourself and work out the versions yourself using aptitude00:27
_numbers"However the following packages replace it:   x11-xserver-utils:i386 x11-xserver-utils"00:28
ActionParsniptristan3199us: it will be the same driver, just a different build..00:28
dns53jschall could you file a bug with ppa-purge?00:28
c_smith__numbers, what are you trying to do with xrandr?00:28
_numbersi just want to open the Display settings from System Settings00:28
c_smith__numbers, you might try installing libxrandr00:28
c_smith__numbers, aside from that, I don't know that xrandr can be installed by itself. and I'm pretty sure Xrandr is just a library.00:29
_numberslibxrandr2 is already the newest version.00:29
_numbersit used to be a binary00:29
c_smith__numbers, then you have it.00:29
c_smith__numbers, but I'd try installing the packages that it lists that replace what you are trying to install.00:30
jschalldns53: i don't have the first clue how to resolve this manually...00:30
MoleManescott: ok, the last bit i had to do from busybox but im not sure it will work for next bit due to limited functionality  will desktop livecd do\?00:30
c_smith__numbers, if it says they are installed, chance are you already have it.00:31
escottMoleMan, What last bit?00:31
_numbersx11-xserver-utils is already the newest version.00:31
_numbersi have it in /usr/bin/xrandr00:31
_numbersmaybe i need to run it00:31
MoleManfixing the boot00:31
_numbers"RandR extension missing"00:31
escottMoleMan, but it does boot at this point00:31
_numbersmaybe after upgrade i need to reinstall nvidia driver00:32
c_smith__numbers, give me a second.00:32
escottMoleMan, and its booting to a complete system with the new boot partition. You could verify by umounting the /boot and removing any files in the /boot folder that was hidden underneath the partition00:32
overcluckerjschall: apt-get remove the package, apt-get autoremove, remove the ppa from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ ; apt-get update; apt-get install package00:33
dns53jschall  bring up aptitude, go to the package, down the bottom of each package screen is a list of versions available00:33
bobo37774How to reset dconf settings and recreate  ~/.config/dconf?00:33
dsnydersHi all!  Where do you put nameserver addresses now that /etc/resolv.conf can be overwritten at a whim by the network manager?00:33
dns53 jschall are you using a versison of ppa-purge from the ppa-purge ppa?00:33
c_smith__numbers, ok, try installing "Grandr" then run Grandr when it's done.00:33
jschalldns53: no00:34
c_smith__numbers, just so you know, Grandr is a GTK interface for Xrandr.00:34
_numbersXlib:  extension "RANDR" missing on display ":0".00:34
_numbersRandR extension missing00:34
_numbersthats what grandr says00:34
c_smith__numbers, ok, I'm stumped here, give me a second to google this.00:34
jschalldns53: should i be?00:35
ActionParsnipdsnyders: in network manager00:35
_numbersone site says Xinerama and RandR are rivals00:35
_numbersi am using xinerama00:35
ActionParsnipdsnyders: set the interface to DHCP (address only) and you can specify DNS servers manually00:35
escottMoleMan, in that case then you need to boot the livecd (and it might be helpful to have a gui for the next bit). And in the livecd you can take your backups and being the process of migrating to the lvm partitions00:35
mouwho escott00:36
jschalldns53: i see no ppa-purge ppa00:36
dns53jschall it might work better than the included version00:36
bobo37774I tried to reset gnome-panel by deleting  ~/.config/dconf and ~/.config/gnome-panel. It was a pretty  stupid move. Now I do not know how to recreate them. Anybody  know?00:36
dsnydersActionParsnip, the interface needs to be static.  Besides, I can't edit it.00:36
ActionParsnipdsnyders: you mean the IP must be static?00:36
* MoleMan goes CD hunting again00:37
dsnydersActionParsnip, Yes, sorry about that.00:37
c_smith__numbers, if tat's the case. I'd be careful with what you do, conflicting apps have the very real possibility of breaking a system, especially ones that integrate with an important part like X.org.00:37
_numbers"You need to enable the composite extension in your xorg.conf file."00:38
_numbersi have that disabled00:38
_numbersi have 4 monitors00:38
c_smith__numbers, try enabling it then.00:38
ActionParsnipdsnyders: thats fine, you can set both IP and DNS in network manager00:39
_numbersya i'll experiment. it wasn't working before but maybe now that i upgraded. trying bbl00:39
c_smith__numbers, then reboot and see what happens. if anything goes wrong, come back here.00:39
jschallfar as i can tell, ppa-purge is useless and resolving this manually is borderline impossible00:39
overcluckerActionParsnip: i bet it won't let him edit it00:39
dsnydersActionParsnip, Where/how?  The edit button is greyed out.00:40
_numbersgnome terminal command for logout?00:40
c_smith__numbers, sorry, can't help you there as I have no clue myself,00:41
c_smith__numbers, keep telling myself to look that up.00:41
_numbers`service gdm restart` # doesnt work in 11.10 anymore00:41
_numberswhats the service called now00:41
escott_numbers, gnome-session-quit?00:42
=== und is now known as dyd_
_numbersok thx00:42
c_smith__numbers, you might try 'service lightdm restart'00:42
DaekdroomYou need sudo to use service command00:43
overcluckerdsnyders: you can add a second interface which you can edit, though it doesn't fix the weird behavior of the ifupdown interface00:43
zsolt_hello.i made a user with shell /bin/false.can't kick it off nor deluser,because it currently logged in00:44
federated_lifeHi Guys, whenever I ssh to a remote box it takes like 10 seconds for the password prompt to appear...before when I was using puttycm/putty, it was immediate, is there a delay that can be disabled?00:44
helpdesk@zsolt_ reboot and then terminate00:44
overcluckerdsnyders: on my system i that's what i've done. new static interface, ifupdown disabled00:45
helpdeskfederated_life: it may be the speed of your switch, did you change ports?00:45
=== helpdesk is now known as switchtech
randomnewbIs there a file system I should use for 1000s of files in a directory?00:46
federated_lifenope, all network connections are the same00:46
zsolt_i know,that would be the easyest way.but what will happen,if this situation is on a production server?00:46
ActionParsnipdsnyders: is it for a wired connection?00:46
ActionParsnipoverclucker: works here..00:46
federated_lifeyep, wired00:46
federated_lifethe user prompt comes up immediately00:46
switchtechzsolt_: aaah. hmmm let me check00:46
dsnydersActionParsnip, Yes.  My eth0 somehow disappeared and overclucker helped me get it back, but it is now called ifupdown (eth0),  and I cannot edit it.00:47
MoleManescott: right, i have ubutu desktop liveccd, what now?00:47
switchtechzsolt_: try this http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-linux-kill-and-logout-users.html00:47
Jordan_Urandomnewb: In only one directory, or many directories with many (presumably small) files? What is your actual use case?00:47
zsolt_thank you00:48
switchtechthe power of google00:48
escottMoleMan, take whatever backups you need, and then decide what approach to take00:48
Drone4four/proc/kcore has pushed my root partition to it's limit....file size view in konqueror says that kcore is taking up 131,000+ GBs. see here: http://picpaste.com/pics/kcore-VoFGLPYD.1329007655.png00:48
zsolt_funny,didn't help00:48
Drone4fouri couldn't even save the 300kb png image to my home directory because apparently, "the disk is full"00:48
switchtechfederated_life: are you connecting through terminal?00:48
escottMoleMan, (a) you can copy the data to a spare drive then create a new lvm partition to replace the existing / partition and then create a volume and copy the data back00:48
federated_lifeyes terminal00:49
switchtechand its the password req that takes a min to show?00:49
federated_lifeyep, like 5-10 secs00:49
ActionParsnipdsnyders: you can use /etc/network/interfaces   to set the IP, you can then manually populate /etc/resolv.conf    and uninstall network manager if you never want to use wifi easily...00:49
escottMoleMan, or (b) shrink the ext4, create the lvm, create the volume, move the data from the shrunken ext4 to the lvm, remove the ext4, grow the lvm00:49
switchtechseems like that is the "handshake" portion of the connection. Had the same prob with a older version of debian.00:50
switchtechhave you tried updating openssh-server?00:50
federated_lifeI haven't, Ill give that a shot00:50
SirLinux`finnaly i got my new CD's of ubuntu hehe :D00:50
MoleManescott: oh fun. thats approx 140GB to transfer from one drive to another then00:51
escottMoleMan, yep. i dont know of any other way to do it though00:51
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
escottMoleMan, you could google around but what i saw suggested this is the only way00:51
SirLinux`7 euros for 5 cd's set how awesome that can be00:51
* SirLinux` in love with ubuntu00:51
overcluckerdsnyders, ActionParsnip: /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf is you;ll want to edit to make the changes stick00:52
randomnewbIt's a picture collection, that has many files that can be sorted in to sub directories, but some of the directories could still have 1000s of files and it is not a static collection.00:52
escottDrone4four, /proc is a virtualfs nothing there should take actual disk space00:52
switchtechrandomnewb: looks like a problem for a B-Tree enabled filesystem... have you tried ext400:53
randomnewbI am using ext4.00:53
ActionParsnipoverclucker: if you use interfaces file, network manager will not be able to manage the interface00:54
switchtechare you looking for a better way to index the files?00:54
Drone4fourescott, yes, that's what the first links on Google say about kcore, but how then do you explain the "disk full" error message?  What is taking up all the space on my / partition?  Konqueror's file size view points to kcore00:54
escottDrone4four, i dont know but its not /proc00:54
federated_lifeswitchtech: already have the newest per apt-get of both server and client openssh00:54
dsnydersActionParsnip, I'll take that under advisement.  However, it was all working pretty harmoniously at one point (before I moved).00:55
MoleManescott: how do i get lvms betwwen live cd & installation? just recreate?00:55
escottMoleMan, you'll have to create the lvm partition and then create the volumes within that partition00:55
switchtechfederated_life: Try this http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-linux-kill-and-logout-users.html00:56
switchtechone min00:56
mkultra_hello anyone home?00:56
switchtechfederatetd_life: http://llbb.wordpress.com/2007/07/11/ssh-takes-exactly-1-minute-20-seconds-or-80-seconds/00:56
randomnewbswitchtech: Better in which ways?00:56
federated_lifeswitchtech: not sure why I would need to kill sessions, looking to decrease wait in handshake for password prompt00:56
MoleManbut once it exists here how do i load in perm installation?00:57
switchtechfederated_life: it was a miss paste. check the second link..00:57
zenon_Greeting, how do I go about getting my sound card working?00:57
switchtechrandomnewb: perhaps i did not understand your question00:57
Drone4fourescott, what else could i try to troubleshoot my inability to save anything to my home directory because  "your disk is full"00:58
federated_lifeswitchtech: this one looks promising, http://superuser.com/questions/62060/why-does-the-password-prompt-take-forever-when-i-ssh-into-my-ubuntu-9-05-serve00:58
escottDrone4four, gnome has a tool to analyze disk utility. i dont know what kubuntu has00:58
randomnewbWhat file system would give me the best performance in my case?00:58
zenon_dose this make sence to anyone? http://www.opensound.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=420000:58
almoxarifeis federated_life a link bot?00:58
federated_lifealmoxarife: only on thursdays00:59
Rahail-MHI every sorry got noobs quesiton. I need build ubunto desktop for low power use withouth powersupply and hard drive .. how can I do that and what kind of board can I use please advice00:59
Drone4fourescott, i have the disk analyzer utility Baobab 3.2.1 running00:59
Drone4fouri think that's the app you're thinking of00:59
mkultra_zenon press alt + f2 then paste this command in the window and hit run gnome-volume-control00:59
switchtechfederated_life: disable gssapi-with-mic authentication in /etc/ssh/sshd_config:01:00
switchtech# GSSAPI options01:00
switchtechGSSAPIAuthentication no01:00
switchtech#GSSAPIAuthentication yes01:00
switchtechGSSAPICleanupCredentials no01:00
switchtech#GSSAPICleanupCredentials yes01:00
FloodBot1switchtech: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:00
almoxarifeRahail-M: thats not a noob question,01:00
MoleManwithout power-supply? lol troll01:00
mkultra_yeah no kidding lol01:00
switchtechrandomnewb: your using it...01:00
switchtechcheck out the time complexity for B-tree in best and worst cast on wikipedia...01:01
Yabdenuse a potato battery instead of a typical power supply01:01
switchtechrandomnewb: O(nlogn) i think...01:01
Rahail-Malmoxarife i do not know how lol01:01
Rahail-MYabden i mean by not big powersupply01:01
switchtechfederated_life: that work better for ya?01:02
Rahail-Msmall one where a small backup can run it because I need to set few desktop for small coumunity where they have pwoer propblems01:02
Rahail-Mand they can not use 110K ps01:02
nachihola a todos01:02
nachihace tiempo que no entraba en este canal01:02
escott!es | nachi01:03
ubottunachi: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:03
zenon_Thank you MkUltra =)01:03
nachino lo hago porque no tengo idea de cómo hablar inglés, jejeje01:03
federated_lifeswitchtech: nope, restart ssh and set the value in sshd_config ( GSSAPIAuthentication no )01:03
almoxarifeRahail-M: even on batts you would need to recharge, solar? give the kids a merry--go-round attached to a generator?01:03
overcluckerActionParsnip: actually, i just found that removing the wired connection from /etc/network/interfaces remove the ifupdown interface, so there's proof that you're right01:03
mkultra_did that help u zenon_01:03
Rahail-Malmoxarife yes01:04
mrredhow is everyone?01:04
zenon_I'v not tred it yet01:04
Drone4fourescott, the numbers don't add up: http://picpaste.com/pics/Baobab-7JajECMM.1329008630.png01:04
Rahail-Mbut need at low as possible this why i am here to get idea from the exparts01:04
Rahail-Mwho can guide me to right path01:04
switchtechfederated_life: nuts... thought that had it, will leyt you know if I find anything01:04
scanukshi , wanna see funny linux joke . http://9gag.com/gag/2594785 .dont forget to vote01:04
escottDrone4four, yeah thats not unusual, lots of reasons like virtualfs, sparse files, etc01:05
precubcrhow do you reset yor password with NickServ ?01:05
almoxarifeRahail-M: but if you are serious look at the USB self contained thing some brit company just came out with, forget the name of the thing, cost aprox $35 USD01:05
escottDrone4four, and it may be seeing all that stuff in /mnt and thinking it is part of / as well01:05
Fuchsprecubcr: /msg nickserv help set password when still identified, else: asking staff in #freenode01:06
precubcrthx Fuchs01:06
federated_lifeswitchtech: its get stuck at determining realm for numeric host...maybe its my dns or smth ( http://codepad.org/YTPXeNqs )01:06
zenon_command not found?01:07
urlin2uscanuks, mmmm spam.01:07
Rahail-Malmoxarife ok i wish you could tell me the name01:07
zenon_gnome-volume-control: command not found01:07
switchtechfederated_life: do you have a static ip set on the SSH server?01:07
scanuksurlin2u: not spam its funny :D01:07
federated_lifeyes its static01:07
mkultra_do you run xubuntu or lubuntu or kubuntu?01:07
zenon_brain fart!01:07
urlin2uscanuks, lol spam on this channel. :)01:08
mkultra_if you dont you dont have a sound package installed01:08
zenon_whats the differences?01:08
zenon_or ideal behins each?01:08
mkultra_they run different programs01:08
mkultra_xfce's sound manager is not the same command as kde or lxde01:08
zenon_whats for what?01:08
mkultra_to fix your sound?01:09
mkultra_the mixer is first place i would look to fix it01:09
almoxarifeRahail-M: http://tech.slashdot.org/story/11/05/06/122233/a-25-pc-on-a-usb-stick01:09
zenon_it's old soundcard with joystick/MIDI serial port01:10
switchtechfederated_life: try adding the server to the hosts file01:10
switchtechfederated_life: /etc/hosts01:10
zenon_I found this http://www.opensound.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=420001:11
federated_lifeswitchtech: yes, its much faster when adding the ip to the hosts file, however I have like 200 servers to connect to01:11
switchtechit may be your dns? i take it that its on WAN right?01:12
federated_lifenope, on a lan01:12
randomnewbDid some comparisons of filesystems, it's the huge amount of files making things slow.  Would having an SSD help here?01:12
switchtechfederated_life: dedicated DNS server?01:12
federated_lifeprivate dns's01:13
switchtechfederated_life: update the A records?01:13
Rahail-Malmoxarife thank you01:13
raido_does anyone here use TrueCrypt?01:13
federated_lifeI won't be able to update the a records on the dns servers...odd thing is that it worked perfeclty from windows and putty01:13
Rahail-Many toher opttion that can be used to run ubuntu... sb?01:13
urlin2uraido, 3rd party but whats up01:14
raido_I have a laptop with Ubuntu installed on it and I'm trying to encrypt the entire drive.  I can open the Volume Creation Wizard but I don't see the option to encrypt the entire drive01:14
raido_That option is missing.01:14
switchtechradio_: used to, but they did not release all their sorce code... use cryptsetup instead now...01:15
raido_Using this tutorial...  http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/6169/use-truecrypt-to-secure-your-data/01:15
switchtechradio_: http://sites.google.com/site/nuxnbolts/lujyfwapvu/cryptsetup01:15
urlin2uraido, are you sure you need to, if it breaks you may be a bit of trouble.01:15
raido_well, since it's a laptop I'd like to encrypt the entire thing since it's a mobile device and more prone to theft01:16
raido_thank you for the link01:16
switchtechfederated_life: I think the terminal uses an additional check to "verify" the server it is connecting to...01:16
raido_looking at it now01:16
MoleManescott: once data is in a lvm virtual device or whatever it is on the live cd how can i open it in my installation? doesnt the virtual storage have to be created in the OS it will be used in?01:16
urlin2uraido, faulty reasoning but hey its your data. ;)01:17
federated_lifeswitchtech: ok I got it...adding GSSAPIAuthentication no to the local ~/.ssh/config file does it01:17
escottMoleMan, once you have moved the data you should chroot in again, make sure the lvm2 utils are installed and update the fstab, and also update-grub again01:17
escottMoleMan, and update-initramfs01:17
switchtechfederated_life: wunderbar!~01:17
federated_lifethanks for the help01:17
zsoltif i delete a user's line from /etc/passwd is it equal to deluser user?01:17
Drone4fourescott, solution found: http://picpaste.com/pics/xsession-errors-01iqMkwj.1329009454.png01:17
Drone4fourit was .xsession-errors01:18
raido_urlin2u, what are the risks?  Is it really that dangerous?01:18
mr_crunchyyooo hi01:18
escottMoleMan, you may need to do something like add mod_md to your /etc/modules01:18
MoleManescott: so when i chroot i have to create the virtual groups again?01:18
escottMoleMan, virtualgroups?01:19
urlin2uraido, if it breaks and your locked out it is not easy and may cost a lot of money to get in if even possible.01:19
raido_urlin2u, oh I see01:19
switchtechradio_: you can always try spideroak if you want an online solution, however it is still an issue if you forget your password...01:19
raido_urlin2u, I have backups of my data so if I messed up my laptop I could recover it (it would be a pain though)01:20
raido_switchtech,  thanks I've never heard of that one but I'll look it up01:20
switchtechradio_: https://spideroak.com/01:20
urlin2uraido, I would have backups for sure, sounds more reasonable if you do.01:20
absi have been trying to instal the iwlwifi and each time i type make i get awarning $shell not set to bash and it never executes01:21
overcluckerraido_: that option is missing on linux01:21
absanyone can help ?01:21
switchtechshow ip arp | include Gi7/1701:21
switchtechwhoops wrong terminal....01:21
raido_overclucker,   ah that would explain it01:22
zenon_xubuntu xfce lubuntu lxde kubuntu kde, right or wrong?01:22
raido_overclucker,   I kept thinking that I installed it improperly or that the option was hidden somewhere,  I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong01:22
urlin2uraido, you familiar with clonezilla?01:22
mr_crunchyquick question: I'm installing unbutu, is that helpfull for node.js i guess?01:23
raido_urlin2u,  no, what is it?01:23
urlin2uraido, it will clone HD's and partitions.01:23
raido_urlin2u,  ah, okay  I've been using HD clone01:23
urlin2uand the mbr is included01:23
raido_urlin2u,  I'll check it out   thanks :)01:23
urlin2uraido, no problem.01:24
absso anyone ?01:24
=== chalced is now known as chalcedony
overcluckerraido_: check out LUKS with dm-crypt if you want encrypted partitions01:24
chalcedony*hugs* ActionParsnip :)01:24
ActionParsniphi chalcedony01:25
switchtechabs: LMGTFY01:25
abswhat ?01:25
absswitchtech what is lmgtfy01:25
ActionParsnipabs: let me google that for you = LMGTFY01:25
Rahail-MWhat are the other SBC can I use.. with UBUNTo desktop01:25
raido_overclucker,  will that allow my to encrypt my entire hard drive, or just create an encrypted partition?01:26
ActionParsnipRahail-M: what is an SBC?01:26
Rahail-Mboard with out HD and PS01:26
escottraido, why do you care which one it is?01:26
Rahail-Mjust nomral ps01:26
ActionParsnipRahail-M: so like a thin client?01:26
switchtechabs: (Let me google that for you) - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=906865&highlight=can+-get+wireless+card+to+even+show+up01:26
wesselHow do I boot from a USB pen drive? I disabled boot from HDD in the bios, and enabled USB, but still grub loads instead of the usb01:27
absActionParsnipah ok :D thanks01:27
raido_escott:   I'd like to set it up so that whoever starts my laptop has to enter the password before the OS boots01:27
Rahail-Mlike those option now days use by set top box01:27
raido_escott:   If that's possible on linux01:27
absswitchtech thanks01:27
raido_escott:   I know the IT guys at my company have our laptops setup this way, but they use windows OS, not linux01:28
SirLinuxhello guys, any ideea how i upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 with the cd i purchased from ubuntu ?01:28
ActionParsnipRahail-M: something like: http://www.disklessworkstations.com/   is that what you mean?01:28
urlin2uSirLinux, you can't use the standard path?01:29
ActionParsnipSirLinux: boot to the oneiric CD, upgrade will be an option01:29
Rahail-MActionParsnip nope01:29
Rahail-Msomething like settop box01:29
Rahail-Mno idea01:29
SirLinuxis nothing about upgrade when restarting the notebook and booting the cd01:29
escottraido, the dmcrypt way is to have a kernel that loads but  a rootfs that is encrypted so you can "boot" a kernel but its not going anywhere01:29
SirLinuxi get only install and try demo01:29
ActionParsnipRahail-M: if you don't know how do you expect anyone else to?01:29
urlin2uSirLinux, never have done it but it must be in the install gui's01:30
urlin2ufrom the desktop01:30
switchtechRahail-M: not quite what you are looking for but try the Intel Essentials Series...01:31
SirLinuxgksu "sh /media/cdrom/cdromupgrade"01:31
SirLinuxdone i find out how to do it01:31
switchtechor the Asus EEEPc01:31
quiescensraido_: most systems probably allow you to set a power on password in the bios setup anyway if all you want is a password01:31
chalcedonymy husband's ubuntu 10.10 the bottom bar seems to be shoving all the icons way off to the right, he doesnt know what he did, and can't tell me. how can i fix it?01:31
SirLinuxhey chalcedony :p01:31
chalcedonySirLinux, *hugs*01:32
* SirLinux hugs chalcedony 01:32
SirLinuxgot my new cd's with ubuntu dear01:32
raido_escott:   I think I understand.  The kernel will load but the rootfs won't mount without the password?  Is that right?01:32
ActionParsnipSirLinux: so you don't get this option: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_1QSDkzYY2vc/TZbVz-pmRKI/AAAAAAAAD1E/SZp2D-lZ8PM/s2000/upgrade-ubuntu11.04-livecd.png01:32
chalcedonywonderful SirLinux :)01:32
SirLinuxubuntu 11.10 and 11.10 server version01:32
zenon_(how cool is that! =D)01:32
SirLinuxgot it ActionParsnip , thanks for your time01:32
mkultra_pukedy puke id stick with 10.10 for a little bit longer lol01:33
overcluckerraido_: and many laptops will give you trouble when it comes to clearing cmos01:33
mkultra_11.04 seems rough, and 11.10 def needs moar development01:33
zenon_I not sure what laptop to get for linux01:33
chalcedonymkultra_, agreed01:33
pkkidCan someone help me figure out this forest of new window managers.  Basically I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 via Virtualbox on Win7 host in Seamless Mode.  I always used to run Gnome2 (2D mode works great).  But all these new window managers seem to run 3D mode and its really screwy in Virtualbox.01:33
urlin2umkultra_, 11.04 to 11.1001:33
Zillyi hate 11.10 UI01:33
mkultra_my other pc had both in 1 day, it was a flipping mess01:34
ActionParsnipmkultra_: maverick is EOL in april, so you'll get no support or upgrades for Maverick01:34
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».01:34
raido_overclucker:  eek  I didn't know I had to clear the CMOS when installing truecrypt01:34
pkkidCinnamon looks amazing to me, but it seems that is also a 3D window manager?01:34
ActionParsnipZilly: don't use it01:34
urlin2upkkid, 12.04 is #ubuntu+101:34
mkultra_EOL u gotta be kidding01:34
pkkidurlin2u, thanks01:34
sriniHow to configure Android phone as modem in Ubuntu ??01:34
ActionParsnipmkultra_: not kidding01:34
mkultra_they better extend it and fix the 11 series01:34
zenon_hard lesson01:34
SirLinuxweird is not working01:35
ActionParsnipmkultra_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases01:35
SirLinuxgksu "sh /media/cdrom/cdromupgrade" <-- it doesnt open anything01:35
mkultra_they EOL maverick im going to debian and telling chrome os im not gonna polish ubuntu no more01:35
ActionParsnipmkultra_: why not switch DE, Lubuntu runs flawlessly here01:35
SirLinuxif i use a external dvd rom, is that a problem for that cmd ?01:35
chalcedonywhat's the bottom bar called?01:36
ActionParsnipSirLinux: as long as its mounted, the physicallity of the drive is irrelevant01:36
mkultra_i run xfce01:36
urlin2uSirLinux, are you not using a live cd not the alternative01:36
Latcohey guys. is there a way to disable runlevel 1 completely and irreversibily without having to recompile the kernel?01:36
SirLinuxis mounted ofcourse01:36
ActionParsnipSirLinux: afaik, the alternate CD has that feature01:36
SirLinuxis the cd i've got from ubuntu01:36
mkultra_i can actually do any DE i like its just 11 series was way way way too buggy for my tastes, especially the new kernel one01:37
_numbersim trying to figure out unity01:37
mkultra_nux 3.001:37
mkultra_yeah unity needs alot of work01:37
_numbersim pressing some key and unity's dock is staying open01:37
ActionParsnipmkultra_: try precise,its pretty decent imho01:37
SirLinuxa friend of mine upgraded the ubuntu with a cd like mine, he told me that is a cmd ..01:37
_numbershow do i get the dock to close01:37
urlin2uSirLinux, if it syas try ubuntu that is alive cd not the alternative.01:37
=== gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
_numbersi mean the dash*01:37
overcluckerraido_: no, you dont have to. just a comment on bios passwords being troublesome to reset on laptops01:38
mkultra_i wouldnt exactly say gnome 3 is stable yet01:38
ActionParsnipmkultra_: then use KDE...01:38
mkultra_this is a laptop lxde or xfce only im not gonna put that monster on here lol01:38
urlin2uSirLinux, besides ActionParsnip gave you the info to use that cd hit the install and choose the uopgrade when asked, the install from the dektop not at the boot.01:38
mkultra_i like the kde 3.5 feel, was very doze 2k style01:39
SirLinuxit doesnt pop up urlin2u01:39
wesselHow do I check if grub is installed on a usb pen drive?01:39
raido_overclucker:  ah, okay01:39
SirLinuxi saw the link he gave me, but i dont see such menu nowhere01:39
urlin2uSirLinux, you on the desktop01:39
mkultra_i use a usb keyboard on my laptop lol01:40
mkultra_mac keyboard with usb hub, works great under linux01:40
ActionParsnipmkultra_: lxde has the kde 3.5 feel01:40
urlin2uSirLinux, desktop I mean the ubuntu desktop if you hit thr indtall about 4 guis in you will see that picture asking you how you want to install.01:40
mkultra_yeah LXDE is looking a bit more tasteful for the 11 series of ubuntus01:40
SirLinuxif i hit thr indtall about 4 guis ?01:41
mkultra_dont know about 12, but i want my gnome working correctly01:41
SirLinuxi'm lost ..01:41
urlin2uSirLinux, just to be safe here you aren't running a wubi are you?01:41
ActionParsnipmkultra_: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8850924/Desktop.png ;)01:41
SirLinuxhmm i think its wubi lol01:41
Toph2under 11.10, what keystroke brings up the desltop, or how do you bring it up otherwise?01:41
bananstolwhitney huston is dead01:41
SirLinuxif you are talking about cd01:41
mkultra_lol thats hideous ActionParsnip01:42
_numbersi cant get Super-W to do anything, but Super-S does01:42
ActionParsnipbananstol: how is that ubuntu related01:42
escottraido_, yes01:42
urlin2uSirLinux, you don't use wubi's longterm nor do you upgrade them, at least not exspecting a solid system.01:42
=== JMatthewman is now known as MoleMan
ActionParsnipmkultra_: works well, uses 300Mb RAM for the whole lot01:42
bananstolActionParsnip: it isn't, obviously01:42
zenon_is she?01:42
ActionParsnipbananstol: then its offtopic here01:42
zenon_I was totaly doing the bodyform screams earyer!01:43
ActionParsnipmkultra_: too dark, and too much going on01:43
cfhowletturlin2u: one broken wubi taught me to quit fooling around and learn to dual-boot properly.  Haven't had a boot problems since I made the switch.01:43
escottraido_, the only weakness i can imagine in that is someone who has physical access might install their own kernel that acts like a normal kernel but funnels all the data to their servers. but thats a weakness in truecrypt too. you just need a bios01:43
mkultra_very dark for basement dungeon use01:43
SirLinuxthe thing is urlin2u , how i make this upgrade start01:43
urlin2ucfhowlett, the designer of wubi even says not to use it long term01:43
SirLinuxi'm on ubuntu 11.04 right now, i want to go on 11.10 from that cd01:44
stacks`if i run the following, I get (on my screen) bash: (path): Permission denied ... which is fine, that is correct.. but how do i get the following to not even show that output? --->  if echo "This is a write test preformed by " $USER > /home/project/management/secure/ms.txt 2> /dev/null; then echo "Write Successful"; else echo "Write Unsuccessful"; fi01:44
SirLinuxis it possible ?01:44
urlin2uSirLinux, you don't you don't upgrade a wubi install.01:44
mkultra_my docks a bit more cleaned up now since i got cairo dock going01:44
_numberswhere is the minimize icon in unity when a window is maximized already01:44
ActionParsnipSirLinux: you'll need to do it online with wubi.01:44
SirLinuxi think i'm gonna upgrade it from updates01:44
=== braiam_ is now known as braiam
SirLinuxis the same thing right ?01:45
mkultra_id personally wipe and do a cd install01:45
urlin2uSirLinux, take a read of what the designer of wubi himself says. http://howsoftwareisbuilt.com/2009/03/12/interview-with-agostino-russo-wubi-ubuntu/01:45
mkultra_and partition your hard drive for a /home storage drive so you can easily wipe the system in the future01:45
_numbersoh there's no minimize in unity?01:46
SirLinuxu know what i'm gonna do, upgrade it directly from update manager01:46
SirLinuxcd or update manager, is the same right ?01:46
zenon_nice setup mkultra01:46
mkultra_ty zenon_01:47
switchtechSirLinux: you may just break it... make sure to backup01:47
raido_escott:  Okay, ty for the info.01:47
switchtechSirLinux: after the backup you can just type #sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade01:48
_numbersunity totally sucks01:48
ActionParsnip_numbers: don't use it01:48
mkultra_i dont like unity01:48
_numbersalternatives? i miss gnome 201:48
mkultra_its not polished enough for my tastes, they are reinventing the wheel01:48
_MarcusWhere can I get VBoxGuestAdditions.iso for Ubuntu?01:48
mkultra_cairo dock01:48
ActionParsnip_numbers: please, list all the other apps you think suck, we're all super interested.....01:48
ActionParsnip_numbers: kde, xfce, lxde, E1701:49
p4ch0I agree ... unity sucks01:49
switchtechActionParsnip: allowance to pontificate?01:49
_MarcusUnity? Isn't that the new desktop?01:49
ActionParsnip_Marcus: its downloaded by virtualbox itself01:49
Toph2under 11.10, what keystroke brings up the desltop, or how do you bring it up otherwise?01:49
_MarcusActionParsnip: But I need to put it into the CD drive of virtual box01:49
ActionParsnip_Marcus: its a shell for Gnome Desktop01:49
=== root is now known as Guest24414
ActionParsnip_Marcus: yes, let the app download it, then turn off the VM and have it mounted at boot and you can use it01:50
mkultra_lol someone logging in with the name root01:50
ActionParsnip!rootirc | Guest2441401:50
ubottuGuest24414: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.01:50
mkultra_yeah thats why the LOL about it01:51
sriniHow to configure Android phone as modem in mint ??01:51
sriniHow to configure Android phone as modem in ubuntu/mint ??01:51
_Marcussrini: Is it Ubuntu, or is it Mint?01:51
ActionParsnipsrini: mint isn't supported here01:52
ActionParsnip!mint | srini01:52
ubottusrini: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:52
ActionParsnipsrini: different server all together01:52
Ho^OhDoes Ubuntu AltInstaller allow me to SSH to it so I can continue/finish installing Ubuntu server?01:52
zenon_thanks for info, adios!01:52
srinii want to configure in ubuntu01:52
MonkeyDustsrini  remember: the whole channel goes berserk by only *mentioning* the word mint01:52
switchtechHo^ho: sure does... just make sure you install the ssh package on the installer screen...01:53
ActionParsnipsrini: then why say Mint first...starnge that. I'd say you were after mint support.01:53
Mish-I'm installing 11.10 on a Dell R710 with a PERC 6i controller.  Non-LVM partitions are fine, but only the "last" listed LVM partition in fstab is mounted, the others fail.  I can "fix" this by dropping to a console and running "vgchange -a y" then "mount -a".01:53
Mish-To me it looks like a race condition, but I'd appreciate any help from anyone with experience with LVM on boot issues.01:53
Mish-Any thoughts?01:53
_MarcusMonkeyDust: What if they say "mint" as in "mint gum"01:53
_numberssudo apt-get install xfce401:54
_numbersrestoring sanity 40% complete01:54
ActionParsnip_numbers: indeed :)01:55
switchtech_numbers: (Failed at 99%) do you want to reload?01:55
ActionParsnip_numbers: I prefer apt-fast but its all good01:55
toiletHello everyone.  I just started up a blog where I write articles about new technology and things that affect the Linux community.  Would anyone like to see it?01:56
jrib!ot | toilet01:56
ubottutoilet: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:56
switchtechhmmmm articles from the toilet... not really...01:56
Ho^Ohswitchtech: but wait a sec,           would I be able to use the terminal drawing interface for setting up RAID0?01:57
toiletif anyone would like to see my blog, i can send you the url01:58
toiletthere are no ads on it whatsoever01:58
ActionParsniptoilet: try in #ubuntu-offtopic01:58
=== AGreyCrane_ is now known as AGreyCrane
