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knomemicahg, hey!11:37
* micahg is going to sleep :)11:38
knomemicahg, before that11:38
knomemicahg, set your freenode password as your server password :)11:38
knomemicahg, otherwise you'll continue to flood the channel with join-quit-join11:39
micahgthat's weird, it shouldn't be doing it for that reason11:40
micahgoh, you mean about cloaking?11:40
micahgI had that set right back when I was using Pidgin11:41
micahgok, hopefully fixed11:41
knomethanks :)11:41
knomeand good night11:41
astraljavaknome: Alrighty, I'm set.12:08
astraljavaSo yeah, I haven't finalized the stuff yet, but I have a good understanding of what needs to be there.12:09
astraljavaBasically, two files for each "tab" or what you want to call it, in ubiquity.12:10
knomecan they be made radiobutton, not checkboxes?12:10
knomei mean, we only want to install one of those three12:10
knomeand one must always choose one12:10
astraljavaHang on, I'll paste what edubuntu has.12:11
astraljavaCrap, pastebinit is b0rked.12:11
astraljavaAhh... since it's an XML file, it's not allowed.12:13
knomeuhoh :)12:14
astraljavaSo yeah, I would assume it's possible.12:15
astraljava<object class="GtkCheckButton" id="ltsp_install">12:15
knomei get the general idea12:15
knomebut that didn't answe my question12:15
knomethey are using checkbuttons12:15
astraljavaThere should be the equivalent for that as a radio button.12:15
astraljavaI'll look into that.12:15
knomeso my next concern/question12:16
knomeon the packaging side of things, we should have two new metapackages, right?12:16
knomefor each option12:16
astraljavaNo, I don't think so.12:16
knometwo new "tasks" ?12:16
astraljavaEdubuntu has them in edubuntu-live package.12:17
astraljavaThat package can include all tasks you want to have.12:17
astraljavaSo I would be creating xubuntu-live, I presume.12:17
astraljavaOr whatever you want to call it.12:17
knomeokay, so we just define which packages we want to install in ubiquity12:17
knomeok, good12:18
knomethat sounds doable12:18
knomewhat else is there to this?12:18
astraljavaWell, if you look at that file I uploaded, we need the pictures for them.12:18
knomeastraljava, look at the url i posted you earlier12:19
knomeastraljava, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/precise_ubiquity/12:19
astraljavaAhh... cool.12:19
knomei you need something more, just ping me12:19
astraljavaSure. I'll look into that, and ask questions if I need more info. Thanks!12:20
knomethank YOU :)12:20
knomethe next thing i, or somebody else, should do is start thinking what belongs in the accessibility set12:21
astraljavaNah, no worries. I'm in debt for you guys for so much, and besides, it's fun to participate and contribute to Xubuntu as well. :)12:21
knomeand if we should remove some things from xubuntu-desktop12:21
knomebut that's something for me to worry12:21
knomethe xfce set is quite straightorward12:21
knomeand we'll do that even if we didn't do accessibility12:21
astraljavaWell yeah, I don't really have the grasp of what Xubuntu should be about, yet.12:22
* knome thinks it's a bit hard to define xubuntu, because we are a "light" desktop with firefox and thunderbird, which are not so light..12:23
astraljavaYeah, that's an interesting setup indeed.12:27

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