duelleHi, do I have to change any settings to get a encrypted volume (created under ubuntu) mounted within a xubuntu live cd session? Got always "permission denied" error messages :(00:51
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xubuntu165Hi.New toXubunt; just got Xubuntu installed(dualboot),using Wubi. Have a question: 'The Progrees' bar at the bottom of Install's'Thank You' oage is not complete and is taking 4ever. Is thsi normal?06:21
ztag100Could anyone let me know why this happens?06:43
laiteztag100: looks like conky was created before background image is set06:45
ztag100laite: how can I fix this? I just want the image to be transparent06:45
laitenot sure if it helps, but if conky is started on startup, perhaps you could do a script with 'sleep 5' or similar06:45
ztag100do I put that line at the top of the code06:45
laiteyou have to do a bash (.sh) script, I believe06:45
laitehow do you launch conky atm06:46
ztag100I'm just messing arround, and launchung it with conky06:46
ztag100until I find a setup I like06:46
ztag100Any ideas?06:47
laiteis the 'where there is shell...' terminal or desktop background??06:47
ztag100I'm sorry, what?06:47
laiteit seems that you have terminal open (ziad@ZiadNetBook), or is that just an image?06:48
ztag100my problem is that conky is supposed to be transparent, but it isn;t06:48
ztag100Oh, no, the terminal is open06:48
laiteyou could check conky windowmodes, don't remember exactly what they are called06:48
laitethere should be some options that might be helpful06:48
ztag100I like having a terminal on my desktop, it makes me feel 133706:49
laitesorry I'm not much more help, it's been a way too long since I played with conky :/06:49
ztag100It is depressing me, lol06:49
ztag100is there anything better I can try?06:50
laitesee #606:50
laitestep-by-step instructions: http://www.worldoweb.co.uk/2011/fix-conky-transparency-issue06:51
laitehope it works06:51
ztag100I'm looking now06:53
ztag100 Thanks So much07:03
ztag100it works now07:03
ztag100it takes a while to launch though07:06
laiteif you used 'sleep' command (as the step-by-step instruction did) the number after is 'idle delay' in seconds07:07
laitee.g. 'sleep 30 && conky' waits simply 30 seconds before launching conky07:07
laiteyou can try reducing the amount07:08
ztag100Oh, I could make it like, 2?07:08
ztag100and it would still work?07:08
laiteyeah, but it should be enough for background to load07:08
laitethat's the reason for waiting07:08
ztag100It worked07:09
ztag100with 207:09
laitenice :)07:09
ztag100laite: I just want you to know, you're awesome07:28
ztag100first time I get legit help in irc, in a LONG time07:28
ztag100I finally have an epic desktop07:29
baizonmine is better :P07:36
ztag100baizon: post it!07:37
ztag100I love customizing desktops, even on my cellphone07:38
baizonztag100: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11680302&postcount=18707:39
ztag100why do you keep conky on the bottom right? instead of top right07:40
baizonztag100: cause when i open the nm-applet popup it would cover it07:42
* ztag100 nods07:43
ztag100I kind of have a classic unix theme going on07:44
ztag100brb, testing out my session updates07:48
XartaoXjGAHHHH!!! ... how do I tell linux xfce WHICH monitor I want to be the primary one!! .. it keeps defualting to my secondary monitor for full-screen apps .. specifically games under wine10:37
TheSheepXartaoX: I think xranr has an option for that10:41
XartaoXnot that i've noticed .. it's kinda hard to use .. i've been using arandr10:47
XartaoXoops. this ain't a terminal hah!10:47
XartaoXhmmm ... wait10:49
XartaoXmaybe the 'easy' solution is to switch how they're physically plugged into the computer10:49
XartaoXwhich, of course, will require a reboot10:50
MyrttiI prefer grandr, it's a bit more informative than arandr10:53
XartaoXok that uhh ... that appears to have worked10:58
XartaoXodd tho .. my vid-out splitter is CLEARLY labled 1 and 210:58
pjotterHello. I don; t know if this is the right place to ask: But I have a problem with "gfce4-notes(-plugin)". When I won't remember any tekst I type in the note. When I log out, and log back in, all text has disappeared. Maybe I am doing something wrong, here?11:19
betaArkHi! anyone that uses emerald or knows a good alternative?12:02
betaArkI really want to have smooth borders on xfce, and also would like some effects?12:03