switchtechHo^oh: you looking for a headless server? then forward the X11 interface to a seperate computer?01:58
switchtechlol @ toilet. may want to change your name,01:59
switchtecheven if your blog is the S#!T01:59
=== Guest28215 is now known as marnold
Ho^OhWait what? it's just a remote server. It's already headless.         I'm having a headache trying to          Set up raid0,            install ubuntu using DEBOOTSTRAP.02:00
switchtechHo^oh: unfamiliar... wait one...02:00
switchtechHo^ho: like ham radio stuff?02:01
k1ng__what is better than ntop?02:02
Ho^OhAnd stupid grub isn't set up right due to confusions of the whole  /dev/sda1        vs       /dev/md0               And no tutorial I've seen addressed this. Because it's aimed at Either doing  RAID0          OR        DEBOOTSTRAP,      Not BOTH.02:02
Ho^OhCommon sense says "just use /dev/md0", seems to work alright, but at the end of the tutorial, my server never comes back online.02:03
switchtechHo^Oh: Sry, dont understand the setup.02:03
burnthey, im using ubuntu 11.10  and have two monitors, I would like to be able to put a workspace in one monitor and another in another monitor and change work stations at will02:05
burntis this possible02:05
Ho^Ohswitchtech: I was using these tutorials: http://www.israelremixteam.com/how-to-set-up-a-software-mdadm-raid-0-array-in-linux-t612.html          http://forum.ovh.co.uk/showthread.php?t=378702:06
wesselCan someone help me to remove grub from my USB device, partly the answer seems to be explained here: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/how-to-uninstall-grub-from-my-usb-719134/ but I'm still not sure how to proceed02:06
Ho^OhI had to change some steps in between tutorial as it doesn't completely fit my situation.02:07
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
escottHo^Oh, are you using mdadm raid or dmraid?02:07
zingarohow can i open my usb from ubuntu ??? when i plug it in no pop ups come up????02:08
escottHo^Oh, why not just make yourself a non-raid boot partition and make your life substantially easier02:08
switchtechHo^oh: now i get it... you may want to go an easier route using the LVM, Read the following and decide for yourself... http://www.linux-mag.com/id/7582/02:08
jmoreira81anyone know a good tutorial to install hamachi in ubuntu?02:08
mkultra_zingaro, alt + f2 gnome-terminal02:09
Ho^Ohescott: Because my friend wanted raid0.02:09
mkultra_in the terminal type lsusb02:09
Ho^OhAnd for performance benefits.02:09
escottHo^Oh, so the boot partition is read once02:09
burntwhat is the movie player process called?02:09
mkultra_if your device shows up if its like a pen drive nautilus02:09
ActionParsnipburnt: totem02:09
burntcrashed on playing a .wmv file02:09
cfhowlettburnt: totem?02:09
zingaro@ mkultra a calculator came up?02:09
cfhowlettburnt: .wmv are not supported by default.  you need the ubuntu-restricted-extras for all codes02:10
mkultra_wmv lol02:10
switchtechburnt: or the w32codecs02:10
zingarohow can i format a usb then put a file in it?02:10
mkultra_cfdisk /dev/whateverusbis02:11
ActionParsnipzingaro: use gparted to format it02:11
mkultra_u might want to run gparted02:11
zew803iffsdfis this a room or channel?02:11
ActionParsnipzew803iffsdf: technically a channel02:11
switchtechzew803iffsdf: yes02:11
zew803iffsdfThe only topic to talk about here is just if we have Ubuntu questions?02:12
ActionParsnipzew803iffsdf: read the motd when you came in "Official Ubuntu Support Channel"02:12
zew803iffsdfthanks Action02:12
ActionParsnipzew803iffsdf: suggestions can be posted on http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com02:12
burntTHANKS for the help peeps :) ... I asked this a while back but didnt get an answer ... wondering if anyone can help ... im using ubuntu 11.10  and have two monitors, I would like to be able to put a workspace in one monitor and another in another monitor and change work stations at will02:12
burntis this possible02:12
switchtechburnt, sounds like what you want is a KVM02:13
fellayaboywhat are as0t0 in ifconfig02:13
zew803iffsdfDo you guys use XChat?02:13
switchtechzew803iffsdf: irssi - go terminal or go home...02:14
ActionParsnipzew803iffsdf: some do02:14
ActionParsnipzew803iffsdf: I use pidgin and irssi02:14
zew803iffsdfI'm going to look into irssi02:14
jmoreira81wow people in this room are helpless...02:15
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: how so?02:15
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: no one's willing to help02:15
switchtechjmoreira81: i know a nice russian who would give an arm and a leg to say the same thing...02:15
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: i've been helping out... as have others02:15
zew803iffsdfjmoreira81: what's your question?02:16
dRounsei have a question about a server02:16
holsteinjmoreira81: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9wL3adKdhU02:16
jmoreira81zew803iffsdf: I'm trying to find good resources on installing hamachi in ubuntu02:16
tarrenceHi, I have Ubuntu running in a virtual machine on my mac and I want to switch the mapping of ctrl and command keys so that both os's match... How would I go about doing this?02:16
zew803iffsdfOk hehe, don't yet konw about hamachi02:16
holsteintarrence: i would set that in virtualbox02:16
ActionParsniptarrence: i'd ask in #vbox too02:16
jmoreira81yea… i saw that… but i need documented....02:16
switchtechdRounse: feur frei02:17
Ho^OhWhat makes me mad is that I get bad kernels to work with:        Like, what the heck?!02:17
tarrenceholstein: ActionParsnip : I'm using VMware Fusion02:17
escotttarrence, running gnome or unity go to keyboard preferences click on layout and then on the layouts tab click on options02:17
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: looks like its windows only. What are you trying to achieve?02:17
holsteintarrence: i would set them in there then.. im not sure where those are in VMware, just Vbox02:17
urlin2ujmoreira81,  3rd party not a channel norm at the least but lmgtfy, https://www.google.com/search?q=hamachi+ubuntu&btnG=Search&sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&site=webhp&source=hp&gbv=1&sei=_CA3T6voNsiYiAKfwYmlCg02:18
burntswitchtech, not really, or at least be able to see my panels on both monitors02:18
ActionParsniptarrence: then #vmware02:18
jmoreira81tarrence: tried parallels? the new version rocks compared to wmware02:18
switchtechburnt: had some of the same frustration, finally went to GDM, (crunchbang distro)02:18
tarrencejmoreira81: VMWare works great for me.02:18
canurabushey... could someone please help me understand a couple of things about themes in ubuntu? I'm trying to use this Gnome 3 theme: http://tiheum.deviantart.com/art/Holo-28007698002:18
fellayaboycould someone tell me whats as0t0 , 1 , 2 and 3 in ifconfig..does openvpn use thatz??02:18
fellayaboyi dont see my tun002:19
Zillyhow doth I maketh another account easily???02:19
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: I just need to access my network away from home...02:19
dRounseswitchtech: i am building a home/file server and i have two mobos to pick from, i have a celeron d and an amd athlon ii, i need one for my desktop also, i feel like my processor is struggline (celeron d) when i am using file converters for mp3 and watching youtube, which should i use for my server02:19
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: but to achieve what?02:19
jmoreira81to work remotely02:19
canurabusand it kind of works, but the colors are different... ie, the screenshot has a dark background theme. How do I get those same colors in ubuntu?02:19
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: ok much easier, what apps will you be running?02:19
holsteindRounse: i would go with the quieter one02:19
holsteinjmoreira81: team viewer is pretty easy, and free for personal use02:20
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: I need to access my file server… my files...02:20
switchtechdRounse: old hardware... which is the higher FSB and MHZ for the processor id use for the desktop, make the server a text only version to cut out the overhead... IMHO02:20
holsteinjmoreira81: ssh is how i do that02:20
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:20
burntswitchtech, thanks for the help :) ... its anoying, a seen it setup on a friends02:20
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: more importantly mysql database02:20
Zillyhow doth I maketh another user account easily???02:20
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: install openssh-server and you have an SFTP server which you can access your files over the internet securely with02:20
burntbut cannot ask him, out of the country now02:20
switchtechburnt: try compiz?02:20
holsteinZilly: sudo adduser username02:20
jmoreira81holstein: i use ssh too… but for development is not ideal for database access02:20
ActionParsnipjmoreira81:how do you interact with your SQL? Do you use terminal?02:21
switchtechburnt: or kidnap said friend and "acquire" the information...02:21
holsteinjmoreira81: cool... ssh is the tool more prefer.. not sure what you'd rather use... ftp?02:21
urlin2uzilly or user accounts, you can tick admin there if needed.02:21
urlin2uZilly,  ^^02:21
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: Yes but the CMS i'm using to needs to connect to mysql as well…. it's working well at home...02:21
ModFatherHi There i got some wierd problems with my ubuntu 11.10 oneiric , i cant ping my boxes, i can ping it from other network but from the same network i cant see each other,02:21
ZillyI'm using 10.04 and I don't have user accounts02:22
jmoreira81holstein: SSH is out of context here…. i need an app to access a database...02:22
holsteinModFather: did you set static IP's?02:22
zew803iffsdfTo create a new user account: 1. Go to System settings ....... 2. Click on User Accounts ........ 3. Click "Unlock" to type your admin password.  ......... 4. Click the "+" button to add a new user.02:22
switchtechModFather: gateway issues?02:22
ActionParsnipZilly: you have one user account, the one you made when you first created the install...02:22
_MarcusI have lots of Gnome Desktop programs installed, how do I remove them all with one swift command?02:22
ModFatherholstein: yes they got same ip, sometime i ping with success but when i try same ping same ip i got fail02:22
holsteinjmoreira81: pretty sure thats what most helpful folk here would suggest02:22
holsteinModFather: they need to have unique IP's02:22
ModFatherswitchtech: yes seems to be gateway issues, sometimes i can ping sometimes not. how i can figure out ?02:22
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: you can VNC over SSH  for a secure connection02:22
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_Marcus"gnome" isn't installed02:22
ModFatherholstein: they have02:22
jmoreira81holstein: you're not understudying what i need it a VPN for...02:23
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: how would i access mysql over vnc?02:23
holsteinModFather: just working through the obvious... how about boxes that are using DHCP?02:23
switchtechModFather: is it on the same piece of network gear? (one switch / router)?02:23
Zillywhat should I install to get "user accounts"?02:23
holsteinjmoreira81: you are corret02:23
urlin2u_Marcus, so what do you have, and how did you get there and what have you removed so far?02:23
ActionParsnip_Marcus: remove libgnome-desktop-3-2 and it should make the rest fail deps and be marked for removal02:23
holstein!detail | jmoreira8102:23
damo22jmoreira81: you can forward the mysql port over ssh02:23
ModFatherholstein its cloud servers from RackSpace Cloud Services02:23
holstein!details | jmoreira8102:23
ubottujmoreira81: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:23
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: however you do it on your desktop now...02:24
ActionParsnip!vnc | jmoreira8102:24
damo22jmoreira81: then connect to it like it was on your own machine02:24
ubottujmoreira81: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX02:24
_Marcusurlin2u: I am in CLI, I added the "text" parameter to Grub02:24
dRounseholstein: well both are pretty quiet and the server will be in a closet type room, its hard to explain but i wont hear it, but is celeron d ok for streaming movies and stuff or will it work too hard? the server chassis has four fans so heat wont be a problem02:24
ModFatherswitchtech: yes it is on the same network, same Datacenter, hosted on the same account at cloud servers RackSpaceCloud02:24
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: gotcha..02:24
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: let me read that...02:24
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: if you can find out the command you run to get the app, you can just run the app via terminal and use x forwardig02:25
damo22jmoreira81: you might not need vnc, if you just need to talk to mysql database from over the internet02:25
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: thanks for you help… I have to log off; i'm at a starbucks and they're closing.. be back shortly02:25
holsteinjmoreira81: http://blog.bodhizazen.net/linux/how-to-vpn-using-ssh/ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN maybe02:25
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: the app will run on the server side, but be displayed on your client02:25
switchtechModFather: you hope so anyway... it may be their LAN/WAN setup screwing with you. May want to hit rackspace and query for "cluster" support...02:25
_MarcusActionParsnip: How do I remove all the extra Gnome applications?02:25
_MarcusActionParsnip: Without going through each one02:25
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: I run all my databases from my ubuntu machine02:26
singkongi have install plexydesk and then what next to use ?02:26
ModFatherswitchtech : they will say again that will be problem from my side, how i can check if their LAN/WAN setup screwing with mine boxes? is any way to figure it out?02:26
ActionParsnip_Marcus: yes as it will make the others fail deps02:26
escott_Marcus, you could just remove the xserver and everything that depends on it should go away02:26
_MarcusActionParsnip: So what do I do to just remove them?02:26
dRounse_Marcus: thats hard because some of them have dependencies that might mess with your OS02:26
ActionParsnip_Marcus: sudo apt-get --purge autoremove02:27
_MarcusdRounse: Oh well02:27
_MarcusActionParsnip: It said it didn't remove anything02:28
ActionParsnip_Marcus: then remove more gnome stuffs. If you run:  dpkg -l | grep gnome     you can remove stuff02:29
_MarcusActionParsnip: Can I do something like "sudo apt-get remove | dpkg -l | grep gnome"?02:30
ActionParsnip_Marcus: could try:    sudo apt-get --purge remove `dpkg -l | grep gnome`02:31
Simon1245Hey guys, how can I change like shortcut keys, for example ctrl + C = Copy, is there any way to change it?02:31
_MarcusActionParsnip: It tried to remove a bunch of things that were non-existant02:31
=== Gskellig|away is now known as Gskellig
Simon1245I'm used to Windows and on Windows windows key + D = Desktop, is there any way to change it so it's the same on Ubuntu?02:31
iceoceanhello, I have a file which is 60mb, I want to chop it off so that it is only 50mb (discarding the tail end of the file), is there an easy way to do this?02:32
krispaulWondering was the metapackage for the ubuntu desktop?02:32
ActionParsnipSimon1245: default is CTRL+ALT+D02:32
jribiceocean: probably dd, cut, or split02:33
jribiceocean: oh, check out "truncate" as well02:34
iceoceanjrib, split should work well i think. thanks02:34
iceoceanis split binary safe?02:34
akSeyaguys, when configuring kernel, what could prevent "Flat Memory" to be shown on menuconfig > Kernel Features > Memory model ?02:34
Simon1245ActionParsnip, thanks, is there any way to change it?02:35
Simon1245ActionParsnip, Also is there any list where I can find all the shortcuts?02:36
_MarcusSimon1245: I'm sure ubottu has it but, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts02:36
ActionParsnipSimon1245: in ccsm I believe its all there, in 12.04 if you hold SuperL down a while, you get the shortcuts displayed02:36
ActionParsnipSimon1245: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/unity-5-2-lands-in-precise-brings-numerous-changes/02:37
ActionParsnipSimon1245: may help you too02:37
Simon1245ActionParsnip, _Marcus, Thanks for the links02:37
Simon1245ActionParsnip, by the way this 12.04 is released already or about to come?02:38
_Marcus!shortcuts | Simon124502:38
ubottuSimon1245: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://ubottu.com/y/shortcuts02:38
ActionParsnipSimon1245: look at the version number, then think about the year ;)02:39
ActionParsnipSimon1245: its in Alpha2 now02:39
Simon124511.10 = 2011 - august?02:39
Simon1245So 12.04 = April - 2012?02:39
Simon1245Ah, I see :D Smart way of making it :D02:40
ActionParsnipSimon1245: 11.10 = 20(11) october (10)th month02:40
ActionParsnipSimon1245: makes sense, also easier to know when releases are EOL too02:40
Simon1245opps my bad I said august lol :D02:40
Simon1245Oh and they release a new release every 6th month?02:40
Simon1245I used to use linux for like 2-3 years ago for testing and at that time I heard about it02:41
skilzI have a VERY VERY VERY ANNOYING problem with alsamixer, when I play a different song the volume raises to 100% each time and blasts my ears with headphones02:42
Simon1245By the way what button is "Super" key?02:43
ActionParsnipSimon1245: windows key to you02:43
mkultra_skilz, you need to set your default alsa mixing volume02:43
mkultra_mac key / windows key = "super key"02:43
Simon1245By the way would it be possible to play Windows game on Linux?02:44
mkultra_sometimes yes02:44
Simon1245Is Wine easy to use?02:44
mkultra_wine tricks installs steam for windows really good on linux, its a little slow for portal though02:44
mkultra_depends upon what you would define as easy02:44
mkultra_alt + f2 gnome-terminal02:45
mkultra_wine dozesux.exe02:45
mkultra_for your exe files02:45
_MarcusI don't really see why you would move over from Windows to Ubuntu for gaming purposes.02:45
_MarcusWine is good, but it's not great02:45
ActionParsnipmkultra_: or press CTRL+ALT+T  for easier terminal access02:45
mkultra_then everythings in $HOME/.wine/drive_c02:45
mkultra_ctrl alt t doesnt work for me02:46
mkultra_im in xfce02:46
Simon1245_Marcus, basically it fucked up today badly had virus and shit I removed it or something and the whole computer sort of shut down02:46
ActionParsnipmkultra_: yeah it works there too..02:46
gogetamkultra_: what you trying to get to02:46
mkultra_alt + f2 is distro agnostic02:46
_MarcusSimon1245: When there's a problem like that, install it again :D02:46
mkultra_im explaining wine to people asking if its easy02:46
Simon1245Now too lazy to reinstall Windows again so I was hopin gthat it would work to use every Windows thing on here02:46
urlin2umkultra_, works in xfce for me.02:46
ActionParsnipmkultra_: or install guake and use a shortcut button, like the console in Quake / HalfLife etc02:47
mkultra_might be my keyboard02:47
ActionParsnipSimon1245: I'd look for open equivs02:47
mkultra_yeah i have that bound to f1202:47
gogetaSimon1245: you can try one lof those live cds with a vires scanner and try to clean it out but with todays nasty stuff you probly need to reformat the box02:47
wesselhow should I execute this command? dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/xxx bs=446 count=102:47
mkultra_generic ubuntu NOOBS dont have all that02:47
mkultra_they have alt + f2 gnome-terminal.....02:47
wesselI want the command to operate on my usb stick02:48
mkultra_nautilus should do it02:48
Simon1245gogeta, it's a laptop well, too lazy to do that and I don't even have the real recovery disk so I'm gonna lose all the vaio stuff and shit02:48
mkultra_alt + f2 nautilus02:48
Simon1245ActionParsnip, What's equivs?02:48
crazydiamondwessel: what do you want to do?02:48
mkultra_should be able to dig through its settings to get the drive to show up02:48
ActionParsnipSimon1245: equivelants02:48
wesselcrazydiamond, remove grub02:48
urlin2uSimon1245, no recovery partition?02:48
_MarcusSimon1245: What brand of laptop?02:48
crazydiamondwessel: full format?02:48
gogetaSimon1245: go to the vio site after reformat dl all the drivers and stuff some even include  the softwhere lost02:49
wesselYes, that is possible02:49
Simon1245_Marcus, Sony Vaio VPCEE41FX,02:49
wesselThere are no important files on my USB stick02:49
Kcharlecan anyone tell me why i dont have permissions to images my www folder when i go to it in the browser?02:49
_MarcusSimon1245: Ah. Most HP laptops(even desktops) come with backup hard drives02:49
Simon1245urlin2u, Not sure honestly, it was on the computer that I could create a recovery disk but I didn't find it until it was like 1 hour left till I broke it.. I mean before breaking it02:49
crazydiamonduse gparted or palimpsest02:49
crazydiamondwessel: use gparted or palimpsest02:50
gogetaSimon1245: yea if you have a backup partation many new machines do un less you removed it you can restore from there02:50
urlin2uSimon1245, if you bought it new and got no dvd for reinstall you have a recovery partition.02:50
Simon1245_Marcus, Ah this one had installed you think it's accessable while restarting it?02:50
Simon1245gogeta, How?02:50
wesselWill that remove grub?02:50
gogetaSimon1245: it should be a hotkey at boot it verys on the pc02:51
Simon1245urlin2u, Ah, that's right I didn't get a dvd with it02:51
_schism_question gentlemen and ladies.  I was goofing around in 10.04 and installed wicd and of course the normal network thing went bye bye.  if I uninstall wicd will the normal thing come back?02:51
crazydiamondwessel: full format will. you can delete all partitions. but notice that if you want to keep data you will need to copy it somewhere (all data will be deleted)02:51
hiexpohow can i detect what wireless driver i am currently using02:52
urlin2uSimon1245, you can probably recover it from a f8 prompt, but it will overwrite the main partition.02:52
Simon1245Uhm let me come on my other laptop while I restart this one, see you soon02:52
_MarcusSimon1245: What?02:52
Kcharlecan anyone tell me why i dont have permissions to images my www folder when i go to it in the browser?02:52
skilzmkultra_, How?02:52
mkultra_what how02:52
gogetaSimon1245: normaly it will say witch key to hit for recovery mode02:52
wesselcrazydiamond, there is no important data on my USB stick, I will attempt to use gparted to do a full format on my usb stick02:52
ActionParsnip_schism_: install network manager then remove wicd02:52
jribKcharle: well, what *are* the permissions02:52
Kcharlenot sure kinda new to linux02:52
skilzmkultra_, How do I set a default alsamixer volume?02:52
_schism_ActionParsnip, is it network-manager-gnome ?02:52
Simon1245urlin2u, I was checking at F8 tried to enter the safemode thing didn't work02:53
ActionParsnip_schism_: sounds good to me :)02:53
Simon1245gogeta, I'll look for it and hopefully find it :)02:53
_schism_ActionParsnip, thank you sir02:53
Kcharlejrib: not sure kinda new to linux02:53
_schism_ActionParsnip, installed wicd while trying some other desktops but its more hassel than its worth02:53
urlin2uSimon1245, not sure with this model safemode is not recovery though call the manufacturer if you want to do it is what I would do.02:53
_schism_here goes02:54
gogetaSimon1245: the hotkey is normaly at the bios screen02:54
Simon1245urlin2u, I would've done it the problem is that I bought this laptop in USA02:54
gogetaSimon1245: normaly f10 on vio02:54
Simon1245I'm living in Sweden so that's a big problme02:54
Simon1245Alright, restarting this computer, I'm on as Simon12455 on the other one02:55
urlin2uSimon1245, not sure what that means but okay.02:55
gogetaSimon1245: so turn on vio tap f10 it should go into recovery02:55
_Marcusurlin2u: He is restarting his computer, he wants you to refer to him as "Simon12455"02:55
* kalimojo hi02:56
* _Marcus hi kalimojo02:56
Simon12455on it now :)02:56
tfittsdoes anyone here know bind and can help me figure out why reverse DNS lookups won't work for me?  I've got normal dns lookups working fine.02:56
wesselcrazydiamond, can I conclude from this screenshot that there was no grub located on my USB stick? http://s15.postimage.org/kzgkb6g95/image.png02:56
wesselor you can't see "boot records" or whatever the thing that grub lives in is called02:57
urlin2uwessel, mbr02:57
mkultra_wessel, says 3 gigs used02:57
Simon12455gogeta, F10 isn't the right key :(02:57
mkultra_f12 4 me02:58
urlin2uwessel, you trying top boot a W7 install?02:58
gogetaSimon12455: yea it might be diffrent and it should say what one02:58
crazydiamondwessel: is your USB 8Gb big?02:58
crazydiamondwessel: so it's it02:59
kalimojon app that will play iso files ?02:59
wesselurlin2u, I'm trying to completely clean a USB stick to get rid of grub02:59
urlin2uwessel, put a bootflag on the partition.02:59
wessellater I will attempt to put a windows installer on it yes02:59
kalimojoiks there an app that will play iso files ?02:59
crazydiamondwessel: it's a way also02:59
urlin2uwessel, how did you load the windows on the usb?02:59
Simon12455mkultra_, not 412 either :(, gogeta doesn't say something02:59
mkultra_alt + f2 gnome-terminal02:59
Simon12455I've tried pressing every button :(03:00
wesselusing some Microsoft program and a MSDN iso03:00
mkultra_mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/cd03:00
gogetaSimon12455: i think for a vio you need to just keep hitting f1003:00
mkultra_need to make the dir cd first03:00
mkultra_sudo mkdir /mnt/grbg03:00
Simon12455gogeta, let me try03:00
mkultra_sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mnt/grbg03:00
gogetaSimon12455: just keep pecking it still it past the spalsh screen03:00
mkultra_ls /mnt/grbg03:00
urlin2uwessel, is it W7 you want to load to the usb for a install?03:01
Simon12455gogeta, still nothing03:01
mkultra_then proceed to removing grub from the mounted flash drive03:01
urlin2uwessel, you don't have to remove grub03:01
janderson91zcould someone help me with an issue? please03:01
gogetaSimon12455: try it with f11 and f12 then one of them is bound to be right03:01
mkultra_say ur issue03:01
urlin2umkultra_, ^^^03:01
wesselurlin2u, if I don't grub will always load, and I don't have a clue how to launch the installer from within a grub console03:02
Rurd2diwats issue janderson91z?03:02
gogetaSimon12455: if you deleted the patation however this will not work03:02
mkultra_wessel, your past boot time at that point03:02
Simon12455gogeta, still nothing03:02
urlin2uwessel, not true but if you don't believe that is your perogative.03:02
mkultra_you need to set it in your bios03:02
janderson91zi'm running ubuntu 11.10. i have two displays. i've installed the amd proprietary driver for my card. i've tried to set the second monitor to extend but when i do so the amd control center just closes out03:03
Simon12455I doubt I've done that03:03
mkultra_you need to set your boot order in bios wessel03:03
janderson91zi hit apply and the settings don't change, the program just closes03:03
scanukscan anyone suggest me a light linux netbook edition03:03
gogetaSimon12455: try it with f8 then03:03
janderson91zright now it's just mirroring on to the second display03:03
wesselmkultra_, I have set boot order to USB-ZIP, USB-HDD, USB-something else03:03
wesselI removed HDD from the boot order03:03
gogetaSimon12455: at vio splash screen03:03
damo22wessel is it booting grub from the usb?03:03
bazhangscanuks, lubuntu03:03
mkultra_run your program in a terminal to get debug messages03:03
bazhang!lubuntu > scanuks03:04
wesselyes it is booting the grub from the USB03:04
ubottuscanuks, please see my private message03:04
wesselAt least that is what I think it is doing03:04
urlin2uwessel, I have done this many times if you want the correct info.03:04
mkultra_ok so you got grub booting from your usb media then you gotta mount your drive and delete it03:04
Simon12455gogeta, nothing :(03:04
Simon12455gogeta, safemode and all that shit onyl :(03:04
damo22wessel: you can boot straight into the windows installer from the grub on the usb03:04
gogetaSimon12455: then you must have removed it03:04
bazhangSimon12455, no cursing here please03:05
scanuksbazhang: i know but lubuntu is not good for my netbook screen03:05
wesselurlin2u, you have done what many times, run an installer from within grub console?03:05
gogetaSimon12455: your going to need to use a cd03:05
urlin2uwessel, no a w7 usb03:05
Simon12455bazhang, sorry.03:05
damo22wessel do you have this on another pc so we can boot into grub and still chat?03:05
wesselI have a w7 usb, but for some reason there is still grub on the w7 usb xD03:05
scanuksbazhang: any other suggestions ?03:05
wesseldamo22, no03:06
gogetaSimon12455: your hitting these keys sevrel times correct i dont tink its a single press for a vio03:06
janderson91zanyone know what's going on? i posted my issue03:06
urlin2uwessel, it is really easy, so not sure what else to say.03:06
bazhangscanuks, you wanted light, how light did you mean? how much ram what cpu etc03:06
Simon12455gogeta, Yeah pressed it a lot of times03:06
Simon12455let me come back on ubuntu onto the IRC03:07
scanuksbazhang: ram 500 and cpu 1 core 1ghz03:07
damo22wessel: one way is to zero the whole usb stick then partition it and reformat it, install the w7 installer on it03:07
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Simon1245gogeta, back03:07
wesseldamo22, that was my plan, but I'm fine with typing some command in a grub console03:07
bazhangscanuks, you could try xubuntu, but with that minimal amount of ram it would not be snappy, thus my suggestion of lubuntu03:08
urlin2udamo22, you don't have to zero the drive03:08
gogetaSimon1245: you should have made cds before messing with your partations03:08
damo22wessel: the commands you need depend on the layout of grubs drives03:08
scanuksbazhang: yes but i already said my screen doesnt match lubuntu :(03:08
gogetaSimon1245: any pcs with recovery partations has that option03:08
dalek_how do I change the default action when an audio CD is inserted? How do I make ubuntu ask me what to do when I insert an audio CD?03:08
mr_crunchyhey guys03:08
crazydiamondif I got "Error loading new keyboard description" how can I figure the reason out?03:09
Simon1245gogeta, yeah, I know I didn't find it earlier but later on I found it but until then it was too late03:09
wesseldamo22, something like this? http://pastebin.com/5t4bzxkR03:09
mr_crunchyI've just installed ubunto and I got to say I never saw something so quick to be installed03:09
damo22wessel: yes, but root (hd?, 1)03:09
damo22where ? refers to the usb03:09
wesselIt is probably 2, I have 0 SSD with ubuntu, 1 SSD with corrupt windows, and 2 probably is USB then03:10
epiccyndaquilhow do I remove empathy, banshee, etc from the Unity menu at the top?03:10
damo22wessel type root (hd then hit tab03:10
scanuksbazhang: can i install LXDE on UNR ?03:10
damo22wessel: it will autocomplete03:10
limescouthey, does anyone here use zim?  I can't find any information on how to use the gnuplot plugin03:11
gogetaSimon1245: well you should be able to use a normal windows cd and get most of the vio softwhere from there site mius the crapware :)03:11
bazhang!une | scanuks03:11
ubottuscanuks: Starting with Ubuntu 11.04, the Ubuntu Netbook Edition is no longer being offered as a separate install as Unity is now standard for all Ubuntu desktop installs.03:11
ActionParsnipepiccyndaquil: right click it and click 'remove from launcher' or uncheck 'keep in launcher'03:11
Simon1245gogeta, yeah probably I'll look for it, actually downloading it on my other laptop already :)03:12
wesseldamo22, okay so most likely I will have to type these commands: http://pastebin.com/wz5NZVEj03:12
Simon1245But I sort of like ubuntu :D It's really cool with all the desktop shit :D Looks really nice :D03:12
gogetaSimon1245: hey if your keys printed on the laptop its not even stealing heh03:12
epiccyndaquilActionParsnip: I mean the "notification area" portion, if that's what it's called.03:12
bazhangSimon1245, again stop cursing please03:12
scanuksbazhang: thats sux ... looking for linux for eee pc03:12
_Marcuseee pc?03:12
ActionParsnipepiccyndaquil: in the top bar?03:12
gogetaSimon1245: you can use that key and it will come back perfectly legit03:12
epiccyndaquilcorrect, ActionParsnip03:12
damo22wessel: but if you use root (hd<TAB><TAB> it will print a list of possible hds03:13
ActionParsnipepiccyndaquil: so when the apps run you DON'T want them to appear there?03:13
urlin2uActionParsnip, you have that link for W7 loads to a thumb?03:13
bazhangscanuks, lubuntu and other variants adjust to the eeepc screen automatically quite well03:13
damo22wessel, then you can insert the correct number, and follow with a comma, then tab again to get partitions03:13
_Marcusscanuks: What processor do Eee PCs use03:13
epiccyndaquilActionParsnip: no, I don't use Banshee, so I don't want it to appear when I adjust the volume. I don't use thunderbird, so I don't want it to appear there. Same for Empathy.03:14
gogetascanuks: btrfs is very broken atm use ext2 otherwise lubuntu works awsome03:14
t4nkdis there an ubuntu ec2 channel still?03:14
Simon1245gogeta, true, I got it written underneath the computer :D bazhang, really sorry, used to say that word lol03:14
ActionParsnipurlin2u: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html03:14
ActionParsnipepiccyndaquil: if you don't use it, uninstall it03:14
wesselI also need to use the --force? in chainloader --force +1?03:14
Rurd2diActionParsnip: dont post windows bs in here!03:14
scanuks_Marcus: intel03:14
ActionParsnipRurd2di: it was requested.Calm down03:15
gogetamarcos: they use atom03:15
urlin2uwessel, not sure why you guys are doing this in a hard way but look here. http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html03:15
epiccyndaquilActionParsnip: I have, but it still appears in that area03:15
urlin2uActionParsnip, thanks;)03:15
=== akSeya is now known as akSeya|away
Bsimslol answered my own question03:15
_Marcusscanuks: Exactly? I mean what is it. Like ix86.03:15
scanuks_Marcus: x8603:16
gogetamarcos: depends n270 was 32 bit but the dual cores are 64bit03:16
_Marcusscanuks: I believe Ubuntu should run on it03:16
wesselwell thanks, I will try that when it does not work, will be the first time I actually do something useful in a grub console, I kind of like that :P03:16
scanuks_Marcus:  already tried the UNR thingy but it was too slow03:17
gogetascanuks: use lubuntu it runs fine on my n270 eeepc03:17
ActionParsniplubuntu rox03:17
Bsimswhy can't I zap empathy's settings entirely03:17
scanuksgogeta: yes it doesnt match my screen03:17
gogetascanuks: umm it does mine and there all pretty mutch the same03:18
epiccyndaquilBsims: I have the exact same question as you, this is my problem ActionParsnip03:18
BsimsI did a rm -r on everything locate empathy|grep $HOME and it still has my account settings03:18
scanuksgogeta: only UNR worked fine but it slow03:18
gogetascanuks: is it going into the overscan moide?03:18
Bsimsepiccyndaquil: whats the question03:18
epiccyndaquilactually, it seems a restart worked after uninstalling03:18
scanuksgogeta: can u try simple english XD my english is poor03:19
gogetascanuks: ull unr has been gone for almost 2 years try the new versions03:19
epiccyndaquilBsims: to remove empathy, uninstall it from the software center, then reboot03:19
scanuksgogeta: which is ?03:19
Bsimsepiccyndaquil: Ah Ok03:19
gogetascanuks: lubuntu runs perfect on my eeepc 900a03:19
BsimsI got a movie, its not showing up when I put it in my dvd drive but another one does any ideas03:19
scanuksgogeta: u said n27003:20
gogetascanuks: 900a has a n270 atom prosser03:20
scanuksgogeta: is it 10" ?03:20
gogetascanuks: its the 7 inch03:20
scanuksgogeta: what resolution do u use on it ?03:21
gogetascanuks:1024 x 60003:22
gogetascanuks: the max for that screen03:22
