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TresEquis_I've somehow lost my jackd sound in US oneirc03:14
TresEquis_I was happily recording last weekend, but no joy tonight03:15
TresEquis_pulse can play to / record from the mixer, but not jack03:15
TresEquis_I'd love to kill off pulse, but it appears to be revenant03:16
TresEquis_any theories on what I can poke?  The only recent install which looks at all relevant is usbmuxd03:18
TresEquis_and that looks completely unrelated03:23
holsteinTresEquis_: cool... try gksudo qjackctl03:41
holsteinhit start... report error messages03:41
TresEquis_no error messages either on terminal or the qjackctl Messages window03:43
holsteinTresEquis_: then, its likely running, and you just need to route things to where ever you want,and go for it :)03:43
holsteinTresEquis_: you mean, no errors messages as root?03:44
holsteintry starting it as normal user and see03:44
TresEquis_right, sames as my normal qjackctl03:44
holsteinTresEquis_: it'll just run...03:44
TresEquis_how should the connection graph look?  Currently, system:capture{1,2} are wired up to PA Jack Source front:{left,right}03:47
TresEquis_and likewise, PA Jack Sink (7 ports?) are wired to system playback:*03:48
holsteinTresEquis_: depends03:48
holsteinif you want to record some pulse source, thats how it could look03:48
TresEquis_I'd really rather ignore pulse altogether03:49
holsteinor if you want to route your capture to something via pulse, which i wouldnt think you would want to do03:49
holsteinTresEquis_: then, un-hook pulse03:49
holsteinTresEquis_: its challening to get started using JACK... or can be03:51
holsteincheck out #opensourcemusicians if you like03:51
TresEquis_now when I start Hydrogen, for instance, it has outputs routed to system:playback*03:51
holsteinTresEquis_: sure03:51
TresEquis_but no sound goes to the card03:52
holsteinthats default so you can hear it03:52
holsteinTresEquis_: try the other outputs03:52
holsteinmake sure the card is up, on, plugged in or whatever03:52
holsteinif you have more than one out, try the other outputs03:52
holsteinopen a terminal, and check in alsamixer03:52
TresEquis_its there -- I can tap the mic and hear output on the monitors03:52
holsteinTresEquis_: cool03:53
holsteinso, just H2 isnt working then?03:53
holsteini would step back or forward a version03:53
holsteini remember having a buggy version of H2 in 9.1003:53
TresEquis_is there a simple jack client tone generator I can test with?03:55
TresEquis_I only know Ardour and Hydrogen at all well03:56
holsteinTresEquis_: i use zynaddsubfx03:57
holsteinor anything really03:57
holsteinaudacious has JACK output03:57
TresEquis_zsynaddsubfx appears to be OSS only04:02
holsteinTresEquis_: ?04:03
holsteinTresEquis_: try audacious04:03
holsteinTresEquis_: just try things til you find something you can use04:03
holsteinthere are configurations in H204:03
holsteinif its set to use pulse or alsa, it wont use JACK of course04:04
holsteinJACK needs to be running as normal user, then you start zynaddsubfx04:04
holsteinyou should see zyn in the audio tab, and in the MIDI tab04:04
TresEquis_audacious is happily playing to JACKD, but no sound04:06
holsteinTresEquis_: cool04:06
holsteinim about 99% sure its a routing issue04:06
holsteinTresEquis_: double *double* check that its routed properly04:07
TresEquis_I'm using hw:1 (my USB mixer) for both input and output in jackd04:07
holsteinTresEquis_: are you?04:07
holsteintry with teh internal card04:07
TresEquis_that works (plugging headphones into front jack)04:09
holsteinTresEquis_: cool.. thats how it'll work when you have the USB device configured properly04:10
holsteini suggest just using the internal card for a bit04:10
TresEquis_the USB device was working last week04:10
holsteinTresEquis_: cool04:10
TresEquis_internal card isn't capable of what I want04:10
holsteinTresEquis_: im sure you'll aquire the skill to get it working again04:10
holsteinTresEquis_: then, you'll need to troubleshoot the connection in JACK04:11
holsteinTresEquis_: there are 2 different dropdown arrows near "device" in jack04:11
holsteintry looking there for the USB device04:11
TresEquis_that is where I picked hw:1 before -- it still shows there04:12
holsteinTresEquis_: OK04:12
holsteinthen, it *should* be working04:12
holsteinJACK is working04:12