mongywebupd8 ppa has emerald12:03
betaArkmongy: can't use ppa.. I'm at Archlinux at the moment..12:04
knomethis is not the right channel for support then12:05
betaArkknome: sorry I know.. I just wanted to ask if Xubuntu has smooth borders with XFCE and effects..12:05
mongybetaArk: only if you install compiz and emerald.12:06
mongyor use the gtk-window decorator12:06
betaArkmongy: oke.. so default has no smooth borders?12:06
knomebetaArk, asking that right away would've been the correct question then12:06
betaArkknome: yes, sorry.12:07
duelleHi, do I have to change any settings to get a encrypted volume (created under ubuntu) mounted within a xubuntu live cd session? I always  get "permission denied" error messages :(13:24
mongyshould just ask for pass and then mount.. my external encrypted with cryptsetup/disk utility does13:27
duellemongy: It asks for the passphrase - but although the passphrase is 100% correct, i get that "permission denied" error. I tried to mount it via the graphical interface yet -perhaps i don't have enough permissions to mount in live cd mode?13:28
mongylet me test something13:30
duelleI just want to test whether mounting works correctly within xubuntu before uninstalling ubuntu und switching to xubuntu.13:33
mongyah, because the permissions to it are rw for owneer only.13:36
duellemongy:  So I can't mount the volume in live cd mode? That doesn't matter at all if I can be sure, that it works with xubuntu installed on my drive.13:40
mongyit works, yes13:43
duelleOk, thanks a lot mongy!13:45
mongyIm not sure how to mount it with the username you created it with.. only thing I can think of is just make your user in the livecd, give it sudo rights and login13:45
duellemongy: Ok, I'll give it a try - feels a bit more secure if i can make it work before installing the new os ;)13:47
mongythe same guts in xubuntu as in ubuntu13:47
mongysame guts, less fat :)13:59
duellemongy: My main aim is to get rid of some driver/flash-related issues... hopefully my drivers dont get messed up too then14:09
mongywhat issues14:25
duellemongy: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2012-February/257250.html14:31
duellemongy: I think that some drivers are messed up because this system has been upgraded several times. Hopefully those problems are solved by making a fresh install.14:32
mongyare you 64bit?14:33
duellemongy: Yes14:37
mongydunno if it will make any difference but, are you using the flash from flashplugin-installer/xubuntu-restricted-extras?14:40
duellemongy: At the moment I am using ubuntu (without x yet ;) ). I tried different flash versions. The last one I tried was the one from ubuntu repos. Right at the moment i try the flashplayer so-module from adobe website.14:42
mongywell, the thing is, the one from regular repo needs a bunch of 32bit libs, and the one from the partner repo (adobe-flashplugin) does not..14:42
mongyso, just saying, maybe purge flashplugin-installer and its 32bit stuff and install the one from partner repo.14:43
duelleI used the sevenmachines 64bit flash before upgrading to 11.10 for a long time without any problems. But after adobe put up its own 64bit version sevenmachines was gone. So your advice is to make sure to use the adobe-flashplugin instead of flashplugin-installer, right?14:45
mongyits similar to the sevenmachines one then, as its true 64bit.14:46
mongyso, yes..14:46
duelleOk, then i'll go testing the current flash version and if it doesn't work ill give the adobe-* version a try. If everything works fine i wont be away ;) Otherwise there will be a forced reboot ;) and then ill be back^^14:47
mongywhy not have some logs open in view while you are playing vids. might catch some info14:47
duellemongy: The manually downloaded version crashed too :( So now i'll try the adobe-* version14:53
duellemongy: Now I'm running that adobe-* version. I couldn't reproduce a system freeze yet (which was very easy with the previous versions). Now I just get "The Adobe Flash plugin has crashed" messages. Thats lots better than killing my whole system ;)15:03
duelleIf there would a way to find out why that plugin crashed I could perhaps find the source of the whole thing.15:04
mongywish they would kill flash and make html5 more default15:04
mongywhy not use something like minitube, doesnt use flash15:05