chromati`I have a BCM43227 wireless card I'm trying to get working.03:22
scanuksgogeta: when i open OpenBox Connfiguration GUI i cant see the whole window of it03:23
mkultra_u zombies wanna see my archive of scrips?03:23
gogetascanuks: it can do 1024*768 but thats overscan mode where you have to mouse down and up to see the screen03:23
ActionParsnip!broadcom | chromati`03:23
ubottuchromati`: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx03:23
scanuksgogeta: when i open OpenBox Connfiguration GUI i cant see the whole window of it03:23
chromati`thanx :)03:23
gogetascanuks: that sounds like a openbox problem03:23
scanuksgogeta: preferenced > openbox conf..03:23
gogetascanuks: lubuntu uses lxde03:23
Simon1245Hey could someone help me, how can I increase the space of Linux partion? Not sure if I spelled it wrong but I guess you understand03:24
scanuksgogeta: no i can see the half of "close" and "about" buttons03:24
scanuksgogeta: it comes by defualt03:24
ActionParsnipSimon1245: you can resize partitions in LiveCD03:24
gogetascanuks: no ubuntu comes with openbox by defult03:24
=== DerFIash is now known as DerFlash
Canadian1296About to start building LFS on Ubuntu :) Hope this goes well.03:25
scanuksgogeta: u must be wrong , i installed fresh lubuntu today and it was there03:25
scanuksgogeta: 11.1003:25
gogetascanuks: lubuntu uses lxde03:25
Simon1245ActionParsnip, does it save?03:25
scanuksgogeta: so somthing fked up with my lubuntu03:25
ActionParsnipSimon1245: save what?03:25
mkultra_yeah i bet lubuntu is gonna be the hot ticket upon update03:26
=== Guest7525 is now known as Aranel
ActionParsnipmkultra_: shame its not LTS in Precise...03:26
bazhangscanuks, no cursing here03:26
gogetascanuks: dunno but it should be lxde not openbox03:26
scanuksbazhang: srry03:27
scanuksgogeta: but it was fresh install03:27
chromati`how do I enable restricted drivers in ubuntu 11.10?03:27
Bsimsscanuks: its entirely possible something else drew in openbox03:27
BsimsI've seen wierder03:27
gogetascanuks: i hear lots of errors in  my day but not a iso having the wrong wm03:27
chromati`wait I found it.03:27
Simon1245ActionParsnip, I mean if I use the liveCD to increase the partion size, would it save like that or would it change back later on or something?03:27
chromati`additional drivers under settings03:28
Simon1245Oh and I just found the recovery partion, it's not deleted, gogeta03:28
logchromati`: I liked "Restricted Drivers" better than "Additional Drivers."03:28
gogetaSimon1245: nice you can restore it then03:28
ActionParsnipSimon1245: you are editting the actual drive, so the setting will stick. I suggest you run full backup in case of catastrophe03:28
=== mick is now known as Guest79428
cha0sbgyo guys, anyone have messed with Optimus technology in ubuntu ?03:29
gogetaSimon1245: defently make some restore disk after03:29
log!anyone | cha0sbg03:29
ubottucha0sbg: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:29
BsimsSimon1245: I recommend rsync for your backup03:29
ActionParsnipcha0sbg: nvidia refuse to support Linux in optimus03:29
Simon1245Bsims, I don't relaly have a external hardrive or something03:29
ActionParsnipcha0sbg: there is bumblebee to try and support it.I think you will be disappointed though03:29
BsimsSimon1245: Ok, make it a priority03:29
scanuksgogeta: anyways i thing i kinda ruined my lubuntu because i installed "grandr" and i pressed "screen off" by mistake and now it show me blank screen03:30
cha0sbgwhy's that ActionParsnip03:30
scanuksgogeta: theres any chance to fix it ?03:30
* Bsims smiles its money well spent03:30
gogetascanuks: press screen on03:30
Simon1245ActionParsnip, I can just reinstall it all again and add some extra space into it, right?03:30
scanuksgogeta: i cant03:30
ActionParsnipSimon1245: I guess03:30
scanuksgogeta: it shows me blank screen03:30
Simon1245ActionParsnip, Safer way, I'll go for that way :)03:30
Simon1245gogeta, one problem, how do I access it? The recovery partion?03:31
mkultra_yeah i think gnome 3 will be running better by the time i go that route03:31
BsimsSimon1245: surely its easier to run the live cd and run gparted03:31
gogetaSimon1245: so you didnt find it03:31
Simon1245gogeta, I did, in the disk ultilty thing03:31
scanuksgogeta: well ?03:31
gogetaSimon1245: i dunno esc maybe its defently a hotkey03:32
Simon1245Let me check, hopefully it is.03:32
Simon1245I'll come back if it isn't if it is, I'm not coming back, shutted down the other laptop lol03:32
=== Den_SVR is now known as Denominator_SVR
Simon1245brb checking and thanks for all help if I don't return :)03:33
FrowardWhen I right click the launcher, there is no menu.03:33
gogetascanuks: relly dont knoe it sounds like you are not even running lxde and you got other stuff installed03:33
Bsimsgot a minor beef, why are do most of the iconsets on kde-look look like sponsor stickers on a clown car?03:34
scanuksgogeta: lubuntu-11.10-desktop-i386.iso03:34
gogetaBsims: lol you relise kde stands for03:35
scanuksMyrtti: u here ?03:35
mkultra_k desktop environment03:35
gogetamkultra_: what does the k stand for03:35
mkultra_and almost everything starts with a K like Konqueror03:35
gogetamkultra_: kiddy03:36
Bsimsgogeta: yup been running from 3.0 on03:36
scanukscan anyone help me ? i installed "GRANDR" its a GUI for xrandr and i press screen OFF by mistake and now i cant see the screen03:36
Bsimsdunno why but even gnome2 gives me hives03:36
mkultra_lol 3 freaked me out at first03:36
ActionParsnipgogeta: The K was originally suggested to stand for "Kool", but it was quickly decided that the K should stand for nothing in particular. The KDE initialism is therefore expanded to "K Desktop Environment". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE03:36
BsimsI upgraded to Oneric, and my preferences in calibre is now grey and transparent, does calibre use gtk so I know where to go hunt down this bug and kill it03:36
gogetaBsims: maybe its time you joind the xfce and lxde camp lol03:36
Bsimsgogeta: nah love me my plasma too much03:37
scanukscan anyone help me ? i installed "GRANDR" its a GUI for xrandr and i press screen OFF by mistake and now i cant see the screen -LUBUNTU03:37
mkultra_i dont want to fix a bunch of bugs in ubuntu orneric =(03:37
scanuksshould i re-install lubuntu ?03:37
ActionParsnipscanuks: where does grandr store it's config?03:37
mkultra_if its clean nothing installed why not03:37
scanuksActionParsnip: no idea03:38
ActionParsnipscanuks: if you press CTRL+ALT+F1  do you get a command line system?03:38
mkultra_too bad u dont gots ssh03:38
scanuksActionParsnip: nope03:38
mkultra_u could fix a problem like that with ssh03:38
gogetaActionParsnip: his lubuntu has openbox lol i relly dont knoe what hes running03:38
ActionParsnipscanuks: I suggest you find out, then delete it (or rename it)03:38
scanuksActionParsnip: the screen is disabled03:38
scanuksActionParsnip: *cries*03:38
Bsimsthough with gnome iconset now, and for somereason pidgin no longer has a icon in the system tray03:39
ActionParsnipscanuks: the CTRL+ALT+F1 may work03:39
bazhangBsims, dont paste that here03:39
ActionParsnipscanuks: if not then boot to root recovery mode03:39
mkultra_yeah K is looking pretty sweet these days03:39
gogetamkultra_: yea but it still siffers from the same thing qt always has being slow as dirt03:39
Bsimsbazhang: why not I installed ubuntu not kubuntu, I also have wmaker, lxde and xfce03:40
bazhangBsims, what does it have to do with ubuntu support?03:40
kanlioti'm running precise and ejecting cd's isn't working.  they aren't unmounting when i press eject button.  should i report a bug? where03:41
Simon1245gogeta, didn't work :(03:41
mkultra_qt is pretty but yeah K the desktop is a turtle and resource hog03:41
bazhangkanliot, #ubuntu+1 for precise please03:41
gogetakanliot: have you tryed sudo eject03:41
scanuksActionParsnip: ok i booted from recovery mode now what03:41
Bsimsbazhang: I'd like to find out why there is no icon for pidgin when all I did was change iconsets, though i got an idea03:42
bazhangmkultra_, ?03:42
mkultra_lol, if theres nothing on the drive id format03:42
mkultra_quicker easier03:42
scanuksgogeta: which file xrandr stores it configuration in lubuntu ?03:42
gogetascanuks: dunno your not even running lxde03:43
ActionParsnipscanuks: find where gxrandr holds its config03:43
gogetascanuks: but it should be the same place03:43
seyfarthjust uninstalled ecryptfs - can someone tell me what the default permissions for a user's home directory is so I can chmod my way back to normal?03:43
scanuksActionParsnip: no idea , really03:44
=== koyaan is now known as armin_w
ActionParsnipscanuks: then use the web to find out, nobody is born knowing...03:45
yosefuhi, i'm trying to install gallium3d for an ati mobility radeon hd5470 but i'm finding no instructions for my case03:47
yosefuanybody has experience on the matter?03:47
scanuksActionParsnip: i cant find it =\ :(03:49
ActionParsnipscanuks: try:  xrandr -s 003:50
holsteinscanuks: about the permissions? http://timwise.blogspot.com/2008/08/reseting-home-folder-permissions-in.html03:50
scanuksActionParsnip: it says "can't open display" maybe because recovery mode03:51
=== Tabstar is now known as Tabmow
MaxHeadRoomHello, q about LTS, are there backports so you can install latest versions of non-core cross platform programs, like LibreOffice or Firefox recent versions?  I am looking to LTS for a more stable base, while hoping for some recent stuff also03:52
ActionParsnipscanuks: if you run:  su foo; file ~/.config/monitors.xml     is the file present (chage foo for your username)03:53
Bsimsanyone know how I can get pidgin to show a icon in the system tray? it worked till I rebooted03:54
twilightstaranyone know how to turn crontab on03:54
ActionParsnipBsims: in the config, you can set the show tray to Always03:54
holsteinMaxHeadRoom: ppa's...03:54
ActionParsniptwilightstar: its on by default...03:54
Frowardso how do I add a new launcher? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToAddaLauncher does not work.03:54
twilightstarfor some reason it doesn work03:54
scanuksActionParsnip: no such a file or directory ... im so lost03:55
twilightstarI dropped a file in the cron.daily03:55
twilightstardidn't work03:55
holsteinBsims: try loggin out and back in... maybe the notification area didnt load,or crashed03:55
ActionParsnipscanuks: use the web to see where the settings are stored, that ALL I am doing....03:55
fisheadsome one can help me with install Mint 12? i have a problem when i use an usb sticky livecd to install it03:55
scanuksActionParsnip: how can i reset the whole system ?03:55
MaxHeadRoomholstein: so no backport repos exist for LTS?  I have heard of ppa's and tried them, not the ideal solution... I am thinking of something like what Mepis does, having a stable base w/ backports repo03:56
ActionParsnipscanuks: you only need to set xrandr, the rest is fine...03:56
holsteinfishead: i would try #mint on spotchat03:56
scanuksActionParsnip: i cant find it on google =\03:56
ActionParsnipscanuks: do you have ~/.xprofile   ?03:56
Bsimsholstein: I'll try that03:56
ActionParsnipscanuks: rename it03:56
fisheadholstein: thank you03:56
holsteinMaxHeadRoom: ppa's is the way i have added libreoffice and firefox stable to the LTS03:57
scanuksActionParsnip: whats the command of rename03:57
ActionParsnipscanuks: then run:   sudo reboot     and you should be ok03:57
Blue11scanuks: mv03:57
ActionParsnipscanuks: mv ~/.xprofile ~/.xprofile_old03:57
MaxHeadRoomholstein: is there one ppa repo for this purpose, or do I need many for each category I want to add03:58
ActionParsnipscanuks: I strongly suggest you put some time into CLI and you won't be asking basic stuff like that03:58
holsteinMaxHeadRoom: i have used different ones.. http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-libreoffice-in-ubuntu-11-0410-1010-04-using-ppa.html for example03:58
ActionParsnipscanuks: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-adjust-screen-resolution-on-ubuntu.html   is where I found the file out.....03:58
ActionParsnipscanuks: fyi I DON'T use xrandr, nor have I ever had to, yet I found that..03:59
soulf_Hi, in unity as well as gnome-shell the gtk theme and wallpaper don't load (instead there's a blue background and and ugly fallback theme), changing the settings in the gnome-tweak-tool or appearance menu changes nothing. The shell theme works so it's just the thing that unity and gnome-shell have in common (what do you call it, gnome3? gtk3?...) Does annybody have an idea?04:00
scanuksActionParsnip: it says its read only file system04:00
ActionParsnipscanuks: sounds like an unhealthy file system, did you hard power off before going to root recovery mode?04:01
scanuksActionParsnip: yes04:01
ActionParsnipscanuks: coincidence, I don't think so04:02
scanukscouldnt see the screen04:02
=== Denominator_SVR is now known as Denominator
ActionParsnipscanuks: I suggest you boot to liveCD and fsck your partition there, You could have used Alt+K+Printscreen and got back to the login screen04:02
=== Denominator is now known as Denominator_SVR
chaos_zerohi, i am having a proglem with setting up a second network bridge. I already have one bridge forwarding one ethernet to two others, and when i ttry to set up another bridge the same way eith some other ethernets, it will not work. Anything special i need for the second bridge?04:03
jmoreira81ActionParsnip i'm ack04:03
scanuksActionParsnip: uhh ill do that another time im really tired its 6:00 am here04:03
scanuksActionParsnip: thanks for help tho =]04:03
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: how do you mean04:03
skilz$ sudo /sbin/alsactl store04:03
skilzHome directory /home/skilz not ours.04:03
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: I'm back. I just set up hamachi successfully.04:04
ActionParsnipscanuks: np man, hard power off is bad for your hardware04:04
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: nice04:04
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: it works nicely.04:04
scanuksActionParsnip: you mean for the harddrive ?04:04
ActionParsnipscanuks: and other parts04:04
scanuksActionParsnip: =\ so whats the CLI command for shutdown ?04:04
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: Do you know of a good backup app for ubuntu?04:04
ActionParsnipscanuks: sudo shutdown -h now04:05
ActionParsnip!backup | jmoreira8104:05
ubottujmoreira81: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning04:05
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: I just use a cron'd cp job...04:05
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: gotcha i'm doing it manually but i'd like a more automated process...04:06
soulf_Hi, in unity as well as gnome-shell the gtk theme and wallpaper don't load (instead there's a blue background and and ugly fallback theme), changing the settings in the gnome-tweak-tool or appearance menu changes nothing. The shell theme works so it's just the thing that unity and gnome-shell have in common that bugs(what do you call it, gnome3? gtk3?...). Oh and the problem started after I installed KDE. Help? :)04:06
baladepratadoes some1 uses a notebook dell inspiron n5110 here?04:06
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: I wish there was time machine for ubuntu04:06
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: you could make a disk image with clonezilla then restore the image when needed04:07
jmoreira81ActionParsnip: image of the entire OS?04:07
ActionParsnipjmoreira81: sure why not04:08
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
Argus33can anyone help me with Asus eee pc 1008p wifi issues04:08
holsteinjmoreira81: how about back in time? http://backintime.le-web.org/download_page/04:08
ActionParsnipArgus33: what is the issue04:09
Argus33the wifi goes in and out intermitantly.04:09
fellayaboyis it jsut me or did some of the updates screw up openvpn????04:09
ActionParsnipArgus33: tried disabling ipv6?04:09
jmoreira81holstein: never heard of back in time. i'll check it out...04:09
holsteinArgus33: is it Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 ?04:09
Argus33no not yet04:09
ActionParsnipArgus33: add the boot option:  ipv6.disable=104:10
Argus33junk junk junk = atheros04:10
fellayaboyis anyone having a problem with openvpn after the updates04:10
ActionParsnipArgus33: my atheros pci wifi works fine04:10
=== zir\- is now known as zir
Argus33could you please tell me the full comand. i am a bit of a newb04:10
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
skilz_<skilz_> Home directory /home/skilz not ours.04:11
skilz_<skilz_> Why is my mixer settings not saving?04:11
ActionParsnipArgus33: http://askubuntu.com/questions/68226/frequent-disconnects-using-wlan-ar928504:11
Argus33thank you04:11
skilz_ $ sudo /sbin/alsactl store04:11
=== skilz_ is now known as skilz
ActionParsnipArgus33: echo "options ath9k nohwcrypt=1" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf04:11
Argus33what does that mean04:12
ActionParsnipArgus33: adds the line to the file, seems it needs that option04:12
ActionParsnipArgus33: reboot to test04:12
Argus33do i need to put that in comandline04:12
ActionParsnipArgus33: use the ipv6.disable=1    option too04:12
chaos_zerohi, i am having a proglem with setting up a second network bridge. I already have one bridge forwarding one ethernet to two others, and when i ttry to set up another bridge the same way eith some other ethernets, it will not work. Anything special i need for the second bridge?04:12
zirHello, can somebody tell me a good linux tool or something, for sending me a email everyday with full traffic statistics, evt some kind of pictures like this: http://t3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSL5IYvjNYeLfROA24PolyvrR995VML3IRLz-ffyOgNNVMPLyt904:12
ActionParsnipArgus33: yes, its a terminal command04:12
chaos_zero(sorry it dropped me before)04:13
Argus33ok wait one04:13
ActionParsnipArgus33: have you not seen that page, it took me seconds to find04:13
=== [CSI]Octane is now known as Octane
jmoreira81holstein: do you know of a good app to restore deleted files from a hard drive on a different file system?04:18
ActionParsnip!info foremost04:18
holsteinjmoreira81: i use photorec04:18
ubottuforemost (source: foremost): Forensics application to recover data. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.7-1 (oneiric), package size 41 kB, installed size 140 kB04:18
Argus33not that exact page04:19
jmoreira81holstein: is it just for images?04:19
holsteinjmoreira81: its for hard drives and file systems.. are you wanting something that can sift through an image? you can try it04:20
AllyUnionHas anyone used a hardware RAID controller?04:21
jmoreira81holstein: nah… i formatted my ext hdd but i need some files back....04:21
damo22AllyUnion: yes04:21
AllyUniondamo22: I've never had to handle one in Linux, it shows up as one device?04:22
holsteinjmoreira81: photorec has worked for that for me before... after formatting04:22
jmoreira81holstein: i'll try it04:22
=== JMatthewman is now known as MoleMan
damo22AllyUnion: i would be wary of those things, because let us suppose the computer dies, how do you get your data back without an identical raid controller04:22
holsteinits part of testdisk jmoreira81 http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk04:22
AllyUniondamo22: Is there any considerations to partitioning it?  (only use parted I assume?)04:22
jmoreira81holstein: Nice.04:23
WHAT_UPis it possible to have, say, Ctrl-Shift-F6 bring me to another x instance?04:24
damo22WHAT_UP: my friend is running 2 xservers in ubuntu04:25
WHAT_UPdamo22: how do i go about doing that?04:25
damo22WHAT_UP: i dont know how04:25
log!ask | Guest3988804:27
ubottuGuest39888: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:27
holsteinGuest39888: just fire away... we are having some difficulty with the channels right now04:28
Guest39888nothing im just trying to set up04:28
Guest39888dont know now though04:28
holsteinGuest39888: to "setup" irc? you are on...04:29
Guest39888i know04:29
Guest39888but i mean04:29
Guest39888using pidgin04:29
MK`Is anyone here familiar with uget that can help me with some problems? Or is that an unofficial thing and has its own channel?04:29
holsteinGuest39888: sure.. fire up pigin.. and ask what you need.. dont hit enter so much so as not to flood the channel04:30
YNHHello all!04:30
Guest39888let me see04:30
aBoundMK`, Never heard of uget unless you're referring to wget.04:30
MK`No, it's a UI download manager.04:31
Snowman_How do you permanently turn off acpi in 11.10 grub?04:31
aBoundIf it's not part of the official repository I doubt anybody would give any help.04:31
MK`Alright, thanks04:32
logIt looks like uget is in the repo.04:32
log"easy-to-use download manager written in GTK+2"04:32
waldenSnowman_: why get rid of acpi04:33
Guest39888it keep saying04:33
logwalden: Some computers won't run Ubuntu without ACPI disabled.04:33
Guest39888or it wont just let me get connect04:33
Snowman_My computer will not boot unless I manually do this.04:33
aBoundMK`, I can't say if anybody in #ubuntu-offtopic would help but you could try it.04:33
holsteinGuest39888: you might be banned by IP04:33
holsteinmaybe not you personally, but your IP04:34
pushpopAnyone using gnome 3.2.1 with Ubuntu?04:34
Guest39888ERROR :Closing Link: obelix.mdnx.net (*** Banned )04:34
Guest39888im on a vm04:34
YNHI'm having an issue with gdm, I've changed the automatic login setting in the Login setting, and also edited the /etc/gdm/custom.conf but I reboot or halt and start back up again and it still prompts me to log in04:34
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit04:34
log!anyone | pushpop04:34
ubottupushpop: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.04:34
Guest39888but my fox is running on tor04:35
Guest39888is that a problem?04:35
Snowman_What file do I edit and where to turn acpi off?04:35
skilzSnowman_, man acpi04:35
Guest39888can help me????04:36
YNHreally annoying as i'm setting this up as a server04:36
urlin2upushpop, that is what is in the repos what's up.04:36
holsteinGuest39888: i think you are banned from that server... no one here can unban you04:36
Snowman_You are saying I edit the acpi file? That doesn't sound right.04:36
Guest39888and how can that happend?04:37
Guest39888is the first time i try to use it04:37
pushpopurlin2u, I leave my computer idle when I come back my gnome session is real slow and I have to run "r" to fix it?  Any ideas?04:37
Guest39888plus i will like to change my user name04:37
holsteinSnowman_: check out http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=183940804:37
Guest39888cuz i dont like the guest thing04:38
holsteinGuest39888: im not sure, but no one here maintains that server04:38
urlin2upushpop, not really you can typoe top in the terminal when this happens a see whta is running.04:38
MK`aBound: could you recommend a good GUI download manager, perchance?04:38
pushpoptrue I could.04:38
YNHno ideas on the gdm issue i'm having?04:39
mkultra_YNH, restate ur problem04:39
=== whoever is now known as Guest81002
mkultra_lol netsplit?04:40
YNHI'm having an issue with gdm, I've changed the automatic login setting in the Login setting, and also edited the /etc/gdm/custom.conf but I reboot or halt and start back up again and it still prompts me to log in04:40
holsteinYNH: i say that in lubuntu04:40
YNHit's really annoy, like the login is not handled by gdm04:41
mkultra_do you have root?04:41
mkultra_can u login fine still?04:41
juanchihi guys!! There is a synaptic feature that probes and selects the fastest server repositories.... Is there a way to get that by command line??04:42
YNHeverything works great other then it just asks me to log in04:42
urlin2uYNH, what is the release you have installed, and the desktop?04:42
YNHgnome classic04:42
urlin2uYNH, I think that is ldm.04:42
YNHsee thats what it seams like04:43
YNHsome other log in manager04:43
Argus33how do i disable ipv6 anybody04:43
waldenYNH: are you on lubuntu04:43
holsteinwalden: no... that was me.. YNH is on gnome04:44
scienteshow do i take a webcam picture on 10.0404:44
waldenah right04:44
scientesI don't have cheese and cant install programs04:44
holsteinscientes: then you cant... you can try some web service, but i cant think of one off hand04:44
urlin2uArgus33, method three is a easy way. http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-disable-ipv6-in-ubuntu.html#more-9504:45
holsteinscientes: install cheese in a live environment :)04:45
YNHwalden, no Gnome classic04:45
mkultra_holy shit error04:45
mkultra_ill be back my machines flipping out04:46
waldenscientes: that would be a live cd, its a good idea04:48
YNHwalden, just checked ldm is not even installed04:49
Snowman_Thanks Holstein, that worked to turn off acpi04:50
holsteini think its called lightdm YNH04:50
holsteinSnowman_: cool :)04:50
urlin2uArgus33, no problem.:)04:50
YNHadam@darkstar-server:/usr/lib$ lightdm04:50
YNHThe program 'lightdm' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:04:50
YNHsudo apt-get install lightdm04:50
scientesYNH, 10.04?04:51
holsteinYNH: OK.. so its not lightdm... lets go for figuring out what you *do* have, and making that work, unless you would like to install lightdm and try it?04:51
scientesYNH, /etc/init.d/gdm restart04:51
YNHoops 11.0404:51
scientesor it might be /etc/init.d/gdm304:51
YNHholstein, eh dosen't really matter for me04:52
YNHbrb rebooting04:54
allquixoticI have a program that spawns a child process that starts and ends VERY quickly (a few micro/milliseconds, way too quick to see it on top or ps). Is there a tool that can detect the process spawning and just give me the command line that was used to start the process?04:56
veronicaHello, i need to activate the ecologic functon in a Toshiba Satellite u505 laptop, can somebody help me??04:56
ynhok thats f'ed up04:56
ynhI halted the computer, like off off and started it back up and didn't work04:57
ynhthen someone suggested gdm restart and THAT worked04:57
psusiallquixotic, you can install the acct package and have it log every program that is every run iirc04:58
ynhso to who every suggested that thanks!04:58
xxiao_hmm can't join python channel04:58
Snowman_I had to turn off my USB 2.0 support in my bios to get the computer to boot. If I turn it back on it freezes at boot again. Any suggestions??04:58
holsteinynh: encrypted directory?04:58
holsteinhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/753707 if so04:58
psusiveronica, define "ecologic function"04:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 753707 in gdm (Ubuntu) "gdm autologin does not work in Natty if private ecryptfs directory used" [Low,Fix released]04:58
ynhholstein, nope, fixed04:59
pnormanSnowman_: can you get into a grub screen?04:59
Snowman_yes by turning the USB 2.0 off.04:59
ynhholstein, did /etc/init.d/gdm restart and no login screen04:59
psusiSnowman_, and when you turn it on, it doesn't even make it to the grub menu?04:59
Snowman_Um, let me check.05:00
pnormanI believe there are some USB controllers and devices which require tweaking settings to work05:00
holsteinynh: sure...i was just reading where you said it wasnt working still and mis-understood05:00
soulf_Hi, in unity as well as gnome-shell the gtk theme and wallpaper don't load (instead there's a blue background and and ugly fallback theme), changing the settings in the gnome-tweak-tool or appearance menu changes nothing. The shell theme works so it's just the thing that unity and gnome-shell have in common that bugs(what do you call it, gnome3? gtk3?...). Oh and the problem started after I installed KDE. Help? :)05:02
veronicapsusi, the toshiba satellite laptop has a application to use in an ecologic mode, using the miinimus of ligths that is necessary, this application is activate by a key, but in ubuntu 11.04 i can't to activate this application, can you help me??05:02
Snowman_On grub menu now.05:02
ynhholstein, oh sorry :-) it was just funny that i editing files etc turned the computer off and that didn't work, but just "gdm restart" did05:02
mkultra_lol got my machine to freak out good for a second05:02
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Snowman_what do I need to tweak on my USB settings and how?05:03
Rurd2ditweak usb settings?05:03
Rurd2diwhat do you mean?05:03
vitamin{soulf_ did you try and logout and in the menu before you log back in make sure it is not set to fallback mode05:04
pnormanSnowman_: seeing if I can find what I looked up yesterday05:04
psusiveronica, "ocologic" is not a word... if you want to turn down the monitor brightness, there should be keys on the keyboard to adjust that05:04
soulf_vitamin{, yes it's definitely not in fallback mode. The gnome shell works and the minimize/maximize effects work too.05:04
ynhyay! on to setting up plex, minecraft, sabnzdb+05:06
soulf_vitamin{, same thing for unity, the dash(?) thing works fine... it's just the gtk theme, the wallpaper and the icons that don't load correctly and are uncahngeable...05:06
vitamin{soulf_ kde dident replace any of your video drivers did it?05:06
veronicapsusi, do you know some laptop toshiba satellite? more specifically the toshiba satellite u505??05:06
vitamin{soulf_ what drivers were you using before?05:07
soulf_vitamin{, no, I don't use any proprietary drivers anyway and I don't see how it could be relate to that.05:07
vitamin{soulf_ ah thats what i was checking was proprietary drivers, ive had some crazy stuff happen with them. you try and edit anything with gconf-editor?05:09
soulf_vitamin{, no, what is it?05:09
overcluckersoulf_: it sounds like a nautilus issue to me. not sure how to fix it though05:10
Snowman_Anything <pnorman>05:10
vitamin{soulf_ its a configuration editor05:10
soulf_vitamin{, okay, I'm installing it right now.05:11
vitamin{soulf_ so wait.. are you at a real low resolution like lower then normal?05:11
soulf_overclucker, nautilus? How so?05:11
pnormanSnowman_: I'm failing to find my search results.05:11
soulf_vitamin{, no.05:11
vitamin{soulf_ ubuntu 11.10?05:12
soulf_vitamin{, yes05:12
overcluckersoulf_: nautilus is in charge of desktop icons and wallpapers, for some odd reason05:12
overcluckersoulf_: reminds me of explorer . .05:12
soulf_overclucker, really? Wow, did not know that...05:13
Argus33so what do i do about junk onboard wifi that i cant get to work and it will not see a usb wifi adapter05:13
overcluckersoulf_: you could try moving .config/nautilus temporarily, and see what happens05:13
vitamin{soulf_ yea try gconf-editor has a option to take away control of the desktop away from natutils, im not familor with gnome-tweek-tool tho05:13
pnormanSnowman_: I'm not finding it - do you know if when it hangs any error messages are being written to /var/log/syslog?05:13
Snowman_No, I will check05:14
overcluckersoulf_: i figured it out because nautilus always screw up my wallpaper in openbox . . .05:14
soulf_okay I'll try that. Thanks :)05:14
scar3crowlooked all around the faq's and can't find a way to successfully add images to /usr/share/backgrounds/ and have them show up in the wallpaper switcher/login screen... help?05:15
soulf_overclucker, does nautilus control the application theme too though?05:15
pnormanSnowman_: Also, does it hang with no devices attached?05:15
overcluckersoulf_: nope05:15
veronicaHello, i need to activate the ecologic functon in a Toshiba Satellite u505 laptop, can somebody help me??05:16
piomichi guys i would like to install ubuntu 12.04 alternate daily build torrent this is this image ~700mb??05:16
Snowman_I hooked up the USB mouse to a PS/2 adapter just to check.05:16
Argus33forget it05:17
urlin2upiomic, look at the daily build and it will tell you.05:17
piomicok but im looking for torent version:)05:18
urlin2upiomic, there the sma eif there is one.05:18
scar3crowis there a server image somewhere yet?05:19
Snowman_Log says something like USB HC takeover failed.05:19
overcluckerpiomic: youre looking for a torrent for something released every day?05:19
pnormanSnowman_: what does uname -r say?05:21
Snowman_What is -r?05:21
pnormangives you the kernel version05:21
MK`Will my ubuntu one account work for launchpad or is it separate?05:22
Snowman_In the syslog?05:23
pnormanno - just run it in a terminal05:23
Snowman_Didn't work05:24
pnormanOdd, I was expecting something like "3.0.0-14-server"05:24
pnormantry uname -a05:24
Snowman_i686 i38605:25
pnormanUpdating the kernel *might* help05:26
Snowman_Ok I will have to quite chat for a bit to do that. I will be back.05:26
pnormanSnowman_: what I found indicates that if updating the kernel doesn't fix it, there's not much to be done05:27
Snowman_How do I update the kenel? Just run the updates?05:27
pnormanIt's with apt, but not done automatically and the syntax escapes me right now05:27
Snowman_Is it this sudo apt-get update?05:28
adhytiaadhytia@junos:~$ uname -a05:29
adhytiaLinux junos 2.6.32-38-generic-pae #83-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jan 4 12:11:13 UTC 2012 i686 GNU/Linux05:29
veronicatoshiba satellite brings the key in the function key next to Power, by the forward-backward, up, volume down, etc.05:29
veronica<veronica> this key serves to lower the brightness of the other function keys (not the blue that are activated with the Fn key, but they are bright)05:29
veronica<veronica> is a world that is shaped with two leaves on it, like an apple, I need to activate05:29
soulf_overclucker,  apparently in gnome3 gconf is replaced by dconf which can be accessed through the dconf-editor; I could find the nautilus settings but there doesn't seem to be anything related to the wallpaper, the theme, or icons (except specific icons within nautilus or some fading option for the background). I browsed through other options but there doesn't seem to be anything related to or relevant for my problem. :/05:35
superdave321how do I make a source trusted? there are some updates that my computer just won't download...05:41
andyvyhi, what's the command to check what version of Unity is running?05:41
piomichi, which packages should i install after i install command-line from alternate version? xorg-window-core ? i whould like to install only gnome 3 shell05:41
bobenhausQuestion: How do default the unity sidebar?05:43
urlin2ubobenhaus, could you be more succinct.05:44
escottsoulf_, unlike gconf it seems that options dont exist until they are changed. in gconf you always had the schema to fall back on but in dconf you dont. but often you can just set the gconf key and it seems to work05:44
bobenhausanyone know how to reset unity ?05:47
superdave321how do I make a source trusted? there are some updates that my computer just won't download...05:47
urlin2usuperdave321, you geting key missing or not good in the terminal.05:51
superdave321actually using the update gui, but i do have a key missing in a different repo...05:52
urlin2usuperdave321, a terminal update will tell you run this if you get a key problem. sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys "key here"05:55
=== dan__ is now known as Guest20006
soulf_escott, what do you mean "just set the gconf key"? How would I do that?05:56
superdave321where do I get the "key here" part?05:56
urlin2ubobosomfan, unity --reset or unity --replace I forget which one05:57
urlin2ubobosomfan, no sudo05:57
=== heinrich5991_ is now known as heinrich5991
riff!ot ylzaho05:58
riff!ot ylzhao05:58
urlin2usuperdave321, run a update in the terminal use the key mentioned in the key here05:58
superdave321I'm guessing apt-get update?05:59
urlin2usuperdave321, yeah sudo apt-get update don't do this in root05:59
superdave321riff you have to use a '|' inbetween command and username...05:59
superdave321urlin2u isn't that what sudo does...06:00
urlin2usuperdave321, yeah but some people like to just access root to do stuff when not needed, just a precautionary.06:00
superdave321ahh. ok. gotcha. will do.06:01
urlin2usuperdave321, the apt-get update just triggered a red flag.06:01
urlin2usuperdave321, like I said we get people on here running root all the time we never know. :)06:02