holsteinif you upgraded, or changed kernels or alsa versions, that could cause breakage04:12
holsteinim sure its just something fiddly though04:13
TresEquis_no new packages since last weekend except openssl04:13
holsteinTresEquis_: OK04:13
holsteinthen its just a configuration issue04:14
TresEquis_and I'm pretty sure *that* isn't the culprit04:14
holsteinTresEquis_: OK04:14
holsteinthe only thing it can be is the configuration of that device with JACK04:14
holsteinJACK is working04:14
holsteinthe apps are working04:14
holsteinJACK doesnt work with that bunk config to that USB device04:14
TresEquis_one oddity is that I'm seeing 8 system:playback ports, but the device only does stereo04:17
holsteinTresEquis_: right.. you are *not* choosing that USB device04:17
holsteinits mis-configured04:17
TresEquis_I'l try powering it down and back on again04:18
holsteinTresEquis_: sure.. try something04:19
holsteinJACK is working though04:19
TresEquis_qjackctl seems to be leaving jackdbus processes running, and needing kill -904:23
TresEquis_hmm, trying to run jackd from the command line:04:25
TresEquis_$ cat .jackdrc04:25
TresEquis_/usr/bin/jackd -dalsa -r44100 -p64 -n2 -D -Chw:1 -Phw:1 -i2 -o204:25
TresEquis_$ . .jackdrc04:26
TresEquis_control device hw:104:26
TresEquis_the playback device "hw:1" is already in use. Please stop the application using it and run JACK again04:26
TresEquis_Cannot initialize driver04:26
TresEquis_and now pulseaudio is running again04:26
holsteinTresEquis_: not sure man04:26
holsteinyou *know* JACK works though04:26
TresEquis_not against hw:104:26
holsteinTresEquis_: those can change04:27
holsteini would reboot with the USB unplugged04:27
holsteinor, disable the internal in the bios04:27
TresEquis_OK, I just tried disabling both cards in the PA volume control04:28
TresEquis_and restarting jackd from the command line04:28
TresEquis_that works (at least, it doesn't bomb out04:28
TresEquis_yep, I'm hearing sound in the tape-to-headphone channel of the mixer04:29
holsteinyou mean, have conflicts with servers already running?04:29
TresEquis_when I try to start jackd (no pulseaudio or jackd already running), pulseaudio starts up and grabs the port04:30
TresEquis_unless I disable it from using the USB device at all04:30
holsteinTresEquis_: sure04:30
holsteinthat sounds about right04:30
TresEquis_I knew I hated pulseaudio04:30
holsteinTresEquis_: yeah?04:30
holsteini mean... you dont have to like it04:30
holsteinbut its doing what its supposed to04:30
TresEquis_No, it is stepping on jackd04:31
holsteini regularly use alsa-only and pulse systmes04:31
holsteini have issues with both04:31
holsteinTresEquis_: sure04:31
TresEquis_*I* didn04:31
holsteinits supposed to04:31
holsteinits a server04:31
TresEquis_t ask it to run04:31
holsteinits already running04:31
TresEquis_no, I killed it04:31
holsteinTresEquis_: you can strip it out though04:31
holsteinTresEquis_: right, but the JACK sink module is starting it up again04:31
holsteinas configured04:31
holsteinthats what i dont need.. i dont need pulse and JACK running at the same time04:32
holsteinbut, if it gets seemless, i think its great04:32
TresEquis_somehow, when jackd starts, if PA has the device enabled in its config, PA starts too04:34
TresEquis_which is not what I want04:34
holsteinright... thats the pulse sink module04:34
holsteinit runs, or tries to run pulse04:34
holsteinyou can strip it all out04:34
TresEquis_thanks for the help04:41
holsteinTresEquis_: sure... anytime04:41
TresEquis_holstein, I see from http://opensourcemusician.com that you are a bassist05:30
TresEquis_I'm not one, I'm just a guitarist who fakes it :)05:30
TresEquis_but I was just able to lay down the bass line I wanted against the drums from Hydrogen05:31
TresEquis_thanks again.  Nytol05:43
raven_what is the best way to sync rosegarden, ardour and jack?15:20
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holsteinraven_: using JACK15:44
holsteindepends on what you are trying to do with them15:45
holsteinthey should sync with each other using JACK15:45
raven_ok ill try that tnx15:45
holsteinthough, when i have done that, i get things working together, and i track my MIDI as audio in ardour15:45
holsteinyou can also ask in #opensourcemusicians15:45

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