duelleI used the FlashVideoReplacer FF-Addon recently. But it couldnt replace all videos unfortunately. Does minitube work with _all_ videos? Just read about it while rebooting my system (after freeze)15:06
mongycheck Xorg logs and dmesg etc15:06
mongyfrom what I read it does15:06
duellemongy: You helped me a lot. For now i'm very happy that my system doesn't  get killed whenever i open yt-videos. Now I'll try minitube. Eventually I will switch to xubuntu - just to have a clean installation once in a while.15:17
mongymight be your video driver.  I dont have any issues with flash.15:18
duelleI didn't either when using sevenmachines flash. Now it seems to work fine for now. Thanks a lot!15:22
mongynot sure but, try removing your homes .macromedia  and .adobe stuff15:23
mongyleft over crud.15:23
mongyhave you set youtube to use html5 when it can ?15:23
mongydoesnt work on all vids, wish it would15:23
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duelleYes I did. As you say - did work for some but not all vids15:24
mongyamazes me after years and years flash is STILL a problem for linux15:25
duelleYeah - there are several projects like gnash and so on. But as many proprietary standards it just partly works with the "original".15:27
mongygnash was horribly slow last time I tried it.  was maybe a year ago now15:29
* mongy relinux'n custom pimped xubuntu15:30
duelleDo you use minitube yourself?15:30
mongynah.  no need really.15:30
mongyremastersys clone15:31
duelleWas a tool to create own live/boot cd right?15:31
duelleDo you use the file manager shipped with xubuntu? Read a few days ago that it can't display properties of multiple files/folders. Is there a cause for that?15:33
mongyjust removed some stuff, installed different apps, different theme, a few settings here and there and throwing it up on my vps to torrent for anyone that wants it.  target audience would be people wanting to use mint/cinammon/gnome3 classic.15:34
mongythat was probably me15:34
mongyI use thunar, and no it can't.  Nice workaround using custom actions though15:34
duelleTried gnome3 - but wasn't my flavour to be honest. Unity would be very great if the customizability would be better and multi screen rules would be more obvious15:36
mongyshell really isnt my cup of tea.  of the 2, unity wipes the floor with it.15:37
duelleI like the ways they free space by merging some controls. Just missing the possibility to customize stuff (like adding items to panels and so on).15:39
duelleWhat do you mean with "unity wipes the floor with it"15:40
mongyI prefer it to gnome-shell15:44
mongyif I had to use one of them15:44
duelleI would like a combination of gnome2-control/config and unity-like control-merging the most ;)15:46
mongyxfce is all I want15:48
duellemongy: g2g now. Thanks a lot for your help! Perhaps we'll meet here again when i ask some xubuntu-noob questions ;) bye^15:56
mongyhttp://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=ubuntu_1204_desktops&num=1  xfce wins in gaming performance.16:16
baizonmongy: yeah saw it :D16:17
baizonxfce is the best DE! :D16:24
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Istvani have one question, how do i close down x so that i can install the nvidia driver?18:52
TheSheepIstvan: sudo /etc/inid.d/lightdm stop18:53
Unit193It'll complain that you didn't use "sudo service lightdm stop", but it's the same thing.18:53
TheSheepIstvan: but better install the driver provided by ubuntu18:53
Unit193In the "jockey" program.18:54
Istvanok, but where do i find that?18:54
Istvanim a noob at linux, sorry18:54
Unit193Menu > System > Additional Drivers18:54
Istvanthx alot18:56
Unit193The alot says you're welcome.18:56
{GiGi}Hello. I'm pretty new with Linux, but could someone please tell me howcome I cannot connect the PC to the internet. Connection works as it was tested and no matter what option do I try, I can't get it to connect. Doesn't matter whether it's connected directly to the modem or to the router. Connection was tested when connected to the router.19:08
mongyany good osx lion type theme for xfce?19:08
ubottuTo change your theme in Xubuntu, go to Settings Manager » Appearance (GTK+ theme) or Settings Manager » Window Manager (xfwm4 theme) to change the theme - find more themes at http://xfce-look.org/ or http://gnome-look.org/ (for GTK+ themes)19:10
GridCubemongy, ^^^19:10
andythenoobgood evening all..are the rules if I have a question just to go ahead and ask?19:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:31