escottsoulf_, i would (a) try using gconf-editor it might still work. if it doesnt then use dconf-editor but create the key and directory based on what you see in gconf-editor schemas (alternately use gsettings cli to create and set the value)06:02
superdave321urlin2u: gotcha06:02
bobenhausanyon know the apt command to completely reinstall unity?06:03
jschallis there an ubuntu tablet available?06:03
ubottuUnity is the default UI since Ubuntu 11.04.  Unity is a shell for GNOME. see http://unity.ubuntu.com. For a GNOME 2-like experience, see !notunity06:03
urlin2ubobenhaus, can you tell us your problem that might help.06:03
soulf_escott, alright thanks, (b) it is :)06:03
bobenhausurlin2u: I uninstalled it because was not working probably and now I need to reinstall it06:03
urlin2uyou been tweaking compiz? bobenhaus06:04
bobenhausurlin2u: yeah and it screwed up my unity06:04
bobenhausnomore unity for me06:04
bobenhausI mean, compiz06:04
urlin2ubobenhaus, unity is aplugin in compiz.06:04
superdave321urlin2u: alright... running update...06:05
urlin2ubobenhaus, how did you remove unity?06:05
bobenhausurlin2u: do you know how to reinstall unity from atp command?06:05
bobenhausurlin2u" from softare manager but all my icons are gone now06:06
urlin2ubobenhaus, the ubuntu software center06:06
bobenhausurlin2u: I need to know the command to bring it up in terminal since I have no icons to launch it :)06:07
bobenhausanyone know the terminal command to launch the software manager?06:07
bobenhaus!software manager06:07
urlin2ubobenhaus, right but without some back info I can't help.06:08
hiexpoyou mean synaptic06:08
bobenhausurlin2u: do you know the command to bring up the softare manager in a terminal window?06:09
skilzbobenhaus, software-manager06:09
urlin2ubobenhaus, I asked if that was the ubuntu software center another asked if synaptic, can you like answer questions06:10
hiexpono command for that bobenhaus > why you want it a terminal ?06:10
bobenhausits the ubuntu software manager06:10
skilzapt-cache search and apt-get install06:10
urlin2ubobenhaus, to be honest you cart before the horse got you here and is hidering any help.06:10
bobenhausnevermind I will figure it out myself.06:11
damo22how do i purge all packages that are provided by a metapackage?06:13
bobenhausthis is all I wanted but you didnt understand:   sudo software-center --enable-lp06:14
urlin2ubobenhaus, we understood you are just not working in a logical manner by asking for help.06:14
bobenhausI asked you several times how to bring up the software manager from with in the  terminal?  How hard was it to understand?06:15
urlin2ubobenhaus, you did not know the unity was aplug in in compiz you could of fixed that desktop broken with a reset there.06:16
bobenhausI'm still new to ubuntu so now going to know all commands or words06:16
bobenhausI could of just reinstalled ubuntu from scratch but I wanted to learn instead of starting over when I make mistakes06:17
urlin2ubobenhaus, being new is fine but it was obvious you were kind of lost I don't just give info to lost users who broke there set up without some info.06:17
superdave321urlin2u: thanks for the tips! problem resolved!06:17
urlin2usuperdave321, cool. :)06:17
bobenhausurlin2u: no biggie.. I got it working now.  thanks06:17
urlin2ubobenhaus, cool06:17
bobenhausI forgot I have a Xoom tablet lol06:18
bobenhausbrb need to reboot. lets just hope it works06:19
sixplehow do I go about mounting a .iso06:22
superdave321disk utility?06:22
overcluckersixple: you can right click mount it, mount -o loop disk.sio /mount/point06:23
soulf_hey all, the wallpaper, gtk-theme, and icons that I set don't load. Instead, a blue background and ugly fallback theme with default icons load. The rest works fine (i.e. the shell theme loads correctly, the fonts display correctly, effects work etc.) Changing the settings causes nothing (whether in gnome-tweak-tool or the standard appearance menu not matter what theme or wallpaper I select...) This happened after I installed KDE. I al06:23
soulf_ready looked at the dconf-tool and the settings there reflect those of the gnometweaktool and changing them changes nothing. Any ideas?06:23
overcluckersixple: right click mount it OR ...06:24
sixpleoverclucker thanks06:24
sun_devilI have a directory and need to change the owner back to root  with chown and I also need to use chown for permissions06:30
jschallis there an ubuntu tablet available yet?06:31
urlin2ujschall, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/01/ubuntu-tablet-to-compete-with-android-ios/06:33
sun_devila chown permission of 77006:34
escottsun_devil, chown doesnt change permission bits it changes ownership. chmod changes the permission bits06:35
sun_devilOk, how would you change owner back to root with chown06:36
escott!man | sun_devil06:36
ubottusun_devil: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/06:36
escottsun_devil, chown [OPTION]... [OWNER][:[GROUP]] FILE..06:37
sun_devilI tried chown root:account root06:38
escottsun_devil, why are you trying to change the group to "account" and is the file really named "root"06:38
phibxrsun_devil, what are you trying to change the ownership of?06:38
sun_devilmy group is called account but I by mistake changed the owner06:39
escottsun_devil, it would be chown root filename or chown root:root filename or chown root:someothergroup filename06:39
sun_devilwhat does the blue color mean, directory?06:43
ztag100Could anyone let me know why this happens?06:43
Dr_willistry a ls -l and see. the colors can differ depending on the terminal app.06:43
Dr_willisztag100:  you could at least aummarize the problem06:44
ztag100Dr_willis, I mean the background in conky06:44
ztag100it is supposed to be transparent06:44
ztag100but instead, it's that06:45
Dr_willisas for conky -  try restarting it. with some differnt config settings. try some example config files also.06:45
sun_devilwill not let me change the root06:45
Dr_willisYour terminal has a differnt wallpaper then your desktop?06:46
escottsun_devil, unprivileged users cant just chown files to root06:46
sun_devilI am root, want to change the owner back to root06:47
Dr_willissun_devil:  so what command are you using exactly?06:47
sun_devilSorry I did it06:47
sun_devildid a chown root:account acctsrecv06:48
escottsun_devil, and what error message did it give you06:49
sun_devilnone, the root is owner, account is group and not sure what acctsrecv is but did a ls -l and it looks good06:50
Dr_willisnot sure wat acctrecv is? thats the file you are working on...06:51
Dr_willisare we doing some homework exersize?06:51
sun_deviltrying to understand the file system and its like trying to learn a foreign language06:52
escott!permissions | sun_devil06:52
ubottusun_devil: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions06:52
Dr_willisI found it rather straight forward compared to how windows does permssions.06:52
sun_devilNever had to use permissions on windows06:52
Dr_willisTheres some more advanced things you can do with linux fs's that i rarely touch. (ACL's and so forth) but the basics are rather straight forward06:52
Dr_willisYou are lucky then.06:52
Dr_willisHaving to right with them getting set wrong all the time on win706:53
escottDr_willis, windows has permissions? unless you mean that dialog with 14 tabs where you end up selecting everything because otherwise nothing works06:53
sun_devilVMware is a great idea to trying this stuff out on06:53
Dr_willisescott:  and you discover a dozen users that seem tobe 100 didgit clsid #'s06:53
sun_devilIn windows it the configurations that nobody touches06:54
Dr_willisive had to touch them due to windows screwing them up.06:55
Fudgehi i am trying to mount an hfs partition on an osx drive, /dev only lists sdc but fdisk -l lists sdc1 and an empty sdc2, how can i mount it if dev doesnt show sdc106:55
escottDr_willis, my favorite was when the auditing group at our bank got pissed because the traders had rw access to the risk control stuff so we sent a very carefully filled out form to the filesystem specialist saying exactly how the permissions needed to be, waited for them to say it was done, and then a week later i find that the traders still have access06:55
Dr_willisI rarely ever need to mess with groups in linux really...06:55
escottFudge, fyi you won't be able to get rw without disabling journaling on hfs+06:56
Dr_willissmall home lans... gotta love them06:56
sun_devilWell just something you should know and you only use it once06:56
Fudgeescott  i have read that but im trying to mount it to fix something06:56
skilzHow can I change the direction windows minimize, I want them to go up not down since I have my toolbar up the top of my screen06:57
escottso the thing that is weird in your description is the use of fdisk. shouldn't a mac partition be on a gpt disk. in which case why are you seeing anything with fdisk?06:57
Fudgefdisk does say its gpt yes06:57
sixplewhy am i getting this error message: You don't have the right permissions to extract archives in the folder "file:///media/GAMES/DS%20Games"06:57
Dr_willisskilz:  you could check the ccsm tools settings. but be carefull with that tool.06:58
escottsixple, because you dont have write permissions on /media/Games/DS Games06:58
Fudgeescott  the drive was installed on another computer and put into this box after a while, so osx isnt loading i guess hardware cahnges, but i cant read the errors or try to fix it when booting into osx so thought i may be able to do something if i mount it, guess not06:58
sixplebut why06:58
Dr_willissimplexio:  what filesystem is that  Games disk using? this is a usb? a hard drive?06:59
escottsixple, hard to say without more details. what kind of file system is /media/GAMES06:59
sixpleits a micro SD card06:59
escottFudge, is this an old version of linux that doesnt understand gpt? is it listed in /proc/partitions07:00
cadzhow do i get in to the control panel07:00
escottsixple, does the microsd or its adapter have a read only toggle? (its a physical switch) and is it set to rw?07:00
Dr_willisTop right gear/thing icon has menu to get to some settings.07:00
sixpleits got 'lock' but its not toggled to the 'lock' position07:01
Dr_willisive seen where removeable vfat/ntfs get mounted in such a way that  the user needs root access to get to them fully. You can run the 'ntfs-config' tool to tweak the system so all users have full rights to them07:02
Dr_willisplug it in., see if root can write to it from the terminal, check 'mount' output to see what its mounted options are.07:02
Dr_willisYou could also just copy the files to your home, and extract them there. :)07:03
StealthVipera47Hi all!07:04
cadzhow do i get in to the control panel07:05
deelHi folks please see following thread http://askubuntu.com/questions/103508/wireless-disconnects-ask-authorization-frequently-again-and-again07:05
skilzDr_willis, I don't use Compiz or Gnome, I use Fluxbox and xcompmgr07:06
gh0stratI am getting odd screen-bounce when I go to log-in. It goes away if I switch to tty1 and back. I'm using the proprietary nvidia drivers nad have dual monitors set up with TwinView. Any ideas?07:06
=== aaron is now known as Guest5252
deeland also see this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=192273307:07
urlin2udeel, you have connect automatically and all users on in the network manager07:07
sun_devilOk since I changed my owner back to root, should I do redo my symbolic link to a directory or is is ok after I changed the owner?07:07
deel@urlin2u I could not understand your question07:07
deeloh yes yes07:07
deelit is connect automaticaly and all users in network manager07:08
urlin2udeel, i the network manger is a box for connect automatically and one for all users, not sure about the disconnect though, but the authorization would be what I refrencing.07:09
cadzhow can i fullscreen irssi?07:09
deelyes  I got your point07:09
deelthings are enabled for all users and automatically07:09
deelconnect is also there07:09
urlin2udeel, you using your own wifi?07:09
Dr_willishttp://castrojo.tumblr.com/post/4795149014/the-power-users-guide-to-unity    good collection of unity tutorials and guides and manuals.07:10
deelI have a wifi07:10
deelthe wireless is my home broadband connection07:10
urlin2udeel strange the authorization is for your password?07:10
totesmuhgoatscadz: make your terminal fullscreen?07:10
deelyes that is the problem07:10
deeleach time it detects the ESSID07:10
Dr_willisskilz:  refresh the channels memory as to what you are talking about.. :)07:10
deelit asks to enter the key07:10
deelwhich I enter correctly07:10
cadztotesmuhgoats: yes07:10
deelsome times it is able to connect07:11
deelbut even if connected after working07:11
deelfor say 30 minutes or so07:11
deelit disconnects07:11
cadzoh i found it, F1107:11
deeland then it repeatedly asks07:11
deelto enter authorization07:11
cadzbut now that annoying side bar is in my transparency07:11
deelthe router is kept just in front of me07:11
cadzis there a way to turn my sidebar in ubuntu on auto hide?07:11
deelevery thing like lights to connect on internet there are correctly blinking07:11
deelonly my laptop is showing this problem07:12
Dr_williscadz:  theres unity ccsm plugin settings to tweak how the left side launcher hides.  I set it to never hide.07:12
skilzDr_willis, I don't use Compiz or Gnome, I use Fluxbox and xcompmgr, when I minimize a window and restore it, the window appears from the bottom on my screen, I want it to appear from the top07:12
Dr_willisskilz:  no idea on that. Would be a fluxbox setting i imagine.07:12
urlin2udeel, not sure strange.07:12
Dr_willisfluxbox has a lot of thigns inits config files.07:12
skilzI thought it would be GTK or Xorg?07:12
deelyes that is strange that is why I posted on forums07:13
sixplewhen I use the Terminal and it asks for my password -- it doesnt respond to anything when I try to type the password... whats going on?07:13
cadzDr_willis: Why can't it be easy like windows and right cliick -> autohide?07:13
Dr_willisxorg wouldent be handling the eyecandy like that. Its the window manager.07:13
urlin2usixple, the password is invisible.07:13
cfhowlettsixple: it will not show what you type for the password07:13
skilzYou know like in OS X, windows drop down from the top of the screen... I want that affect!07:13
Dr_williscadz:  Never noticed.. I set it to never hide. I think thats going to be the default in the next release also.07:13
Dr_willisskilz:  You may want to use somthing other then the rather minimal fluxbox then.07:14
Dr_willistheres dozens of other window managers out there.   I dont play with them all much any more.07:15
sun_devilhow do I look at the symbolic link to see if it points to a certain directory07:15
Dr_willisIf you want eyecandy and not compiz. theres Enlightenment.07:15
Dr_willissun_devil:  ls -l /the/link/07:16
sun_devilcd /etc/skel   1st07:16
Dr_willisls -la /etc/skel07:17
sun_devilThis stuff is confusing07:18
Dr_willisIts all documented...07:18
Dr_willisbasically identical to what unix systems have been useing for ages...07:19
Dr_willisRemember CaSe Is ImpornTanT In LiNuX :)07:19
sethpolmaHey there! I freshly installed Ubuntu, but I got a big problem with git. "git clone" is very very slow... Any idea? :/07:19
extenderI can't boot my system with a degraded raid, it gives me the illusion of a choice on boot, but always drops to an initramfs shell07:20
diuneighcan someone tell me how to permanently turn on my swap file?07:20
Dr_willisdiuneigh:  you could put the proper swap on command in /etc/rc.local   but there may be better ways.07:21
diuneighI used fstap before.. but I forgot..07:21
diuneighfstab I mean07:22
Dr_willisfirst google hit -> http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/linux-add-a-swap-file-howto/07:22
Dr_willisline like -->     /swapfile1 swap swap defaults 0 007:22
diuneighDr. thanks. I 'll play with that.07:23
vitamin{does the open source ati driver have a name? I could have swore it was called something like Rage?07:23
Dr_willisvitamin{:  ati, or radeon07:24
cfhowlettvitamin{: rage is ANCIENT07:24
vitamin{oh lol, thanks.  What is the name of the open source driver then?07:24
Dr_willisother url says use fstab entry like --->  /extraswap   none   swap   sw   0   007:24
sriniI need to improve Audio quality... Any other appliation is need to install ??07:24
Dr_willisFGLRX is theclosed source driver.. ati or radeon is the GPL one.07:25
vitamin{oh kk.07:25
extenderhow can I continue to boot from an initramfs shell?07:25
Dr_willisthe fglrx driver has issues with Gnome-Shell here. :(  unity works with it.07:25
cloudgeekany pip user here07:31
sun_devilOk since I changed my owner back to root, should I do redo my symbolic link to a directory or is is ok after I changed the owner?07:32
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dobblegocan anyone suggest some fun network games for my kids? we've played tremulous but it gets a bit boring07:36
=== adrian is now known as Guest65825
=== Guest65825 is now known as adrian___
cfhowlettdobblego: ages??07:38
dobblego9 and 1107:38
cfhowlettdobblego: supertuxkart extreme tux racer07:39
dobblegoare they network games?07:39
cfhowlettdobblego: I think so...alienarena also it it's not too spooky07:40
adrian___hello, does know the default mouse theme in xfce 4.6.1?07:40
dobblegooh ok thanks07:40
cfhowlettdobblego: software center search "network games"07:40
dobblegocfhowlett: ok cheers07:40
adrian___how can I import the mouse theme from 4.6.1 in 4.8xfce?07:42
dobblegocfhowlett: I don't think supertuxkart is a network game -- I cannot find the setting anyway07:45
cfhowlettdobblego: sorry for the misinformation07:46
dobblegothat's cool07:46
ganimedeunder ubuntu 11.04, in which file is the default $PATH defined, please?07:48
=== kitten_____ is now known as enchilado
ganimedeand in which file is the X server started? (need to install nvidia developer drivers before launching it)07:48
=== mrmist_ is now known as mrmist
piliakishello, one question, does anyone know a way to change the icon used by an application in the notification area? in Ubuntu 11.1007:52
sun_devilAnyone have knowledge of symbolic links07:53
dobblegosun_devil: sure what's up?07:54
sun_devilhow can I check on a link to see if it works07:54
sun_devilpoints to a directory07:54
dobblegowhat does that mean exactly? you mean if it is pointing to an existing file?07:54
dobblego[ -d "swizzle"]07:54
dobblego[ -d "swizzle" ]07:54
dobblego$ mkdir -p /tmp/abc && [ -d "/tmp/notexists" ]07:56
dobblego$ echo $?07:56
sun_devilIam in opt and want to see if the link points to /opt/acctsrecv.  Earlier I put the link in /etc/skel07:56
dobblego$ mkdir -p /tmp/abc && [ -d "/tmp/abc" ]07:56
dobblego$ echo $?07:56
FloodBot1dobblego: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:56
sun_devilI created a group, account, owner.  Then went to /etc/skel but want to see if it actually points to it07:58
sun_devilpoints to /opt/acctsrecv07:59
piliakishello, one question, does anyone know a way to change the icon used by an application in the notification area? in Ubuntu 11.1008:12
gerzelQ:  I have Ubuntu 11.04 and am running gnome 2 and am wondering what will happen when I hit the upgrade button for 11.10.  Will my system be put into gnome3 style or will I still have my panel bars as I've set them up previously?08:13
auronandacegerzel: gnome2 will likely disappear08:14
dooglusgerzel: I upgraded my gf's 11.04 to 11.10 today and it messed quite a lot of stuff up08:14
auronandacegerzel: i suggest moving to xfce08:14
dooglusauronandace: she was using xfce.  the upgrade switched her to unity08:14
auronandacedooglus: if she was using ubuntu and installed xfce after then upgrade i can understand why08:15
Chipzzzdoes anyone know how i can modify an entry in unity's app menu?08:15
gerzelso it will mess things up with my settings.  I also have a dual monitor set-up08:15
auronandacedooglus: if she was using xubuntu and upgraded she wouldn't get unity08:15
dooglusauronandace: it's an ubuntu install08:15
auronandacedooglus: there you go then08:16
dooglusauronandace: she installed xfce, switched to it, then the installed switched to unity08:16
dooglusthe upgrade08:16
auronandacegerzel: from 11.10 onwards gnome2 is no longer supported, find an alternative or adapt to unity or gnome308:17
robin0800gerzel: gnome3 classic is quite good IMHO08:21
gerzelrobin: Looking into it.  I don't like xfce nor kde.08:21
auronandacegerzel: there's also lxde and enlightenment08:22
gerzelauronadace: Tried don't like it.  This might push me into full xmonad.08:22
gerzeldepending on the annoyance factor of gnome shell classic08:23
auronandace!bug | piliakis08:32
ubottupiliakis: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.08:32
kapzHi! is ther any way to change the window control position to change from left to right? Web search does not provide clear  answers...08:32
cfhowlettkapz: what version of ubuntu?08:33
auronandace!controls | kapz08:33
ubottukapz: Starting in Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information and workarounds, please see http://pad.lv/53263308:33
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* kalimojo hi08:37
cfhowlettkalimojo: greetings08:38
hotringHello, I installed dockbarx on my ubuntu natty but I cant see it in the panel list!08:38
hotringHello, I installed dockbarx on my ubuntu natty but I cant see it in the panel list!08:40
ubottuhotring: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:40
kalimojoim on 11.10. how do i upgrade to 12.04 and will i still be able to use gnome08:41
ubottukalimjoj: Precise Pangolin is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+108:41
ubottukalimojo: Precise Pangolin is the codename for Ubuntu 12.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+108:41
auronandacehotring: what is dockbarx and how did you install it?08:42
Chipzzzhotring: have you tried cairo-dock?08:43
hotringno Chipzzz i have not tried cairo dock I wanted something like windows 7 taskbar so I went for dockbarx08:44
yao_ziyuanhow do i see which processes are using the hard disk most heavily now?08:45
yao_ziyuani'm hearing intensive hard disk activity08:45
mikem94590What does updating to kernel 3.2.5 on Oneiric entail?08:45
kalimojowhat log do incorrect logins go to ?08:45
cfhowlettyao_ziyuan: top08:45
ChipzzzIt's up to you but i just watched a video about dockbarx and cairo seems nicer looking and more flexible... but to each is own :-)08:46
auronandacemikem94590: losing support here08:46
yao_ziyuancfhowlett: i only see memory in 'top'08:46
mikem94590I've had to run Windows for like a month now after my old laptop died08:46
hotringChipzzz, ohh but I love dockbarx, can you tell me how do I add it to startup?08:46
pnormanyao_ziyuan: iotop is what I use. not sure if it's installed by default08:46
mikem94590Bought this new one and got stuck with power regression issues08:46
mikem94590Heard that kernel 3.2.5 fixed that08:47
auronandace!kernel | mikem9459008:47
ubottumikem94590: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)08:47
Chipzzzhotring: it doesn't show up in 'startup programs'?08:47
yao_ziyuanpnorman: thx08:48
mikem94590Is 3.2.5 in repos?08:48
pnormanAPT is telling me that "The following packages have been kept back", how do I upgrade those packages08:48
coolmachine freezes for couple seconds & then works & then again freezes. this cycle goes on on a infinite lopp. In logs, I get "device reported invalid sector 0". logs: https://gist.github.com/1807351  what is wrong?08:49
Yabdenif packages are being kept back, check your sources.list for pinning08:49
Yabdenor rather, your preferences file08:49
pnormanYabden: they're the linux-server, linux-headers-server and linux-image-server packages08:50
auronandacemikem94590: no, if there is a ppa of it you could use that (ppas are also not supported here)08:50
mikem94590I appreciate the insight08:50
mikem94590Thanks for your time :)08:50
auronandacemikem94590: no worries :)08:51
cfhowletthotring: also see AWN dock08:51
mikem94590Perhaps I'll just wait for 12.0408:51
pnormanYabden: Where would the preferences file be?08:51
Jordan_Upnorman: Normally this shouldn't happen unless you're using ppas or other third party repositories (or a development version of Ubuntu).08:52
mikem94590Looks like that fixes my problem :)08:53
hotringChipzzz I think I found the executable file for dockbarx in /usr/bin folder and I ran it, the taskbar works, can you now tell me how do I add it to startup list?08:53
pnormanJordan_U: linux-headers-server linux-image-server linux-server aren't from any of the PPAs I use, and I'm just running 11.10 server, nothing special08:53
Jordan_Upnorman: It's often not the packages from the ppa which are held back, but rather conflics in ppa packages cause non-ppa packes not to be upgradable.08:54
Chipzzzhotring: in a terminal type, "gnome-session-properties"08:54
pnormanHow would I identify the conflicts?08:54
hotringwell, awn looks promising cfhowlett, but can you tell me how to I add dockbarx to startup? i have never added any program to startup.08:54
Chipzzzhotring: i just told you above08:55
Jordan_Upnorman: Try running "sudo apt-get install linux-image-server" to see why that particular packages is being held back. It may be that all you need to do is run "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" though, which may propose to remove some packages (you'll need to decide if they are packages you care about).08:55
Chipzzzhotring: then check dockbarx08:55
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pnormanAh, dist-upgrade is what I was thinking of08:56
hotringdockbarx is not there, should I select it from /usr/bin?08:56
Chipzzzhotring: yes. click "Add" and make a launcher for it08:57
hotringok I added it, now since I use natty, can I replace the panel with this dockbarx?08:57
Chipzzzhotring: i don't think so, but you can auto-hide the panel08:58
robin0800hotring: usr/share/applications perhaps08:58
hotringChipzzz can you tell me how to auto-hide this panel?08:59
hotringoh i got it I saw the auto hide option09:00
Chipzzzhotring: :-)09:01
hotringChipzzz, can you suggest some nice screenlets?09:01
ChipzzzI like the weather and system monitor applets09:01
Chipzzzhotring: also the wifi signal strength is sometimes useful for me09:02
hotringhey can you send me the link to system monitor applet? I would love to try it Chipzzz09:02
=== companion is now known as Companion
hotringChipzzz, can you modify any screenlet?09:04
hotringor add or delete its features?09:05
=== max is now known as Guest43280
ejvwhat's a screenlet09:06
Chipzzzhotring: the system monitor i'm using is system load indicator... if it isn't in the available applets, software center should have it09:06
Chipzzzhotring: yes, you can modify applets... most are written in python and are easily accessible09:06
hcuongvnHi all. I need some helps to fix error with "smplayer" software!09:06
sdahi all, I have an Broadcom Corporation BCM43225 802.11b/g/n (rev 01) with kernel firmware, it search only N wireless it seems unable to find my wifi G AP09:06
hotringok do you know how to create a screenlet? just asking09:07
rdjmhghhi i have noticed an issue with amavisd in 12.0409:08
Chipzzzhotring: i've modified several but never written one from scratch. I suppose i could if i had to, why?09:08
rdjmhghthe script does not restart correcty09:09
EvilResistance!12.04 | rdjmhgh09:09
ubotturdjmhgh: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:09
sdaworse than i though, somehow i cannot find ANY wireless connection with iwlist but from gnome it found only N09:10
hotringChipzzz, I used to love rainmeter in windows and modified a lot of skins in rainmeter so I was just asking whether modifying screenlets is as easy as modifying rainmeter skins09:10
Chipzzzhotring: rainmeter looks really nice but i don't know much about its internals... applets are usually only a few hundred lines of python and fairly easy to modify, though, given a little thought09:13
WaltherIirc, rainmeter is a config madness09:14
hotringohh, incase you have screenlets, can I see their snapshots plz?09:14
nightcrowcan someone please tell me how i can add a user to use a specific application that can only be run as root09:15
nightcrowi know it requires modifying the passwd, but im not sure how09:15
Chipzzzhotring: I ran screenlets in earlier versions of ubuntu but i'm just using the applets that cairo-dock supports right now09:16
llutznightcrow: run it with sudo, add your user to the admin group09:17
nightcrowthats the thing, i dont want her to be admin09:17
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:17
nightcrowi only want her to be able to use: apt-mirror:x:120:133::/var/spool/apt-mirror:/bin/sh09:17
nightcrowllutz: certainly dont want her admin09:17
nightcrowllutz: its a machine that has lots of user, so i only want her to be able to use: apt-mirror:x:120:133::/var/spool/apt-mirror:/bin/sh09:18
hotringookk Chipzzz can I see screenshot of your cairodock?09:18
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:18
ejvwhat does list have to do with file sharing O_o09:18
nightcrowisnt it just about modifying the /etc/group file?09:18
EvilResistanceejv, what're you looking for?09:19
PeoplesAdvocateIs this a good place to ask a simple question about ubuntu servers?09:19
ejvnothing, i just find the command peculiar09:19
EvilResistancePeoplesAdvocate, yes, you can do that here09:19
EvilResistanceejv, indeed09:19
ejvi just had to reboot my ubuntu server, there goes my 5 week uptime, i hate you ubuntu! (no, not really)09:20
HeavyMetalhi i made a RAM disk but when i am finished with it how to i flush it to release the RAM?09:20
Chipzzzhotring: here's a video that shows it off nicely (not mine, specifically, but a generic install): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EbUynt1iJic09:20
oCeanejv: on some other networks, IRC is used for filesharing between users. The list command shows available content there09:20
ejvoCean: sounds... arcane.09:21
PeoplesAdvocateOk thanks EvilResistance: I have been looking around for best practices about DocumentRoot on Apache or Nginx. I seem to see people recommend to leave it at /srv/www/ and others in your home directory! What is the recommend setup?09:21
ejvarcane/archaic :-)09:21
^Blackflowers^Hi, i'm looking into ubuntu to install on my other computer. I am looking to use it mainly to serve files and host some web sites could I just use ubuntu and not ubuntu-server?09:22
Chipzzzhotring: bear in mind that it's highly configurable and can run in quite a few different configurations09:22
EvilResistancePeoplesAdvocate, i use /var/www, another admin i know uses /home/webuser/public_html/, it really depends on your setup.  If you want pure default, /var/www/ is a safe bet.09:22
ejv^Blackflowers^: my understanding is that server is more stripped down (no desktop environment for example) than the normal desktop ubuntu iso09:22
hotringohhhhh its niceeee09:23
Chipzzzhotring: :-)09:23
oCean^Blackflowers^: sure, because you can install any available software (in the repositories) on both the -server and -desktop editions09:23
Chipzzzhotring: highly recommended09:23
ejv^Blackflowers^: so you may, in fact, *prefer* ubuntu server, from a security standpoint no less09:23
ejv^Blackflowers^: installation from server will be a tad bit different than the desktop version. the ubuntu server install can only be described as ... DOS-ish, for lack of a better adjective. Of course you can, at a later time, choose to install a desktop environment like KDE, Gnome, etc.09:25
nightcrowguys.. can someone please help me09:26
nightcrowcan someone please tell me how i can add a user to use a specific application that can only be run as root09:26
PeoplesAdvocateEvilResistance, I don't mind leaving it on default since I am the only one on my VPS at this time. But if i get a few friends wanting to host their own I would rather have them jailed to their home directories. If i set it up for the DocumentRoot to be at home directories in a folder (public_html) wont i have a problem with the webserver writing to the directories. (ex. wordpress creating a file)09:26
nightcrowi have added her to /etc/group09:26
nightcrowlike this:apt-mirror:x:133:ayeletw09:27
nightcrowbut i dont think it is enough09:27
nightcrowcan someone please help09:27
ejvnightcrow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions09:27
EvilResistancePeoplesAdvocate, chown the folder so www-data group (or whatever group your webserver runs as, probably www-data) has access, it shouldnt be a problem, if i remember right.09:28
nightcrowthank you ejv ill have a read through that09:28
oCeannightcrow: you can temporarily elevate privileges by using 'sudo', this can also be used to delegate certain privileges to a specifc user09:28
oCean!sudo | nightcrow09:28
ubottunightcrow: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo09:28
ejvit mentions sudo in the file permissions guide, fyi09:29
ejvhe just needs to read it heh09:29
nightcrowoCean: i know about sudo, but i dont want to give her that kind of power09:29
nightcrowshe isnt a sudoer09:29
oCeanejv, nightcrow  file permissions won't help you09:29
astroboy81Guys, help me. I can't change all value on dconf-editor. Using 11.1009:29
nightcrowi just want her to be able to use apt-mirror as she likes09:29
oCeannightcrow: the proper way is to use sudo for that09:29
^Blackflowers^ejv ah, well as long as it works i'm for trying. gui is a little important to me, the sites i'm hosting don't get much traffic i use them for practice.09:29
nightcrowoCean: why?09:29
PeoplesAdvocateok thanks EvilResistance, gonna go configure it in the home directory then.  :D09:29
nightcrowoCean: but if i give her sudo, then she can do whatever she wants09:29
oCeannightcrow: you don't need to give her access to all commands, just configure sudo so that she can execute the command you want09:30
oCeannightcrow: no09:30
ejvi won't pretend to understand wth he's doing, but it sounds like a permissions issue heh09:30
nightcrowoCean: how can i do that?09:30
nightcrowejv: i want to give a specific user the ability to use apt-mirror09:30
oCeannightcrow: read the sudo documentation - you can give access to one single command09:30
nightcrowejv: without giving her sudo09:30
nightcrowok, oCean ill check it out09:30
hotringhey Chipzzz you have some custom conky scripts that I can try ?09:30
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
kalimojoCRON[13565]: pam_unix(cron:session): session opened for user root by (uid=0)09:32
kalimojocrontab just hangs09:32
Chipzzzhotring: no, I just use it as it came out of the box... mostly, i use htop, though09:32
hotringohh ok Chipzzz09:33
Chipzzzhotring: b/t/w htop is also highly recommended as opposed to top09:34
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:35
oCeannightcrow: sudoers is very powerful, but might seem a little complicated, have a read here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers (also has useful examples)09:35
hotringi have heard this htop before i dont seem to remember Chipzzz can you refresh me a bit09:35
nightcrowoCean: i did this: ayeletw ALL=/usr/bin/apt-mirror09:35
nightcrowbut it still doesnt work09:35
nightcrowoCean: i get this: ouch: cannot touch `/var/spool/apt-mirror/var/apt-mirror.lock': Permission denied09:35
Chipzzzhotring: it's like conky but runs in a terminal and is nicer to look at09:36
ejvnightcrow: %mySuperHeroes ALL=(ALL) /usr/bin/apt-mirror * , possibly...09:36
nightcrowahh, ok09:36
Chipzzzhotring: "sudo apt-get install htop" gets it for you09:36
hotringohh yes Chipzzz similar to sensors i guess09:36
nightcrowejv: ill try that09:36
oCeannightcrow: be careful when editing sudoers file, always use visudo command09:36
nightcrowwhy cant I use pico?09:37
ejvi use nano personally, im just very careful09:37
oCeanejv: it's not a matter of trial-and-error09:37
ejvbecause you can lock yourself out of root privelege if you botch the file badly09:37
hotringthanks Chipzzz09:37
oCeanejv: visudo uses nano too09:37
oCean(if that is your default editor)09:37
nightcrowoCean: would this worrk?09:37
nightcrowALL=(ALL) /usr/bin/apt-mirror *09:37
Chipzzzhotring: is isn't eyecandy like sensors, but it's very useful when you have system issues to troubleshoot... glad i could help :-)09:38
Jordan_Unightcrow: visudo actually uses nano by default on Ubuntu. The name is a bit misleading, it's not an editor so much as a tool for making editing of /etc/sudoers safer, using the preffered editor on the system.09:38
nightcrowi see09:38
nightcrowthank you Jordan_U09:38
Jordan_Unightcrow: You're welcome.09:38
nightcrowoCean: Jordan_U would ejv's command work?09:38
nightcrowoCean scared me with his "it isnt trial and error" comment :)09:39
ejvguess i fly by the seat of my pants09:39
astroboy81Guys, help me. I can't change all value on dconf-editor. I'm using Oneiric. What should I do. Thanx before09:39
ejvi use the asterisk to denote infinite trailing arguments given to apt-mirror09:39
nightcrowoCean: ejv: that syntax didnt work09:40
oCeannightcrow: again, there are very useful examples in https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers, please read it to understand what you are doing (the examples are for the shutdown commands)09:40
nightcrowill check it out now09:40
krosswindzI was wondering if someone can answer my question regarding building python for Hardy09:40
krosswindzI am trying to compile python 2.6.709:40
Chipzzzastroboy81: what are you trying to change?09:40
ejvlike if i were doing mysql, i'd do %mySuperHeroes ALL=(ALL) /usr/bin/service mysql *09:40
ejvso I could give it restart, stop, etc.09:40
astroboy81Chipzzz: icon-theme, gtk-theme09:41
krosswindzFailed to find the necessary bits to build these modules:09:41
krosswindzbsddb185           linuxaudiodev      ossaudiodev09:41
nightcrowthank you all09:41
krosswindzI was wondering what additional dependency I need to install to get rid of missing bits for linuxaudiodev and ossaudiodev09:41
ejvnightcrow: what worked for you?09:42
Chipzzzastroboy81: try ccsm09:42
astroboy81Chipzzz: but I realize that I can't change all values :(09:42
nightcrowejv: nothing yet09:42
nightcrowstill reading and testing09:42
astroboy81Chipzzz: I'll try using CCSM09:42
Chipzzzastroboy81: that should work09:42
ejvaccording to the docs, they are quite fond of aliases, so you could create a Cmnd_Alis called APTMIRROR_CMDS = /path/to/apt-mirror, then $GRP_OR_USERNAME ALL=(ALL) APTMIRROR_CMDS09:44
CyFushi, can someone tell me the proper syntax for initramfs-tools's resume?09:44
CyFusim missing the line from my file so i cant hibernate09:44
PeoplesAdvocateI just installed htop! Looks...pleasing. LOL09:45
zul0anyone know what is happening with my firestarter blocked connections? i have got a lot of connections from unknown host09:46
ChipzzzPeoplesAdvocate: much better than top :-)09:46
ejvwelcome to 2004 PeoplesAdvocate!09:46
PeoplesAdvocateI dont know why the hell i didnt know about this!09:46
PeoplesAdvocatewhat are other recommended tools for command line?09:47
ChipzzzPeoplesAdvocate: what do you want to do?09:48
PeoplesAdvocatemainly targeted at server monitoring and maintenance09:48
Dr_willistools to do what?09:48
Dr_willismaintance is a rather broad topic. :)09:48
Chipzzzmonitoring as well09:48
ejvrrdtool, nagios, etc.09:48
Dr_willisTheres some hearbeat and other 'is the server up' type tools in the repos09:49
Dr_willis'ssh' :)  the wonder tool.09:49
Chipzzzzenmap to analyze the network09:49
Chipzzz(nmap for command line)09:49
PeoplesAdvocateLets start with monitoring! intrusion dectection, stuff like that09:49
PeoplesAdvocatei know nmap09:49
ejvIDS, tripwire.09:50
oCeannightcrow: found it?09:50
Chipzzzwireshark to analyze traffic09:50
nightcrowoCean: not yet :)09:50
nightcrowoCean: i got a phone call so had to stop for a moment09:50
ejvi gave you enough examples nightcrow, what's the hold up ha09:51
nightcrowill get back to it in 509:51
nightcrowejv: hehehe true :)09:51
oCeannightcrow: oh ok.09:51
nightcrowi actually have done : ayeletw ALL=(ALL) ALL09:51
nightcrowbut THAT didnt even work09:51
nightcrowso im assuming there is something worse going on here :)09:51
pnormanI'm having a random hang that I can track down the cause of, and I'm not seeing anything in /var/log that indicates the cause. Is there a way to step up the amount of logging done?09:51
ejvit's helpful if your users are in the proper groups09:51
nightcrowejv: but if i were to use this: ayeletw ALL=(ALL) ALL i wouldnt need to put her in any group09:52
nightcrowsince i am refering straight to her username09:52
=== keeeeeeek2 is now known as LuNa2easy
ejvah ayeletw is a user, not a group huh, in that case, yea, it should work09:52
nightcrowejv: yes she is a user09:53
Dr_willispnorman:  what kind of 'hang'09:53
pnormanDr_willis: It stops responding and the power and reset buttons on the front of the case don't work09:54
SerythDo I put an irssi config file in .irssi?09:54
oCeannightcrow: the actual command has to be started with 'sudo'..  so  sudo apt-mirror  for example09:54
Dr_willispnorman:  You have done a memtest on the system? Its a nasty crash that locks up the system that badly.09:54
ejvSeryth: when you initialize irssi, it will automagically create an ~/.irssi/config file09:54
Serythejv: Okay, cool. I've not used irssi for a long time, and I just found a config that looks pretty nice09:55
oCeannightcrow: anyway, ejv's examples are close, so I'll paste you my example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/838828/  (I added the first and third definition)09:55
pnormanDr_willis: Haven't done one for awhile.09:55
nightcrowoCean: checking09:55
pnormanDr_willis: Any way to run a memtest without heading over to the machine?09:56
Dr_willispnorman:  also if the system hangs after some time, it could be a sign of overheating. or needing a cleaning.09:56
Chipzzzpnorman: do you think you might have hardware problems?09:56
angel282Hello can someone recommend me on good free control panel? (in the past I've purchased some server from Godaddy that came with "simple control panel" from this panel I could add domains/ create ftp accounts etc.. anything similar?)09:56
Dr_willispnorman:  not that i know of.09:56
nightcrowoCean: whats the %test09:56
Dr_willis!ebox | angel28209:56
pnormanChipzzz: I can't rule it out09:56
ubottuangel282: zentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).09:56
ejvnightcrow, what ocean posted is basically what i had, but he put your user into a group called %test, so put your user in there09:56
oCeannightcrow: everyone in group test09:56
nightcrowoCean: i see09:56
nightcrowoCean: so i can replace that with ayeletw09:56
oCeannightcrow: yes09:56
nightcrowie. the name of the user09:56
oCeannightcrow: that's also possible09:57
nightcrowperfect! thank you so much!09:57
oCeannightcrow: but remember, the user still has to start the command with  sudo09:57
Chipzzzpnorman: I think Dr_Willis is on to something about the potential for a heat problem09:57
nightcrowand she still has to start with sudo - gotcha!09:57
nightcrowthank you so much guys09:57
ejvdid it work nightcrow ?09:57
nightcrowi would be lost without all of you!09:57
nightcrowejv: testing now09:57
FloodBot1nightcrow: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:57
ejvdon't thank until you tell us it works09:57
astroboy81Chipzzz: still unsolved. I just installed CCSM and run dconf-editor again but still can't change anything09:58
pnormanMunin isn't showing any temperatures which have exceeded 30 degrees in the last week09:58
Chipzzzpnorman: you can monitor cpu temp without visiting the machine09:58
ejvpnorman: it's a trap! don't go outside!09:58
Chipzzzastroboy81: maybe your video modes don't support the changes you're trying to make?09:58
nightcrowoooops didnt mean to flood. oCean: what is this: Cmnd_Alias09:59
zul0anyone know why i have got a lot of connections from this host
pnormanI doubt it's heat - it's pretty clean, it's a big case, and it has an excessive number of fast fans09:59
nightcrowis that an actual command, or did you decide to use that string?09:59
ejvnightcrow: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers#Command_Aliases09:59
oCeannightcrow: it is a collection of commands, see the 2nd line in my paste09:59
Chipzzzpnorman: that rules out the #1 suspect :-(09:59
nightcrowi see10:00
ejvnightcrow: APT_CMDS references Cmnd_Alias APT_CMDS, you need both lines10:00
astroboy81Chipzzz: but I can't change all field on org.gnome.desktop.interface, even I can't unthick all checkbox10:01
nightcrowejv: excellent! I was just wondering if Cmnd_Alias is a specific syntax or whether I could have used any word there10:01
nightcrowie. testing_Alias APT_CMDS = /usr/bin/apt-get, /usr/bin/apt-mirror10:01
nightcrowoCean: it worked! thank you!10:02
Chipzzzastroboy81: try "ls ~/.dbus/session-bus" and see how many files there are10:03
pnormanI'll run a memtest overnight, hope that it turns up something since memory problems are cheap and easy to fix10:03
astroboy81Chipzzz: there are 4 files10:04
ejvcheap yes, easy to fix? not quite, it can be a real execise in patience narrowing down a bad slot or bad stick10:04
Chipzzzastroboy81: hmmm... anyone else logged in?10:04
pnormanejv: buy new ram, test. use replacement cpu, test10:04
David-Id-1hi all10:04
astroboy81Chipzzz: No, I just restarting the  machine10:05
ejvpersonally, in all my years, i've never known a cpu to be bad in any of my batches, or more importantly to contribute to instability, it's always been the more complex or volatile components like the mobo, ram, etc.10:06
Chipzzzastroboy81: i don't think that's causing your problem but you should get rid of all but the most recent file in that directory when you get a chance10:06
skilzHow to install ati drivers10:06
astroboy81Chipzzz: after that should I reboot?10:07
Chipzzzastroboy81: yes10:08
overcluckernothing worse than a bad ticker10:09
astroboy81Chipzzz: ok, already deleted all but the recent. now I rebooting. Hope this work :)10:09
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iena_chase_da_mahi pepole10:10
pnormanejv: It's an AMD Phenom II so the memory controller is on the CPU, so it's possible for a failed memtest to be caused by the CPU - in fact, I've seen that happen10:12
greeniti have a problem with flash... i can't click anything in the properties... any1 knows how to solve this?10:19
zeozanHello :D10:26
zeozanwhat the latest gnome 3 version ?10:26
pnorman_Well, running memtest overnight, we'll see if it finds anything10:27
MrMist1What's the best way of running "cron-like" tasks in ubuntu? I know how to set up Cron, but it doesn't seem like it's being used bu default by the system10:29
zeozanand i want to install gnome 3.3.5 ?10:29
llutzMrMist1: it is used by default10:29
MrMist1llutz: so how come crontab -l doesn't reveal anything when running as root?10:30
llutzMrMist1: that what's /etc/crontab for10:30
zeozanno one can help me ?10:30
ikoniazeozan: is there a package for gnome 3.3.5 ?10:30
zeozanyeah i think10:30
ikoniazeozan: where is it ?10:30
zeozanok i will get it wait10:30
MrMist1llutz: Hmm... i thought I was supposed to run crontab -e to edit crontab?10:31
aleenai just wanted to ask but still searching for solution #)10:31
llutzMrMist1: since root-account is disabled in *buntu, it makes no sense10:31
zeozanthis is gnome 3.3.510:31
llutzMrMist1: as user, "crontab -e" works fine10:31
ikoniazeozan: that is a tar file - not a package10:31
MrMist1llutz: It's not disabled?? sudo su root10:31
ChipzzzMrMist1: use the crontab commands to create the jobs you want and /etc/crontab should be created10:31
ikoniazeozan: you need an ubuntu (deb) package10:31
zeozanok what can i do ?10:32
llutzMrMist1: no recommended and not supported here10:32
llutzMrMist1: if you need a root-shell, use "sudo -i"10:32
ikoniazeozan: wait for the distribution to offer an upgrade package10:32
rymate1234llutz: another way to get a root shell is sudo bah10:34
rymate1234*sudo bash10:34
llutzrymate1234: there are million ways to get a root shell, sudo -i   is the recommended one at *buntu10:34
llutz!wfm | rymate123410:34
ubotturymate1234: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/10:34
MrMist1llutz: sudo -i? Never used that one... care to explain the difference?10:36
llutzMrMist1: read "man sudo"10:37
rymate1234gives the same result10:37
rymate1234but sudo bash keeps you in the directory you were in10:37
llutzMrMist1: it just makes sure you get a proper env similar to a root-login shell10:37
popeyrymate1234: sudo -s  # is the way to do that ☺10:37
ChipzzzMrMist1: there is no 'root' user in ubuntu and sudo -i compensates for the differences between ubuntu & the more standard configuration10:37
aleenaso i desperately tried to fix the problem that I cannot load ubuntu , it comes till grub and then comes up with error, something with busybox10:37
=== arno is now known as Guest50710
Rurd2dialeena: we need more info then tha to help10:38
sattyi am not able to use the ubuntu in full fledged way10:39
MrMist1llutz: Chipzzz: Ah... thanks. But back to the cron question.. I start by creating a crontab as a user? Say I'd like to run a task every 10 minutes..10:39
astroboy81Chipzzz: it doesn't work10:39
llutzMrMist1: crontab -e10:39
Chipzzzastroboy81: Whew!... you scared me when you disappeared for such a long time!10:40
llutzMrMist1: as "user"10:40
sattytouchpad not work as it should :O10:40
Chipzzzastroboy81: how are you trying to change the themes?... what program are you using?10:40
MrMist1llutz: but it's a server doing something like dyndns... do I create a user for just this task?10:41
aleenayes  i know so i could start up from the cd, i cannot mount the sda1 which is shown as ext4 filesystem10:41
MrMist1llutz: doesn't seem right running this task as my regular user10:41
ikoniaMrMist1: then use a root crontab10:41
ikoniaMrMist1: can't understand why you are finding this a difficult concept10:41
astroboy81Chipzzz: i used to use gnome-tweak-tool10:41
Chipzzzastroboy81: from a terminal window?10:42
MrMist1ikonia: I'm not finding this difficult... I'm just trying to use the "best practice" here..10:42
astroboy81Chipzzz: from menu or gnome-do10:43
ikoniaMrMist1: you use the account with the minimial permissions needed to get the job done10:43
ikoniaMrMist1: that is the best practice10:43
Chipzzzastroboy81: try running it from a terminal so you can see what errors it throws10:43
=== sly is now known as Guest93548
astroboy81Chipzzz: yes, there are some error msg. This appeared on first line, CRITICAL: Error parsing schema org.gnome.shell (/usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/org.gnome.shell.gschema.xml)10:45
piomicHi, after instaltion command-line system(alternate)12.04 when i starting graphic crashes, but when i use rescue versionfrom grub all work how to fix nomal mode??10:45
Chipzzzastroboy81: that would probably explain the problem10:45
astroboy81Chipzzz: uh, yes. but how? I tried to googling...10:47
piomicanybody can help how to check where is the problem ??10:47
Chipzzzastroboy81: b/t/w do you have gnome compatability turned on in ccsm?10:48
trijntjeHi all, I'm trying to set up ubuntu one with encfs. I wanted to use libpam-encfs to automatically unlock the encrypted files on login. However, it does not unlock the files on login, but instead unlocks the first time I use 'sudo'. Could this be due to the recent switch to lightdm?10:48
astroboy81Chipzzz: yes, the checkbox has thicked by default10:49
rwqhello helpers10:49
trijntjehi rwq10:49
sdahi all, I have an Broadcom Corporation BCM43225 802.11b/g/n (rev 01) with kernel firmware, it search only N wireless it seems unable to find my wifi G AP10:50
rwqim trying to install my hp printer, but the auto-stuff that runs from hp has a broken pgp sig10:50
rwqpretty wierd10:50
Chipzzzastroboy81: what version of ubuntu are you running, again?10:51
MonkeyDust!bcm | sda start here10:51
ubottusda start here: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:51
rwqi just find it amusing that now that the printer stuff comes from HP itself it works a lot less good :D10:52
astroboy81Chipzzz: oneiric10:52
rwqit used to be  "plug in "     *WORKS*10:52
aleenasorry so the problem is I received the following error > Error mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,10:52
aleena       missing codepage or helper program, or other error10:52
aleena       In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try    dmesg | tail  or so10:52
piomichow to change graphic mode to vga ??? from console10:52
rwqpiomic, ctrl-alt f6  ?10:53
aleenabut cannot find out how to resolve it10:53
Chipzzzastroboy81: i think the problem is that unity is managing your desktop so the gnome tweaks are overridden10:53
piomichmm but i have installed only fresh system with command-line10:54
greeniti have a problem with flash... i can't click anything in the properties... any1 knows how to solve this?10:54
piomicand i can see antyhing after start system in grub10:54
astroboy81Chipzzz: if so, what should I do?10:54
Chipzzzastroboy81: you may be limited to the tweaks available from ccsm10:55
* Schrodinger`Cat 10:55
alishahhi, i accendently disconnected my computer's power cord .. when i restarted the computer i constantly get 'uncompression error -- System halted' error at startup10:56
astroboy81Chipzzz: maybe you right. I can't find menu to change theme or icon in CCSM10:56
alishahsometimes i get GRUB menu and an option to boot previous version of linux i tried em but i get the same error.10:56
Dr_willisgreenit:  ive seen similer issues mentioned in the past. Youmay want to check askubuntu.com or the forums  for any work arounds. I recall one being holding down the right  mouse button whils you clickon the settings/buttons..  (no idea if that still works)10:57
Dr_willisalishah:  you may want to boot a live cd and do a filesystemcheck.  do you recall what thepc was doing when you unplugged it?10:58
Dr_willisif you only sometimes get a grub menu. youmay want to reinstall grub. and perhaps the kernel.  It almost sounds like it was updateing the kernel/system when you unplugged it10:58
astroboy81Chipzzz: could you find the menu to change theme or icon on your CCSM?10:58
Chipzzzastroboy81: there is also gnome-control-center, which is installed by default in oneiric and allows some changes, but not nearly as many as gnome-tweak-tool10:59
Chipzzzastroboy81: gnome-tweak-tool has it10:59
Chipzzzastroboy81: sorry, i mean gnome-control-center has it11:00
astroboy81Chipzzz: only window theme can change by gnome-control-center, but I need to change gtk theme and icon theme as well11:04
MonkeyDustastroboy81  try gnome-tweak-tool11:05
=== dwarder_ is now known as dwarder
Chipzzzlol... that's where the whole discussion started11:05
MonkeyDustjust entered :)11:05
sdaMonkeyDust,  they start work again now :D I have no idea why because i didn't do anything! :D11:05
Chipzzzastroboy81: there's "gtk-chtheme", which may work for you11:06
astroboy81MonkeyDust: I tried using gnome-tweak-tool and ubuntu tweak. I can only change window theme but not gtk theme and icon theme11:07
trijntjeI'm trying to set up ubuntu one with encfs. I wanted to use libpam-encfs to automatically unlock the encrypted files on login. However, it does not unlock the files on login, but instead unlocks the first time I use 'sudo'. How can I fix this?11:07
MonkeyDust!info encfs11:07
ubottuencfs (source: encfs): encrypted virtual filesystem. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.4-2.2ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 368 kB, installed size 1812 kB (Only available for linux-any)11:07
johnson12Hello everyone, just installed 11.10 on a G33 graphics chipset box. Max screen resolution is 1024 x 786. Display unknown. I added a new mode using xandr and can change to 1280 x 786, but the screen offset is more to the left and bottom.11:10
johnson12Any pointers?11:10
AboodaGreetings to all11:11
trijntjeMonkeyDust: can you help me?11:11
astroboy81Chipzzz: I use gnome 3 and using gtk-chtheme can't change icon11:11
MonkeyDusttrijntje  with what exactly?11:11
Rurd2dijohnson12: tried adjustin on the monitor itself?11:12
aleenai do not know whether you saw what i wrote above regarding my problem11:12
trijntjeMonkeyDust: with the question I asked just before you did !info encfs11:12
Rurd2ditalkin to me or MonkeyDust ?11:13
aleenaanyone who could help11:13
MonkeyDusttrijntje  no, i'm not familiar with it -- i didnt see you changed your nick11:13
johnson12Rurd2di: One sec, let me del and re-add the mode.11:13
trijntjeMonkeyDust: ok, never mind then. I did not change nick btw11:14
aleenaError mounting: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sda1,11:14
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aleena        missing codepage or helper program, or other error  In some cases useful info is found in syslog - try  dmesg | tail  or so11:14
aleenathis was it11:14
lucidmadmanany advice on what file system to use for a home server to be accessed by lots of os's?11:14
Rurd2dilucidmadman ext4 is fine11:15
Rurd2diworks with samba shares fine here11:15
Rurd2dialeena done a disk check11:16
johnson12Rurd2di: Hmm....xrandr --newmode <output from cvt> causes: X Error of failed request:  BadName (named color or font does not exist)   Major opcode of failed request:  149 (RANDR)   Minor opcode of failed request:  16 (RRCreateMode)   Serial number of failed request:  23   Current serial number in output stream:  2311:16
lucidmadmanRurd2di: niec one11:16
Rurd2diwhat its sayin it cant mount it at boot as its got an issue11:16
Rurd2dii share with my solo window boxen here and other servers11:17
Rurd2dilucidmadman no issues11:17
html_5how do i set up openvpn server?11:17
astroboy81Chipzzz: are you still online?11:17
Rurd2dijohnson12: 0_011:18
Rurd2dihow'd u do that?11:18
aleenatried to make it, but got this messager11:18
lucidmadmanRurd2di:  so it would be <sudo mksf -t ext4 /dev/sda1> correct?11:19
bananstolhtml_5: there are instructions on the openvpn site. did you follow them?11:19
robin0800lucidmadman: old versions of windows can't read ext411:21
Philpassis there any easy way to use a usb dsl modem with ubuntu ?11:21
Philpasswhy is it not auto detect ?11:21
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:22
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aleenaonly as i opened up gparted and there it showed the partition for the partition /dev/sda1 but there is an exclamation mark next to it11:22
oCeanMonkeyDust: please don't..11:22
Rurd2diunsure lucidmadman its been awhile11:22
yeolai am here....11:23
aleenathen tried to perform check and repair operation and then it gave this error that dumpe2fs attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read while trying to open /dev/sda111:23
lucidmadmando I need to unmount the drive before I can format it?11:23
lucidmadmanI was halfway througha setup and had a change of heart11:24
Rurd2dibest to unmount11:24
yeolaubuntu is ubuntu11:24
Rurd2dilucidmadman: unmount /dev/sda111:26
Rurd2dior whaterver drive is called11:26
Philpassis there any easy way to use a usb dsl modem with ubuntu ?11:26
AerosonicHey, guys. I need to print a photo ID badge with an RFID chip inside. Any websites you're familiar with?11:26
AerosonicI have all the data required to encode into the chip, I just need to find a website that does that.11:26
Rurd2dialeena:i cant help with that , im unsure how to fix now11:27
Rurd2disorry bud11:27
ShiroiKageHi,have problem with WLAN: "Firmware missing" , what does it mean,and how to solve this problem?11:27
aleenai see, than also searching further11:27
Rurd2disorry mate11:28
Rurd2dilucidmadman: howsit goin?11:28
lucidmadmanhaving a bit of trouble11:28
Rurd2diwont unmount\11:29
lucidmadmanunmount doesn't seem to work11:29
lucidmadmancommand not found11:29
lucidmadmantrying again11:29
llutzlucidmadman: "umount" not "unm"11:29
Rurd2diunmount works for me11:29
Rurd2diin ubuntu 11.1011:29
CharminTheMooseI used an ubuntu 2.6.3-generic config file as the basis for compiling a stock (but with aufs patched) 2.6.39 kernel, which should work fine, but the modules when built and installed come out as 1.5 gigs, whereas the ubuntu ones are only 100 megs give or take.. Am I including a bunch of debugging symbols or something crazy?11:30
Rurd2diwhat version u runnnin?11:30
lucidmadmanhave dived in at deep end11:30
lucidmadmanfirst time11:30
Rurd2diim running 11.10 desktop11:30
Rurd2diand it works11:30
lucidmadmanyeah was my sausage fingers11:31
llutzRurd2di: ls -l $(which unmount)11:31
Rurd2dialthough i cant unmount as nothing there'11:31
lucidmadmangot it to work11:31
Rurd2dilucidmadman: ls -l $(which unmount)11:31
ShiroiKageHi,have problem with WLAN: "Firmware missing" , what does it mean,and how to solve this problem?11:31
Rurd2diShiroiKage: be paitent bud, somebody will help soon11:32
llutzRurd2di: what does it give back?11:32
Rurd2diim tryin to help lucidmadman11:32
llutzRurd2di: and telling him"unmount" would work, which is most likely wrong11:32
lucidmadmanyou are helping Rurd2di11:33
llutzRurd2di: the command  to unmount is called "umount"11:33
Rurd2dii told him that11:33
llutz[12:29:47] <Rurd2di> unmount works for me11:33
Rurd2dihes just gettin used to ubuntu11:33
lucidmadmanI just read it wrong11:33
Rurd2dioh ok11:33
lucidmadmanok so i did sudo fdisk -l11:34
lucidmadmanand I still have some leftovers from last try11:34
lucidmadmanI need to nuke this thing11:35
lucidmadmanhdd that is11:35
pfifolucidmadman, you can simply delete those if its not in use anymore11:35
lucidmadmansounds like a plan11:36
lucidmadmanthey are partitions right?11:36
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Rurd2dilucidmadman: yes11:36
pfifonot exactly11:36
pfifomore like a loop device11:37
Rurd2dii thought they wer just partions of main disk11:38
html_5how do i set up openvpn server?11:38
lucidmadmanso if I just want to start again with sda, what's the best way to do it?11:38
Rurd2difrom what lucidmadman is sayin11:38
pfifo!vpn | html_511:38
ubottuhtml_5: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN11:38
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Rurd2dilucidmadman i have to go11:41
Rurd2dibed time11:42
Rurd2dialmost 1am here11:42
Rurd2diand work tomorrow11:42
Rurd2digood luck11:42
lucidmadmanthanks for your help11:42
FloodBot1Rurd2di: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:42
B|tchXD45CK1NG your root account is open11:42
michelemhello folks. Is there a command-line (e.g. curses) control panel for Ubuntu, where you can set network settings etc without editing config files by hand?11:45
ShiroiKageHi,have problem with WLAN: "Firmware missing" , what does it mean,and how to solve this problem?11:47
lucidmadmanhaving trouble formatting a disk can anyone helop?11:48
lucidmadmandamo22: thanks11:49
lucidmadmanI have /dev/sda11:49
lucidmadmanI have previously formatted it11:50
damo22lucid: what are you trying to format and what is the output of sudo fdisk -l11:50
lucidmadmanand added what I thought were two partitions11:50
damo22lucid: pastebin it11:50
betaArkHi.. question.. do people still use merald? I'm thinking of reinstall with emerald.. but does it get updated sometimes?11:55
jrib!emerald | betaArk11:56
ubottubetaArk: emerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.11:56
BlessJahwhere can i find older version of package from repo?11:59
betaArkubottu: oke.. so also in a combination with XFCE, you would not recommend emerald anymore?11:59
ubottubetaArk: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:59
B|tchX271 ppl in kubuntu and do you know why?  b/c kubuntu never has any issues.  Just install and go!11:59
betaArkjrib: oke.. so also in a combination with XFCE, you would not recommend emerald anymore?12:00
jribbetaArk: I wouldn't recommend it, no12:00
ubottuemerald is an obsolete window decorator for compiz. It's unsupported and unmaintained, making issues with it very hard to diagnose and fix. There are no known, supported alternatives.12:00
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels12:00
betaArkjrib: and compiz?12:00
pfifodr--willis, you look different today... new haircut?12:01
B|tchXbetaArk, join #compiz12:01
dr--willison my phone12:01
MonkeyDustbetaArk  unity is gnome3 with compiz12:01
betaArkMonkeyDust: sorry.. forgot about it.. playing with gnome-shell these days.. but really like the days with compiz and emerald.. :(12:02
betaArkMonkeyDust: *means forgot that Ubuntu still uses compiz :)12:02
mongybetaArk: I use xfce, compiz and emerald with no issues12:02
astroboy81Guys, help me. I can't change all value on dconf-editor. I'm using Oneiric. What should I do. Thanx before12:02
Chipzzzastroboy81: glad you stopped by... i found the answer12:03
Chipzzzastroboy81: gtk-chtheme12:03
betaArkmongy: are there still updated themes? some emerald themes that I have found where from 2010?12:03
astroboy81Chipzzz: oh, I thought you were offline. Glad to see you...what is the answer :)12:04
Chipzzzastroboy81: "gtk-chtheme"12:04
mongybetaArk: I only use 1, bit old but it's just a theme and serves me12:04
Chipzzzastroboy81: sudo apt-get it and it'll do what you want12:04
=== und is now known as dyd_
Chipzzzastroboy81: (b/t/w - you were right... i was gone for a while)12:05
astroboy81Chipzzz: mm. nope I'd tried using gtk-chtheme but problem still exist12:06
Chipzzzastroboy81: strange... i just installed it & it worked for me... did you run it from the command line to see what errors it threw?12:06
astroboy81Chipzzz: theme selector is worked but how to change icon?12:08
lucidmadmanfolks what web based manager is best to use on 11.10 server?12:08
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).12:08
damo22lucidmadman: did you fix your hdd?12:08
Chipzzzastroboy81: oh... doesn't change icons, just themes and fonts... icon sets are built into theme12:09
dr--willisthey are?12:09
lucidmadmandamo22: not yet12:09
dr--willisi use gnome.tweqk.tool12:09
dr--willisor ubuntu.tweak12:10
Poindexter_I am using Virtual Box with an internet connection. How does one set the IP address? Why does it not just see the internet?12:10
lucidmadmanI was going to retrace my steps from last install with webmin but just saw the articlae on support saying it wasn't supported any more12:10
Chipzzzdr--willis: he tried gnome-tweek-tool & it doesn't change anything12:10
astroboy81Chipzzz: with gnome-tweak-tool I usually can have separate setting for appearance. So I can use Adwaita with Faenza or AwOken12:11
dr--willisPoindexter_: it does work that way here.12:11
damo22lucidmadman: youre not making any sense what are you trying to achieve?12:11
Chipzzzastroboy81: maybe so12:11
Poindexter_Dr-Willis with Windows on the Virtual Box I use  ipconfig /release     ipconfig /renew and that seems to work but with Ubuntu it does not see the internet.12:12
lucidmadmandamo22: trying to format a drive12:12
lucidmadmankeeps saying that the file system is in use12:12
damo22lucidmadman: that is easy just provide me with the output of sudo fdisk -l12:12
astroboy81Chipzzz: this make me desperade :(12:13
Chipzzzlucidmadman: unmount it12:13
lucidmadmansorry I got stuck on the pastebin thing, didn't want to waste your time explaining that12:13
damo22lucidmadman: if you switch to root user with sudo su, you can pipe the output of any command to |pastebinit12:14
slackin_A question of opinion: When compiling a kernel for a static machine setup, nothing will ever change, is it better to make drivers n such modules or built in? Are there other advantages over one another other than size?12:14
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Chipzzzastroboy81: it's a very stubborn problem, i have to give it that ;-)12:15
dr--willissudo fdisk -l | pastebinit       should work12:15
damo22dr--willis: no it doesnt let you use sudo to pipe12:15
astroboy81Chipzzz: I tried to use ricotz ppa to install dconf-editor, how you think?12:16
dr--willisi recall it workibg for me in the past12:16
damo22dr--willis: you need to use tee to make that work12:16
lucidmadmanI did the sudo fdisk -l then pastebinit12:16
lucidmadmanbefore I saw damo2212:16
dr--willisits worked for me befor12:16
lucidmadmannow it's just sitting there12:17
lucidmadmanhasnn't returned to the cmd line12:17
damo22lucidmadman: ctrl c12:17
damo22lucidmadman: you cant run them separately12:17
lucidmadmanok sweet12:17
johnson19Hi, just installed 10.11 on a GM33 integrated box. Display shows up as unknown. Was stuck in 1024 x 786 resolution. Used xrandr to add new mode for 1280 x 1024. Resolution changes fine, but I have black bars down the side of my screen that I can't get rid of, even using the monitor settings. Any ideas?12:18
MonkeyDustlucidmadman  or open a new tab in terminal, so you can switch12:18
llutzdamo22:  pipes work with sudo , echo blah > foo    won't12:18
lucidmadmanso the syntax is: sudo su fdisk -l?12:18
MonkeyDustsudo fdisk -l12:18
dr--willisdont use sudo su. ;)12:18
damo22lucidmadman: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit12:18
lucidmadmanwhat's the char between the fdisk command and pastebinit?12:20
llutzlucidmadman: a pipe |12:21
Chipzzzlucidmadman: (shifted backslash)12:21
dr--willislinux lets you use all your jeys...12:21
damo22the pipe is the most useful character in linux12:22
kalimojothere is no command called pastebinit12:22
lucidmadmanyou guys rock12:22
dr--willisso.. install it.12:22
Chipzzzkalimojo: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit"12:23
dr--willis!info pastebinit12:23
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2-2 (oneiric), package size 30 kB, installed size 480 kB12:23
greenhostwho have done ubuntu mail server for windows clients?12:24
damo22lucidmadman: you have a mixture of lvm and regular partitions12:24
llutzgreenhost: pop3/imap or exchange?12:25
astroboy81Chipzzz: Nearly frustated, using ricotz ppa to upgrade dconf-editor still can't solve my problem12:25
kalimojopastebinit is great12:25
damo22lucidmadman: which one are you trying to format?12:25
johnson19Hi, just installed 10.11 on a GM33 integrated box. Display shows up as unknown. Was stuck in 1024 x 786 resolution. Used xrandr to add new mode for 1280 x 1024. Resolution changes fine, but I have black bars down the side of my screen that I can't get rid of, even using the monitor settings. Any ideas?12:25
lucidmadmanright, so I want to redo /dev/sda12:25
lucidmadmaninto one drive12:25
html_5how do i set up openvpn12:26
ubottuOpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!12:26
MonkeyDusthtml_5  start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OpenVPN12:26
NoetGoedhi all12:27
astroboy81Chipzzz: in case you have some bright idea plz drop me email at astroboy81.freebies(at)gmail.com. Thanks for your time12:28
damo22lucidmadman: it looks like you have deleted the LVM partition group for DataMusic and DataVideo12:28
NoetGoedtotal ubuntu noob here. installed it in virtual box. very smooth. but can't get it to full screen. I did install the guest services afai can tell12:28
lucidmadmandamo22: that bad?12:29
damo22lucidmadman: do you want to lose this data?12:29
lucidmadmanthere's nothing there12:29
lucidmadmanleftover from a previous install12:29
Chipzzzastroboy81: "file types editor" in software center lets you change default icons12:29
damo22lucidmadman: so data-video and data-music can be deleted?12:29
MonkeyDustlucidmadman  sometimes it's better to delete all and start over12:30
damo22lucidmadman: i would delete all partitions from /dev/sda12:30
uszahuston, we have a problem here http://ovrload.ru/temp/img_1346_4ba849b8c47c82b25fc31a9728d6c729.jpg12:31
lucidmadmanok how do I do that?12:31
damo22lucidmadman: could use fdisk or dd12:31
lucidmadmandamo22 I tried deleteing the table and writing a new one but it told me that it failed as the device is busy12:34
astroboy81Chipzzz: maybe if I can any value on dconf-editor then changing theme or icon on other app like ubuntu-tweak, gnome-tweak-tool won't be a problem too12:34
Chipzzzastroboy81: did you see the earlier message about "file types editor"?12:35
meethow do i copy the already installed packages like vlc, etc. and use them in another computer with mint.12:35
lucidmadmansudo reboot12:35