GridCubeyes andythenoob19:31
GridCube;P andythenoob i just made the bot to tell you that :D19:31
andythenoobok have been playing with a few distro's on an old emachines desktop amd64 chip with 1gb ram and an onboard radeon xpress 200g video card19:32
andythenoobthe wifi is via a mini realtek dongle rl8188 into my ap19:33
andythenoobproblems are: random disabling of wifi unit, to be precise the connection is dropped and cannot reconnect, even after a reboot...reconneciton is random19:33
andythenoobalso i get random total system hang...the system just stops with a white screen that has a few vertical lines on it. reboot the only option19:34
mongyyeah, not really finding a good one there19:34
andythenoobhave come to xubuntu to rule out the gui of other distros being the issue, love it and really want to perservere19:34
andythenoobno clue to be honest whre to start troubleshooting...im not a total novice but this distro is very new to me19:35
andythenoobthoughts? while the connection up I can run diags etc19:35
andythenoobupdate manager hangs every time i run it also19:35
andythenoobno thoughts any1?19:47
GridCubeandythenoob, care to do a test for me?19:48
GridCubeif it works your system will work19:49
GridCubeif not i might break it worse XD19:49
andythenoobok its a fresh install, nothing to lose here19:49
GridCubei had a machine with a similar problem a few months ago, the thing i did to make it work was changing lightdm back to gdm19:50
GridCubeso i unninstalled lightdm, with sudo apt-get purge lightdm && sudo apt-get install gdm19:51
GridCubeit then worked19:51
GridCubeno idea why19:51
andythenoobok willing to try, that command is good to go right?19:52
GridCubeit will uninstall a dm and install another19:53
andythenoobok i'll give it a go and see, bak soon s'pose, thanks19:54
GridCubei wont break stuff beyond that, you can get lightdm back if you do the reverse19:54
andythenoobok :)19:54
GridCubeso, just updated and lost the nvidia drivers, screen is at 800x600 and jockey doesnt want to install the nvidia drivers and tells me to look at /var/log/jockey.log > http://paste.ubuntu.com/839647/21:06
GridCubethis is why i hate to do updates21:07
Unit193Without looking at the log, did you say Vbox? Also try jockey-text (terminal)21:07
GridCubeno vbox, normal box21:07
GridCubejockey-text searchs for drivers and then closes with no error or anything just closes21:08
GridCubethe updates did updated xorg21:09
Unit193Since I have a card not really supported, I find generating an Xorg.conf seems to fix my res.21:10
GridCubei don't even know why i put myself in this kind of situations anymore, why do i keep doing updates...21:12
mongyI guess kernel updates aren't really needed with the 6 month release cycle, if you get them21:13
GridCubei did not applied them21:13
GridCubei avoided the kernel update, becuase of this, and this still happens21:14
GridCubeim trying another of the nvidia drivers now, current-updates instead of current, it seems to be going21:17
* GridCube cross fingers21:17
GridCubeAWWWW ;_;21:19
GridCubeit did not work21:19
GridCubedont tell me, i need to apply the kernel update21:19
GridCube\o/ yay more errors! UPDATING IS FUN21:26
andythenoobhi all gridcube helped me before with a wm change, but wireless disconnects seemingly randomly and I have to reboot to reconnect. No system crash yet though after changing. I did notice a dmesg about a segment fault in glcells so i turned off my screensaver as it kicked in when trying to use update manager.. thoughts on why the wireless card disconnects? Also I have a new driver on cd, but no idea how to install it. read21:27
andythenoobme is no goos and the install.sh doesn't seem to run. should i copy to the hdd and if so where is recommended in the filesystem?21:27
andythenoobam doing a command line apt-get update to see if that works21:27
GridCubeandythenoob, so changind the dm made the hanging and the 'having to reboot' go away?21:28
GridCubeok, gonna reboot once again21:29
andythenoobhi gridcube. changing the dm so far hasn't hung the system but i did lose the wireless ...the realtek usb dongle disconn and would not reconn until a reboot21:32
GridCubemmm i don't know about that21:33
andythenoobim thinking if the screensave caused this due to the messages in dmesg about seg fault?21:33
GridCubewhat does lsusb says about your device?21:33