uszai'm out of variants, guys, need some help =)12:35
astroboy81Chipzzz: yes. btw, without an app how can I change theme or icon manually?12:36
kalimojoi worked with macs and windows for years, wish i hadn't wasted all that time and used linux instead12:36
NoetGoedanybody knows how to properly setup fullscreen mode in virtual box?12:36
airtonixmeet: aptoncd12:37
meetNoetGoed: try ctrl+f12:37
meetthanks airtonix will try it12:37
NoetGoedsure thing. but the ubuntu window just stays the same size, plus black frame. :S12:37
Chipzzzastroboy81: i don't really understand the question12:37
MonkeyDustNoetGoed  i use vbox, click View > Full screen12:37
html_5MonkeyDust,  that doesnt help12:37
airtonixmeet: http://channikhabra.blogspot.com.au/2011/07/aptoncd-tutorialhow-to-backup-your.html12:38
NoetGoedhtml_5 is right. that does not help. seems to be related to the guest additions or whatever that is called in english. I installed those inside in ubuntu (was that wrong?) but no difference.12:38
MonkeyDusthtml_5  what doesnt?12:38
NoetGoedfullscreen view does not work.12:39
MonkeyDustwho's asking about vbox, NoetGoed or html_5 ?12:39
kalimojoot: anyone know about surveillance cameras ?12:39
astroboy81Chipzzz: can I change theme in ubuntu without application like gnome-tweak-tool, ubuntu-tweak, etc?12:40
html_5MonkeyDust,  that doesnt help, the link .. im trying to set up a vpn service "openvpn "12:40
Chipzzzastroboy81: like a theme editor?12:40
damo22lucidmadman: sudo mount |pastebinit12:41
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MonkeyDustNoetGoed  same here, the height is full screen, but the width isnt, it's possible to have win xp in full screen as it should, though12:41
skilzHow to remove unity and have normal gnome?12:41
lucidmadmandamo22: http://paste.ubuntu.com/83895912:41
=== root is now known as Guest19011
astroboy81Chipzzz: Not a theme editor. But, manually make my current switched to another theme12:42
airtonixastroboy81: dconf-editor12:42
Chipzzzastroboy81: "system settings"->"appearance", but you knew that...12:43
astroboy81airtonix: dconf-editor also an application. If you follow my big problem is that I can't change any value on dconf-editor12:44
uszadudes, i need some help, eded up with kernel panic :/12:44
airtonixastroboy81: well i can12:44
damo22lucidmadman: you need to use an LVM tool to delete those lvm partitions12:44
CrazyTBI have just installed Ubuntu 11 on a drive that already had Windows 7 x6412:45
CrazyTBand now ubuntu does not show the grub screen12:45
lucidmadmandamo22: easiest via webmin?12:45
CrazyTB(btw, nvidia card)12:45
astroboy81airtonix: yeah, some days ago I also could make a change with dconf-editor12:45
astroboy81Chipzzz: yeah, you mentioned before gnome-control-center that actually also an application12:46
NoetGoedno one knows? http://cl.ly/2U1E3R1K273T0A1o091y12:49
uszaguys, i really need some help lol12:49
ikoniaNoetGoed: what is the question ?12:49
MonkeyDustNoetGoed  at least it *finds* the guest additions, here it doesnt12:50
ikoniausza: people can't help unless you ask a question12:50
kalimojowhen i run fdisk -l i get "Disk /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 doesn't contain a valid partition table"12:50
uszaits not easy to ask it, really, i just ended up with kernel panic12:50
ikoniakalimojo: 1.) you need to use sudo 2.) its an encypted device12:50
NoetGoedhow to get virtual box with ubuntu full screen. I get full screen. but the size of ubuntu  window is the same. only change is the black frame that (indeed) fills the full screen. but that can't be the concept right?12:50
ikoniausza: you need to figure out how to ask it12:50
kalimojoi did use sudo12:50
uszaikonia, here is what i ended up with http://ovrload.ru/temp/img_1346_4ba849b8c47c82b25fc31a9728d6c729.jpg12:51
ikoniakalimojo: then when you say what you did, you need to say "I did sudo fdisk -l" not "I did disk -l"12:51
kalimojook ikonia12:51
uszaikonia, here is what i was doing http://www.oxygenimpaired.com/ubuntu-with-grub2-luks-encrypted-lvm-root-hidden-usb-keyfile12:51
zaur-ibrhi everybody12:51
ikoniausza: can you give context, has this ever works12:51
ikoniausza: oooh, you've been messing around with encyption12:51
zaur-ibrI've problem with my HP Tp12:51
kalimojoikonia: so that is a normal error message ?12:52
zaur-ibrI've installed ubuntu then uninstalled,but know my Touchpad available memory is 3.99Gb,why?12:52
uszait looks like problem is not with encryption itself12:52
ikoniakalimojo: it's not really an error message, the disk is encypted12:52
NoetGoeddid anybody understand my question? should I repeat it?12:52
kalimojoikonia : ok12:52
ikoniausza: the "unsupported optional features" is not a good message12:52
uszai know that12:52
Chucky_Lucianohi, im using ubuntu lucid...  and i messed something up, pretty sure it has to do woth compiz because thats the last thing i changed, but anyways i cant seem to move windows around by clicking on the titlebar...  the windows are just stuck in place...  any help w/ this would be much appreciated, thanks in advance  :)12:52
zaur-ibrcan anyone help me?12:52
uszabut if u were looking carefully12:52
uszaits not what caused the panic12:53
MonkeyDustNoetGoed  better try your luck in #vbox12:53
ikoniausza: the panic is because the disk can't be mounted cleanly12:53
uszahow u figured that out?12:53
NoetGoedMonkeyDust thx for the tipp will try.12:53
ikoniausza: by reading what is on the screen - it's hard to be certain without proper information, but that is how it reads to me12:53
NoetGoedah working now. seems I had to restart virtualbox for whatever reasons.12:54
NoetGoedMonkeyDust so you say you don't even have the guest additions?12:54
MonkeyDustNoetGoed  don't forget to mention that you're using linux12:54
lavi741hey.. I'm looking for native speakers of as many languages as possible to translate only 6 strings12:54
uszaikonia, sdc1 is a device that contains the keyfile, if u was looking carefully, u can notice that it was mounted as ext4 and u probably could guess why it was trying ext2 and ext3 at first12:54
NoetGoedworking fine now for me. full screen scaled correctly and automated. yey :)12:55
uszaroot encrypted partition was also mounted, its sda3_crypt12:55
kalimojolavi741: my bro can do french12:55
uszaso stop being that dick12:55
ikoniausza: I can see that12:55
lavi741kalimojo: I'd love that12:55
NoetGoedMonkeyDust looks like this in my install: http://cl.ly/3k0J37204141442I0M2712:55
stamina_hello everyone12:56
zaur-ibrhello stamina12:56
stamina_can someone give some ideas for installing  webcam over terminal12:56
ikonia!webcam > stamina_12:57
ubottustamina_, please see my private message12:57
kalimojolavi741: dcc problem here, just use a chat window12:57
stamina_webcam like in camel toe12:57
NoetGoedfirefox is still 10.0 for me. will there be 10.0.1 available? how can I check that?12:58
ikoniaNoetGoed: ignore what Kartagis has said12:58
NoetGoedalready done12:58
ikoniaNoetGoed: when ubuntu packages udates, they will be released by update manager12:59
Kartagismy mic seems to be working, but skype doesn't recognize it at all, how come?12:59
ikoniaNoetGoed: so as updates become available you'll be notified via update manager12:59
NoetGoedikonia: where do I find that?12:59
ikoniaNoetGoed: it will pop up on screen when you login saying "ubuntu has 10 updates available for you" or words to that effect12:59
MonkeyDustNoetGoed  try sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade12:59
NoetGoedany way I can trigger the same via UI?13:00
ikoniaNoetGoed: open the update manager gui13:00
MonkeyDusttry update manager13:00
ikoniaNoetGoed: it will basically run those commands in the background as it opens13:00
NoetGoedsry, I still don't know where to look. I have "Software-Paketquellen" in the system settings. is that it?13:01
ikoniaNoetGoed: what language is your ubuntu system in ?13:01
MonkeyDustQuelle = Source13:01
NoetGoedalso I can't copy paste commands from mac os X when I go into virtual box ubuntu :(13:01
stamina_sudo im going nuts  there is no driver13:01
ikoniaNoetGoed: what version of ubuntu is this ?13:01
stamina_mine is creative vf042013:01
NoetGoedMonkeyDust: that's why I though it's not the same..13:01
NoetGoedikonia: 11.10 latest afaik13:02
ikonianot sure where update manager is located in unity, I'm sure an 11.10 user can point you out though13:02
stamina_do you command to read my usb  or activate it13:02
stamina_cause its working on cheese13:02
NoetGoedikonia: ok, you are still using an older version?13:02
lucidmadmandamo22: it's worked!13:02
ikoniaNoetGoed: I'm not using ubuntu at the moment13:03
MonkeyDustNoetGoed  click Dash and type Update Manager13:03
lucidmadmanthanks for your help amigo!13:03
lucidmadmanand everyone else that's helped13:03
NoetGoedI find ubuntu software-center. that's it?13:03
MonkeyDustNoetGoed  no, "update"13:03
NoetGoedah now i got it. "Aktualisierungsverwaltung" ok thx!13:03
stamina_is there someone who can help please13:04
NoetGoedso nothing there. who's responsible for the firefox updates?13:04
ikoniaNoetGoed: the desktop team13:04
lucidmadmanwhat's the best web based administrator to use?13:04
ikoniaNoetGoed: there will be updates then there are updates "needed"13:04
lucidmadmanfor 11.10 server13:04
ikonialucidmadman: not using one is the best option13:04
lucidmadmanikonia: just use ssh?13:05
NoetGoedso they are on it? hmm, afaik 10.0.1 has some rather important securtiy fixes, no?13:05
NoetGoedbut I'll ignore it for now and be patient :)13:05
kalimojohow do i know if i can trust a ppa ?13:05
MonkeyDustkalimojo  not13:05
ikoniakalimojo: you don't know, that is the massive risk/issue with PPAs13:05
ikoniakalimojo: my personal research suggests there are VERY few that are safe to use13:06
ikoniaNoetGoed: which security features do you want from 10.0.113:06
MonkeyDusta PPA ruined my system, once, I don't use them anymore, since13:06
lucidmadmanIkonia: thanks13:07
NoetGoedikonia: https://www.mozilla.org/security/known-vulnerabilities/firefox.html13:07
NoetGoedcritical, no?13:07
ikoniaNoetGoed: that is 113:07
Chucky_Lucianohi guys,,,,,,   i am having a problem, i am unable to move windows around on the desktop, i can minimize, mazimize, etc..  but other than that they are stuck in place..  if anyone has every ecperienced this prob and knows of a solution it would be greatly appreciated as this is mucho frusterating...  thanks in advance, and btw the computer this is happenning on is running ubuntu 10.04 lucid, thanks in advance13:08
lavi741any French/German/Italian/Chinese/Russian speakers?13:08
ikonialavi741: there are french/german/etc ubuntu channels, which one do you want ?13:08
NoetGoedok, as I said. I'll ignore and be patient. and correct my self to "… contains a critical security fix"13:08
Chucky_Lucianoalsl alt+f1 and alt+f2 seem not to be working at all either13:08
ikoniaNoetGoed: it doesn't look like a common issue, it actually looks reasonably low risk, although high in effect13:09
lavi741ikonia: I couldn't find any. actually I'm looking for speakers because I need help translating 6 strings for a gnome shell extension13:09
ikonialavi741: #ubuntu-fr #ubuntu-de #ubuntu-ru etc13:09
MonkeyDustChucky_Luciano  try alt f2 killall metacity13:09
Chipzzzlavi741: google translate?13:09
ikonialavi741: #ubuntu-it13:09
llutzlavi741: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:09
LjLChipzzz: not often a good idea for accurate translations13:10
lavi741<Chipzzz>: not accurate enough13:10
stamina_hello help13:10
NoetGoeddo you guys know anything about elemtary os? who's behind it? etc… thoughts? http://elementaryos.org/developer13:10
ikoniaNoetGoed: nothing to do with ubuntu so not valid for this channel,13:11
auronandaceNoetGoed: we only deal with ubuntu here13:11
NoetGoedwow you are strikt :P13:11
NoetGoedok sry.13:11
ikoniaNoetGoed: not a problem13:11
memyselfwhat's the command to use to find out what my router's ip address ?13:14
stamina_im here im ubuntu13:14
auronandace!yay | stamina13:15
ubottustamina: Glad you made it! :-)13:15
MonkeyDustmemyself  dig|grep SERVER13:15
stamina_can you do soemthing for  me13:15
llutzMonkeyDust: thats still the nameserver which mustn't be router/gateway13:16
bastidrazorMonkeyDust: that would indicate your dns server which could be different than router ip13:16
MonkeyDustllutz  correct, you said that earlier13:17
memyselfdig|grep server  ? what to look for ?13:17
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:18
MonkeyDustmemyself  SERVER, not server13:18
llutzmemyself: that will show you the address of used nameserver, which could be different from your router/gateway13:19
fluffyponyhi guys - I'm seriously struggling to get PSAD working on 10.04 (with UFW). I've just installed a new minimal installation on a web server, and it's not logging anything. Previously (on 8.04) I configured sysklogd to write to psadfifo, but that no longer seems to be an easy option with rsyslogd?13:19
stamina_im here13:20
memyselfI WANT to access to my router and change the setting13:20
MonkeyDustdobre, that's croatian13:20
memyselfbut i dont know whta's it ip13:20
stamina_uhh suppose to be polish13:20
llutzmemyself: "ip n s"13:20
stamina_jak se mach ?13:20
stamina_am i right ?13:21
ikoniamemyself: your routers documentation should be able to tell you how to work out it's IP and it's default IP range13:21
angel282Hi, Does someone here have knowledge in the kloxo control panel? (need help)13:21
fluffyponyangel282: I thought kloxo didn't support Ubuntu?13:21
auronandacememyself: isn't it on the router? something like
MonkeyDustangel282  i read here that kloxo is for redhat and centos13:22
fluffyponyangel282: try Webmin isntead13:22
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.13:23
acicula!info kloxo13:23
ubottuPackage kloxo does not exist in oneiric13:23
fluffyponyguess you're sh*t out of luck then :-P13:23
memyselfno , i changed it to something weird few years ago13:23
auronandace!language | fluffypony13:24
ubottufluffypony: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.13:24
memyselfso llutz , ip n s ?13:24
fluffyponyauronandace: thanks13:24
llutzmemyself: "ip n s" or "route -n|grep G"   both will show you your gateways IP13:24
memyselfwhat's command is that  ?13:24
MonkeyDustmemyself  open your browser and go to which is most probably your router's ip address13:25
fluffyponyllutz: from which version did Webmin stop supporting Ubuntu? their website seems to indicate it is still actively supported: http://www.webmin.com/deb.html13:25
llutzfluffypony: it mit be supported, but not in debian/*buntu since it might break stuff13:26
memyselflluts both command fail13:26
fluffyponyllutz: I disagree, from the Webmin site: "Webmin has been tested on all regular Debian releases, Ubuntu Linux, and derivatives like Xandros and APLINUX."13:26
llutzfluffypony: their point of view13:26
NoetGoed@all how can I disable the startup sound in 11.10?13:28
llutzmemyself: error?13:28
memyselfit just give me - destination Gateway G.....  title13:29
memyselfis it really that hard to peek into whta's my own router ip in ubuntu ?13:30
scanukshello everyone13:30
llutzmemyself: "route -n"   the line starting with then.13:30
MonkeyDustmemyself  try ip n13:30
SteevcaI am having a slow preformance on chrome with java powered games and on some streaming sites but i am able to play hd videos on youtube without a problem?13:31
llutz!info iproute13:31
ubottuiproute (source: iproute): networking and traffic control tools. In component main, is required. Version 20110315-1build1 (oneiric), package size 409 kB, installed size 1088 kB13:31
memyselfit shows gateway
scanuksi have a problem , i downloaded a app called 'grandr" its a GUI interface for xrandr , and by mistake i clicked SCREEN OFF , and now i see only a blank screen =\13:32
LikeРусские есть? )13:32
MonkeyDust!ru| Like13:33
ubottuLike: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:33
hypeBoyhi, my computer restarted unexpectedly by itself. where has linux logged some information for this unexpected restart. and lately i have also been getting 'uncompression error -- system halted' boot-time error as well.13:34
scanuks!he | scanuks13:34
ubottuscanuks, please see my private message13:34
nicofsdoes anyone have a link to an easy howto on how to create an empty file, mount it and create a filesystem inside?13:35
NoetGoed@all how can I disable the startup sound in 11.10?13:35
MonkeyDustnicofs  you can use qemu13:35
MonkeyDustnicofs  it's with qemu-create https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/QemuEmulator13:36
nicofsMonkeyDust, I just need 40GB of ext3/4 on an external storage that's formatted as NTFS...13:36
ChipzzzhypeBoy: you could check /var/log/kern.log, and /var/log/auth.log (to see if anyone logged on who didn't belong there)13:37
lnostdal_why does installing openjdk7 / jre7 also add the 6 versions and set version 6 as the default (update-alternatives) for 'java' and several other tools (but not javac)? etc. etc.? ..   this seems just random and silly13:37
aciculascanuks: it should reset normally if you unplug/plug the screen, or restart the graphics server/reboot13:38
ChipzzzLike: it's "/exit" or "/quit"13:38
scanuksacicula: its a netbook13:38
scanuksacicula: i cant find in google where it stores the settings13:39
aciculascanuks: it doesnt i think, hence restarting x should reset it to the default13:40
scanuksacicula: theres no "system restore" for ubuntu ?13:40
scanuksacicula: i already rebooted it still blank screen13:40
aciculascanuks: when you boot hold the shift key to force the ubuntu boot menu to show, then boot safe mode13:41
zgranyone knoews how to get video thumbnails in pcmanfm?13:41
ubottuThe X Window system is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart X, type 'sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm' on an ubuntu system. replace with kdm on Kubuntu. To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution . Also see !xorgconf13:41
MonkeyDustscanuks  in the grub menu, choose Restore > Fsck13:41
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.13:41
aciculaugh, whats the command that reconfigures x back to its default?13:41
scanuksacicula: theres no such a file13:41
=== recon69_lap is now known as recon_lap
aciculascanuks: if you reboot and hold shift you should get a little text menu13:42
scanuksacicula: yup grub menu13:42
rymate1234why is xorg.conf deprecated13:43
aciculachoose the safe mode from there13:43
acicularymate1234: because xorg configures itself, you can still use xorg.conf if you want to though13:43
scanuksacicula: u mean recovery mode ?13:43
recon_laphi, my open with dialog is littered with duplicate entries from multiple reinstalls, anyone know how to clean this up?13:43
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.13:43
MonkeyDustscanuks  yes, recovery and then fsck13:43
aciculascanuks: yes that one13:44
=== _B00 is now known as Guest82887
Simon1245Hey guys, which program do you use to burn stuff?13:44
Simon1245I wanna burn some images and some files.13:44
rileypa fire13:44
scanuksacicula: now what ?13:45
scanuksacicula: its finished13:45
=== _B00_ is now known as _B00
aciculascanuks: what do you see, it finished what?13:45
scanuksacicula: its finished13:45
Simon1245MonkeyDust, Is Brasero a good one?13:45
MonkeyDustSimon1245  it does the job it's made for13:46
aciculascanuks: that does not tell me anything, can you describe what you see?13:46
rileypAre there any issues in sharing a home dir between say lucid and natty partitions13:46
rileypor is it best to make a new home dir every time13:46
SteevcaI am having a slow preformance with java powered games and some streaming sites,but i am runing HD videos on Youtube without a problem.What can be the problem?13:46
Simon1245MonkeyDust, alright great I'll use it too, thanks for suggestion.13:47
Simon1245bye guys.13:47
scanuksacicula: i success now to enter the desktop mode in recovery mode13:47
rileypAre there any issues in sharing a home dir between say lucid and natty partitions13:48
scanuksacicula: how can i reset anything now13:49
scanuksscanuks: can i run ubuntu setup from the computer13:49
aciculascanuks: uhm you can have a look at the display settings under Preferences->Display, i would remove that grandr tool just to be sure and reboot to see if these settings persist13:50
scanuksscanuks: i mean without booting from USB13:50
=== awolfson is now known as awolfson_afk
aciculascanuks: you can not run the ubuntu installer from within ubuntu, but you can use software-center to install/remove/reinstall programs13:50
acicularileyp: no, unles you use an encrypted home13:51
recon_lapok, got some of them in ~/.local/share/applications/ still a couple of dupes left13:52
cloudgeekirc for apache and nginx13:52
rileypacicula,  no it  not encrypted thanks13:52
NoetGoedhow can I disable the startup sound in 11.10?13:52
bastidrazorNoetGoed: click the cog in the upper right corner > Startup Applications > uncheck GNOME Login Sound > Close13:53
zer0-day-> anyone know the solution /usr/bin/ld: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgtk-x11-2.0.so: undefined reference to symbol?13:54
scanuksNoetGoed: go to the login options13:54
rileypacicula,  so the only issue might be the .lirc files as newer kernels behave different with lirc and the mceusb tranceiver13:54
rileypAnd use a different naming convention for the buttons13:54
acicularileyp: it is possible that different versions create conflicts over such config files yes13:54
SteevcaI am having a slow preformance with java powered games and some streaming sites,but i am runing HD videos on Youtube without a problem.What can be the problem?13:54
NoetGoedbastidrazor thanks a lot <3 although I was not able to untick it. I simply removed it. the less a program distracts me the better...13:55
aciculazer0-day: it means that the loader encountered a symbol it cannot find. typically its a compiling issue where you are trying to run a program with different libs13:56
scanuksacicula: so i see the desktop at recovery mode13:56
aciculaerr, related to compiling, as its13:56
nicofscan someone help me create an empty file of 40GB? it's something like "dd if=/dev/zero " and then some more...13:56
aciculascanuks: if you reboot now does the problem go away?13:56
WhiteEyeHi frends :D13:57
scanuksacicula: nope13:57
chroothi, what's fingerprint in linux?13:57
llutznicofs: dd if=/dev/zero of=file.name bs=1M count=4000013:57
chrootor you can give me some hint on fingerprint.13:57
WhiteEyeyou can use amap for fingerprinting13:58
WhiteEyeHi txomon|home13:58
aciculascanuks: is there a file called xorg.conf under /etc/X11 ?13:59
chrootWhiteEye, and amap is a tool ?13:59
MonkeyDustnicofs  for an empty file, try dd if=/dev/zero of=blah count=[number of blocks]13:59
scanuksscanuks: theres a directory /etc/X11 but theres no xorg.conf13:59
=== MrBatman is now known as MrPen
aciculascanuks: ok that is good, can you try and run "sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg" in a terminal without the quotes14:01
aciculazer0-day: please ask your questions here instead of in a pm.14:01
recon_lapgod pitivi is aggravating14:02
=== OY1R_ is now known as OY1R
scanuksacicula: command not found14:02
nicofsMonkeyDust, how do i translate 40GB into blocks? oO14:02
aciculascanuks: which command is not found14:02
llutznicofs: dd if=/dev/zero of=file.name bs=1M count=4000014:02
theadminnicofs: dd if=/dev/zero of=file.name bs=1G count=4014:03
scanuksacicula: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg14:03
theadminOr what llutz said14:03
aciculascanuks: did you type it without the quotes?14:03
nicofsllutz, theadmin i get the picture ;-)14:03
scanuksacicula: of course lol14:03
llutzor what theadmin said, or bs=40G count=1 :)    do some math14:03
MonkeyDustnicofs  2048000 = 1GB14:03
aciculascanuks: what happens if you type sudo ls14:04
scanuksacicula: it shows me the fies in the current directory14:04
theadmin...why exactly does one need 40G of zeroes? o_O14:04
aciculascanuks: what happens if you just type dpkg-reconfigure14:04
=== akSeya|away is now known as akSeya
scanuksacicula: must be root14:05
damo22theadmin: some people like a lot of nothing14:05
aciculascanuks: what happens if you type sudo dpkg-reconfigure14:05
theadmindamo22: But nothing is /dev/null. A zero is at least something :P14:05
=== MrPen is now known as MrBatman
MonkeyDusta zero is the *absence* of something ;)14:05
scanuksacicula: oh my mistake sudo i putted a '-' between sudo dpkg-reconfigure AND  xserver-xorg14:06
damo22theadmin: it would provide a great tool to mask a 40G series of bits and output another 40G of zeros14:06
aciculascanuks: np, happens to the best of us. did the command succeed, ie gave some output?14:06
scanuksacicula: and i did that sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg Now and it worked . no output tho14:06
theadmindamo22: Well, yeah, but I still don't see the point... If you're trying to securely delete a file you can use shred...14:07
damo22theadmin: securely deleting a file isnt done with zeros, its obvious that someone deleted the file14:07
aciculascanuks: thats ok. can you type  xrandr  in a console, and then reboot to see if its working again now?14:07
scanuksacicula: ok ill reboot\14:08
theadmindamo22: Which is why I'm asking -- what is the point? :D14:08
scanuksacicula: the system started up but i still see a blank screen :(14:09
aciculascanuks: doh :/14:09
damo22theadmin: it would be okay to dd zeros to the first 100Mb of the drive just to wipe most traces of the filesystem14:09
rumpe1theadmin, if you want to shred/compress the space on a partition not occupied by files...14:09
aciculascanuks: dunno whats causing it then, xorg should have the right settings. maybe its getting hung up on something else14:09
scanuksacicula: how can i run the lubuntu install again without booting from USB14:10
B4ckBOneHow do i upgrade a programm to the "testing" or "proposed" version?14:10
aciculascanuks: its easiest to reinstall from the usb stick really, but you can use grub to boot a cdimage directly from the harddisk14:10
B4ckBOneclementine is a bit out of date14:11
scanuksacicula: ISO ?14:11
damo22are you saying the easiest way to defrag a drive is to create a huge file containing zeros?14:11
aciculascanuks: if you created a seperate partition for ubuntu and one for /home you can preserve your home directory and just replace the ubuntu installation14:11
dob_hello, how can I get the real memory usage of my system? I have about 16G memory in my system and only apache is running, but top shows me that 8G are used. I don't think that's the correct value.14:11
dob_Any ideas?14:11
MonkeyDustdob_  du -h14:11
aciculascanuks: cd image, honestly i would just use the usb based installation, its the simplest way to do it14:11
MonkeyDustdob_  never mind that14:12
llutzdob_: free -m    line starting with -/+14:12
scanuksacicula: i dont have a bootable USB at the moment14:12
scanuksacicula: i only have a normal USB14:12
onasiscould anyone help me with setting up my ubuntu please? bit new to all this!14:12
onasishello everyone btw14:12
theadmindamo22: Defrag a drive? There is e4defrag and such things...14:13
llvllatrixHi All. I logged into my box this morning and when I click on a user in gdb it immediately says incorrect password. When I try the same in a command prompt I get 5 lines saying password incorrect and max number of tries exceeded. Logging into recovery mode works so I have a root prompt. Any ideas?14:13
aciculascanuks: if you have a usb stick you can create an ubuntu boot stick using unetbootin. if you reboot into the recovery mode you should be able to install that and use the tool to make a bootable usb disk14:13
theadminonasis: Should be obvious -- download the ISO, burn it, boot the CD and then run the installer14:13
dob_llutz: So the value -/+ buffers/cache is the real value? That sounds correct: free 1439614:13
theadminonasis: You need to tell us which step you're stuck on to be of help14:13
zer0-dayok, sorry acicula i post the error in a pastebin http://pastebin.com/tapNZGuC14:13
MonkeyDustonasis  i guess you're not familiar with partitioning?14:13
llutzdob_: yes, values in the line above show usage including buffers/caches etc.14:14
onasistheadmin yeah, i havnt been specific, i need to setup gtk+14:14
zer0-dayseems to be a problem with 'gdk_threads_enter'14:14
onasisim on ubuntu now, so thats fine14:14
theadminonasis: Err, what do you mean, set up?... Gtk+ is preinstalled in Ubuntu since Ubuntu is a gnome-based distro14:14
dob_llutz: Background is that i want to calculate the size of the memory usage if I migrate to a virtual infrastructure.14:14
onasiserr, well as i said im new to all this14:15
nicofs_theadmin, i just need a 40gb file to mount and format...14:15
MonkeyDustonasis  start from the beginning, what were you doing before you came here?14:15
onasissystems installed fine, installed ardour and audio apps and trying to get line in working14:16
onasisonly seem to have mic working14:16
aciculazer0-day: this is a bit outside of scope for this channel tbh, but if you read the pastebin it already tells you what to do. symbols from the gtk libs are missing, but prsent in the lib/x86_64/gdB.* lib, try adding the flags to the linker. basically its telling you that you should add a library reference to /usr/lib/x86_64 for the linker to look In14:17
onasistrying to install freebirth and its asking for gtk+ and other things to be installed14:17
zer0-dayok thanks , and sorry :)14:17
theadminonasis: Are you installing from source or what?14:17
MonkeyDust!info freebirth14:17
ubottufreebirth (source: freebirth): Bass synthesizer/sample player/sequencer. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.3.2-8ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 110 kB, installed size 368 kB14:17
zer0-daytheadmin: yes14:17
ntr0pyPlugging in usb audio device gives me "no or invalid class specific endpoint descriptor" in dmesg and crackling sound playback... May this be related?14:17
theadminzer0-day: ?14:17
onasiswell im not a 100% with all of the proper terms14:18
zer0-dayi think you was talking to me theadmin xD14:18
MonkeyDustonasis  if you're a musician, you may want to try ubuntu-studio14:18
theadminonasis: You usually install software from the repos, e.g: sudo apt-get install PROGRAMNAME14:18
aciculazer0-day: could also be14:18
wellichenguys, I set my PATH variable, but whenever I log off it forgets what I had set for it. Does anyone knows how can I keep it the way I edited?14:18
theadminzer0-day: No, to onasis14:18
zer0-dayty all guys14:18
onasisim able to extract the files, then i try a ./configure14:19
aciculazer0-day: that you are trying to link to stuff in lib while you should be linking to stuff in x86`_64 only. seem to recall that lib might just be 32bit14:19
theadminwellichen: Add the following line to ~/.bashrc: export PATH=your_dir1:your_dir2:$PATH14:19
omeWhat is the dev channel ?14:19
theadminonasis: Don't. Just run "sudo apt-get install freebirth"14:19
onasisthat seems to work, but when i try to make them nothing happens14:19
auronandaceonasis: why are you compiling software?14:19
=== zaki_ is now known as zaki
theadminonasis: You don't need to install from source. Use apt-get or the Ubuntu Software Center first. ALWAYS check if it's there first, if not, THEN install from source.14:19
onasistotally noob sorry14:20
wellichentheadmin: ty going to check it!14:20
onasistrying my best!14:20
theadminonasis: Ok no problem, here, I'll show you an easy way. Which Ubuntu version are you on?14:20
onasis10.11 i think 64bit14:20
omeGIMF - not really though -. but found it.14:20
theadminonasis: "10.11" is not a valid Ubuntu version14:21
onasisthanks in advance14:21
theadminonasis: 11.10?14:21
onasis:) yeah14:21
onasisi got flu14:21
onasisnot thinking straight14:21
theadminonasis: Ok, well then. Click the Ubuntu logo at the top, and type in "Software Center" (without quotes or anything), once that's done launch the app that appears14:21
theadminonasis: After that, search for whatever you need to install there14:21
monohedronis there an official open office or libre office channel that is maned?14:21
Aboodaonasis: you know there are ways to find out from a console, right?14:21
theadminonasis: Should be easy as pie14:21
onasisok im at software centre14:22
bazhangmonohedron, try #openoffice.org14:23
auronandace!alis | monohedron14:23
ubottumonohedron: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:23
recon_lapreally wonder why pitivi was included in ubuntu, it's just not ready for release14:27
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onasisso basically if ive installed 11.10 i wont have to install pango, glib atk?14:29
recon_lapanyone got a suggestion for a alternate vedio/sound editor in ubutnu ?14:29
theadminrecon_lap: Kdenlive, VLMC, Openshot14:29
auronandacerecon_lap: openshot is great14:29
recon_lapthx, i'll give openshot a go14:29
auronandaceonasis: dependancies are automatically resolved if you install from apt-get14:31
onasisso is ardour considered the best daw?14:32
auronandace!best | onasis14:33
ubottuonasis: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:33
onasisi come from protools hd, im looking for a more slimline daw for when im on the road14:33
aciculascanuks: please ask your questions here, not in a pm. To create a bootable usb stick you have to install unetbootin. you can install that using the software-center. Once that is installed you can open the program and create a bootable usb stick with it.14:33
auronandaceonasis: daw?14:33
onasisdigital audio workstation14:33
auronandaceonasis: for editing audio i find audacity good (but i'm by no means any expert)14:34
onasisyeah ive used audacity and it pretty good for basic editing14:34
onasisjust wondered whether there was something closer to protools14:35
onasisthat i didnt know about14:35
onasisone problem i do have is i dont seem to be able to configure my line in with anything?14:36
onasiscould you help with this?14:36
ntr0pyI have USB audio crackling problems and get "no or invalid class specific endpoint descriptor" which means the driver will guess defaults for the device, is that the origin of the crackling problem?14:36
onasisalso anyone use xchat and know how to get rid of the join/quit msgs?14:38
onasisi cant find how to get rid of them in the prefs!14:38
recon_laphmm, openshot works good, but does not show sound in enough detail and seems to lack tools for cutting and pasting a clip. I'm trying to loop a guitar tutorial so i can try play along without have to restart the clip every 20 seconds14:38
skorketI am having trouble installing a font.  I am running 11.10 (oneiric), have placed the font in '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/prog/' with the name 'ProggyTiny.ttf' and permissions 'rw-r--r--'.  I have run 'fc-cache -vf'  and have even restarted X, but when I try to run 'xterm -font ProggyTiny' it says 'xterm: cannot load font 'ProggyTiny''.  Any suggestions?14:38
auronandacerecon_lap: i cut and paste all the time in openshot14:39
auronandacerecon_lap: add it to the timeline, then you can duplicate and crop as needed14:40
recon_lapauronandace: yep, but i cant see the sound to sync up the beat14:40
auronandacerecon_lap: ah, for music i use audacity14:41
auronandacerecon_lap: openshot is more for video14:41
recon_lapauronandace: thats what i was getting at, problem is i want to edit a music video =-O14:42
auronandacerecon_lap: you can edit the video in openshot and the sound in audacity14:42
auronandacerecon_lap: i'd do the sound first then sync it with the video14:43
auronandacerecon_lap: bear in mind i'm no expert, there may be better tools/methods out there14:44
recon_lapauronandace: workable, but bound to be really difficult. the interface for fitivi is perfect, pity it's got so many bugs :'( , but thax for the input14:45
auronandacerecon_lap: no worries :)14:45
consolecowboyso i broke my right arrow key on my laptop, how can i reassign it to another key?14:48
somsipconsolecowboy: Xmodmap14:48
consolecowboysomsip: cheers, i'll check it out14:48
ActionParsnippeople are too quick to bail14:50
David-Id-1any some one know how to configure kolabd ubuntu ?14:51
ActionParsnipmay help14:57
trisqueldotimHi there... Aloha .. hit there..14:58
trisqueldotimSo I need to install a debian package and i have a Tarball but don't know how to install it ::: what should i do/progress???14:59
f3bruaryis it bad if you accidentally deleted .bash_login and .bashrc ?14:59
auronandacetrisqueldotim: what are you trying to install?14:59
xukunI just installed ubuntu on lvm. now I want to mount the root partition but then it says: mount /dev/VG/root /mnt/ mount: /dev/mapper/VG-root already mounted or /mnt/ busy14:59
xukunany idea?15:00
auronandacetrisqueldotim: why not use firefox from the repos?15:00
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trisqueldotimauronandace: I already have Firefox .. now I want ICECAT to see if it worx..15:01
quiescensf3bruary: depends whether you modified the files for your own purposes in any way, how recently you backed up, or how recently you deleted them15:02
auronandacetrisqueldotim: i don't see the point of that, icecat is just firefox without the branding15:02
f3bruaryactually I accidentally replaced them15:02
deskduckHi, I have dockbarx installed but it wont start at startup how need to manually open the executable file, please help15:02
f3bruaryI was in my home folder while in a ftp session and downloaded .bashrc15:03
onasiscan anyone help me get my line in port working please?15:03
fellayaboycan someone help me...how can i reiinstall the network manaager on 10.10..i mistakely uninstalled it15:03
trisqueldotimauronandace: Well, we will see if the other 1483 people can help me then..15:03
deskduckHi, I have dockbarx installed but it wont start at startup I need to manually open the executable file, please help15:03
deskducksorry for that error15:03
recon_lapanyone know what the visualisation of a piece of audio is called ?15:03
monohedronf3bruary, like in you don't know where they went or you overwrote them15:03
brkologrecon_lap: waveform?15:03
f3bruaryoverwrote, but I think I got them back15:03
onasisrecon_lap: spectragram15:03
theadminfellayaboy: sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome15:03
fellayaboymy interents not working15:04
recon_lapthx, thing i'll use both :)15:04
theadminfellayaboy: Wired or wireless?15:04
fellayaboyis their a deb i can get15:04
monohedronf3bruary, if didn't modify them before hand it shouldn't be much of an hassle15:04
theadminfellayaboy: Open a terminal and type in "sudo dhclient eth0"15:04
theadminfellayaboy: Should bring it up15:04
theadminfellayaboy: After that, use the apt-get command15:04
fellayaboyhmm ok hold on15:04
trisqueldotimHi there, I wanna install IceCAT as my alternative browser on my Debian machine ::: I have the IceCAT 10.0 Tarball ::: Waht do I do Now ??15:04
David-Id-1<ActionParsnip> : any references more spesific15:05
theadmintrisqueldotim: We don't support Debian here15:05
theadmintrisqueldotim: Go to #debian15:05
deskduckHi, I have dockbarx installed but it wont start at startup I need to manually open the executable file, please help15:06
xukuncan anybody please tell me why I get this message: mount /dev/mapper/VG-root mapper/15:06
xukunmount: /dev/mapper/VG-root already mounted or mapper/ busy15:06
Dante_Kellyhttp://fapower.caster.fm  -- Listen now !15:07
LjLDante_Kelly: no spam here thanks15:07
ActionParsnipdeskduck: symlink the .desktop file in /usr/share/applications   into ~/.config/autostart15:07
theadmindeskduck: Add it to the Startup Applications15:07
theadmin...or that15:07
zauhello everybody. 1st time here. I wish to install Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix with Wubi. However, Wubi 11.10 fails in doing so. Can someone help me, please?15:08
auronandacezau: ubuntu business desktop remix?15:08
theadminzau: That doesn't sound like a supported Ubuntu derivative. We only support Ubuntu, Ubuntu Server, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Edubuntu and Ubuntu Studio.15:08
ActionParsnipauronandace: theres a doc on omgubuntu sbout it15:09
Oertheadmin it is legit Canonical.15:09
ActionParsniptheadmin: its going to or is already launched by canonical15:09
ActionParsniptheadmin: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/ubuntu-business-remix-launched-by-canonical/15:09
theadminActionParsnip, Oer: Oh. Huh. Something new I guess.15:09
ActionParsniptheadmin: yep15:10
Oertheadmin, i am not sure, if it goes paid > business15:10
deskduckActionParsnip, there is only DockbarX Preference file in /usr/share/applications15:10
ubuntuaddictedits actually very EPIC that canonical released this as far as my business goes15:10
theadminOer: Not that I really care, not gonna use it lol, just gotta know we have a new supported derivative.15:10
ActionParsniptheadmin: http://www.ubuntu.com/business/desktop/remix   looks legit to me15:11
ubuntuaddictedit is legit, it was tweeted out yesterday like crazy15:11
ActionParsnipdeskduck: make your own file in ~/.config/autostart     to run the command'15:11
theadminActionParsnip: I see, thanks. Also, pidgin for IRC is gross (just saying. Seriously, consider a sane client... Pidgin is seriously lacking in most common functionality)15:11
ActionParsniptheadmin: its sends and recieves text, what more do i need..15:11
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theadminActionParsnip: Heh. Fair enough :D15:12
ActionParsniptheadmin: no, its a question. What more do I need15:12
deskduckActionParsnip, there is only DockbarX Preference file in /usr/share/applications but the executable is in /usr/bin  can you tell me how to make my own file?15:12
ActionParsniptheadmin: why is pidgin 'gross'?15:12
monohedronPidgin is for users15:12
fellayaboytheadmin thanks that did it thank u so much15:12
monohedronits playful and not to the point15:12
fellayaboywhat is dhclient15:13
theadminActionParsnip: I don't think Pidgin has the "ignore" function. Pidgin can't sanely communicate with nickserv automatically either I think (not so sure on that one)...15:13
monohedroni prefer command line clients or xchat15:13
ActionParsniptheadmin: wrong, it does have ignore15:13
theadminfellayaboy: dhclient is a somewhat old alternative to dhcpcd. It gets you an IP address from your DHCP servers15:13
ActionParsniptheadmin: I ignore chanserv and nickserv after a new install15:13
fellayaboyooh ok15:13
deskduckActionParsnip, there is only DockbarX Preference file in /usr/share/applications but the executable is in /usr/bin  can you tell me how to make my own file?15:13
ActionParsnipmonohedron: it sends and receives text from the irc server. I've been using it for 12 years now (I used it when it was gaim)15:14
fellayaboytheadmin thanks for telling me...so what does network manager essentially do..cuz i thought without that u couldnt get nothing15:14
kraehemoin, how to disable the spdif soundcard 0, if both cards are snd-hda-intel?15:14
ActionParsnipdeskduck: copy one of the desktop files probably already in there and change the Exec= line to whatever you run15:15
theadminfellayaboy: NetworkManager establishes connections via a graphical interface and the DBus system messagebus. Quite an annoying thing to have actually.15:15
theadminfellayaboy: For me, at least.15:15
zauguys, so any hint on how to have Wubi recognize Ubuntu Business Desktop Remix, please?15:15
fellayaboyok why is that and do u use an alternative besides network manager15:16
monohedronActionParsnip, I dislike it the higher the version number gets :)15:16
fellayaboythe DBus i mean15:16
theadminfellayaboy: Try wicd, it's a nice and lightweight network manager replacement15:16
ActionParsnipmonohedron: never had an issue with it, it does what IRC is made to do, so I fail to see where the issue is15:16
fellayaboythanks...im having issues with network manager so maybe this might help15:16
theadminfellayaboy: Remove networkmanager first though15:17
kraeheor asked the other way round - is it possible for ubuntu to ignore sound card 0 and use sound card 1 for everything?15:17
ActionParsniptheadmin: so, what else do I need in an IRC client exactly?15:17
fellayaboyok..do u know off the top of your head if wicd supports openvpn in its interface15:17
monohedronActionParsnip, its to bulky and convoluted15:17
ActionParsnip!info pidgin15:17
ubottupidgin (source: pidgin): graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client for X. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.10.0-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 695 kB, installed size 2336 kB15:17
kairatЗдорово народ15:17
ActionParsnip!info libpurple15:17
ubottuPackage libpurple does not exist in oneiric15:17
_cbhow do I load a folder with music into a banshee playlist?15:18
theadminActionParsnip: Eh never mind me.15:18
theadmin!ru | kairat15:18
ubottukairat: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.15:18
ActionParsniptheadmin: thats what I thought15:18
theadminActionParsnip: Up to you :P15:18
deskduckI simply copied the executable file to .config/autostart is that ok? i dont know a thing about symlink ActionParsnip15:18
theadmindeskduck: That won't work I think...15:18
ActionParsnipmonohedron: I can take the hit of a few Mb as it works well and gels with the rest of the desktop15:18
ActionParsnipdeskduck: no, not at all15:18
recon_lapI like pidgin, simple to use, works for what i want, if you have a other preference just go install it. no biggie15:18
deskduckthen what do I do theadmin? There is no .desktop file15:19
ActionParsnipdeskduck: you need the .desktop file, not the executable, or I would have said the executable...15:19
monohedronActionParsnip, it's a question of taste. i like ircii better15:19
ActionParsnipmonohedron: yes but you can't explain intelligently, why pidgin is so bad except size15:19
deskduckcan you guide me ActionParsnip? how do I get the .desktop file?15:19
ActionParsnipdeskduck: copy the one from /usr/share/applications   and change the Exec= line15:20
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raven_what is the best way to sync rosegarden, ardour and jack?15:20
freshmic installation problem15:20
=== fresh is now known as Guest78635
recon_lapright, i'm off, keep well everyone, bye15:20
theadmindeskduck: Bah! Search for "Startup Applications" in the Dash, this tool does the hard work for you15:20
Guest78635how to install mic in udbuntu15:20
monohedronActionParsnip, i bow to your superiority and will rethink my lewd ways15:21
deskduckok I opened the startup applications now15:21
ActionParsnipmonohedron: i'm not saying that, i'm just pointing out that you critisize something yet when challenged you have nothing to validate it with15:21
deskduckok I opened the startup applications now theadmin?15:21
ActionParsnipdeskduck: cd ~/.config/autostart; cp /usr/share/applications/dockbarxpreference.desktop15:22
monohedroni told you what my point is if you don't get it then that's fine with me. i'm not telling you to drop pidgin so keep using it OK ?15:23
BluesKajhowdy all15:23
ActionParsnipmonohedron: wasn't going to stop. Pidgin rocks. I use IRSSI over SSH whenI'm at work15:23
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ActionParsnipdeskduck: obviosly change the filename of the file to copy, Linux is case sensitive15:24
deskduckcp: missing destination file operand after `/usr/share/applications/dockbarxpreference.desktop'15:24
BluesKajno irc clients allowed @ work ActionParsnip ?15:24
ActionParsnipdeskduck: yes I don't use the app so you will have to be the smart one here and use the right file name15:24
salviaHi all! :)15:24
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: sadly not, but they allow ssh ;)15:24
ActionParsnipdeskduck: you can use TAB to autocomplete the filename15:25
BluesKajyup, there's frequently a workaround :)15:25
monohedronActionParsnip, I'll have a look at that one15:25
quiescensActionParsnip: i think they also mean that cp needs two arguments, maybe a . at the end15:25
ActionParsnipquiescens: it will just be copied to pwd15:25
BluesKajis hud working for you guys ?15:25
deskduckI think I got it  now to test, what should I do?15:26
onasisanyone know how to configure line in input on 11.10 please?15:26
ActionParsnipquiescens: hmm, seems it needs the period. my bad15:26
scanuksacicula: i hope it will be good now i re installed15:26
scanuksi have NO idea what wrong with Lubuntu files15:26
auronandaceBluesKaj: hud is from 12.04, which is in #ubuntu+115:26
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salviaI wanna know if it's possible to install ubuntu on a USB stick! (...don't confuse with the "Persistent Live CD", I wanna use the USB drive as an hdd where to install the system)15:26
ActionParsnipdeskduck: if you now open the file in ~/.config/autostart   and change the Exec= line, you can make it run the dock instead of the config15:27
onasissalvia i have installed it on usb15:27
ActionParsnipsalvia: yes, very possible15:27
auronandacesalvia: yes, just choose the usb partition when installing it (just like a harddrive install)15:27
onasisinstructions for doing usb stick are on the website15:27
salviaonasis: ok fine, how did you do? normal installation but chosing usb as partition ?15:27
Guest78635mic not working15:27
salviaOh perfect! Thanks all! :D15:27
Guest78635how to install15:28
salviathx onasis, ActionParsnip, auronandace15:28
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auronandacesalvia: you'll also want to make sure the bootloader is installed to the usb too15:28
ActionParsnipGuest78635: how does the mic connect to the system?15:28
Kartagismy mic seems to be working, but skype doesn't recognize it at all, how come?15:28
Guest78635KartagiS: how to install mic15:28
ActionParsnipGuest78635: how does the mic connect to the system?15:29
salviaauronandace: mmmh right... i don't want to install it on MBR....15:29
Guest78635system mic15:29
salviaI wanna leave hdd no-touched15:29
ActionParsnipGuest78635: so part of the system, like inbuilt into a laptop?15:29
codemagicianWhat or who determines which versions of MySQL server will be used on Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS?15:31
BluesKajauronandace,  hud doesn't run in unity on 11.10 ?15:31
codemagicianfor example, when doing a sudo apt-get install mysql-server15:31
auronandaceBluesKaj: it wasn't designed for 11.1015:31
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: its a precise thing15:31
BluesKajauronandace,  ActionParsnip , ok , too bad15:32
fidelcodemagician: apt-cache policy - in case you want to check the available version15:32
bharamic now working15:33
pablo__siema skurwysyny łyse15:33
bharahow to test is mic really working or not, if it is confirmed15:33
pablo__jestem kaskaderem!15:33
bharahow to make it workk15:33
ActionParsnipbhara: sound recorder15:33
BluesKaj!pl | pablo__15:33
ubottupablo__: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.15:33
bharai am really new to ubuntu15:33
quiescenscodemagician: if you just apt-get install mysql-server, it will install whichever it says for Depends: when you type apt-get show mysql-server15:33
bharahow to go sound recorder15:33
bharai guess it is nexxt to Wireless network icon15:34
onasishave any of you guys got the line in jack working in ubuntu?15:34
onasisi only have mic?15:34
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bharaonasis ?15:34
verona7regole iltables grazie15:35
bharau trying to saying anything to me15:35
codemagicianSo if I'm setting up a web-server, should I stick with the defaults?15:35
quiescenscodemagician: sorry, apt-cache show mysql-server15:35
qnixhi folks.15:35
codemagicianI was told my version of MySQL server is quite dated15:35
BluesKajbhara,  or tpe alsamixer in the terminal and make sure your mic ctlrls are turned up and unmuted15:35
Kartagismy mic seems to be working, but skype doesn't recognize it at all, how come?15:35
quiescenscodemagician: if you just install the mysql-server package it will just install the latest version that is in your repository, but if you are on 10.04 LTS then it will be whatever version it was in 201015:36
qnixI just installed my new video card, which is a nvidia GTX 550 Ti. and installed the drivers from the x-swat ppa. However, when I try to use the driver I get: No screen found. no driver available. I thought the 550 ti was pretty standard... isn't it?15:36
codemagicianquiescens: I see15:36
codemagicianI also heard that 10.04.3 is built on an unstable release of debian?15:36
bharas, it displaying some bars15:38
codemagiciancat /etc/debian_version  shows squeeze/sid15:38
bharain that what i do15:38
codemagicianshould I be concerned about this?15:38
Kartagisnothing can be recorded through microphone although I hear my own voice. any ideas?15:39
bharaBlueskaj: display 3 bard15:39
theadmincodemagician: Nope. Ubuntu has always followed the unstable branch of Debian, but it has it's own packages and so on so it doesn't really matter15:39
BluesKaj!alsamixer | bhara15:40
codemagiciantheadmin: so as a general rule, should I just keep the security updates to-do-date on the 10.04.3 LTS server and stick to the default packages.  I want a stable server for a web-app15:40
codemagicianthe web app will be PHP5.3 with MySQL database15:40
theadmincodemagician: Good then, yes, that's how you'd do it15:40
bharayes, BluesKaj15:40
BluesKaj!info alsamixer | bhara15:40
ubottubhara: Package alsamixer does not exist in oneiric15:40
bharaok, how to fix this issue now15:41
verona7programmi nativi 64 dove trovarli?15:41
auronandacebhara: show us a screenshot of your alsamixer15:41
bharaBluesKaj, is there any command to isntall that app15:41
codemagiciantheadmin: as a general rule, for releasing a web app would it make sense to always develop my apps to work with the default mysql-server versions that come with the LTS server releases?  would that be a wise move?15:41
Kartagis!find alsamixer | bhara15:41
ubottubhara: Found: alsamixergui, gnome-alsamixer15:41
theadmincodemagician: Could do that... I dunno, I use sqlite personally, heh15:41
bharain terminal shall i type15:42
Kartagisnothing can be recorded through microphone although I hear my own voice. any ideas?15:42
codemagicianI hear that 12.04 LTS server will have Python 2.7, but can I get a early test release to try out to begin porting apps?15:42
BluesKajbhara,  it's already installed if it came up when you typed alsamixer in the terminal , the factoid in the info-bot is obviously missing15:42
auronandacebhara: just alsamixer15:42
theadmincodemagician: Yes, but that's not supported here. Go to #ubuntu+1 to find out how to get Precise.15:43
xukunok I can now mount my /dev/mapper/root /mnt. how can I install lvm and grub now?15:43
del_Hello everyone.  I had a question about Grub boot loader.  I was trying to change the boot loader options, and installed Startup-Manager, but it didn't work.  So, I uninstalled that, and installed Grub Customizer.  Tried to do the same thing, and it didn't work…  What could it be that I'm doing wrong?15:43
codemagiciantheadmin: thanks :)15:43
bharaBoss, aurinandace, Blueskaj,15:43
auronandace!grub | del_15:44
ubottudel_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)15:44
bharawhat i type in terminal15:44
bhararelly i am not get15:44
auronandacebhara: alsamixer15:44
theadmincodemagician: But I'd rather consider porting to Python3 since sooner or later everyone'll have to switch to that.15:44
BluesKajbhara,  hang on , I'll find the info url15:44
xukunguys please anybody?15:44
auronandacebhara: show us a screenshot of it15:45
codemagiciantheadmin: I use a mysql package and I haven't yet seen it ported to 315:45
del_aurondace:  i am pretty sure I have grub on the ubuntu box.  all the files seem to be there.15:45
BluesKajbhara,  http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Main_Page15:45
del_aurondace:  like grub.cfg and whatnot… but when i open that file, it says don't edit it directly...15:45
ActionParsnipdel_: if you run:  sudo update-grub    it should be smooth15:45
del_that's why i was trying to use these other programs15:46
auronandacedel_: you wanted to know about options, the grub documentation that ubottu linked you too has quite a bit of info15:46
ActionParsnipdel_: no, you don't edit it. What do you want to achieve?15:46
scanuksActionParsnip: hey remember me15:46
ActionParsnipscanuks: probably not15:46
del_actionparsnip:  my brother uses the computer too, so i wanted it to default to Windows 7...15:46
freeroutexukun: what are you having trouble with?15:46
scanuksActionParsnip: im the one with the LUBUNTU screen problem15:46
ActionParsnipdel_: why did't you just say that. I know a command15:46
scanuksActionParsnip: i think lubuntu added openbox manager to LXDE15:46
auronandacedel_: grub.cfg is generated by other stuff, the ones you edit are either /etc/default/grub or the files in /etc/grub.d/15:47
del_actionparsnip:  so i tried to change that using those two other programs, and did the sudo update-grub bit, too… but it didn't work.15:47
ActionParsnipdel_: you don't need programs15:47
=== robins is now known as robinsmidsrod
ActionParsnipdel_: sudo mv /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober /etc/grub.d/09_os-prober; sudo update-grub15:47
ActionParsnipdel_: its that simple...15:47
del_actionparsnip:  well, i installed ubuntu yesterday, and when i looked at the instructions for grub, they seemed overwhelming!15:48
ActionParsnipdel_: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1309890    has it all.15:48
auronandaceActionParsnip: it would be better to change the default value in /etc/default/grub15:48
ActionParsnipdel_: the command I gave will sort you. If you just say what you want to achieve we can advise faster15:48
Kartagisnothing can be recorded through microphone although I hear my own voice. any ideas?15:49
ActionParsnipauronandace: I find it simpler to change the order, plus new kernels will be managed15:49
del_action parsnip, auronandace:  let me read through the forums you just sent me.  i don't want to run the command without understanding it a little better!15:49
ActionParsnipdel_: all you said is 'boot loader options' which can be a lot of things15:49
auronandaceActionParsnip: i get a feeling that doing it that way would break stuff when doing an upgrade (good thing i only fresh install)15:49
del_actionparsnip:  i simply meant to make Grub load windows 7, instead of ubuntu by default.15:50
Dante_Kellyhttp://fapower.caster.fm --- PLease like my radio..15:50
xukunfreeroute, thanks m8 I think I found it. Iḿ going to reboot it to test, bb in sec15:50
ActionParsnipauronandace: break what, the numbers of the files simply dictate where they appear in the menu, so change the numbers only changes that15:50
llutzDante_Kelly: stop  spamming"15:50
holsteinKartagis: sometimes pavucontrol can be helpful, also make sure you have the device choosen properly in whatever application you are trying to record into15:50
auronandacedel_: then the file you edit is /etc/default/grub15:50
Dante_Kellylike my radio then :D15:50
ActionParsnipDante_Kelly: its offtopic here15:51
holsteinDante_Kelly: this is not that kind of channel.. thanks for your enthusiasm though15:51
llutzDante_Kelly: stop  spamming! go else where15:51
ActionParsnipDante_Kelly: and not appreciated15:51
del_auronandace:  ok, i'm not at that computer right now, but i'll make a note to edit that one this afternoon...15:51
Kartagisholstein: the funny thing is, the mic also is a no-show in sound properties15:51
Dante_Kellythen... whats the topic?15:51
holsteinKartagis: i wouldnt expect it to "show"... nor would i trust any labels... i would try alsamixer in the terminal as well15:51
ActionParsnipDante_Kelly: Ubuntu support, you will have seen that when you joined the channel15:51
theadminDante_Kelly: It's the Ubuntu support channel.15:52
bharai updated15:52
auronandacebhara: good, that means they are not muted15:52
Dante_Kellyis there anything good about ubuntu?15:52
auronandace!topic | Dante_Kelly15:52
ubottuDante_Kelly: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic15:52
ActionParsnipDante_Kelly: its a solid open source OS with a great community15:52
Kartagisholstein: pavucontrol doesn't show it either. alsamixer has it enabled, but I can't get it to work15:52
auronandaceDante_Kelly: you can stop trolling now15:53
holsteinKartagis: well, you cant get it routed to whatever application you havent mentioned... you say its working?15:53
del_actionparsnip:  there's a debate on the forum you sent me about whether that's a good command to use - the mv /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober /etc/grub.d/09_os-prober15:53
Kartagisholstein: well, I hear my own voice when I talk into it15:54
=== _Marcus__ is now known as _Marcus
del_actionparsnip:  is that the cleanest way to do it?15:54
ActionParsnipdel_: the number of the file dictates its position in the boot loader, so naming the file will push the ubuntu kernels to the bottom15:54
jrzabottHello everybody... can anyone help me?15:54
jrzabottI'm trying to install unity 5.0... but after add the PPA, nothing happened... update, upgrade, dist-upgrade... reboot and all again...15:54
bharaaurinandacE: what to do now15:54
jrzabottnothing happened...15:54
ActionParsnipdel_: yes its the easiest and cleanest in my opinion15:54
holsteinKartagis: OK.. so its working then... its just a matter of routing it... what application are you trying to record with? audacity?15:54
auronandacedel_: the cleanest way is to edit the correct file, like the grub documentation says: /etc/default/grub15:54
llutzdel_:  it is, because if you just change /etc/default/grub it won't work after a kernel-update with a new subversion-number15:55
theadminjrzabott: We don't support ppas here. The PPA might not have packages for your Ubuntu version, that's all I can say.15:55
holsteinjrzabott: just look where ever you manage packages and see what version you are using15:55
Kartagisholstein: I'm originally trying to use it with skype15:55
jrzabottOk... sorry... thanks all of you... any tips where I can find some help?15:55
ActionParsnipjrzabott: then you have a later or the same version as is offered by the ppa15:55
holsteinjrzabott: the PPA maintainer15:55
_MarcusI'm trying to install Ubuntu, and it's getting from Ubuntu's site, yet I can't connect no matter where I get it from(any country)15:55
xanguajrzabott: the ppa has only packages for oneiric, both oneiric and unity5 not supported here ;)15:55
theadmin_Marcus: Use the torrent xD15:56
ActionParsniponeiric is supported here15:56
_Marcustheadmin: It's Ubuntu minimal.15:56
auronandace!tab | bhara15:56
ubottubhara: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.15:56
xanguai mean pangolin ups :/15:56
theadmin_Marcus: Ah, hm.15:56
del_actionparsnip, auronandace, llutz:  i'm going to go to the ubuntu computer and be back in a bit. thank you.15:56
jrzabotti'm using oneiric....15:56
bharai am waiting for your resp. plz update15:56
xanguajrzabott: i mean pangolin*15:56
jrzabottjust for information. :)15:56
auronandacebhara: sorry, i don't know what to suggest to you15:56
xanguajrzabott: anyways that ppa is not for oneiric15:56
jrzabottxangua: ok, ok...15:57
bharaits ok thx15:57
bharabut u thing, mic installed already15:57
jrzabotti'll google again. :S15:57
jrzabottthx everybody. :D15:57
ActionParsnipbhara: what is the output of:  wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh15:58
theadmin_Marcus: Here, I re-uploaded it for you: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2012912/ubuntu-minimal-oneiric-i686.iso16:00
_Marcustheadmin: Okay16:00
_Marcustheadmin: Thanks16:00
theadmin_Marcus: Tell me once the download is done, I don't need it in my Dropbox lol16:01
bharateActionParsnip: tell me command let chk in terminal and update u16:01
pushpopWhen I leave my computer idle for a period of time my gnome-shell uses 90-100% cpu.  I'm running 3.2.1 with a 9800gtx with the most current nvidia-current drivers.  ANy idea's?16:01
pushpopI simple run "r" which fixes the issue16:01
_Marcustheadmin: Downloaded, thanks!16:02
mneptokpushpop: top/htop/some other system monitor16:02
theadmin_Marcus: Very well then, removing16:02
pushpopmneptok, yes thats how I found out it was eating cpu?16:02
ActionParsnippushpop: can you pastebin the output of:  lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | grep nvidia        Thanks16:03
bharawhat i click u post, it showINg some script in the FF16:03
ActionParsnipbhara: I gave the command, its the last thing I gave to you..16:03
ActionParsnipbhara: its not a post, its a command16:03
pushpopActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/mGFAgPCn16:03
ActionParsnipbhara: READ the line, rather than assuming it is a link16:03
ActionParsnippushpop: you are using a PPA to get the driver, we cannot support that here16:04
mneptokpushpop: and it's the gnome-shell process itself eating CPU?16:05
BluesKajbhara,  open alsamixer , F5 and look for mic input , depends on the soundcard how it's named , make sure the ctl is turned up and no MM in the box, use the M key to unmute16:05
pushpopmneptok, yes16:05
pushpopActionParsnip, should I remove and re-download from stock PPA?16:05
theadminpushpop: Are you using an AMD video card? gnome-shell doesn't quite like those16:05
pushpoptheadmin, no nvidia 9800gtx16:06
theadminpushpop: Ah, hm, okay16:06
mneptokpushpop: try the nvidia drivers provided in official repos, or the nouveau driver.16:06
auronandacepushpop: no such thing as stock PPA16:06
pushpopmneptok, I tried the drives in the official repos.  I had the same problem16:07
pushpopthats why I tried the newest which was in the PPA I added16:07
mneptokpushpop: see if the open source nouveau driver exhibits the same problems16:07
mneptokpushpop: mind you, i am not an nvidia user, so my experience is from textbooks.16:08
pushpopOne thing I should mention, I use two monitors16:08
ActionParsnippushpop: up to you16:09
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:09
ActionParsnippushpop: could try installing xfce4   see if it happens there too16:10
_MarcusWhat is 12.04 going to be called?16:11
theadmin_Marcus: Precise Pangolin16:11
ubottuUbuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+116:11
theadmin_Marcus: Further questions and support in #ubuntu+116:11
theadminpangolin: Uh, sorry for triggering your nickname16:11
_Marcustheadmin: Thanks16:11
mneptoktheadmin: support is in this channel, and codename questions are not !ot16:11
theadminmneptok: Support for Precise is in #ubuntu+1 , not here. Just talking about it. And I answered the codename question, so heh16:12
aciculascanuks: did reinstalling fix the problem?16:12
TanebI'm having a problem with a microphone16:12
scanuksacicula: yup16:12
aciculascanuks: great :)16:13
ActionParsnipTaneb: what is the problem?16:13
TanebIt's not working16:13
scanuksacicula: your the one that said the openbox should not be in lubuntu ?16:13
TanebNo sound is coming into it16:13
TanebI'm on 10.0416:13
ActionParsnipTaneb: can you give the output of: wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh && chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh && ./alsa-info.sh16:13
scanuks!he | Qazjap1116:14
ubottuQazjap11: לשיחות בשפה העברית ולגישה לקהילת המשתמשים העברית אנא הקלד:16:14
burntanyone here familiar with 2 monitor ubuntu usage?16:14
ubottu/join #ubuntu-il16:14
bahey! is BTRFS is going to be default FS with 12.04?16:14
aciculascanuks: no i did not say that16:14
acicula!info openbox16:14
ubottuopenbox (source: openbox): standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.0-0ubuntu3 (oneiric), package size 294 kB, installed size 1740 kB16:14
scanuksacicula: oh , kk16:14
ba!info ltsp16:15
ubottuPackage ltsp does not exist in oneiric16:15
scanuksacicula: its installed in lubuntu by defualt ?16:15
aciculascanuks: if its in ubuntu its in lubuntu, remember that the l in your lubuntu just means there is a different graphics shell. the system is otherwise exactly the same16:15
ba!info ltsp-build-client16:15
ubottuPackage ltsp-build-client does not exist in oneiric16:15
theadminba: Unlikely. Most likely we'll keep using ext filesystems, ext4 specifically.16:15
scanuksacicula: yeppz16:15
batheadmin, but it will be added as an option? (I mean not a default)16:16
scanuksacicula: ur using lubuntu ?16:16
aciculascanuks: i dont know, but you can install it using the software center otherwise. Though openbox i am guesing is a pretty minimal windowmanager16:16
mneptoktheadmin: "we?"16:16
theadminba: Ah, that might be. I think the installer already has that in case you are using the Advanced Partitioning option16:16
theadminmneptok: Meh... sorry for the phrasing xD16:16
TanebActionParsnip, http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=7c9a4149c492ccef947a8f6a21666933bbc4d2a516:16
theadminmneptok: "the ubuntu team" is kinda long16:16
scanuksacicula: i already have it this built in16:16
theadminmneptok: Don't be nitpicky, please?16:16
theadminmneptok: I know I ain't no part of the team but16:17
_MarcusHm. Is it possible to run an operating system from a flash drive?16:17
aciculascanuks: no i dont use lubuntu, i only use ubuntu-server these days16:17
theadmin_Marcus: Certainly.16:17
theadmin_Marcus: I do that xD16:17
batheadmin, thank you!16:17
scanuksacicula: so whats ur desktop os ?16:17
_Marcustheadmin: I tried it on my Mac, but it didn't work well.16:17
aciculascanuks: osx lion16:17
mneptoktheadmin: please /join #ubuntu-ops16:17
freeroute_Marcus: just watch out that once installed, the software is configured for your hardware, so if you take it and use it on an AMD CPU while it's configured for an Intel one, it might not work16:18
ActionParsnipTaneb: try:    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa; sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-iquik/alsa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade; killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*16:18
_Marcusfreeroute: I don't have any AMD CPUs, and it will only run on this computer.16:18
del_actionparsnip:  so now i'm at the ubuntu box, and i'm in the grub.d directory...16:18
yusufalibozhi, I'm installing ubuntu 11.10 via using Windows 7. Ubuntu 11.04 is not supported to my wi-fi card. is 10.10 support?16:18
=== dominus is now known as rikut
ActionParsnipdel_: sudo mv /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober /etc/grub.d/09_os-prober; sudo update-grub           you can run it from any directory16:19
superdave321what is the process of getting ubuntu on a usb drive to boot on a mac?16:19
freeroute_Marcus: also, USB flash drives have lower read/write speeds than traditional HDD's, and in effect, traditional HDD's have far lower read/write speeds than SSD's.16:19
aciculayusufaliboz: if its not supported by 11.04 then it wont be in 10.10 either. How do you know it is unsupported? or is it just not working for you atm16:19
del_my os-prober is named 10_os-prober16:19
_Marcusfreeroute: How much slower?16:19
ActionParsnipsuperdave321: use unetbootin with an md5 tested ISO16:19
ActionParsnipdel_: change the 10 for 9016:19
superdave321ActionParsnip: gonna need some explination...16:20
freeroute_Marcus: depends, 7200rpm drives are usually around 50mb/s write16:20
scanuksacicula: how can i make lubuntu 11.10 faster by disabling stuff or change etc .. ?16:20
del_actionparsnip:  why 10 to 90?  don't i want os-prober to be earlier for windows 7 to be default?16:20
TanebActionParsnip, can't hear anything now16:20
aciculascanuks: you have an atom netbook with 1GB ram or something?16:20
scanuksacicula: yep intel atom cpu 1.6ghz and 1gb ram16:21
_Marcusfreeroute: How do I see how fast my USB writes? It's 2.016:21
aciculascanuks: uhm, lubuntu is a good start. do not install software that adds extra systeam deamons like databases and webservers. You could try and use Chrome for browsing, should be a bit easier on memory consumption16:22
TanebOoh, sound!16:22
freeroute_Marcus: usually the ideal speed of USB 2.0 is 480mbit/s duplex, meaning that you would have around 30mb/s read/write16:22
aciculachrome or chromium even, firefox is a bit of a hog16:22