GridCubeoh! wait, i think i have it! one last reboot and i should have video drivers again21:34
GridCubestuff works again21:37
matthewi am having problems with a graphics card21:37
andythenoobhi gc, lsusb says it is 0bda:8176 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8188CUS 802.11n WLAN . even when disconnected the device seems to be there, and will not conenct. reboot and all is ok21:37
andythenoobis the gdm an older dm than lightdm by the way?21:38
GridCubenot exactly, canonical doesnt use it anymore, they use lightdm now21:38
matthewi cannot get the screen reso higher than 640X480 and its looks really weird21:38
GridCubeso its behind in that aspect but it keeps getting updates and stuff, just not from canonical21:39
matthewwell then i guess ill jsut go back to win21:42
GridCubeandythenoob, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/79577021:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 795770 in linux (Ubuntu) "Realtek Semiconductor Corp. [0bda:8176] not detected" [Undecided,Fix released]21:42
GridCubematthew, did you installed the privative drivers?21:42
GridCubematthew, press alt-f2 and write: gksu jockey-gtk21:43
GridCubeit will ask your password and then search for your drivers21:43
matthewthere are none im stuck with a internal intel 8xx21:43
GridCubematthew, if you write > xrandr      on a terminal does it lists more screen resolutions?21:45
matthewScreen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 640 x 480, maximum 2048 x 204821:46
matthewVGA1 unknown connection (normal left inverted right x axis y axis)21:46
matthew   1360x768       59.821:46
matthew   1152x864       60.021:46
matthew   1024x768       60.021:46
matthew   800x600        60.321:46
matthew   640x480        59.921:46
matthewLVDS1 connected 640x480+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm21:46
matthew   640x480        60.0*+   59.921:46
GridCube!pastebin | matthew21:46
ubottumatthew: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.21:46
GridCubein any case matthew you do have more resolutions to try21:46
matthewwhen i go to display in settings it lists only 640X48021:46
GridCubedo >xrandr -s 1360x76821:47
GridCubematthew,  you can install arandr, its an xrandr gui, it should let you change stuff like this21:47
andythenoobhi gc looks like this seems to be fixed in kernel v3, im on 3.0.0-12-generic21:48
GridCubeyep, read the last comment, abou getting the proper drivers from realtek21:48
GridCubealso andythenoob when refering to someone you can type the first letters of their nicks and press tab to autocomplete so they know you are speaking to them21:49
matthewnot available for the lvds1 display it is a laptop21:49
GridCubeooooh, the lvds121:49
GridCubei dont know about that matthew, you will need to wait for someone with more experience to help you, sorry :(21:50
GridCubematthew, care to pastebin the output of lspci ?21:50
mongymatthew: tried grandr?21:51
andythenoobGridCube, thanks..told u I'm a noob. i have a cd with the drivers and will try it21:51
mongyI have heard it works when the rest don't21:51
GridCubeandythenoob, read that last comment, i think it will help you greatly21:51
GridCubeactually its comment 13 :P21:51
CXIVI got some laggy menu scrolling on XFCE 4.822:09
CXIVThe selection is always little later than mouse pointer.22:10
mongyCXIV: compositing maybe?22:15
CXIVmongy What do you mean?22:15
mongyCXIV: settings manager, window manager tweaks22:16
CXIVI removed compiz and turned off effects22:16
mongyonly thing I can suggest really.22:16
metsys23hy there22:36
sp4zhi, is there a way to stop arp-replies but keep arp-requests from you nic?22:59
mongymust be some iptables rule23:03
sp4zmmmmm blocking all traffic in and out didn't appear to stop it. the only way i have found is to do ifconfig eht0 -arp but that disables it entirely23:04
HughAnybody home?23:07
xubuntu026buenas tardes23:21
xubuntu026a todos23:21
xubuntu026acabo de instalar23:35
xubuntu026xubuntub en mi pc23:35
xubuntu026tengo una pregunta23:35
xubuntu026no necesita antivirus???23:35
GridCubexubuntu026, no, n23:39
GridCuben_n ningun sistema operativo basado en linux necesita antivirus23:40
xubuntu026pero es una que tiene23:40
xubuntu0263 sistemas operativos23:40
GridCubexubuntu026, por favor podemos llevar esto a #ubuntu-es23:40
GridCubeporque este canal en ingles23:41

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