_Marcusfreeroute: So not much of a difference?16:23
ActionParsnipdel_: so it moves the ubuntu kernels to the bottom, this will make windows the top16:23
scanuksacicula: i already have chromium , whats the difference between chrome and chromium in ubuntu16:23
freeroute_Marcus: you could try dd'ing something to the drive and back, are you familiar with the dd command?16:23
scanuksacicula: its not the same ?16:23
aciculascanuks: you can check your memory use by typing free -m in a console16:23
ActionParsnipTaneb: yes, you killed the sound process, so obviously yo will get no sound16:23
_Marcusfreeroute: Nope16:23
ActionParsnipTaneb: your system isnt as fast as you may think it is16:24
TanebActionParsnip, Youtube works now16:24
del_actionparsnip:  sorry, i'm trying to understand - aren't the windows entries contained in os-prober?  if i rename that 90, it'll be at the bottom...16:24
TanebActionParsnip, mic... still not working?16:24
aciculascanuks: its mostly the same, Chrome is the browser as released by google, chromium is the browser built from the open source portions of chrome.16:24
scanuksacicula: oh i see16:24
f0gn0l0hi all, when i plug my usb bluetooth adapter this error popups:Failed to set bluetooth power The error reported is: The name org.bluez was not provided by any .service files . On windows, the adaper works. Can someone help me please?16:24
ActionParsnipdel_: you are getting the idea, if you shove osprober to th bottom it should be ok16:25
aciculascanuks: http://code.google.com/p/chromium/wiki/ChromiumBrowserVsGoogleChrome16:25
TanebSkype seems to have crashed16:25
xanguaacicula: scanuks more like chrome is based on chomium with is 100% free/libre16:25
del_actionparsnip:  but i want windows 7 to be the default...16:25
freeroute_Marcus: it's basically a very early and rudimentary tool to copy files from place to place, see http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/1320 and man dd for example16:25
del_actionparsnip:  so, wouldn't i want to make it like 01_os-prober?16:25
freeroute_Marcus: basic usage is like this: dd if=<location of input file> of=<location of output file>16:26
_Marcusfreeroute: OH! I've used it before for making a pad file for something.16:26
freeroute_Marcus: without the <> of course, but watch out since dd can easily wipe data on the location if done incorrectly16:26
ActionParsnipdel_: try it, you can always boot back to ubuntu to re-edit, just remember what number it used to be16:26
theadminacicula: Quite the opposite. Chrome is *based* on the Chromium project, and Chromium is quite the original. Chrome (or more correctly, Google Chrome) is what Google made for the binary release. You can see that from the "About Google Chrome" page: http://imm.io/gp1s16:26
jiltdilHi please tell me chanel for virtual box oracle?16:26
TanebActionParsnip, microphone still doesn't work16:27
freeroute_Marcus: for example, dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda wipes your whole drive with zeroes ;)16:27
del_actionparsnip:  well, i'm wondering why it didn't work when i tried doing this through grub-customizer16:27
melvincvGRUB scripts are confusing... why can't I just edit grub.cfg like I used to edit menu.lst?16:27
theadminjiltdil: #vbox16:27
jiltdiltheadmin, Thanks16:27
_Marcusfreeroute: So if I want to fill it with random stuff making it untracable, I just do /dev/urandom?16:28
del_actionparsnip:  the only things i have in the directory above os-prober are 00_header and 05_debian_theme then it's 10_os-prober16:28
ActionParsnipTaneb: try:   echo "options snd-hda-codec-realtek index=-2" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprbe.d/alsa-base.conf16:28
del_so i thought that would have re-ordered it right there.16:28
freeroute_Marcus: in essence yes, but it's faster to do with /dev/zero and it makes sure data is unrecoverable16:28
aciculascanuks: the atom netbooks will also accept 2gb sodimms, they are cheap as chips if you can find one. Should speed things up quite a bit16:28
_Marcusfreeroute: Ah. Isn't /dev/zero just blank spaces?16:28
ActionParsnipdel_: all I know is to shove osprober to the bottom, try it16:28
TanebActionParsnip, tee: /etc/modprbe.d/alsa-base.conf: No such file or directory16:29
ActionParsnipTaneb: /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf           sorry, typo16:29
theadminmelvincv: That's nothing to do with Grub, that's an Ubuntu thing (update-grub will keep overwriting grub.cfg with each kernel upgrade), please look into /etc/default/grub and /etc/grub.d/16:29
f0gn0l0when i plug my usb bluetooth adapter this error popups:Failed to set bluetooth power The error reported is: The name org.bluez was not provided by any .service files . On windows, the adaper works. Can someone help me please?16:29
del_actionparsnip:  ok, going to re-boot and see if it worked.16:30
Taneboptions snd-hda-codec-realtek index=-216:30
ActionParsnipmelvincv: you can but as soon as you run: update-grub   your efforts will be undone16:30
ActionParsnipTaneb: yes but it is also added to the file, reboot to test16:30
TanebOkay, bye!¬16:30
theadminmelvincv: ^ What ActionParsnip said. And that's ran with each kernel/grub update so it's... problematic heh16:31
|Anthony|is there any way to reload a pointer theme without logging out and back in?16:31
scanuksacicula: whats that sodimms ?16:31
aciculascanuks: the type of memory in the netbook16:31
aciculaor physical format even16:32
ActionParsnipmelvincv: if you modify grub properly, not only will boot options be applied properly to each kernel but will be added to all kernels in the future. Much simpler16:32
scanuksacicula: oh so atom cpu is good ?16:32
del_actionparsnip:  back.  it didn't work.  it's like grub ignored all the changes.16:32
ActionParsnipdel_: did you run:  sudo update-grub    after making the change?16:32
del_actionparsnip:  i did.16:32
aciculascanuks: idk, i had an atom 1.6 for awhile and it was dreadfully slow.16:33
ActionParsnipdel_: did you rename osprober to 90?16:33
tylerhey guys, i'm new to ubuntu. i just successfully installed photoshop cs5 with wine, now i need to install dreamweaver. could anybody help me out here? the photoshop installer was modified so you didn't need wine tricks, but the dreamweaver installer didn't work.16:33
nicofsMy netbook just lust the wireless connection and tells me "wireless is disabled by hardware switch." - i don't have one. any ideas?16:33
theadmintyler: Please go to #winehq -- we don't support Windows apps here.16:33
scanuksacicula: bleh, damn u asus16:33
theadminmneptok: Did it again lol sorry16:33
tylerahh, ok.. i only downloaded the ubuntu server. ^_^16:33
aciculascanuks: really depends on how you use it, its ok to play some videos and a bit of browsing/typing, just dont expect to much16:33
nicofsi meant "lost"...16:34
theadmintyler: Server? Why are you running wine on the server edition? That hardly makes sense16:34
TanebActionParsnip, thank you!16:34
scanuksacicula: lol yeh , like it named NETbook .. only for internet16:34
del_actionparsnip: i named it 41_os-prober16:34
ActionParsnipTaneb: there are bugs all over for this....16:34
del_it's the last one in the grub.d directory.16:34
tylerno, i do not have #winehq server.. only #ubuntu16:35
ActionParsnipdel_: another way: http://saji89.wordpress.com/2010/02/01/how-to-make-windows-the-defaultfirst-entry-in-your-grub2-menu/16:35
konamhi guys16:35
scanuksacicula: maybe i should try http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/lime.php ?16:35
theadmintyler: Err... you need to type "/join #winehq" (without quotes). You'll also need to register, likely.16:35
theadminscanuks: Eh don't try that, that's hardly stable at all16:36
konami'd like to disable the software center for the installation of individual packages. i generally avoid the software center completely and use synaptic or aptitude for package searching16:36
=== Guy is now known as Guest23888
scanukstheadmin: what u mean ? it crashes ?16:36
theadminkonam: sudo apt-get remove software-center && sudo apt-get install gdebi16:37
ActionParsnipkonam: if you associate deb files with what you desire, it will work. If you use aptitude then you won't see the GUI app anyhoo16:37
theadminscanuks: Yes. Also not supported here (this channel only supports Ubuntu distros)16:37
scanukstheadmin: i know im just asking16:37
aciculascanuks: i dont know16:38
del_actionparsnip:  what i'm saying is grub appears to be ignoring my changes to grub.d...16:38
konamtheadmin ActionParsnip thanks guys, i think gdebi is my guy :)16:38
del_actionparsnip:  i'll do it again... let's see.16:38
theadminkonam: gdebi is a CLI+GUI tool for installing individual deb packages16:38
ActionParsnipdel_: it will, until you run:   sudo update-grub    to apply the changes and generate grub.conf16:38
theadminkonam: Use gdebi-core if you want CLI only16:38
konamtheadmin yeah, i want the graphical one, it used to be the default one16:39
theadminkonam: True, I have no idea why they had to change that16:39
konamfor some reason they decided to overkill it with for individual packages16:39
Guest23888can someone help me with my Ubuntu install?16:39
theadminGuest23888: You should just ask the question16:39
konamGuest23888 what do you need to know16:39
del_actionparsnip:  it seems to be updating menu.lst, not grub.cfg.  how come?16:40
Guest23888okay, I'm about to completely wipe my system and reinstall dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu, is there an order that I should follow?16:40
ActionParsnipdel_: you need to install Grub2, sounds like you upgraded from a release with grub legacy16:40
Gentoo64Guest23888: install windows first16:40
daan4711Hi, I would like to use 2 keyboards with both different keyboard layouts. I am able to do this by typing "setxkbmap -device 9 us". Then the external keyboard uses another layout. The problem is: when i reboot my computer of replug in my external keyboard, the layout is reverted to the original one. Is there a way to run this command at every plugin?16:40
aciculaGuest23888: yup, do windows first, and then install ubuntu16:40
acicula!dualboot | Guest2388816:40
ubottuGuest23888: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot16:40
del_actionparsnip:  no, i installed this fresh yesterday, ubuntu 11.10!16:40
ActionParsnipGuest23888: install Windows but leave some space unpartitioned, then install ubuntu to the free space16:40
ActionParsnipdel_: that uses Grub2 by default16:41
cola_i switched to fglrx drivers and now my dual monitor worn towk16:41
cola_i switched to fglrx drivers and now my dual monitor wont work16:41
del_actionparsnip:  okay.  so why would sudo update-grub be updating menu.lst instead?16:41
Guest23888okay, and previous installs of Ubuntu have given me problems, mainly complete system locks due to NVIDIA I think, does that problem still persist?16:41
ActionParsnipGuest23888: the default install will want to use 100% space, if you manually partition WIndows and leave space unpartitioned you will not have to resize it later16:41
Gentoo64Guest23888: nvidia is normally quiet solid16:42
ActionParsnipdel_: not sure dude, can you give a pastebin of the output of:   cat /etc/lsb-release; uname -a16:42
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mongydel_: what does sudo update-grub2 do16:42
ActionParsnipGuest23888: never had an nvidia issue.16:42
Guest23888good to hear, I'm not sure what the problem was back when I was with Ubuntu originally, I think X was locking up16:42
del_actionparsnip:  what's a pastebin?  i'm literally a newb with this stuff.16:42
Guest23888well, I have two hard drives, one for Ubuntu, one for Windows, should it be pretty simple to allocate one for each install?16:43
ActionParsnipdel_: its a way to show a LOT of text without flooding the channel, you can make one easier with:  sudo apt-get install pastebinit; clear; pastebinit /etc/lsb-release16:43
Gentoo64Guest23888: do you want to choose them from grub, or choose the hdd to boot from on startup16:44
ActionParsnipdel_: pastebinit is a handy pastebin file for CLI, the command will make a URL, what is the URL16:44
ActionParsnipGuest23888: sure, install Ubuntu to the 2nd drive if you wish, or you could have both OSes on one drive and keep all user data on the other16:44
Guest23888I think I'd just like to select the OS before booting up16:44
nicofsMy netbook tells me "wireless disabled by hardware switch." but there is none - and now i am unable to connect to any wireless network as there is none on display... any ideas?16:45
Guest23888I think that means grub16:45
ActionParsnipGuest23888: remember WIndows cannot read Ext4 but ubuntu can read and write to NTFS16:45
del_actionparsnip:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/839269/16:45
ActionParsnipnicofs: sudo rfkill unblock all16:45
del_mongy:  when i tried to sudo update-grub2 it didn't work.16:45
theadminnicofs: Maybe disabled in BIOS?16:46
del_mongy:  it said command not found16:46
ActionParsnipdel_: if its a clean install it will use grub2, if you run:  sudo apt-get --reinstall install grub-pc     does it help?16:46
nicofsActionParsnip, should that have any significant effect...?16:46
chrislusticCan anyone help me with installling dreamweaver ?16:46
del_actionparsnip:  lets see16:46
nicofstheadmin, seconds ago i was connected...16:46
ActionParsnipnicofs: it may activate the device, so yes16:46
theadminnicofs: Oh, huh.16:46
nicofsActionParsnip, no effect...16:47
ActionParsnipnicofs: you haven't told use the make and model of netbook yet...what is it?16:47
Guest23888okay, thanks for all your help so far, last question: is there any certain way I can completely wipe my system or will the Windows install disc do that for me? I don't want any remnants of anything left on the drives16:47
_MarcusMy Ubuntu installation wont move from the 6% it's at. It says "Retrieving coreutils".16:47
nicofsActionParsnip, theadmin : it's an acer aspire one 53216:47
ActionParsnipGuest23888: the installers will do that for you16:47
del_actionparsnip:  the package configuration options are up.  what should i do, "install package maintainer's version" ?16:47
ActionParsnipnicofs: why was that not in your initial question?16:47
Guest23888thanks for your help everyone16:48
ActionParsnipdel_: which file is in question?16:48
nicofsActionParsnip, what exactly was not in my initial question?16:48
del_actionparsnip:  i just ran the thing you told me to update / reinstall grub16:48
ActionParsnipnicofs: the make and model of the system..16:48
ActionParsnipdel_: yes but which file is the installer wanting to replace.16:48
del_actionparsnip: /etc/default/grub16:49
ActionParsnipnicofs: look above yor F2 key, little wireless symbol?16:49
ActionParsnipdel_: then install the maintainers16:49
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nicofsActionParsnip, punched that a dozen times so far...16:49
del_actionparsnip: ok did it.16:49
ActionParsnipnicofs: try hitting it once then run:  sudo iwlist scan16:50
del_now i'll just re-do everything i did before.16:50
ActionParsnipdel_: shouldn't do16:50
mibr001hello i have a acer aspire 5520 runnning 11.10 i want to create a shortcut on my desktop that allows me to quickly switch the current display from single monitor16:50
mibr001/etc/X11/single.conf as config16:50
mibr001dual monitor external to left16:50
mibr001dual monitor external to right16:50
FloodBot1mibr001: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:50
del_actionparsnip:  what do you mean shouldn't do?16:51
nicofsActionParsnip, "Interface doesn't support scanning : Network is down"16:51
ActionParsnipdel_: the config files in grub.d shouldn't be touched16:51
yusufalibozhi :) I'm in the Ubuntu 11.10 :)16:51
del_actionparsnip:  they weren't.  i just re-ran sudo update-grub16:51
ActionParsnipnicofs: ok try unloading then reloading the driver module. Did you y any chance just wake up from suspend?16:51
del_going to re-boot.  lets see what happens.16:51
KrugeAnyone know what happened to the "scsiadd" package in 11.10 please?16:51
yusufalibozUbuntu 11.10 supporting my wireless card..16:51
ActionParsnipmibr001: you'll need a script to take an input then copy the file over then restart X16:52
nicofsActionParsnip, the system was suspended - but not recently. I know that a reboot will fix the issue - but i've gotten tired of having to randomly reboot...16:52
nicofsActionParsnip, how do i unload the driver?16:53
ActionParsnipnicofs: sudo modprobe -r nameofmodule16:54
yusufalibozhow can i install eclipse to my ubuntu?16:54
boba88hi is the ubuntu 11.10 amd64 only for amd processor compatible, and if yes what installer should i use to install 64 bit version on an Intel cpu16:54
ActionParsnipnicofs: you can then reload it with:  sudo modprobe nameofmodule16:54
del_actionparsnip:  the re-install worked!16:54
ActionParsnipboba88: it will work on intel 64bit too16:54
nicofsActionParsnip, let me be more precise - how do i find out, how the driver is called?16:54
ActionParsnipdel_: sweet16:54
kroonrsyusufaliboz: go to the software centre and search for eclipse16:54
xanguaboba88: amd64 is just a generic name for 64bit16:55
nicofsActionParsnip, lsmod?16:55
ActionParsnipnicofs: sudo lshw -C network      and read16:55
mibr001i'm trying to create a text file that will run in terminal when clicked changing the current display profile to those saved here /etc/X11/single.conf for only my laptop display, here /etc/X11/ext-left.conf for my laptop display + my external display to the left, and here /etc/X11/ext-left.conf for my laptop display + external diaplay to the right16:55
boba88ActionParsnip: the thing is it does not want to boot from the CD16:55
ActionParsnipnicofs: close, lshw tells you the driver for the specific hardware :)16:55
jjohnsoni an using ubuntu via usb stick from live iso and persistance storage but im wanting to change the desktop manager from unity to something else, is that possible? im not seeing xfce4 or gnome-session-fallback as options in apt-get16:55
ActionParsnipboba88: what happens when you try?16:55
del_actionparsnip:  what is the best ubuntu IRC client?  i am using Xchat right now - but i keep typing people's names to respond... would prefer something with cleaner cut, paste, respond... or are there commands in xchat to do that more easily?16:55
nicofsActionParsnip, output is "PCI (sysfs)" that doesn't sound right...16:56
del_actionparsnip:  thanks, btw!16:56
yusufalibozkroonrs: ubuntu's GUI is very beautiful really..16:56
_MarcusThe Ubuntu minimal installer is horrible. Is there another installer I could try?16:56
ActionParsnipdel_: np man16:56
boba88ActionParsnip: i already burned the iso and tried to boot from the cd but it does not boot16:56
mibr001nvidia xserver settings is horrible16:56
ActionParsnipboba88: doesn't answer my question16:56
ActionParsnip_Marcus: its a text installer, its not supposed to be pretty16:56
ActionParsnip_Marcus: you think you can get a full X server and drivers into 12Mb....16:57
nicofsActionParsnip, ok, found it... ath9k sounds better16:57
_MarcusActionParsnip: The text thing isn't what bothers me, it's really quite nice.16:57
ActionParsnip_Marcus: then which bit is 'horrible' the text installer is all it is..16:57
_MarcusActionParsnip: I keep freezing up at some spots.16:57
boba88ActionParsnip: what should i try? i did not understand too16:57
ActionParsnipnicofs: some wifi chips don't like hibernating, so you need to unload and reload the driver to make it work16:58
del_actionparsnip:  so any opinion on best ubuntu irc client?16:58
ActionParsnipboba88: what happens when you try to boot the CD?16:58
yusufalibozhow can i change my speakers settings?16:58
ActionParsnipdel_: pidgin imho. works well16:58
nicofsActionParsnip, still the same... disabled by hardware switch16:58
_MarcusActionParsnip: It froze at coreutils and I had to restart the installation.16:58
boba88ActionParsnip: i tried it only hangs for a while and it does manage to boot16:58
ActionParsnipnicofs: try restarting the networking service too16:58
ActionParsnipboba88: so a black screen then>?16:59
kroonrsyusufaliboz: try the icon of a speaker in the top right16:59
boba88ActionParsnip: yes16:59
del_actionparsnip:  thanks!16:59
ActionParsnipboba88: why not say that then??16:59
ActionParsnipdel_: np man16:59
mibr001what terminal command will replace the current file /etc/x11/ext-left.conf to /etc/x11/single.conf16:59
boba88ActionParsnip: i mentioned that i tried that above17:00
ActionParsnipboba88: what GPU do you use?17:00
yusufalibozkroonrs:  why sound is bad?17:00
Chipzzzdel_: irssi is one of the more popular irc clients and the favorite of many17:00
nicofsActionParsnip, that would be as in "service networking stop"?17:00
ActionParsnipmibr001: sudo cp  /etc/x11/ext-left.conf /etc/x11/single.conf        will copy  /etc/x11/ext-left.conf to /etc/x11/single.conf17:00
kroonrsyusufaliboz: I don't understand your question17:00
craynerdI know this is a long shot and totally off topic but anyone in here use solidworks?17:01
del_chipzzz:  i'll check that one out too.  still in complete newb stage.17:01
ActionParsnipnicofs:  sudo service networking stop17:01
_MarcusI wish I knew how to use solidworks :P17:01
gizmobayCan you do a rdp connection from windows 7 to 11.10 or is only to go from 11.10 to Win7?17:01
boba88nvidia GTX 8080 as far as i remember17:01
ActionParsnipboba88: add the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=117:01
craynerd_Marcus so do I !!17:01
boba88ActionParsnip: nvidia GTX 8080 as far as i remember17:01
nicofsActionParsnip, returns "stop: Unknown instance:" - and start gives "networking stop/waiting"17:01
ActionParsnipboba88: got it :)17:01
boba88ActionParsnip: what is that?17:02
Chipzzzdel_: it runs in a terminal and is very secure... noobs seem to gravitate toward xchat, though17:02
ActionParsnipnicofs: ok then start networking17:02
boba88ActionParsnip: how can i set it like that17:02
ActionParsnipboba88: its a boot option, some nvidia chips don't like the nouveau driver17:02
ActionParsnip!bootoptions | boba8817:02
ubottuboba88: For a list and explanation on some of the boot options, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions See also !nomodeset.17:02
mibr001actionparsnip: thanks17:02
yusufalibozkroonrs:  normally my speakers gives very good sound already beats :) (in Windows 7). but now I'm in Ubuntu 11.10 and sound is very bad really.. what can i do for as windows 7 sounds?17:03
nicofsActionParsnip, returns "networking stop/waiting" - but has no effect on my connection...17:03
boba88ActionParsnip: i should set this in my bios?17:03
del_chipzzz:  i'll take a look at both irssi and pidgn17:03
ActionParsnipnicofs: its something like that17:03
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ActionParsnipboba88: no, its an option on the kernel. Not the BIOS17:04
Chipzzzdel_: enjoy :-)17:04
andersonsomeone knows why i can't upgrade 8.04 to 10.04.3 correctly? ever same error: dbus msg17:04
del_ok going to install new apps!  thanks all!17:04
urlin2uanderson, 8.04 is end of life17:05
boba88ActionParsnip: how do i set that ?17:05
|Anthony|is there any way to reload a pointer theme without logging out and back in?17:05
Chipzzzanderson: i think you have to do an intermediate upgrade to 9.x... wouldn't swear to it though17:05
andersonhow can i do it, Chipzzz?17:06
ActionParsnipboba88: its all i that guide, thats why it exists. We got lots of people asking so the guide saves us having to repeat the same stuff17:06
boba88ActionParsnip: ok will have a look at it :)17:06
zgris there up to date ppa for stable chromium?17:06
mr_oshello Room17:06
ActionParsnipzgr: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/stable17:07
Chipzzzanderson: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LucidUpgrades17:07
ActionParsnipzgr: took me, what, 30 seconds to find....17:07
zgrActionParsnip: good, but it's not up to date17:07
mr_osSuddenly my USB hard drive stoped mounting in ubuntu . its still mountable in windows. ( i remember mounting some virtual iso in /media/office2007 and then rm /media/office2007)17:08
ActionParsnipzgr: thats the stable version, I suggest you go for the daily build17:08
mr_osCan anyone please help  me get my USB hard drive back in ubuntu?17:08
infernalI'm a new Linux user. Can anyone help me wrap my head around this thing?17:08
mr_oswhat thing infernal?17:08
nicofsActionParsnip, i think by now i restarted anything even remotely connected to networking... to no avail...17:08
Chipzzzanderson: evidently you can go straight to 10.0417:08
zgrActionParsnip: latest daily build is date 5 weeks ago...17:09
kopActionParsnip, tnx again for the Btooth help . eventually we got it to pair , I sent the nfo off to launchpad last week . Now on to two way audio w/o Puss/Awful :-)17:09
andersonbut it doesn't work, Chipzzz17:09
cloudgeekhow can i mapped to my to
ActionParsnipzgr: contact the maintainer then17:09
Chipzzzanderson: what went wronggggg?17:09
andersonaround 22 min to end of installation17:09
icerootcloudgeek: why you want that?17:10
infernalJust the basics. I set up Bumblebee on my laptop. Now i want to edit grub, so i could increase battery life. The problem is i cant seem to execute the commands.17:10
urlin2uChipzzz, hardy is eol.17:10
andersonmany kill process17:10
icerootcloudgeek: that are totally different networks17:10
urlin2uthe desktop is anyway17:10
mr_osinfernal why cant u execute commands?17:10
mr_ostry running this command uname -a17:10
andersoni use updater manage17:10
anderson*i used17:11
cloudgeekiceroot: now my django website is ruuning on i want that on my internal IP same
infernalAcordin to the terminal or the text editor i dont have the permision. Altough i use sudo + password17:11
Chipzzzurlin2u: would that prevent an upgrade from hardy to lucid?17:11
mibr001i'm trying to create executable text files that will change my display configuration from one to another i've tried everything with a gui it wont work so instead of runnig terminal commands maually to change them i want a text file to do it for me. can someone help me?17:11
|Anthony|is there any way to reload a mouse pointer theme without logging out and back in?17:11
icerootcloudgeek: tell your apache to listen on
icerootcloudgeek: which should be the default17:11
CTtechguyhas anyone found a method to fix the issue on resume from suspend on 12.10?17:11
urlin2u!eol | Chipzzz17:11
ubottuChipzzz: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:11
icerootCTtechguy: there is no 12.1017:12
cloudgeekiceroot: i changed that some , i am some new let me check17:12
CTtechguyhas anyone found a method to fix the issue on resume from suspend on 11.10?17:12
|Anthony|mibr001, make a bash script containing the commands you use at terminal17:12
CTtechguysorry typo17:12
ActionParsnipCTtechguy: precise support in #ubuntu+117:12
urlin2uCTtechguy, the #ubnuntu+1 channel is your destination for that info and help. :)17:12
infernalmr_os: Excuse me you still here?17:13
CTtechguythank you!17:13
mr_osyes infernal17:13
icerootCTtechguy: no this channel is correct17:13
mibr001thats what i was wondering, what commands would i put in that bash script17:13
nicofsActionParsnip, gotta go now, thanks anyway...17:13
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icerootCTtechguy: #ubuntu+1 is fpr 12.04, everything else goes here17:14
Chipzzzurlin2u: even those pages say you can upgrade from an eol to a current version17:14
infernalmr_os: Srry also a tad new to the irc seen. Like i sead i use sudo to try and edit grub, but it gives me errors.17:14
CTtechguyiceroot: ok actually running lubuntu 11.0417:14
mr_oscopy paste your command and error here17:14
urlin2uChipzzz, right and until I shared this with you, youhad no clue and were not helping.17:14
ActionParsnipCTtechguy: what is the issue when you wake up from resume/17:15
cloudgeekiceroot: plz help what need to chnage there to map that17:15
infernalmr_os: (gedit:4767): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to store changes into `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: Failed to create file '/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel.3FTV9V': No such file or directory17:15
infernal(gedit:4767): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: No such file or directory17:15
CTtechguymy screen is blank and the video does not resume17:15
Chipzzzanderson: what state is the machine in now?... booting, bricked...?17:15
mr_ostry using : sudo gedit grub17:15
mr_osinfernal try using : sudo gedit grub17:15
ActionParsnipmr_os: gksudo for gedit17:15
mr_osoh yeh gksudo works as well17:16
urlin2uChipzzz, I did not say at any point it could not be I staed eol.17:16
Chipzzzanderson: cool... I'd go with following the instructions either on the page i linked before or else this one: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:16
mr_osActionParsip can u help me with my not detecatable usb? ActionParsnip>17:16
mr_osActionParsip can u help me with my not detecatable usb? ActionParsnip17:16
infernalmr_os: it opened an empty file named grub at /home.infernal/17:16
infernalmr_os: it opened an empty file named grub at /home/infernal/17:16
ActionParsnipmr_os: usb what?17:17
kop mkdir /root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel  chmod 755 /root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel not very secure , sloppy and yet effective17:17
Chipzzzurlin2u: sorry, i must have misunderstood what you were trying to tell me17:17
mr_osSuddenly my USB hard drive stoped mounting in ubuntu . its still mountable in windows. ( i remember mounting some virtual iso in /media/office2007 and then rm /media/office2007)17:17
urlin2uChipzzz, I do that all the time. :)17:17
andersonok, i gonna take a look17:17
CTtechguyActionParsnip: I have been trying to fix this for a couple weeks....everything I tried has not worked17:17
Chipzzzurlin2u: lol ;-)17:17
Chipzzzanderson: good luck :-)17:18
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mr_osinfernal are u sure you are editing the right file? sudo find / -type f -print |grep -i grub17:18
infernalmr_os: After a while it a similiar error with minor differences (gedit:4783) and ... -used.xbel.9DCF9V if that makes a difference17:18
urlin2umr_os, you have the usb in fstab for auto mounting17:19
mr_osfurlin2u no usb not shown there as well17:19
urlin2umr_os, so ikt will just not mount when plugged in or clicked on if showing?17:20
ActionParsnipCTtechguy: maybe but I don't know what the issue is, which is what I asked....17:20
mr_osurlin2u not mouted, not shown in etc/fstab . detected in windows17:21
CTtechguyActionParsnip: When I close the lid on my laptop is goes into suspend but when I open the lid all I get is a blank screen and no video17:21
nug700I installed ubuntu 11.10 yestarday... I'm having a bit of trouble configuring my graphic settings.17:21
ActionParsnipCTtechguy: what GPU do you use?17:21
urlin2umr_os, does it show in a sudo fdisk -l17:21
krosswindzI was wondering if I could get some help with regards to compiling Python 2.6.7 on hardy17:21
Andrew131i keep getting "usb 1-4: reset high speed USB device number 3 using ehci_hcd" and then any process that tries to do anything with my external hard drive gets blocked and unresponsive.  Anyone seen this before?17:22
urlin2umr-os if it is a ntfs might need a chkdsk or something gparted will give you some info if it shows.17:22
krosswindzAndrew131: it could be a dying drive17:22
infernalmr_os: Using that common gives a large list, what am i to do with it? Personally i was following this tutorial step 4. Intel device tweaks http://www.ivegotavirus.com/blog/2011/11/06/how-to-get-optimus-working-on-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric/17:22
CTtechguyActionParsnip:  nVidia Corporation NV31 [Quadro FX Go700]17:22
benjibHi, was wondering if someone could help with an automount problem on 11.1017:22
luis_Hi everibody could to recomended a radio aplication to xubuntu ?17:22
mibr001anybody up to the task of writing a bash script for me? i have no background knowledge with them and i dont want to learn how bad i am at it today.17:23
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Andrew131Could it be anything else?  The drive seems to work fine when connected to other ubuntu's17:23
mr_osurlin2u not sure output is same when I check without usb17:23
nug700So, I installed ubuntu 11, updated my Nvidia drivers to the current version, but for some reason, it isn't detecting my second monitor.17:23
urlin2ubenjib, probably you have to outline the pe\problem though.17:23
Chipzzzmibr001: a script to do what?17:23
Andrew131Its driving me nuts enough to actually just remove the drive and  put it in the box17:23
mibr001chipzzz:change my display configuration17:24
benjibSure.. the problem is that I can see my prtitions fine using gparted etc, but the automounting of the drives doesn't happen17:24
benjibI always need to mount them manually17:24
andersonChipzzz: how can i boot ubuntu 11 in usb flashdrive? from this version, 8.04?17:24
mr_osinfernal what is the output of ls -lrt /etc/default/grub17:24
benjibMy wife is getting frustrated!17:24
SerythAny ncmpcpp users here? I'm having trouble setting it up...it's not reading my music, even though the ~/.ncmpcpp file points to where my music collection is (/media/Elements/Music/)17:24
urlin2umr_os, the usb would show a  drive other then the ones showing such as sdb or sdc depending on how many disc you have plugged in or on the computer.17:24
urlin2uas /a17:24
_Marcusbenjib: Oh? What's the problem you are having with Ubuntu17:24
mr_osurlin2u not sure output is same when I check without usb in sudo fdisk -l17:24
Chipzzzmibr001: sounds like more of a project than i can do today, sorry17:25
mr_osinfernal what is the output of ls -lrt /etc/default/grub ??17:25
SomelauwDoes anyone know a script that makes a screenshot of my screen and posts it on a website like imageschack, tinypic, etc?17:25
coreyf1513can anyone suggest a way to control the userid/groupid created by the installer (1000 conflicts with my network setup).  i'm using lili to create a usb installer of ubuntu desktop 11.10 amd64.17:25
infernalmr_os: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1237 2012-02-12 17:25 /etc/default/grub17:25
urlin2umr_os, look in gparted or the disk utility then17:25
luis_Hola ¿Hablan español?17:25
Chipzzzanderson: does your machine boot from usb?17:25
benjibI have checked the automount settings using dconf and they're set to true, so I don't know why usb drives aren't mounted automatically17:25
mibr001if it makes it any easier i already have the .conf files i just have to swap one for another and make the new one work17:26
monohedronSomelauw, shutter ?17:26
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Serythmonohedron: Shutter is a screenshot program17:26
Somelauwmonohedron: maybe, does it upload?17:26
andersonChipzzz: nope. its already installed. but i want install now the latest version... directly17:26
benjibCan anyone suggest something to check?17:26
monohedronSeryth, yes but it has upload capability build in17:26
Chipzzzmibr001: oh, that's pretty easy...17:26
andersonChipzzz: more easy, i wondering...17:27
nug700Ok, I installed ubuntu 11 yestarday, updated my NVIDIA drivers to the current version. but for some reason, now it isn't detecting my second monitor... I'm also getting many other issues.17:27
monohedronSomelauw, , yes but it has upload capability build in17:27
Serythmonohedron: Ah, sorry, I thought you were asking what it is ;) I know, I use it all the time17:27
urlin2ubenjib, are you just using automount with having them plugged in on powering on or added to fstab as well.17:27
monohedronSeryth, :)17:27
mr_osinfernal  try to edit this file using vim editor use command : sudo vim /etc/default/grub17:27
Random832mr_os: should use sudoedit17:27
Chipzzzanderson: why not just save your home directory (including hidden files), do a fresh install, and replace the home directory?17:28
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benjiburlin2u : Plugging them in after logging into the desktop. They're not added to fstab.17:28